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Confisting of

Occasionally Written.


By John NORRIS, Rector of

Bemerton near Sarum.

Diram qui contadit Hydran. Perangue
Notaque fatali portenta labore fubegit,
Comperit invidiam supremo fine domari.

Hor. Epift. Lib. 2. Epift. 1.
Carefully Revised, Gorrected, and Improved

by the AUTHOR.

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Printed by W. BOWYER, for S. MANSHIP; and Sold
by W. TAYLOR at the ship in Pater-nofter-row, 1717.

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Author to the Reader.

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S it cannot be thought ftrange, that
having by this Edition an opportu,

nity of revising this Book, I should comply with it; so neither can it,

that when I did so, I should find many things in it, (being a juvenile composition) which my now riper, and as I presume better judgment, cannot so well approve of. I have indeed found many things that were not as they should be; Some as to notion fome as to fret, and some as to manner of expression, and accordingly what I have observ'd of this kind, at least in the most considerable instances, I have endeavour'd to rectifie, leaving out what was incorrigible, and making some improvements up and down as occasion offered: And tho? I can*30t say it is now

so correct as if it were the present produétion of my pen, yet I think it is indifferently fo. And according, ly, this Edition, is the Edition which I would commend to posterity, not owning


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the former, any farther than they agree with this. In like manner as St. Austin Says of his imperfect Book upon Genesis, written when he was young, which he would have measured by what he wrote afterwards upon the same subject, when he was a Bishop. Breviter admoneo ut illi duodecem libri legantur, quos longe poftea Episcopus feci, & ex ipfis de ifto judicetur. The same with due accommodation fay I here, designing as I have opportunity, to revise my other writings, and to corre&t what is amiss in them: In the mean while, all that I have

farther to say upon this occafion is, that if there be any shing in the verse part, that shall appear offensive in strictness of notion, as perhaps there may, this line in particular,

But sure he coveted to have thee there. I would not have it taken as offered for theological or phylofophick truth, but only as a stroke of Poetry, which with equitable Readers I hope will find allowance.

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