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have delivered: and many such-like things do ye.

Still God is a jealous GOD'; that is His character with respect to His laws, indelibly written on the facred page, and awfully manifested throughout the volume of divine revelation. So those wretched Jews found it in the dreadful destruction which He sent upon them.,

They could not justify themselves by appealing to their traditions, nor repair the dishonour which to the divine law, by vacating its obligations in order to establish their own inventions. However pious or, pure they might seem in their own eyes, the eyes of thofe who were deluded into as high an esteem for human tradition as they themselves were, yet they found to their cost--and so will every one, sooner or later, who sets up human wisdom against the wisdom of God, and buman inventions against the ordinances of Heaven- that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, (1 Cor. i. 20.) and-that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the fight of God.

Happy those whose passions have fo little power over them, and those who

or in

Luke xvi, 15


have so much power over their passions,

to steer clear of all difficulties. But this is not the lot of all. The apoftle, speaking on this subject, i Cor. vii. 7. says-- Every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. So His Divine Master, speaking also on the gift of continency, faith--Matt. xix. 11. All cannot receive (o xwpõuos, do not receive) this saying (viz. it is not good to marry, ver. 10.) fuve tbey to whom it is given. The scriptures shew us, that no one, while in a body of fin and death, is out of the reach of temptation: therefore let him that is thinking to stand (i doxy é sovies) take heed lejt be fall. Yet when persons are involved in difficulties, by means of any of the things heretofore discoursed upon ; let them not consult with flesh and blood, and, by following vulgar error, under the influences of superstition and prejudice of education, endeavour to right themselves by wrong methods, and be led, under a notion of repentance, to açt contrary to God's word, and to every principle of humanity, gratitude, truth, benevolence, and even common honesty, by abandoning and forsaking those who have a right to their affista ance, comfort, and protection :- Let them, under the guidance of real prudence and found discretion, regulate their outward conduct so as to avoid all needless offence; but let the inward conduct of the conscience be subject only to the law of God.


As to the world, it loves its own (John xv. 19.) its own maxims, cuftoms, and inventions, and, above all, its own ease, too well to give itself the trouble of enquiring into the foundation on which either what it believes or profelles is built.

The Papist jogs on with his Mass-book--the Turk with his Koran—the Perpan with his Zendavestathe Gentoo with his Shasterthe Chinese with his Confucius --- the Englishman with his Marriage-Act; and nothing is so ill received because nothing to attacks the pride and exposes the ignorance of one part of mankind, and the knavery of another-as the discovery of the superstition, folly, and opposition to God, which cleaves to worldly Systems, especially thofe of the religious kind. Still individuals may be profited, and thankful, to be shewn, by some diligent enquirer after trath,



that, in many things, perhaps the most important, whereon the preservation of millions may depend, they have been taught to believe a lye, and that while they have been following the opinion of the world, even

even of what passes (like the Pharisees) for the devout and pious part of it, they have been only following a multitude to do evil. Exod. xxiii. 2.

С НА Р. C H A P. X.

Of POPULATION.Comparison of the

Jewish Law with Ours.

HEN we search the scripture, W

and take an impartial view of the divine law, we must acknowledge its harmony and consistency, both with respect to itself, and all things which are the objects of it. It perfectly agrees with its original designs, the glory of God and the happiness of his creatures. In no instance doth this observation appear more true, than in that part of the sacred code which is to regulate the commerce of the Sexes. The brute part of this lower creation is restrained by a sort of physical necessity, which is usually called instinct, within due bounds ; so that the several species may bę kept distinct, and not create a monstrous confusion from unnatural or im



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