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The following Publications of the New Shakspere Society

IAVE BEEN ISSUED FOR 1874? Series I. Transactions. 1. The New Shakspere Society's Transactions, Part I, containing (among

other things) prints of the genuine Parts of Timon and Pericles; Mr James Spedding's and the late Mr S. IIickson's Papers on the several shares of SIIAKSPERE and FLETCHER

in llenry VIII and the Two Noble kinsmen. Series II. Plays. 1. A Parallel-Text Edition of the first two Quartos of Romeo and Juliet, 1597 and

1599, arranged so as to show their Differences, and with Collations of all the Quartos and

Folios, edited by P. A. Daniel, Esq. Presented by H. R. H. Prince Leopoli, Vice-President. 2, 3. The First two Quartos of Romeo and Juliet, 1597 and 1599: simple Reprints, edited by

P. A. Daniel, Esq. Series IV. Shakspere Allusion-Books. 1. Part I. a. Greenes Groatesworth of Wit (written in

1592), 1596 ; b. Henry Chettle's Kind-Harts Dreame' [written in 1593] ; c. "Englandes Mourning Garment' (1603]; d. A Mourneful Dittie, entituled Elizabeths Losse, together with A Welcome for King James (1603]; with extracts from Willobie his Avisa, Marston, Carew, Gabriel Harvey, Meres's Palladis Tamia, 1598, &c. &c.; edited by C. Mansfield Ingleby, Esq., LL.D.

Dr Ingleby presented to every Member a copy of his Still Lion, an attempt to establish a Science of Criticism of Shakspere's Text. Mr Furnivall also presented to every Member a copy of his Introduction to Gervinus's Commentaries.

The following Publications have been issued for 1875: Series II. Plays. 4. A revised Edition of the second, or 1599, Quarto of Romeo and Juliet,

collated with the other Quartos and the Folios; edited by P. A. Daniel, Esq., with Notes, &c. 5, 6. llenry V': a. Facsimile Reprints of the Quarto, 1600, and First Folio, 1623, edited by

Brinsley Nicholson, M.D. Series I. Transactions, 2,3. 1874, Part II; 1875-6, Part I, Containing Papers by Messrs Hales, Fleay,

Simpson, and Spedding, and Prof. Ingram and Delius, with Reports of the Discussions on them. Series III. Originals and Analogues. 1. Part I. a. The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet,

written first in Italian by Bandell, and nowe in Englishe by Ar[thur) Br[ooke), 1562 ; edited by P. A. Daniel, Esq. 6. The goodly hystory of the true and constant loue between Rhomeo and Julietta ; from Painter's Palacc of Pleasure, 1567 ; edited by P. A. Daniel, Esq.

Mr llalliwell presented to every Member a copy of Vr A. H. Paget's “Shakespeare's Plays: a Chapter of Stage History.'

The following Publications will soon be issued for 1876 : Series VI. Shakspere's England. 1. William Harrison's Description of England, 1577, 1587, edited from its two versions by Fredk. J. Furnivall, Esq., M.A.' Part 1, with a 4-times enlargd copy


I of Norden's Map of London by van der Keere, 1593. 2. a. Tell-Trothes New-yeares Gift, 1593, with The passionate Morrice. b. John Lane's Tom

Tel-Troths message, and his pens complaint. c. Thomas Powell's Tom of all Trades, or the Plaine Pathway to Preferment. d. The Glasse of Godly Loue. (Presented by 3 Members of

the Society.) Edited by F. J. Furnivall, M.A. 3. William Stafford's Compendious or briefe Examination of certeyne ordinary Complaints of

divers of our Countreymen, in these our Days, 1581; with an Introduction by F. D. Matthew, Esq.; edited by F. J. Furnivall, Esq., M.A. (Presented by the Right Hon. the

Earl of Derby.) 4. Phillip Stubbes's Anatomie of Abuses, 1 May, 1583; with extracts from his Life of his

Wife, 1591; ed. F. J. Furnivall, M.A. (Presented by Richard Johnson, Esq.) Series II. Plays. 7, 8. The Two Noble Kinsmen, by Shakspere and Fletcher; a. A Reprint of the

Quarto of 1634; b. a revised Edition, with' Notes, by Harold Littledale, Esq., Trinity

College, Dublin. Series VIII. Miscellanies. 1. The late Prof. W. Spalding's Letter on the Authorship of The

Two Noble Kinsmen, on the Characteristics of SHAKSPERE's style, and the secret of his Supremacy (1833). A new edition, with a Memoir by John Hill Burton, LL.D.

The following Publications of the New Shakspere Society are in the Press : Series I. Transactions. Part II. for 1875-6 containing Papers by Prof. Delius, &c. Series II. Plays. 9. The Two Noble Kinsmen, by Shakspere and Fletcher; c. An Introduction,

and Glossarial Index of all the words, distinguishing Shakspere's from Fletcher's, by Harold Littledale, Esq., Trinity College, Dublin.


Reprint of the Quarto, 1634.






The New Shakspere Society

LONDON, 1876.

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