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Page 169 - The THEORY of STRAINS in GIRDERS and similar Structures, with Observations on the application of Theory to Practice, and Tables of the Strength and other Properties of Materials.
Page 168 - KANSAS CITY BRIDGE (THE). With an Account of the Regimen of the Missouri River and a Description of the Methods used for Founding in that River. By O. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morrison, Assistant Engineer.
Page 107 - The telescope has at each end a ring of bell-metal, turned very truly and both of exactly the same diameter; by these it revolves in the wyes, or can be at pleasure clamped in any position when the clips of the wyes are brought down upon the rings, by pushing in the tapering pins.
Page 170 - AN OUTLINE OF THE METHOD OF CONDUCTING A TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY. For the Formation of Geographical and Topographical Maps and Plans, Military Reconnaissance, LEVELLING, &c., with Useful Problems, Formulae, and Tables.
Page 117 - ... and proceed precisely as above described, changing to each pair of screws, successively, until the adjustment is very nearly perfected, when it may be completed over a single pair. The object of this approximate adjustment, is to bring...
Page 74 - A, set at zero on the declination arc b; and the polar axis p, placed exactly parallel to the axis of the earth. Then the motion of the arm h, if revolved on the spindle of the declination arc around the hour circle c, will exactly correspond with the motion of the sun in the heavens, on the given day and at the place of observation ; so that if the sun's image was brought between the lines cc in the morning, it would continue in the same position, passing neither above nor below the lines, as the...
Page 167 - Parks and Pleasure -Grounds : Or Practical Notes on Country Residences, Villas, Public Parks, and Gardens. By CHARLES HJ SMITH, Landscape Gardener and Garden Architect, etc., etc. I2mo. .... $2.00 SMITH. — The Dyer's Instructor : Comprising Practical Instructions in the Art of Dyeing Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Worsted, and Woolen Goods ; containing nearly 800 Receipts.
Page 77 - Now level the instrument, place the arm h on the adjuster, with the same side resting against the surface of the declination arc as before it was detached. Turn the instrument on its spindle so as to bring the solar lens to be adjusted in the direction of the sun, and raise or lower the adjuster on the declination arc, until it can be clamped in such a position as to bring the sun's image as near as may be between the equatorial lines on the opposite silver plate, and1*ring the image precisely into...
Page 66 - Box, n, has an arc of about 36 in extent, divided to half degrees, and figured from the centre or zero mark on either side. The needle, which is made as in other instruments, except that the arms are of unequal lengths, is raised or lowered by a lever shown in the cut. . The...

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