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V. Y.

A REMARKABLY CHOICE COPY. HOGARTH (W.) WORKS; a collection of 135 Prints mostly engraved by Hogarth

himself, and in the finest condition ; including 82 Originals ; 2 retouched by Hogarth himself; 6 stamped Proofs ; 8 Proofs before Letters (including the two suppressed Plates); the Marriage à la Mode," 6 plates in 3 states, including a a set engraved in mezzotint of the same size as the originals, by EARLOM, with the ETChings, etc., mounted on drab paper, and bound in one volume, atLAS FOLIO, half russia, £52. 108

The scarceness of the good impressions of Hoyarth's larger works is in a great measure owing to their having been pasted on canvas or boards, to be framed and glazed for furniture. There were few people who collected his prints for any other purpose at their first appearance. The majority of these sets being hung up in London houses have been utterly spoiled by smoke ; etc.”John Nichols. HOGARTH (W.) WORKS, from the original plates restored by JAMES HEATH, R.A.,

with many Subjects not before collected; also a Biographical Essay and descriptive Letterpress, by John Nichols, 147 suhjects on 119 plates, FINE IMPRESSIONS, bound in 2 vols. atlas folio, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £3. 158 Baldwin, 1822

The impressions of the plates in this copy are UNUSUALLY BRILLIANT. The large and fine picture from the Beggars' Opera, which is additionally valuable as containing many, genuine Portraits, was engraved by William Blake. To this copy have been added the three suppressed plates. HOGARTH (W.) BIOGRAPHICAL ANECDOTES of HOLBEIN (Hans) Account of the Life and

HOGARTH, with a Catologue of his Works, and Works of HOLBEIN, by R. N. WORNUM, with Remarks by John Nichols, third edition, 8vo. numerous engravings and 2 photographic portraits half russia, 8s 6d

1785 from the drawings by Holbein, imperial 8vo. Another copy, new half morocco gilt, 8s 6d cloth, 12s (pub. £l. lls 6d)

1867 1785 HOGARTH (G.) MEMOIRS of the MUSICAL

The same, new tree-calf extra, gilt edges,

£1. 10s DRAMA, with numerous steel portraits of Singers, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 14s 60


and his TIME; by DR. ALFRED WOLTMANX; MEMOIRS of the OPERA, in Italy, France,

translated by F. E. Bunnett, with 60 fine engrar. Germany, and England, steel portraits of Madame

ys, a large vol. imperial 8vo. white vellum Mara and Mrs. Crouch, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth

extra, gilt edges, £1. 48

1872 (clean copy), 8s 6d


Another copy, morocco super-extra, gilt HOGG (James, Ettrick Shepherd) The QUEEN'S

edges, £1. 12s WAKE, a Legendary Poem, large type, 8vo. calf HOLBEIN SOCIETY'S Fac-SIMILES, edited gilt, 68 6d

1819 by GREEN and ASPLAND, A COMPLETE SET of HOLANDRE (Dr.) Abrégé d'Histoire Naturelle the beautiful Fac-simile Publications of this

des Quadrupèdes Vivipares, et des Oiseaux, WITH Society, from the beginning in 1869 to 1881, 700 COLOURED FIGURES, 8 vols. 8vo. French calf 11 vols. small 4to., 1 vol. small folio, and I vol. gilt, 168

Deux Ponts, 1790 oblony folio, cloth, £7. 10s (pub. £14. 148) 1869-SI

i Les Simulacres et Historiées Faces de la Mort, the Dance ri HOLBEIN (Hans) L'ALPHABET de la MORT:

Death, with Notes, small 4to. suivi d'anciens Poëmes Français sur le sujet des 2 Icones Historiarum veteris Testamenti, a photo-lithographs trois Mors et des trois Vis ; publiés d'après les

fac-simile (1547): sm. 4to.

3 The Mirrour of Majestie, or the Badge of Honour conceited, MSS. par A. DE MONTAIGLON, each page sur

emblazoned, photo-lithographic fac-simile (1018), sm. 4to. 1973 rounded by finely engraved borders from XVI. 4 Alciati Embleinatum Fontes IV, photo-lithographic fac-siteit Century Work, illustrating the Alphabet and the (1531-34-36), sm. 4to. Poems, 8vo. cloth, uncut, iOs 6d Paris, 1856

5 Alciati Emblematum Aumen abundans, photo-lithograpéis

fac-simile (1551), sin. 4to. DANCE of DEATH ; a photolithographic fac

6 Grimaldi's Funeral Oration for Alciati, with English transa.

tion (1550) simile of the FIRST EDITION, with Descriptions by

7 The Theatre of Women, designed by Jost Ammon, small 4te. H. Noel Humphreys, foolscap 8vo. cloth, 58 1868

8 The Four Evangelists, Arabic and Latin, with resicais DANCE of DEATH, exhibited in elegant

designed by Antonio Tempesta, small 4to.


9 The Triumph of the Emperor Maximilian I., by Haas wood-engravings; with Dissertation on the several

Burgmair, text in small 4to., and 2 vols. oblong folio of fa:Representations of that Subject, by F. DOUCE

1873-75 also HOLBEIN'S BIBLE CUTS, 90 illustrations on 10 The Fall of Man, by Albrecht Altdorfer, small 4to.

11 Caxton's Golden Legend, wood, with Introduction by Dr. T. F. Dibdin,


12 The Ars Moriendi, fac-simile lithograph (1450), 4to. post 8vo. new calf antique, 12s 6d

1872 PORTRAITS of the Court of HENRY VIII. ;

Another copy (wanting Nos. 1, 8, 11, 12),

8 vols. small 4to. and 2 vols. oblong folio, cloth, with Memoirs by E. LODGE, published by JOHN

£4. 43 CHAMBERLAINE, 84 fine portraits, the faces

Of this interesting Series a limited number were printed for coloured, imperial 4to. half morocco, gilt leaves, the Subscribers only. fine copy, £4. 18s 6d (pub. £15. 158) Bulmer, 1828 HOLDEN (Dr. H. A.) FOLIORUM SilviLA,

This tine work was published under the patronage of King Part 1, being Passages for translation into Latin George IV., with whom it was an especial favourite; the above copy contains the portraits of Holbein and his wife, and the

Elegiac and Heroic Verse, post 8vo. neu calf gilt, lls




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miniatures of the Dukes of Suffolk,

n. d.

HOLLAND (H.) HEROÖLOGIA ANGLICA, hoc est Clarissimorum et Doctissimorum

aliquot Anglorum, qui floruerunt ab Anno Christi 1500, usq. ad presentem annum 1620, vivæ Effigies, Vitæ, et Elogia ; authore H. H., engraved title and the series of 65 finely engraved portraits, by Crispin de Pas, and others, and 2 engravings of monuments ; also the rare Post-præfatio, 2 vols. small folio in one, green morocco extra, broad borders of gold inside, leather joints, gilt edges (the title and a few pages pieced), RARE, £14. Arnhem., impensis Crispini Pussai et Jansonii, 1620

This work contains the first regular series of English heads, several of which are done by the family of Pas." ---Lowndes. It includes portraits of Henry VIII., Wolsey, Edward VI., Lady Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth, Earl of Leicester, Burleigh, Sir P. Sydney, Ridley, Cranmer, Drake, Hawkins, and Grenville. HOLLAND (Sir H.) ESSAYS on Scientific and HOMER'S ILIAD; translated into English Verse

other Subjects contributed to the Edinburgh and by W. SOTHEBY (in large type); map, 2 vols. 8vo. Quarterly Reviews, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 148) calf gilt, marbled edges, 6s

1831 1862 ILIAD, faithfully translated into Unrhymed HOLLAND (J.) CRUCIANA : Illustrations of the English Metre by F. W. NEWMAN, post 8vo. calf

most striking Aspects under which the Cross of gilt, marbled edges (nearly new), Ts 6d 1856 CHRIST and SYMBOLS derived from it have been

Iliad and ODYSSEY, translated by A. Pope, contemplated by Piety, Superstition, Imagination with Notes and Introduction by T. A. Buckley, and Taste, fine woodcuts, foolscap 8vo. vellum, numerous designs by Flaxman, thick post 8vo. new gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy, with MS. Note calf gilt, 7s 60' by him), 18s

Liverpool, 1835 ILIAD, rendered into English Blank Verse, HOLLAND.-VADERLANDSCHE HISTORIE, ver

by Edward Earl of DERBY (LIBRARY EDITION), vattende de Geschiedenisser der nu Vereenigde

2 vols. 8vo. cloth (SCARCE), 17s 6d

1864 Nederlanden, inzonderheid die Holland, van de

The same, calf extra, £l. 4s

1865 vroegste Tyden af [door J. WAGNAAR], numerous

The same, new calf extra, £l. Ils fine portraits and well-executed engravings by

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s Folkema, etc., 26 vols. 8vo. neatly bound (4 in

The same, new tree-calf gilt, £2. half calf), £1. 16s t' Amsterdam, 1749-1819

The same, new edition, with translations of Includes HOLLANDS RIJKDOM, uit het Fransch vertaald door

Poems Ancient and Modern, by the Earl of E. Lusac, 2 vols., and Verkorte Geschiedenis der Nederlanden tot DERBY, portrait, 2 vols. crown 8vo. new calf op den Vrede te Pariis in 1815, door Van Kampen, 2 vols.

extra, 18s

1876 HOLLAND.-OUDE Hollandsche Geschiedenis. The same, new morocco, gilt edges, £1. 4s 1881

sen ofte, corte Rym-Kronyck, with numerous ILIAD, translated into English accentuated finely engraved Portraits of Princes, and Historic- Hexameters by Sir J. HERSCHEL, square 8vo. al Scenes by C. Wachtendorp, small 4to. calf niew morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 178 1866 gilt, 14s

in 'sGravenhagen, 1648 ODYSSEY, translated by A. Pope, with FlaxHOLLAR (W.) ENGLISH and FOREIGN HABITS, man's designs, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 9s 6d 1873

etc., 74 beautifully etched full-length Female ODYSSEY, translated by A. POPE (Chandos Portraits by this celebrated Engraver (including Classics), post 8vo. new half calf gilt, 3s 6d a feu Monks), laid down on stout old paper,


L'ILIADE D'OMERO, volgarizzata letteralround (with blank leaves), small oblong 4to. mente in Prosa e recata Poeticamente in Verso bound in white vellum, £4. 15s London, 1636-64 Sciolto Italiano dall'Abbate M. CESAROTTI ; 10 With Autograph of the late Lady Lytton : “ Rosina Bulwer vols. 8vo. in 5, half crimson morocco, very neat,

top edges gilt, by BEDFORD, £2. 2s HOLMES (Oliver Wendell)POETICALWORKS;

Padova, 1798-1801 portrait, post 8vo. new half calf gilt, 5s 6d n. d. HOMO DISCE MORI et lege quid revelat tibi HOME THOUGHTS and HOME SCENES : Poems by Spiritus Sanctus in Agone Personarum 130

JEAN INGELOW, DORA GREENWELL, Tom Taylor, utriusque Sexus (in Latin, interspersed with Gerthe Hon. Mrs. Norton, etc., with 35 FINE ENGRAV- man), with 5 portraits and 11 curious cuts, 18mo. INGS by Dalziel, 4to. new morocco extra, gilt edges, red morocco extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's £l. 8s

1867 copy), RARE, £1. 158

Hamburgi, 1593 HOMER'S ILIAD; a carefully corrected Text, HONE (W.) POPULAR Works: Every Day Book,

with copious English Notes, illustrating the Gram- Table-Book, and Year-Book, with 550 capital matical Construction, etc., by the Rev. W. TROL- woodcuts by S. WILLIAMS, G. CRUIKSHANK, etc., LOPE, 8vo. half culf gilt, 5s

1847 of Old Buildings, Old Customs, Remarkable ChaILIAD and ODYSSEY, translated by GEORGE racters, Curiosities, etc., FIRST EDITION, 4 vols.-CHAPMAN ; with Notes, by R. H. Shepherd, post

ANCIENT MYSTERIES DESCRIBED, by the same, 8vo. new calf extra, 10s 6d

1875 coloured and other engravings-Collection of 14 ILIAD and ODYSSEY, translated by Pope, Political Tracts, Facetiæ, and Miscellanies, with Battle of the Frogs and Mice by Parnell, and numerous humourous engravings by CRUIKSHANK, Hymns by Chapman, etc. ; with Observations and in 1 vol. ; together 6 vols. new half russia, very Notes by the Rev. J. S. Watson, with the entire

neat, £4. 10s

1817, etc. series of Flaxman's designs, 2 vols. post 8vo. new

EVERY-DAY BOOK and Table-Book, an calf gilt, 18s 6d

1871-3 everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, The same, reprinted in one volume, post 8vo. numerous woodcuts by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK and new calf gilt, 9s 1876 : others, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. 48

Tegg, 1838

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n. d.


consisting of upwards of 500 Woodcuts, proofs before letters, on India Paper, mounted
on tinted paper, 2 vols. folio, full bound Purple Morocco extra, gilt edges, £21.

(1826-32) This unique copy was struck off specially for the late SIR CHARLES PRICE, who was a liberal supporter of Hone. Many of the engravings are by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK ; but several excellent artists of the time, including S. Williams and others, were employed on these interesting plates, which, in their present unique state, have a very charming appearance. HONE (W.) POPULAR WORKS; Every Day Book, | HONE (W.) THREE TRIALS OF, for publishing

Table-Book, and Year-Book, 4 vols. 8vo. new half Three Parodies, with his Defence to each, 1818; morocco gilt-or, new half calf gilt, £2. 158 1878 also his POLITICAL TRACTS, illustrated by numer. The same, new calf gilt, £3.

ous woodcuts by G. CRUIKSHANK and others, “I like you and your book, ingenious Hone,

2 vols. 8vo, half calf gilt, £1. 58

1818-21 In whose capacious, all-embracing leaves,

CONTENTS: Political House that Jack Built, with 13 cut:The very marrow of tradition's shown,

Man in the Moon, etc., with 15 cuts--Political Christmas Carol, And all that History-much that Fiction--weaves.'

cuts-Queen's Matrimonial Ladder, with 18 cuts-Non Mi Charles Lamb.

Ricordo, cuts-Political Showman at Home, with 24 cuts--Right TABLE BOOK of Daily Recreation and Inform- Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong, with cuts-Spirit of Despotism ation, forming a complete History of the Year, (reprint of the very

rare suppressed, work by K xox) ---Buonapartewith 116 engravings on wood by CRUIKSHANK and phobia: the Origin of Dř. Slop's [ Sir John Stoddart] Name,

portrait. others, thick 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d

POLITICAL TRACTS, with numerous illustra. APOCRYPHAL NEW TESTAMENT ; being all

tions by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, in one vol. 8vo. the Gospels, Epistles, and other Pieces now extant,

cloth, 12s

1819-22 attributed in the first Four Centuries to Jesus

Contents: Man in the Moon--Political Christmas CarolChrist, his Apostles, and their Companions, 8vo. The Queen that Jack found-Ditto, another edition, with different half calf gilt, marbled edges, 8s 6d

1820 Cuts-The Miraculous Host tortured by the Jew" Non ANCIENT MYSTERIES described, especially Matrimonial Ladder; and the Joss and his Folly – Politica

Ricordo,' etc. - Political House that Jack Built-Queen's the English Miracle Plays; also Eccles. Shows, Showman at Home-Slop Pail-Boa Desolator. Festivals of Fools and Asses, English Boy-Bishop,

TRACTS : Political House that Jack Built. Descent into Hell, Lord Mayor's Show, etc., with Man in the Moon (and others as below), witi 2.etchings on copper, and one woodcut by G. numerous woodcuts, in one vol. 8vo. calf, 12s ?. y. CRUIKSHANK, and a few other engravings, 8vo. A Political Christmas Carol –“ The Doctor,” a Parody (FIRST EDITION), cloth, 6s


George Canning, reprinted by Hone-A Slap at Slop, and that

Bridge Street Gang -- The Right Divine of Kings to Goreti The same, calf gilt, 10s 6d

Wrong, dedicated to the Holy Alliance-The Political Showma: 1 HONE and CRUIKSHANK'S LIBELS, and -At Home. other Tracts : The Queen and Magna Charta ; or

THREE TRIALS of W. HONE, for publishing the Thing that John signed, with woodcuts by Three Parodies, during December 18., 19., and ). J. R. Cruikshank-The Queen's Matrimonial 1817, 8vo. boards, 5s

191 Ladder, with 14 step-scenes, and illustrations in The same, calf neat, 6s verse, with 18 other cuts, all by G. Cruikshank- HOOD (T.) WORKS, Comic and Serious, in Preke Kouli Khan, or the Progress of Error, with wood. and Verse, with all the original illustrationi cuts-A Groan from the Throne, cut-A Letter

elited with Notes by his Son and Daughter, joit. from the King to his People (fictitious); and others truit, 10 vols. post 8vo. neu half morocco, £2. 18 as under : in 1 vol. 8vo. hulf calf, 16s

and £3. 3s

n. d. Second Trial of William Hone, for publishing a Parody on

The same, wou tree-calf extra, £4. 103 the Litany, and Libel on the Prince Regent (ritle cut)--Letter to

POETICAL WORKS (Lansdowne edition), with the Freeholders of the County of Durham on a County Meeting, and particularly on the Speech of J. G. Lambton, 31.P., by the

Memoir and Notes, portrait and illustratiirus REY. H. PHILLPOTIS (on the Manchester Rioss), 1819-Cui Bono ? printeel within red lines, post Svo. new mority, Address of a Clergyman on the late Tumultuar. Rejoicings on gilt edges, 10s 61 Queen Caroline's Acquistal), Ounille, 1820--Examination of the late

The same, now morocco super-estru, gilt dreadful Occurrences at the Meeting at Manchester, Newcastle, 1819--List of the Principal Places, Pensions, and Sinecures,

edges, 12s 61 ibidei, 1817- The Scorpion Critic Unmasked : Animadversions on

POETICAL WORKS (Chandos edition); with a pretended Review of " Fleurs,” a Poem, in Blackwool's Magu

Memoir and Notes, original illustrations and zine, by the Author of the Poem, ibidem, 1821--Essay on Banking, by T. Joplin, ibidem, 1821–Reform or Ruin; Hexham, 1. d.-A

steel portrait, square post Svo. new calf gilt, lls Firm Aitempt at Investigation, to the Bishop of Chester, by the

The same, new morocco super-estru, gül Rer. James Gatliff, Curate of Gorton, Manchester, 1820 (with edges, 16s 6d author's autograph note).

Another edition (Chandos Classics), crown POLITICAL TRACTS, in Rhyme, with illustrations by G. CRUIKSHANK and others : Political

8vo. neiu hulf calf gilt, 3s 61

n. House that Jack Built, 13 cuts-Real or Consti.

POEMS, beautifully printed on thick toner tutional House that Jack Built, 12 cuts—The

paper, and illustrated by 22 exquisite engraving Queen that Jack Found, 13 cuts ; and others (as


in under), 7 Tracts, unbound, £l. 45


one, neu morocco super-extra, gilt alges, £3. 38 The Kettle abusing the Pot, portraits of both- The Queen's

1576 Matrimonial Ladder, 19 cuts-Doll Tear-sheet placed at the Bar,

Comic and SERIOUS POEMS, with Prefaces vignette portrait--- Political "A. Apple-pie," 23 cuis.

by T. Hood the younger, numerous illustrations POLITICAL TRACTS : House that Jack Built;

by the Author and others, 2 thick vols. post Sro. Queen's Matrimonial Ladder ; Right Divine of

tree-calf extra as good as neu), 14s Kings to Govern Wrong ; Political Showman ; Another copy, new calf extra, 17s Man in the Moon ; Queen's Form of Prayer; A

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, £l. Is Slap at Slop; with numerous cuts by G. CRUIK.

Or, new morocco estra, gilt edges, £1. 6s SHANK, 8vo. russia gilt, 18s


These volumes may be had separately.

V. y.

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n. d.

HOOKER AND GREVILLE, ICONES Filicum: or Figures and Descriptions of Ferns,

many of which have been altogether unnoticed by Botanists, or have not been correctly figured, with 240 LARGE AND BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PLATES, 2 vols. royal folio, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £10. 108 (pub. £25. 4s)

1829-31 HOOD (T.) SERIOUS POEMS, with portrait, post | HOOKER (Richard) WORKS; arranged by the 8vo. new calf gilt, 8s 6d

1869 Rev. JOHN KEBLE; with Account of his Life and The same, new morocco super-extra, gilt Death by Isaac Walton, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, edges, lls 6d

uncut, 18s

Oxford, 1841 POEMs of Wit and HUMOUR, foolscap 8vo.

The same, calf antique, carmine edges, new morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d 1866 £2. 12s 6d

ibidem, 1874 SELECT POEMS, with 22 charming vignette The same, tree-calf extra, by Rivière, £2. 10s illustrations by BIRKET FOSTER, INDIA PROOFS, WORKS; with hiš Life by ISAAC WALTON, 4to, cloth gilt, 7s 6d 1872 2 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £l. 28

1875 Hood's Own: or Laughter from Year to HOOKER (Sir W. J.) Musci ExOtICI ; Year, with portrait, and hundreds of humourous

Figures and Descriptions of FOREIGN MOSSES illustrations from his own designs, 2 vols. 8vo. in

and other Cryptogamic Subjects, 226 plates, conone, new cloth, 78

taining many hundred accurately engraved figures, The same, 2 vols. new half calf gilt, 13s 6d

2 vols. 8vo. half morocco extra, gilt edges, kl. 8s The same, new calf gilt, 18s

(pub. £4. 4s

1818-20 The same, new tree-calf gilt, 198 Whims and ODDITIES in Prose and Verse,

BOTANICAL MISCELLANY; Figures and with numerous illustrations, foolscap 8vo, boards,

Descriptions of RARE, NEW, and USEFUL бя


PLANTS, with 153 plates, of which 53 are FINELY PLEA for the MIDSUMMER FAIRIES, Hero COLOURED, 3 vols. royal Švo, cloth, £2. 15s (pub. and Leander, Lycus the Centaur, and other

£5. 58)

1830-3 Poems (ORIGINAL EDITION), post 8vo. half calf

This valuable and interesting work includes the Indian

Botany. gilt (scarce), 8s 6d

1827 MEMORIALS of THOMAS Hood; collected,

Exotic FLORA; Figures and Descriptions arranged, and edited by his Daughter: with a Pre

of rare or otherwise interesting Exotic Plants, face and Notes by his Son, numerous copies from

especially of such as are deserving of being cultihis own Sketches, and facsimile of a sheet of the

vated in our Gardens ; their Culture, etc., 232 original MS. of the " Song of the Shirt," with un

COLOURED PLATES, 3 vols. super-royal 8vo. half published Verse, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1860 morocco extra, gilt eilges, £3. 10s (pub. £15.)

1823-27 HOOG (Romeyn de) ESPEJO de BUENA

“ The Exotic Flora by Sir W. Hooker is like that of all the MUERTE sacado de la Muerte de Nuestro Señor

Botanical publications of the indefatigable author, excellent; JESU CHRISTO, por el Padre Fray DAVID DE LA and it assumes an appearance of finish and perfection to which VIŅA, BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS of the 39 large neither the Botanical Magazine nor Register can lay claim."" and elaborate engravings by ROMEYN DE HOOG,

ICONES PLANTARUM ; or Figures, with illustrative of a Godly Death, small folio, half descriptive Characters and Remarks, of New russia extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), and RARE PLANTS, profusely illustrated by wood £4. 4s

8. 1. da. engravings, New Series, Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4, HOOGLIET (A.) ABRAHAM de Aartsvader, in 4 vols. 8vo, seun, £l. 15s (pub. £5. 12s) 1842-8 12 Boeken, with portrait by HOUBRAKEN and SECOND CENTURY of FERNS ; Figures and 12 other fine engravings, illustrative of the LIFE Description of 100 New, Rare, or imperfectly OF ABRAHAM, small 4to. half calf neat, 6s 6d known Species, 100 COLOURED PLATES, royal

Rotterdam, 1762 8vo. half bound, and another, half roan, £1. 10s HOOK (Dean) LIVES of the ARCHBISHOPS of

1861 CANTERBURY (from A.D. 597 to 1663), with the

BOTANY of the ANTARCTIC VOYAGE of the SCARCE Index Volume, 12 vols. Svo. new calf EREBUS and TERROR, Captain SIR JAMES C. gilt, marbled edges, £13. 13s

1860-76 Ross, with 174 plates of BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED Another copy, 12 vols. MARBLED TREE-CALF FIGURES, royal 4to. half morocco, £8. 108 1844 EXTRA, by Rivière, £13. 138


The plates illustrate many species, including exquisite forms CHURCH DICTIONARY, thick 8vo. new calf of Mosses and Seu-weeds. The present copy is imperfect, wanting antique, carmine edges, £l. Is


all after plate 174 (to 198), and pp. 397 to 574 and title, Index,

etc., to Part II. LIFE and LETTERS of DEAN HOOK, by the

JOURNAL of a Tour in ICELAND in the Rev. W. Stephens, fine photo-portrait, 2 vols.

Summer of 1809, second edition, enlarged, with Svo. BEST EDITION, new tree-calf gilt, £l. 8s 1879

maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, Another edition, post 8vo. calf gilt, 10s 1881 8s od

1813 The same, nero tree-calf gilt, 10$ 6/1 HOOK (Theodore) Novels and TALES (uni.

LETTER addressed to DAWSON TURNER, forvi alition), 15 vols. 12mo. new half calf gilt,

Esq., on the Death of the DUKE of BEDFORD, £2. 178 64

particularly in reference to his Services to Botany Comprises :-All in the Wrong; Cousin Geoffry; Cousin

and Horticulture, coloured plate of Bedfordia William; Fathers and Sons; Gervasc Skinner; Gilbert Gurnes; Salicinu, thin imperial 8vo. boards, 6s Ciurney Married ; Jack Brag; Man of Many Frien Is; Maxwell;

Printed only for Private Distribution, 1840 Verton; Parson's Daughter ; Passion and Principle; Peregrine Bunce; and the Widow and the Marquess.

HOPE (T., Author of Anastasius," etc.) ESSAY PRECEPTS and PRACTICE (a series of Novel- on the ORIGIN and PROSPECTS of Max, 3 vols. ettes), with 10 illustrations by Puuz, post 8vo. 8vo. boarils (SCARCE, having been suppressed) 16s cloth, 7s 6d 1857 !


n. 1.

HORE BEATE MARIE VIRGINIS, secundum Usum Romanum cum Misså ejusdem,

etc., PRINTED THROUGHOUT UPON VELLUM, on 107 leaves, a floral border to each page in colours and gold, also 16 MINIATURES the size of the page, and 30 SMALLER ONES, FINELY ILLUMINATED, as are the Initial Letters throughout, small 8vo. old binding, £21.

Parisiis, E. et G. Hardouyn, 1501 A fine specimen of an early Horæ printed upon vellum, with the Miniatures so finely painted. Hardouyn's productions are highly esteemed. Copies printed, like the above, upon vellum, are very rare, HORE DIVE VIRGINIS MARIE secundum verum Usum Romanum una

Figuris APOCALIPSIS post Figuras Biblie recenter insertis, printed in red and black inks, with 18 LARGE AND BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN WOODCUTS the size of the page, and Woodcut Borders on every page, either illustrative of Scripture, or representing the most grotesque objects and proceedings, Arabesques, etc., 8vo. old calf gilt (the first page mended at corner), £13. 138

ibidem, Thielman Kerver, 1500 Brunet says that the Horæ printed by Kerver are rarer than those of Vostre and the two Hardouins: moreover that his earlier editions (anterior to 1520) are more desirable than subsequent ones ; especially those with Arabesques (as in the above volume), in which style he then appeared to excel.


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HOPKINS (Bishop) Works ; revised, with | HORACE'S ODES ; translated into English

Life and Index, by the Rev. J. PRATT, portrait, Verse, with Life and Notes by (SIR) THEODORE 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 16s

MARTIN, 8vo. cloth, 5s

1870 WORKS; revised and corrected, with Me.

The same, new edition, 2 vols. post Svo. HY moir of the Author, and copious Indexes, 2 vols.

calf gilt, by Rivière, £1. lls 6d

1997 royal 8vo. calf gilt, 14s Edinburgh, 1844

ODES and EPODES; a Metrical Translation.

with Introduction, Commentaries, and Lati “He was followed and admired in all places where he lived, and was justly esteemed one of the best preachers of our age.'

Text, by Lord Lytton, post 8vo. cf. gt., 6s 6d 1863 - Prince's Worthies of Devon. He was also much adınired by

Another copy, new tree-calf extra, gilt edges, W. Wilberforce.


lso HORATII SERMONUM LIBRI IV., seu, Satyrarum

The same, new edition, crown 8vo. cruska Libri II., et Epistolarum Libri II., a Dionysio morocco elegant, inside borders gilt, edges uneet, LAMBINO emendati, cum ejusdem Commentariis, top edges gilt, 16s

187. i small 4to. vellum (wanting 11: 1 and 2; a few LYRICS ; being the first Four Books of his leaves slightly wormed), 14s

Odes ; translated (with the Latin Text) by the Venetiis, apud Paulum Manutium, 1566 the Rev. Fr. WRANGHAM, 8vo. calf extru, qu: This is the second part of the first edition of Lambinus's Commentary: called by Brunet “ Edition recherchée : avec

edges, by Clarke and Bedford, 78 6d

19? l'excellent commentaire de Lambin."

HORNE (Rev. T. Hartwell) INTRODUCTION OPERA, Baskerville's finely printed edition, to the CRITICAL STUDY and KNOWLEDGE of the 12mo, OLD RED MOROCCO GILT, gilt edges ( fine HOLY SCRIPTURES, facsimiles of Biblical copy), SCARCE, 188

Birminghanie, 1777 and maps, 4 vols. 8vo. new calf, carmine edge,



COMPENDIOUS INTRODUCTION to the STUDY the ORIGINAL TEXT), and Critical Notes by PHILIP FRANCIS, D.D., ninth edition, 4 vols.

of the BIBLE; revised by the Rev. J. Ayre, merje foolscap 8vo, calf gilt, gilt edges, 128 6d

and engravings, post 8vo. new calf antique, cur. 1791 mine edges, 9s 6d

n. OPERA ; with LiFE by DEAN MILMAN, and HORREBOW (N.) Natural History of Iceillustrated chiefly from the Remains of Ancient Art ; each page surrounded by variegated borders,

LAND, with map, folio, half calf gilt (Daw and title-page to each division exquisitely illumi

Turner's copy, with 2 PRIVATE ETCHINGS by SIE mated ; 8vo. newly and elegantly bound in levant

W. J. HOOKER inserted), 10s 6d

1735 morocco, inside borders gilt, gilt edges (A MOST HORSEMANSHIP.-THE LADIES' EQUE DESIRABLE COPY OF THIS SCARCE EDITION),

TRIAN GUIDE, or the Habit and the Horse, isto £5. 10s

London, 1849 tinted lithographs, 4to. cloth gilt, 8s 6d m.d. Opera, curâ H. H. MILMAN, Decani S. Pauli. HORSE-RACING: its History, and Early illustrated, post 8vo. new calf, gilt edges, 12s 6d Records of the principal and other Race Meetings

ibidem, 1868 with Anecdotes, etc., new edition, 8vo. half bound. OPERA OMNIA, with Commentary by the 6s (pub. 12s)

Isa Rev. A. J. MACLEANE ; revised by G. LONG, HORSEFIELD (T.) PLANTÆ JAVANICE RABI8vo. new vellum, carmine edges, £1. 8s 1869

ORES descriptæ Iconibusque illustratæ : DescripThe same, new tree-calf extra, £l. 4s 1874 tiones plur. elaboravit J. BENNETT : Olsen OPERA ; the Text revised by J. E. YONGE,

tiones adjecit ROBERT BROWN, 50 BEAUTIFULLY map, square 12mo. new calf extra, 6s 6d and 78 COLOURED PLATES, folio, calf super-extra, gi!

ibidem, 1868
edges, £3. 108

London, 1838 39 WORKS, in English Prose (Globe edition); HORT (Lieutenant-Colonel) PENELOPE with Introductions, Analysis, Notes and Index, WEDGEBONE : the supposed Heiress, 8 COLOUR by J. LONSDALE and S. LEE, crown 8vo, new ralf ETCHINGS on steel by A. Ashley, Svo. ccth gilt, 7s 6d

1873 (SCARCE), 10s 6d

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