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from its commencement in 1770 to 1831 inclusive; with Index of Vols. 1-30; with many hundred fine engravings, (number coloured ; 47 vols. 4to. of which 41 are bound in half calf, 2 in cloth, and the Index in half calf, £35. 1770-1881

ANOTHER COPY, 1770 to 1871 inclusive; with Catalogue of Library and 2 Indexes (Vols. 1-30) : 41 vols. 4to. scored russia (A FINE SET; from the Library of the EARL OF GOSFORD), £30.

1770-1871 Among the contributors to this most valuable work are the following distinguished authors :Dr. Stukeley, Martin Folkes, R. Gough, T. Astle, Sir W. Hamilton, Captain Grose, Sir H. Englefield, Bishop Percy, General Vallencey, S. Lysons, F. Douce, Sharon Turner, Sir H. Ellis, Rev. R. Ruding, E. Lodge, Sir Humphry Davy, Dr. E. D. Clarke, Sir R. ('. Hoare, T. Amyot, Sir S. Meyrick, J. Gage Rokewode, G. Ormerod, J. B. Nichols, Sir H. Nicolas, Sir F. Madden, J. M. Kemble, J. Y. Akerman, Albert Way, T. Wright, J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, G. F. Beltz, Lord Mahon, Sir F. Palgrave, W. Y. Ottley, J. P. Collier, Crofton Croker, Earl Stanhope, J. Bruce, F. W. Fairholt, J. G. Nichols, Sir J. Lubbock, G. Scharf, J. H. Parker, Rev. J. C. Bruce, E. Peacock, and many others of the most distinguished Archieologists of the period. ARCHÆOLOGIA CAMBRENSIS; a Record of the Antiqnities of Wales and its

Marches, and the Journal of the CAMBRIAN ARCHÆOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, with several hundred fine engravings, THE FOUR SERIES complete to 1881, with Supplementary Vol. 1850, and Extra Publications as under, in 3 vols.— Together 10 vols. 8vo. new half morocco extra, gilt edges (a fine set), £17. 10s

1816-81 The Extra Publications are as follows:--Gesta Regum Britannia, 1862– Baronia de kemeys, 11. d.Brut y Tywysogion, with a Translation, 1863—-Original Documents, Vol. I. (all publisherl), 1877-Surveys of Gower and Kilvey, n. d.--Celtic Remains, by Lewis Morris, of Penbryn, 1878. ARCHÆOLOGICAL (BRITISH) ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, complete from its

commencement in 1845 to 1879, with several hundred engravings on steel and wood, many coloured, 36 vols. 8vo. with Iudex to Vols. 1-30, new half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £18. 108

1815-79 Contains the writings and researches of the most eminent Archæologists of the present day upon the Arts and Monuments of the Early and Middle Ages.

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complete from its commencement in 1815 to 1873, SESSIONS, its Jurisdiction, etc., edited by Lovesy, several hundred engravings, many, coloured, 30 thick foolscap 8vo. cloth, 6s (puh. £1.) 1869 Vols. Svo. half calf ncat, carmine eelges, £12. 10s ARCHIE ARMSTRONG’S BANQUET OF

1845-73 JESTS; together with ARCHIE'S DREAM, finely ARCHÆOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of Gt. Bri. printed on ribbed paper within red rulings, arith

tain and Ireland : Proceedings at the Annual portrait and elegant woodcut title, large post Svo. Meetings at Winchester, 1845; York, 1846 ; cloth (only 225 copies printed), 16s (pub. £l. 45)Norwich, 1847; Lincoln, 1818; Salisbury, 1849 ; The same, on WHATMAN'S PAPER (only 25 copies Oxford, 1850 ; Bristol, 1851 ; Newcastle, 1832, printed), £1. 4s-or, ner half calf extra, top 2 vols.-Together 9 vols. 8vo. profusely illustrated edges gilt, uncut, £1. 78 6d Edinburgh, 1872 by fine Woodcuts and Engrarings (some coloured);

"This book has been considered worth republication for two bound in Half Morocco extra, gilt eriges (with F.

reasons--for its intrinsic value and for its rarity. Although

from 1630 to 1660 at least nine editions were issued, a copy of Oury's book-plate), £4. 15s


any one of them is now quite a rara avis, and proportionately Each volume consists of a collection of Memoirs by different high priced. A more amusing budget of Odd Stories, Clever writers in illustration of the Antiquities of the City and County Witticisms, and Laughter-moving Tales, is not to be found in selected as the place of the annual meeting.


Britain and Ireland : Proceedings at the Annual issued by the Architectural Publication Society, Meetings, numerous illustrative plutes and wood text only, 5 vols. impl. 4to. half morocco, £3. 155 engravings, 8vo. cloth, 6s each, and half morocco | ARCHITECTURE (DOMESTIC) in England, net, top edges gilt, 10s 6d each (pub. £i. ls) from the Conquest to the end of the XVth Cent

1845-53 ury, by T. HUDSON TURNER and J. H. PARKER, Winchester, cloth only, 1845; York, 2 rols, cloth, and one with cards of 300 engrarings of cristing Remains, vol, half morocco, 1846; Norwich, cloth and half morocco, 1847 ; Lincoln, half morocco ó ly, 1848; Chichester, cloth only, 1853 ;

4 vols. Svo. cloth, gilt tops, £4. 10s 0.rforil, 185I -9 Bristol, cloth only.

ARCHITECTURE (GOTHIC), Fragments ARCHER (T.) PICTURES and Royal Portraits respecting, collected from the Papers of the late illustrative of English and Scottish History, from W. Burgh, LL.D., by W. G., MANUSCRIPT, royal the Introduction of Christianity, engraved from 8vo. half red morocco (from Mr. Beckford's important works by distinguished modern painters, collection), 7s Od

n. ar. and authentic State Portraits, with Descriptive ARCHITECTURE (VILLA and ('OTTAGE); Historical Sketches, 69 fine tintell plates by Wil- Examples of Country and Suburban Residences liams, Anderson, Ridgway, Laurie, Lizars, Sharpe, recently ererted, with full Description of each etc. cte., 2 handsome vols. impl. 8vo. cloth clegant, 80 plates, folio, hulf morocco clegauit, 12. 185 Ord gilt edges, £2. 5s (pub. £3. 10s) 1878

Blackie, i. dl.

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ARCTIC.- HARTWIG (G.) THE Polar World: | ARIOSTO (L.) ORLANDO FURIOSO ; con cinque

a popular description of Man and Nature in Canti d'un nuovo libro nuovamente aggiunti, et Arctic and Antarctic Regions, with plates, mape una breve Espositione da L. Dolce, woodcut por.

and woodcuts, 8vo. new cloth, gilt edges, 7s 1881 trait and numerous illustrative woodcuts, 8vo. old ARCTIC.-THREE VOYAGES for the discovery of calf; handsomely gilt on back and sides, 14s a North-West Passage, and an Attempt to Reach

Vinegia, Giolito, 1550 the North Pole, with Appendixes of Natural The " Sunderland” copy of this work-in no way superiorHistory, etc. by CAPT. W. E. PARRY, fine engrav- brought £3. Ils. Chatto (in Jackson's “Wood Engraving.") ings by Finder, 5 vols. 4to. boards, £3. 108 1821-6 Giolito is entitled to precedence from the number and compara

says : “ Among all the Venetian printers of that age, Gabriel ARCTIC.-PRIVATE JOURNAL of CAPT. G. F. tive excellence of the woodcuts contained in the numerous illus

LYON, of H.M.S. Hecla, during the recent Voyage trated works which issued from his press. of Discovery under Capt. Parry, map and plates

ORLANDO FURIOSO ; con le Annotationi, gli by Findlen, 8vo. half cloth, 5s


Avvertimenti, et le Dichiarationi di J. RUSCELLI; ARCTIC VOYAGE in Search of a North-West

la Vita dell' Autore da G. Pigna ; colli Cinque Passage and Residence in the Arctic Regions,

Canti del medesimo autore, etc., with elaborate 1829-33, by Sir John Ross, with APPENDIX,

woodcut title, and 41 full page woodcuts by G. numerous fine coLOURED and other engravings,

Porro, 4to, vellum, 18s Venetia, Valgrisi, 1587 (presentation copy, with Autograph of the Author,)

ORLANDO FURIOSO; con gli Argomenti di 2 vols. royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 15s 1835

S. Ammirato, l'Elogio dell'Autore per A. Fabroni, The Appendix (which is generally wanting) contains an e con Annotazioni, finely printed in large type, account of the Boothians, also the Zoological, Botanical, and with beautifully engraved portrait, 4 vols. royal Scientific portions of the Voyage. ARCTIC.-STRAY LEAVES from an Arctic Journal

Svo. bound in Italian vellum, gilt backs, gilt edges, 14s

Firenze, Molini, 1921 by Lieut. Osborn (in search of Franklin), coloured

Édition assez précieuse."--Brunet, frontispiece, map, and woodcuts, post Svo. cloth, ORLANDO FURIOSO, with 500 outline engrar58

1852 ings, 6 vols. 8vo. boards, uncut, 18s Milano, 1828 ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS : the Second Grinnell

ORLANDO FURIOSO; translated into English Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, Verse, with Notes, by W. STEWART ROSE, 8 vols. 1853-55 ; by E. K. KANE ; with upuards of 300 post 8vo. half calf gilt, marbled edges (nearly engravings on steel and wood, 2 vols. 8vo. neu

new), £1. 18s

1823-31 half calf gilt, £l. 10s 6c Philadelphia, 1857 “ Never was such close scrupulous fidelity of rendering ARCTIC. – MEMOIRS of LIEUT. BELLot, with associated with such light-dancing elegance of anguage." his Journal of a Voyage in search of Franklin,

Black wood's Magazine.

ROLAND FURIEUX, Poème Héroique portrait, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d


traduit par A. J. Du Pays; avec une Notice CRUISE to Baffin's Bay and Gulf of Boothia ; and

Biographique et Littéraire, elegantly printed and Rescue of the Crew of the “Polaris;" with Introd.

embellished with several hundred finely executed by Admiral Sherard Osborn, numerous engrav:

wood engravings, 81 of which are the full size of ings, 8vo. cloth, 78

the page, conceived in Gustave Doré's happiest vein,


a splendid vol. thick folio, cloth, £2. 5s (pub. £7. 10s)

Paris, 1879 AGEs into the Arctic Regions; undertaken chietly

"In no work does the genius of Gustave Doré shine with for discovering a Polar Passage between the more lustre than in his illustrations of the Orlando Furioso.' Atlantic and Pacific, by J. BARROW, map, Svo. In this work he has full scope for evincing his unequalled power hulf calf, 58


over both the Tragic and Comic.” ARGENS (J. B. Boyer, Marquis d') LETTRES

POESIE VARIE; con Annotazioni, frontisJUIVES, 8 vols. La Haye, 1754-LETTRES CABALIS- piece and vignette, etc. thick 18mo. red morocco, TIQUES, par le même, 7 vols. ib. 1754–together gilt edges, 5s

Firenze, 1824 15 vols. 12mo. Green Morocco, the edges marbled

RINALDO ARDITO di: Frammenti Inediti und gilt, bound by PADELOUP; beautiful copies,

pubblicati sul Manoscritto originale da I. GIAM£11. Ils

La Haye, 1754 PIERI e G. AIAZZI, with facsimile of a Stanza From the BECKFORD COLLECTION; fine specimens of Pade- of the MS., imperial 8vo. cloth, 58 Firenze, 1816 lonp's binding, and interesting in themselves.

" Poëme chevalresque attribué à l'Arioste, et publie pour la ARGENSOLA (B. L. de) CONQUISTA de las première fois d'après un Manuscrit dont l'attribution au Chantre

Islas Malucas, engraved title by P. Perret; du Furioso a été justement contestée." -- Brunet.
BANT, composées par ADR. DE BARLANDE, bril. INTERPRETERS : also the History of the Angels,
liant impressions of the numerous fine full-length

and their Gallantry with the Daughters of Men, Portraits; Anvers, 1612 — GÉNÉALOGIES des by Enoch the Patriarch (pub. in Greek by Dr. Forestiers et Contes de Flandres, avec brieve Grabe); made English by Edw. Lewis ; 12mo. Histoire de leurs Vies, par C. MARTIN, with 31 Russia, gilt edges, Fonthill Binding" (Mr. full-length Portraits, besides other plates, ib., 1612 Beckford's copy), £2: 2s

1715 -in one folio volume, calf, gilt edges (Mr. Beck

To this work Thomas Moore was greatly indebted in his

poem, " The Loves of the Angels." ford's copy), £3. 10s

1609-12 ARIOSTO (L.) ORLANDO FURIOSO ; novissa. ARISTOPHANIS COMEDIÆ et FRAGMENTA, mente alla sua Integrita ridotto; con alcune

Gr. et Lat. cum Scholiis Gr., Var. Lect., et Notis Stanze del S. Aluigi Gonzaga, una breve Esposi.

Variorum, curavit BEKKER, 5 vols. royal 8vo. tione, etc., numerous woodcuts, thick 12mo. half

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt, £1. 12s (pub. £6. 6s) bound (uormed), RARE, £2. 2s Ven., G. Jolito, 1543

Londini, 1829 Jolie edit. en petits caractères romains, avec fig. en bois.

COMEDIÆ, cum Perditarum Fragmentis ; C'est la plus ancienne que Giolito ait donnée en ce format, tant tertiis curis usui scholarum accommodavit, additis en caractères romains qu'en caractères italiques."Brunet. adnotatione critica summariis descriptione me

Although the Sunderland Library contained many of the earliest editions of the “Orlando Furioso," the above was not

trica, H. HOLDEN, 8vo, now calf gilt, £1. 1s-Or, amongst them,

new vellum, carmine edges, £1. 3s

ART UNION JOURNAL, complete from the commencement in 1839 to 1878 inclus

ive, with Illustrated Catalogues of the Exhibitions of 1851, '62, and ’67, bound separately; several thousand exquisitely beautiful Engravings and Woodcuts, 41 vols. royal 4to. in 38, new half Morocco extra gilt, gilt edges, £42. 108 1839-78

A fine complete set. This exceedingly beautiful and interesting work comprises the most extensive and elegant illustrations of the modern British School of Painting and Sculpture, and other Fine Arts, ever published, including the ROYAL, the VERNON, and the TURNER GALLERIES. ART (L') DE VÉRIFIER LES DATES DES FAITS HISTORIQUES, des Chartes,

des Chroniques, et autres anciens Monumens, depuis la Naissance de Jésus-Christ, (par Doms Maur d'Antine, Charles Clémencet, Ursin Durand, et F. Clément),

3 vols. folio in six, LARGE PAPER; a beautiful copy in crimson straight-grained · morocco extra, silk linings, and gilt edges, by Bozerian, £38. Paris, 1783-87

Mr. Beckford's very fine copy. This third edition is not only the most correct, but is very scarce on large paper.

“Comprenant les Annales Comparatives de tous les Peuples et de tous les Rois du Monde ; ouvrage qu'on peut, à juste tître, appeler la clef de l'Histoire Générale ; car point de bons livres sans l’Art de Vérifier les Dates; point de Bibliothèque s'il n'en occupe la première place; point d'homme savant s'il ne connait à fond ce précieux travail.”

“For Chronology use the great French work, 'l'Art de Vérifier les Dates.'"--Prof. Smyth's Lectures on Modern II istory.

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ARISTOTLE'S TREATISE on POETRY, trans- | ARNOTT (N.) ELEMENTS of Physics, or Natural

lated; with Notes ; and two Dissertations on Philosophy; edited by Profs. Bain and Taylor, Poetical and Musical Imitation, by T. TWINING, thick crown 8vo. half calf gilt, 178

1876 4to, calf extra, 8s 6d


ELEMENTS OF PHYSICS, in Plain or NonARISTOTLE: a Chapter from the History of Science, including Analyses of Aristotle's Scientific

Technical Language, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s (pub. £1. ls)

1864 Writings, by G. H. LEWES, 8vo. new calf extra, 188

ARNOULD (A.) LES JÉSUITES, depuis leur ARNALDI (Conte Enea), DELLE BASILICHE Origine jusqu'à nos jours: Histoire, Types, ANTICHE, e specialmente di quella di VICENZA

Mæurs, Mystères ; with numerous illustrations del celebre Andrea PALLADIO, fine portrait of

on steel and wood by Tony Johannot, Jules David, Palladio, and folding plates, 4to. half bound etc., 2 vols. roy. 8vo. half bound, £l. Is Paris, 1844 (from the Beckford collection; with Dr. G. F. AROUND THE WORLD WITH GENERAL Nott's autograph), 7s

Vicenza, 1769

GRANT.-Narrative of his Visit to various Coun. ARNOLD (Rev. F.) History of GREECE, for

tries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in 1877 ; also the use of Colleges and Schools, numerous maps Conversations with him on Questions connected

and illustrations, post Svo. new calf gt., 7s 6d n. d. with American Politics and History, by J. R. ARNOLD (M.) MAGAZINE of the FINE ARTS,

Young, profusely illustrated by 800 engravings on and Journal of Literature and Science, with fine steel and wood, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. new half portraits and other plates, 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, 18s

morocco, marbled edges, £1. 88

1833, etc. ARNOLD (Matthew) POEMS : new and com

ARPE (P. F.) De prodigiosis Natura et Artis plete edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. new calf gilt, £1. 3s

Operibus TALISMANES et AMULETA dictis, front., -Or, neu morocco super-extru, gilt edges, £l. 4s

fcap. Svo. vellum (W. Harrison Ainsworth's copy),

148 SELECTED POEMS; vignette, fcap. 8vo. new

Hamburgi, 1717 calf extra, 7s 6d

de prodigiosis Naturæ et Artis Operibus ARNOLD'S (Dr. T.) HISTORY of Rome, to the TALISMANES et AMULETA dictis, front., 12mo. end of the second Punic War, ncu edition, 3 vols.

Red Morocco extra, silk linings, gili edges (from -HISTORY of the later ROMAN COMMONWEALTH,

the Beckford collection), £1. 8s Ibidem, 1717 from the second Punic War to the death of Julius

FERIÆ ÆSTIVALES; sive Scriptorum suorum Cæsar, the Reign of Augustus, and Life of Trajan, Historia, front, and vignette, sm. 8vo. Crimson by the same, 2 vols. : together, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, Morocco, gilt edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), 18s £2. 5s-Or, new calf gilt, 13. 10s–Or, new tree

Ibidem, 1726 calf gilt, by Rivière, £3. 188

1857 HISTORY of the later ROMAN COMMON: ARRIAN'S History of ALEXANDER'S EXPEDIWEALTH, new edition, 2 vols. 8vo. new tree-calf

TION, translated with Notes, by J. ROOKE ; also,

Le Clerc's Criticism upon Quintus Curtius, etc., extra, by Rivière, £1. 15s

2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 6s

1814 INTRODUCTORY LECTURES on Modern Hist. ory, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1842 ARS MEMORANDI; nova secretissima conSERMONS: seventh edition, with two Sermons

tinens Precepta, francissimis bonorum artium on the Interpretation of Prophecy, 3 vols. 8vo. militibus visa, an Early and Curious Treatise on new antique culf, carmine edges, £2. 2s

Artificial Memory, black letter, with rude WoodLIFE and CORRESPONDENCE of: by Dean cuts (4 leaves), sm. 4to. Morocco super extra, gilt Stanley ; third edition, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. new edges, £2. 2s

s. l. et al. antique calf, carmine alges, £l. 4s-Another

One of the earliest works on Artificial Memory. It is edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. new calf gilt, £1.

without pagination, signatures, or catchwords.

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Arts et Industries qui s'y rattachent; accompagnée d'une Introduction générale et d'un Texte explicatif par C. Louandre, with 324 MOST BEAUTIFUL COLOURED PLATES of representations of more than 5000 exquisite objects of Art from the Vth to the XVIIth Century, the whole executed in the highest style of CHROMOLITHOGRAPHY by Hangard-Maugė, many being RICHLY FINISHED IN GOLD AND SILVER, 4 vols. bound in 3 fine large vols. thick 4to. half morocco extra, top edges gilt, £16. 16s

Paris, 1857 "It would be impossible to overrate the importance and interest of this grand work—the most complete of the kind that has hitherto appeared, and one that, from its comprehensiveness, constitutes a veritable Encyclopædia of the Middle Ages. ARUNDEL SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS, a Collection of Sixty-six of these

extremely BEAUTIFUL CHROMOLITHOGRAPHS, most admirably printed in GOLD and Colours after the paintings in fresco of the old Italian and German Masters, and about 40 copper, line, outline and wood engravings, some on India paper, published between the years 1853 and the present time (1882), containing examples of Giotto, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Nelli, Luini, Da Vinci, Sanzio, Ghirlandaiv, Lippi, Fra Angelico, Raffaelle, Memling, Van Eyck, M. Angelo, Titian, Montagna, etc., some VERY RARE, contained in a large portfolio on stand, with ten vols. of text, containing Lives of some of the Painters, Descriptions of their Works, etc., by John Ruskin, R. N. Wornum, Digby Wyatt, Sir H. Layard, etc., roy. 8vo. seun, £65. 10s 1853-82

In this series will be found many of those scarce publications of this Society which are so often searched for in vain by those who desire to complete their sets. ART UNION of LONDON. ILLUSTRA- ' ARTHUR of LITTLE BRITAIN, History of that

TIONS to Byron's Childe Harold, Goldsmith's Valiant Knight: a Romance of Chivalry, originally Traveller, and Milton's L'Allegro and Il Pense. trans. from the French by LORD BERNERS, edited roso, 90 wood engravings after Cope, Tenniel, by E. V. Utterson, with 25 FINELY COLOURED Corbould, Harding, etc., 3 vols. 4to. boards, 10s 6d engravings by Heath from drawings in an early

1848-55 MS. of the Romance, cr. 4to. calf gilt (ONLY 200 ART and SONG, original highly finished steel COPIES PRINTED, of which very few have the

engravings from Masterpieces of Art of the 19th plates coloured), £9. 15$ Century, with a selection of the choicest English ARTIST (The) A COLLECTION of Essays relative Poems: edited by R. Bell, 4to. gilt cloth, gilt edges

to Painting, Poetry, Sculpture, Architecture, (nearly neve), 16s (pub. £l. Ils 6d)


Drama, etc. by various writers, edited by PRINCE The thirty-one exquisite engravings are printed here for the first time from a collection made by a connoisseur, and executed

HOARE, 2 vols. sm. 4to, new hf. morocco, 188 1810 under his direction. They embrace designs by Martin, Turner, ARUNDEL SOCIETY.-LAYARD (Sir H.) Roberts, Stothard, Collins, etc., all exquisitely engraved in line.

DOMENICO GHIRLANDAIO and his Fresco of “ The ART REVIEW, Nos., 1 to 5 (all published), containing Articles on Works as well as Publica

Death of S. Francis,” engravings, royal 8vo. seun, 48

1860 tions of Art, 5 parts in one vol. 8vo. half bound, 10s 6d


The BRANCACCI CHAPEL, and MASOLINO, From D. G. Rossetti's sale, with autograph of W. M. MASACCIO, and FILIPPINO LIPPI, royal 8vo. seun,


1868 ART STUDIES from NATURE, as applied

to Design; for the Use of Architects, Designers, SCHARF (George) Description of the WILTON and Manufacturers, with illustrations, royal 8vo.

House DIPTYCH, containing a contemporary cloth, gilt edges, 7s 6d


Portrait of Richard II., with cuts, impl. 8vo. ARTHUR Kyng), BYRTH, LYF, AND ACTES

1882 OF, and of his noble Knyghtes of the Rounde ARUNDEL.--EARLY GENEALOGICAL HISTORY Table, theyr merveyllous Enquestes and Aduen- of the House of ARUNDEL ; the Origin of the tures; Thachveuyng of the Sanc Greal, and in Families of MONTGOMERY, ALBINI, FITZALIN the end LE MORTE ĎARTHUR, (reprint of Caxton's and HOWARD ; by J. P. YEATMAN, with a pho. impression, 1485;) with Introduction and Notes tograph of Arundel Castle, photographic reproby Robert SOUTHEY, 2 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £3. 8s dictions of Ancient Charters, etc., in 4 parts, as -Or, half morocco extra, gilt backs, top edges gilt, issued, folio, seun (only 275 copies printed), 24. 10s £3. 168

(pub. £6. 6s)

1882-3 “ Indisputably the best prose Romance the language can

ASHLEY (Jas.) CASE and APPEAL, in relation HISTORY of Prince Arthur ; with the Noble to the apprehending Henry Simons, the Polish Acts of his Knights of the Round Table, by Sir Jew, for Perjury, his Conviction, and Second T. Malory, 2 vols. 16mo. calf, 8s 6d

1816 Trial and surprising Acquittal, and the Action Morte Darthur; Sir T. Malory's Book of and cruel Verdict against the said Ashley; second King Arthur and of his Noble Knights, from the edition, with etched port, of Simons (SCARCE), 8vo. edition of Caxton : with Introduction by Sir E. half morocco (with James Comerford's bookStrachey, cr. 8vo. new calf gilt, 7s 6d

plate), 8s



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boast."-Sir Walter Scott.

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ASSOCIATION (BRITISH) for the ADVANCEMENT of Science, Reports of their Pro

ceedings and Transactions from the commencement in 1831 to 1882, with several

hundred coloured and other engravings, 43 vols. 8vo. cloth, £14. 148 1831-82 ASCHAM (Roger) ENGLISH Works [in the ATLAS (Royal) of Modern Geography, con

original Orthography); with Notes and Observa. taining entirely original and authentic Maps tions by J. Bennet, 4to. rebacked, calf gilt, 10s 6d with special Index to each, by A. K. JOHNSTON :

(1761) new edition, impl. folio, new half russia extra, ASSERII Menevensis ANNALES Rerum gestarum gilt edges, £6. 68

1884 ELFREDI MAGNI; recensuit F. Wise, portraits Another edition (Handy edition); with and Jeuel, roy. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, russia gilt, Index, by A. K. JOHNSTON, folio, neu' half by Walther (autograph of Daines Barrington), morocco, gilt edges, £2. 12s 6d

1884 12s

Oxonii, 1722

BLACK'S General Atlas of the World ; re. ASSOCIATION (British ): Report of the vised edition, embracing the Latest Discoveries,

Proceedings at Cambridge, June, 1833, with Litho. etc., with Letterpress and Index, folio, half graphic Signatures of the Members on 61 sheets, morocco, gilt edges, £3. 3s

1884 4to. half morocco extra, gt. ed., 7s 6ıl Camb., 1833

WOLFF'S HISTORISCHER ATLAS, 18 coloured ASTLEY (P.) System of EQUESTRIAN EDUCA- maps, folio, scuri, 6s 6d (pub. 12 marks) TION; also observations on the general Excellence

Berlin, 1877 of the Horse, preserving him in Health, Groom

SPRUNER'S HAND ATLAS, Historischer und ing, etc., silhouette portrait, his map of Europe, Geographischer, containing 73 large coloured maps, and plates of the manége, post8vo. bourds (SCARCE), with many districts, Battle Fields, etc., enlarged, 10s 60 Dublin, 1802 oblony folio, cloth, £1. 5s

1854 ASTROLABII quo Primi Mobilis Motus depre. AUCTORES CLASSICI DELPHINI et

henduntur Canones, black letter, with numerous curious and rude Woodlout Diagraons and floriutoil

VARIORUM, complete in 141 vols. 8vo. boards,

a very clean uncut set, £9. 10s (pub. £150.) Initials, small 4to. neur calf extra, by Pratt, £l. Is

London, l'ulpy, 1819-30 s. l. et a.

CONTENTS: Virgilius, Cæsar, Juvenalis, Persius, Sallustius, This early and rare work is attributed by Brunet to the press Tacitus, Claudianus, Eutropius, Ovidius, Paterculus, Com. of Erhard Raidoli, at Venice, about 1490.

Nepos, Phædrus, Florus, Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Justin ASTROLOGY.- DE DIVINATIONE quae fit per

nus, Martialis, Lucretius, V. Maximus, Boethius, Ausonius, Astra; diversum ac discrepans duorum Catholi.

Terentius. A. Gellius, Prudentius, Apuleius, Horatius, O.

Curtins. Dictys Cietensis, P. Festus, Suetonius, Plinius, Livius, corum Sacræ Theologiae Doctorum Judicium, Manilius, Panegyrici Vet., A. Victor, Plautus, Cicero. scilicet F. Junctini ac Jo. Lensæi (Lindsay]:

The typographical manager of this extensive publication was

Philarète Chusles, who, on his banishment from France for his item Divi Thomae Aquinatis, L. Bellantii, ac

Republican opinions, passed seven years in Valpy's printing M. Ficini, de eadem Divinatione Sententia, fcap. 8vo. half calf, 6s

('olonia, 1580

MYTHOGRAPHI LATINI (Hyginus, FulASTROLOGY.-LIVRE D'ARCANDAM, Docteur gentius, Lactantius Placidus, Albricus); cum

et Astrologue : traitant des Prédictions d'Astro- Notis Variorum, curante A. VAN STAVEREN, logie, principalement des Naissances, ou fatales plates, 4to. LARGE PAPER; fine copy in citron Dispositions, et du Jour de la Nativité des En. morocco estra, joints, and gilt edges, by C. Hering fans, woodcuts, 18mo. Veui funt, gilt edges (from Mr. Beckford's Library), £3. 38 (from the Beckford collection), £2. 5s Lyon, 1025

Lugduni Batavorum, 1742 ASTROLOGY.-WORSDALE (J.) Astronomy AUDEBER Le Sieur), LE VOYAGE et Observ

and Elementary Philosophy, portrait ; Lilly's In- ations de plusieurs choses diverses qui se peuvent troduction to Astrology, by Zadkiel, with JIS. remarquer en Italie (avec Remarques de quelques Notes (lille damaged), illustrations, 3 vols. 8vo. in Dillérences particulières entre les Guelfes et one, cloth, 10s od


Gibelline], plates of fruits, small Svo. calf catre, ASTROLOGY.-- NOSTRADAMUS (Michael) True gilt edges, by ('. Kulthoeber ; scarce (Mr. Beck

Prophecies or Prognostications ; a work full of ford's copy), 14s -Another copy, bound in Curiosity and Learning, translated and com- crimson morocco extra, silk linings, gilt edges, by mented by Theophilus de Garencieres, French and Bozirian jeune (Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. 10s English, l'irst Erlition, folio, new panelleil calf

Paris, 1656 gilt, yellow edges, £2. 2s

1672 AUDUBON'S ORNITHOLOGICAL BIOGRAPHY ; In this volume will be found the successful prophecy of the an Account of the Habits of the Birds of America; Death of Henri II., which obtained the impostor world-wide

accompanied by descriptions of the Objects repre

sented in ATKINS (J.) Voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and

The Birds of America,” 5 vols, royal the West Indies, with Descriptions of the Inhabi.

8vo, cloth, uncut, scarce, £8. 10s-Another copy, tants, Trade, etc., Svo. calf, 63


half morocco, rery neat, £9. 15s Edinb., 1831-39 ATKINSON (T. W.) ORIENTAL and WESTERN

BIRDS of AMERICA, the Descriptive LetterSIBERIA : Seven Years Explorations and Adven

press only, re-issued by J. W. Audubon, numerous tures in Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia, etc.,

irootleuts, 7 vols. impl. 8vo. in 5, half russia neat, folding map, and numerous coloured and tintea

£3. 10s

New York, 1861 plutes, and woodcuts, royal 8vo. cloth, 15s

1858 AUERSWALD und ROSSMASSLER'S Travels in the Regions of the upper and

Botanische Unterhaltungen zum Verständniss der Lower Amoor and the Russian acquisitions on the

heimathlichen Flora, 48 coloured plutes and 380 Contines of India and China, etc., with map,

woodcuts, thick 8vo. handsomely bound, gilt edges, tinted frontispiece, and 82 woodcuts, royal 8vo.


Leipzig, 1858 cloth, Ss 6d (pub. £2. 2s)

1SCO | AUGIER (E.) LES EFFRONTÉS, Comédie, en ATKINSON (Emma) Memoirs of the QUEENS cinq Actes en Prose, royal Svo. half morocco of PRUSSIA, 8vo, cloth, 4s (pub. 10s 001) 1858

cctra, gilt top, 78 6d

Paris, 1861


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