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HOWITT (William) WORKS; a complete Collection, 25 vols. (consisting of 8 vols. 8vo.,

12 vols. post 8vo., and 5 vols. foolscap 8vo.), embellished with numerous fine woodcuts : newly bound half morocco extra, top edges gilt (AN ELEGANT AND UNIFORM SET), £23.

CONTENTS: Homes and Haunts of the most eminent British Land, Labour, and Gold ; or Two Years in Victoria, Poets, 2 vols.

2 vols. Visits to Remarkable Places, Old Halls, Battle Tallangetta, the Squatter's Home; a Story of Fields, etc., 2 vols.

Australian Life, 2 vols. Northern Heights of London ; or Historical Associa- Pantika ; or Traditions of the most Ancient Times, tions of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill,

2 vols. Hornsey, and Islington.

Madam Dorrington of the Dene; the Story of a Rural Life of England.

Life, 3 vols. Rural and Domestic Life of Germany.

Popular History of Priestcraft in all Ages and

Nations. Student Life in Germany.

Book of the Seasons ; or the Calendar of Nature. Year Book of the Country.

Boy's Country Book. The Hall and the Hamlet ; or Scenes and Characters German Experiences. of Country Life, 2 vols.

Wanderings of a Journeyman Tailor.!


Islands, a Contribution to his Biography and to illustrated by numerous woodcuts, 8 vols. 8vo. the History of his Age, 2 vols. 8vo. cloih, 6s 6d new calf gilt, uncut, top edges gilt (SCARCE), (pub. £l. 88) 1854 £14. 14s

1840, etc.

CONTENTS: Visits to Remarkable Places, Old Halls, Battle HOUGH (Bishop) LIFE of; containing many of Fields, etc., 2 vols.--Homes and Haunts of the most eminent

his Letters, and Biographical Notices of Persons British Poets, 2 vols.-Rural Life in England - Northern Heights with whom he was connected, by J. Wilmot, of London --Rural and Domestic Life, and Student Life, in with fine portrait, plates and facsimiles, royal 4to. Germany, a cols.

Visits to REMARKABLE PLACES (Old Halls, LARGE PAPER, new half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 14s

Battle-Fields, and Scenes Ilustrative of Striking 1812

Passages in English History and Poetry ; third HOUGHTON (Lord) POETICAL WORKs ; col. edition, with numerous illustrations, 2 thick vols. lected edition, portrait, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. new 8vo. half calf gilt (scarce), £2. 5s

1856 calf gilt, £1.


The same, new edition, condensed, numerous The same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, illustrations, post 8vo. new calf gilt, lls 6d 1882 £1. 58


vignettes on wood, 2 vols. post Svo, cloth (scarce), HOUGHTON, portrait, foolscap 8vo. calf gilt,

£l. Is

1838 78 6d


The author travelled, chiefly on foot, from the Land's End

to the Tweed, mixing with, and getting a thorough knowledge of HOUSSAIE (Amelot de la) Histoire du

the people." Gouvernement de VENISE, 18mo. calf, 6s 6d

Book of the SEASONS, or the Calendar of
Paris, 1677
Nature (first edition), pretty vignette engravings,


foolscap 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

WANDERINGS of a JOURNEYMAN TAILOR, of some of the HOWARD FAMILY : Portraits and

through Europe and the East, 1824-40, by P. D. other Engravings added, post 8vo. boards, UNCUT Holthaus (Journeyman Tailor), translated by (rare in this state), 18s


W. H., frontispiece, foolscap 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d HOWARD (Nathaniel) BICKLEY VALE, with

1844 other Poems, 2 plates engraved by Middiman,

GERMAN EXPERIENCES, foolscap 8vo. cloth, foolscap 8vo. half calf (SCĂRCE), 5s York, 1804

3s 6d

1844 One of the plates is after an early drawing by S. Prout, HUBERT (Sir F.) Historie of EDWARD the who came to London in 1804 or 1805. The volume includes SECOND, with the fatal Downfall of his two unPoems on Devonshire Scenery, Translations from the Italian, with the original on opposite pages, etc.

fortunate Favorites, Gaveston and Spencer (no HOWE (Earl, Admiral of the Fleet) LIFE of,

portrait), 1629_EGYPT's FavorITE; the Historie by Sir JOHN BARROW, with fine steel portrait,

of Joseph, by the same, 1631, in one vol. foolscap 8vo. old vellium, 10s 6d

1629-31 and facsimile, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d


Sir Mark Sykes's copy of these two poems sold for £ 2. 25, HOWITT (Mary) BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES of

and " Egypt's Favorite" is priced in the “ Bibliotheca Anglo

at £ 3. 35. the QUEENS of GREAT BRITAIN, from the Norman HUGHES (T.) Tom Brown's School Days, by Conquest to Queen Victoria, with 29 LARGE and

an Old Boy (Golden Treasury Edition), engraved HIGHLY FINISHED PORTRAITS, imperial 8vo. new

title, foolscap Svo. new morocco estra, gilt edges, half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £1. 1s 1865 10s 6d

1880 HOWITT (S.) British SPORTSMAN, containing HUGHES (John) Views in the South of

70 SPIRITED PLATES, on India paper, oblong FRANCE, chiefly on the RHÔNE, with Descripfolio, half bound (SCARCE), £2. 8s

1812 tions, 24 finely engraved plates by Cooke and British PRESERVE, uprcards of 30 spirited

Allen, 4to. olive morocco extra, gilt edges, 165

1825 and highly finished etchings of Quadrupeils and

This author's descriptions are praised by Sir Walter Scott in Birds, royal 8vo. cloth, 128

(1846) his Introduction to “Quentin Durward."


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copy, 6s



of Provençal Life and Literature in the Middle all his Essays, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 18s Ages, thick 8vo. new cloth, 5s (pub. 12s 60) 1878

1826 The same, new half calf, top edges gilt,

PHILOSOPHICAL WORKS; edited, with Dis. Ss 6d

sertations and. Notes, by T. H. Green and T. H. The same, new calf gilt, 12s

Grose, 4 vols. 8vo. new tree-calf gilt, £3. 10s 1874 " This attractive volume deals in a very fresh and exact

ESSAYS and TREATISES on several Subjects; way with a most interesting phase of culture and letters. Mr. Huetfer claims for his volume the praise of being the first

with Dialogues concerning Natural Religion, adequate study on so famous a subject as the Troubadours

2 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, 8s Edinburgh, 1793 which has appeared in the English language, and we believe

The same, new edition, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, that we must allow that he is right. His book will be found

8s 6d

ibidem, 1809 exceedingly interesting and valuable."-Examiner.

HUME (J. D., Secretary of Board of Trade, HUGO (Victor) NOTRE DAME de Paris, with LIFE OF, by C. 'BADHAM, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1839

70 illustrations by Brion, royal 8vo. half calf HUMOUROUS POEMs, selected and edited by gilt, 5s

Paris, 1872

W. M. ROSSETTI, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 7s 6. n.d. HISTOIRE d'un CRIME; Déposition d'un HUMOUR, Wir, and SATIRE of the SEVEN Témoin, 2 vols. post 8vo. in one, half morocco, 6s TEENTH CENTURY, Quaint Ballads, etc., collected

Paris, 1877

and edited by J. ASHTON, facsimiles of the wool. [HUGUETAN). VOYAGE D'ITALIE curieux et

cuts which accompanied them, small 4to. LARGE nouveau ; enrichi de listes de tous les curieux, et de toutes les principales Curiositez de Rome, et

PAPER (only 105 copies printed, 25 of which

were circulated in America), boards, £2. 28 1883 de la plupart des Sçavans, Curieux, et Ouvriers excellens de toute l'Italie à present vivans, fools

Another copy, elegantly bound in purple

morocco extra, inside borders richly gilt, top elges cap 8vo. red morocco extra, gilt edges (Mr. Beck.

gilt, £4. 4s ford's copy), 16s

Lyon, 1681 HUMPHREYS (H. N.) GENERA and SPECIES HULL (E.) COAL-FIELDS of BRITAIN, with of British BUTTERFLIES described and arrange:

Notices of those in other Parts of the World ; according to the British Museum System, 3. map and illustrations, post Svo. calf gilt ; fine plates exhibiting several hundred BEAUTIFULLY


FIGURES of all the Specics and HULLAH (J.) Song Book, Words and Tunes

Varieties, with Caterpillars and Plants, imperia from the best Poets and Musicians, foolscap 8vo.

Svo. cloth, 15s


BRITISH BUTTERFLIES and their Transformnew morocco extra, gilt edges, 9s

1877 The same, now morocco super-extra, gilt

ations, arranged in a series of 42 BEAUTIFUL edges, 10s 6d

COLOURED plates, with Descriptions by J. (.
WESTWOOD, 4to. cloth, £2. 2s

1841 HULME (F. E., F.L.S.) FLORAL DESIGN ; HUNT (Leigh) POETICAL WORKS; collected by

Suggestions, in 52 plates comprising upwards of Himself, edited by T. Hunt, with 8 full230 examples, SPLENDIDLY PRINTED in COLOURS illustrations by Corbould, foolscap 8vo. new cul and GOLD; with Descriptions, folio, handsomely gilt, 7s 6d bound in new cloth, gilt alges, 16s (pub. £3. 38)

IMAGINATION and FANCY ; Selections from

n, d. the English Poets, illustrative of those fin HUMBOLDT (A. von) COSMOS ; Sketch of a requisites of their Art, with Critical Notices of

Physical Description of the Universe ; translated the Writers, etc., post 8vo. morocco super-eston, under the superintendence of Lieutenant-Colonel gilt edges (nice copy), 8s 6d

1 845 Sabine, 4 vols. crown 8vo. calf extra (nice sct, as

LONDON JOURNAL from its Commencegood as neu), £1. 2s 6d

1846-58 ment, April 2nd, 1834, to end of December, 183, TRAVELS to the Equinoctial Regions of folio, half bound, 10s 6d

1834-35 AMERICA, 1799-1804 ; translated and edited by HUNTING, ESSAYS ON, and ENQUIRY into the THOMASINA Ross, 3 vols. post 8vo. new tree-calf NATURE and PROPERTIES of the SCENT, Olver. gilt, £l. 8s

1852-3 vations on the different kinds of Hounds, DIREK: HUME, SMOLLETT and HUGHES, Hist

TIONS for the CHOICE of a HUNTER, etc., sro ORY of ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius

calf gilt (with bookplate of George Grote), 5s Cæsar to the Accession of Queen Victoria (hand

Southampton, #.. some library edition, in large type), 17 vols. 8vo. HUNTINGDONSHIRE. ---History and Antinew trec-calf gilt, £8.

quities of EYNESBURY and ST. NEOTS, in Hunt and SMOLLETT'S HISTORY of Eng.

ingdonshire, and of St. Neots in Cornwall, by LAND (best library cdition, in large type), 10 vols.

the Rev. G. C. GORHAM, with 50 engrurings 11

1920 8vo. in light mottled calf extra gilt, marbled

copper and wood, 8vo. calf gilt, 8s 6d edges (FINE COPY), £3. 188



MANCHESTER ; its Antient, Modern, Municijal Julius Cæsar to the Accession of George III.

and Ecclesiastical History, by R. Fox, with fae. (Scholcy's large type library edition), with En.

simile of Charter and numerous Initials and Tur! gravings on copper and wood from Thurston's

Pieces from Ancient MSS. and Carvings, royal designs, 16 vols. 8vo. cloth lettered, £1. 10s 1818

8vo. cloth, 14s (pub. £l. Ils 6d)


1 HISTORY of ENGLAND, to the Accession of HUNTLEY (Marchioness of) THOUGHTS in George III., with Lives of the Anthors (large type

VERSE upon Flowers of the Field, with 12 beamos edition), 13 vols. Svo, cloth, 18s

1818 ful Floral Designs in GOLD AND COLOURS, and HIISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Invasion ornamental borders, 4to, cloth, 10s 6d of Julius Cæsar to the Death of George II (hand. HURD (Bishop) Works, fine portrait and rusome large type library cdition), 10 vols. 8vo. calf nettes, 8 vols. 8vo. calf neat, marbled edges, gilt, marbled edges, £1. 188


v. y.

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72 plates of absolute l'acsimiles from Rare and Curious Books ; consisting of Illustrative Devices, Beautiful Borders, Remarkable Initials, Printers' Marks, Elaborate Title Pages, etc., each subject accompanied by a full description, folio, elegantly bound in cloth extra, gilt edges, £1. 158 (pub. £4. 48)

1870 The same, on LARGE AND FINE PAPER, with RUBRICATIONS (50 copies only so printed), royal folio, half morocco, £5. 108

Comprised with others in the above work will be found a great variety of remarkable designs by Wohlgenuth, Dürer, Burgmair, Cranach, Jerome Resch, Hans Schaeufelein of Nordlingen, Josse de Negkher, and others; also specimens of works of scarcely less merit by artists whose names are at present unknown. HUSSEY (Mrs. T. J.) ILLUSTRATIONS OF BRITISH MYCOLOGY, containing Figures

and Descriptions of the FUNGUSES of interest and novelty indigenous to Britain, both Series complete, with 140 large and most beautifully coloured plates, 2 vols. royal 4to. cloth, £18.

1847-55 Another copy, 2 vols, handsomely bound in GREEN MOROCCO EXTRA, gilt edges (nearly new), £21.

Only a very limited number of this valuable and beautiful work were published. HUTH (Henry) PRIVATELY PRINTED PIECES :INEDITED POETICAL MISCELLANIES, 1584-1700; selected from MSS. chiefly in Private Hands; with a few explanatory and illustrative Notes

1870 PREFACES, DEDICATIONS, EPISTLES, selected from Early English Books; 1540-1701. With Indexes of Names and Subjects

1874 -TOGETHER 2 thick vols. post 8vo. cloth, £9.98

The above two interesting Works were edited by Mr. Huth and Mr. W. C. Hazlitt. Only 50 copies of each were Printed for Private Circulation.

n. d.


in KENT, SUSSEX, and SURREY, mentioned in arranged by W. H. Monk (Illustrated Edition), Domesday Book, and those of more recent Date, with photographs after the Great Masters, thick the Sepulchral Memorials and other Antiquities ; small 4to. neu morocco, gilt edges, £1. 4s

22 fine plates, 8vo. cloth, 9s (pub, 18s) 1852 HUTCHINSON (Mrs.) MEMOIRS of the Life of AMBLICHUS de VITA PYTHAGORICA, COLONEL HUTCHINSON, Governor of Nottingham

Græce et Latine cum Notis L. Kusteri. Accedit Castle and Town, with Anecdotes of distinguished Malchus, sive Porphyrius, et Anonymus, de Contemporaries ; also the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson, Vita Pythagora, Græce et Latine, cum Notis written by herself, portraits, 4to. half calf gilt,

Holstenii et Rittershusii, frontispiece, small 4to. 10s 6d

1806 red morocco gilt, gilt edges, by PADELOUP (the HUTH LIBRARY-LIFE and COMPLETE

Laoignon copy, from the Stourhead Library), WORKS of Robert Greene, in Prose and Verse,

£2. 18s

Amstelodami, 1707 for the first time collected and edited, with Notes

de VITA PYTHAGORÆ, et Protrepticæ and Illustrations, etc., by the Rev.A.B. Grosart,

Orationes ad Philosophiam ; Græce et Latine, Vols. 2-12, and Vol. 1 of the Works of Thomas

cum Notis J. Arcerii Theodoreti, in 2 vols. 4to. Nashe (all of each yet published): together 12

(wormed), bound in citron morocco, with the Arms vols. post 8vo. cloth, £3.

1881-83 and Monogram of THUANUS and MARIE BAROnly so copies printed for Private Circulation.

BANÇON in gold on sides and back ; RARE (Mr. The purchaser of this lot will have to subscribe for the Beckford's copy), £3. 15s (Franckerce), 1598 remaining volumes, as portions of the series are not sold separately.


VERONESE del Museo Bozziano ora annesso a and Natural Philosophy; including a translation quello del Conte G. B. Gazola, et di altri Gabinetti of the Works of Ozanam and Montucla, nearly 100

di Fossili Veronesi, con la Versione Latina, with engravings, 4 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt edges, 18s 6d 1803 76 large plates (some of extra size and folding),

exhibiting many figures, 2 vols. in one vol. ATLAS HUTTON (W., of Birmingham) LIFE of, includ.

FOLIO, well bound half russia (SCARCE), £2. 15s ing an Account of the Riots there in 1791, and the

Verona, 1796 History of his Family, written by Himself ; pub- IHNE (Dr. W.) HISTORY of Rome (English lished by his Daughter, portrait, 8vo. hulf morocco

Edition), 5 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £4. 158 neat, carmine edges, 78 6d


The same, new tree-calf gilt, by Rivière, £5. HYDE (Professor) ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES | ILLUMINATIONS.-APHORISMS of the WISE of FORTIFICATION, numerous folding and other and Good, the BORDERS BEAUTIFULLY ILLUMINplates, and 200 other illustrations, medium 8vo. ATED in GOLD and COLOURS, square 12mo. cloth, 5s (pub. 10s 6d

1860 morocco extra, gilt edges, 6s

V. Y.

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1854 )

BOOKS RELATING TO INDIA. . CALCUTTA REVIEW, COMPLETE from its commencement in 1844 to 1875, forming

59 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt, marbled edges, VERY SCARCE, £35. 1814–75

Full of ably written articles on the most important questions, political, social, and religious, that have arisen in India during a period of over thirty years. AITCHISON (C. U.) COLLECTION of TREATIES, CUNNINGHAM (Major Alexander)

ENGAGEMENTS, and SUNNUDS relating to India THE BHILSA TOPES, or Buddhist Monuments and Neighbouring Countries, compiled from of Central India ; an Historical Sketch of the Official Papers, coloured folding maps, 7 vols. Rise, Progress, and Decline of Buddhism ; with royal 8vo. half calf neat, £3. 15s

1862-6 the Opening of the various Groups of Topes around BANES (J. F., F.R.G.S.) INDEX GEOGRAPHICUS Bhilsa ; 33 plates, 8vo. half calf gilt (nearly ner),

INDICUS, an alphabetical List of the principal RARE, £2. 16s Places in British India ; with Notes, statistical, Another copy,calf extra, marbled edges, £3. 38 political, and descriptive of the several Provinces

This work has been pronounced by a competent critic as

one of the most learned and valuable books in this class of and Native States, numerous large coloured maps, modern literature. It has done more than most others to open

royal Svo. half morocco, 8s Calcutta, 1881 the minds of the European world to the real history of Ancient BEVERIDGE (H.) COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY India, the right interpretation and contirmation of Greek records

and the connexion of the Hindu Aryas with the modern peoples of INDIA; Civil, Military, and Social, from the of the West.” first Landing of the English to the Suppression of DALTON (E. T.) DESCRIPTIVE ETHNOLOGY of the Sepoy Revolt, maps and upwards of 500 wood and steel engravings, 3 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 189

BENGAL ; with 38 fine Lithographed Portraits (pub. £3. 38)

Blackie, n. d.
from Photographs, royal 4to. cloth, £2. 178 6d

Calcutta, 1872 BICKMORE (A. S.) TRAVELS in the East

Another copy, half morocco gilt, £3. 108 INDIAN ARCHIPELAGO, maps and illustrations. DIROM (Major) NARRATIVE of the CAMPAIGN

8vo. half calf neat, 7s 6d (pub. £1. 1s) 1818 in India, which terminated the War with TIPPOO BUDDHA GAYA; the Hermitage of Sakya Muni, SULTAN in 1792, maps, plans, and view of Sering. by RAJENDRALALA MITRA, LL.D., C.I.E., with apatam, 4to. half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt map and 50 plates (12 of which are Photographs), (Mr. Beckford's copy), 16s

1794 and 6 woodcuts, royal 4to. cloth, £2. 2s

DODGSON (Lieutenant-Colonel) The City Calcutta : Published under Orders of the of LUCKNOW, its Points of Interest, 29 coloured

Governor of Bengal, 1878 lithographs, with Descriptions, imperial folio, CALCUTTA JOURNAL of NATURAL HISTORY, cloth, 9s (pub. £2. 2s)

1800 containing the progressive discoveries in Indian DUFF (Mountstuart E. Grant) Notes of an Geology, Zoology, Botany, etc., edited by M'CLELLAND and GRIFFITH, Vols. 1 to 6, 8vo.

Indian Journey, with route map, Svo. cloth, vis (pub. 10s 6d)

1876 numerous engravings (5 wanting), half russia

(VERY SCARCE), £3. 18s Calcutta, 1841-46 DUFF (James Grant) History of the MallCAMERON (J.) OUR TROPICAL POSSESSIONS in

RATTAS, frontispiece, maps and woodcuts, 3 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt, yellow edges (VERY SCARCEI

, Malayan India, coloured frontispiece, and other £4. 4s

1836 illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d (pub. 16s)



and PEOPLE of INDIA, 24 beautiful lithographs NAL, comprising Notes of a Five Years' Residence

COLOURED AND MOUNTED LIKE WATER-COLOUE in India, with illustrations by Wolf and NOEL PATON, 8vo. calf gilt, 10s (pub. 16s)

DRAWINGS, imperial folio, half morocco, £2. 2 1864 (pub. £10. 10s)

1814 COSTUME of BENGAL ; 69 CAREFULLY These beautiful drawings represent the various Costumes, COLOURED ORIGINAL DRAWINGS of native trades. Hunting Appointments, etc., of the different States, as weli as

Portraits of Princes and other eminent persons. men and handicraftsmen engaged in their several occupations, small 4to. half morocco gilt, £2. 10s

“UP THE COUNTRY;" Letters written to her i

Sister from the Upper Provinces of India, sceond COTTON (G., Bishop of Calcutta) MEMOIR of;

cdition, 2 vols. post 8vo. new half culf gilt

, with Selections from his Journals and Correspond

marbled edges, 7s 6d

1 800 ence, edited by Mrs. Cotton ; portrait, 8vo. cloth, ELLIOTT (Captain Robert) Views in the 6s 6d (pub. 18s)

1871 EAST ; India, Canton, and the Red Sea ; with CRAWFURD (John) DESCRIPTIVE DICTION

Historical Illustrations, 60 highly finished engor. ARY OF THE INDIAN ISLANDS AND ADJACENT

ings on INDIA PAPER, 2 vols imperial 4to. LARGE COUNTRIES, 8vo. cloth, 7s (pub. 168)


PAPER, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. és 1833 CUNNINGHAM (Captain J. D.) History of FALCONER (H.) and Sir P. CarTLEY. the Sikhs, from the Origin of the Nation to the

FAUNA ANTIQUA SIVALENSIS ; or the Fossil Battles of the Sutlej, second edition, with

Zoology of the Sewalik Hills in the North of Additions, maps, 8vo. cloth, 16s


India : 92 large and fine plates, 9 parts, ROYAL

FOLIO, with Descriptions in Svo. £2. 78 6d (puk CUNNINGHAM (Major Alexander) £9. 9s)

1846-19 LADAK, Physical, Statistical, and Historical; " A work of immense labour and research. Nothing has with Notices of the surrounding Countries, large ever appeared in Lithography in this country, at all comparate map and plates (some coloured), royal 8vo. cloth

to these plates, and as regards the representations of min te

osseous texture by Mr. Ford, they are the most perfect that has (scarce), £1. 188

1854 been produced in any country.”

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n. d.

BOOKS RELATING TO INDIA. FORBES (James, F.R.s.) ORIENTAL MEMOIRS, written during Seventeen Years' Resi

dence in India, including Observations on parts of Africa and South America, with MANY FINE ENGRAVINGS of Views, Antiquities, etc., those of Natural History BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 4 vols. 4to. sumptously bound in green morocco extra, inlaid with red, and richly gold tooled, gilt edges, by MACKENZIE (one of the Author's RESERVED COPIES), with Crest of the Earl of Gosford on vellum, £14. 148 1813

"A most important work ; of all the books that have been published on India, this, perhaps, is the most sterlingly valuable." FAYRER (J., M.D.) CLINICAL and PATHOLO. HUNTER (Dr. W.W.) INDIAN MUSSULMANS :

GICAL OBSERVATIONS in INDIA, with woodcuts, Are they bound in Conscience to rebel against

thick 8vo. cloth, uncut, 10s (pub. £1.) 1873 the Queen ?, 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub. 7s 6d) 1871 (GOUGH (Richard)] COMPARATIVE VIEW of the IMPERIAL GAZETTEER of INDIA, maps, 9 ANTIENT MONUMENTS of INDIA, particularly

vols. 8vo. half morocco, £5. 58

1881 those in the Island of Salset, near Bombay, as

A work of extraordinary utility and labour; compiled by a described by different Writers, with 10 plates, ment of India.

number of experienced Oficials under the Orders of the Govern. 4to. half russia, uncut, top edges gilt (Mr. Beck: INDIAN ALPs (The), and how we crossed them ; ford's copy), 18s

Nichols, 1785

Two Years' Residence in the Eastern Himalayas, GRIFFITH (W.) Palms of BRITISH EAST

etc., by a Lady Pioneer, with Chromographs and INDIA, with plates, complete in one vol. imperial numerous other Ilustrations by the Authoress, folio, half calf, £3. 3s

Calcutta, 1850

imperial 8vo. gilt cloth, 18s (pub. £2. 2s) 1876 GRINDLAY (Captain R. M.) SCENERY, Cos- INDIAN ART, JOURNAL of, containing faithful

TUMES, and ARCHITECTURE, chiefly on the
WESTERN SIDE of INDIA, 36 fine large plates,

copies of all the Works of Art, produced in India

in Ancient and Modern Times, Parts 1 to 3 (all after drawings by C. STANFIELD, D. KOBERTS,

yet published), imperial 4to. containing plates COPLEY FIELDING, GRINDLAY, etc., BEAUTI

executed in photo-lithography by W. GRIGGS, FULLY COLOURED IN IMITATION OF DRAWINGS

some in Gold, Silver and Colours, 6s

1884 (one mended on margin), with Descriptions, 2 vols. Under this title H.M.'s Government of India have started a imperial 4to. half morocco gilt, £2. 15$ (pub. Periodical for the purpose mentioned above. The Text will be £12. 128)


written by the best Art Connoisseurs of India and England.

The edition is a limited one. GÜNTHER (Dr. A.) REPTILES of British JERDON (T. C.) NATURAL History of all the INDIA, with 26 plates, folio, seun, £l. Es

Birds known to inhabit Continental India, Ray Society, 1864

2 vols. in 3, 8vo. new hulf morocco, top edges gilt, HAMILTON (F., formerly Buchanan) AC


Calcutta, 1877 COUNT of the Fishes of the RIVER GANGES and its Branches, 4to. with oblong royal 4to. ATLAS MAHAWANSA (The) from the 37th Chapter, containing 39 plates, 2 vols. half calf gilt, £l. 4s

revised and edited by H. Sumangala, High Priest

of Adam's Peak, and Don. A. de S. Batuwantu

1822 HARRIS (Captain Ç.) Ruins of MANDOO,

dawa, in Pali, also translated into Sinhalese,

1877 the ancient Mahommedan Capital of MALWAH

2 vols. 8vo. half bound, £l. 4s in Central India, 6 coloured lithographic plates, MALCOLM (Major-General

Sir John) with Descriptions, royal folio, cloth, i0s 6d (pub. POLITICAL History of INDIA, from 1784 to 1823, £1. lls 6d) Day and Son, 1860 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 14s 6d

1826 HOME (Mr.) SELECT Views in Mysore, the

MEMOIR of CENTRAL INDIA, including Country of Tippoo Sultan, from Drawings taken

MALWA and adjoining Provinces, with the History on the Spot, with historical Descriptions, 28

and copious Illustrations of its past and present highly finished engravings, by Fittler, and large

Condition, large maps, 2 vols. Svo. half russia, 138

1823 maps, royal 4to, morocco super extra, gilt edges by Hering, £l. 58


HIMALAYAS and Travel in Chinese Tartary, HOOKER (Sir J. D.) and T. THOMSON, FLORA

Ladac, Thibet, Cashmere, etc., tinted illustrations INDICA ; a systematic Account of the Plants of

and woodcuts, royal 8vo. new half morocco, top British India : Vol. 1, Ranunculaceæ to Fumari.

1834 acex, with extensive introductory Essay, large

edges gilt, 168 map, 8vo, cloth, 14s

1855 MAURICE (Rev. T.) INDIAN ANTIQUITIES : This Edition contains an Introductory Essay of 276 pp. on

Dissertations relative to the Geographical Divithe History of Indian Botany up to 1855 ; also one on the sions, Primeval Theology, Government, LiteraClimates and Physical Features of India, and its Divisions into Botanical-Geographical Provinces ; and the Floras of Allghan

ture, etc., of Hindostan, compared with the istan and Beluchistan. All these matters are oinitted in the new Religion, Laws, Government, and Literature of edition.

Persia, Egypt and Greece, numerous foliling HUGGINS (W., Indigo Planter) SKETCHES IN plates, 7 vols. 8vo. new tree-calf extra, top edges India, on Subjects connected with the Govern- gilt, £2. 188

1800-1 ment; Civil and Military Establishments, MECHAM (C. H.) SKETCHES and Incidents Characters of the Europeans and Customs of the of the SIEGE of LUCKNOW, 27 lithographic illusNatives, etc., 8vo. half red morocco, uncut, top trations, with Descriptions, royal' folio, cloth, edges gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy), 6s 1824 8s 6d (pub. £2. 2s)


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