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de Fontibus Historiæ genuina Hibernorum eorumque Chronologia deque Antiquissimis Codicibus literis Hibernicis ante Sæculum X. exaratis; Græcorum et Romanorum Testimonia, itemque S. Patricii Epistolæ, Fieci Hymnus, et Gildæ Modudii Carmen Hibernicum, hactenus ineditum, de Regibus Hiberniæ; domesticorum Annalium Chronologicæ Rationes, etc., with facsimiles of Irish MSS., 4 vols. 4to. half russia, £24. 108

Buckinghamice, 1814-26 *.* The present is an unusually perfect copy, having the extra leaves and plates.

This highly important work was privately printed at the expense of the late Duke of Buckingham, Only 200 copies were issued, for Presents only. It is said that the expenses incurred by the Duke for the researches and for the printing of these four volumes exceeded the sum of £3000.

It consists of the original Irish texts, with Latin translations, of the Hiberno-Celtic MSS. formerly in the Library at Stowe, but afterwards in that of the Earl of Ashburnham.

"Whether we consider the learning of O'Conor, the value of the materials, or the princely munificence of the Duke of Buckingham, at whose expense it was produced, it is without a parallel in modern literature.”-Sir F. Palgrave, Rise of the English Commonwealth. STAFFORD (Thomas) PACATA Hibernia: Ireland appeased and reduced, or an

Historie of the late Warres of Ireland, especially within the Province of Mounster [against Tyrone and the Spaniards), with 17 maps and plans (including Speed's map of Munster), and the splendid large Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and G. Carew, Earl of Totness (the former slightly rubbed), folio, morocco extra, fine copy : Bibliothecae Colbertine f.on title, £6. 108

1633 The following curious note forms part of the imprint : London, printed by A. M., and part of the in pression made over, to be vented [sic] for the benefit of the Children of John Mynshew, deceased."



NEAVE (Sir Digby) FOUR DAYS in CONNE SCENERY and ANTIQUITIES of IRELAND, illusMARA, post 8vo. cloth, 5s

1852 trated from Drawings taken on the spots by O'CONNOR (The) CHRONICLES of Eri; History BARTLETT, Petrie, etc., with Descriptions by of the Gaal Sciot Iber, or the Irish People, trans. J. STIRLING COYNE ; 120 fine engrarings, 2 vols. from the original MSS. in the Phoenician Dialect 4to. cloth, 18s 64

Virtue, n. d. of the Scythian Language, portrait, maps, etc., Another copy, 2 vols. calf gilt, £l. 4s 2 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, half calf neut TALES of IRISH LIFE ; illustrative of the Man. rurer), 18s

1822 ners, Customs, and Condition of the People, with O'DONOVAN (John) GENEALOGIES, TRIBES, 6 woodcuts after designs by G. CRUIKSHANK, and Customs of Hy-FIACHRACH, commonly 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. half calf gilt (VERY SCARCE), called O'Dowda’s Country; now first published, £1. 16s

1824 with a Translation and Notes, map and genealog: TEMPLE (Sir John) THE IRISH REBELLION ; iral table, small 4to. cloth, 78 6d

or an History of the Attempts of the Irish Papists Dublin, Irish Archeological Society, 1844 to extirpate the Protestants, Svo. half calf, Is RAYMOND (J. G.) LIFE of THOMAS DERMODY

1746 [Poet]; interspersed with pieces of Original THOMPSON (W.) NATURAL History of the Poetry; and Correspondence with several eminent BIRDS and MAMMALIA of IRELAND, 4 vols. 8vo. Characters : fine portrait by Sir R. Ker Porter, cloth, £3. 158

1849-56 2 vols. post Svo. boards, 5s

1806 TROTTER (J. B.) Walks in IRELAND during REAL LIFE in IRELAND; or the Day and the years 1812-14-17, Svo. half calf neat, 4s 1819 Night Scenes, Rovings, Rambles, and Sprees,


and Bulls, Blunders, Bodderation and Blarney of

WALSH'S History and Antiquities' of DuBBRIAN BORI', Esq. and SIR SHAWN O'DOGHERTY,

LIN, from the earliest Accounts; with Biogra19 HUMOUROUS COLOURED PLATES, 8vo. new culf

phies : numerous fine plates, plans, and maps, gilt, 168

(reprint), n. d.

2 vols. imperial 4to. LARGE PAPER, boards, uncut, £1. ls

1818 REEVES (Rev. W.) Ecclesiastical Antiquities WILKINSON (G.) PRACTICAL GEOLOGY and of Down, CONNOR, and DROMORE: with Notes

Ancient Architecture of IRELAND, with 17 tinted and Hlustrations, 4to. cloth, 12s Dublin, 1847

plates, and 72 woodcuts, royal 8vo. neatly half RYLAND (Rev. R. H.) HISTORY, Topography bound, £1. ls

1845 and Antiquities of the County and City of WILLS (J. and F.) The IRISH NATION, its WATERFORD), with an Account of the Peasantry, HISTORY and its Biography, portraits, etc., 4 vols. mips and folding plates, 8vo. half calf, 8s 18241 royal 8vo. grained calf gilt (fine copy), £1.188 1875 n. d.


DAVID ROBERTS, J. D. HARDING, S. Prout, etc., with Descriptions by Dr. Mapie, 65 FINE STEEL ENGRAVINGS, 4to. new cloth extra, £1. 108

The same, new half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 128 6d

The same, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 138 6d This is the charming volume originally known as “Brockedon's Italy,” and which The Athenaeum, on its first appearance, truly described as "a work of equal interest and beauty.” ITALY from the Alps to Mount Etna; translated by F. E. TROLLOPE, edited by T. A.

TROLLOPE, with upwards of 100 full-page engravings, and 300 woodcuts, from Designs by KaULBACH, KELLER, Closs, BAUENFEIND, HEILBUTH, etc., a large and superb volume, super-royal 4to. half morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 128 6d

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 138 6d “Of this magnificent volume on Italy it is barely possible to speak in terms of over-praise. Whether we regard the value of the information or the extreme beauty of the engravings—which amount to many hundreds in number--we cannot but be struck with admiration at the work, and with wonderment at the enormous cost of producing so splendid a volume. Every city from the Alps to the Arno, from the Amo to the Tiber, and from the Tiber to Etna, is laid under contribution."--The Queen.

n. d.

n. d.

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ITALIAN NOVELS.-GAMBA (B.) BIBLIO- JAMES (G. P. R.) NOVELS, complete, 46 vols.

GRAFIA delle NOVELLE ITALIANE in Prosa. foolscap 8vo. in 23, new half calf gilt, marbled Editio seconda con Correzioni ed Aggiunte, edges, £6. 10s portraits, 4to. LARGE PAPER (only 8 copies printed), CONTENTS : Agincourt, Arabella Stuart, Arrah Neil, Aidla, calf gilt, 10s 6d

Firenze, 1835 Beauchamp, Black Eagle, Brigand, Broughton Sir Theodore, ITALIAN SCENERY; and the Manners, Scenes of History, Darnley, Delaware, De l'Orme, False Heir,

Castelneau, Castle of Ehrenstein, Charles Tyrrell, Convici, Dars Customs, and Amusements of the different States, Forest Days, Forgery, Gentleman of the Old School, Gipsy, 32 LARGE COLOURED ENGRAVINGS froin drawings Gowrie, Heidelberg, Henry Masterton, Henry of Guise, Hugueno', by P. VAN LERBERGHI ; the Narrative, in French Lacquerie, John Marston Hall, King's Highway, Leonora d'Orer:

Man at Arms, Margaret Graham, Mary of Burgundy, Marley and English, by Buonaiuti, folio, morocco extra, Ernstein, My Aunt Pontypool, Old Dominion, One in a Thou gilt leaves, £1. 188

1823 sand, Philip Augustus, Richelieu, Robber, Rose d'Albret,

Russell, Smuggler, Stepmother, Whim and its Conssquency

Letters of, 1809-1816'; second series (includ.

Another Edition, complete in 35 vols. fool

cap 8vo. new half calf gilt, marbled edges, £6. 10: ing Notices of the most eminent European Personages), 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 98 (pub. £1. 10s)

Book of the PASSIONS [Tales), with 16 fire 1873

steel engravings after Corbould, Stephanoff and JACKSON (J.) [and W. A. CHATTO)

others, royal Svo. cloth, 9s (pub. £l. Ils 6d)

1834 TREATISE on WooD ENGRAVING, Historical and

HISTORY of CHARLEMAGNE: with a Sketch Practical, with upwards of 300 FINE ILLUSTRA,

of the History of France to the Rise of the CarTions, engraved on wood, from Ancient and Modern Works, by J. Jackson (ORIGINAL IMPRES

lovingian Dynasty, portrait, 8vo. boards, 3s 6.1

15 SIONS), thick super royal 8vo. half morocco neat,

MEMOIRS of GREAT COMMANDERS, ut top edges gilt, £2. 13s 6d C. Knight, 1839 The same, new edition, with an ailditional

coloured illustrations, post Svo. neu calf gilt, 4 Chapter (and 75 woodcuts by eminent Modern Artists), by the late H. G. Bohn, super-royal 8vo.

The same, new tree-calf gilt, 10s half morocco, £1. 1s (pub. £1. 8s)


MEMOIRS of CELEBRATED WOMEX, illus. JACOB (G.) POETICAL REGISTER; or Lives and trated, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 9s

1576 Characters of all the English Poets; with an JAMES (W.) NAVAL History of GREAT BRITaccount of their Writings, numerous fine por- AIN, from 1793 to the Accession of George IV., traits, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, 7s 6d


new edition, with Additions and Notes, the BurJACQUEMART (A.) HISTORY of FURNITURE,

mese War and Navarino, by Captain Chamitr, translated and edited by Mrs. Bury Palliser, with portraits and diagrams of all the principal over 170 wood engravings, imperial 8vo. cloth

Actions, 6 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 188

1837 extra, top edges gilt, 12s 61 (pub. £1. 11s 6d) 1878

The same, 6 vols. Svo. half calf (staisi ti JACQUIN (N. J.) MISCELLANEA AUSTRIACA

copy), £1. 6s

1837 ad Botanicam, Chemiam, et Historiam Naturalem

New edition, 6 vols. post 8vo. new half all: spectantia, many coloured figures, 2 vols. 4to. half

gilt, £2. 8s

Isis calf, 10s 60

Vindobona, 1778

The same, new calf gilt, £3. and £3. 3s JAMES (J. T., Bishop of Calcutta) JOURNAL of “ This book is one of which it is not too high praise to asset

a Tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Poland, that it approaches as nearly to perfection, in its own line, as aa, in 1813-14 ; plates, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 7s 6d historical work perhaps ever did.”—Edinburgh Reviciu.

1819 JAMESON (Mrs.) MEMOIRS of the Life of, bir ITALIAN SCHOOLS of PAINTING, and the her Niece, Geraldine Macpherson, portrait, Sin. present State of the Art, 8vo. boards, 5s 1820 new tree-calf gilt, 14s



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JAMESON (Mrs.) WORKS -History Of Our LORD, completed by Lady Eastlake,

second edition, 2 vols.; SACRED and LEGENDARY ART, sixth edition, 2 vols.; LEGENDS of the MONASTIC ORDERS, fifth edition ; LEGENDS of the MADONNA, fifth edition—Together 6 vols. square 8vo. illustrated by many beautiful etchings and woodcuts, ELEGANTLY BOUND IN MOROCCO EXTRA, gilt edges (A CHOICE SET), £14. 14s

1865-72 JAMESON (Mrs.) LEGENDS of the MADONNA, JAMESON (Professor R.) SYSTEM of MINE1 vol. ; LEGENDS of the MONASTIC ORDERS,

RALOGY, in which Minerals are arranged accordI vol. ; SACRED and LEGENDARY ART, 2 vols. ; ing the Natural History Method, third edition, History of OUR LORD, as exemplified in Works 3 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 7s 6d Edinburgh, 1820 of Art, 2 vols.-- Together 6 vols. square 8vo. with JAMESON (R. G.) Travels in NEW ZEALAND, 80 etchings and 721 wood engravings, from Paintings, Mosaics, Ancient Ivory Carvings, etc., neu.


with especial reference to Emigration, plates and calf gilt, £7. 10s

maps, post 8vo, neatly half bound, 4s 6d 1842 The same, new morocco super-cetra, gilt JAMIESON (Dr. John) HISTORICAL ACCOUNT einges, £9. 93

of the ANCIENT CULDEES of IONA : and of their History of Our Lord as exemplified in Works of Art : with that of his Types, St. John

Settlements in Scotland, England and Ireland ;

view of the Cathedral and plates of seals, 4to. calf the Baptist, and other Persons of the Old and New Testament, edited by Lady Eastlake : second

extra, yellow edges (VERY SCARCE), £3. 5s edition, with fine impressions of the 31 beautiful JANIN (Jules) LA BRETAGNE, elegantly printed

Edinburgh, 1811 Etchings and 281 woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. beautifully and profusely illustrated by HIGHLY FINISHED bound in purple morocco, Grolier tooling on sides,

ENGRAVINGS and woodcuts, royal 8vo. half gilt edges (VERY SCARCE), £4. 10s


morocco extra, gilt edges (nearly new), £l. 3s 6d HISTORY of Our LORD, new edition, with

Paris, s. d. 9 etchings and 138 woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. square

THE AMERICAN in Paris : Heath's Picturesque crown 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s 1872 Annual for 1843, with 18 fine engravings from The same,

morocco super-extra (A designs by E. Lami, royal 8vo. cloth gilt, 6s (pub. CHOICE COPY), £5. 5s

£1. 1s)

1843 SACRED and LEGENDARY ART : Legends of JAPANESE.-CHIUSHINGURA, or The Loyal the Angels, Evangelists, Apostles, Doctors of the League, a Japanese Romance, translated by F. V. Church, St. Mary Magdalene, Patron Saints, DICKINS, with notes and Metrical Version of the Martyrs, Early Bishops, Hermits, and Warrior Ballad of Takasago, and specimen of the original Saints, as represented in the Fine Arts, second text in Japanese Characters, 29 engravings on edition, enlarged, with 16 etchings and 180 wood- wood by Japanese artists, printed on Japanese cuts, square 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s

1850 paper, royal 8vo. gilt cloth, 7s 6d (pub. 16s) 1880 The same, new edition, with 19 etchings and JAPANESE ART, a Discourse delivered at the 187 woodcuts, 2 vols. square crown 8vo. neir Royal Institution, by JOHN LEIGHTON, with morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 1874 photograph- portrait and illustrative woodcuts, LEGENDS of the MONASTIC ORDERS, as

small folio, sewn (only 50 copies privately printed), represented in the Fine Arts (Second Series of JAPAN, Keramic Art of, etc.-see Keramic, post.

7s 6d

1863 Sacred and Legendary Art), second edition, enlarged; with 88 woodcuts and 11 etchings, square JARDINE (Sir W.) NATURALIST'S LIBRARY, Svo. cloth, £2. 2s



numerous portraits of Naturalists (ORIGINAL

EDITION), 40 vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, £7. 10s and the Progress of Painting in Italy ; Cimabue to Bassano, new edition, with 58 portraits, post

Edinburgh, 1833, etc.

Sir W. Jardine's coadjutors in this admirable series were 8vo. neu calf gilt, 16s

1880 the eminent Naturalists, Swainson, Selby, Macgillivray, WaterThe same, new morocco extra, gilt edges, house, Duncan, Hamilton Smith, and others. £l. ls


Naturalists' Library, with NUMEROUS COLOURED REIGNS, 2 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, 18s 1831 PLATES, 14 vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, £1. 15$

Birds of Great Britain and Ireland, with CHARACTERISTICS of WOMEN, moral, poetic

125 COLOURED PLATES, 4 vols. foolscap 8vo. new al, and historical (Shakespeare's Heroines), with

calf gilt, £1. 12s 50 vignette etchings from the Authorcss's designs, Natural History of HUMMING BIRDS, up2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 17s


wards of 30 COLOURED PLATES, besides woodcuts, The same, new edition, illustrated, post 8vo.

2 vols. post 8vo. half morocco, 7s 6d new calf gilt, 8s

Edinburgh, 1833 Another copy, new tree-calf gilt, 9s.

JARVES (J. J.) ART STUDIES ; the Old Masters COMMONPLACE Book of Thoughts, Memo- of Italy, Painting ; illustrated, 2 vols. square 8vo. ries, and Fancies, original and selected ; numer- cloth, uncut, 8s 6d

New York, 1861 ous illustrations and etchings by the authoress, JASHAR, Book of: Fragmenta Archetypa post 8vo. new half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 16s Carminumí Hebr. in Masorethico Vet. Test. Textu,

1854 passim tessellata, collegit, ordinavit, restituit; in The same, new edition, post 8vo. cloth, unum Corpus redegit, Lat. exhibuit, Commentario 10s 6d

1855 instr. J. G. DONALDSON, 8vo. half morocco gilt, The same, half morocco, gilt edges, 78 6d


Berolini, 1854


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n. d.

JEANNE D'ARC, par H. WALLON: édition illustrée d'après les Monuments de l'Art

depuis le Quinzième Siècle jusqu'à nos Jours; embellished by 4 SPLENDID ChromoLITHOGRAPHS, and 200 engravings, imperial 8vo. half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. 12s

1876 Another copy, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s Or, morocco super-extra, £4. 15$

Another copy, ON LARGE AND FINE PAPER, in morocco super-extra, the sides richly tooled, inside joints, watered-silke linings, and flyleaves, gilt edges, £6. 68

The above new and beautiful edition of this excellent and standard work by M. Wallon, Secrétaire perpetuel de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, includes : I. Des Éclaircissements sur les Armes et Vêtemens Militaires, l'Iconographie de la Pucelle, les Monnaies, etc. II. Une Carte de la France féodale, travail d'une Importance capitale pour l'Histoire du XVe Siècle. III. Jeanne d'Arc dans les Lettres. IV. Des Facsimiles de Lettres de Jeanne d'Arc. V. Table Alphabétique des Matières,

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n. d.



INDISCHE TYPEN. Verzameling groote poraries, with Memoirs and Notes ; new edition, gelithografieerde platen in kleurdruk, naar de fine portraits, 4 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £2. 188 1892 natuur. (Text in Dutch and French), ILLUSTRATED The same, new tree-calf extra by Ririere, £3.35 BY OVER 50 LARGE AND FINELY

MEMOIRS of the Court of ENGLAND during PLATES of Manners and Customs, Costumes, etc., the Reign of the Stuarts : including the Proteeimperial folio, half morocco, cloth sides, £4. 10s torate ; new edition, with 42 steel portraits, 3 vols.

1856 post 8vo. new calf extra, £l. 8s JEAFFRESON(J.C.) Book about the CLERGY, JERUSALEM, ORDNANCE SURVEY of, by second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, uncut, 7s CAPTAIN Wilson, 55 large plates (some coloured,

1870 with Notes ; imperial folio, half morocco gilt, JEFFERIES (Richard) WooD MAGIC ; £2. 10s

1863 Fable, 2 vols. post 8vo. new half morocco extra, JESUITS:SACRA atque HILARIA MUSSIPONTANA, top edges gilt, 18s

1881 ob relatos a Gregorio XV. in Ecclesiasticum Sane. JEFFERSON (T., President U.S.A.), MEMOIRS, torum Album et Canonem IGNATIUM LOYOLAN

Correspondence, and Private Papers, edited by et FRANCISCUM XAVERIUM, 9 SPIRITED ALLET. J. Randolph, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, GORICAL ETCHINGS, small 4to. calf ertra, gilt uncut, 14s

1829 edges (Mr. Beckford's copy), £5. 128 The same, 4 vols. half calf gilt, £l. 4s

Mussiponti, 1623

Printed by Cramoisy, printer to the University of Penta. JEFFREY (Lord) CONTRIBUTIONS to the Mousson in Lorraine, which was transferred to Nancy in 1768.

“ Edinburgh Review,” 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 18s 1844 JESUITS.--ONE GENERATION of a NORFOLK JENNINGS (Louis J.) FIELD Paths and

HOUSE ; a Contribution to Elizabethan History GREEN LANES ; being Country Walks, chiefly in

[Henry Walpole ; also John Gerard, etc. ; with a Surrey and Sussex, with sketches by J. W. IVhym

Bibliographical Account of rare Roman Catholie per, post 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges, 16s 1878

Books), by AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D., 2 plates, new morocco super-extra, gilt royal 4to. cloth, £2. 2s

Norwich, 1878 edges, 188

JEWEL (John, Bishop of Sarum) Works, com

plete ; edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. JENYNS (Rev. E.) MANUAL of BRITISH VER

JOHN AYRE, 4 vols. royal 8vo. calf extra, £1. 103 TEBRATE ANIMALS, 8vo. half calf, 5s

Cambridge, 1915 Cambridge, 1835

WORKS; edited by CANON JELF, 8 vol. JEPHSON (J. M.) Narrative of a Walking Tour in BRITTANY ; with Notes of a Photographic

8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges (nice copy), £2. (pub. 23. 12s in cloth)

1943 Expedition by Lovell Reeve, photograph, royal "The Jewel of Bishops; the worthiest Divine that Christes8vo. cloth, 78

1859 dom hath bred for some hundreds of years."- Hooket. JERDAN(W., Editor of Lit. Gaz.) MEN I HAVE

APOLOGIA ECCLESIÆ ANGLICANÆ, Sme. KNOWN; second edition, with Additions, with

(with the old book-plate of Wriothesley, Duke at facsimile autographs, post Svo, new cloth, 4s 6d

Bedford), fine com in old English morocco, gät (pub. 10s 6d)

edges (from Mr. Beckford's collection), 14s

1866 Contains, among others, Earl of Aberdeen, Rev. R. II. Dur.

London, 1626 ham, Brunel, Campbell, Canning, Chantrey, Coleridge, Crozier, JEWS.-RABBINICAL LITERATURE; or the TraCubitt, Charles Dibdin and his nephew, Dr. T. F. Dibdin, ditions of the Jews contained in the TALMUD and D'Israeli, Douce, Lord Eldon, E. Forbes, Franklin. Gifford, other Mystical Writings; by the Rev. J. P. Hallam, Porson, D. Roberts, Rogers, Sir Walter Scott, and Sheridan.

STEHELIN, 2 vols. Svo. calf extra, marbled eriges JERROLD (Douglas) WORKS: new edition,

( from the collections of the Rev. Theodore Williaate frontispieces, 5 vols. post 8vo. new half calf gilt,

and Rev. John Mitford, with some MS. Notes le £l. 18s

the latter) ; SCARCE, £4. 4s

1745 The same, 5 vols. new half morocco gilt,


VOLTAIRE [by the Abbé Anthony GUÉNÉE, trans£2. 2s Cakes and ALE, frontispieces and vignettes

lated by the Rev. P. Lefanu, D.D.), 2 vols. Sri by G. CRUIKSHANK (FIRST EDITION), 2 vols. fools

calf neat, 12s

Dublin, 1790

Written as answers to aspersions which Voltaire job cap 8vo. half calf (SCARCE), £1. 10s

1842 writings cast on the Jewish nation and religion.

The same,


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n, d.

JOHNSON (Dr. S.) LIVES of the ENGLISH POETS, with Notes corrective and

explanatory by PETER CUNNINGHAM ; illustrated by the.insertion of 150 FINE
PORTraits, including some by Hall, Hart, and Finden, several INDIA PROOF impressions,
and many scarce : 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, top edges gilt (UNIQUE), £11. 108


Poetical Translation, with the original Latin, and his Preface to Shakspeare and Review of the Essay on his Life and Writings ; third edition “Origin of Evil," and Life by Scott, post 8vo. enlarged, beautiful frontispiece and portrait, en. half calf gilt, 6s 6d graved by BARTOLOzzi, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER,

THE RAMBLER: with Sketch of the Author's calf neat (RARE), £l. 58

1778 Life by Sir W. Scott, 2 vols. post 8vo, new calf [JOBERT (Le Père L.)] CIENCIA de las gilt, 17s

MEDALLAS, con Notas (por Bimard de la Bastie), JOURNEY to the Western Islands of Scotland, traducida por D. M. M. Pingarrón; con una 8vo. contemporary tree-calf, bright gilt back, 5s Disertacion del Señor de Veauvais d'Orleans sobre

1785 la Manera de discernir las Medallas antigüas, etc., JOURNEY to the Western Islands of Scotland: plates, 2 vols. snall 4to. calf extra, gilt edges, by with Remarks by the Rev. D. M’NICOL (nearly C. Smith (Mr. Beckford's copy), £1. 4s

half the book), portrait, 8vo. half calf neat, 5s Madrid, 1777

Glasgow, 1817 JOHNES (A. J.) PHILOLOGICAL PROOFS of the Dictionary of the English Language, en.

original Unity and recent Origin of the HUMAN larged by Todd and Latham-see DICTIONARIES, RACE, derived from a Comparison of the Lan. guages of Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, 8vo. JOHNSONIANA; or SUPPLEMENT to BOSWELL: cloth, 3s 6d

1843 being Anecdotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson, JOHNS (C. A.) British Birds in their HAUNTS, collected by Piozzi, Hawkins, Reynolds, Seward,

with illustrations by Wolf, engraved by Whymper, Nichols, Madame d'Arblay, etc., numerous fine post 8vo. new calf extra, 13s 6d

1879 portraits and other plates and facsimiles on INDIA JOHNSON (C.) USEFUL PLANTS of Great PAPER, 4to. LARGE PAPER, cloth, gilt edges (VERY Britain, capable of application as Food, Medicine, SCARCE), £4. 188

1836 or in the Arts and Manufactures, with 25 COLOURED Another copy, INCLUDING SOME INTERESTPLATES, conprising 300 figures by J. F. SOWERBY, ING AUTOGRAPH LETTERS of BISHOP PERCY, royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s (pub. £1. 78)


1856 Traveller), etc., cloth, gilt edges, £6. 10s 1836 JOHNSON (Rev. John) UNBLOODY SACRI. FICE, and Altar Unvailed and Supported, 2 vols. JOHNSON (Theo.) DRAWINGS of the Feline

CARNIVORA, 15 SPIRITED COLOURED DRAWINGS, Svo. half morocco gilt, gilt tops, 10s 6d (pub. £l. 1s)

of Lions and Lionesses, Tigers and Tigresses,

Oxford, 1847 JOHNSON (Dr. S.) WORKS, complete; in.

Panthers, Jaguars, and Leopards, oblong folio, cloth, £2. 12s

1882 cluding his Parliamentary Debates, portrait, vols.---LIFE OF DR. S. JOHNSON, by JAMES

ILLUSTRATIONS of British Lepidoptera : BOSWELL, new edition, revised with considerable

the GEOMETRÆ, 52 illustrations DRAWN AND Additions [by F. P. Walesby); 4 vols. - Together

COLOURED BY THE AUTHOR from Natural Speci. 15 vols. 8vo. (the elegant Oxford English Classics"

mens, on cardboards, with printed Descriptions, 8vo, unbound, £2. 2s

1878 edition), cloth, uncut (nice copy), £7.78

The above are ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, most beautifully executed.

Oxford, 1825 Each plate exhibits two specimens of Butterflies, withi the plants «« The above edition has been carefully edited and on which they feed. ONLY 13 COPIES WERE EXECUTED. arranged, and may now be considered the most complete collection of Dr. Johnson's works that has yet appeared. It

ILLUSTRATIONS of EXOTIC CONCHOLOGY, contains nearly three volumes more than any other collected 37 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS of numerous figures, cilition.'

drawn and BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED by the WORKS: with an Essay on his Life and

Author, with MS. Descriptions, royal 8vo, unbound Genius by Arthur Murphy, portrait, 12 vols.

(RARE), £1. 155

(1874) LIFE by JAMES BOSWELL, 3 vols. — Together JOHNSONI (T.) OPUSCULA BOTANICA ; necnon 13 vols. 8vo. marbled-tree calf extra, gilt eiges, bound by J. Clarke (fine copy; with autograph of

ejusd. Thermæ Bathonicæ, sive earum Descriptio,

Vires, utendi Tempus, Modus, etc., with 2 plates: Lord Acheson), £4. 10s

1796, etc.

nuperrime edita à T. S. RALPH, small 4to. calf WORKS ; with Essay on his Life and Genius

neat, carmine edges, 9s

Londini, 1847 by Murphy (Library Edition), portrait, 12 vols. sio. calf gilt, sound copy, £1. 8s

JOHNSTON (A. K.) General Dictionary of Traule edition, 1816

GEOGRAPHY ; descriptive, physical, statistical, AN ILLI'STRATED COPY,

historical ; forming a complete Gazetteer of the WORKS ; with Essay by MURPHY, edited by

World : new edition, thoroughly revised, thick A. CHALMERS (BEST LIBRARY EDITION), with royal 8vo. half russia, marbled edges, £1. 10s

1877 portrait, and about 120 INSERTED Lend ILLUSTRATIONS from paintings and drawings JOHNSTON (Professor J.) CHEMISTRY of

? REYNOLDS, WESTALL, SMIRKE, STOTHARD, COMMON LIFE [the composition of What we FE AITHORNE,etc., engraved by Schiavonetti, Finden Breathe, Eat and Drink, Smell, etc., The Body, and others, some India proofs, 12 vols. 8vo. half Circulation, Digestion, etc.), woodcuts, 2 vols. oz orocco, irry neat, elges unout, £.5. 55 1823

post Svo, cloth, 6s

1855 Il



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