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PLATES (35 OF WHICH ARE IN GOLD AND COLOURS) and nearly 200 PAGES OF TEXT, with numerous wood engravings printed in colours ; the whole being produced from the original Japanese Works of the greatest beauty, and representing the entire range of Japanese Keramic Art, ancient and modern, 2 vols. folio, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £18.

1875 The same, full morocco extra, gilt edges, £21.

Of this beautiful and important work the whole impression in folio (limited to 1000. copies) is nou exhausted, and no more can be produced.

“This is a work which no collector who can afford to buy it, or has courage to steal it, should be without. : . The distinctive feature of this splendid book is the large series of illustrations, which were drawn with the most exquisite skill and care. The greatest delicacy has been displayed in the reproduction of the forms and tints, the lustre, light, and shadow of the coloured examples. In short, these are crowning specimens of chromo-lithography : on the whole they are very nearly the best of their kind."Atheneum, July 17, 1880. KERAMIC ART OF JAPAN; Second and Cheaper Edition, CONTAINING 32 PLATES

(16 OF WHICH ARE IN GOLD AND COLOURS), and 320 pages of Tect with numerous wood engravings printed in colours, 1 vol. imperial 8vo. cloth extra, top edges gilt, £2. 2s

1881 Another copy, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 38

Another copy, morocco super-extra, emblematically gold-tooled on sides, top edges gilt, £3. 158

This edition contains most of the Text of the Folio Edition, besides a large amount of additional information about the Potters and Factories of Japan, and a more ectensive collection of Marks and Mionograms.

This new edition has been printed and illustrated in the same magnificent style as the previous one, by the same artists. The introductory Essay on Japanese Art, well illustrated by photo-lithographs, autotypes, and wood engravings, is a valuable contribution, and may be read with profit by all students and artists.”-Building News.


MSS. and Printed Books. Part III.-Lacquer, Enamels, Metal, Wood, Ivory, etc. By JAMES L. Bowes, Joint Author of “Keramic Art of Japan.” WITH ILLUSTRATIONS IN COLOURS AND GOLD. One volume imperial 8vo. elegantly bound in cloth, with ornamental back, top edges gilt, £2. 28

1882 Comprising 1300 Marks and Seals copied in facsimile, with examples in colours and gold executed by Messrs. FIRMIN Didor of Paris. The work also contains a Grammar of the Marks ; brief Historical Notices of the various Arts of Japan ; the Jikkwan and Jiuni Shi Characters, with those of the Zodiacal Cycle; also the Year Periods since the Fourteenth Century; and a Map showing the various Seats of Manufacture.

“ This splendidly got-up volume will enable collectors of Japanese Art-objects to contemplate their treasures with a new and keener zest."-Spectator.

" Mr. Bowes's volume is interesting by itself, and forms a worthy companion to the 'Keramic Art of Japan.' ”Architect.

AN ENTIRELY New Work. JAPANESE ENAMELS; with Illustrations from Examples in the Bowes Collection.

By J. L. Bowes, President of the Liverpool Fine Art Club; one vol. imperial 8vo. with Woodcuts in the Text, and 20 fine Plates, some in Gold and Colours, of Japanese Enamels ; bound in cloth, £1. 1s

Liverpool ; printed for Private Circulation, 1884 “By his work on 'Japanese Marks and Seals,' and his share in the magnificent volumes on the • Keramic Art of Japan,' Mr. Bowes is well known, not only as a writer on Japanese Art, but also as a collector of great taste and knowledge. His new work on Japanese Enamels' is an extremely elegant illustrated volume. From these illustrations, as from those in former works, a faint idea may be formed of the extraordinary richness, value and beauty of Mr. Bowes's Oriental Treasures."-Scotsman, August 22, 1884.

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C. DELANGE et C. BORNEMAN, Texte par Sauzay et H. DELANGE; with 100 BEATTI

FULLY EXECUTED COLOURED PLATES, imp. folio, boards, uncut, SCARCE, £14. 148 1862

Of this exceedingly beautiful work only 300 copies were printed, of which the above is No. 91. The the plates are artistically coloured by hand. BINNS (R. W.) CENTURY of POTTING in KERAMIC ART OF GREAT BRITAIN ; from

the City of WORCESTER ; History of the Royal Pre-historic Times down to the present day. A Porcelain Works, 1751-1851, with Account of the History of its Ancient and Modern POTTERY and Celtic, Roman, and Mediaval Pottery of Worces. PORCELAIN WORKS : and of their Productions of tershire ; second edition, enlarged, with 109 plates every class, by LLEW. JEWITT, illustrated by and woodcuts, thick 4to. LARGE PAPER; crimson nearly 2000 engravings, 1878- Also The KERAMIC morocco extra, gilt edges (a splendid volume), GALLERY, containing scveral hundred illustra. £7. 15s


tions, mostly PHOTOGRAPHS of rare, curious, and Only twelve copies were printed for sale on Large Paper, which are illustrated (as the above) by twelve extra photographs.

choice examples of Pottery and Porcelain, from Catalogue of a Collection of WORCESTER

the earliest times to the present Century, with PORCELAIN, in the Museum of the Royal Porce.

Historical Notices and Descriptions by W. CHAFlain Works, Worcester, by R. W. BINNs, with

FERS, 1872-together 4 thick vols. royal 8vo. nex

1872-78 nearly 100 woodcuts of Ancient and Modern

half morocco, top edges gilt, £6. 6s Pottery, and numerous Potters' Marks, 8vo. cloth,KERAMIC ART OF GREAT BRITAIN, a His. 7s 6d

Worcester, 1882 tory of its Ancient and Modern Pottery and CHAFFERS (W.) KERAMIC GALLERY, con- Porcelain Works, and of their Productions of

taining several hundred Illustrations of rare, every Ciass, by LLEW. JEWITT, illustrated by curious, and choice Examples of Pottery and nearly 2000 engravings, 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, Porcelain to the beginning of the Century, with £1. 6s (pub. £2. 12s 6d)

1578 descriptions, 227,fine plates by the Woodburytype process, 2 vols. imperial 8vo. new half morocco,

The same, new half morocco, £1. 12s top edges gilt, £3. 10s

1872 MARRYAT (J.) History of POTTERY and MARKS and MONOGRAMS on POTTERY and PORCELAIN, mediæval and modern, second edition PORCELAIN of the Renaissance and Modern enlarged, with coloured plates and 240 woodcuts, periods, with Historical Notices of each Manu- royal 8vo. cloth, £l. Is

1857 factory, etc., sixth edition, enlarged, 3000 potters" LES TROYS LIBURES de L'Art du Potier, marks and illustrations, thick royal 8vo. new trec-calf gilt, by Rivière, £2. 8s


esquels se traicte non seulement de la Practique, JACQUÉMART (A.) HISTOIRE de la KÉRA

mais briefvement de tous les Secretz de ceste MIQUE, with 200 woodcuts, 12 etchings, and 1000

chouse qui jouxte mes huy a estée toujours marks and monograms, imperial 8vo. ornamental

tenue célée, du Cav. C. PICCOLPASSI ; translatés vellum binding, top edges gilt, £l. 4s Paris, 1873

de l’Italien en langue Françoyse par C. Popelyn, HistorY of KERAMIC ART, a Study of

with facsimiles of the 41 curious original plates, Pottery, translated by Mrs. Bury Palliser ; second

folio, cloth, £1. 4s

Paris, 1860 edition, 200 woodcuts, 12 engravings, and 1000 CERAMIC ART in Remote Ages, by J. B. monograms, etc., royal 8vo. new morocco gilt, gilt WARING, 55 plates, containing numerous figures, edges, £2. 12s 6d

1877 imperial 4to. cloth, £1.,4s (pub. £4. 4s) 1874


Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of the with numerous illustrations, post Svo. tree-elf Adventure and Beagle, 1826-36, describing their extra, 16s

1866 Examination of the Southern Shores of South KING (R. J. ) SKETCHES and STUDIES, America and the Beagle's Circumnavigation of descriptive and historical (reprinted from Oxford the Globe, including the Geology and Natural Essays, Quarterly Review and Fraser's Magazine), History, maps and numerous fine engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 12s)

1874 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £4. 4s


The same, new calf gilt, 12: KING (E.) Morsels of CriticiSM, illustrating English Cathedrals, etc., are as follows : --Carolingian Romance

These excellent Essays by the late eminent author of some Passages of Scripture upon Philosophical Sacred Trees and Flowers ; The Dogs of Folk-Lore, History and Principles, and an enlarged View of Things, 4to. Romance; the Change of Faith in Iceland, A.D. 1000; the Great calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy), 5s 1788 Shrines of England ; Travelling in England; Devonshire; Robert

Herrick and his Vicarage; Sketches and Studies from Mechlin, KING (J., Chief Engineer United States Navy) | Louvain, Bruges from the Belfry Tower; Visit to the Châteaux WAR-Ships and Navies of the World ; their of Rubens and Teniers; a Pilgrimage to St. David's. Construction, motive Power, and Armaments ; KING-KILLERS, History of the, or the 30th Naval Artillery, Marine Engines, Boilers, Tor- January commemorated ; in the Lives of 365 pedoes, and Torpedo-Boats, 66 full-page illus- fanatical Saints, famous for Treason, etc., 2 vols. trations, thick royal 8vo. cloth, 10$ 6d (pub. 8vo. old calf, £l. 8s

1719-20 £1. 10s)

Boston, U.S., 1880 Bright's copy fetched £2. 45, and Lloyd's 2. 16s.


Drawings of the Principal Churches of the Middle Ages in Germany, Belgium, and France, drawn to Uniform Scales from actual measurement; to which are added, ILLUSTRATIONS OF REMARKABLE CHALICES, CUPS, IRONWORK, STAINED GLASS, TOMBS, etc., in all between Three and Four Thousand Subjects, engraved on 400 copperplates, with Descriptions by G. J. Hill, M.A., 4 vols. imperial 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £9.98 (pub. £12. 128)

(1808) The same, the plates on INDIA PAPER, 4 vols. half morocco, top edges gilt, £12. 12s (pub. £16. 16s) Upon this elaborate work the author has devoted ten years' labour and research. To students of Gothic Architecture it offers special advantages over other publications of a similar nature, namely :

1. In the abundant supply of the most useful examples of Medieval Architecture, for the four volumes contain Drawings of 92 Churches, which is a wider range than has yet been reached by any other work.

2. In the extreme accuracy and care with which the Drawings have been executed. In no single instance has the author trusted to the measurement of his predecessors. The details have all been drawn, the plans, sections, and elevations measured under his own eye.

3. In the uniformity of scales adopted, by which the student can at a glance compare the relative dimensions of different Churches. This has never been done before. A large church is generally drawn on a small scale, and a small church on a large scale, so that each plan of elevation shall occupy a whole plate-a system by which the comparison of any two churches requires an effort of the mind instead of being, as it ought to be, and may be, a matter of simple observation. The Ground-plans are all at the uniform scale of 1 in 500; the section and elevations at 1 in 300; the mouldings generally at 1 in 25. Plans may therefore be compared with plans, elevations with elevations, and mouldings with mouldings, with perfect facility.

4. To lessen the expense and bulk of the work, every available space on each plate has been occupied : so that, without crowding, every plate in this work contains as much matter as four ordinary ones.

The importance and value of this publication will be shown by an examination of the subjoined List of Churches which are illustrated in its pages, or from which objects worthy of attention have been selected.

Vol. I. contains :-Braisne, Étampes, Flavigny, Alby, St. Bertrand de Comminges, Altenberg, Auxerre, Maulbronn, Semur, Dijon, Séez, Spires, Gelnhausen, Luneburg, Toulouse, 23 churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. 2. Soissons, Andernach, Coblentz, Laach, Emmerich, Oberwesel, Fribourg, Oppenheim, Bruges, Ghent, Lysseweghe, Marburg, Halberstadt, Mayence, Hildesheim, Romersdorf, Neuss, Wesel, Ratisbon, 28 churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. 3. Bamberg, Hanover, Heilbronn, Osnabrück, Magdeburg, Laon, Le Mans, Chartres, St. Leu d’Esserent, Antwerp, Senlis, Rheims, Mantes, Brussels, Xanten, 19 churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. 4. Erfürt, Ulm, Naumburg, Cobern, Gladbeck, Bacharach, Vilvorde, Herford, Worms, Limburg, Treves, Lübeck, 22 churches in all, with 100 plates.


its Origin, and an Account of its Progress down tion), portrait, il vols. post 8vo. new half morocco, to the death of Lord Raglan (Library Edition), £3. 18s

1881 6 vols. 8vo. cloth (SCARCE), £3, 5s

1863-80 Comprises Yeast, Alton Locke, Hypatia, Westward Ho The same, 6 vols. new half calf extra, top Two Years Ago, Hereward the Wake. edges gilt, £4. 10s

Good News of GOD (Sermons), crown 8vo The same, 6 vols, new tree-calf gilt, £5. 5s new calf extra, 8s

The same, NEW EDITION, 7 vols. post 8vo. DISCIPLINE, and other Sermons, 12mo. nei neio half morocco, £2. 16s

calf antique, red edges, 7s 6d

186 The same, new calf gilt, £3. 10s

WESTWARD Ho! or the Voyages and Advent L'INVASION de la CRIMÉE : traduction avec l'autorisation de l'Auteur par T. Karcher, 3 vols.

ures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, second edition

3 vols. post 8vo. cloth (used copy), 10s 6d post 8vo. half morocco gilt, 12s Bruxelles, 1864 EÖTHEN, or Traces of Travel brought home

Cambridge, 181 from the East, fourth edition, with tinted frontis.

POEMS, including, the Saint's Tragedy

Andromeda, Songs, Ballads, etc., post Svo. ca piece, 8vo. cloth, 78

gilt, 10s

18 KINGSLEY (Canon) Works (new library edition), 28 vols. post 8vo. new half calf gilt,

The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 16s

The same, morocco extra, inside borde £11.

1880-1 The same, new tree-calf extra, by Rivière,

richly gilt, gilt edges, £l. 4s

ILLUSTRATIONS to “ HEREWARD £15. 15$ Comprises Poems, Yeast, Alton Locke, Hypatia, Glaucus,

WAKE,” by H. C. SELOUS, 20 large and spirit Westward Ho!, Heroes, Two Years Ago, Water Babies, Roman Etchings by G. C. Lewis, ÍNDIA PROOFs, sign and Teuton, Hereward the Wake, Hermits, Madame How and Lady Why, At Last, Prose Idylls, Plays and Puritans, Histo

by the Author, Designer, and Engraver, obilo rical Essays, Sanitary and Social Essays, Scientific and Literary

imperial folio, half morocco, gilt edges, 14s do., Lectures, Sermons, etc.

Art Union of London, 18


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KIRCHERI (A., Soc. Jesu) Mundus 5852 Craik, C. Macfarlane, Sir 11. Ellis, F. 'K. Planche


KINGSLEY (Canon) The Roman and the | KNAPP (H. H.) TEMPORA SUBSECIVA, Verses

TEUTON; Lectures delivered before the Univer- serious and comic [many published under the sig. sity of Cambridge, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d


nature of H. Melmoth," when the author uns a LETTERS, and Memories of his Life ; edited Cambridge Undergraduate], post Svo. half calf by his Wife, abridged edition ; with 2 portraits,

gilt, 6s

1835 2 vols. post Svo. calf gilt, £1.


(KNAPP (J. L.)] JOURNAL of a NATURALIST; Another and cheaper edition, portrait, post second edition, with engravings of Plants, Insects, 8vo. new calf gilt, 8s and 98 6d

etc., post 8vo. boards, 3s 6d

1829 The same, new tree-calf gilt, 10s 6d


Applied to the Arts and Manufactures, enlarged ENTOMOLOGY, fine coloured plates, 4 vols. 8vo.

by RONALDS, RICHARDSON and WATTS, platos, half morocco neat, 18s


and over 400 engravings on wood, 5 vols. Svo. KIRBY (Rev. W.) FAUNA BOREALI-AMERI- cloth, £1. lls 6d (pub. £3. 198)

185.5-67 CANA: INSECTS, with COLOURED PLATES, 4to. Embraces fuel and its applications, acids, alkalies, and salts. cloth, £3. 38

Norwich, 1837 KNIGHT (Charles) PICTORIAL HISTORY of LIFE of the Rev. W. KIRBY ; by the Rev.

ENGLAND; a History of the People as well as a John Freeman, portrait and facsimile letter, 8vo.

of , by C. , Professor SUB

etc., with 104 steel portraits, and upwards of 2000 TERRANEUS, in xii. libros digestus, quo divinum wood Subterrestris Mundi Opificium, mira Ergaste

engravings, 8 vols. super-royal 8vo. complete riorum Naturæ in eo distributio, etc., exponuntur,

in parts as published, £3. 10s

1837, etc.

The Pictorial History of England seems to be the very thing fine portrait of Alexander VII., Maps and numer- required by the popular taste of the present day; adding to the ous Plates, tables and Diagrams (frontispiece advantage of a clear historical narrative all the varied illos.

trations of the is .

These consist of mounted), 2 vols. folio, fine copy in russia gilt, appropriate woodcuts, generally of able execution-Dresses, gilt edges, by Baumgarten (from Mr. Beckford's Arms, Industrial Employments, Sports, copied from Illuminated collection), £2. 5s

Amst., 1665 Manuscripts of t':e period to which they belong-views of Scenie: • Kircher était l'un des plus laborieux et des plus savans

rendered famous by Historical Events, taken from Drawings of hommes de cet ordre (Jésuites), et il embrassa toutes les sciences;

Prints as near the period as could be obtained-ample illns. physique, histoire naturelle, philosophie, mathématique, théo

trations of Architecture and Sculpture; Portraits and facsimiles

--and here and there cuts from Historical Paintings." logie, antiquités, musique, langues anciennes et modernes." Biographie Universelle.

Edinburgh Reviete, KIRKE (Dr. W. S.) HAND-BOOK of Physio

POPULAR HISTORY of ENGLAND, an illus. LOGY, seventh edition, edited by W. M. Baker,

trated History of Society and Government, from 241 illustrations, thick post Svo. new calf gilt,

B.C. 55 to A.D. 1849, with Appendix of Annals to 7s 6d

1869 1867, numerous engravings on steel and wood, KIRKWOOD (J. P.) REPORT on the FILTRA

8 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £5. 58 TION of RivER WATERS, for the supply of Cities,

OLD ENGLAND; a Pictorial Museum of as practised in Europe, with 30 engravings, 4to. Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial, and cloth, £1. 2s New York, 1869 Popular Antiquities, coloured plates and

many A Report made to the Board of Water Commissioners of the pages of woodcuts, 2 vols. folio, cloth, 14s City of St. Louis, United States.

THE LAND WE LIVE IN; a Pictorial and KITTLITZ (F. H. von) TWENTY-FOUR Literary Sketch-Book of the British Empire, by Views of the VEGETATION of the Coasts and

C. Knight, Miss Martineau, etc., with scriral Islands of the PACIFIC ; with descriptions, trans- hundred woodcuts, 4 vols. imperial 8vo. cloth, 165 lated and edited by SEEMANN, 24 photographic

(1845) plates, royal 8vo. half morocco neat, íos 6d 1861 JOURNEY-Books of England, containing KITTO (Dr. John) DAILY BIBLE ILLUSTRA- Berkshire, Hants, Kent, and Derbyshire, with

TIONS ; Readings for every Day in the Year- maps and numerous woodcuts, 4 vols, square 12me. Morning and Evening, with Notes by Dr. J. L. half morocco extra, 18s

1810-1 PORTER, frontispieces and vignettes on steel,

PICTORIAL HISTORY of LONDON, ancient 8 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £1. 8s (pub. £2. 88)

and modern, with nearly 700 engravings of Build.

Edinburgh, 1866 ings, Antiquities, Costumes, Curiosities, ct, The same, 8 vols. new calf gilt, £4. 4s

6 vols. super-royal 8vo. in 3, new half morocro, ibidem, 1875 £2. 2s and £2. Tos

1851 CYCLOPÆDIA of BIBLICAL LITERATURE, The same, calf extra, £2. 15s enlarged by Dr. W. Alexander, plates and numer.

HALF HOURS with the BEST AUTHORS ous woodcuts, 3 vols. royal 8vo. calf gilt, red (New Library edition), with steel portraits, 2 vols. edges, £2. 2s


8vo. half calf, 9s BIBLE HISTORY of Palestine, its PHYSICAL The same, new half calf gilt, 14s 6d GEOGRAPHY and NATURAL HISTORY, with

The same, new calf gilt, 18s 6d several hundred wood engravings, 2 vols. royal

Another Edition, revised and remodelled, 8vo. half russia gilt, 18s

1841 with 52 illustrations by W. Harvey, and portraits, KLOPSTOCK'S SÄMMTLICHE WERKE, in

4 vols. post 8vo. new half calf or half morocco,

£l. 8s
einem Bande, portrait, imperial 8vo. half morocco,
uncut, top edges gilt, 7s 6d

The same, new calf gilt, £l. 16s
Leipzig, 1840

The same, new tree-calf gilt, £2.
KLOPSTOCK (Fred. and Margaret)

HALF HOURS of ENGLISH HISTORY : from MEMOIRS and LETTERS of; from the German by the Roman Period to the Death of Elizabeth: Miss Smith, 8vo. extra boards, top edges gilt, continued by Mrs. Valentine to the present Reign,

· Fonthill binding(with MS. Notes by Mr. portraits, 4 vols. post 8vo. new half calf gilt, £1.. Beckford), 6s 6d

Bath, 1810 The same, now calf gilt, £1. 16s

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PRINTED for, James McHENRY : ONLY 25 COPIES sumptuously executed in large type on the finest hand-made paper by WHITTINGHAM AND WILKINS, WITH WIDE MARGINS, 7 vols. 4to. choicely bound in straight-grain morocco extra, gold borders, and gilt edges, by RIVIÈRE, £22. 58

1872-5 COMPRISES :LIFE of J. S. KNOWLES, by his Son R. BRINSLEY KNOWLES, with fine large photographs of Mr. and Mrs.

Knowles. LECTURES on DRAMATIC LITERATURE, delivered during 1820-50, with facsimiles of 2 pages of the MS. and

of 2 Lecture Bills. LECTURES on ORATORY, GESTURE, and POETRY ; to which is added a Correspondence with four Clergy

men in defence of the Stage, with facsimiles of 2 pages of the MS., and 2 Programmes. VARIOUS DRAMATIC WORKS, now first collected, with facsimile of M$., 2 vols. TALES and NOVELETTES (The Magdalen, Love and Authorship, Old Adventures, Therese, the Lettre de

Cachet, The Portrait, The Widowed Bride, The Wrecker, etc.). GENEALOGICAL TABLE of the FAMILIES of SHERIDAN, LEFANU, and KNOWLES, with Key, compiled by

FRANCIS HARVEY, 2 engraved plates, with 2 leaves of letterpress (40 copies of this have been printed,

and the volume is bound in a different colour from the rest of the set). KNIGHT (Charles) HALF HOURS of ENGLISH KOCH (C. G. de) TABLEAU des RÉVOLUTIONS

HISTORY, another edition, 2 vols. 8vo. new half de L'EUROPE, depuis le Bouleversement de l'Emcalf gilt, 14s 6d

pire Romain en Occident jusqu'à nos Jours; avec The same, new calf gilt, 18s 6d

Tables Généalogiques des Maisons Souveraines de KNOWLEDGE is Power ;, the productive l'Europe, 4 vols. Svo. half calf gilt, 8s 6d Forces of Modern Society, and the Results of

Paris, 1814 Labour, Capital, and Skilí

, numerous woodcuts, " Above all price," says Sir James Mackintosh. post 8vo, calf gilt, 8s 6d

1859 Vases and Ornaments, for Architects, Silver. KOLFF (D. H.) VOYAGES of the Dutch BRIG smiths, Jewellers, Modellers, Chasers, Die Sinkers,

of War DOURGA through the Southern and little.

known Parts of the Moluccan Archipelago, and Founders, Carvers, etc., 50 fine plates, royal 4to. half calf, 14s


along the previously unknown Southern Coast of

New Guinea, in 1825-6, trans. by G. W. Earl, [KNIGHT (E. C.)] DESCRIPTION of LATIUM,

maps, 8vo. half calf neat, 5s

1840 or La Campagna di Roma, with map and 20 etchings by the author, 4to. calf gilt, red edges (Sir R. KOHL (J. G.) Russia and the Russians in 1842, C. Hoare's copy, with his crest), 16s

1805 frontispiece, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1842 KNIGHT (H. Gally) ECCLESIASTICAL ARCHI. KORAN (The) of Mohammed, translated from

TECTURE of ITALY, from the time of Constantine the Arabic, with Notes and Preliminary Dis. to the Fifteenth Century, with Essay and Descrip- course, by G. SALE, 2 vols. 8vo, russia neat, 8s tions, 80 large and beautiful views of Cathedrals

Bath, 1795 and Churches (several richly illuminated in GOLD The same, 8vo. half calf, 5s

1838 and COLOURS), 2 vols. imperial folio, half morocco, The same, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 78 6d £4. 10s (pub. £12. 12s)


KÖRNER (T.) SÄMMTLICHE WERKE ; herausThis beautiful and interesting work was executed at the expense of the late Mr. Gally Knight. The plates are arranged

gegeben und mit einem Vorworte begleitet von chronologically.

K. Streckfuss, portrait, 4 vols. square 18mo. calf KNIGHTON.-MEMOIRS of Sir W. KNIGHTON, gilt, neat, marbled edges, 7s 6d Berlin, 1838

M.D., Keeper of the Privy Purse to George IV., KOTTENKAMP (Dr. F.) History of including his Correspondence with many distin- CHIVALRY and ANCIENT ARMOUR, the Feudal guished Persons : by Lady Knighton, portrait System, the Tournament, etc., translated from the after Lawrence, 2 vols. Svo: cloth, 6s (pub. £l. 8s) German by the Rev. A. Löwy, with 68 COLOURED


PLATES (some folding) of Armour, Tournaments, Of Sir W. Knighton it is recorded in Mr. Greville's Diary, Duels, etc., oblong 4to. cloth, £1. 58

1857 that he was one of the few persons of whom his Royal Master stood in dread.

KOTZEBUE (Aug. von) Life and Literary KNIGHTON (W.) FOREST LIFE in CEYLON, Career of, written by Himself; translated by

second edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d 1854 Anne Plumptre; portrait, 8vo. calf, 4s 6d 1800 KNOWLES (J. Sheridan) DRAMATIC WORKS, KRAUSE (Rev. W. H.) SERMONS preached in portrait, crown 8vo, new calf gilt, 7s 6d 1873 Bethesda Chapel, Dublin ; edited by Dr. Stanford;

THE DAUGHTER ; a Play in Five Acts, 1837 5 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £l. 58) 1855-8 -THE WIFE, a Tale of Mantua ; a Play in Five KUGLER (F.) HANDBOOKS of ITALIAN, GerActs ; by the same ; fifth edition, 1833—2 vols.

man, Flemish, and Dutch Schools of Painting, 8vo. in one, calf extra, gilt edges, 5s 1833-37

by Eastlake and Crowe, 4 vols. – MEMOIRS of GEORGE LOVELL; a Novel, 3 vols. post 8vo.

Early Italian Painters, by, MRS. JAMESON, new cloth (scarce), 9s


edition, with portraits, 1 vol.-LIVES of the Early KNOX (A. E.) GAME BIRDS and Wild Fowl ; Flemish Painters, by CrowE and CAVALCASELLE, their Friends and their Foes, post Svo, cloth, 6s 6d third edition, with illustrations, 1 vol.–Together 1850 6 vols, post 8vo. new calf gilt, £5.


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