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LA FAGE (Raimond) Recueil de SES MEILLEURS Desseins, gravé par cinq des plus

habiles Graveurs, et mis en lumière par les soins de Vander-Bruggen, upwards of 60 spirited designs (some large and folding), including Portrait, imperial folio,

half russia, by Kalthoeber (Mr. Beckford's copy), £9. 108 Amsterdam, s. d.

This copy formerly belonged to Sir Joshua Reynolds, and has his autograph and book-stamp on the title-page.

“ His drawings (says Bryan) are the objects of the admiration of the most intelligent. His figures are elegant and graceful, and their action bold and spirited. He possessed a fertile invention, and a commanding facility of execution. Carlo Maratti told him, if you could paint as well as you draw, I should have abandoned the art.' LA FONTAINE, Fables CHOISIES mises en Vers; avec la Vie de l’Auteur par De

Montenault, with 276 LARGE and BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS by Cochin and others after the spirited and masterly designs of Oudry, fine early impressions, 4 vols. folio, contemporary calf gilt, £18. 108

Paris, 1755-9 Another copy, 4 vols. old red morocco, gilt edges, £22. 108 One of the finest works of the kind ever published. The figures of Animals designed by the eminent painter OUDRY have always been esteemed for their correctness and vigour, which, with the skill displayed in the groupings, have combined to place this interesting work at the head of its class as a delineation of the Animal Tribe stimulated by Human Passions.

Ses Fables, illustrées par GUSTAVE Doré, with 580 illustrations, of which 80 full-page ones are india Proors, 2 large and splendid vols. royal folio, printed on extra superfine paper, in large type, handsomely bound in red morocco, inlaid with green, super-extra, broad borders of gold tooling on sides, gilt edges, £18. 188

Paris, 1867 Only a small number have been printed of this splendid edition.



ING, translated, with Notes, by Sir C. Eastlake ; HISTORIQUE de L'ESPAGNE, with nearly 350 large edited by Lady Eastlake, with upwards of 500 fine engravings of the Antiquities, Buildings, and outline engravings, 2 vols.-GERMAN, Flemish, Scenery in Spain, 2 large vols. atlas folio, full and Dutch Schools, by Dr. Waagen, edited by bound morocco extra, gold borders, leather joints, J. A. Crowe, with numerous illustrations, 2 vols. gilt edges (fine copy), ONLY £7. 10s (pub. £25.) - Together 4 vols. post Svo. new morocco, gilt

Paris, 1806-20 edges, £3. 188

1874-9 One of the most beautiful and interesting of all the “Voyages The same, new morocco super-extra, £4. 10s

Pittoresques,” illustrating the most splendid Architecture of the

Alhambra, Moorish Antiquities, etc. HANDBOOK of the ITALIAN SCHOOLS of Painting ; translated by Lady Eastlake ; edited, LACAMBRE (C.) Fabrication des Bières et de with Notes by C. L. EASTLAKE, large folding

la DISTILLATION des Grains, Pommes de Terre, engraving of the Ceiling of the Sixtine Chapei,

Vins, etc., fine folding plates, 2 vols. royal Svo.

cloth, 16s post Svo. cloth, 5s

Bruxelles, 1851 1842 LIFE of FREDERICK the GREAT, with a

LACKINGTON (James, Bookseller) MEMOIRS complete History of the Silesian Campaigns and

of the first Forty-five Years of the Life of; written Seven Years' War, illustrated by 500 original

by Himself (ORIGINAL EDITION); Svo. boards, Designs by A. Menzel, royal 8vo. new calf gilt,

uncut, 6s


The same, portrait, foolscap 8vo. boards, ás 158

1803 ABARTE (J.) HANDBOOK of the Arts of


BEAUX-ARTS, thick post 8vo. new half morocco, applied to the Decoration of Furniture, LACY (John), Wyl BUCKE his TESTAMENT

top edges gilt, 8s 6d

Paris, 1739 Arms, Jewels, etc., translated, with 204 illustra. tions, 8vo, cloth (scarce), 18s

(reprint of Copland's rare edition), with Intro1855

duction by Haslewood, square 12mo. boards, 7s til LABAUME (Captain E.) Narrative of the CAMPAIGN in Russia, containing a Description

(only 40 copies privately printed)


“ The "Testament" of Wy! Bucke, the animal so called, of the affecting and interesting Scenes of which consists of ten stanzas: the remainder of the tract is devoted to the Author was an Eye-witness, seventh edition, culinary receipts for the dressing of its various joints. with plans of battles and coloured map, 8vo. calf, LAFAYETTE (General) MEMOIRS, Corres43

1816 pondence, and Manuscripts of, portrait, 3 vols LABORDE (L. de) JOURNEY through ARABIA 8vo. boards, Ss 6d

1837 PETRÆA MOUNT SINAI, and the excavated LA GUÉRONNIÈRE (Le Vicomte de, City of Petra (Edom of the Prophecies), map and LE DROIT PUBLIC et l'Europe Moderne, 2 vols. numerous woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 5s-Another copy, 8vo, scuen, Ss 6d

Paris, 1876 BEAUTIFULLY BOUND in smooth calf extra, full | LA HARPE (J. F.) LYCEE ou Cours de LITTEgilt back, uncut, top edges gilt (in very fine con- RATURE, Ancienne et Moderne, 18 vols, Sro, in tition), 98

1836 21, calf gilt, £1. 8s

Paris, 1799.15 18

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PARIS, AND PUBLISHED BETWEEN 1873-82. It is scarcely too much to say that a more beautiful, valuable, and interesting series of Books never issued from the press. Not only is the Letterpress extremely valuable, reuniting as it dves the information comprised in many and expensive works, but the Illustrations, both Chromolithographs and Wood Engravings, present the perfection of each art. The latter, no less than 2000 in number, are accurately copied from the originals, many of which are rare and difficult of access, and the Chromolithographs are facsimiles of illuminations in precious MSS. preserved in various public and private collections. LES Arts au MOYEN AGE, et à l'époque de la XVIIme SIÈCLE: LETTRES, SCIENCES, et ARTS : RENAISSANCE, with 20 Chromolithographs and

FRANCE, 1590-1700, with 17 Chromolithographs, 400 wood engravings, seun, £1. 10s

306 woodcuts in the text, and 16 full-page ones, Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges,

seun, £1. 5s £1. 158

Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 28 Meurs, USAGES, et COSTUMES au MOYEN AGE, et

The same, LARGE PAPER, small 4to. seun,

£3. 38 à l'époque de la RENAISSANCE, with 15 CHROMOLITHOGRAPHS by KELLERHOVEN, and 440 admir.

Another copy, morocco super-extra, gilt able woodcuts, many of them full-page, scun, XVillme SIÈCLE: INSTITUTIONS, USAGES, et Cos.

edges, £4. 155 £1. 108

TUMES : FRANCE, 1700-1789, with 21 Chromo. Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges,

lithographs, and 350 wood engravings ; seun, £i. 158

£1. 58 SCIENCES et LETTRES au MOYEN AGE, et à l'époque Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges,

de la RENAISSANCE, with 13 Chromolithographs £2. 2s and 400 wood engravings, sewn, £1. 10s

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges, VIE MILITAIRE et RELIGIEUSE au MOYEN AGE, et

£4, 4s à l'époque de la RENAISSANCE, with 14 CHROMO

The same, LARGE PAPER, sewn, £2. 158 LITHOGRAPHS and 410 wood engravings, scun,

Another copy, LARGE PAPER, half morocco £1. 108

extra, top edges gilt, £3. 5s The same; half morocco, gilt edges, £1. 153

Another copy, LARGE PAPER, full morocco XVIIme SIÈCLE : INSTITUTIONS, USAGES et

super-extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s

Another copy, COSTUMES : FRANCE, 1590-1700, with 16 Chromo.

LARGE PAPER, printed lithographs and 300 wood engravings ; seun,

throughout on Japanese Paper, unbound, in £l. 5s

portfolio, £4. 48

XVIIIme SIÈCLE : LETTRES, SCIENCES, et ARTS : Another copy, half morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s

FRANCE, 1700-1789, with 16 Chromolithographs Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges, and 230 Wood Engravings, seun, £1. 108 £3. 58

Another copy, half morocco extra, £2. 2s The same, LARGE PAPER, sewn, £3. 3s

Another copy, full morocco extra, gilt edges, Another copy, LARGE PAPER, full morocco £3. 58 extra, gilt edges, £4. 15s


super-extra, gilt edges, of the Renaissance, with 19 Chromolithographs, £2. 158 and 416 wood engravings, morocco extra, gilt The EIGHTEENTH CENTURY : its Institutions, edges, £3.

Customs, and Costumes :-France, 1700-1789; MANNERS, CUSTOMS, and Dress during the Middle with 21 Chromolithographs, and 351 wood engrac.

Ages, and the Renaissance, 15Chromolithographs, ings after Watteau, Vanloo, Boucher, Lancret, and 437 wood engravings, half bound, 16s

Eisen, Gravelot, etc., half morocco, top edges gilt, SCIENCE and LITERATURE in the Middle Ages, £1. 8s

and at the Period of the Renaissance, with 13 The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, Chromolithographs by Kellerhoven, and 418 wood £3. 10s



Traité complet de la Médecine des Chevaux, with a version of Oehlenschläger's Axel and Val with 65 very large and fine engravings, COLOURED, borg, a Tragedy, foolscap Svo. cloth, 5s 1841 illustrative of the Horse, its various Diseases, etc., ini perial folio, full bound in old French red LAING (S.) NOTES of a TRAVELLER. on th morocco, gilt edges (IN VERY FINE CONDITION), Social and Political State of France, Prussia £3. 188

Paris, 1772 Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe Brunet truly calls this "a very finely executed work, and one which for a long time has been the best on the subject of

during the present Century, second edition, 8ve half calf neat, 58


which it treats.

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LA FONTAINE (J. de) FABLES, mises en LAMARTINE (A. de) HISTOIRE DE CÉSAR, Vers ; et par lui revues, corrigées et augmentées, 8vo. half calf neat, 4s

Paris, 1856 numerous engravings by H. Cause, the 5 parts in Histoire de la TURQUIE (large type edition), 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. half calf gilt, £l. 58

8 vols. 8vo. half calf, full gilt backs, marbled La Haye, 1700 edges (nice copy), £1. 14s

ibidem, 1855 FABLES, elegant edition, with ORIGINAL HISTOIRE de la RUSSIE, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, IMPRESSIONS of the Hundreds of clever Illustra- half calf gilt, 6s

ibidem, 18.33 tions by GRANDVILLE, 2 vols. royal 8vo. half calf SĂ TRIBUNE ; ou Études Oratoires ou Poligilt, 18s 6d

Paris, 1838 tiques, 2 vols. in one, thick 8vo. half calf gilt, 6s The same, 2 vols. half morocco, top edges

ibidem, 1819 gilt (slightly foxed), £1. 2s

PREMIÈRES et NOUVELLES MÉDITATIONS FABLES, with 580 illustrations by GUSTAVE POÉTIQUES, fine engraved portrait and plates, DORÉ, fine large type edition, imperial 4to. mottled Svo. half calf gilt, 6s

ibidem, 1857 calf gilt, gilt edges, French style, £2. 5s

HARMONIES Poétiques et Religieuses, arith

Paris, 1868 very finely finished engravings after Johannot The same, new half morocco, £2. 8s

and others, and numerous woodcuts, 2 vols. Svo. The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 10s French morocco, gilt edges, 10s 6d ibidem, 1637 The same, gilt cloth, £1. 158

LAMB (C.) Works, comprising Letters, Essays, FABLES, translated into English verse by

Rosamund Gray, Poems, Translations, etc., edited, WALTER THORNBURY, and illustrated by Gus.

with Life and Final Memorials, by Sir T. X. TAVE DORÉ, many full-page and numerous other

Talfourd, portrait and vignette, royal 8vo. Neu engravings, royal 4to. cloth, 15s

calf gilt, 16s 6d

1869 The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 15$

LIFE, LETTERS, and WRITINGS; edited, FABLES, translated into English Verse,

wilh Notes and Illustrations, by PERCY FITZ. elegantly printed, with 25 original Etchings by,

GERALD, portrait, 6 vols. post Svo. neu half calf A. DELIERRE, imperial 8vo. handsomely bound

gilt, £2.

1876 in half vellum, gilt, £l. Ils 6d


The same, new calf gilt, £2, 12s 6d
CONTES et NOUVELLES en Vers avec les

WORKS, Poetical and Dramatic, Tales, Contes nouveaux, frontispieces, 3 vols. in one,

Essays, and Criticisms; with Biographical Introfoolscap 8vo. fine copy, beautifully bound in red

duction and Notes by C. Kent, portrait, post 8vo. morocco extra, edges marbled and gilt, by Masson

new half calf gilt, 58 de Bonnelle, £3. 18s

s. 1. did.

The same, new vellum gilt, carmine edges, A scarce Edition, having at the conclusion of “La Servante

9s 6d justitiée," two lines in Italics rhyming badly and generally omitted.

Essays of Elia and ELIANA, portrait, post LAKES (The) IN SUNSHINE; 26 beautiful

8vo. new calf gilt, 8s

issu photographs of the Lake District, besides numerous

ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY, containing pieces by wood-engravings, by Linton and others, with Southey, Lamb, Coleridge, Lovell, Cottle, and descriptive text by J. PAYN, 2 vols. 4to. cloth

others, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. half calf neat, &s fil extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s Windermere, 1867-70

Bristol, 1799-1800


LETTERS, AND REMAINS, now first collected, ANIMAUX SANS VERTÈBRES, 7 vols. 8vo. bound

with Reminiscences and Notes by W. CAREW in cloth, lettered, edges sprinkled, 10s 6d

HAZLITT, with portrait and illustrations, LARGE Paris, 1815

PAPER, 4to. roxburghe, 12s 6d (pub. £1. 18) 1574 HISTOIRE NATURELLE des ANIMAUX sans

TALES from SHAKESPEARE, with 184 illusVertèbres ; deuxième édition, augmentée de Notes trations by Sir J. Gilbert, small 4to. nero morueco par DESHAYES et MILNE EDWARDS, 11 vols. 8vo.

super-extra, gilt edges, £l. Is half russia extra, £4. 108 ibidem, 1835-45

TALES" from SHAKESPEARE, with 12 fins LAMARTINE (A. de) Ses (EUVRES ; édition permanent photographs from the Boydell Gallery, complète en un Volume, portrait, imperial 8vo. 8vo. new calf gilt, 12s 6d

1851 calf gilt, 8s 6d

Bruxelles, 1835 The same, new morocco, gilt edges, l5s History of the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY LAMB (John, D.D.) HISTORICAL ACCOUNT : (1789-90), 4 vols. post Svo. in 2, cloth, Ss 6d 1858 the 39 ARTICLÉS, from their first Promulgation in HISTOIRE des GIRONDINS, 8 vols. in 4, large

1553, to their final Establishment in 1571, with 8vo. cloth, 16s

Paris, 1847

exact Copies of the English and Latin MSS. and Histoire des GIRONDINS (elegant large type facsimiles of the Signatures of the Archbishops edition), with numerous fine steel portraits, 8 vols. and Bishops, etc., royal 4to. boards, 7s 6d royal 8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges (Arms of the late Prince Consort and of Eton College impressed LAMBETH and the VATICAN ; or Anecdotes of

Cambridge, 1829 in gold on the sides), 12. 58

ibidem, 1848 HISTOIRE de la RESTAURATION (large type),

the Church of Rome, of the Reformed Churches,

and of Sects and Sectaries, engravings, facsimiles, 8 vols. 8vo. full gilt backs, marbled edges (nice

etc., 3 vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, 9s

1825 copy), kl. 148

ibidem, 1851 History of the Restoration of Monarchy in LAMI (G.) Lezioni di ANTICHITÀ TOSCANE, E France, portrait, 4 vols. post Svo. cloth, 9s (pub. spezialmente della Città di FIRENZE, portrait 14s)


and plates, 4to. calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy), LA RÉVOLUTION de 1848, 2 vols. 8vo. half

£1. 2s

Firenze, 1700 calf gilt, 10s 6d

Paris, 1849 LA MONNOYE (M. de) Histoire de Mr. BAYLE HISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION of et de ses Ouvrages ; nouvelle édition augmentée, 1848, translated, portraits, post Svo. new tree-calf post 8vo. old veau fauve, gilt elges (Mr. Beck. gilt, 78

1878 i ford's copy), 128

Amsterdam, 1716

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NAL PARISH OF WHALLEY, AND HONOUR OF CLITHEROE, in the Counties of Lancaster and York; with an Account of the Parish of CARTMELL; fourth edition, revised and ENLARGED CONSIDERABLY by J. Gough Nichols and the Rev. Ponsonby A. Lyons, with numerous fine Engravings, including ad litional ones for this edition,

2 splendid vols. THICK FOLIO ; LARGEST PAPER, half morocco, uncut, £21. 10s 1872-6

Only Forty copies were specially printed on the size and quality of paper of the above for gentlemen who subscribed for them prior to publication, and whose names are given. The number of the present copy is 21.-See Declaration of the Printers and Publishers. LA MOTHE LE VAYER (M.) HEXAMERON | LANCASHIRE. PORTFOLIO of FRAGMENTS

RUSTIQUE, ou les six Journées passées à la Cam- relative to the History and Antiquities, Topopagne entre des Personnes studieuses, frontispiece graphy, and Genealogies of the County : by by Romeyn de Hooghe, 18mo. fine copy in red M. GREGSON ; third edition, with additions and morocco extra, gilt eelges, by J. Mackenzic (from improvements, by JOHN HARLAND, F.S.A., numer. Mr. Beckford's collection), £1. 9s

ous Portraits,' Views, Seats, Coats of Arms, and Amsterdam (avec la Sphère), 1698 folding Genealogical Plates, etc., with copious LANCASHIRE, HISTORY of, by E. BAINES,

general Index, folio, cloth gilt, £2. 4s 1869 with Lives of Eminent Natives, by W. R.

The same, LARGE PAPER, calf gilt, £4. Whatton, 120 fine engravings of Views, Buildings,

The same, largest paper, IMPERIAL FOLIO, Portraits, Autographs, etc., also Peligrees, 4 vols.

half crimson morocco, edges uncut (FINE COPY), 4to. handsomely bound, calf extra, £9. 10s 1836

£5, 10s

Only 27 copies were printed on the Largest Paper, for Sub. The same, LARGE PAPER COPY, with the scribers. engravings on INDIA PAPER, 4 vols. royal 4to. Julf Docilments not found in other works. It contains by far the

This work includes much valuable information, and also Old calf, marbled edges, £10. 10s

largest collection extant of delineated Lancashire Coats of Arms The same, NEW EDITION, edited by J. HAR [as well as those of many Cheshire families], which, in this edition, LAND ; continued and completed by the Rev. B.

are casily found by a special Index. HERFORD ; large map, 2 thick vols. royal 4to. LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE and the Peak of LARGE PAPER ; half bound morocco, gilt edges, Derbyshire, Natural History of ; with the Pheni£3. 10s

1868-70 cian, British, Armenian, Greek and Roman Another copy, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. cloth,

Antiquities; by Dr. C. LEIGH, plates, folio, calf uncut, £2. 15s

gilt, El. 4s



MORELAND, illustrated in a series of 44 fine mezzoGazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster, by E. BAINES, 2 thick vols. Svo, calf, 6s

tint engravings, exhibiting the Scenery of the

Lakes, Antiquities, and other objects, by T. H.


FIELDING, india proofs, folio, half bound, £1. 18s WARE.--History of the Foundations in Man LANCASTER and YORK.


WHITAKER'S chester, complete, including Christ's College,


ORIGINAL PARISH Chetham's Hospital, and the Free Grammar

WHALLEY, AND HONOUR OF CLITHEROE, in the School; also the History of the Ancient Parish

Counties of Lancaster and York; with an Account Church of Manchester (now the Cathedral), and

of the Parish of CARTMELL; fourth edition, why it was Collegiated, with 37 highly finished

revised and ENLARGED CONSIDERABLY by J. G. engravings of Portraits, Vicus, and plans of

NICHOLS and the Rev. P. A. LYONS, with numerous Buildings, 4 vols. 4to. in 3, half calf, marbleil cdges, £3. 10s (pub. £9.)

fine Engravings, including additional ones, 2 1848

splendid vols. thick royal 4to. cloth, uncut, £5. 58 The same, calf extra, marbled edges, £4. 1.55

1872-6 LANCASHIRE, HISTORY OF (including nume- LANCASHIRE.- History of the Town and

rous Pedigrees), by John CORRY, with engravings PARISII of BLACKBURN, by W. A. ABRAM, with of l'icus, Coats of Arms, etc., 2 thick vols. 410.

portraits and woodcuts, 4to. LARGE PAPER, hulf nou hulf morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £6. 18s 1825

bound morocco, top edges gilt, £3. 3s ILLUSTRATIONS of CORRY's HISTORY OF, 30

Blackburn, 1877 engravings of Buildings and Coats of Arms, LANCASHIRE. FURNESS ABBEY and its imperial 4to. half bounil, £l. 158 (pub. £4. 4s) Neighbourhood, by JAMES PAYX, a series of fine

1826 Photographs and map, with Descriptions, 4to. gilt LANCASTER, PICTORIAL HISTORY of the cloth, 108 61

County of ; [by CYRUS REDDING), with map and LANCASHIRE.- History of the Chapelry of 170 engrarings, imperial 8vo. half morocco neat, GOOSNARGH, by H. Fishwick, frontispiece, small Is 6d 1844 4to, cloth, 14s

1871 LANCASHIRE and CHESHIRE, past and pre- LANCASHIRE.-- History of the Commerce and sent, by T. BAINES: with the Rise and Progress Town of LIVERPOOL, and of the Rise of Manufacof Manufactures and Commerce, and Engineering, turing Industry in the adjoining Counties, by by Sir W. FAIRBAIRX, numerous engravings after T. BAINES, frontispiece and plans ; plate of util H. Warren, R. A., and portraits, 2 large vols. Liverpool inserted, royal 8vo. half culs gilt, El. 2s royal 4to. half calf gilt, £3. 3s


Licer pool, 1832




n. d.


LANDON (C. P.) VIES et @UVRES des PEINTRES les plus CÉLÈBRES de toutes les

Écoles, containing upwards of 1500 ENGRAVINGS, finely executed in outline, of the works of the Great Masters, 25 vols. 4to. in 13, beautifully bound in new olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford (VERY FINE SET), £35. Paris, 1803-24

There is no other work which gives so many well executed representations of the works of the great Painters. It contains those of Raphael, Michael Angelo, Poussin, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Guido, P. Veronese, Correggio, Parmesano, Domenichino, Albano, Le Sueur, Bandinelli, Volterra, etc., besides many engravings from Ancient Paintings in Rome, Herculaneum, etc. LANCASHIRE.--HISTORY of MANCHESTER, LANCI (Abate M. A.) Lettera sul CUFICO

by the Rev. J. WHITAKER, second edition revised, SEPOLCRALE MONUMENTO portato d'Egitto in engravings of coins, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, Roma, plates, 8vo. extra boards, gilt edges (Mr. 18s 1773 Beckford's copy), 4s


[civil and military) by JOHN REILLY, with 12 (complete edition), with vignette frontispieces hi plates of Old Buildings, royal 8vo. calf extra, gilt R. Doyle, 2 vols. square foolscap 8vo. calf git, edges, £1. Is 1865 marbled edges, 6s 6d


THE IMPROVISATRICE ; and other Poels TIONS in MANCHESTER (Christ's College, Chet- (original edition): vignette view of Florence la ham's Hospital, and Free Grammar School) ; drawn Copley Fielding, engraved by Pye, and fronti. up from original documents by Dr. S. HIBBERT- piece by Wright, foolscap 8vo. morocco, silk WARE, 3 vols.—Also the Ancient Parish Church linings, gilt edges (scarce), 15s

1834 of Manchester, and why it was Collegiated, 1 vol. LANDOR (W. Savage) WORKS, and LIFE ! -together 4 vols. 4to. with numerous portraits, JOHN FORSTER (Library Edition), with portru views, and other illustrations, half morocco ncat,

and illustrations, 8 vols. Svo. new half morum top edges gilt, £5. 58 Manchester, 1830-48 extra, full gilt backs, gilt tops, fine copy (SCARCE.. LANCASHIRE. - Gimcrackiana, or Fugitive £8. 8s

15,1 Pieces on MANCHESTER Men and Manners Ten Another copy, 8 vols. new calf extra, uncut, Years Ago, post 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d

1833 top edges gilt, £9. 9s LANCASHIRE. - History of the ANCIENT Statesmen, Boccaccio and Petrarca, Greeks and Ronn23

Contents : Life, Imaginary Conversations, Sorercigns an! HALL of SAMLESBURY (near Preston), and its Shakespeare, Literary Men, Famous Women, Pericles ar: earlier Possessors; and Particulars relating to the Aspasia, Miscellaneous Conversations, and Dialogues in vers; more recent Descent of the Manor, derived chiefly

Poems, Criticisms, and Index.

WORKS (complete edition), 2 large vols. mva from unpublished Sources, by JAMES CROSTON,

8vo. cloth (SCARCE), £1. Ss

13 with illustrations, pedigrees, etc., (only 200 copies IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS of Literary printed for presentation), folio, half morocco, top

Men and Statesmen (both scries) ; second editior. edges gilt, £2. 10s


corrected and enlarged, 5 vols. Svo. half russia.

£2. 15s (both series complete), with fine engravings of

The same, new edition, 5 vols. post Sma Scenery and Antiquities by Finden, after Drau

new calf gilt (only 500 copies printed), £2. las ings by G. Pickering, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £5. 10s

IS 1829-31

SELECTIONS from the Writings of W. S TRADITIONS of LANCASHIRE, by JOHN ROBY, with numerous beautiful engravings on steel and

LANDOR, arranged and edited by Sidney Colvir wood, INDIA PROOFS, LARGE PAPER, 2 handsome

etched portrait, foolscap 8vo. morocco, gilt edas 9s

iss vols. 4to. cloth, £3. 10s

1867 This beautiful reprint of the scarce originals embraces both

The same, new calf gilt, 78 60 series (each consisting of twenty tales) as published in 1829 and

The same, new morocco extra, gt. ed., 10: 1831, and also three additional stories from his Legendary and

THE PENTAMERON, or Interviews of Me Political Remains, published in 1854.

Giovanni Boccaccio and Messer Fr. Petrarca: LANCASHIRE and CHESHIRE, Proceedings and also PENTALOGIA, or five Dramatic Scenes, pie

Papers of the HISTORIC SOCIETY of, from com- 8vo. new half calf gilt, 16s mencement in 1848 to 1870, numerous illustrations, LANDSCAPE ANNUAL, ILLUSTRATIONS TO bound in 11 thick vols. 8vo. half calf gilt (uniform), the: 232 engravings of Views in Italy, Suitzerins £4. 108

1849-70 France, Spain, Portugal;'ind Norocco, fris Contains many valuable papers on Historical and Antiquarian drawings by PROUT, HARDING, ROBERTS, HOL Subjects by eminent littérateurs,

LAND, etc., INDIA PROOFS, mostly LANDON (C. P.) VIES et (EUVRES des LETTERS, but spotted ; folio, in 10 portfidius PEINTRES les plus célèbres : Raphael, 7 vols.-- £7. 12s (pub. £36. 158)

IS Le Dominiquin et Albane, 2 vols.--Poussin, LANDSCAPES after CLAUDE, POUSSIN, SAL ? vol.-together 11 vols. 4to. containing several VATOR ROSA, CORTESI and REMBRANDT, 56 Puma hundred finely executed outline engravings; boards, and fine engravings by Vivares, GIUNTOTARDI £4. 10s

Paris, 1803-9 and others, bound in one vol. atlas folio, half eti LIVES of the GREAT PAINTERS (in Englishı gilt, lettered, £3. and French], WITH 445 BEAUTIFUL OUTLINE LANDSEER (Sir E.) STUDIES OF ; illustrati ENGRAVINGS FROM THEIR CELEBRATED PAINT- loy Sketches from the Collection of Her Majen 4 INGS, 5 vols. royal 4to. in 2; full bound purple and other sources; with a History of his Ar morocco extra, gilt eelges, £5. 108

1819 Life, by W. CosMO MONKHOUSE, 40 plates, et, Comprises the Pictures of Raffaelle, Domenichino, Poussin, and Albano, including the 82 lliustrations of the Calendar repre

biting numerous subjects, and 116 illustrations et senting the principal events in the Lives of the Saints by those

the text, royal 4to. handsomely bound in crocom gilt edges, £4. 4s



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