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AN ILLUSTRATED Copy. NATIONAL ENGLISH AIRS : by W. CHAPPELL ; consisting of Ancient Song, Ballad,

and Dance Tunes; interspersed with Remarks and Anecdotes; and an Essay on English Minstrelsy, the Airs harmonized for the Pianoforte by Crotch, Macfarren, and Wade, extensively illustrated by Portraits and other Plates (many India proofs, and some coloured), and numerous Woodcuts, old Music, etc., one vol. 4to. bound in 2 thick vols, calf, gilt edges, £18. 188

1838 NASH (Joseph) ARCHITECTURE of the MIDDLE | NATURAL HISTORY (National), 96 mge

AGES, drawn on stone from nature, 26 large illustrations, embodying 500 Subjects, printed is and fine tinted plates, imperial folio, half morocco, colours, with descriptive Letterpress, post sro. £2. 2s (pub. £4. 4s)

1838 calf gilt, 8s Views illustrative of Pugin's Examples of NAUNTON (Sir Robert, Secretary of State GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, with Descriptions by Court of QUEEN ELIZABETH (her Times and W. H. LEEDS, 22 fine views of exteriors and in- Favourites); Fragmenta Regalia ;" with conteriors, drawn from nature on stone (different siderable Biographical Additions by James from those in the work), imperial 4to. half morocco, Caulfield, 21 portraits, imperial 8vo. cloth, £l. 4: top edges gilt, 18s 1830

1814 NASH (T.) PIERCE PENILESSE his Supplication

An ingenious and amusing book."- Retrospective Revie. to the Divell (reprint, by J. PAYNE COLLIER, of

AN ILLUSTRATED COPY. the second edition of 1592], small 4to. beautifully MEMOIRS of Sir R. NAUNTON : with Post. bound in morocco extra, elegant gilt tooling on humous Writings from MSS. in his own Hand sides and back, gilt edges (with F. Ouvry's [by James Caulfield]: fine portrait, to which book-plate), £1. 12s

[1592] : n.d. are added 3 Original Drawings and 13 othir HAVE WITH YOU TO SAFFRON-WALDEN,

illustrations (portraits, etc.), folio, LARGE PAPEE, or Gabriell Harvey's Hunt is up ; containing a

new half morocco, top edges gilt, £4. 10s 1814 full Answere to the eldest sonne of the Halter- NAVAGIERO (A.)VIAGGIO in SPAGXA et en maker : or, NASHE his Confutation of the FRANCIA alla Ceserea Maesta di Carlo V., sinfull Doctor, woodcut portrait of Harvey, small Vinegia, 1563 (rare)-PARABOSCO (G.) I Diporti 4to. beautifully bound in morocco extra, with [Novelle), ivi, 1558-LETTERA d'A. CITOLINI IR elegant gold tooling on sides and back, gilt edges Difesa della Lingua volgare, e i Luoghi del (with F. Ouvry's book.plate), £1. 158

medesimo, con una Lettera di G. RUSCELLI in

[1596]: n. d. Difesa dell' Uso della Signorie, ivi, al segno del A very small number reprinted by J. Payne Collier.

pozzo, 1551--in one vol, small Svo. rcllum (Mr. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the Pro

Beckford's copy), 78 MOTION of SOCIAL SCIENCE, TRANSACTIONS OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, PAPERS 01, THIE, from the commencement in 1857 to 1877,

and on other subjects connected with Naval 21 vols. 8vo. cloth, £4. 48


Science, conducted by W. Morgan and A. Creuse, NATURE: a Weekly Illustrated Journal of folding plates of figures, 3 vols. 8vo. half ruske Science, containing Articles and Reviews by gilt, £1. 5s

1925 many eminent Writers ; from its commencement, NAVAL ARCHITECTS'INSTITUTION, November, 1869, to October, 1880, with many

TRANSACTIONS of the, containing contributions hundred excellent woodcut illustrations, 22 vols. by Captain Noel, J. Dunn, R. J. Butler, J. T. 4to. of which the first 16 vols. are neatly bound in Milton, J. A. Normand, Dixon Kemp, etc. cloth, and the rest in Numbers, £7. 78 1869-80 (published annually), Vol. 24 for 1883, £2. 2:



and MARINE ENGINEERING ; a Collection of COLOURED PLATES, printed from the plants them. selves, by H. BRADBURY, with Descriptive Letter

Papers contributed by Members of the present

and former Schools of Naval Architecture ; the press, imperial folio, half morocco, gilt edges,

four parts (all published), issued 1871-74, numerous £3. 158

tables and plates, 8vo. cloth, 9s

1871.74 NATURE-PRINTED SEA-WEEDS; a History, NEALE (J. P.) Views of the SEATS of NOBLE

with Figures and Dissections, by W. G. JohnSTONE and A. CROALL, 300 Coloured Plates,

MEN and GENTLEMEN in England, Wales, Seat4 vols.--also BRITISH FERNS; Figures and De

land, and Ireland, with Descriptions [hy T. scriptions of the Species and Varieties, by T.

Moule]: FIRST SERIES, nearly 450 highly finished MOORE, 114 coloured plates, 2 vols.,; together

engravings, INDIA PROOFS, 6 vols. 4to. LARGE

PAPER, in parts (as published at £27. 16s), £8. 108 6 vols. super-royal 8vo. cloth, £7. 10s (pub. £12. 12s)

1819-24 1859-60

HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of WESTAnother copy, 6 vols. BEAUTIFULLY BOUND MINSTER ABBEY, and Henry VII.'s Chapel ; their IN CALF SUPER-EXTRA, GILT EDGES ( fine uniform Tombs, Monuments, Inscriptions, etc., with set), £8. 158

Memoirs of the Abbots and Deans from the These elegant and valuable works, printed from the Plants earliest Period, and 61 HIGHLY FINISHED STEEL themselves by H. Bradbury, represent with the tidelity and beauty of Nature herself the Ferns and Sea-Weeds of Great ENGRAVINGS by LE KEUX, Woolnoth, and others,

royal 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. s 1856


NEALE (J. P.) VIEWS of the SEATS of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England, Wales,

Scotland, and Ireland (BOTH SERIES, COMPLETE), comprising nearly 800 beautifully finished engravings, INDIA PROOFS, 11 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, VERY FINE copy, in new polished calf extra, top edges gilt (VERY SCARCE), £29. 10s

1818-29 This beautiful and interesting work was published (for the India' Proofs) at £52. 10s. Complete sets are, now, very rarely met with. NESFIELD (W. E.) MEDIÆVAL ARCHITECTURE, SPECIMENS OF ; selected from the

best Examples of the XII. and XIII. Centuries in France and Italy, 100 large and elaborate plates, consisting of Views, Exteriors, Interiors, Ornaments, and Details of the Principal Cathedrals and other Buildings famous for their Architectural Beauty, royal folio, bound in cloth extra, ONLY 14s (pub. £4.)

1862 In selecting subjects (says the Author) from an almost inexhaustible variety of examples in France and Italy, a preference has been given to those which illustrate the Art of the 12th and 13th Centuries. T'he truth, skill and beauty exhibited throughout these great periods, can scarcely fail to attract admiration. I have avoided, with few exceptions, such as had been touched by restoration."

LIST OF PLATES. Amiens Cathedral; Ardennes Abbey ; Auxerre Cathedral; Bayeux Cathedral; Bernières Church ; Blois, Top of Staircase in Louis XIIth’s Building ; Bourges, Hotel de Ville and Fireplace ; Caen, Gendarmerie Impériale, etc. ; Village Churches near Caen ; Châlons-sur-Marne, Notre Dame ; Chartres Cathedral ; Norgeant-la-Vierge, Church Tower; Cluny Abbey ; Coutances Cathedral ; St. Germer, Sainte Chapelle in Church ; Ifs, Church Tower and Spire ; Laon Cathedral ; Saint-Lo, Maison-du-poids Royal ; Mont St. Michel ; Montreale, Church; Norrey Church ; Noyon Cathedral ; Vernouillet ; Ourscamp, Salle des Morts ; Poissy, Church of Notre Dame; Rouen Cathedral ; Bonport Abbey ; Rheims Cathedral ; Senlis, Tower and Spire ; Coutances, Pinnacle; Sens Cathedral ; Semur, Notre Dame ; Vezelay ; Orvieto Cathedral; Ferrara, West Porch of the Duomo ; Padua, St. Antonio ; Pisa, Cathedral ; Rome, Cloisters of St. John-Lateran, and Church of San Clemente ; Viterbo, Oratorio degli Avvocati, and Gatteschi Fountain.

NEALE (J. P.) Views of COLLEGIATE and NELSON (Vice-Admiral Viscount). LIFE

PAROCHIAL CHURCHES in Great Britain, includ- of VICE-ADMIRAL VISCOUNT NELSON, by R. ing Screens, Fonts, Monuments, etc., 100 highly SOUTHEY, new edition, with additional Notes, finished engravings by Le Keux, fine impressions, numerous engravings on wood and steel, post 8vo. with Descriptions, 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s calf gilt, 9s 6d

1881 1824

Another edition, with 12 Woodburytype NEANDER (Dr. A.) HISTORY of the PLANTING illustrations after R. Westall, 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 6d and TRAINING of the Christian Church by the

1878 Apostles ; also his ANTIGNOSTIKUS or Spirit of The same, morocco, gilt edges, 18s 1891 Tertullian, 2 vols. in 3, post 8vo. half calf gilt: NELSON (R.) COMPANION for the Festivals and 9s 6d


Fasts of the Church of England ; with Collects NEANDRI (M.) OPUS AUREUM et SCHOLASTI- and Prayers for each Solemnity, portrait, 8vo. CUM, in quo continentur PYTHAGORÆ Carmina calf antique, carmine edges, 4s 6d

1815 Aurea, PHOCYLIDIS, Theognidis et aliorum Poemata, Gr. et. Lat., ed. M. NEANDER : acced. NEVILLE (Hon. R. C.) SAXON OBSEQUIES, COINTI SMYRNÆI Ilii Excidii lib. II. ; Reditus

illustrated by ORNAMENTS and WEAPONS disGræcorum, capta Troja, liber unus, Gr. et Lat.,

covered in a Cemetery near Little Wilbraham, ed. L. RHODOMANNUS, 3 parts in one, 4to. russia,

Cambridgeshire, in 1851, with 40 plates exhibiting

numerous objects FINELY COLOURED, folio, cloth, 12s 6d Lipsie, J. Steinman, 1577

1852 “Collection recherchée et qui se trouve diflicilement."

£2. 2s (pub. £4. 48)


the HISTORY of INSECTS; a new and greatly with 21 illustrations by LANDSEER, post Svo. new

improved edition of the Grammar of Entomology, half calf gilt, marbled' edges, 58

numerous illustrations, Svo. half calf neat, 7s 6d


BRITISH BUTTERFLIES and Moths; an Ichneumonibus Affinium, Monographiæ, Genera Illustrated Natural History, with 800 life-size Europæa et Species illustrantes, 2 vols. 8vo. calf woodcut figures from nature, 2 vols. imperial 8vo. extra, marbled edges, 12s Stuttgart, 1834

in one, half morocco gilt, £1. ls NELSON (Vice-Admiral Viscount) LIFE

The same, calf gilt, £l. Is of ; edited from his own MSS. by CLARKE and

BRITISH BUTTERFLIES ; an Illustrated M'ARTHUR, with fine engravings by Heath, Natural History of, with 70'life-size woodcut Fittler, etc., from Pictures by WEST, WESTALL, figures from Nature, imperial 8vo. calf gilt, 15s etc., 2 vols. imperial 4to, russia super-extra, joints, gilt edges (A CHOICE COPY), £3. 3s


The same, half calf neat, 9s 6d


n. d.

n, d,

n. d.


upwards of 550 engravings, 8 vols. folio, boards ; UNCUT THROUGHOUT (a very unusual state for this work), £140.

1795-1815 THIS IS NOT ONLY ONE OF THE GREATEST AND MOST VALUABLE ACHIEVEMENTS IN ENGLISH TOPOGRAPHY, BUT ONE OF THE SCARCEST—the latter circumstance being owing to “ the fatal fire (to use Mr. Upcott's words) which destroyed the Printing Office of the Author in 1808, when the whole impression of the work was consumed. With the exception of Two hundred of the Large and Small Paper copies originally subscribed for, a complete set is, therefore, rarely to be found-1815.

In consequence of that disaster, copies thoroughly perfect are seldom met with. The present one fortunately presents very few deficiencies, and those of a trivial character, consisting of three

pages (and these only starred ones), one leaf of errata, a single plate, and a map. But on account of these deficiencies a liberal allowance in the price has been made. NEWMAN (E.) BRITISH Moths, Ilustrated | NIBELUNGEN Noth, illnstrirt mit Holzsch

Natural History of, with nearly 750 Life-size nitten nach Zeichnungen von J. SCHNORR von woodcut figures, imperial 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, Carolsfeld und E. NEUREUTHER : die Bearbeitung 16s

des Textes, von Dr. G. Pfizer, NUMEROUS FINE The same, calf gilt, £l. 5s

PLATES, illustrated borders, vignettes, tail picces, HISTORY of "BRITISH FERNS, with many etc., 4to, half morocco, uncut, £l. 4s woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d


Stuttgart, 1843 NEWMAN (Cardinal) ARIANs of the FOURTH NICHOLLS (Sir G.) HISTORY of the English CENTURY ; third edition improved, 8vo. LARGE

Poor LAW, in connexion with the Legislation and AND THICK PAPER (only 50 copies so printed),

other Circumstances affecting the Condition of the boards, wholly uncut, £1. 10s

People, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 14s (pub. £l. Ss) 185t Printed for Private Circulation only, 1871 NICHOLS (John) Literary Anecdotes of the

DISCOURSES on the Scope and Nature of UNI- Eighteenth Century, 9 vols. and Illustrations VERSITY EDUCATION, addressed to the (Roman) of the LITERARY HISTORY of the Eighteenth Cen. Catholics of Dublin, 8vo, cloth, 6s Dublin, 1852 tury, 8 vols. (BOTH SERIES COMPLETE), with Por.

APOLOGIA pro Vita SƯA, being a Reply to traits, 17 vols. 8vo. calf neat (a cheap set, not quite a [the Rev. C. Kingsley's] Pamphlet, entitled, uniform, some volumes rebackcd), £12. 12s 1812-38 “What, then, does Dr. Newman Mean?” with It is impossible to give here anything like an adequate idea Appendix, Notes, etc., in the original parts as

of the vast amount of curious information in these volumes.

The Hundreds of Literary Celebrities brought forward, 1 issued, 8vo. £1. Ss

1864 merely by passing Anecdotes, but by highly valuable memors MR. KINGSLEY and DR. NEWMAN: a and sketches, and the mass of bibliographical and literary matter Correspondence on the Question “Whether Dr.

in the two works, render them one of the most permanently Newman teaches

Truth is no Virtue ?" [in 3 interesting sets of books ever published. Parts ; Part III. being “History of my Religious

LITERARY ANECDOTES, Volume 7, part 2:

Volume 8; and Volume 9 (useful to complete sets), Opinions,”] 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. 128 1864

3 vols. 8vo. bds., £1. 16s (pub. £3. 38) 1814-15-16 NEWTON (C.T., British Museum) DISCOVERIES ILLUSTRATIONS of the LITERARY HISTORY

at HALICARNASSÚS, CNIDUS, and BRANCHIDÆ, of the XVIIIth CENTURY, portraits, and other with lithographic Plates, some on india paper, and engravings, Volumes 7 and 8, 8vo. (useful to cu many woodcuts, 2 vols, royal 8vo., also a FOLIO

plete sets), boards, £l. 4s (pub. £2. 2s) 1848-58 ATLAS, containing nearly 100 fine plates, together PROGRESSES, PROCESSIONS, and magnificent 3 vols. cloth (SCARCE), £8. 18s

1862 Festivities of King James I., his Consort, Family, TRAVELS and DISCOVERIES in the LEVANT, and Court ; including RARE POETICAL TRACTS; with folding maps and numerous steel and other with illustrative Notes, frontispicces, 4 vols. 4to. plates, 2 vols. super-royal 8vo. neatly half bound, new half calf gilt (scarce), £4. 18s

1838 12s (pub. £2. 2s)

1865 NEWTON (Sir Isaac) OBSERVATIONS upon


graphs of Royal, Noble, Learned, and Remarkof St. John, 4to. calf neat, 5s

able Personages conspicuous in English History 1733

from Richard II. to Charles II., with some illus. NEWTON (W.) DISPLAY of HERALDRY, with

trious Foreigners, containing many passages from scveral hundred illustrations of Arms, 8vo. cloth, 12s

important Letters, with Biographical Memoirs

Pickering, 1846 NEW ZEALAND SCENERY, 15 large and fine

and Interesting Extracts, Index of Names, etc.,

65 large plates of Facsimiles, imperial 4to. cloth, plates of Grand and Romantic Scenes, CHROMO

18s (pub. £2. 158)

18:29 LITHOGRAPHED after original Water-Colour Drawings by John Gully an early Explorer), with NICII ERITĦRÆI (Jani) PINACOTHECA descriptive letterpress by Dr. Julius von Haast,

VIRORUM doctrinæ vel ingenii laude illustrium, imperial folio, cloth, £2. 5s Dunedin, N. 2., 1877

engraved title, 12mo. vellum (with MS. Note by NEW ZEALAND, PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS

Mr. Beckford), 5s Colonic-Agripp., 1643 of, by S. C. BREES, comprising 2 large folding NICOLAS (Sir H.) SIEGE of CARLAVEROCK morps and 67 FINE ENGRAVINGS, with Descriptions, (temp. 1309, in Anglo-Norman Verse), with Trans. folio, cloth gilt, 16s (pub. £2. 2s)

1847 lation and History of the Castle, Memoirs of the NIBELUNGENLİED (Das); übersetzt von Personages commemorated, Arms of the Earls,

G. O. MARBACH, finely printed cithin Floriated Barons, and Knights, 4to. boards, £l. 4s 1828 Borders, with numerous spirited Woodcuts after

Treatise on the LAW of ADULTERINE original designs by E. Bentlemann and J. Hübner, BASTARDY ; with Report of the Banbury Case, royal 4to. morocco, marbled edges, £1. 4s

and of all other Cases bearing on the subject, Leipzig, 1840 8vo, cloth, lls 6d





and 8 Etchings by Mouilleron, 2 vols. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS; by SWIFT, with portrait and 5 etchings by A. Lalauze. TALE OF A TUB; by SWIFT, with portrait and 5 etchings by Ed. Hedouin.

The 4 vols. for £3. 3s nett. TRISTRAM SHANDY; by LAWRENCE STERNE, with 8 etchings by Damman from

original drawings by H. Furniss, 2 vols. THE OLD ENGLISH BARON, a Gothic Story, by CLARA REEVE ; and THE CASTLE

OF OTRANTO, by HORACE WALPOLE; with 2 portraits and 4 etchings by
Damman, from original drawings by A. H. Tourrier, 1 vol.

The 3 vols. for £2. 10s nett.
ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS: carefully revised and corrected from the

Arabic by JON. SCOTT, LL.D. With 19 original etchings by A. Lalauze, 4 vols. HISTORY of the CALIPH VATHEK. By W. BECKFORD ; with Notes; and RASSELAS,

Prince of Abyssinia, by DR. JOHNSON. In 1 vol. with portrait of Beckford, and 4 original etchings, designed by A. H. Tourrier, and etched by Damman.


ALL ON LARGE PAPER. MEDIUM 8vo. THE ETCHINGS ON JAPANESE PAPER. LE SAGE'S WORKS; translated from the French : GIL BLAS, with biographical and critical Notice, by G. Saintsbury, with 12 original

etchings by R. de Los Rios, 3 vols. ASMODEUS, with 4 original etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. BACHELOR OF SALAMANCA, with 4 original etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. VANILLO GONZALES; or, the Merry Bachelor, with 4 original etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. The 6 vols. for £5. nett.

OR, SEPARATELY: GIL BLAS. By LE SAGE: translated from the French by T. Smollett. New

Edition, carefully revised; with biographical and critical Preface by G. Saints

bury: 12 original etchings by R. de Los Rios The 3 vols. for £2. 108 nett.. ASMODEUS. By LE SAGE ; with 4 original etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. BACHELOR OF SALAMANCA. By LE SAGE: translated by James Townsend, with

4 original etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. VANILLO GONZALES; or the Merry Bachelor. By LE SAGE, with 4 original

etchings by R. de Los Rios, 1 vol. The 3 vols. for £2, 10s nett.

“ Among the numerous handsome reprints which the publishers of the day vie with each other in producing, we have seen nothing of greater merit than this series. Those who have read these masterpieces of the last century in the homely garb of the old editions may be gratified with the opportunity of perusing them with the advantages of large clear print and illustrations of a quality which is rarely bestowed on such re-issues. The series deserves every commendation.-The Times. NIMMO and BAIN'S REPRINTS of STANDARD WORKS, uniformly printed on thick

Laid Paper, and illustrated by many beautiful Etchings, including portraits, by A. LALAUZE, R. De Los Rios, and other eminent artists, on JAPANESE PAPER, 20 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER (only 100 copies so printed), handsomely bound in new half morocco, top edges gilt (VERY FINE SET), £22. 108

1881, etc. This fine Series comprises :-STERNE'S Tristram Shandy, and Sentimental Journey ; REEVE's Old English Baron; WALPOLE's Castle of Otranto ; BECKFORD'S Vathek; JOHNSON's Rasselas ; DEFOE'S Robinson Crusoe ; SWIFT's Gulliver's Travels, and Tale of a Tub; Arabian Nights, edited by J. Scott; LE SAGE's Gil Blas, Asmodeus, Bachelor of Salamanca, and Vanillo Gonzales ; MENDOZA'S Lazarillo de Tormes ; ALEMAN'S Guzman d'Alfarache.

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comprising Miscellaneous Tracts relating to the Antiquities of the County, with numerous engravings, 8 vols.; HUSENBETH'S EMBLEMS of Saints, rubricated borders, and many Arms of the Saints printed in colours ; VISITATION OF NORFOLK, 1563, edited by the Rev. G. H. Dashwood, Vol. I; and Pedes Finium, or Fines, relating to the County of Norfolk, edited by Walter RYE; together 11 vols. 8vo. uniformly bound in half morocco gilt, top edges gilt (SCARCE), £9. 9s

1847-1880 NORFOLK, HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the County of, by the Rev. F. BLOMEFIELD; new edition, portrait, 11 vols. royal 8vo. half calf neat, marbled edges, £15. 158


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NICOLAS (Sir H.) LIVES of WALTON and | NIEBUHR (B. G.) Epitome of the History of

COTTON [from his edition of “The Angler"], ROME, with Chronological Tables and an Append. portraits and vignettes, imperial 8vo. half bound, ix, by TRAVERS TWISS, 2 vols. 8vo. half milf uncut (presentation copy from the author to

neat, 6s 6d

Oxford, 1536 Viscount Strangford), £2. 10s Pickering, 1837 NISARD (C.) HISTOIRE des LIVRES POPULAIRES,

OBSERVATIONS on the OFFICES of SECRETARY ou de la Littérature du Colportage, depuis le Ile of STATE, Lord Privy Seal, and Lord Chamber- Siècle jusqu'à l'établissement de la commission lain : and on the Great Seal of England, thin d'examen des Livres du Colportage (November, super-royal 8vo. boards (only 50 copies printed for

1852), WITH NUMEROUS GROTESQUE ILLUSTRAprivate distribution), 8s 6d

1837 TIONS (facsimiles of the originals), 2 vols. 8vo. sewn (scarce), £1. 4s


Another copy, 2 vols. new half morocco gilt, TIONS et VOYAGES faicts en la TURQUIE, contenants plusieurs Singularitez que l'Autheur y a

top edges gilt ( fine copy), £1. 16s veu et observé, WITH 60 SPIRITED FULL-PAGE

The same, cheaper edition, 2 vols. post sro, WOODCUTS of Men and Women of various ranks,

calf gilt, 18s

Paris, 1864 small 4to. (title neatly mounted), calf extra, gilt

The same, 2 vols. post 8vo. beautifully bound edges, £2. 5s

Anvers, 1576

in calf extra, top edges gilt, £l. 58 The author of this work was geographer in ordinary to NISBET (Alex.) SYSTEM of HERALDRY, specuHenri II., and it contains much interesting matter : had this, lative and practical ; with the true Art of Blazon ; however, not been the case, it would always be esteemed for its spirited delineations of CHARACTER and CostUME, which have

Armorial Figures and Achievements of the most been generally attributed to Titian.


LAND, etc., with historical and genealogical lated by HARE, THIRLWALL, and others : with

Memorials relative thereto, numerous plates of Life and Letters, 14 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt,

Armorial Bearings, 2 vols. folio, half russa. top edges gilt, £8. 15$

£6. 18s

Edinburgh, 1804 CONTENTS :-History of Rome, 3 vols.-Lectures on

“A work written with great ability."- Moule's Bibliebris History of Rome, portrait, 3 vols.--Lectures on Ancient History, 3 vols.-Lectures on Ethnography and Geography, 2 vols.-Life

"I may presume to say (writes the author) that my reade and Letters, 3 vols.

will here tind such a collection of Armorial Bearings of Sirnate

and Families in Scotland, both ancient and modern, that th: HISTORICAL WORKS; Lectures on the History like was never attempted, and which will serve as a generai of Rome, 3 vols. ; on Ancient History, 3 vols. ; register, or at least a Directory of Arms to posterity: a work

hitherto much ." on Ancient Geography and Ethnography, 2 vols., with Life and Letters by Bunsen, 3 vols., trans- NOBLE (Rev. M.) MEMOIRS of the PROTEClated by Dr. Schmitz (BEST LIBRARY EDITION),

TORAL-HOUSE of Cromwell, from an early Periol, 1l vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt (SCARCE), £6. 108

continued to the present; and of the Families 1852-5

allied to, or descended from them ; with other "A thousand points in the History of Ancient Nations,

Lives; third edition, engravings and pedigrees, which have hitherto been either overlooked or accepted without 2 vols. 8vo. old calf, 8s 6d

1757 inquiry, are here treated with sound criticisin and placed in their true light."

Another copy (with autograph: ROBERT SOUTHEY, 1815, London'), 13s 6d

1787 COLLECTED LECTURES (on Roman History,

“Noble is one of the most laborious and accurate and used Ancient History, including the History of Greece, of the pioneer class.”—Quarterly Review. Ancient Ethnography and Geography), translated NOLLEKENS (J., Sculptor) AND HIS TIMES, and edited by Dr. L. Schmitz; portrait, 8 vols. comprehending his life, and Memoirs of several 8vo. half morocco neat, marbled edges, £3. 3s

Contemporary Artists, to the time of Blake, by 1852-53

J. T. Smith, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 12s 1824 LECTURES on the HISTORY of Rome, from

The same, 2 vols. calf extra, by J. Mackenzis the Earliest Times to the Death of Constantine, (Mr. Beckford's copy), 18s

1828 edited by DR. L. SCHMITZ, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. ls


NORFOLK, Topographical and Historical DeLECTURES on ANCIENT ETHNOGRAPHY and

scription of, with Notices of noted Natives (heing GEOGRAPHY, comprising Greece and her Colonies,

that portion of Cox's Magna Britannia), mop, Epirus, Macedonia, Illyricum, Italy, Gaul, Spain,

small 4to. half bound, 6s 6d

1725 Britain, the North of Africa, etc., translated by NORFOLK, HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of, trith Dr. L. SCHMITZ, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 12s many plates of Portraits, Views, Antiquities, etc.,

1853 10 vols. 8vo. old half calf neat, £3. 10s 1781

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