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THE GRANDEST WORK ON NINEVEH. PLACE (Victor) NINIVE et l'ASSYRIE; avec des Essais de Restauration par Felix

Thomas, with 87 COPPERPLATES, SOME IN COLOURS, 3 vols. imperial folio; new half morocco, top edges gilt, £18. 10s

Paris, Imprimerie Impériale, 1867-70 This fine work was printed at the expense of the French Government, for Presents only, and not for Sale; consequently it was never issued to the public. The Plates are executed in a very superior manner. Copies have realized £34. PLAYS (Old English); DODSLEY'S SELECT COLLECTION OF: fourth edition ;

chronologically arranged, and enlarged with new Plays, and with Notes of all the Commentators; together with new Notes, by W. Carew HazliTT ; LARGE PAPER, printed on Whatman's paper, 15 vols. demy 8vo. new boards, uncut (only ten copies so printed), £12. 12s

1874-76 Another similar copy, 15 vols. marbled tree-calf extra (IN FINE CONDITION), £18. 18s

1874-76 This excellent edition, in addition to other improvements, contains not only certain dramas of great still remained uncolle teprinted at all, but all the pieces in the collections of Dilke, Hawkins, etc., which


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of, by BISHOP TOMLINE, 2 vols. 4to. (to 1793), a Romance in Rhyme, with Notes: Adventures (all published), half calf gilt (nice copy), 8s 6d at the Siege of Calais by King Edward III., post 1821 8vo. new cloth, 2s (pub. 68)

1873 The fourth edition, 3 vols. 8vo. half PLAT (Sir Hugh) The JewEL HOUSE of Art morocco neat, cloth sides, 16s


and NATURE : containing divers Rare and ProfitLife and CORRESPONDENCE of the RIGHT able Inventions ; with new Experiments in Has. HON. W. Pitt, by EARL STANHOPE, with bandry, and Chimical Conclusions concerning Extracts from his MS. Papers, portraits, (new Distillation, etc., curious old engravings, small

library edition), 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £2 8s 1879 4to. antique calf, red edges (SCARCE), 18s 1653 PLANCHÉ (J. R.) EXTRAVAGANZAS, 1825-71,

This author has been called "the most ingenious Husband

man of the age he lived in." Testimonial Edition, edited by T. F. Dillon Croker and S. Tucker, with portraits of the PLATONIS OPERA OMNIA, Gr. et Lat., cum Author and of celebrated Actors and Actresses,

Notis Variorum et BEKKERI, 11 vols.- ÍNDEX

GRÆCITATIS PLATONICÆ : acced. Indices His5 vols. crown 8vo. new cloth, £1. 5s (original subscription price, £2. 12s 6d)


torici et Geographici, confecit T. MITCHELL, The same, new half calf gilt, £2. 2s

2 vols.- Together 13 vols. 8vo. calf extra, full The same, full calf gilt, £2. 10s

gilt backs, marbled edges, bound by Hayday. (NICE COPY), £3. 10s

Londini, 1826-32 Cyclopædia of Costume, or Dictionary of Dress, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military,

PLATO'S REPUBLIC ; translated, with Analysis from the Earliest Period in England to the Reign

and Introduction, by PROFESSOR JOWETT; second of George III., including Notices of contempor

edition revised, 8vo. tree-calf extra, by Ririere, 18s

1851 aneous Fashions on the Continent, and General History of the Costumes of the principal REPUBLIC; translated, with an Analysis Countries of Europe, by J. R. PLANCHÉ, and Notes, by J. L. DAVIES and D. J. VAUGHAN ; Somerset Herald, embellished with

second edition, 8vo. cloth, 6s Cambridge, 1858 OF ILLUSTRATIONS, plain plates, The same, new edition, foolscap 8vo. morocco, woodcuts, and chromo-lithographs, 2 fine large

gilt edges, 9s

1874 vols. 4to. half morocco, gilt edges, £3. 13s 6d (pub. £7. 78)

1876-9 PLATT (T. P.) ETHIOPIC DIDASCALIA ; or, Ethi“One of the most perfect works ever published upon the

opic Version of the Apostolical Constitutions subject. The illustrations are numerous and excellent, and received in the CHURCH of ABYSSINIA, with would, even without the letterpress, render the work an invaluable book of reference for information as to costumes for fancy balls

English translation, 4to. cloth, 8s 6d and character quadrilles."-Standard.

Oriental Translation Fund, 1834 History of British CoSTUME, to the close PLAYFAIR (Professor) WORKS; edited, with of the Eighteenth Century ; with numerous illus- Memoir by Dr. J. G. Playfair, and Essay on his trations, foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, 9s

1874 Character by Lord Jeffrey, 4 vols. Svo. half RECOLLECTIONS and REFLECTIONS, a Pro

morocco neat, 14s

Edinburgh, 18:22 fessional Autobiography, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 6s 6d

OUTLINES of NATURAL PHILOSOPY; Lec. 1872 tures in University of Edinburgh, plates, 2 vols.

8vo. in 1, half calf gilt, 78 6d Edinburgh, 1819 DESCENT of the DANUBE, from Ratisbon to PLAYING CARDS, History of; with AnecVienna, with Anecdotes and Recollections, his. dotes of their use in Conjuring, Fortune Telling, torical and legendary, of the Towns, Castles, and Card-Sharping ; by the Rev. E. S. Taylor, Monasteries, etc., frontispiece by L. Haghe, and and others, with nearly 50 curious plates, thick cuts, 8vo. cloth, edges smoothed, 5s 1828 foolscap Svo. gilt cloth, 6s 6d




The same, 2 vols. half morocco neat, 8 647

V. y.

PLAYS.-A COLLECTION of Old English Plays, PLAYS (English) A COLLECTION of 24, by most of which have not been Reprinted, and some Dramatists of the last Century, including M. G. not Printed at all, edited by A. H. BULLEN, B. A.; Lewis, Miss Lee, Mrs. Cowley, R. Cumberland, 4 vols. small 4to. boards, uncut, £l. 18s 1882-85 F. Reynolds, I. Hook, etc., 4 vols. half calf, 128

Only 150 copies of this excellent collection were issued, and all were printed on Dutch hand-made paper.

PLAYS.-CLEONE, a Tragedy, by R. Dodsley ; PLAYS (OLD ENGLISH), A Select Collection of, with Melpomene, an Ode, 1758-Elvira, a Tra. originally published by ROBERT DODSLEY in gedy, by D. Mallet, 1763–Hecuba, a Tragedy the year 1744 ; fourth edition, chronologically (by West, Lord Chancellor of Ireland], 1762—The arranged, revised and enlarged, with original and Desert Island [from Metastasio, by A. Murphy), other Notes, by W. CAREW HAZLITT, 15 vols. 1760- Albina, Countess Raimond, a Tragedy, by

post 8vo. cloth, £3. 3s (pub. £7. 17s 6d) 1874-5 Mrs. Cowley,' 1769 ; in one vol. 8vo. half caif PLAYS.--FIVE OLD PLAYS, illustrating the (with explanatory Notes in MS.), 5s 6d 1758-79

early Progress of the English Drama ; edited from Copies either Unique or of great Rárity, by PLAYS.-- Francis I., an Historical Drama, by J. PAYNE COLLIER, 2 fine steel vignettes, 4to.

FRANCES A. KEMBLE, 1832—LOVE-CHASE, a Roxburghe binding, £2. 18s 6d

Comedy, by J. S. KNOWLES, 1837-Rose of
Roxburghe Club, 1851
ARRAGON, a Play, by the same, 1842—in one vol.

1832-42 CONTENTS ;-Conflict of Conscience, by N. Woodes, Minister

8vo. half calf gilt, 8s of Norwich, 1581-Rare Triumphes of love and Fortune, 1989, PLUES (Margaret) RAMBLES in SEARCH of Three Ladies of London, 1584, and Three Lords and Three Ladies of London, 1590, both by Robert Wilson, the Actor-A Knack to

WILD FLOWERS, and How to Distinguish them, know a Knave, 1594.

third edition, with 16 coloured plates and numerPLAYS (FOUR OLD): Three Interludes : Ther

ous woodcuts, post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s

1879 sytes, Jack Jugler, and Heywood's Pardoner and The same, calf extra, gilt edges, 14s Frere ; and Jocasta, a Tragedy, by Gascoigne and

Introduction to the Study of BRITISH Kinwelmarsh, with Introduction, Notes, and

FERNS, Lycopods, and Equiseta, with 16 beauti. Glossary [by F. J. CHILD), post 8vo. cloth

fully coloured plates and numerous woodcuts, post (SCARCE), 13s 6d Cambridge (U.S.A.), 1848


8vo. cloth, 7s PLAYS. - Old English DRAMA, Baldwin's PLUTARCH'S LIVES ; together with other Selection of Plays from the, frontispieces, LARGE

Lives ; translated, with Notes, by Sir THOMAS PAPER, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, uncut (SCARCE), North, elaborate engraved title by F. Barlow, £2. 158

1825 and numerous woodcut Portraits, thick folio, old Contains :--The Second Maiden's Tragedy; How a Man calf (cracked), 18s

1657 may chuse a Good Wife from a Bad; The Ball; Rape of

LIVES; the Translation called Dryden's, Lucrece; Love's Mistress, or the Queen's Masque; Albertus Wallenstein; Dido, Queen of Carthage; and the Lady's

revised by PROFESSOR A. H. CLOUGH, 5 vols.Privilege.

PLUTARCH'S MORALS ; new edition, revised by PLAYS, OLD ENGLISH; a Selection from the Professor GOODWIN, with Introduction by R. W.

Early Dramatic Writers (by C. W. DILKE), EMERSON, 5 vols.—Together, 10 vols. 8vo. tree6 vols. 8vo. boards, £2. 14s 1814-15 calf gilt, £8.

1874 PLAYS. -- BRITISH THEATRE, MODERN LIVES; newly translated, with Notes and THEATRE, and Collection of FARCES, the Three

Life, by A. STEWART and G. LONG, 4 vols. post Serics complete, MRS. INCHBALD's excellent 8vo. half calf gilt, £1, 2s

1880 " acting editions,” with biographical and critical Or, calf gilt, £1. 10s notes, fine engravings of Scenes after Smirke, Lives, translated, with Notes, by J. and W. Howard, etc., 42 vols. foolscap 8vo. new half calf, Langhorne, 8vo. new calf gilt, 128 6d 1876 neat and uniform, £5. 15s


Another Edition, with numerous portraits, PLAYS.-British DRAMA, a Collection of the

2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 16s most esteemed Productions; with Biographies

The same, tree-calf extra, £1. ls and Critiques by R. Cumberland, a full-length

Cheap edition, post 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d 1879 Character Portrait of a celebrated Performer to

MORALS (all his Works excepting the each Play, 14 vols. 18mo. half calf gilt, £1. 168

“Lives"); translated from the Greek by several

1817 Hands, revised by PROFESSOR GOODWIN ; with PLAYS.-CUMBERLAND'S BRITISH THEATRE Introduction by Ř. W. EMERSON, 5 vols. 8vo. (including Shakespeare) : “ Acting Edition," with new tree-calf gilt, £4. 4s

1874 description of the Costume and the whole of the PLUTARCHI MORALIA, Gr. et Lat., cum Stage Business ; and Remarks, biographical and Var. Lectt. et Notis WYTTENBACHII (curâ Bur. critical [by G. DANIEL, of Canonbury), portraits ; gess, Sarisb. Episc. ), cum Indice, 8 vols. 4to. in 7, and woodcuts by R. Cruikshank, 48 vols. 12mo. in boards, uncut, £2. 10s (pub. £15. 13s 6d 40 ; half calf, £3. 15s 1826, etc.

Oxoniæ, 1795-1821 PLAYŠ (Old): The Devil to Pay, or the Wives Idem, eadem editio, cum Indice, 15 vols Metamorphosed, an Opera, with Names of the

8vo. (complete), boards, uncut, £1. 10s (pub Actors [by Coffey, Mottley, and Cibber), vo. £7. 4s)

ibidem, 1795-1831 1732—The Universal Passion, a Comedy (an “This (says Dr. Dibdin) is the elaborate and highly cele alteration of “Much Ado about Nothing"), with brated edition by Professor Wyttenbach, a scholar and critica Names of the Actors [by James Miller), 1737

no ordinary attainments."--" The labour (says The Edinburg

Review) which he appears to have bestowed on his grand worki The She-Gallants, a Comedy, with Names of the immense. He not only performed the customary duties of a Actors (by Lord Lansdowne), First Edition, 4to. editor, in comparing editions and collating MSS., but he rear 1696– The Mistaken Beauty, or the Lyar, a

with great care, almost every author of antiquity." Comedy (from Corneille's Menteur), 4to. 1685– POE ( Edgar A.) WORKS ; edited by Mari

Esop, a Comedy, with Names of the Actors (by Clemm, portrait, 4 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 11 Sir J. Vanbrugh), 4to. 1697 : 10s 6d

New York, 187

n. d.


SIR H. NICOLAS, the REV. A. DYCE, and others, elegantly printed by C. Whitting. ham ; with portraits, 53 vols. foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges, £24.

Pickering, 1852, etc. THE BEAUTIFUL ALDINE EDITION. The same, new edition (FINELY PRINTED ON TONED PAPER BY WAITTINGHAM), with portraits, 52 vols crown 8vo. LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, gilt edges (SCARCE £37. 10s

Bell and Daldy, 1866 Another copy, beautifully bound in new calf super-extra, gilt edges (A CHARMING SET), £45. ONLY 150 COPIES taken on large paper, of which 50 were immediately shipped to America.

COMPRISES : Akenside, Beattie, Burns, Butler, Chaucer, Churchill, Collins, Cowper, Dryden, Falconer, Goldsmith, Gray, Milton, Parnell, Pope, Prior, Shakespeare, Spenser, Surrey, Swift, Thomson, H. Kirke White, Wyatt, and Young. This edition contains many pieces of several authors not previously printed.

POE (Edgar A.) POEMS, with an Essay on his | POETS (ENGLISH) WORKS OF THE ; with Pre

Poetry by ANDREW LANG ; A LARGE PAPER COPY faces, biographical and critical, by Dr. S. JOHN. of the beautiful Parchment Library EditionSON, portraits, 72 vols. foolscap 8vo. original calf (only 50 so printed), frontispiece, post 8vo. crimson gilt (neat set), £4. 10s

1779 morocco extra, edges uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 16s Works of the British POETS ; with Pre


faces, Biographical and Critical, by DR. ROBERT Another copy of the same, in morocco

ANDERSON, vignettes, 13 vols. royal 8vo. old half elegant, silk linings, inside borders richly gilt, russia, contents lettered, £2. 18s

1795 edges uncut, top edges gilt, £2. 2s

" To good old Anderson the poets and the literature of the POETICAL WORKS, with Memoir, illustrated country are deeply beholden."- Quarterly Review. by Tenniel, Birket Foster, etc., square 8vo. morocco Works of, from CHAUCER to CowPER, in. extra, gilt edges, £1. 4s

1866 cluding Translations, with DR. JOHNSON'S LIVES COMPLETE WORKS, in Prose and Verse, of the Poets, and additional Lives by A. CHALedited by J. H. Ingram ; with Memoir, portrait, MERS, 21 large and closely printed vols. wal 4 vols. post Svo. half morocco gilt, £1. 58 1881 8vo. russia, £5. 15s (pub. in boards, £25.) 1570 The same, new calf gilt, £1. 12s to £2. 2s

The same, 21 vols. full bound morocco, out COMPLETE Works (the limited “ Amontil. edges, contents lettered (NICE SET), £8. 1810 lado” Edition), with Biographical and Critical POETS (BRITISH); reprint of the celebrated Memoir by R. H. Stoddard, Essays by Lowell “ Aldine Edition, with Memoirs and Notes and Willis, and Poe's Essay on the Poetic Princi. by eminent Authors, including Dyce, Mitford, ple, with new portrait on steel of Poe, and Etch. Nicolas, and others (beautifully printed by WHITings from Gifford, Church, Platt, Pennell, and

TINGHAM), with finely engrared Portraits: an other's, ALL PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER ; fac. entirely new and revised edition, with several similes of the first draft of The Bells," and modern Poets added, 59 vols. foolscap 8vo, muniro. numerous facsimile Letters, 8 vols. square 8vo. gilt edges, £30.

Bell, 1835-76 cloth, 18. &s nett

1884 CONTENTS :--Akenside, Beattie, Burns, Butler, Chauce, This is a new édition de luxe : only 315 copies are printed, of Churchill, Collins, Cowper, Dryden, Falconer, Goldsmith, (sas which but 25 are available for Great Britain. It is finely printed Kirke White, Milton, Parnell, Pope, Prior. Shakespeare, Speast, in large type, on Paper of beautiful finish and colour.

Surrey, Swift, Thomson, Wyatt, Young, Raleigh, Herbert POETARUM SCENICORUM GR. (Æschyli, Rogers, Campbell, Chatterton, and Blake.

Sophoclis, Euripidis et Aristophanis), FABULA The celebrated “ ALDINE EDITION," with superstites et perditarum Fragmenta, ex recog. Memoirs and Notes by Dyce, Mitford, Nicolas nitione GUIL. DINDORFII ; ed. secunda correctior, and others : new and cheaper edition, 52 vol imperial 8vo. russia, marbled edges, 14s

foolscap 8vo. new half morocco gilt, gilt edges, Oxon., 1851

£8. 108 POETRY (ELIZABETHAN): ENGLAND'S PARNAS- The same, half calf gilt, £7. 78 SUS; or the Choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets;

SELECT WORKS of the BRITISH POETS: with their Poeticall Comparisons, etc. Where.

with Biographical and Critical Prefaces by DR unto are annexed other various Discourses, both

AIKIN, engraved titles, 10 vols. foolscap sro, coff pleasaunt and profitable. [Dedicated to Sir T. gilt (nice copy), £1. Is Mounson by R. A. (Robert Allot ?)]. Reprint of SELECT WORKS of the BRITISH POETS ; the rare edition of 1600, with Notes, by T. PARK, from Ben Jonson to Beattie, with Biographical 3 parts, 4to, complete, boards, £1. 10s

1814 and Critical Prefaces, by DR. AIKIN, thick dic. Another copy, bound in one, half morocco, calf gilt, 5s

1824 uncut, £2. 2s

SELECTIONS from the ExGLISH POETS: In the second edition of Dr. Ingleby's Shakespeare's Centuric of

Chaucer to the present Age : with critical Intro Prayše-a work compiled to show the estimation in which our great Poet was held by other authors from 1591 ---the editor (Miss

ductions by various Writers, and a general Intru Lucy Toulmin Smith) shows that in the above work (published duction by MATTHEW ARNOLD: edited by T. H. as early as 1600)91 genuine Shakespearean extracts had appeared: WARD, 4 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, £2. &s IN of these 63 are from Venus and Adonis and Lucrece; 13 from Romeo and Juliet; and the remainder from Richard II., Richard

The same, tree-calf extra, by Ririere, III., Henry Il'., Part 1, and Love's Labour's Lost.

£2. 12s 6d


R, d.

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and by LORD OVERSTONE; Edited, with Prefaces, Notes, and Indexes, by J. R. McCulloch, 7 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt (VERY RARE), £21.

Printed for Private Distribution, 1856-59


PRINTED BY THE POLITICAL ECONOMY CLUB. EARLY ENGLISH TRACTs on Commerce (SELECT COLLECTION of), from the originals of Mun, Roberts, North, and others. One hundred Copies printed

1856 SCARCE AND VALUABLE TRACTS on MONEY (Select Collection of), from the originals of Vaughan,

Cotton, Petty, Lowndes, Newton, Prior, Harris, and others. One hundred and twenty-five Copies printed

1856 II.

PRINTED BY LORD OVERSTONE. SCARCE and VALUABLE TRACTS on COMMERCE (Select Collection of), from the originals of Evelyn,

Defoe, Richardson, Tucker, Temple, and others. One hundred and fifty Copies printed 1859 SCARCE and ECONOMICAL TRACTS (Select Collection of), from the originals of Defoe, Elking, Franklin,

Turgot, Anderson, Schomberg, Townsend, Burke, Bell, and others. Two hundred Copies printed

1859 SCARCE and VALUABLE TRACTS and other Publications (Select Collection of), on PAPER CURRENCY

and BANKING, from the originals of Hume, Wallace, Thornton, Ricardo, Blake, Huskisson, and others. One hundred and fifty Copies Printed

1857 OVERSTONE'S (Lord) Tracts and other Publications on Metallic and Paper Currency : edited by J. R. McCulloch

1858 OVERSTONE'S (Lord) Evidence given before the Select Committee of the House of Commons of 1857, on BANK ACTS: with Additions


Biographical and Critical Notices and an Essay Times, unabridged (on toned paper), with upon English Poetry, by T. CAMPBELL, portrait wards of 200 fine woodcuts, after BIRKET FOSTER, and vignette, royal 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 188 T. CRESWICK, Harrison Weir, " the Etching

1844 Club,etc., small 4to, cloth extra, gilt edges, 13s Words from the Poets, selected by C. M.

1862 Vaughan ; foolscap 8vo, calf gilt, 6s 1873 POEMS by EMINENT LADIES, particularly Mrs.

POETs of the NINETEENTH CENTURY, selected Behn, Lady M. W. Montagne, Duchess of Newand edited by the Rev. R. A. Willmott, with castle, etc. (with accounts of the Writers), 2 vols. 100 beautiful engravings by eminent artists, foolscap 8vo. old calf, 9s 61/

1755 small 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 8s 6d (pub. £l. ls) POETRY (ENGLISH SACRED), Sixteenth to

1857 Nineteenth Centuries; edited by the Rev. R. A. The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, Willmott, with 80 highly finished wood engravings £2, 2s

from drawings by Holman Hunt, J. D. Watson, The same, new edition enlarged, with 130 Sir John Gilbert, J. Wolf, etc., small 4to.

ENGRAVINGS by eminent morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 12s 1863 artists, and portrait of Wordsworth, square post POETRY of the ANTI-JACOBIN ; the Celebrated 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 14s

Political and Satirical Poems, Parodies, etc., of The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges,

the Right Hon. G. Canning, the Right Hon. John 16s 6d POEMS (SHORTER ENGLISH) selected, edited

Hookham Frere, the Marquess Wellesley, G. Ellis, etc., 4to, boards, uncut, 10s 6d

1801 and arranged by PROFESSOR HENRY MORLEY, POETS (LIVING ENGLISH), 1882; a selection with upwards of 100 woodcuts, imperial 8vo. cloth,

from those most Eminent ; second edition, with 6s (pub. 12s 6d)

(1876) POEMS and LYRICS (CHOICE), comprising 130

frontispiece, post 8vo. morocco elegant, edges

1883 Selections from as many Authors, nicely printed;

uncut, top edges gilt, £l. Es

PASSAGES from MODERN ENGLISH POETS, foolscap 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges, 7s 60 1867

illustrated by the JUNIOR ETCHING CLUB, 47 POEMS and PICTURES : Favourite Ballads, Songs, Etchings, India Proofs before letters, folio, half etc., beautifully printed with ornamental borders, bound morocco, £4. 4s

1862 and profusely illustrated by COPE, REDGRAVE, The Artists in this beautiful volume are Barwell, Viscount DYCE, and others, small 4to. cloth gilt, 8s 6d (pub. Bury; Clark, Clayton, Lord G. Fitzgerald, Gale, Keene, Lawless,

Lewis, Marks, Millais, Moore, Oakes, Powell, Rossiter, Severn, £2, 2s)

1846 Sleigh, Smallhield, Tenniel, Whaite, and Whistler. The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d

and POESY (ENGLISH), ANCIENT Critical POETRY and POETS of GREAT BRITAIN ; Essays upon, edited by J. HASLEWOOD, 2 vols.

with Extracts, Biographies, Notes, etc., by D. 4to. russia extra, gilt edges, by kalthoeber (RARE), Serymgeour, portrait of Tennyson, and vignette, £5, 5s

1811-15 thick post 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, 148 1866 Only 200 copies printed; containing reprints of the rare The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, 16s 6d

works of G. Puttenhain, Gascoigne, Harvey, Spenser, K. James, Webb, Meres, Harington, Campion, etc,



n. d.

"--Dr. S. Parr.


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POETS' PLEASAUNCE (The): a Garden of all | PONTE (Padre Lud. da) MEDITAZIONI, tra.

Sorts of Pleasant Flowers, which our pleasant dotte dallo Spagnuolo dal Signor Giul. Cés.
Poets lave, in past times, for Pastime planted, by Braccini, e corrette dal P. G. Bonaretti, ottava
Eden Warwick (the late G. JABET, of Birming- / edizione, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 8s 6d
ham), finely printed ; with floriated borders to

Torino, 18,5 every page : besides very beautiful broad Woodcut PONT (B.) HISTOIRE DE LA VILLE DE CAEN, Borders cxhibiting Flowers and Insects, square 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 6s 8vo, decorated boards (SCARCE), 12s 1847

Caen, 1866 The same, morocco gilt, gilt edges, 14s

POPE (A.) POETICAL WORKS, includiug HOMER'S POET of the AGE; a Satirical Poem, with intro- lliad and Odyssey, and other translations (D

ductory Remarks on the Decline of Poetry, 12mo. ROVERAY'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION), with fine incloth, 58

1862 pressions of the 72 engravings by Heath, Fittler, POGGIO BRACCIOLINI, LIFE of, by the ctc., after STOTHARD, FUSELI, and WESTALL,

Rev. W. Shepherd, 4to. white vellum extra, gilt 18 vols. post 8vo. mottled calf, gilt backs, marbled edges, 6s 6d Liverpool, 1802 edges, £8. 10s

1804-6 “Very interesting."

MISCELLANEOUS POETICAL WORKS (1) The same, second edition (with Extracts Roveray's fine edition), with the beautiful plates from his Correspondence, and notices of his Con. from drawings by STOTHARD,

HOWARD, temporaries), 8vo. cloth, 58

1837 WESTALL, etc., 6 vols. post Svo. boards, uncut The same, 8vo. calf extra, full gilt back, (very scarce), £1. 10s

1804 suffron edges, by BEDFORD, 10s 6d

Works in VERSE and PROSE, with Yotes, POISSON (S.) TRAITÉ de MÉCANIQUE : trois

by WARBURTON, WARTON, Johnson, WAKEième édition, revue avec soin par J. G. Garnier,

FIELD, CHALMERS, etc., with Original Letters, royal 8vo. half calf neat, 58 6d Bruxelles, 1838

Observations, and LIFE, by the Rev. W. I. POLITICAL TRACTS.-Spirit of DESPOTISM, BOWLES, numerous portraits, 10 vols.-also his

dedicated to Lord Castlereagh [ by Knox); ILIAD and ODYSSEY, 9 vols.- Together 19 vols. reprinted from the very rare original edition, and royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, russia, marbled edges, edited by the author of " The Political House £4. 4s

1806 that Jack Built,” woodcut by G. Cruikshank, 1821 WORKS; Poetry, Prose, and Correspondence: -COBBETT's Paper against Gold, 1810-15—OLD- with Notes and Illustrations by himself and FIELD's Key to the House of Commons (on others : edited, with new Life and Remarks by Rotten and Corporation Boroughs, etc.), 1819- W. Roscoe, portrait, 10 vols. 8vo. calf gili, in 1 vol. 8vo. half bound, 7s 6d

marbled edges, £3. 10s


POETICAL WORKS, with Memoir by the Political Register, January, 1818, to August 21, REV. ALEXANDER DYCE; 3 vols. foolscap Sro, 1819–The Republican, August, 1819-The Black half morocco, 10s 6d

1877 Dwarf, Hone's Political Christmas Carol, and

POETICAL WORKS; with Memoir, Notes, Man in the Moon, with cuts by Cruikshank, etc., and critical Notices on each Poem, by the Rev. in 1 vol. 8vo. half bound, ss 6d

1817-20 G. CROLY, LL.D., finely engraved frontispieces POLITICAL DICTIONARY; explaining the true and vignettes, 4 vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, 103 01 Meaning of Words ; illustrated in the Lives,

Valpy, 1835 Morals, Character, and Conduct of Illustrious

POETICAL WORKS, edited by R. CARRIPersonages, by C. PIGOTT (Author of the THERS; new edition, with numerous engraringa, “ Jockey Clubs”), 8vo. half calf (title stained), 2 vols. post 8vo. tree-calf extra, 18s 6d 1873 tery scarce, 7s


POETICAL WORKS, edited by the Rev. H. Includes some satirical and very extraordinary detinitions. F. CARY, with Biographical Notice, rignette, POLLOCK (Field-Marshal Sir G.) LIFE royal 8vo. calf gilt, 12s and 16s

1872 and CORRESPONDENCE of; by C. R. Low, photo

The same, new edition, with Memoir. graph portrait, 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub. 18s) 1873

illustrated by Sir J. GILBERT, foolscap 8vo, alf POLLOK (R.) COURSE of TIME, a Poem, with

gilt, 78 many pretty vignette wood engravings by BiRKET

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d

POETICAL WORKS (Globe edition), editel, FOSTER, J. TENNIEL and CLAYTON, small 4to. cloth gilt, 9s

with Notes and Memoir, by PROFESSOR A. W. 1857 WARD, post 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d

1876 The same, morocco super-extra, gilt eilges,

1879 £1. 18s 6d

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d
Another edition, foolscap 8vo. morocco extra,

The same, morocco super-extra, gilt alges,

12s 6d gilt eilges, 9s


POETICAL WORKS ; edited, with a critical POMPEII and HERCULANEUM, FABLES and Memoir, by W. M. ROSSETTI, illustrated by Ser.

TALES, in Verse, suggested by the Frescoes of, by combe, post 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 9s and los tirl
GRAVINGS on steel by E. Bromlcy, small 4to. The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges,
cloth, 10s 6d

1835 12s 60 PONTOPIDDAN (E., Bishop of Bergen) POETICAL WORKS (Chandos edition), with

NATURAL HISTORY of NORWAY, the Soils, Memoir, Notes, etc., portrait and illustrations, Waters, Vegetables, Minerals, Beasts, Birds, and

square post Svo. neue calf gilt, lls 6d Fishes, etc., with the Customs, etc:, of the In

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 14s habitants, translated from the Danish, with 28

The same, morocco super-ertra, gilt edges, plates (including the GREAT SEA SERPENT), and 16s 6d folding map, 2 vols. folio in one, calf (neatly POETICAL WORKS (Chandos Classics), fools. rebuchedl) 14s

1735 cap 8vo. half calf gilt, 3s 62/

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