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Important to Architects, Painters, Decorators, and Manufacturers of Furniture,

Printed Goods, Jewellery, etc. POLYCHROMATIC ORNAMENT, 100 plates in gold, silver, and colours, comprising Two

Thousand Specimens of the various styles of Ancient, Oriental, and Mediæval Art, including the Renaissance and 17th and 18th Centuries, by A. RACINET, with explanatory Description to each plate, and a General History of the Art of Ornamentation, illustrated by Woodcuts. In one vol. Folio, handsomely bound in extra cloth, gilt edges, price £6. 68

1877 The same, in Half Morocco extra, £7. 108; or, Whole Morocco, £8. 158 Although various works on the Art of Ornamentation have been published, during the last few years, the advertisers have reason to believe that RACINET'S POLYCHROMATIC ORNAMENT will be found superior to them all in many important respects. The majority are either purely elementary, or confined to one particular branch of the subject, while the remainder are so costly that they are quite beyond the reach of the ordinary student. The present work is not only sold at a price which renders it available for all purposes of study and manufacture, but it is also so comprehensive that it forms in itself a complete library of the subject. The plates are executed with a degree of finish never before attained in a similar work, and in fact only recently rendered possible by the late improvements in the art of colour. printing.

The plates contain no less than 2000 different subjects, which may be multiplied almost indefinitely by the alterations and combinations which the experience of the artist or manufacturer will be sure to suggest; and as the majority of them exist only in unique specimens, they may be regarded as absolutely norel and hitherto unworked.

The general excellence of the volume, and its value as a book of instruction, are amply proved by the fact that it has been selected as a text book by the “Science and Art Department” at South Kensington.


FULLY COLOURED PLATES OF RAPHAEL'S ARABESQUES, ETC., IN THE VATICAN, BY VOLPATO AND OTTAVIANI, from drawings taken from the Original Works by SAVORELLI and CAMPORESI, with Introduction in French and Italian ; elephant folio, handsomely bound in Purple Morocco extra, with broad gold borders on the sides (FINE COPY), £25. 48

Roma, 1772 COLOURED COPIES of this splendid work are VERY RARE.



RALEGH (Sir W.) LIFE of Sir WALTER | RAMSAY (Allan) POEMs on several Occasions,

RALEIGH ; based on Contemporary Documents 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. calf, 8s 6d Edinburgh, 1790 preserved in the Rolls House, etc., with his

GENTLE SHEPHERD (Foulis's beautifully Letters,

first collected by EDWARD EDWARDS, Portraits, Facsimiles of writing, etc.,

printed large type edition), with portrait and the 2 vols. thick 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 4s

12 large and very characteristic Engrarings by D. 1868

ALLAN, folio, boards, uncut (scarce), £l. iss RALSTON (W. R. Š.) RUSSIAN FOLK TALES,

Foulis ; Glasgour, 1796 8vo. new cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 128)

1873 RAMAGE (Dr. C. T.) BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS and the Music engraved on 18 copper-plates. It is very rare :

The most sumptuous edition ; containing a copious Glossary from LATIN AUTHORS, with English Translations, this state. third edition enlarged, thick post 8vo, calf gilt,

“ This beautiful dramatic poem (says Roscoe extiles 12s 6d


rusticity without vulgarity, and elegant sentiment

affectation." RAMBOSSON (J.) HISTOIRE des ASTRES: Astronomie pour Tous, with 10 coloured plates, 63

POEMS: corrected and enlarged edition; woodcuts, and 3 celestial charts, large 8vo, calf

with Life [by G. Chalmers), and Remarks on his gilt, 18s 6d

Paris, 1874

Poems (by Lord Woodhouselee), and Glossary, ASTRONOMY ; translated by C. B. Pitman,

portrait by his Son, view and facsimile irritiny,

1800 with numerous illustrations, post 8vo. calf gilt,

2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 14s lls


Another copy, 2 vols. morocco, gilt edges, Les HARMONIES du Son, et l'histoire des 17s 6d Instruments de Musique, with 5 chromolitho.

EVER GREEN; a Collection of Scots Poemas, graphs and 200 wood engravings, royal 8vo. half

wrote before 1600, with Glossary, 2 vols, 1.200. morocco, gilt edges, 12s

Paris, 1878 RAMSAY (Dr. A. C.) PHYSICAL GEOLOGY and

marbled tree-calf gilt, red edges, scarce, £1. 10s GEOGRAPHY of GREAT BRITAIN, with coloured

Edinburgh, 1761 Geographical Map and cuts, crown 8vo. tree-calf Cherrie and the Slae, Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie, Goes

Includes Hardyknute, Chryst's Kirk of the Grene, ne gilt, 18s 6d

1878 ! Terge, etc.

v. y.


a collection of Choice Songs, Scots and English, ALDER and HANCOCK's Nudibranchiate Mollusca, elegantly printed, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 2 vols. ; ALLMAN's Fresh Water Polyzoa ; Wil

Glasgow, 1871 LIAMSON's Recent Foraminifera ; HUXLEY'S Another copy, 2 vols. post 8vo. elegantly Oceanic Hydrozoa ; CARPENTER's Foraminifera ; bound in morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 58

FLOWERS'S Cetacea; Nitzsch's Pterylography; The same, 2 vols. imperial 8vo. LARGE PARKER on the Shoulder Girdle and Sternum in PAPER, cloth, £1. 108

Vertebrates ; together 9 vols. folio in 4, with 180 During the Author's lifetime, no less than fourteen editions of the “Tea-Table Miscellany

plates, MANY BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, half were issued from the press; this new edition is reprinted from the latter of these verbalim, RAYER (P.) TRAITÉ des MALADIES des REINS,

morocco gilt, uncut (VERY SCARCE), £8. 10s 1845-68 and in a manner to do honour to the Author. RAMSAY (G.) ENQUIRY into the Principles of étudiées en elles-mêmes et dans leurs Rapports HUMAN HAPPINESS and Human Duty, 8vo. cloth, avec les Maladies des Uretères, de la Vessie, de la 58

1843 Prostate, de l'Urètre, etc., 60 COLOURED PLATES, RAMSAY (Professor W.) MANUAL of ROMAN impl. folio, 12 parts COMPLETE, £3. 15s Paris, 1837 ANTIQUITIES, new edition, enlarged ; with numer- RAYNAL (G, T.) HISTOIRE Philosophique et

ous illustrations, crown 8vo. tree-calf gilt, 13s n. d. Politique des Établissemens et du Commerce des RANKE (L. von) HISTORY of ENGLAND, prin- Européens dans LES DEUX INDES, portrait, 10

cipally in the Seventeenth Century, 6 vols. 8vo. vols. Svo. French fine copy, £1.4s Genève, 1780 calf gilt, £4. 158

1875 READ (S.) LEAVES from a SKETCH-BOOK ; PenRASŠAM (H.) Narrative of the BRITISH Mis- cillings of Travel at Home and Abroad, with sion to KING THEODORE, of Abyssinia, map and UPWARDS of 130 WOODCUTS (many full-page), illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 12s (pub. royal 4to. cloth gilt, 12s (pub. £l. 58) 1875 £1. 8s)

1869 READE (Charles) NOVELS and Tales, with RAWLINSON (Canon) SEVEN GREAT Mon. illustrations and portrait, new edition, 17 vols.

ARCHIES of the Ancient Eastern World, with post 8vo. half morocco gilt, £4. 188 illustrations, 5 vols. 8vo. vellum gilt, red edges, The same, half calf gilt, £4. 12s £5. 15

1873-79 Comprising :-It's Never Too Late to Mend-Peg WoffingtonThe same, 5 vols. tree-cf. ex., by Rivière, £6 6s

Course of True Love-Christie Johnstone-Love Me Little, Love

Me Long-Foul Play-Autobiography of a Thief-Cloister and Comprises the History, Geography, and Antiquities of Chal

the Hearth-The Double Marriage-Griffith Gaunt--Put Yourdæa, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Parthia, and Sassania, or the New Persian Empire.

self in His Place-Hard Cash-A Simpleton-A Woman Hater FIVE GREAT MONARCHIES of the Ancient

-A Terrible Temptation-Wandering Heir-Readiana : Com

ments on Current Events. Eastern World (Chaldæa, Assyria, Babylon, READE (J. E.) POETICAL WORKS ; new edition, Media, and Persia); with Maps and Illustrations,

with large Additions, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d

vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, 1873 12s

1857 The same, vellum gilt, carmine edges, £2. 18s

The same, tree-calf gilt, £2. 16s

RECLUS (E.) NOUVELLE GÉOGRAPHIE UNIVERConquest by the Persians, B.C. 527, with map, 9

SELLE: LA TERRE ET LES HOMMES, ILLUSTRATED plates, and over 250 woodcuts, 2 thick vols. 8vo.

by MANY HUNDRED FINE WOODCUTS and maps calf gilt, £3. 8s


(SOME COLOURED), 8 large thick vols. imperial

8vo. sewn, £6. 10s HERODOTUS; a new translation, with copious

Paris, 1876-83

THE EARTH; the Phenomena of the Life of Notes and Appendices, Maps and Illustrations, 4 thick vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £3. 3s

the Globe ; translated by Woodward, woodcuts, 1875 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d (pub. £1. 6s)

1871 The same, tree-calf extra, by Rivière, £3. 10s


1880 The same, vellum gilt, carmine edges, £3. 12s

popular Sketches and Anecdotes of British HISTORICAL EVIDENCES of the TRUTH of the

QUADRUPEDS, with fine Engravings ; also numerSCRIPTURE RECORDS stated anew, with special

ous masterly Woodcuts by L. CLENNELL, (pupil reference to Modern Doubts and Discoveries RECREATIONS for GENTLEMEN and LADIES ;

of Bewick), 8vo. red mor. gt., gilt edges, £l. 25 1815 (Bampton Lectures, 1859), 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d 1859 RAWLINSON (Sir H. C.) PERSIAN CUNEI

curious and diverting Sports and Pastimes, includ. FORM INSCRIPTION at Behistun, deciphered and

ing Cards, Dice, etc., by OZANAM, foolscap 8vo.

1756 translated (from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic REDGRAVE (R., R.A., and S.) CENTURY OF

calf neat, 4s Society), large folding plates, 4 parts, 8vo. seun

1847-49 (scarce), 16s

PAINTERS of the English School ; with Critical ENGLAND and Russia in the East : the

Notices of their Works, and Account of the ProPolitical and Geographical Condition of Central

gress of Art in England, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth (SCARCE), £2. 58

1866 Asia, map, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 128) 1875 RAWLINSON (R.) Designs for FACTORY,


DIE KAFER, nach der analytischen Methode bear:

beitet; zweite vermehrte Auflage, 2 plates, thick large plates of original designs, introducing the INDIAN TOWER, EASTERN MINARET, and ITALIAN REDTENBACHER (R.) Beiträge zur Kennt

roy. 8vo. hf. mor. extra, top ed. gt. 145 Wien, 1858 CAMPANILE, imperial folio, cloth, £l. 18s (1859)

niss der Architectur des Mittelalters in DeutschRAY (John, F.R.S.) Collection of ENGLISH WORDS (North and South Counties) not generally used,

land, 60 large plates of original designs from un. with their Significations and Original; also

published Monuments, imperial folio, in portfolio,

£1. 8s Account of the Preparing and Refining English REID (J. T.) ART RAMBLES in the Highlands and

Frankfurt, 1872 Metals and Minerals ; second edition enlarged,

1691 12mo. russia, gilt edges, 8s 6d

Islands of Scotland, with 156 sketches by the author, Includes a chapter on * Errors and Defects in our English

engraved by Dalziel, small 4to. morocco superAlphabet, O thography, and manner of Spelling."

extra, gilt eriges, £1. 12s


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of Mollusks; with Remarks on their Affinities, Synonymy, and Geographical Distribution, continued by G. B. SOWERBY, 20 vols. 4to. COMPLETE, containing about 2600 plates, EXHIBITING ABOVE 20,000 figures all beautifully coloured; half russia, contents lettered, £115.

1843-78 This great work embraces a complete Description and Illustration of the Shells of Molluscous Animals. The Figures are beautifully executed and of full size. Complete copies like the above can rarely be met with.

A VERY CURIOUS COLLECTION. REMARKABLE CHARACTERS, an extensive Collection of Portraits, Autographs, News

paper Cuttings, etc., enclosed in a large 4to. blotting book, £7.78

Among the Portraits and Autographs are many scarce and curious ones, including Portrait of Miss Biffin, with autograph-Scraps relative to the Murder of Mr. Burdon, with autograph letters of Mr. and Mrs. Burdon-Autograph Letter of J. Bedingfield, who saved the Life of George III.-- Portrait of J. Bel. lingham, with his autograph, card, etc. --Dying Speeches of J. Smithers and B. C. Danby, with Dr. Cotton's Signatures,Bill of Chabert, with his autograph, etc.-Attempt to escape from Newgate-Bank Restriction Note-Portrait and Autograph Letter of H. Fauntleroy, with Cuttings-Portrait of Lord George Gordon, with Autograph Letter, Caricature and Cuttings-Trial of J. Hadfield, with his Autograph Signatures, a Poem written by him in Bedlam, and various Cuttings-Miss Hawtin's Circular, with Spirimens of Paper Cutting with her Toes, vouched by the Signature of General Robson-Autograph Letter of H. Hetherington-Specimens of J. E. Edgwood's Writing with his Toes-Mary of Buttermere's Handwriting, with Scraps-Autograph of Margaret Nicholson, with other Signatures by her whilst in Bedlain, Portrait and Plates-Autograph Letter of P. O'Brien the Irish Giant, with Portrait and Cuttings-Papers relating to Mannings the Murderers-L. Nessen's Autograph Lunatic Letters to Lady Blessington-Portrait of Peter the Wild Boy, with MS. Account of Her Majesty's Lodge at Richmond, claiming £7. 17s bir for his maintenance--Trust Deeds of Sir J. D. Paul, with Autograph Signatures-Autograph Letter of J. J. Stockdale-A Collection of rare and curious Cuttings, with Portrait and Caricature of JOANNA SOUTHCOTE, her Autograph, etc.-Cuttings respecting Haggerty and Holloway, with Autograph of J.C. Steel and his Son-Autograph Note of M. Soyer, with 2 Portraits-Autograph Letter of W? W. SquireSiamese Boys–Tom Thumb-S. Whitehead, the Bank Nun's Portrait and Autograph Letter-Governor Wall's Signature to Garrison Returns, with Proclamation for his Apprehension, Life and ExecutionAutograph Letters and Bills of G. Wombwell— Engravings and Cuttings respecting Jonathan Wild; etc. RENNIE (Sir John) THEORY, FORMATION, and CONSTRUCTION of BRITISH and

FOREIGN HARBOURS, DOCKS, and NAVAL ARSENALS, with 123 large and elaborate engravings, and portrait of the author, bound in 4 large vols. atlas 4to. half morocco, £15. 158

Weale, 1851 The same, in 2 large vols. imperial folio, half morocco, £14. 108 Weale, 1851 This great work comprises Plans and Details of every description of the most celebrated British and Foreign Docks, Harbours, etc., from the earliest period, including all recent improvements. The impression was limited to 250 copies.


Narrative of the Visit to the AMERICAN CHURCHES SOPHIE en ANGLETERRE, depuis Bacon jusqu'à by the Deputation from the Congregational Union Locke, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 128 Paris, 1875 of England and Wales, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub: REMUSAT (Madame de) SES MÉMOIRES, 24s)

1835 REED (Sir E. J.) JAPAN: its History, Traditions,

1802-1808 : publiés par son petit-fils, Paul de and Religions ; with the Narrative of a Visit in

Rémusat, quatrième édition, 3 vols. 8vo. new half calf gilt, £i. 8s

Paris, 1890 1879, map, full-page engravings, many by Native

Contains very interesting and remarkable revelations cose Artists, and woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, cerning the Court and Domestic Life of Napoleon and Josephiee. £1. 18s

1880 RENNIE (Sir John) PLYMOUTH BREAKREES (Dr. A.) CYCLOPÆDIA, or Universal Dic.

WATER ; an Historical, Practical and Theoretical tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, com

Account of, with 25 large plates of Charts, and plete, with fine portrait and upwards of 600

Plans of Elevations and Sections of Lighthouses, engravings, 45 vols. 4to. Calf gilt (a neat copy),

Diving Bell Apparatus, and Machine for Cutting £3. 10s


off Piles under Water, etc., Proofs ON INDIA Another copy, 45 vols. royal 4to. LARGE AND

PAPER, imperial folio, half morocco extra, gilt FINE PAPER, neatly half bound Calf, £4. 10s

edges, £4, 4s

1845 Contains Articles by eminent Writers, e.g: In Anatomy and Physiology, Abernethy and Lawrence ; Antiquities. Ellis and Strutt;

AUTOBIOGRAPHY of SIR JOHN RENNIE, C.E.. Astronomy, Pearson, etc.; Botany, Sir 7. E. Smith. Woodville, comprising his Professional Life, and Reminis. etc.; Chemistry, Davy, Brande, etc.; Entomology, Conchology, cences from the beginning of the Century to the etc., Donovan ; Heraldry, Sir G. Vazlor; English History, Sharon Turner, etc.; Music, Dri Burney; Painting, Opie, Otley, Phillips ;

present Time, portrait, large 8vo. calf gilt, 12 Sculpture, Flaxman, Bacon ; Topography, 7. Britton ; etc.


Reynard the Fox, the most Delectable History of; with a Second Part; as also the Shifts of Reynardine, his Son, black letter

, with many curious and quaint woodcuts, ALSO NUMEROUS ADDITIONAL ONES, small 4to. russia extra, gilt edges (with the book-plates of E. V. Utterson and F. Ouvry), £9. 58

London, E. Brewster, 1701-1681 The above copy is illustrated by a set of very curious wood engravings from an edition printed at Rostock by Ludovick Dyetz in the year 1539.

A REMARKABLY CHOICE SET. REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua). CELEBRATED PAINTINGS, comprising 500 beautiful Mezzo

tinto Engravings by S. W. Reynolds, of PORTRAITS, SACRED, and Fancy SUBJECTS, after this great Master, INDIA PROOFS, 5 splendid vols. royal folio, half morocco extra, top edges gilt, £62. 10s

1865 “In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention, and in the richness and harmony of colouring, Sir Joshua Reynolds was equal to the greatest masters of the renowned ages. In Portrait he went beyond them; for he communicated to them that description of the art in which English artists are most engaged, a fancy and a dignity, derived from the higher branches, which even those who professed them in a superior manner did not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His Portraits remind us of the invention and the amenity of landscape.”-Burke.

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other able Authors.


new edition, enlarged' by the Rev. J. G. Wood, MEURS et du CoSTUME des Français dans le with nearly 200 illustrations, post 8vo. calf gilt, Dix-huitième Siècle ; avec Préface par A. de Mon. 9s

1869 taiglon, with 12 LARGE AND FINE ENGRAVINGS, The same, tree-calf extra, gilt edges, lls ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE FREE MANNERS of that RENOUVIER (C.) Essais de Critique Géné- hotely after drawings by S. Freudeberg; imperial rale, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 8s 6d Paris, 1854

folio, in portfolio,

, 1878 PREMIER Essal.--Analyse générale de la Connaissance.

BIBLIOGRAPHIE et ICONOGRAPHIE de tous DEUXIÈME Essal.-L'Homme ; la Raison, la Passion, la Liberté, ses Ouvrages : avec des Notes historiques, critla Certitude, la Probabilité morale.

iques, et littéraires, par P.L. JACOB, Bibliophile REPTON (H.) LANDSCAPE GARDENING, Obser- [PAUL LACROIX]; thick 8vo. sewn, uncut, £1.8s vations on the Theory and Practice of ; including

Paris, 1875 Remarks on Grecian and Gothic Architecture :

ONLY 500 copies taken on DUTCH PAPER, of which the present

is No. 141. tending to establish Fixed Principles in the RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW; consisting respective Arts; with upards of 50 fine COLOURED and other Plates with MOVEABLE

of Criticisms upon, Analyses of, and Extracts

from, Curious, Useful, and Valuable Books ; the SLIPS showing Improvements, imperial 4to. half calf, £l. 88

three series complete, 18 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, FINE 1803 SET (scarce), .£9. 9s


This admirable publication was written by Henry C. B. ARCHITECTURE ; new edition, enlarged, by J. C. Southern, Judge Talfourd, Sir H. Nicolas, James Crossley, W. LOUDON, with portrait and over 250 engravings J. Fox, .0. Halliwell-Phillipps, M. A. Lower, T. Wright, and (most of them NICELY COLOURED by the late REVERIES of a BACHELOR ; or a Book of the owner), 8vo. calf neat, 8s 6d


Heart, by Ik. Marvel [i.e. DONALD G. MITCHELL); (H. and J. A.) FRAGMENTS on the

with beautiful Illustrations, small 4to. calf, gilt Theory and Practice of LANDSCAPE GARDENING ; including Remarks on Grecian and Gothic Archi- REYNARD and DUPLESSIS. ORNEMENTS des

edges (a delightful work), 7s 6d New York, 1852 tecture, with numerous fine COLOURED and other

Anciens Maîtres du XVme au XVIIIme Siècle, plates, with moveable slips showing Improvements, with 220 BEAUTIFUL PLATES on India Paper, royal 4to. boards, £1. 88


engraved by Varin, Reister, Du Cane, and others, RERESBY (Sir John) TRAVELS and MEMOIRS, 2 vols, imperial 4to. half morocco, top edges gilt, with 40 portraits and views, mostly coloured, royal £6. 158

Paris (1860) 8vo. half morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt,

“ M. Ovide Reynard, qui a dirigé la publication que nous £2. 19s


annonçons, avait en sa possession une des plus curieuses collec.

tions d'Ornements Gravés qui ait jamais été formée. Tonte sa This curious and interesting work includes a View of the

vie a été consacrée à réinir les documents authentiques qui Governments and Society in the principal States and Courts of

deraient composer, par les monuments eux-mêmes, le grand Earope during the time of Cromweli, Secret History of the Courts of Charles II. and James II., etc.

ouvrage que nous venons de publier."

REYNOLDS (F., Dramatist) LIFE and TIMES MEMOIRS, 1634-89: written by himself ; of; with Anecdotes of his Contemporaries edited entire from the original MS. by J. J. CART- written by Himself, portrait, 2 vols. Svo hal WRIGHT, 8vo. half calf gilt, 10s (pub. £1. 18) 1875 calf, 8s 68 (pub. £1. 8s

189 The same, calf gilt, 12s 6d

REYNOLDS (G. W. MI ROTERT MACAM The same, ILLUSTRATED BY THE INSERTION in England ; fifth editio of 17 FINELY ENGRAVED PORTRAITS, 8vo. half by " Phiz,” 8vo. hal morocco extra, top edges gilt, £1. 58

The first complete edition, forming a substantially new work, with 41 stis?
for in the former ones, not only bad great alterations been made in
Reresby's language and manner of narration, but much interest-

John Pi ing maiter had been altogether omitted.

calf gilt,

THE LIBRARY EDITION. Just completed, in Twelve Volumes, 8vo. with Fine Portrait


STEPHEN *** The Works of Samuel RICHARDSON, comprising Clarissa Harlowe, Sir Charles Grandison, and Pamela, appear in this Edition for the first time in Demy 8vo., cortesponding with the Library Editions of other EnglISH CLASSIC AUTHORS. The Edition is strictly limited to 750 copies, and the twelve Volumes are well printed from an entirely new fount of type.

Price for the Twelve Volumes, in exctra cloth, £6. 6s.
The same, calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £9. 98
The same, tree-calf ectra, by Rivière, £9.93

The same, morocco extra, uncut, top elges gilt, £13. 138 “The publication of Clarissa' (says Sir WALTER Scott) raised the fame of the anthor to the lieight. No ork had appeared before, perhaps none as appeared since, containing so many direct appeals to the passions, stated, too, in a manner so irresistible. And high as liis reputation stood in his own country, it was even more exalted in those of France aud Germany, whose imaginations are more easily excited, and their passions more easily moved by talex of fictitious distress, than are the cold blooded English. Foreigners of distinction have been known to visit Hampstead and to inquire for the Flask-walk, distinguished as a scene in Clarissa's hiswry, just as travellers visit the rocks of Meillerie to view the localities of Rousseau's tale of passion. Diderot vied with Rousseau in heaping incense upon the shrine of the English author. The former compares him to Homer, and predicts for his memory the same honours which are rendered to the Father of epic poetry.


REVENGE against the Crying and Execrable Sinne ENGLISH LANGUAGE, combining, Explanation of Murther, in Thirty Tragicall Histories, which with Etymology, and Illustrated by copious contain great variety of Mournful and Memorable Quotations from the best Authorities, arranged Accidents, Amorous, Moral, and Divine, engrared Chronologically, 2 vols. 4to. tree-calj gilt, £5. 105 title, and 30 plates containing portraits of the

1573 persons mentioned, folio, calf, 14s

1663 RICHARDSON (Mrs. C.) MEMOIRS of the The engraved title is mounted on white paper, and a few Private Life and Opinions of Louisa, Queen of leaves are repaired.

Prussia, portrait, post 8vo. cloth, 5s


on RICHARDSON (C. J.) OBSERVATIONS on the PAINTING, with explanatory Notes, and 12 fine ARCHITECTURE of the Reigns of ELIZABETH illustrative Engravings by John BURNET, F.R.S., and JAMES, with 59 fine engravings, royal 411. 4to. cloth, 17s 6d (pub. £2. 2s)

half morocco (scarce), £1. 188

1832 Notes and Observations on Pictures, chiefly RICHARDSON (Sir J.) FAUNA BOREALIof the VENETIAN SCHOOL ; being Extracts from

AMERICANA ; or the Zoology of the Northern bis Italian Sketch-Books ; edited by W. Cotton, Parts of British America, with uproards of 70 Svo. cloth, 5s


COLOURED and other engravings o? Quadrupeds and his WORKS ; Gleanings from his Diary, and Birds, 2 vols. 4to. tree-calf catra, FINE COPY. unpublished MSS., etc., by W. Cotton, edited by

£4. 10s

1829-31 J. BURNET, portraits, facsimiles, and numerous

Includes Quadrupeds by Sir John Richardsoo, and Birds bu woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

1856 Swainson and Richardson. LIFE and TIMES of SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS ; RICHARDSON (J.) Dissertation on the with Notices of his Contemporaries : by C. R. Languages, Literature and Manuers of the LESLIE, R.A., and Tom TAYLOR, with Portraits EASTERN NATIONS ; second edition, including and Illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 10s Part II., Additional Observations, with Remark.

1865 on a New Analysis of Ancient Mythology, Sra. RHINE (The), from its SOURCE to the SEA, new sprinkled calf gilt, yellow edges, 8s Descriptive and Historical, translated from the

Oxford, 1775 German of Stieler, Wachenhuser, and Hachländer, RICHARDSON (S. ) Novels: Pamela,

( by G. Bartley ; 425 FINE WOOD ENGRAVINGS, Clarissa Harlowe, and Sir Charles Grandison ; royal 4to. sumptuously bound in purple morocco with a Sketch of his Life and Writings by the extra, sides richly gilt and tooled, watered silk Rev. E. MANGIN, fine portrait, 19 vols. post Sra linings, inside borders gilt, gilt edges, £5. 10s 1878 new tree-calf gilt, marbled edges (VERY SCARCE RICH (A.) DICTIONARY of Rom’AN and GREEK £11. 10s

1811 ANTIQUITIES, with nearly 2000 wood engrarings CLARISSA HARLOWE, in French, with eafront stucicnt originals, new edition, 8vo. calf gilt, grarings by Eisen, etc., 13 vols. lost Svo. ale 12. 6.1 1874 French calf, 188


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