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SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS. PLAYS, from the text of Johnson, Steevens, and WORKS ; edited, with Glossarial Index, tu

Reed (large type), with fine vignette engravings on Charles Knight (in small but distinct type), per steel from designs by Ť. STOTHARD, Thompson, 8vo. calf gilt, 6s Howard, etc., 12 vols. post 8vo. calf, marbled

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 6s edges, £1. 188

1807 | WORKS; with Account of his Life and Writing Another copy, 12 vols. grained purple morocco Notes, etc., Knight's Cabinet Edition, with Addi extra, silk linings, gilt edges, fine copy (SCARCE), tional Notes, vignettes, 12 vols. 18mo. cloth, 10.6 £4. 4s

1807 (pub. 188)

Chambers, n. d PLAYS, with explanatory and historical Notes DRAMATIC WORKS, with Remarks on his Life from the most eminent Commentators, a History

and Writings, by T. CAMPBELL, portrait and

vignette, thick royal 8vo. cloth, uncut, 14s 1033 of the Stage, Life, etc., by A. CHALMERS, fine

The same, tree-calf gilt, 17s 6d engravings after the designs of H. FUSELI, R.A.,


TRAGEDIES, ap:1 9 vols. 8vo. calf, full gilt backs, borders of gold,

POEMS; with Notes, Life, Glossary, and History £2. 18s


of the Early English Stage, by J. PAYNE COLLIER, PLAYS, edited by A. CHALMERS ; an unique improved edition, with Droeshout portrait, 6 vos.

copy, being illustrated by a fine series of plates 8yo. half morocco extra, contents lettered, ting (some of them PROOFS on INDIA PAPER), after edges gilt, £2. 2s

13 Thurston, Westall, Smirke, and other eminent

The same, 6 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £3. 15 painters : 8 vols. 8vo. vellum gilt, gilt edges, £9. 158 DRAMATIC WORKS, edited by JOHN PATTI


COLLIER, portrait, thick royal 8vo. half mort** PLAYS, edited by A. CHALMERS ( fine large type

neat, 10s 6d edition), with Chandos portrait, 8 vols. 8vo. calf COMPLETE Works; with Memoir and E gilt, contents lettered (nearly new), £2. 158 1856

on his Genius, by BARRY CORNWALL, and Vote

Introductions, etc., by R. G. White, R. H. Horta PLAYS and POEMS ; with Dr. Johnson's Preface,

etc., with steel portraits, and nearly 40 engran and Glossary (elegantly printed), with portrait

on steel and many woodcuts by KENNY MEADO and BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS by Heath from

3 vols. royal 8vo. half morocco gilt, £2. 5s drawings by SMIRKE, WRIGHT, etc., 1l vols. crown 8vo. (the title of Vol. 1 and portrait foxed), PLAYS and POEMS, the Text revised by the Re russia, carmine edges, £5. 10s Pickering, 1825

A. DYCE ; with Life of Shakespeare, Notes, ar

a very copious Glossary, fourth edition (supe. PLAYS and POEMS (Valpy's Cabinet Edition, tended by John Forster), large type, portraut

. 3 large type); with Life, Dr. Johnson's Preface, vols. Svo. half morocco gilt, £5. 15s Glossarial Notes, etc. ; portrait, and 170 OUTLINE The same, calf gilt, £6. 15$ ENGRAVINGS after the GREAT ENGLISH PAINTERS,

Other copies, tree-calf extra, £6. 108 ab: 15 vols. foolscap 8vo. cloth, £2. 18s

1844 £7. 158 Another copy, 15 vols. foolscap 8vo. half DRAMATIC WORKS, edited, with Life, by R morocco extra, gilt edges, £5. 5s

1870 CARRUTHERS and W. CHAMBERS, portrait is DRAMATIC WORKS, POEMS, DOUBTFUL PLAYS numerous woodcuts, 10 vols. post Svo. half er

and BIOGRAPHY, C. KNIGHT'S PICTORIAL EDI- £2. 2s TiON, with 1100 beautiful wood engravings (Re. DRAMATIC Works, from the Text of John , vised and Augmented Edition), 8 vols. super

Steevens, and Reed, with Glossarial Notes, Li royal 8vo. new cloth, £2. 5s (pub. £6.); royal 8vo. etc., by W. HAZLITT, 4 vols. foolscap Svo. A 2: half calf gilt, £4. 4s

morocco gilt, top edges gilt, £1. ls The same, half morocco, marbled edges, DRAMATIC Works; revised, with Yotes £5. 10s

S. W. SINGER, and Life by W. WATKISS LLOR The same, calf gilt, £6. 15s and £7. 7s

new edition, 10 vols. foolscap 8vo. half morn The same, morocco estra, gilt edges, £9. 188 gilt, £2. 12s 6d

The same, Original Edition, with fine im. · The same, calf gilt, £3. 58 pressions of the woodcuts, 8 vols. super-royal 8vo.

Another edition of the same, on toned pop, grained calf gilt (fine copy, as good as new),

together with W. W. LLOYD's Critical Escar £5. 108

1843, etc. the Plays of Shakespeare, 11 vols. foolscaps Another edition, with Glossarial Notes and calf gilt, £4. 15s

18,2 Facts connected with his Life and Writings, by PLAYS and POEMS ; edited by Howard STACK C. KNIGHT, illustrations by W. Harvey, royal

TON, with copious Notes, Glossary, Life, esp, 8vo. calf gilt, 16s 6d

1874 finely printed, with 800 fine woodcuts from den The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by Sir JOHN GILBERT, and portraits, 3 £l. 58

1878 imperial 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. 12s



half morocco, £1. 16s FUL PLAYS, and POEMS; with Dissertations,

The same, new half morocco gilt, £2. 123 ** Critical Notices to each Play, Notes, Index, etc., WORKS, edited by HOWARD STAUNTON, ***

The same, mor, super-extra, gt. ed., £4. by CHARLES KNIGHT (library edition), numerous woodcuts, 12 vols. 8vo. cloth (scarce), £3. 3s 1842-44

copious Notes, Glossary, Life, etc., portra?

6 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, marbled edges, ents WORKS, edited by C. KNIGHT, with 340 illus- lettered, 12. 28 trations by Sir JOHN GILBERT, R. A., 2 vols. in

The same, another edition, 4 vols. Sie thick super-royal 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 4s 1875 morocco, gilt eiges, contents lettered, 04. 4s ar The same, morocco, gilt edges, £1. 88

n. d.

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£4. 10s


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n. d.

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n. d.

SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS. WORKS; edited, with a scrupulous Revision of DRAMATIC and POETICAL WORKS in Chron.

the Text, 'Life, Verbal and Sentential Glossary, ological Order (Leopold edition), from the Text of etc., by CHARLES and Mary COWDEN CLARKE, PROF. DELIUS, with The Two Noble Kinsmen," fine Droeshout portrait, imperial 8vo. calf gilt, and “Edward III.," and Introduction by F. J. 16s and 17s 6d

1878 FURNIVALL, portrait and numerous illustrations, The same, morocco, gilt edges, £l. Is

small 4to. half morocco neat, uncut, top edges Or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 4s gilt, lls

n. d. Another Impression of the same, in large Another copy, tree-calf extra, gilt edges, type, with portrait, 4 vols, 8vo. half calf gilt, con- 18s 6d tents lettered, £1. 15s


Another copy, morocco super-extra, £l. 58 The same, calf gilt, contents lettered, £2. 58 WORKS (Chandos Classics), foolscap 8vo. half The same, tree-calf, £2. 158

calf gilt, 3s 6d Or, morocco, gilt edges, £3.

PLAYS, from the Text of Steevens and Malone ; Or, morocco extra, £3. 38

with Glossary, post 8vo. morocco extra, gilt edges, Also, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d

1864 £3. 13s 6d

The same, royal 8vo. half calf gilt, lls 6d WORKS, edited, with a Scrupulous Revision of

1862 the Text, by CHARLES and MARY COWDEN

The same, calf gilt, 14s CLARKE ; with 66 illustrations selected from Boy. dell's celebrated Gallery, and reproduced in Wood PLAYŞ (Bowdler's Family edition), those Words bury-type : 2 vols. small 4to. crimson morocco

omitted which cannot be read aloud in a Family, super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s

large type, numerous woodcuts, 6 vols. foolscap

8vo. tree-calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d PLAYS, annotated by CHARLES and MARY

The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, COWDEN CLARKE, profusely illustrated by wood- £3. 58 cuts by H. C. Selous, 3 vols. imperial 8vo. half

ANOTHER EDITION, royal 8vo. calf gilt, £1. Is morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 12s 60

1878 COMPLETE WORKS, based on the text of

The same, morocco, gilt edges, £1. 5s 1874 Johnson, Steevens, and Reed, with Biographical Sketch by MARY COWDEN CLARKE, portrait,

Or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 10s

1872 2 vols. post 8vo, morocco, gilt edges, 14s

CHEAP EDITION, with steel engravings, post WORKS (Cambridge edition"), edited with the 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 178

VARIOUS READINGS of the Folios, Quartos, and The same, calf gilt, 12s 6d many subsequent Editions, and Notes ; by W. G. PLAYS : A NEW VARIORUM EDITION, edited by CLARK, J. GLOVER, and W. ALDIS WRIGHT,

H. H. FURNESS ; Macbeth, 1 vol. ; Hamlet, 2 9 vols. 8vo. cloth, £11. lls Cambridge, 1863-66

vols. ; King Lear, 1 vol.-4 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, WORKS (Globe edition), edited by W. G. Clark £2. 108

Philadelphia, 1873-86 and W. A. Wright, crown 8vo. calf gilt, ,88 1881 impressions, and of the most recent ones; a condensation of the

This edition contains the l'arious Readings both of the earliest The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d 1881

Variorum and other Notes, and Appendix of highly important Or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 128 6d materials, such as Reprints of Early Plays, Extracts from Old

1878 Authors, Dissertations by English and Foreign Scholars, etc. PLAYS, carefully edited by T. KEIGHTLEY, beau. CERTAIN selected Plays abridged for the use of

tifully printed by Whittingham, portrait, LARGE the Young, by S. BRANDRAM, post Svo. calf gilt, PAPER, 6 vols. post 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, £3. 188 10s 6d

1881 1864 MERRY WIVES of WINDSOR, the FIRST SKETCH The same, including the Poems, and Pericles, of, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL[-PHILLIPPS], 8vo. 7 vols. post 8vo. half calf gilt, £1. 168

half morocco extra, 6s Shakespeare Society, 1842 PLAYS, POEMS, and a Glossary (Handy Volume MIDSUMMER-NIGHT'S DREAM, with many

edition, beautifully printed in clear distinct type), beautiful woodcut Niustrations by Alfred Fred. 13 vols. 32mo. in crimson French morocco, gilt ericks, 4to. gilt cloth, 7s 6d

1874 edges, in leather case, £1. 6s 6d

n. d. ! MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING ; photo-lithographed in best morocco, gilt edges, in cle. under the superintendence of H. Staunton, from gant morocco case, with clasp, £3. 3s

Lord Ellesmere's matchless original of 1600, small The same, limp russia, gilt edges, in leather

4to. half bound, 5s

1864 case, £3. 158

The edition of 1600 is the only one before that in the first The same, in best russia, limp, gilt edges, Folio, from which it differs in many minute particulars. enclosed in a handsome russia case, with closp, LOS BANDOS de Verona : Montescos y Cape. £5. 58

letes, by Fr. de Rojas y Zorrilla ; Englished by DRAMATIC WORKS (Lansdowne edition), with F. W; Cosens [the portions of the above Play

Glossary, new edition, portrait, thick crown 8vo. founded on the Italian tradition dramatized by calf gilt, 14s

1875 Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet], with large ANOTHER EDITION, illustrated by a fine plate by Du Maurier, 4to. (only a few copies series of MINIATURE STEEL ENGRAVINGS after printed for Private Distribution), cloth, 8s 6d STOTHÁRD), 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is 1863

Chiswick Press, 1874 WORKS (Chandos edition), with Memoir and SEVEN AGES, illustrateıl by STOTHARI), with

Glossary, portrait, thick crown 8vo, morocco, gilt Letterpress, 8 fine engravings by Bromley, from edges, 145

Stothard's original designs, folio, sewn, £1. 10s Or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 16s 6d

The same,


n. d.

n. d.

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SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS. SEVEN AGES illustrated, 8 beautiful woodcuts | CHOICE THOUGHTS from SHAKESPEARE, 12mo. after drawings by Mulready, Wilkie, Collins, morocco, gilt edges, 88

1866 Callcott, etc., and plates of text, with ornamental NOTES upon some of the Obscure Passages in borders by Becker, 4to. half morocco, 10s 60 1850 Shakespeare's Plays, by LORD CHED WORTH, POEMS, with Memoir and Notes by the Rev. 8vo. boards, uncut, 6s

1805 A. DYCÉ, steel portrait, foolscap 8vo. morocco, DRAMATIC CHARACTERS of Richard III.,

gilt edges (nearly new), 88 Boston (U.S.), 1856 King Lear, and Timon of Athens, Essays on the: POEMS ; edited, with a Memoir, by Robert Bell, S

with Essay on Shakespeare's Faults and the Charfoolscap 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 7s 6d

acter of Hamlet : by Professor W. Richardson, POEMS, with 3 pretty steel engravings designed second edition, foolscap 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, by Corbould, 12mo. cloth, 5s Dove, n. d. by Clarke and Bedford, 12s

178 SONNETS, edited, with copious Introduction ESSAYS on SHAKESPEARE, by Dr. KARL ELZE,

and Notes, by Professor Dowden (Parchment translated by L. Dora Schmitz, 8vo. cloth, 6 Library), with etched portrait from the death-mask (pub. 12s)

1574 found by L. Becker, foolscap 8vo. morocco, gilt GIRLHOOD of SHAKESPEARE's Heroines, XV edges, 11s

1881 Tales by MRS. COWDEN CLARKE ; new edition, Another edition, by the same (with fuller condensed by her Sister, with 9 PERMANENT Notes), post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s

1882 PHOTOGRAPHS, 8vo. tree-calf extra, gt. ed. 15s 18:9 SONNETS, Re-Sugar'd with Ornamental Borders, PHILOSOPHY of SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS

designed by EDWIN J. ELLIS, and etched by unfolded, by DELIA BACON ; with Preface be TRISTRAM J. Ellis, a Selection of Shakespeare's NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, 8vo. cloth (not cut mph well-known Sonnets, embellished with twelve very 6s 6d (pub. 188)

1877 beautiful and characteristic Copper-plate Etchings, SONNETS of SHAKESPEARE SOLVED, and the small 4to. tastefully half bound in silk, in JAPAN- Mystery of Friendship, Love, and Rivalry reESE STYLE (only 750 copies printed), 10s 6d 1883 vealed ; illustrated by numerous Extracts from

Twenty-five copies only (FIRST PROOFS) ON the Poet's Works, contemporary Writers, and SATIN, signed (for which immediate application is others ; by HENRY BROWN, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1879 necessary), £2. 2s (pub. £5. 58)

ESSAY on the WRITINGS and GENIUS of, cum. SONGS, illustrated by the Etching Club, the fine

pared with the Greek and French Dramatic Poets, steel engravings and letter press on INDIA PAPER,

etc. ; with Three Dialogues of the Dead; by Mrs folio, sewn, £l. 6s 1843


MONTAGU, 8vo. half calf gilt, 78 6d BEAUTIES of SHAKESPEARE, selected regularly

from each Play, with Index, explanatory Notes, SHAKESPEARE and Classical Antiquity : and similar Passages from Ancient and Modern Greek and Latin Antiquity as presented in his Authors, by W. Dodd, LL.D., third edition,

Plays, by P. Stapfer, translated by Emily Carer, 3 vols. foolscap 8vo. old calf, 78 6d 1780 post 8vo. tree-calf gilt, 178

) BEAUTIES of SHAKESPEARE, by the Rev. W. LIFE of SHAKESPEARE; Enquiries into the

DODD, new edition, with 12 PERMANENT PHOTO- Originality of his Dramatic Plots and Characters: GRAPHS from the BOYDELL GALLERY, 8vo. calf and Essays on the Ancient Theatres adu extra, 12s

1878 Theatrical Usages, by A. SKOTTOWE, 2 vos The same, morocco, gilt edges, 158

8vo. in one, russia gilt, marbled edges (fine arge The same, morocco super extra, gilt edges, 8s 6d


of his Character and Genius by various writers; BIRKET FOSTER, and others, small 4to, morocco,

with Essays and Notes by Dr. N. DRAKE, 8: gilt edges, £1. Is


new half calf gilt, 6s 6d

Forms a valuable accompaniment to every edition of t'in The same, tree-calf, 16s 6d SHAKESPEARE PHRASE Book, by. JOHN SHAKESPEARE'S LIBRARY: the Play

BARTLETT (full Phrases arranged alphabetically ; with various Readings of modern Editors), thick

Romances, Novels, Poems, etc., employed in the crown 8vo. (1034 pp.), calf extra, 178 1881

Composition of his Works, with Introductie

and Notes, by J. P. COLLIER: second editin, COMPLETE CONCORDANCE to SHAKESPEARE ;

revised and enlarged by W. C. HAZLITT, 6 vola being a Verbal Index to all the Passages in the foolscap 8vo. boards, £1. 1s (pub. £2. 2s)

155 Dramatic Works of the Poet, by MARY COWDEN CLARKE, new and revised edition, super-royal FAIRY TALES, LEGENDS, and ROMANCE 8vo. calf extra, £1. 10s


illustrating Shakespeare and other Early Engli SUPPLEMENT to Johnson and Steevens's

Writers, with two Preliminary Dissertations, edition of Shakespeare's Plays, containing addi

J. Ritson, edited by W. C. HAZLITT, foolc tional Observations by former Commentators, his

8vo. boards (pub. 12s), 3s 6d

IS gennine Poems, and Seven Plays that have been SHAKESPEARE JEST-Books: Reprints ** ascribed to him : by E. MALONE, illustrated by the early and very rare Jest-Books supposed portrait of the Editor and ADDITIONAL PLATES have been used by Shakespeare ; edited, wird INSERTED, 2 vols. 1780 -- LETTER to Dr. R. Introductions and Notes, by W. C. HAZLITI, FARMER relative to the edition of Shakespeare elegantly printed, 3 vols. foolscap Svo. calf eaters, published in 1790, and some late Criticisms on top edges gilt, £2. 2s that Work, by E. MALONE, 1792-bound in 2 Another copy, half morocco, top edges godt, thick vols. Svo. calf gilt, £1. 188

1780-92 £1. 15s


n. d.

MS. Note.

gilt, 158




SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS. SHAKESPEARE JEST-BOOK. I. A HUNDRED GLOSSARY to the Works of SHAKESPEARE ; MERY TALYS, from the only known copy. II. by the Rev. A. DYCE, 8vo. half bound, top edges Mery Tales and QUICKE ANSWERES, from the gilt, 7s 6d rare edition of 1567; edited, with Introduction STRATFORD-UPON-AVON in the TIMES and Notes, by W. CAREW HAZLITT, foolscap of the SHAKESPEARES, illustrated by Extracts 8vo. cloth, top edges gilt, 5s

1881 from the COUNCIL Books; selected especially The same, half morocco extra, uncut, top with reference to the History of the Poet's edges gilt, 165

Father, by J. O. HALLIWELL[-PHILLIPPS) ; with 'The same, tree-calf gilt, 15s

facsimiles of the Entries respecting John ShakeThe same, LARGE PAPER, post 8vo. cloth,

speare, folio, half bound, uncut, £3. 3s 1864 top edges gilt, 7s 6d—Or, half morocco, top edges " Thirty Copies

Number Fourteen. J. O. H.”SCHOOL of SHAKESPEARE ; with Introductions is spelled in the following ditierent ways.

In these official documents the name of the Poet's Father and Notes, and Account of R. Green, his Prose


Works and Quarrels with Shakspere, by RICHARD


Simpson, 2 vols. post Svo. cloth, &s 6d (pub. 188) Shackespere Shakspeyre




Contents: “Life and Death of Cap. T. Stukeley," with


new Life of him from unpublished sources; “Nobody and Some-
;" "Histrio-Mastix; “Prodigal Son;"

But, according to S. A. Allibone (Crit. Dict. of Brit. and

Jack Drum's
Entertainment; " "Warning for Fair Women, with Reprints of

Amer. Authors, p. 2006), “Mr. George Wise has recently amused he Accounts of the Murder;” and “Faire Em."

himself by drawing up a chart (Phila., 1868) which exhibits

1905 ways of spelling the name." Unfortunately this curious SHAKESPEARE FORGERIES. -Miscellaneous chart is now unattainable.

Papers and Legal Instruments under the Hand SHAKESPEARIAN FACSIMILES : Curious and Seal of William Shakspeare, including the and Interesting Documents, Plans, Signatures, Tragedy of King Lear, and a Fragment of Hamlet; etc. illustrative of the Biography of Shakespeare from the original MSS. in the possession of Samuel and History of his Family ; from the Originals Ireland, plates and facsimiles, 1796and other chiefly preserved at Stratford-on-Avon, 16 plates Pieces as under ; bound in one vol. royal folio, by ASHBEE; selected by J. O. HALLIWELL[-PHILcalf extra, marbled edges, by C.Hering, £2. 188 1796

LIPPS], folio, half morocco, top edges gilt, £3. 38 Mr, Ireland's Vindication of his Conduct respecting the

1863 publication of the supposed Shakspeare MSS. being a Preface

“Only thirty copies of this Work Printed. J. O. Halliwell.

Enquiry into their
or Introduction to a Reply to Mr. Malone's “

November, 1863."-MS. Note.
Authenticity, 1796;” and “ Authentic Account (or Confession)

Included is the letter of Richard Quincy to Shakespeare, of the Shakesperian MSS. etc. by W. H. IRELAND, port. of the

1598, with the direction of the same. This is the only Letter culprit, 1796;

both inlaid to the size of the above volume. INQUIRY into the Authenticity of Ireland's addressed to Shakespeare known to exist. Also the signature of

the Rev. George Quiney, curate of Stratford.
Shakspeare Forgeries, by EDMUND MALONE,

facsimiles of the writing, 8vo. calf gilt, marbled

1796 BOYDELL'S GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS to his NOTES and EMENDATIONS to the Text of Works, 100 fine engravings after Reynolds, SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS, from early Manuscript

Fuseli, Westall, Opie, Hamilton, Smirke, etc., Corrections in a copy of the Folio, 1632, in the A DUPLICATE SET, showing the Original Etched possession of J. P. COLLIER, facsimile page, 8vo.

Plates, and the same in their finished state (in cloth, Ss 6d Shakespeare Society, 1852

each case PROOF IMPRESSIONS); thick royal folio, SHAKESPEARE'S Text vindicated from the beautifully bound in morocco extra, with elegant

Interpolations and Corrections advocated by symbolical design on the sides in gold, richly gilt JOHN PAYNE COLLIER, in his Notes and Emenda- borders of gold, gilt edges (A MOST DESIRABLE tions : by S. WELLER SINGER, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d COPY), £20.

1791 1853

Only seven copies were issued with the duplicate set of

plates. They are not, as is generally supposed, a mere reduced REMARKS on Mr. J. P. Collier's and Mr. C. reproduction of the larger plates originally published by Boydell,

Knight's editions of SHAKESPEARE, by the Rev. for only 18 of them were thus treated. The rest are engraved
A. DYCE, 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, 18s 1844 from entirely new pictures, and consequently, they form a
The late Mr. F. Vuvry's copy, with numerous MS. pencil-

necessary supplement to the “ Boydell Gallery. notes by him on disputed points in the text.

SPIRIT of the Plays of SHAKESPEARE, nearly ENGLISH of SHAKESPEARE, illustrated in a 500 spirited outline plates, drawn and engraved

Philological Commentary on his Julius Cæsar, by by FRANK HOWARD, 5 vols. 8vo. new marbled.
G. L. Craik, Fourth edition, revised, post Svo. trce calf extra (fine copy), £4. 15s

1833 cloth, 5s

1869 HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of the New PLACE, OUTLINE ILLUSTRATIONS of Macbeth, The STRATFORD-UPON-Avon, the last residence of

Tempest, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Shakespeare; by J. O. HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS

Hamlet, 68 fine engravings by M. RETZSCH, with (uniform in size with the edition of Shakespeare's

Quotations in English, German, French, and Works edited by the Author), elegantly printed on

Italian, royal 4to. (GENUINE ORIGINAL EDITION), superfine paper, and illustrated by upwards of

calf extra, £2. 2s

Leipsic, 1828-41 Sixty Woodcuts, comprising Views, Antiquities, OUTLINE ILLUSTRATIONS of Macbeth, The Facsimiles of Deeds, etc., folio, cloth, Î8s 6d Tempest, and Hamlet, 43 finc engravings by M. (pub. £3. 38)

1864 RETZSCH, with Quotations and Descriptions in A most important work for the Shakespearian student, the English, German, French, and Italian, 3 parts great researches of the author having enabled him to bring to

royal 4to. and oblong 4to. (GENUINE ORIGINAL light many facts hitherto unknown in reference to the “ GREAT BARD.'

EDITION), cloth, £1. 1s

Leipsic, 1828-41


spirited outline engravings by M. RETzsch, royal Female Characters in his Plays, 45 highly finished 4to. cloth, 7s

Leipsić, 1828 engravings by C. Heath, from drawings by COMPOSITIONS from “THE TEMPEST,” by

Hayter, Egg, Frith, Wright, etc., super-royal 8vo. Sir NOEL PATON, 15 fine outline engravings,

morocco, richly gilt on sides, gilt edges, 1& Brl

1858 oblong folio, cloth, 7s 6d


SHAKESPEARE GALLERY; containing the SHAKESPEARE SCENES AND CHARACTERS, principal Female Characters in his Plays, 45

36 highly-finished illustrations by ADAMO, HoF. finely engraved plates, executed under the direction MANN, and others, engraved on steel by BANKEL, of Č. Heath, from drawings by the first Artists, GOLDBERG, RAAB, and SCHMIDT, with Text by 4to. half morocco extra, gilt edges, 103 6d Professor DOWDEN, 4to. cloth, top edges gili, SHAKESPEARE and the EMBLEM WRITERS, £1. 1s (pub. £2. 12s 6ıl)

1876 an Exposition of their Similarities of Thought Another copy, half morocco, top edges gilt,

and Expression, preceded by a View of Emblem

Literature down to 1616, by the Rev. H. GREEX, £1. 68

numerous illustrative devices from the original The same, INDIA PROOF IMPRESSIONS, folio, authors, thick imperial 8vo. LARGE PAPER, clotk. LARGE PAPER, half morocco, top edges gilt, £2. 158 uncut, £2. 53


n. d.

SHAW (H., F.S.A.) DRESSES and DECORATIONS of the MIDDLE AGES, 7th to 17th

Century, 94 copper plates, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 98 Initial Letters and 128 Woodcuts, and Historical Introduction and Descriptions, 2 vols. imperial 8vo. half morocco extra, top edges gilt, £4. 4s (pub. £7.78)

1858 the 94 plates, 98 initial letters and 128 woodcuts MOST BEAUTIFULLY COLOC RED, AND MANY OF THE PLATES HEIGHTENED WIT'H GOLD, 24 parts folio in six, LARGE PAPEE, cloth, uncut (Mr. Beckford's fine original copy), £18. 15s W. Pickering, 1810-45

Another similar copy (but 4. leaves from a small paper copy are mounted in Vol. 2), 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, half inorocco, £14. 148

This beautiful and interesting work (of which very few copies were printed on large paper), enlaces not only the Dresses of all classes, but the Implements, Vessels, Utensils, and the Furniture and Decorations of their Habitations.



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SHAW (H.) DECORATIVE ARTS, Ecclesiastical / SHELLEY (P. B.) Works in VERSE and PROME, and Civil, of the MIDDLE AGES ; 41 EXQUISITELY now first brought together, with many pieces not PLATES

WITH GOLD, before published, edited, with Prefaces, Vote: uith numerous coloured woodcuts and Capitals, and Appendices, by H. B. Forman, portruit, eten, also heightened with golil, with Descriptions, 8 vols. 8vo. tree-calf extra, by Riviere, £7. IS folio, LARGE PAPER, cloth, uncut, £7. 78

The same, morocco cxtra, £10. 103 acei

Pickering, 1851 £12. 12s

POETICAL WORKS; from his own Editions the MIDDLE AGES, from the finest existing Spe. and other authentic Sources; with his Prefaces cimens, 48 Plates, highly finished, in which many and Notes, Poetical Translations, Fragments, aci of the 26 COLOURED ONES are very highly finished, Juvenilia : edited by H. B. FORMAX, port* und HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD; folio, LARGE etched by W. B. Scott, 2 thick vols. post Svo. caif PAPER, new half morocco, top edges gilt, £2. 108 gilt, £l. 4s

1342 (pub. £4. 4s)


The same, morocco, gilt edges, £1. 13s

Poetical Works ; including Additional Devices, 37 plates in colours, imperial 8vo. Inorocco Pieces from MS, and other Sources: the Text

super-extra, borders of gold and gt. ed. £1. 8s 1856 revised with Notes and Memoir by W. M. Rom SHAW (T. G.) WINE, the VINE, and the

SETTI, portrait, 2 thick vols. post Sro. cloth, 145 CELLAR (a copious Description and History), with

18. numerous illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 13s 1863

POETICAL WORKS ; with a critical Memdir. SHEE (Sir M. A., P.R.A. 1830-50) LIFE OF, by

by W. M. Rossetti, illustrated by the Sciety his Son (including much interesting Matter on the

Decorative Art,post 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 9s ... Political History of the Royal Academy], 2 vols.

POETICAL WORKS, with Notes and Memur Svo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £l. 18)

1860 by W. M. Rossetti, portrait, etc., 3 vols. post Sve. SHELBURNE (William, Earl of, afterwards calf gilt, £1. 155

181 first Marquess of Lansdowne) LIFE of, with Ex- The same, tree-calf extra, by Ririere, ? tracts from his Papers and Correspondence, by

ISS Lord E. Fitzmaurice, 3 vols. Svo. calf extra, Another copy, morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2: 1881 £2. 10s


Or, morocco catra, gilt edges, 12. 123 61 Isis

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