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AN EXTENSIVELY ILLUSTRATED AND INTERESTING WORK. BERKSHIRE, Account of, Topographical and Historical, with Biographical Memoirs

of Eminent Persons connected with the County, by D. and S. Lysons, engravings, including Britannia Depicta,further and very finely illustrated by the insertion of nearly 150 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, and 1000 choice Engravings; with MS. Indexes, and Title-pages (specially printed for this copy), containing the Arms of the Towns executed in Gold and Colours, Expanded by the additional Illustrations into 4 splendid Vols. Royal 4to. Crimson Morocco extra (A MATCHLESS COPY), £150.

1813-1868 This fine and tastefully illustrated copy has been produced regardless of expense, and would form a remarkable ornament in any Topographical Collection.

The vols. contain no less than 146 Original Drawings, mostly in Colours, by the following distin. guished Artists : Alexander, Buckler, Corbould, Farington, Hakewill, Hassell, Paul Sandby, Mackenzie, etc., while the Engravings have been selected with great care, both as to appropriateness and impression, many being Proofs. They comprise Portraits ; old and modern

. Vicus of Castles, Abbeys, Churches, Mansions, and other Buildings, Antiquities ; Monumental Effigies ; Tessellated Pavements, etc. Those illustrating Windsor, its Castle, and the neighbourhood of "royal-tower'd Thameare many and interesting.

Many valuable works have been denuded of their embellishments to ornament the present: among them are Holbein's Portraits, Pyne's Royal Residences (coloured), Thane’s Portraits and Autographs, Hofland's White Knights, etc. BERQUIN (A.) L'Amico de' FANCIULLI, o sia, | BEWICK'S FIGURES OF QUADRUPEDS (228 in

il Morale Instruttore della Gioventù, accresciuto all) taken off on one side only, without the letterdal Francese da Buccarelli e Sastres, with beau- press, second edition, 4to. cloth, £3. 10s tiful engravings by Bartolozzi, 4 vols. 8vo. in 2,

Newcastle, 1824 half calf, gilt backs (nice copy), €1. Is Lond., 1788-9 Very few copies were taken off in the above manner. BERTOLDO con BERTOLDINO e CACASENNO, in

HISTORY of BRITISH LAND and WATER ottava rima : con Argomenti, Allegorie, ed Anno- BIRDS (ORIGINAL EDITION, with the SUPPLEtazioni, numerous fine engravings (one additional), MENT); fine impressions of the Woodcuts, 3 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, vellum, gilt edges (Mr. Beck- 8vo. new Calf extra, yellow edges (FINE COPY), ford's copy), £2. 2s Bologna, 1736 £15. 15$

ib. 1797-1804-1821 “Les vingt chants de ce poëme ont été composés par divers

BRITISH LAND and WATER BIRDS, with heaux esprits, au nombre desquels étaient les deux Zanotti, Barutsaldi, Zampieri, etc. Les Commentaires sont de Giovan

early impressions of the woodcuts, 2 vols. in one, nandrea Barotii et de plusieurs autres. Les figures ont été Newcastle, 1809–GENERAL HISTORY of QUADdessinées et gravées sous le nom de Lodovico Mattioli par Jos. RUPEDS, ib. 1811–Together 3 vols. 8vo. in 2; Mar Crespi.”- Brunet.

russia, marbled edges (fine copy), £6. 6s ib. 1809-11 BERZELIUS (J.) TRAITÉ de CHEMIE, entière. BRITISH LAND and WATER BIRDS (fourth

ment refondue par B. Valerius, 2 vols. roy. Svo. edition), 1816, and HISTORY of QUADRUPEDS seun, 6.3

Bruxelles, 1838 (seventh ed.), 1820 ; 3 vols. 8vo. half russia, £6. BESCHERELLE, DICTIONNAIRE NATIONAL ;

ib. 1816-20 ou Dictionnaire Universel de la Langue Française; SELECT FABLES of Æsop and others, with quatrième édition, 2 large vols. royal 4to. half designs on wood by T. Berick (second edition), 8vo. bound morocco, neat, £1. 1s Paris, 1856 half calf neat, £2. 2s

ib. 1823 BETHUNE (J.) TRANSLATED SPECIMENS of The same, with his original wood engravings,

SWEDISH and GERMAN POETRY: namely, Poems post 8vo. half roan, 9s-Or, morocco extra, gilt of Esaias Tegner, and Schiller's Maid of Orleans, edges, 12s 6d cr. 8vo. cloth, 58 (pub. 12s)


SELECT FABLES of Æsop and others, with BETUSSI (G.) RAGIONAMENTO sopra il Cathaio; Life of Æsop and Essay upon Fable by Gold.

Luogo del Marchese Pio Enea Obizzi, large folding smith, reprinted from the rare edition of 1784, plate of the Palace, 4to. LARGE PAPER (extremely with Preface by E. Pearson, illustrated by the RARE, if not UNIQUE); Russia, gilt edges (Mr. original woodcuts by T. Bewich, cr. 8vo. nculy Beckford's copy), 16s

Padova, 1573 half bound, top edges gilt, 6s 6d BEVERIDGE (Bp.) COMPLETE THEOLOGICAL BEWICK'S WOODCUTS; Impressions of upwards

WORKS, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, by
J. Clarke (FINE COPY), £3. 18s Oxford, 1842

of 2000 Wood-Blocks, engraved for the most part BEWICK'S GENERAL HISTORY of QUADRU.

by T. and J. BEWICK, with Introduction, Descrip PEDS ; SECOND EDITION, with fine impressions of

tive Catalogue of the Blocks, and list of the the famous woodcuts, 8vo. calf 'ncat, £2. 10s

Books and Pamphlets ; by the Rev. T. Hugo Newcastle, 1791 steel port. of T. B., an imp. 4to. vol. cloth, toj

1877 The same, THIRD EDITION, roy. 8vo. LARGE

edges gilt, £4. 4s (pub. 26. 6s) PAPER ; calf (with book-plate of John Towneley),

VIGNETTES ; a large collection, about 561 £4. 158

ibidem, 1792

woodcuts, extracted from various works, ani The same, FOURTH EDITION, roy. 8vo. LARGE

neatly arranged in a scrap-book of various coloure PAPER, half morocco, £4. 4s ibidem, 1800 paper, royal 4to. half morocco, £7. 10s

3:3 The same, FIFTH EDITION, roy: 8vo. LARGE BEWICK (T.) MEMOIR of, written by himsel PAPER, morocco extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, with numerous engravings on wood, 8vo. clot) £5. 108

ibidem, 1807 UNCUT (moderate copy), iOs 6d Neurcastle, 186

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BEWICK.-CHAP.Books, printed by W. Davison BIBLE and APOCRYPHA(Wycliffe's), In the earliest

at Alnwick, consisting of British Quadrupeds and English Versions, made from the Latin Vulgate Birds ; Water-Birds ; Foreign Quadrupeds and by John Wycliffe, and his followers, edited by the Birds; Fishes ; Reptiles, Serpents, and Insects; Rev. J. Forshall and Sir F. Madden, the versions and Day, a Pastoral ; 8 Tracts, containing 268 printed in parallel columns, with Glossary and woodcuts by Bewick, 18mo. seun, £l. 8 n. d. Explanatory Notes and References, 4 vols. royal The Rev. T. Hugo, in his “Bewick Collector," says: “I 4to. tree-calf gilt, £7. 78

1950 have inserted the publications of Davison in the present Catalogne from the fact that it is indisputable that many of the BIBLE (HOLY), translated by Miles Coverdale, engravings which embellish them not only came out of Bewick's workshop, but received at least their final touches from his own

Bishop of Exeter, 1535; reprinted [in Roman And Mr. W. Garret says :-" This set is extremely

characters), with Bibliographical Description, por. desirable to the Bewick Collector; as the Fishes, Reptiles, and trait, and facsimile of woodcut title, thick 4to. calf Insects till up a gap in Bewick's works.”

antique, carmine edges, clasp, 158--Another copy, A Pretty Book of PICTURES for little LARGE PAPER, royal 4to, calf gilt, 19s Masters and Misses, or TOMMY TRIP's History

S. Bagster, 1838 of Beasts and Birds, by Dr. GOLDSMITH, ill us

Coi erdale's version is the First Edition of the whole Bible in

English. trated by engravings on wood from the ORIGINAL BLOCKS, engraved by THOMAS BEWICK, sm. 4to. Authorized Version, with Notes and Intro. half bound, top edges gilt, 16s

ductions by Chr. WORDSWORTH, Bp. of Lincoln,

1779; REPRINT, 1867 6 vols. imperial Svo. new morocco, gilt edges, Very scarce; only 250 copies printed. It presents the earliest

£10. 10s work of Oliver Goldsmith on Animated Nature, with Bewick's

The SPEAKER'S COMMENTARY: OLD TES. earliest delineations of the figures of Quadrupeds and Birds.

TAMENT (authorized Version) with explanatory BLOOMFIELD (R.) FARMER's Boy, with cuts and critical Commentary, and a Revision of the by Bewick, Svo. calf neat, 7s 60l

1801 Translation : by Bishops and other Clergy of the PROVERBS Exemplified and Illustrated by Anglican Church, edited by Canon F. C. Cook, Pictures from Real Life, teaching Morality, and • 6 vols. in 7, royal Svo. new tree-calf gilt, £8. a Knowledge of the World, by the Rev. JOHN Or, new morocco, gilt uges, £12. 12s 1877-82 TRUSLER, 50 woodcuts by JOHN BEWICK, fcap.

THE SPEAKER'S COMMENTARY on the NEW 8vo. half cloth, uncut (scarce), 158 London, 1790 TESTAMENT, 4 vols. royal 8vo. new tree-calf gilt

The Rev. T. Hugo, in his “ Bewick Collector,” says that “ most of these woodcuts bear token of considerable ability."

£5. 15s–Or, new calf untique, carmine edges, £6.

1878-81 BEWICK-COLLECTOR and SUPPLEMENT ; ANNOTATIONS upon the HOLY BIBLE, and a descriptive Catalogue of the Works of T. and

the whole text opened by M. POOLE, 3 thick vols. J. BEWICK, including Cuts in various states : by impl. 8vo. cloth, £l. Is

1855 the Rev. T. Hugo, with nearly 300 cuts from with Explanatory Notes, for the use of Bewick's own blocks, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s --- Families, by D'Oyly and Mant, with maps, The same, 2 vols. new morocco cxtra, gilt edges, plates, etc., 3 vols. impl. 8vo. scored calf neat, £2. 14s 1866-8 12s

1839 SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME, with over 120 COMMENTARY upon the Holy Bible, from cuts, 8vo. cloth, 12s (pub. £l. 1s)— The same, Henry and Scott, several maps anel useful tables, LARGE PAPER (100 copies only printed), impl. 6 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d-Or, hf. cf. Es 6d 1831 8vo. cloth, £l. 4s (pub. £2. 2s)


HANDY-VOLUME BIBLE, with References BIART (L.) My RAMBLES in the New World, and Introductions, excellently printed in a clear translated by Mary de llauteville, with 28 illus

and legible type, 11 vols. 32mo. bound in smooth trations, sq. post Svo. new calf cætra, gilt al. 14s culf, liinp, red eilges, in elegant dome case, £3. 3s ADVENTURES of a Young Naturalist; edited

MACKLIN'S MAGNIFICENT EDITION, in very by Parker Gillmore, illustrated by 117 wood engravings, square post 8vo, new calf extra, 128

large and beautiful type by Bensley, und illus

truted by a series of beautiful plutes engraved by BIBLIA.-VETUS TESTAMENTUM, GRÆCE, juxta Bartolozzi, Sharp, Fittler, etc., from drawings by LXX Interpretes; Textum Vat. Rom. emendatius

STOTHARD, OPIE, WESTALL, SMIRKE, and other ed. Argumm. et Locos N. T., Parallel. notavit, distinguished British Artists, 7 vols. roy. folio, A omnem Lect. Var. Codd. Vetustiss. subj., Prole- HANDSOME COPY in purple morocco gilt, gilt edges, gomm. etc. instr. C. TISCHENDORF, 2 vols. 8vo. £10. 10s

1800 half morocco, 10s 60

Lipsia, 1856

finely printed in large type, with MANY juxta exemplar Vaticanum, ex editione Holmesii

LARGE and ELABORATE DESIGNS of the most et L. Bos, thick Svo. cloth, 6s Lond., Valpy, s. a.

beautiful and sublime character by GUSTAVE

DORÉ, 2 large and splendid vols. folio, nero BIBLIA SACRA VULGATA; accedunt morocco, gilt edges, £10.

Interpretationes Hebraicorum Nominum, the PICTORIAL BIBLE, with original Notes, by capitals rubricated, thick small 4to. culf ncat Dr. Johın Kitto, many wood engravings, 3 vols. (RARE), £4. 10s

roy. 8vo. scored calf, marbled edges, 14s Venetiis ; F. Renner de Hailbrun, 1483

C. K’night, 1836 BIBLE (HEXAGLOT), comprising the Holy Scrip- The same, new edition, the Notes augmented

tures in Hebrew, Greek (Septuagint), Syriac (of and revised, numerous steel plates and many the New Test.), Latin (Vulgate), Authorized Eng. hundred woodcuts, 4 vols. roy. Svo. morocco, gilt lish, German, and French, in parallel Columns, edges, £1. Is

('. Knight, 1847 with Prolegomena: edited by the Rev. E. Riches de ILLUSTRATED EDITION, with Explanatory Levante, assisted by competent Biblical Scholars, Notes, References, and a condensed Concordance, 6 large vols. 4to. (finely printed), cxtra cloth, gilt upwarıls of 900 wood engravings, thick 4to. nero ulges, £2. 10s (pub. £6. 6s)

1874 morocco, gilt edges, £2. 7s 6d

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3000 Engravings inserted, 10 thick vols. Folio, splendidly bound, Green Morocco super-extra, gold borders on the sides and within the covers, morocco guards, by Bosquet, of Brussels, £175.

Tours, 1866 A fine and unique collection of engravings, extracted from various illustrated editions of the Bible, and of a quantity of detached pieces relating to the Holy Scriptures. The title given above has been printed specially for this book. The text is that of the Bible illustrated by Gustave Doré, Tours, Mame, 2 vols. folio.

All the engravings, which number nearly 3000, are mounted with great care on fine thick paper; all the work is mounted on linen guards, and each volume is enclosed in a double cloth case. BIBLE.-Description of the GREAT BIBLE, 1539, | BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO-POETICA, a descriptive

and the Six Editions of CRANMER'S BIBLE, 1540 Catalogue of Early English Poetry [by A. F. and 1541, printed by GRAFTON and WHITCHURCH; GRIFFITH), front. and portraits, royal 8vo. half also of the Editions, in large folio, of the AUTHOR- morocco (scarce), £l. 8s

1815 IZED Version of the Holy Scriptures, printed in BIBLIOTHÈQUE des MERVEILLES, publiée the years 1611, 1613, 1617, 1634, and 1640, by FRANCIS Fry, folio, half morocco, £5. 58 1865

sous la Direction de M. Edouard Charton, with This most painstaking and important bibliographical work

about 3000 well-exccuted woodcuts, 42 vols. is “Illustrated with Titles, and with passages from the editions, fcap. 8vo. cloth extra, red edges (a nice sct), the Genealogies, and the Maps, copied in facsimile: and also £2. 18s

Paris, 1876, etc. with an identification of every leaf of the first Seven, and of

This interesting and useful series comprises the following many leaves of the other editions ; on gi plates. Together with works :-ZURCHER et MARGOLLE, Trombes et Cyclones; Les

Naufrages Célèbres; Les Météores. R. Radan, Le Magnétisme. Included in the present copy are two autograph letters of the

M. HELÈNE, Les Galeries Souterraines; la Poudre à Canon. author, with some interesting scraps and facsimiles, etc.

W. de Fonvielle, Le Monde Invisible. L. RENARD, L'Art Naval; BIBLE PRINTS. FIGURES du NOUVEAU Les Phares. J. GIRARD, Les Plantes et Microscope. A. LEFEVRE,

Les Parcs et les Jardins. E. LESLAZEILLES, Les Colosses. E. TESTAMENT, 96 beautiful woodcuts by LE PETIT

MENAULT, L'amour Maternel chez les Animaux, J. Baille. BERNARD, and ornaté title-page, and verses by L'Electricité. A. de BrevANS, La Migration des Oiseaux. F. de CH. FONTAINE, 12mo. half russici extra, gilt edges LANOYE, L'Homme Sauvage. A. LANDRIN, Les Plages de la (Mr. Beckford's copy), £3. 188

France. C. FLAMMARION, Merveilles Célestes. G. T15SANDIER,

Les Fossiles; La Houille; L'Eau, E.DEHARME, La Locomotion. Lion, Ian de Tournes, 1558 A. Badin, Grottes et Cavernes. G. DEPPING, La Force et l’Adresse. Bibliorum utriusque Testamenti Icones, 200 L. Sorrel, La Fond de la Mer. T. de MoucEL, Le Téléphone. spirited woodcuts illustrating both the Old and Y. MEUNIER, Les Grandes Chasses. M.Girard, Métamorphoses

des Insectes. New Testaments, with emblematical verses by F. BERNARD, Les Fêtes Célebres. C, Millet, Les Merveilles des

A. Cazin, Les Forces Physiques; La Chaleur, Conrad Weis, 12mo. old calf gilt, 158

Fleuves. F. MARION, Les Ballons ; Les Merveilles de la Végé. Francofurti, 1571

tation. A. Cazin, L'Étincelle Électrique. V. MEUNIER, Les BIDA's Etchings illustrative of the Book of L'Air. L. Simonix, Le Monde Suuterrain. H. BOCQUILLON, Lá

Grandes Pêches. A. RENAUD, L'Héroïsme. A. MOITESSIER, Ruth, 9 large and magnificent plates, besides Vie des Plantes. E. Marzy, L'Hydraulique. J. Garnier, Le vignettes, with the French Text clegantly printed, Fer. imperial folio, gilt cloth, £1. 88 (pub. £2.)

BIGG (H.) ORTHOPRAXY ; the Mechanical Treat

Paris, 1876 ment of Deformities, Debilities, and Deficiencies LANDSCAPE ILLUSTRATIONS of the BIBLE, of the Human Frame, thick 8vo. cloth, 6s 64 nearly 100 highly finished engravings by Finden, (pub. 158)

1877 after TURNER, PROUT, STANFIELD, CALLCOTT, BIGNON (L'Abbé J. P.), AVANTURES etc., with Descriptions by the Rev. HARTWELL HORNE, 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 12s

D'ABDALLA, fils d'Hanif, with numerous singular Another copy, calj, £1. 3s 6d

engravings of extraordinary adventures, 2 vols. BIBLE PICTURES : Scenes in the East, 12

12mo. old gilt marbled-tree calf, by Kalthocber

(Mr. Beckford's copy), 14s Paris, 1712-14 coloured photographic views of places mentioned in the Bible, with descriptions by CANON TRIS- BINDING (FINE)---Book of Common Prayer, TRAM, 4to. cloth, 78

1870 Black Letter, folio, old purple morocco, paneller Die BIBEL in BILDERN, JULIUS tooling, gilt edges, £1. 155

1680 SCHNORR von CAROLSFELD, a series of 240 BINGHAM (J.) ANTIQUITIES of the CHRISTIA full-page wood engravings, with short Letterpress

CHURCII, and other Works ; with the Quotations Descriptions to each; royal 4to. beautifully bound

at length, and Life by the Rev. R. BINGHAM in morocco elegant, edges gilt over red, £2. 10s

maps, 9 vols. 8vo. cl. £1. 18s 6d (pub. £5. 88) 1813

Leipzig, n. d.

the same ; new edition, 10 vols. 8vo. nci


calf antique, carmine edges, £5. 15s by J.O. WESTWOOD, 50 plates executed in COLOURS and GOLD, from select MSS. of the Middle Ages, BIOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE : Portraits an royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, morocco, gilt edges, Characters of eminent and ingenious Persons £3. 10s

1846 every Age and Nation, 139 finely engrave The Book of God, the Apocalypse of Adam. miniature Portraits, laid down in a 4to. vo Oannes, thick post 8vo. cloth, scarce, 5s 6d n. d. (various printed Facetiæ, etc., also included) BIBLIOGRAPHIE des Bibliographies, par L. morocco, gilt edges, £1. 10s Vallée, de la Bibl. Nat., royal 8vo. (780 pp:), new BIRCH (W. de Gray) The UTRECHT PSALTELE half morocco, top edges gilt, £1. 10s Paris, 1883

HISTORY, ART, and PALÆOGRAPHY of the Man 1. Catalogue des Bibliographies générales et particulières, par Ordre alphabétique d'Auteurs. II. Répertoire des mêmes

script so styled, with three autotype facsimile


8vo. cloth, 6s Od Bibliographics par Ordre alphabétique de Matières.





BLUME (C. L.) FLORA JAVÆ, necnon Insularum adjacentium, adjutore Doctore J. B. FISCHER, with 195 FINELY COLOURED plates, 3 vols. folio, half russia gilt, uncut, £12.

Bruxelles, 1827-8 The endless variety of hue in the Tropical Plants represented in these plates, and the beauty of their execution, render the above work highly attractive as a picture book. BIOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, Ancienne et BLADES (W.) LIFE and TYPOGRAPHY of

Moderne ; nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée, et William Caxton, England's First Printer; with considérablement augmentée d'Articles omis ou Evidence of his Typographical Connexion with nouveaux, 45 vols. imperial 8vo. half morocco, Colard Mansion, the Printer at Bruges, facsimiles marbled edges (equal to new), £10. 10s Paris, s, d. of pages of Books, MSS.,, Engravings, and

This edition contains not only all the Lives in the original Caxton's various types, 2 vols. 4to, half bound, edition, but many additional ones. The very long articles have

1861-63 been abridged.

uncut, £3. 108 Among the contributors are Arago, Biot, Chateaubriand, Cousin, Cuvier, Ginguené, Guizot, Humboldt, BLAIKIE (J.) Among the Goths and Vandals : Lacretelle, Laplace, Malte-Brun, Michelet, De Sacy, Sismondi, Travels in Sweden, Svo, cloth, 3s 6d


BLAINES (D.) Canine Pathology ; Diseases of Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Etruscan, and

Dogs, their Causes, Symptoms, and Curative Roman, with coloured plates and numerous

Treatment ; Directions on their Breeding and

Rearing, etc., fourth ed., woodcuts, 8vo. calf gilt, engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 4s


8s 6d, 1841–The same, fifth ed., by T. W. Mayer, The same, New and Revised Edition, with 8vo. cloth, 6s

1851 numerous coloured plates and woodcuts, large 8vo. BLAIR'S CHRONOLOGICAL and Historical Tables, new tree-calf extra, gilt edges, £1. 108–Or, new from the Creation to the present time ; new ed. by morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 10s

1873 Sir H. Ellis, impl. 8vo. hf. mor. neat, 6s 1851 BIRD (Miss I. S.) UNBEATEN TRACTS in JAPAN: BLAKE (William) SUBLIME WORKS : Songs

Travels in the Interior, including Visits to the of Innocence and of Experience ; Book of Thel ; Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrines of Nikkó and Vision of the Daughters of Albion ; America, a Isé, map and 42 illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. new Prophecy ; Europe, a Prophecy ; The First Book calf extra, £1. 10s

1880 of Urizen ; Song of Los ; reproduced in facsimile BIRDWOOD (Sir G.) INDUSTRIAL ARTS of from the excessively rare Original uitions, INDIA, with map and woodcuts, thick 8vo. new

1789-94 : printed like them, on one side only, and morocco, gilt edges (Pub. for the Committee of on hand-made paper of uniform size, 1 vol. folio,

1876 Council on Education), £l. 2s


half morocco, uncut, £5. 58

ONE HUNDRED Copies only have been reproduced. BIRKS (Rev. T.) EXODUS of ISRAEL, its extraordinary beauty and rarity of these works are well known, Difficulties examined, etc., 8vo. cloth, 4s 1863

THE GRAVE, a Poem, by R. BLAIR, with BISCHOFF (G.) ELEMENTS of Chemical and

Life of the Author : fine large portrait of Blake, Physical Geology, trans. by Paul and Drummond,

after T. Phillips, and 12 FINE ETCHINGS by

Schiavonetti, after BLAKE's drawings, royal 4to. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth (scarce), £1. 18s Cavendish Society, 1854

half morocco ncat, £2. 2s---Another copy, calf gilt, .£2. 12s

1813 BLACK (W.) MADCAP VIOLET ; a Novel, first Contains also Fuseli's remarks on the moral worth and edition, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 9s

1876 picturesque dignity of the above designs, Memoirs of Schiavon.

etti and Cromek, who “jockeyed ” Blake out of the copyright BLACKBURN (H.) BRETON

FOLK; an

of them, and transferred the engraving of the designs from Artistic Tour in Britanny, with 170 illustrations Blake to Schiavonetti.-Sie Life of Blake." by R. CALDECOTT ; small 4to. beautifully bound POETICAL WORKS, Lyrical and Miscel.

in crimson mor. super-extra, gt. ed. £l. 18s 1880 laneous ; edited with Memoir, by W. M. Rossetti, BLACKBURN (Mrs. H.) Birds drawn from

portrait, fcap. 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges, 10s bil

1874 Nature, 45 lithographs of Birds in characteristic -Or, new mor. super-extra, gt. ed. 12s 6d attitudes, with appropriate backgrounds, royal

HAYLEY'S Triumphs of Temper, with 4to. gilt cloth, 14s

Glasgow, 1868 engravings by W. BLAKE, after designs by MARIA BLACKSTONE (Sir W.) COMMENTARIES on

FLAXMAN, fcap. 8vo. nero polished calf extra, the Laws of England ; edited by T. Lee, portrait,

gilt edges (SCARCE), £l. Is Chichester, 1803 4 vols. 8vo. calj neat, 7s 6d

Å Father's Memoirs of his Child [including 1829

a Memoir of Blake), by B. H. Malken, with fine BLACKWALL (J.) History of the SPIDERS port, and allegorical surroundings, DESIGNED BY

of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND, with 29 plates BLAKE, engraved by Cromek, and other plates, containing nearly 300 FINELY COLOURED FIGURES, royal 8vo. boards, 13s

1806 besides the Parts at large uncoloured, 2 parts, folio LIFE OF ; with selections from his Poems (complete), £3. 158

Ray Society, 1861-64 and other Writings, by A. GILCHRIST, extensively BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE,

illustrated from Blake's own works in facsimile from the commencement in April, 1817 to 1839, 44

and in photo-lithography (including the whole of vols. 8vo. hf. cf. neat (a cheap set), £3. 10s 1817-39

the Book of Job and Songs of INNOCENCE), and Among the known writers who have contributed to this

with a few of Blake's original plates, 2 vols. Svo. celebrated Magazine are Bulwer, Alison, Lockhart, Wilson, gilt cloth, uncut (as good as new), £1. 158 1863 Aytoun, S. Warren, and a host of other eminent writers.

The same, enlarged ed., containing additional TALES from BLACKWOOD, three scries com- Letters, Essay on Blake by James Smetham, plete ; 36 vols. bound in 18, thick 12mo. half and additional plates : ed. by Jane Gilchrist, calf gilt, £3. 5s

illustrated from Blake's own works, 2 vols. The same, First Series, 12 vols. half calf medium 8vo. new tree-calf extra, uncut, top gilt, £1. 6s

edges gilt, £2. 158

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printed throughout on India paper, with portrait and 10 highly finished engravings by Fox, from drawings by T. STOTHARD, R.A., thick post 8vo. beautifully bound in citron morocco, the sides and back completely covered with elaborate gold tooling, gilt edges (MR. BECKFORD'S COPY), £28. 108

London, Pickering, 1825 Whether regard be had to the beautiful effect of the impressions of Stothard's graceful illustrations and the fine type on the India Paper, or to the delicate tone and workmanship of the binding, this is altogether one of the most charming volumes that can be imagined. BOCCACE (J.) LIVRE intitulé des Cas et Ruynes des Nobles Hommes et Femmes

renversez par Fortune, depuis la Création du Monde jusques à nostres Temps, translaté de Latin en Langage Françoys par LAURENS de PREMIER, Black Letter, curious woodcuts, the title enclosed by an elaborate woodcut border, which was evidently not originally designed for this volume, small folio, calf neat (SCARCE), £5. 58

Paris, N. Couteau, 1538 A good sound copy of this early and rare edition of a once very popular work. The initial letters are large and floriated; the illustrative woodcuts are evidently the production of more than one artist. BLAMPIGNON (L'Abbé) ÉTUDE sur MALE BLOUNT (T.) TENURES of LAND and Customs

BRANCHE, d'après des Documents Manuscrits ; of Manors, collected by Thomas Blount, and une Correspondance inédite, etc., 8vo. half calf, 5s republished in 1784 and 1815 ; new edition,

Paris, 1861 corrected and enlarged, by W. C. HAZLITT, royal BLANC (C.) HISTOIRE des PEINTRES de toutes 8vo. cloth (not cut up), 12s 6d

1874 les Écoles depuis la Renaissance jusqu'à nos jours, BLUME (C. L.) MUSEUM BOTANICUM Lugdunocontaining 37 of the Lives, principally of the

Batavum, sive Stirpium Exot. Nov. vel minus French and Dutch Schools, with numerous fine portraits and engravings on wood of the chief

cognitarum brevis Expositio et Descriptio, 56 works of the Masters, royal 4to. half morocco gilt,

plates, with elaborate details, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, 10s 60

Lugd. Bat., 1849-51 £1. 33

Paris, n. d.

BLUNT (Rev. J.) DICTIONARY of SECTS, BLANC (Louis) HISTOIRE de DIX ANS, 1830-40, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, and Schools of 5 vols. 8vo. French boards, 14s Paris, 1844 Religious Thought, imperial 8vo. new calf antique,


carmine edges, £2. 2s et Instincts des Insectes, with nearly 250 fine

THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH during the First woodcuts, thick royal 8vo. half morocco gilt,

Three Centuries, post 8vo. new calf extra, 10s 6d

Paris, 1866 BLUNT (Lady Anne), BEDOUIN TRIBES of the BLANCO (M.) FLORA DE FILIPINAS, segun el

EUPHRATES, with some Account of the Arabs Sistema Sexual de Linneo, segunda impresion,

and their Horses ; map and illustrations, 2 vols. corregida y aumentada, 8vo. half bound (VERY

post 8vo. cloth, uncut (pub. £l. 48)

1879 SCARCE), 18s

Manila, 1845 BOCCACCIO (G.) IL DECAMERONE; con la sua The first edition (not so good as the above) is priced by an Vita scritta da Filippo di Matteo Villani, with eminent bookseller at £2. 10s; and this has been priced Li, 165.

NUMEROUS BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS after designs BLOCK BOOK.-Essai Bibliographique sur le by GRAVELOT, EISEN, BOUCHER, etc. (one

SPECULUM HUMANÆ SALVATIONIS ; indiquant wanting), 5 vols. Svo. French marbled calf, gilt le Passage de la Xylographie à la Typographie, edges, £9. 12

Londra (Paris), 1757-61 par J. P. BERJEAU (72 pp.), with tico excellent DECAMERON, corretto ed illustrato con Note; facsimiles, printed on ancient-looking paper, royal colla sua Vita scritta da G. Tiraboschi, 8 vols. 4to. half cloth, 4s 6d

1862 12mo, calf extra, gilt edges, by J. Clarke, £l. 128 BLOMFIELD (Bp.) MEMOIR of ; with Selec

Parma, 1812 tions from his Correspondence, ed. by his Son, the

IL DECAMERON ; con Notizie sulla Vita e Bp. of Colchester, port., 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth,

gli Scritti dell' Autore, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. half 58 (pub. 188)

culf gilt, 7s 6d

Firenze, 1825 BLOOMFIELD (R.) POEMS (clegantly printed);

IL DECAMERONE, con un Discorso critico da vith 13 fine woodcuts designed by Sidney Cooper,

Ugo Foscolo, with portrait and 10 exquisite Horsley, Tayler, and Webster, 12mo. new morocco,

engravings by A. Fox, from designs by T. Stothard, gilt eilges, 128 6d


INDIA PROOFS, 3 vols. crown 8vo. Morocco, gilt FARMER'S Boy, with 30 exquisite engrarings

edges, by Hayday, £3. 6s Lond. (Pickering), 1825 from drawings by Birket Foster, Harrison Weir, DECAMERON ; translated from the Italian : and G. Hicks, small 8vo. new morocco super

with Remarks on his Life and Writings, etc. [by elegant, gilt edges, £l. ls

1858 E. Du Bois], 8vo. calf (THE BEST TRANSLATION), BLORE (E.) MONUMENTAL REMAINS of Noble £l. ls

1820 and Eminent Persons, comprising the Sepulchral BODLEIAN LETTERS, written by eminent Antiquities of Great Britain, 30 fine plates by LE Persons in the 17th and 18th Centuries; with KEUX, with Historical and Biographical Ilustra- Hearne's Journeys to Reading and Whaddon tions, imperial 8vo. half morocco, top edges gilt, Hall, and AUBREY's Lives of eminent Men, with 18s-ANOTHER COPY, in 6 parts, 16s (pub. biographical and literary Illustrations [by Jno. £3. 158) 1824-6 Walker), 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 14s


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