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THIERS (L. A., Ex-Prime Minister of France) HISTORY of the CONSULATE and the

EMPIRE of FRANCE under Napoleon ; translated from the French (the only edition sanctioned by the Author), portraits, 20 vols. 8vo. in 10, half calf, neat, £6. 68

1845-62 The same, 20 vols. in 10, calf gilt, £8. 88

The same, ILLUSTRATED by 75 ADDITIONAL STEEL ENGRAVINGS of PORTRAITS, BATTLE SCENES, SIEGES, etc., 20 vols. in 12, new cloth, £5. 10:

Another copy, WITH THE ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS, 20 vols. in 12, new calf gilt, £9. 9s

“ This great work deserves to be ranked as the FOREMOST HISTORICAL PRODUCTION OF THE AGF. M. Thiers indeed throws a fascination over every subject he touches. The translation is a perfect reflex of the original, and rendered with fidelity and spirit.”-United Service Gazette.


with a new English translation, Notes, and Hints Turkey, the Holy Land, etc., giving an Account on the individual Varieties of Human Life, by of the Manners, Religion, Natural History, etc., FRANCIS HOWELL, with 50 remarkably charac. of those Countries, with 20 curious maps and teristic Portraits, INDIA PROOFS, imperial 8vo. engravings (mostly folding), 3 vols. 8vo. calf neat, LARGE PAPER, boards, uncut, £1. 188

7s 6d

1744 Josiah Taylor, 1824 “ The translator and the author of the notes in this work is THOMSON (S.) STUDIES from NATURE, 24 large Mr. Isaac Taylor, junior, who also designed the plates."-- MS. and beautiful permanent Photographs of Scenery, Note on fly-leaf.

etc., complete in 6 parts, folio, ios (pub. £1. īs) THESAURUS ÆNIGMATICUS; or a Collection

1875-6 of 140 most ingenious and Diverting ÆNIGMAS or THOMSON (James ) POETICAL WOeks, RIDDLES, the whole being designed for Universal PLAYS, etc., complete, with Life, by Murdoch, Entertainment (with Explanations), 8vo. (150 pp.), portrait and beautiful plates after Stothard, fine copy, morocco super-extra, gilt leares, 18s 1725 Burney, etc., 3 vols. post 8vo. tree-calf, gilt barlo, THEVENOT (Jean) TRAVELS into the Levant, nice copy, 8s 6d

1758 Turkey, Persia, the East Indies, newly done out The same, new edition, with portruit and of French, full-length portrait by Faithorne, and fine engravings, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 1803 other plates, folio, calf, neatly gilt, 18s 1687


with Memoir, by Sir Harris Nicolas, revised by FRANÇAISE, with numerous woodcuts of Portraits P. Cunningham, portrait, 2 vols. foolscap Sra. and Revolutionary Scenes, 2 vols, imperial 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, £l. Is half calf gilt, 12s

Bruxelles, 1840

POETICAL WORKS, edited by Robert Bell, HISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 158 translated by Shoberl, new edition, with 41 por. traits and plates, 5 vols.-HISTORY of the Con.

POETICAL WORKS, with portrait and SULATE and the Empire of France under Napoleon, numerous illustrations by J. Bll'hirter Cruz 20 vols.– Together 25 vols. 8vo. in 18, calf gilt, G. Hay, post 8vo. morocco extra, gilt edges, £12. 12s

10s 6d

Edinburgh, n. d.
The same, half calf gilt, £9. 9s

POETICAL WORKS, edited with a critical HISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION; Memoir by W. M. Rossetti, illustrated by 1. translated, with Notes and Illustrations, by Seccombe, post 8vo, calf gilt, 7s 6d

n.d. F. Shoberl, numerous steel engravings from

The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s or 10s 6e! Raffet's designs, and portraits, 5 vols. post 8vo. The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, half calf gilt, £2.

12s 6d The same, full calf gilt, £2. 10s

SEASONS ; with Life by P. Murdoch, fine HISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, engravings after CORBOULD'S DESIGNS, foolscan translated by T. W. Redhead, with a sketch of

8vo. old calf gilt, 5s 6d

1793 the History of France, by F. Bodin, numerous SEASONS, with Life, Index, Glossary, ard fine steel portraits and plates by Raffet, royal 8vo. Notes, by P. STOCKDALE ( finely printed in large half calf, 7s 6d

1845 type), with engravings and vignettes by STOTHISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, HARD, SINGLETON, and others, portrait to translated ; with Notes, thick royal 8vo, calf, gilt Ramsay, royal 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d

1743 back, red edges, 9s

Another copy, original tree-calf, gilt back, Ils De la PROPRIÉTÉ, du Communisme, du SEASONS, with Life and Critical Essay by Socialisme, de l'Impôt, 8vo. half calf gilt, 58 R. Heron (beautifully printed in fine large type,

Paris, 1848 with portrait and numerous fine large line-engrar. THIEURY (Jules) ST. GERVAIS DE ROUEN, ings by Catton and Corbould, small 4to. rissa Eglise et Paroisse, royal 8vo. sewn, 4s 6d

extra, £1. 4s

Perth, 1793 Rouen, 1859

SEASONS, with Life by Murdoch, Essay by A History and Description of one of the oldest churches in

Aikin, etc. (printed by Whittingham), royal sın. France; containing, besides other illustrations, a view and plan of the Crypt of the IVth Century, and of the Apse with its

old calf, 58

180 classic pillars.

SEASONS, edited, with voluminous Notes, THOMPSON (E. P.) NOTE BOOK of a by Dr. A. T. Thomson, frontispiece and rignette, Naturalist, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 1845 foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d

n. a.

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n. d.

THOMSON (James) SEASONS, with Life by THUCYDIDES, Gr., recensuit, Argumentis et

P. Murdoch, and Notes by BOLTON CORNEY, Adnotatione perpetua illustravit F. GOELLER with beautiful designs drawn on wood by members finely printed), 2 vols. 8vo. russia extra, gilt of the ETCHING CLUB, square 8vo. morocco extra, edges (with Dr. Hawtrey's autograph), 9s 6d gilt edges, £1.78 1852

Londinii, 1835 Seasons, the beautiful series of engravings HISTORY of the PELOPONNESIAN WAR, the to, by BARTOLOZZI and others, from drawings by (Greek) Text of Arnold, with his Argument, en. Hamilton, etc., printed without the text, brilliant enlarged by the Rev. R. P. G. TIDDEMAN, interimpressions on INDIA PAPER, royal folio, half leaved throughout, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, 12 russia (VERY RARE), £6. 10s 1793

Oxford, 1850 SEASONS, and CASTLE of INDOLENCE ; with LEXICON to, Greek and English, 8vo. half biographical and critical Introduction by ALLAN calf gilt, 5s 6d

1824 CUNNINGHAM ( finely printed ), 48 beautiful THUDICHUM (Dr. J. L. W.) and Dr. woodcuts drawn and engraved by S. Williams, crown 8vo. gilt cloth, uncut, 8s

DUPRÉ'S TREATISE on the Origin, Nature,

1841 CASTLE of INDOLENCE, with 12 fine out

and Varieties of Wine; a complete Manual of line plates from the Prizedesigns of W. RIMER,

Viticulture and Enology, with nearly 100 wood

1872 oblong folio, cloth, 6s

cuts, thick 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £1. 58)

1845 THOMSON (W., Archbishop of York) OUTLINE TICKNOR (G.) History of SPANISH LITERA

of the Necessary Laws of Thought, 12mo. cloth, TURE, with Criticisms on particular Works, 4s

Pickering, 1842 copious Extracts, and Biographical Notices of THOMSON (R.) ESSAY on the MAGNA CHARTA prominent Writers, 3 vols. 8vo. half morocro of King John, the Charters granted by Henry III. extra, gilt edges, £1. 188

1849 and Edward (I., and others, the Text of Magna TIFFIN (W. F.) SKETCHES, principally in Charta in Latin and English, and explanatory, SWITZERLAND and the GENOESE RIVIERA, 13 Notes, beautifully printed within engraved large Lithographs, Proofs before Numbers, folio, Borders, with Seals, Coats of Arms, etc., thick cloth, 8s 6d

Salisbury, 1874 8vo. calf gilt, gilt edges, 10s 6d

1829 TILLOTSON (J.) PALESTINE ; its Holy Sites Another copy, LARGE PAPER ; PRINTED and Sacred Story, with maps and more than 350 THROUGHOUT on INDIA PAPER, royal 8vo. half engravings, new edition, 8vo. calf gilt, 12s morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £1. 4s 1829

Very rare on India Paper; a copy has been sold by auction TIMBS (J.) ANECDOTE BIOGRAPHY:-The Earl for £5.55

of Chatham and Edmund Burke, portraits and


vignette, post 8vo. calf gilt, 10s THOMSON (W. M.) The LAND and the BOOK, or Biblical Illustrations drawn from the manners

Wonderful Inventions ; from the Mariner's and customs, the scenes and scenery of the Holy

Compass to the Electric Telegraph Cable, numer


ous woodcuts, post 8vo. calf gilt, 9s Land, map and numerous fine illustrations, post TIME'S TELESCOPE, from 1814 to 1834, with 8vo. calf gilt, lls 6d


Astronomical Occurrences, and Naturalists' Diary, LITERARY CHARACTERS and Celebrated Places,

complete set, with wood engravings, 21 vols.


12mo, half calf neat, £1. 16s 2 vols. post 8vo. new half morocco, top edges gilt

Contains much curious and interesting information relating (nice copy), 18s


to Antiquities, Obsolete Rights and Customs, etc. CONTENTS :-Dr. Maginn-Ham House, ard Holland House: TIMKOWSKI (G.) TRAVELS of the RUSSIAN and their Inhabitants-Hampton Court-Mrs. Montagu, Whitehall, Palace of Westminster, York House-Ancient Palace of Mission through Mongolia to China, and ResiGreenwich - Kenilworth – Siege of Ragland Castle-Baring House and Lathom House-Coleridge, Sir James Hall, Leslie,

dence in Peking in 1820-21, with Notes by Van Mackintosh, Blanco White, Mrs. Serres, C. Mills, L.E.L., J. Galt,

Klaproth, maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo, neid half T. Campbell, Mrs. Siddons, Wilkie, Chantrey, Hatton Rectory, morocco, 7s 6d

1827 A. Cunningham Publishers and Authors-Chartley Castle and TIMPERLEY (C.H.) DICTIONARY of PRINTERS the Ferrers Family ; Whitetield, Lady Huntingdon.

and PRINTING, with the Progress of Literature, MEMOIRS of the COURT of HENRY VIII., ancient and modern, Bibliographical Illustrations, fine portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth lettered, 78 6d etc., cuts, thick royal 8vo. boards, 188 1839

1826 TIRRART, RECUEIL de Dessins, d’Ornemens, MEMOIRS of VISCOUNTESS SUNDON, Mis. d'Architecture, 96 plates, containing many hun. tress of the Robes to Queen Caroline, Consort of dred designs, royal 4to. boards, 10s 6d n. d. George II., including Letters from the most TISSANDIER (G.) POPULAR SCIENTIFIC REcelebrated Persons, 2 portraits, 2 vols. post 8vo. CREATIONS in Natural Philosophy ; Astronomy, cloth, 6s 60 (pub. £l. 4s)


Geology, Chemistry, etc., .enlarged from the THORNTON(Colonel)SPORTING Tourthrough French, several hundred illustrations, royal 8vo.

FRANCE, with Description of the Sporting Esta- complete in 12 parts, 3s 6d blishments and Mode of Hunting, coloured TITIAN: His LIFE and TIMES ; with an Account portrait, and upwards of 80 fine views, etc., of his Family : by J. A. CROWE and G. B. 2 vols, royal 4to. boards, £l. 14s

1805-6 CAVALCASELLE, portrait and 18 plates, 2 vole. THORVÅLDSEN, Life and Works of, by E. 8vo. marbled tree-calf gilt, marbled edges (nearly Plox, translated, illustrated by 39 engravings on new), £2. 58

1877 steel and wood, imperial 8vo. cloth, 16s (pub. TOBIN (Catherine) SHADOWS of the East; or £l. 58)

1873 Sketches of Scenery, Persons, and Customs in An artist who exercised a wide influence over sculptors of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, and Greece, every nationality,

with 20 fine tinted plates, imperial 8vo. cloth, THREE ESSAYS: Learning and Science ; 7s 6d (pub. kl. 58)

1855 Science and Language ; Language and Poetry; TOCQUEVILLE (A. De) L'ANCIEN RÉGIME 8vo. cloth (scarce), 5s 1863 et la Révolution, 8vo. half calf gilt, 5s Paris, 1856


n. d.

TOOKE (T.) and W. NEWMARCH, HISTORY of PRICES, and of the State of the Circu.

lation, from 1792 to 1856 ; preceded by a brief Sketch of the State of the Corn Trade in the last two Centuries, 6 vols. 8vo. (complete), cloth (VERY RARE), £15. 158

1838-57 Perfect sets of the Six volumes are excessively scarce, the last two volumes having been destroyed by fire.

A FINE AND INTERESTING WORK. TOUR (Le) du MONDE: Nouveau Journal des VOYAGES, publié sous la Direction de

M. Edouard Charton, et illustré par nos plus célèbres Artistes, EMBELLISHED WITH MANY HUNDRED WOODCUTS AND MAPS, a complete set, from the commencement to 1882, of this interesting publication, containing the most esteemed modern Voyages and Travels in every Part of the Globe, 22 large vols. 4to. half bound in crimson morocco, gilt edges, £16. 108

Paris, 1861-82 This valuable work was published at £34. 138.


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BLAGE OF SCRAPS AND ILLUSTRATIONS ON THE MIENTO, GUERRA y Revolucion de ESPANA: SUBJECT OF SMOKING, some of them neatly laid precedida de su Biografia, portrait, 4 vols. royal down on tinted paper and inserted in imperial 8vo, half calf gilt, 16s

Madrid, 1843 4to. portfolio, the rest loosely placed in a royal TORTOISES, TERRAPINS, and TURTLES, folio portfolio, the 2 vols. for £8. 10s

60 beautifully coloured plates, drawn from life by A most amusing collection on a subject of never-failing J. DE CARLE SOWERBY, and lithographed by

To gather together from all quarters and every source including leaves from books, advertisements, cuttings froin

E. LEAR, with short Descriptive Notices by Dr. newspapers and magazines, engravings from comic and serious J. E. GRAY, imperial 4to. half morocco, £2. 2 papers, books, and pamphlets-such a large collection on one (pub. £4. 10s)

1872 subject is the work of a lifetime, and an immense expense. TOURNEUR (Cyril) PLAYS and POEMS (inTOBACCO and its ADULTERATIONS, by H. P. cluding his recently-discovered Poem, The Trans.

PRESCOTT, of the Inland Revenue Department, formed Metamorphosis," 1600 ; from Sir C. with 40 illustrative steel plates, by the Author, Isham's unique copy); with Introduction and 8vo. cloth, 5s

1858 Notes, by J. CHURTON COLLINS, 2 vols. foolsap TODD (Rev. H. J.) ILLUSTRATIONS of the Lives 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. 188)

1505 and Writings of Gower and CHAUCER, collected “ High among Tourneur's distinctive merits must also be from authentick Documents, equestrian portraits graphic intensity of magical expression he is second only to

ranked his singular mastery over the element of language and monuments, 8vo. russia neat, 6s 6d 1810 Shakespeare and Webster." Introduction. TOMBLESON (W.) Views of the UPPER and TOWNEND (W.). DESCENDANTS of the

LOWER RHINE, with Descriptions, by W. G. STUARTS ; an Unchronicled Page in England's Fearnside, nearly 150 highly finished engravings, History ; second edition, portraits of Count and original impressions, 2 vols royal Svo. calf gilt, Countess of Chambord, and genealogical tables, 12s 1832 8vo, morocco, 7s 6d

18is Views on the THAMES, 80 steel engravings,

TOWER MENAGERIE: Natural History of with Descriptions, 4to. morocco neat, gilt edges,

the Animals therein contained, with Anecdotes 98

1840 of their Characters and History, with beautiful TOOKE (John Horne) DIVERSIONS of Pur. woodcut portrait of each from Life by W. LEY (Philological Dissertations] ; with numerous HARVEY, 8vo. half bound, 5s

12 additions from the Author's copy, and his letter TOWNELEY HALL MSS.--ENGLISH JADIto J. Dunning: with additional Notes by R. BITE BALLADS, Songs and Satires, etc. (many TAYLOR, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 6s

1840 hitherto unknown or unedited)--THE SPENDING The same, 8vo, new tree-calf gilt, £1.

of the MONEY of Robert Nowell, of Reade Hale ! TOPHAM (J.) Plans, Elevations, Sections, and

Lancashire (brother of Dean Alexander Nowelli: Specimens of the Architecture and Ornaments of

being a MS. Book kept for : with Corrections and the CATHEDRALS of ENGLAND, 82 large plates,

Insertions by Dean Nowell, 1568-1580; and Par. imperial folio, boards, £1. 15s


ticulars relating to the Poet Spenser, Hooker, Comprises particulars of Westminster Abhey, the Cathedrals

Bishop Andrewes, etc. - Together 2 vols. 4ta of Gloucester, Exeter, St. Albans, and Durham; and the Abbey edited by the Rev. A. B. Grosart; LARGE PAPEL Church of Bath.

(only 100 copies of each so printed), cloth, £9.3 TOPOGRAPHER and GENEALOGIST, edited

15.7 by J. G. NICHOLS, 3 vols. 8vo. complete, cloth, TOWNSEND (Rev. C.) WINCHESTER, and s £1. 12s

1846-58 few other Compositions in Prose and Verse, small This interesting work forms a continuation to “ Nichols's 4to, cloth, scarce, 10s 6d Winchester, 1835 Collectanea Topographica," etc., and contains a valuable collec. * To Ed. Bathyany: with the Author's affecte. remerces tion of Original Papers, illustrative of English History, Heraldry, Brighton : 28 Augt. 1844. Customs, etc.

TOWNSEND (G. H.) MANUAL of DATES; 1 TOPSEL (E.) History of FOUR-FOOTED Dictionary of Reference to the most important

BEASTS and Serpents : also The THEATER of Events in the History of Mankind : second edi ! INSECTS ; by T. MUFFET, M.D., with many tion, enlarged, thick post 8vo. cloth, 6s 18 curious and well executed Woodcuts, folio, new

The same, new edition, edited by F. Martin, half calf gilt, £1, 5s 1658 thick 8vo, calf gilt, £l. Is


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2. a.



Modern LITERATURE; Short Readings from the TYRTÆUS, Greek, Latin, and English (by James Best Authors for Every-Day, post 8vo. calf gilt, Moor), 2 fine heads ; SCARCE, Glasgow, Foulis, Ils

1759—-HANNONIS Periplus, Latine, a J. Muller, TOWNSEND (Rev. J.) JOURNEY through Argentorati, 1661-Disputatio Geographica auc

SPAIN, 1786-7, with Remarks on the Agriculture, tore Daniel Erasmo, Regiomonti, 1678-POLEMOManufactures, Commerce, etc., of the Country, MIDDINIA; Carmen Macaronicum, autore map, 3 vols. 8vo. half morocco, 6s

1792 Gulielmo DRUMMUNDO, Scoti-Brit. : accedunt TOWNSEND (W.) LIVES of TWELVE EMI- JACOBI V. Cantilena Rustica, vulgo inscripta

NENT JUDGES of the last and present Century, Christes Kirk on the green; notis illustravit E. G. 2 vols. -HISTORY of the HOUSE of COMMONS, (Bishop GIBSON), Oxonii, 1691-in one volume 1688-1832, 2 vols.--MODERN STATE TRIALS, with small 4to. half calf, 12s

V. (l. Essays and Notes, 2 vols.-Lives of Eminent Gough's Foulis's Tyriæus brought $1. Iis 0d, and Heber's

1. IOS, English Judges of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, edited by W. N. Welsby-together TRACTS on the CHURCH.-Dr. Pusey on the 7 vols. 8vo, cloth, £3. 108


Eucharist, Archbishop Whately on the Church TRACTS.-Letre de Conjouissance au Duc de

and the Universities, Gorham on the Bishop of Bouilon sur sa Conversion en la Foy Catholique ;

Exeter, etc., 8vo. half calf neat, 4s 1842, etc, par le Sr. de la Serre, Anvers, 1635 : and other. TRACTS.-CAMBERWELLANA; a Narrative, etc., Tracts as under, in one vol. small 4to, vellum,

by Joseph Sparrow (Lovers' Quarrels], 1828--£1. 108

Musical Entertainments perform’d at the Society Conférence et Traicté du Marquis de Lede avec ceux de

at the Castle in Pater-Noster Row ; L'Allegro, il Liége, 1036-Considd. Legati Hisp. super Neutralitate Imperii Penseroso, ed Il Moderato, etc., 1747 ; and other cum Provv. Belgii confæd. Ratis. 19 Nov. 1636, Electoribus Tracts as under, post 8vo. half calf, 158 v. y. propositæ ; Hag. Com. 1637-Copie de l'Arrest rendu au grand Conseil du Roy le 22 d'Avril 1636, contre Frère Jean Leger, Prieur

Fair Rosamond, coloured frontispiece, 1809-A Paper Lantern

for Puseyites, 1850— Hudibrastick Brewer; or preposterous Union de St. Martin-Elettione e Coronatione del nuovo Re de' Romani

between Malt and Meter: a Satyr upon the suppos'd Author of in persona di Ferdinando Re d'Ungheria ; Roma, 1637--La

the Republican Procession, etc., 1714-Reprint of the rare Tracts Detaic e des Bans et Arierebans de France au Duché de Loraine

of the Parliament of Ladies, 1647; and the Isle of Pines, 1668; par le Comte Jean de Weert, etc., Brux. 1635–Viri Illustris Germani ad Germanum Virum Illustrem ex Lutetia Paris., a. TRANSACTIONS of the ROYAL IRISH 1635, scripta Epist. qua Pragensis Transact. Idea et sequela veriss. describ. Verona, 1636--Censura S. Facult. Theol. Paris., ACADEMY, complete from the commencement in lata in Lib. “ De la Saincte Virginité," discours tr. du S. Augustin, 1787 to 1879, with very numerous engravings, 26 par C. Seguenot, 1638--Epist. Cardinalium, Archiepiscc. etiEpiscc. vols. 4to, in 19, new half morocco (FINE UNIFORM Paris., nunc agentium, de Damnandis 2 voll. " Traitté des Droicts et Libertez de l'Eglise Gallicane," et "Preuves des Libertez de

SET), £25.

1787-1879 l'Eglise Gallicane," 1639-Entrata fatta in Roma del Duca di Complete Sets as the above of this valuable work, comprisCrema", 1638.-Allegrezze fatte in Roma dal Prencipe di Bozolo, ing the Researches, Discoveries, and Writings of a host of literary 1627-Feste fatte del March. di Castello Rodrigo, Roma, 1637

and scientific Men during a period of upwards of go years, are 1.a Detraite de l'Armée Françoise soub la Conduite du Card, de

difficult to procure. la Valette au Pays Messin, Brux. 1635, etc.

TRANSLATIONS of CLASSIC POETS; the TRACTS. - Æsop at Paris; his Letters and

best, in Verse, of Homer, Virgil, Juvenal, Horace, Fables ; from the French, 1701, and other Tracts,

Lucan, Tibullus, Apollonius Rhodius, Coluthus, as under: in one vol. 8vo. old calf, £l. Is

Sappho, Bion, Moschus, Musæus, Ovid, Anacreon, History of Insipids ; a Lampoon : by the Lord Roch-r; with his Farewell, 1680 : with Marvel's Ghost; by Mr. Jo. Alloff,

Theocritus, Statius, Hesiod, Ariosto, Tasso, 1709 Works of the Earls of Rochester and Roscommon; with Camoens, 3 thick vols. royal 8vo. calf neat, 16s 1810 Miscellany Poems by the most eminent Hands, 3 parts, 1709– TRAVELS in Europe, Asia, and Africa, conPredictions for 1708. by Isaac Bickerstati - Muscipula, sive Cambro-muo-maxia (a Lalin Poem, by Edwin Holdsworth),

taining Remarks on the Political and Commercial original ed. Lond. 1709–Tryal of Mervin Lord Audley for Rape,

Interests of Great Britain, and a new System for and unnatural Practices, in 1631 : 1707----Hickelty Pickelty; or a the Government of the East Indies, 2 vols. 8vo. Medles of Characters, adapted to the Age, 1708—Mars stript of

1782 his Armour; or the Army displayed in all its true Colours, :1709-1 TRAVELS (ILLUSTRATED): a Record of Dis

calf gilt, 6s Life and Adventures of Captain John Avery, the famous English Pirate, now in possession of Madagascar-State of the Palatines covery, Geography and Adventure, by eminent for tifty years past. 1710-Vulgus Britannicus, or the British Travellers and others, edited by H. W. BATES, Hudibrass, Part III. 1710-also varions Ballads against the French King, the Duke of Marlborough's Disgrace, a True List

Assistant-Secretary of Royal Geographical Society, of the Pretender's Army, etc.

profusely illustrated, complete in 6 vols. roval TRACTS. CLEVELAND'S (J.) Poems, and 11 4to. each volume containing about 200 fine ļl’ood, others as unler, thick 4to. old calf, £2. 10s 1641-68 Engravings, from original Drawings by celebrated

CONTENTS:--Cleveland's (J.) Character of a London-Diurnal: Artists, cloth gilt, £1. 14s (pub. £4. 10s) (1869-74) and Select Poems. 1647—Letter of Presbyterian Ministers to the TREASURY of ORNAMENTAL ART ; illustraAssembly of Divines against Toleration, 1668— The manner of creating Knights of the Bath, 1661- The King's Cabinet opened,

tions of Objects of Art and Vertu, 71 plates in 1045 His Majesty's Last Proclamation, 1642-The Irish Cabinet, GOLD and COLOURS, with Descriptions by J. C. 1645-Remonstrance concerning the Church and Kingdom of

Robinson, imperial 8vo. ornamental cloth, gilt Ireland, 1642--His Majestie's Declaration, 1642-Earl of Strafford's Letter to his Lady (zvith woodcut portrait on title), 1641-

edges, fl. 8s Litto to his Majesty, 1641--Ditto, Speech on Scaffold, 1641-- View TREE and SERPENT WORSHIP, the 46 litho. of the New Directory, and Vindication of the Ancient Liturgy, graphic Nlustrations belonging to MR. JAMES 1045 TRACTS on the Book of Common Prayer ; and

FERGUSSON's work, comprising most elaborate the Lord's Prayer, etc., in ANGLO-SAXON, as

designs of Hindu Ornamental Art, imperial 4to.

1873 under, small 4to. 6s 6d

in portfolio, 8s 6d (sells £1. 1s) 1644

Equally interesting to Bible Students and to Artists. The First Search after one grand Cause of the Wrath of God, in the use of the so much Idolized Liturgie; with two and TREVES.-Brief Account of the Hospital of ST. twenty Reasons from the Word of God for the present Disuse of ELIZABETII, annexed to the Imperial Monastery it-LIX Exceptions against the Booke of Cominon Praver. 1644

of St. Maximin, of the Benedictines ; from the The Words of Elsrike, Abbot of S. Albons; also the Lord's Praver, Creed, and Ten Commandments, all in Anglo-Saxon and

Latin, with Notes, engravings, royal 8vo. half Engiish.

calf, 148


V. Y:

n. d.

TRIALS (STATE) COMPLETE COLLECTION of; and Proceedings for High-Treason,

and other Crimes and Misdemeanours, 1388-1725, with Appendix of Records and Index, 6 vols. folio, calf, £4. 48

1730 Contains not only State Trials but the most notorious and interesting causes célèbres down to the period of publication. Lord Brougham declared this work to be one of national interest, and indispensable to Lawyers and Statesmen; “nor is there” (continued his Lordship) “any work to which those who read merely to amuse themselves may be more safely referred for rational and agreeable relaxation ;” and Miss MITFORD, in her “ Recollections,” confesses to a similar partiality. TRIALS (STATE); A COMPLETE COLLECTION of Proceedings for High Treason and

other Crimes and Misdemeanours against the State, from Henry II., 1163, to George IV., 1820, with Notes and other Illustrations by T. B. and T. J. HOWELL, with JARDINE's Index, 34 vols. royal 8vo. half calf neat, in library condition (SCARCE), £21. 108


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TRENCH (R. C., Archbishop of Dublin) On the TRISTRAM (Canon) THE LAND OF MOAB:

AUTHORIZED VERSION of the New Testament, in Travels and Discoveries on the East Side of the connexion with some recent Proposals for its Dead Sea and the Jordan, map and illustrations, Revision, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d (pub. 58) 1858 post 8vo. calf gilt, 15s

1874 Notes on the MIRACLES of our Lord, new TRIUMPH of PAINTING; a New Drawing edition, revised, 8vo. calf gilt, 16s


Book, consisting of drawings of the Human Body, The same, antique calf, carmine edges, 178 Horses, and other Animals, Academy Figures,

NOTES on the PARABLES of our Lord, 8vo. calf gilt, 163

Groups, etc., from designs by Lely, Hayman, Le 1877

Brun, and others, beautifully engrared by The same, antique calf, carmine edges, 178 Ravenet and Grignion, frontispiece by Picart, Notes on the Miracles and Parables, 2 vols.

folio, sewn (SCARCE), 128 6d

1723 tree-calf gilt, by Riviere, £1. 158

1877-8 POEMS, foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, 128

1879 TRIVETI (Nicolai, Dominicani) ANNALES SEX The same, morocco, gilt edges, 13s 6d

REGUM ANGLIÆ, nunc primum emendatæ, edidit The same, morocco extra, 15s

A. HALL, fine portrait by VERTUE, small svo SACRED LATIN POETRY, chiefly Lyrical,

panelled calf extra, 8s

Oronit, 1719 with Introduction and Notes, foolscap 8vo.

With the book-plate of James Harcourt, s.T.P. morocco super extra, gilt edges, 14s 6d 1874 TROLLOPE (A.) THE LAST CHRONICLE of The same, vellum, carmine edges, 158

BARSET, with 32 illustrations by G. H. Thomas, SYNONYMS of the NEW TESTAMENT, 8vo. 2 vols. 8vo. clean copy, complete in parts, 105 td calf gilt, 16s 1876

1967 TRIALS (STATE), the most interesting; prior to

The same, 2 vols. neatly half bound, 4s the Revolution of 1688: reviewed and illustrated

Can You Forgive Her?, numerous engrar. by S. M. PHILLIPPS, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, calf, 18s

ings, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, és

1864 1826 TROLLOPE (Frances) NOVELS ; The Widos TRIALS (CRIMINAL), during the reigns of Eliza- Barnaby, 3 vols. 1839, and others as under ; in all,

beth and James I., and a Narrative of the Gun- 23 vols. crown 8vo. grained calf, £5. 58 1532-9 powder Plot, with Historical Prefaces and Notes Domestic Manners of the Americans, plates, 2 rols. D. JARDINE, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, Refugee in America, 3 vols. 1832-Abbess, 3 rols. 1933–1re Ss 6d

mordyn Cliff, 3 vols. 1835--Life of Jonathan Jetterson Whitas,

(1832) | etchings by Hervieu, 3 vols. 1836–Romance of Vienna, 3 rein The same, marbled tree-calf gilt, by Mac- 1838–Vicar of Wrexhill, etchings by Hervieu, 3 vols. 1838. kenzie, 18s

PARIS and the PARISIANS in 1835, with 14 TRIALS.- THE BLOODY REGISTER: the most

etchings by Hervieu (rather foxed), 2 vols sro Remarkable Trials for Murder, Treason, Rape, cloth, 7s 6d1 etc., Highway Robbery, Pyracy, House- breaking, TROLLOPE (T. A.) SKETCHES from FRENCE Perjury, Forgery, etc., from 1700 to 1764 ; frontis- HISTORY, thick crown 8vo. new cloth, 2s 6d (puh piece, 4 vols. foolscap 8vo. new calf gilt, fine copy, 7s 6d)

1573 (SCARCE), £4. 15s


The same, half calf gilt, 5s TRIALS OF THISTLEWOOD, INGS, BRUNT, TIDD, The same, calf gilt, 7s 6d DAVIDSON and others for High Treason, in April, TROLLOPE (Rev. W.) GREEK GRAMMAR to 1820, with the antecedent Proceedings (“Cato- the New Testament, and to the Common or He:Street Conspiracy), by W. B. GURNEY, 2 vols.

lenic Diction of the Later Greek Writers, Sve 8vo, boards, 8s od

cloth, 4s (pub. 9s 6d)


in Anglo-Norman, and in Greek, composed in the TRONSON (J. M., R.N.,) PERSONAL NARRA 12th and 13th Centuries ; edited by FRANCISQUE

TIVE of a VOYAGE to Japan, Kamtschatha, MICHEL, 2 vols, foolscap 8vo. cloth, uncut (scarce),

Siberia, Tartary and various parts of the Coast a 14s


China ; in H.M.S. Barracouta, numerous charts TRISTRAM (Canon) THE LAND of ISRAEL ;

and plates, Svo, half calf neat, 63 a Journal of Travels in Palestine, undertaken TROTTER (L. J.) HISTORY of INDIA, from the with special reference to its physical character, Earliest Times to the Present Day, map and maps, and 70 illustrations, coloured and plain, and illustrations by W. J. Whymper, post 8vo. thick Svo, cloth, 10s (pub. £1. 1s) 1865 calf gilt, 14s 6d


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