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and the Æneids), translated into English Verse avec des Notes par BEUCHOT, 7 vols.- Essai by the Rev. R. KENNEDY and C. R. KENNEDY ; sur les MEURS et l'ESPRIT des Nations, avec 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, uncut, 5s

1849 des Notes par BEUCHOT, 4 vols.—Together 1l vols. WORKS, in English Prose, with Notes, etc., 8vo. half morocco gilt (nice set), £2. 108 by Lonsdale and Lee, post 8vo. calf gilt, 6s 1873

Paris, 1829 Works, in English Prose, with Introduc. SES ROMANS ; nouvelle édition, large type. tion, Analysis, Notes, and Index, by J. Lonsdale 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d

Paris, 1796 and S. Lee (Globe edition), post 8vo. calf gilt, SIECLE de Louis XIV. (avec des Notes) ;

1877 suivi de la Liste raisonnée des Enfants de Louis The same, morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d 1874 XIV., des Princes de la Maison de France, de

ÆNEID, the First Four Books, in Heroic Maréchaux de France, etc., elegant edition, 2 voks. Verse, with other Translations and Poems, by 8vo. in one, half morocco, 10s 6d Paris, 1835 RICHARD STANYAURST, 4to. [only 50 copies AGE of LOUIS XIV. ; with an Abstract of reprinted ; and edited by J. Maidment), cloth, the Age of Louis XV., translated, with Notes, £l. Is

Edinburgh, 1836 by R. Griffith, map and 2 portraits, 3 vols. 8vo. A most singular version. in English Hexameters. Southey calf, 14s

1779-81 observes (in his Omniana): " As Chaucer bas been called the

LIFE of VOLTAIRE, by JAMES PARTON: well of English undetiled, so might Stanihurst be denominated the common sewer of the language. He is, however, a very

2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £l. 4s

1831 entertaining, and to a philologist, « very instructive writer.

His VON RICKART (C.) MENES and CHEON version of the First Four Books of the Æneid is exceedingly rare, aud deserves to be reprinted for its incomparable oddity:

identified in History under different Names : with ENEIDS, done into English Verse by other Cosas, illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 6s 1809 W. Morris, square post 8vo. tree-calf extra, gilt VON TROIL (U.) LETTERS on ICELAND, icedges, £1. 1s

1876 cluding Observations made in 1772 by Sir Joseph ÆNEID, translated into English Verse by Banks, and others, second edition, map and plate, Professor Conington, post Svo, calf gilt, 12s 6d 8vo. new sprinkled calf gilt, yellow edges (fins

copy), 12s

1780 ÆNEIS (Thirteen Books), translated into VOX CELI, or Newes from Heaven, or a CodScottish Verse, by GAWIN DOUGLAS (Bishop of sultation there held by King Henry VIII., King Dunkeld, 1515); with a Large Glossary, and Life, Edward VI., Prince Henry, Queen Mary, Queen folio, calf neat (scarce), £2, 2s Edinburgh, 1710 Elizabeth, and Queen Anne, wherein Spaine's

ECLOGUES and GEORGICS, with an English Ambition and Treacheries to most Kingdomes, Commentary by John CONINGTON, 8vo. cloth

but more particularly towards England, are un(with Editor's Autograph), 6s (pub. 12s) 1865 masked : by S. R. N. I., small 4to. calf mat

GEORGICA, THE HEXAGLOTT EDITION, viz., (with Dr. Bandinel's book-plate), 6s 6d Latin from Heyne's Text, Italian, Spanish,

Printed in Elesium, 1624 German, and French, by the best Translators, and VOYAGE of H.M.S. CHALLENGER during the English, by Sotheby, finely printed in large type, Years 1873-76 :--REPORT of the SCIENTIFIC REon vellum paper, royal folio, half russia, $1. ls SULTS, prepared under the superintendence of

London, Nicol, 1827 Sir C. WYVILLE THOMSON and J. MURRAY: This splendid rolume was published at tive guincas; and the ZOOLOGY of the Voyage, Vols. I to 6, urith an impression was very limited. The whole six versions are shown

wards of 400 finely executed plates, those of the PARERGA et ORNAMENTA, Cælo expressa,

Birds and a few others BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED ; ad VIRGILII OPERA illustranda, Sculptore Jo. D.

NARRATIVE of the Voyage, Vol. 2 (all at present FLORILLO, in editione Virgilii Heyniana, 1793, published);- 7 vols. royal 4to. cloth, uncut, £12. olim vulgata, 74 fine steel vignettes struck off on

Printed for H.M. Stationery Office, 1880-89 plate paper, with Descriptions in Latin, 4to. half Dr. Sclater, Professor Kolliker, A. Agassiz, Professor Haeckel,

Among the contributors are Dr. Günther, H. N. Moseier, bound, £l. Is

Lond., 1812 Professor P. G. Tait, T. Davidson, and others. VITRINGÆ (C.) COMMENTARIUS in librum

Prophetiarum JESAIÆ, cum Prolegomenis ; editio VOYAGE AUTOUR DU MONDE exécuté sur la nova prioribus accuratior, 2 vols. folio, Dutch

corvette “ LA BONITE," commandée par M. V'AILvellum, very neat, £l. Is Lcovardia, 1724

LANT, publié par ordre du Roi :-ZOOLOGIE, Rosenmüller, re-echoing the opinions of Walch and Schul

par Eydoux et SOU'LEYET, 2 thick rols. Svo., tens, uses almost their identical words in saying: “Vitringa left

and folio vol. of 100 plates, comprising many all the interpreters of Isaiah far behind him:

hundred BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED figures calls the Commentary “one of the most useful books on this

Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, Crus. Prophet which a minister can possess." VOICES of Joy and THANKSGIVING : Sacred

tacea, Mollusca, Zoophytes, etc.--together 3 vols Poems for the principal Festivals of the Christian

half morocco cxtra, gilt edges (nearly neu), £3. las Year, compiled and illustrated by C. E. B., with

Paris, 1841

"Many new Species are described in this fine work : the: numerous woodcuts and ornamental initials, small

Anatomy is elaborately illustratod," 4to, cloth, 6s

1866 VOLTAIRE, ses (EUVRES COMPLÈTES, avec des VOY A G.E dans un GRENIER : Bougain Notes et sa Vie par Condorcet, portrait, and

Faïences, Autographes et Bibelots, par Charles

de la Société des Amis de Livres ; numerNUMEROUS HIGHLY FINISHED ENGRAVINGS by MOREAU, etc., 13 large vols. imperial 8vo. full

ous beautiful coloured plates, etchings, and fa. calf gilt, marbled edges (nice set), 27. 7s

similes, imperial 8vo. sewn, uncut, £2. Paris, 1875

Paris, Didor, 1843 VOYAGES and TRAVELS (REMARKABLE), cu WORKS; translated, with Notes, historical sisting of Anson's Voyage round the World: and critical, by Dr. T. Smollett, T. Francklin, Stephens's Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey and others, 39 vols. foolscap 8vo. original calf Russia and Poland, illustrated, royal 8vo. mora ncat, £9. 98 1762 super extra, gilt edges, 128


at one view,

whilst Bickersteth


PAPER COPY, with numerous fine views, mostly in 3 states, PROOFS UPON SATIN, India PROOFS, and OPEN LETTERS, EIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS INSERTED (three of which were never engraved), 2 vols. 4to. red morocco extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by STAGGEMEIER, £34. 10s

1810 It is difficult to imagine the exquisite beauty of the impressions upon SATIN-a material admirably a lapted for taking such. VOYAGES PITTORESQUES et ROMANTIQUES WAIDMANN'S-ERINNERUNGEN:

dans l'ANCIENNE FRANCE par C. Nodier, J. Photographien nach den original-Cartons von Taylor, et A. du Cailleux : Normandie, with Franz v. Pausinger ; begleitender Text von K. 232 large and fine Lithographic Drawings by the Stieler, 12 large and highly artistic Photographs most eminent Artists, besides vignettes, on India of Animals of the Chase in their native Haunts, paper ; 2 vols. imperial folio, morocco, gilt edges, and 24 woodcuts of Hunting Scenes, folio, richly £6. 10s

Paris, 1820-25 half bound in morocco, uppropriately gilt on sides, PITTORESQUES et Romantiques dans gilt edges, £1. 5s (pub.

£2. 108) München (1881) l'Ancienne France par NODIER, TAYLOR et DE WALDEGRAVE (Earl of MEMOIRS, 1754-58, CAILLEUX : Auvergne, with about 200 large with preface by Lord Holland, portrait, 4to. calf and fine plates of Castles, Churches, etc. on India gilt, 5s

1821 paper, 2 vols. imperial folio, half morocco, uncut, WALDENSES (The) History of the Persecu. £5. 10s

Paris, 1829 tion of the Valleys of Piedmont, containing an VOYAGES, Discoveries, and Travels, a new

account of that in the year 1686 ; small 4to. Collection of, with maps, plans, and engravings, morocco, gilt edges, 14s

1688 7 vols. Svo, calf gilt, £1. 5s J. Knox, 1767

or Protestant Valleys of Piedmont, DauVOYAGES of the ELIZABETHAN SEAMEN to

phiny, and the Ban de la Roche, by Dr. W.

BEATTIE, with portrait, map, and 70 highly AMERICA ; Narratives from Hakluyt; edited, with Historical Notices, by E. J. Payne, crown

finished engravings after drawings by BARTLETT

and BROCKEDON, 4to. bound, gilt edges, 7s 6d 1838 Svo. calf gilt, 12s

1880 WALES, History of, by Caradoc of Lhancarvan, The same, tree-calf gilt, 12s 6d

Englished by Powell

, angmented by W. Wynne ; VOYAGE (New) to the North; an Account of with a Description of Wales by Sir John Price, NORWAY, the Lapland, Siberia, Iceland, etc., of Pedigrees, etc., 8vo. calf, 12s

1774 the Court of the Czar, the Muscovites, etc., by a WALES. - Introduction to the History of French Gentleman, with folding plate of 20

Cambria, from the first Invasion of Britain by the figures, crown 8vo. new sprinkled calf extra, Romans to 1188, when Archbishop Baldwin made yellow edges, 12s 1706 his Progress through Wales [by SIR R. C.


HOARE), maps, 4to. sewn, 8s 6d VYNER (R.) NOTITIA VEXATICA ; a Treatise on

Fox-hunting ; with a compendious Kennel Stud WALES ; History of, from the earliest time to Book, numerous tinted lithographs, royal 8vo.

its final incorporation with England, by B. B. morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s

WOODWARD, numerous highly finished steel en1842

gravings, 2 vols. royal Svo. in one, morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s


Galleries and Cabinets of Art in Great of ARCHBISHOP BALDWIN through WALES, A.D.

Britain ; an Account of the chief Collec- 1188; translated, with historical and topographical tions (both public and private) of Paintings, Draw- Ilustrations, by Sir R. COLT HOARE, 59 fine enings, Sculptures, Illuminated MSS., etc., 4 vols. 8vo. gravings, proofs, 2 vols. imperial 4to. LARGE cloth, £3. 7s 6d

PAPER, boards, uncut, £2. 10s

1806 Another copy, new calf gilt, marbled edges, Another copy, 2 vols. 1806 : to which is £3. 18s

added the original Latin Version: “ITINERARIUM HANDBOOK of PAINTING : German, Flemish, CAMBRIÆ, cum Annotationibus D. Poweli,” and Dutch Schools; based on Kugler, with nume. portrait and large coloured map, one yol. 1804 – rous illustrations, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £1. 4s Together 3 vols. 4to. russia, marbled edges, £2. 15s 1860

1804-6 WACE (R.) Conquest of ENGLAND, from Wace's ITINERARIUM CAMBRIÆ (from Camdeni Poem of the Roman de Rou; translated into

Anglica, etc.), interleaved with a large quantity Rhyme by Sir Alexander Malet; with the Franco- of Ms. Notes by Sir R. O. Hoare, folio, huit Norman Text after Pluquet, and Notes of Le russia ; also a MEMORANDUM BOok in 4to, con Prevost, Taylor, etc., photographs from the taining Notes and Observations on the sums Bayeux Tapestry, 4to. Roxburghe, 15s

subject, £2. 108

(1602 WADDINGTON and HANBURY'S JOURNAL of DE REBUS à se gestis libri III. ; Invec

a Visit to Ethiopia, maps and other illustrations, tionum Libellus ; Symbolum Electorum ; etc 4to. cloth, 5s

1822 edited by J. S. Brewer, royal 8vo. half roxburghe WADE (J. A.) The DWELLING of Fancy, and 65

Rolls Publications, 186 other Poems, crown 8vo. half bound, 4s 6d 1831 WALES.–Tours in WALES, Antiquarian an WAKEFIELD (Gilbert) MEMOIRS of the Historical, with Biographical Notes ; by THOMA

LIFE of, written by himself, rrith portrait, 8vo. PENNANT, portrait, and 43 plates of Viers an calf extra, by Kalthoeber, 4s 6d

1792 Antiquities, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 5s 181

n. d.

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WALES.—THE MABINOGION, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest and other Ancier

Welsh MSS., with English Translation and Notes, by LADY C. GUEST, wit numerous woodcuts and facsimiles of the old Welsh and other MSS., 3 vols imperial 8vo. LARGE PAPER, handsomely bound in crimson morocco extra, gilt edge (VERY SCARCE), £10. 58

1849 This work is one of the most important additions to the literary Archäology of Wales which has been produced during this century. WALES.-Notes of Family Excursions in North WALES.—THE STUDY of CELTIC LITERA

WALES, by J. O. HALLIWELL[-PHILLIPPS), square TURE, by MATTHEW ARNOLD, from the Corbi post Svo. half morocco gilt, top edges gilt, 10s 6d Magazine, 1866, and other Pamphlets, principa;

Printed for the Author, 1860 relating to Welsh Archæology, as under, 35 WALES ILLUSTRATED, 182 finished engravings unbound, 18s on steel, with Descriptions, thick 4to. half calf, Valle Crucis Abbey, by M. C. Joxes (with autograms to 12s

1830 from the Author), 1866-Sepulchral Deposit in Holyhead isas WALES.--Welsh SCENERY, from Drawings y Anthropology of England and Wales, by D. Mackinto

by the Hon. W. 0. STANLEY, woodcui, n. d.-Comparat? CAPTAIN BATTY, 35 beautiful steel plates by and plaie, 1866–Encroachment of the Sća between the Mers Finden, with descriptive letterpress , [4to. cloth, and the Bristol Channel

, by J. E. THOMAS, 1867—Chaner 12s

1823 Henry VII. in favour of the inhabitants of Merioneth, Caernance

and Anglesea, n. d. (with a collection of autograph betur, WALES (North and South): Views of principally by the late ALBERT WAY, relating to the Charles

Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Seats, other Archæological Matters)—Berw and the Hollands, seda Antiquities, etc., with historical and topographi (from the " Archæologia Cambrensis," Vol. 14, n. 2.-Serez cal Descriptions, upwards of 220 highly finished pose Articles

of Welsh Archæology, including a transcript its

the "Mabinogion," and translation, etc., n. d.-Eccleston engravings, from drawings by H. GASTINEAU, the Isle of Man, 2 plates, n. d.-Proceedings of the ". Arcize2 vols. 4to. calf extra, marbled edges (from the logical Institute," Varch 4. 1864, including Paper b: ALECT Stourhead library), £2. 58

WAY, illustrated, n. d.-Sir C. Lyell and the Glacial Theory

Lake-Basins, by C. A. RAMSAY, 1865-Black Friars Monastery, WALES (North and South) and the River Hereford, plate, post 8vo., Hereford, 1855.

WYE ; WANDERINGS and Excursions in, by T. WALES (South).—THE FLOWER of WYE ; a Roscoe, with 100 fine engravings after drawings Poem, in six Cantos, by H. INGRAM, Svo. * by CRESWICK, DAVID Cox, CATTERMOLE, etc.,

gilt, 5s

1813 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, £l. ls 1853-4 WALKER (Alexander) PHYSIOGNON Another copy,

INDIA PROOFS (slightly founded on PhysIOLOGY, and applied to varios fored), 2 vols. royal 8vo. morocco extra, gilt Countries, Professions, and Individuals, *UIT: cdges, £3. 3s

ous engravings, post 8vo. half calf, 13s 18 WALES.--SURVEY of SAINT ASAPH, by

ANALYSIS of BEAUTY in WOMAX; with BROWNE WILLIS ; considerably enlarged, and general Hypotheses respecting Beauty by La continued, with Names of the Canons and Vicars Vinci, Mengs, Winckelmann, Hume, Hogarth. Choral, and Life of the Author, by the Rev. E. Burke, Knight, Alison, etc., with 22 beautif EDWARDS, outline portrait, 2 vols. royal 8vo. plates by Gauci and Lane, after drawings fines LARGE AND THICK PAPER, calf ncat, £1. 18s life by št. Howard, R. A., royal 8vo. cloth, £2. 38 Wrexham, 1801


a Descriptive History of the Castle, Borough, prising the DIPTERA; and the TINEINA, by H. T. etc., by J. WILLIAMS, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 5s STAINTON, with 30 plates containing sererzi

1856 hundred figures, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, £3. 18 WALES, TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of ; (pub. £5. 58)

1851-6 with Historical and Statistical Descriptions, by This excellent work is published under the immediat

S. LEWIS, 2 vols. royal 4to. cloth, 14s 1845 sanction of the Entomological Society of London. WALES.-BRITISH ANTIQUITIES REVIVED, a

WALKER (John) RHYMING DICTIONARY: friendly contest touching the Sovereignty of the

also Spelling and Pronouncing; with an Inder ni three Princes of Wales, by R. VAUGHAN, curious

allowable Rhymes, foolscap 8vo. boards, 5s 1894 old map inserted, 4to. cloth, 8s 6d Bala, 1834 WALKER (J.C.) Historical Memoir on ITALIAN WALES.-MeMOIRS on Remains of Ancient

TRAGEDY, from the earliest Period ; with Speci. Dwellings in HOLYHEAD ISLAND, mostly of

mens : also Observations on the Theatres, and circular Form, called Cyttiau'r Gwyddelod, ex

Notices of Tragic Writers, portraits and other plored in 1862-3, by the Hon. W. O. STANLEY, WALKER (Patrick) BIOGRAPHIA PRESBYTEE

plates, 4to. original calf, gilt back, 78 6d 1709 map and woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 1871

IANA: Lives of the Revs. Alexander Peden, WALE S.-CAMBRIAN JOURNAL, published John Semple, John Welwood, Richard Cameron.

under the Auspices of the Cambrian Institute, Donald Cargill, and Mr. Walter Smith : and the complete from commencement, with woodcuts of Rev. James Renwick by Alexander Shields Ancient Inscriptions, etc., and National Songs set to Music, 11 vols. 8vo. new half morocco,

2 vols. post 8vo. cloth (wită Autograph of !. He

Burton), 18s uncut, top edges gilt, SCARCE, £6. 16s

Edinburgh, 182 1854-64 WALKER (T.) The ORIGINAL (a series of enterWALES : the Language, Social Condition, Moral taining and useful Essays), fourth edition, Sre Character, and Religious Opinions of the People, cloth, 7s 6d

18 considered in relation to EDUCATION, with WALKER (Mary A.) THROUGH MACEDONIA Account of the Provision for Education in other to the ALBANIAN LAKES, with coloured ill parts of the Kingdom, by Sir T. PHILLIPS, 8vo. trations of Costumes, Views, etc., by the Author, new cloth, 4s 6d (pub. 145) 1849 royal 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £l.)



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Portraits, 33 vols. 8vo. newly bound in calf gilt, gilt edges (scarce), £42. 108 1840-51

CONTENTS: Letters, new collected edition, 6 vols. - Letters to Mann, 4 vols.---Correspondence with the Countess of Ossory, 2 vols.—Correspondence with Mason, 2 vols.- Memoirs of the Reign of George II., 3 vols.—George III., 4 vols.- Last Journals ; a continuation of the preceding, from 1771 to 1783, now first published, by Dr. Doran, 2 vols.—Royal and Noble Authors, 5 vols. ----Anecdotes of Painting, 3 vols. -Memoirs by Warburton, 2 vols.

ANECDOTES of PAINTING in England, with some Account of the principal Artists, and incidental Notes on other Arts; with considerable Additions by the Rev. JAMES DALLAWAY, upwards of 150 highly finished Portraits, by Worthington, Finden, etc., INDIA PROOFE, 5 vols. royal 8vo. crimson morocco cætra, borders of gold, gilt edges, fine copy (SCARCE), £23. 108

1828 MEMOIRS of ROYAL and NOBLE AUTHORS of England, Scotland, and Ireland; with Lists of their Works [and Extracts therefrom]; new edition, enlarged and continued by T. PARK, with 150 FINE PORTRAITS, BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, 5 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, russia, marbled edges, £10. 103


WALL (W.) History of INFANT BAPTISM, with WALPOLE (Horace) ANECDOTES of Paint

Gale's Reflections and Wall's Defence, edited by ING and PAINTERS in England ; and VERTUE'S

the Rev. H. Cotton, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, 16s 1844 Catalogue of ENGRAVERS who have been born or WALLACE (Sir W.) LIFE, Adventures, and resided in England, with Additions by DALLA

Heroic Actions of, modernized by W. HAMILTON: WAY, new edition, revised and enlarged by R. N. also Life and Martial Achievements of ROBERT

Wornum, numerous fine steel portraits and many BRUCE, by J. HARVEY, rude portrait, foolscap

woodcuts, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, £2. 2s

1849 8vo. old calf (a few leaves stained), scarce, 10s 6d

- The same, mor. super-extra, gt. ed. £3. 3s 1876 Ayr, 1799

The same, calf gilt, £2. 2s This roughly executed edition of these two popular poems is

ANECDOTES of Painting in England, not mentioned by Lowndes, nor by Dr. Cotton.

digested from the MSS. of GEORGE VERTUE, WALLACE (W.) Laws which regulate the 5 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s

1782 DEPOSITION of LEAD ORE in Veins; illustrated HISTORIC DOUBTS on the Life and Reign of K. by an examination of the Geological Structure of RICHARD III., ports. by Vertue, 4to., 5s 1768 the Mining Districts of Alston Moor, numerous CASTLE of OTRANTO, with Introduction plates, coloured diagrams, etc., 8vo. cloth, 12s ( finely printed in large type), vignette, 4to. boards, (pub. £1. 58)

1861 108 6d


viewed under the Light of the Doctrines of the OLD English BARON-two “Gothic ” Stories; 2 Unfolding Ages and the Restitution of all Things, portraits and 4 etchings by Damman, proofs on 8vo. cioth, 6s 6d (pub. 12s)

1878 Japanese paper, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, (only 150 WALLER (Edmond) POEMs, etc., fifth edition, copies so printed), morocco extra, edges uncut, top with Additions never before printed, portrait,

edges gilt, £2. 25

1883 post 8vo. old calf, 6s 6d


POEMS by ANNA CHAMBER, Countess POEMS, etc., eighth edition, with his Temple, with Preface in Verse, by Horace WalSpeeches and Life, numerous fine portraits, 8vo.

pole, 1764–ODES by MR. GRAY, 1757-The Muse calf neat, 10s 6d


Recalled, 1781-Miscellaneous Antiquities, a Col. Poems, etc., ninth edition, with Life, por

lection of Curious Papers, 2 parts, 1772, in 1 vol. trait, 18mo. green morocco, gilt edges (title-page

4to. crimson morocco extra (scarce), £2. 10s neatly ruled in red ink), 5s


Strawberry Hill, 1757-81

Works privately printed at the Strawberry Hill Press of Works in Verse and Prose, with Notes, Horace Walpole are scarce : a nearly similar collection to the large and brilliant portrait by Vertue, and above sold at Utterson's sale for $4. numerous fine vignette portraits, etc., 4to. half

EDES WALPOLIANÆ ; a description of the morocco neat, gilt edges, £1. 8s


Collection of Pictures at Houghton Hall, portraits, WALLER.-VINDICATION of the Character and

and several fine folding plates ; with the Prices Conduct of SIR WILLIAM WALLER, Commander

for which the Paintings sold, and MSS. Notes of in-Chief of the Parliament Forces in the West,

those who engraved them, etc., also a Poetical Deexplanatory of his Conduct in taking up Arms

scription of Houghton Hall by Whaley ; 4to. half

1752 against Charles I., written by Himself, portraits

bound, 10s 6d

This curious copy belonged to G. Steerens. of Waller and Speaker Lenthall, 8vo. crimson WALPOLE (Lieutenant the Hon. F.) morocco gilt, gilt edges, 12s


FOUR YEARS in the Pacific, in H.M.S. “CollingWALPOLE (Horace) LETTERS ; new edition, wood,” 1844-48, with illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. now first Chronologically arranged, edited by cloth, 78 6d (pub. £l. 8s)

1849 PETER CUNNINGHAM, numerous fine portraits, THE ANSAYRII and the ASSASSINS, with 9 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, £5.

1880 Travels in the further East in 1850-51, including a The same, tree-calf extra, by Rivière, £6. 6s Visit to Nineveh, port., etc., 3 vols. 8vo. d., 7s 1551

WALSH (J. H., Stonehenge) The Horse, in the WALTON and COTTON'S COMPLIT. !

Stable and the Field ; his Varieties, Manage- ANGLER (Edition de Luxe), a fine reprint ment in Health and Disease, Anatomy, Physio- Major's editim, on LARGE and THICK PAPE? : logy, etc., with 170 woodcuts, thiek Svo. half with the beautiful engrarings and roodcuts, Al! bound, is 6d

1571 ON INDIA PAPER, and 6 ORIGINAL ETCHINGS 97 The Dog in Health and Disease ; with the 2 ETCHED PORTRAITS, with DUPLICATE IMPEL Modes of Breaking and l'sing him for Hunting, SIONS of each on INDIA PAPER, thick sro ! Coursing, Shooting, etc., fine plates, 8vo. cloth, as 250 copies printed), morocro, top edges gilt, 12 1872


The same, half rellum, top edgis . on the DISEASES of the HEART, and Great £l. lls 6d Vessels, including their Physical Diagnosis, THE SERIES of uprcards of 50 EXQUIST? fourth edition, enlarged, thick Sro. cloth, 6s 6d ENGRAVINGS to illustrate Walton and Conti* (pub. 16s)

1873 Angler, from designs by IXSKIPP and STOTHAN WALSINGHAM (Sir Francis) ARCAYA PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS (rrith a fer erreptia

Al'LICA, or Manual of Prudential Maxims for the ox INDIA PAPER; on royal 4to. paper (A CHOL. States. Man and Courtier; also, SIR ROBERT SET, VERY RARE), unbound, in portfolio, £& YALNTON'S FRAGMENTA REGALIA, or Observations on Queen Elizabeth, her Court and Favour. WANLEY (N.) WONDERS of the LITT. ites, frontispiece, 12mo. calf (the Rer. J. Jitford's WORLD, or a general History of Man, plates, # copy, with autograph) 123 1694 russia gilt, 12s

14 WALTON (Bishop, MEMOIRS of the Life and

An extraordinary and amusing commno-place book of the Writings of ; with Sotices of his Coadjutors in sands of Anecdotes of celebrated persons of former times. editing the London Polyglot Bible, and the WARBURTON (Bishop) Works, with Authorized Version, etc., with Walton's Vindica- account of his Life and Writings by Bishop Hr tion of his Polyglot: by the Rev. H. J. TODD, 12 vols. 1811-LETTERS from a late eminent P. portrait, 2 vols. Sro, cloth, 58


late (Warburton) to one of his Friends (Hus WALTON ElijahPeaks and V'ALLEYs of the

edited by Dr. Parr, 2 portraits, 1809— Together ALPS ; 21 large and exquisite CHROMOLITHO.

vols. 8vo. calf, full gilt bucks, £1. 158 14 GRAPHS IN EXACT IMITATION OF THE ORIGINAL

DIVIXE LEGATION of Moses demonstrate. WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS ; with Descriptive

with Discourse by Bishop Huni on his Life Text by the Rev. T. G. BONNEY, imperial folio,

Writings: revised by James Nichols, 3 vols. half morocco (a collection of most beautiful plates)calf antique, 18s £3.3s (pub. £8. 8s)


LETTERS from a late eminent Prelate W THE BEPNESE OBERLAND; 12 Scenes among burtonto one of his Friends (Bishop Hur its Peaks and Lakes, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED in

ellited by Dr. Parr), 2 portraits, second edit: IMITATION of the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, iniperial Svo half calf (not included in Warburton's Wiri 4to, cloth, £2. 5s



l'yPlBLISHED PAPERS of BISHOP WARBIT a fucsimile of the First Edition ; including the

TON, selected by the Rev. F. Kilvert, frontispa
Svo, cloth, 6s

IN engrared Title-page, the 6 engrarings of Fish, with the Music of the Anglers Song: admirably the Werks as edited by B.<.? Hurd.

This rclume forms a supplemental, or fcarteenth, releme produced in photo-lithography by W. Griggs, LIFE of BISHOP WARBURTOX; with 12mo. cloth, 6s 6d pub. 10.3 647)

marks on his works by the Rer. J. S. Wat Printed by T. Jasey for Richard Marriot, 16.53 portrait, 8vo. cloth, as pub. 18x)

(reprint, 1882) WARBURTON Eliot) THE CRESCENT 19. COMPLEAT ANGLEP, or the Conteinplative the CROSS; Romance and Realities of Ea Man's Recreation, facsimile reprint of the First Travel, urith turo tinted plates and woodcuts, 2.5 Edition of 1653, 18mo.cloth, rough edges, īs6d n. d.

post 8vo. half aalf neat, 6s 6d WALTON and COTTON'S COMPLETE HOCHELAGA, or England in the New We

ANGLER, with Essay: and lotes, by John Major, (Canada), second edition, rerised, frontispietra 2 portraits and 12 other engravings from drawings vols. post Svo. cloth, 4s by T. CRESWICK, A. COOPEP, and G. LANCE,

PRINCE RUPERT and the Cavaliers, inc: ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, all on INDIA PAPER ing their Private Correspondence, portraits, 35 (sumexchat fored), and 17 roodcuts, post Svo. 8vo. cloth, 198 LARGE PAPER, beautifully bound in green crushed WARING (J. B. THE ARTS in Conner morocco extra, gilt alges, £7. Vajor, 1823 with the ARCHITECTURE of CENTRAL ITU.

COMPLETE ANGLER, edited by JOHN MAJOR, with 41 FINELY COLOURED katrs as erampides 2 portraits and 12 other engrarings, all on INDIA Stained Glass, Fresco Ornament, Varble c: PAPER, and 77 roodcuts, 1824–Also, WALTON'S Enamel Inlay, and lood Inlay, LARGE PAIE LIVES, with Notes, 11 portraits and plates on imperial folio, nei half mororco, 14. 48 INDIA PAPER, and 52 roodcuts, 1923-Together" £10. 10s) 2 vols. post Svo. morocco estra, gilt edges, £9.98 WARNER Rev. Richard LITERARY REDU

Jajor, 1824-5 LECTIONS (containing Sketches and Anedote : COMPLETE ANGLER (Pickering's beautiful many eminent Contemporaries, Puetry, a miniature edition), with frontispiece and engrared Letters), 2 vols. Svo, barils. 4s 6 title by T. Stothard, 48mo. cloth, 4s 6d 1825 WARREN (Captain C. UNDERGEON

COMPLETE ANGLER, with Votes, biographi. JERUSALEM : and Account of the chief Ditfieniical and explanatory, and Lives of the Authors, in its Exploration, and the Results obtained, at 15 beautiful copperplate engravings and 76 wood. photographic Illustrations, sro, calf gilt, £l. 4 cuts, post Svo. cloth extra, gilt edges, 123 1839

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