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The same,

WARREN (C.) LIFE SIZE Outlines of the Hands WARWICKSHIRE, WORTHIES of, who lived

of 22 Celebrated Persons, folio, cloth, 6s 1882 between 1500 and 1800 : by the Rev. F. L. COLWARREN (J. C.) MASTODON GIGANTEUS of VILE, thick small 4to. cloth, 128 North America [a description of the Skeleton,

Warwick, 1869 etc.), 29 fine and large engravings, royal 4to.

Contains biographies of upwards of 300 celebrities, among

whom are Addison ; Dr. Arnold ; M. Drayton; Rob. Dudley, cloth, £1. 158

Boston, U.S.A., 1855

Earl of Leicester; Val. Green, engraver; W.S. Landor : Shake. A finely cxecuted work, both as regards typography and speare; Sir Christopher Wren, etc. llustrations.

WARWICKSHIRE.--History of the HOLTES WARREN (S., Barrister) PASSAGES from the

of Aston, Baronets, with a Description of the DIARY of a LATE PHYSICIAN, fifth edition, 3 vols. foolscap 8vo. half morocco neat, red edges, 9s 1838

Family Mansion, Aston HALL, Warwickshire, Letter to the Queen on

by ALFRED DAVIDSON, 5 beautiful tinted illus

a late Court Martial (on Captain G. Douglas, 16th Regiment,

trations from drawings by Allen E. Ereritt, folio,

cloth, £l. 58 at Alderney], 8vo. (presentation copy, with auto: WATELET (C. H.) L'ART DE PEINDRE, Poëme;

Birmingham, 1854 graph of the Author), sewn (scarce), 8s 1850

avec des Réflexions sur les différentes Parties de "Withdrawn from circulation. S. W."- MS. note. WARTON (T.) History of ENGLISH POETRY ;

la Peinture, with vignettes, heads of Painters, etc., (original edition,) 1774-81, 3 vols, and the Frag

by the author, 4to. old calf gilt, 78 6d Paris, 1760 ment of the unfinished Vol. 4 ; the General Index, WATERHOUSE (G. R.) NATURAL HISTORY 1806; and RITSON S“Observations,"1782; together



with 44 engravings, MANY 4 vols. 4to. old calf, with Portrait and Autograph Letter of the Author to E. Malone inserted, 15s

LOURED, and numerous woodcuts, 2 thiek vols. 1774, etc.

royal 8vo, new cloth, £1. 1s (pub. £3. 18s) HISTORY of English POETRY, from the

Baillière, 1846-8 XIth to the XVIIth Century ; with Dissertations WATERLAND (Dr.) Works ; now first colon the Origin of Romantic Fiction in Europe, etc.,

lected; with Review of his Life and Writings by and Notes by Ritson, Ashby, Douce, Park, etc.,

Bp. Van Mildert, portrait, 11 vols. Svo, in 12, edited by R. Price, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. half

boards, £2. 2s Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1823-8 morocco, £1. 10s


The same, second edition, with copious Another copy, 3 vols. calf gilt, £1. 8s

Indexes, 6 vols. 8vo, calf, full gilt backs, marbled 3 vols. Svo. calf gilt, £1. 8s 1848

edges (prize stamp on sides), £1. 18s Oxford, 1843

"This great man is the Archimedes of the Christian Church. The same, new edition ; with Preface by R.

His Demonstrations, like engines and battering-tams, drive all Price, and Notes Variorum : and further Addi. before them. Neither Dr. Clarke, nor Jackson, nor even Emlyn, tions by Madden, Wright, Skeat, Morris, Fur

could stand before him."- Dr. Ryland. nivall, and the Editor, w. C. MAZLITT ; also WATSON (Richard, Bishop of Llandaff) Colleccopious Indexes, 4 vols. royal 8vo. tree-calf extra,

tion of TụEOLOGICAL TRACTS, 6 vols. 8vo. calf by Rivière, £3. 3s

gilt, neat, 10s 6d

1785 The same, 4 vols. super-royal 8vo. LARGE WATSON (Dr. R.) REIGN of Philip II., King of

A valuable collection of Tracts by the most eminent Divines. PAPER (only 50 copies so printed), cloth, £3. 3s

Spain, 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt (nearly new'), £l. ls (pub. £6. 68)

1779 HISTORY of ENGLISH POETRY from the WATSON'S Choice Collection of Comic and Eleventh to the Seventeenth Century, thick post Serious Scots Poems, The Three Parts, 1706, 1709, 8vo. calf gilt, 13s

1870 1711, in one vol. post 8vo. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £3. 38) POETICAL WORKS ; edited, with Memoir

Reprinted for Private Circulation; Glasgow, 1869 and Notes, by Bishop Mant, portrait after Rey. The same, beautifully printed on LARGE nolds, fifth edition, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 7s 1802 PAPER (ONLY TEN SO EXECUTED), imperial 8vo.


The original edition of this much esteemed collection of ZINE, published by a limited Subscription, and Scottish Poetry (the first compilation of its kind issued from the edited by JOHN FETHERSTON, Pedigrees and Scottisli press), has long since become extremely rare. Only 165 Cuts of Arms, 8 parts, royal 8vo. (SCARCE), £3. Ss copies of the present edition were printed in facsimile of the

original, of which only 10 were on large paper, and secured by

Warwick, 1859-77 the Advertisers, and of these only one copy is now for sale. WARWICKSHIRE.-HISTORY and ANTI- WATT (Jas.) LIFE of; with selections from his

QUITIES of STRATFORD-UPON-AVON ; with Docu- Correspondence : by J. P. Muirhead, portraits ments relating to Shakespeare, Account of the and woodcuts, 8vo. half calf gilt, 6s 6d (pub. 16s) Jubilee, etc., by R. B. WHELER, 8 aquatinta

1858 plates, post 8vo. new panelled calf gilt (SCARCE),


Stratford (1806] D. F. ARAGO; trans., with additional Notes and WARWICKSHIRE.- Memoranda of LEA

Appendix, by J. P. MUIRHEAD, portrait, 8vo. MINGTON SPA, 8 INDIA PROOF engravings, 4to. WATTEAU'S ORNAMENTAL DESIGNs, collected

calf extra, saffron edges, by F. Beilford, 8s 6d 1839 boards, 5s ; or LARGE PAPER, imperial 4to. boards,

from his Works, and contained in 88 lithographic

Warwick, 1822 8s 6d

plates, royal folio, boards, £4. 10s


VITIES, comprising Laneham's Description of the dessiné, et gravé d’ANTOINE WATTEAU par E. Pageantry and Gascoigne's Masques, 1575; with de Goncourt, etched portrait of Watteau after his Notes, etc., plates, post 8vo. half morocco, top own painting, 8vo. Seten, 10s 6d Paris, 1875 edges gilt, 8s 6d

ibidem, 1825 WATTS (Alaric A.) LYRICS of the HEART; with WARWICKSHIRE, GRAPHIC ILLUSTRA other Poems (finely printed), with 41 EXQU'I

TIONS of, from drawings by DAVID Cox, Devint, SITELY BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS after STOTHARD, Harding, Mackenzie, etc., with Descriptions by J. ROBERTS, WESTALL, DANBY, UWINS, LESLIE, Jaffray, royal 4to. boards, 12s

1862 ete., thick 8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 15s 1851

n. d.

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WATTS (Alaric A.) Lyrics of the HEART; WEDDERBURN (Margaretta) Mary Que

another copy, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, new half of Scots, an Historical Poem ; with other list morocco, top edges gilt (some leares fored) £l. 48 laneous Pieces, portrait of Authorexx, fook. WATTS (H.) DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY, and Svo. boards, 3s 6d

Edinburgh, 1 the Allied Branches of other Sciences, 5 vols. WEDGWOOD (Josiah) LIFE OF, from i with Three Supplements, 4 vols., together 9 thick Private Correspondence and Family Papers vols. 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth, £7. 188 1874-81 with a Sketch of the Art of Pottery in Englar

The same, new edition, 9 vols. 8vo. cloth, by ELIZA METEYARD, 2 steel portraits and £12. 5s (pub. £15. 2s 60)

1879-81 large number of fine woodcuts, etc., 2 vols. $ WATTS (W.) Views of the Seats of the cloth, £2. 2s

186 Nobility and Gentry in England and Scotland; WEDGWOODS (The): a Life of Jul! 84 fine engravings from drawings by the most WEDGWOOD; with Notices of his Works eminent artists, with Descriptions, 4to. morocco their Productions ; Memoirs of the Wedgwo super-extra, borders of gold, and gilt edges, £1. 108 and other Families, and of the Early Potteria

Staffordshire, by LI. JEWITT, portrait and a WAYNFLETE (W., Bp. of Winchester) LIFE erous illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 14s

of; collected from Records, MSS., etc., by Dr. WEEVER (J.) ANTIENT FUNERAL MON ('HANDLER, fine portrait and engravings, royal MENTS of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Isla: 8vo. calf gilt fine copy), 8s 6d

1811 adjacent, third edition, with Addenda and I WAYSIDE POSIES : Original Poems of the by the Rev. W. TOOKE, engrared portmi:.

Country Life, edited by R. Buchanan, uprcards plates, and woodcuts, 4to. calf gilt, saffron est of 40 fine engravings by Dalziel, small 4to. £1. 98

1 morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 12s

1867 This extraordinary collection of epitaphs and insctipong WEBB (Mrs. J. B.) Naomi, or The Last Days of of great usefulness to antiquaries, historians, and genealogs: Jerusalem, with illustrations by Sir John Gilbert,

WEINHOLD (A. F.) INTRODUCTION and steel plates by W H. Bartlett, square post 8vo.

EXPERIMENTAL Physics, Practical and Tt i

retical, translated and edited by B. Loewy, # calf gilt, lls 6d

Preface by Professor Foster, 404 woodents »
Another copy, calf gilt (nearly new), 78
Another edition, with numerous fine illus-

3 coloured plates, thick 8vo. cloth, 78 6d ipa

£l. lls 6d) trations, from drawings by D. ROBERTS, small

4to. norocco super-extra, gilt edges, £1. 155 1572 WEIROTTER (F. E.) Sox @UVRE, port, WEBER (A.) HISTORY of IndiAN LITERATURE ;

and nearly 200 charming etchings of the translated by J. Mann and Dr. T. Zachariae, post

Landscapes, Ruins, Bridges, Churches, Cottas

etc., in France and Italy, folio, French papel 8vo. tree-calf estra, 16s

£6. 108

Paris 1117 WEBER (H.) ILLUSTRATIONS of. NORTHERN “We have a great number of charming etchings t*!

ANTIQUITIES, from the earlier Teutonic and artist, which are executed in a free, spirited style. . . . His Scandinavian Romances, an Abstract of the Book prized for the beautiful figures and elegant buildings with

are generally found in the cabinets of collectors of taste, and of Heroes, and Nibelungen Lay, royal 4to. half they are enriched, and for the harmonious distributisa i morocco, uncut, £l. 6s

Edinburgh, 1814 light and shade." - ---Bryan's Dictionary of Painters. Subjoined are an Abstract of the Eyrbiggia-Saga, by Sir WELLESLEY (Marquess) POEMS : Print Walter Scott, and a Glossary by Dr. Jamieson. Also translations et Reliquiæ (Gr., Lat., et Angl.), 8vo. (Print by Dr. Jamieson) of Metrical Tales from the old German,

printed), morocco, presentation copy to Mr. Jos' Danish, Swedish, and Icelandic Languages; with Notes and Dissertations.

with Lord Wellesley's autograph inseripts £l. 58

London, G. Nicol, IN METRICAL ROMANCES of the XIII., XIV.,

Among the poems in this volume (dedicated to Lord BC. and XV. Centuries: published from Ancient MSS., am) are an inscription for the Tomb of Miss Broughan, with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, by H. Verses on Chantrey's Woodcocks. Ballad written by desas WEBER, 3 vols. post 8vo. culf gilt, marbled edges, Company to Admiral Lord Duncan; and Latin Verses or

Pitt and sung at the Entertainment given by the East !:: (nice copy), £l. 58

ibidem, 1810 at Walmer Castle by desire of Piti, and published in the WEBSTER (John) Works; now first collected ; WELLINGTON (F.-M. the Duke of DE

Jacobin. with some Account of the Author, and Notes, by the Rev. A. DYCE, 4 vols. post 8vo. half morocco

PATCHES, Memoranda and other Papers relati. extra, gilt edges, £5. 18s


to INDIA, a selection from : edited by Silor The same, new edition by Dyce, one vol.

J. Owen ; with Introductory Essay, maji' royal 8vo. calf gilt, 178 6d

plans, thick 8vo. calf gilt, £l. 78


LIFE and CAMPAIGNS of Field - Marshaii.

DUKE OF English Language ; revised and improved by

WELLINGTON, by the Rev. G... Goodrich, N. Porter, etc., with 3000 woodcuts,

Wright, numerous engraved portraits, 4 vols. As thick 4to. half russia, £1. 4s

half calf neat, 148

1876 --- The same, with a new Biographical Ap

LIFE; partly from the French of Brialm1 pendix with 9700 Names, full calf gilt, £2. 2s 1877

partly from original Documents, by the Res..

R. GLEIG, portrait and large plans, thick ON LARGE AND FIXE PAPER.

cloth, 6s DICTIONARY of the English LANGUAGE,

LIFE of, by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, portret.' thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged and

post 8vo. new calf gilt, 10s improved by Professors Goodrich and Porter, with

The same, new calf extra, gilt edges, 136 portrait on INDIA PAPER and 3000 pictorial illus

Another copy, calf gilt (nearly neu), as is trations : beautifully printed on LARGE AND FINE

POETICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the Achie PAPER, 2 vols. folio, seun, uncut, £2. 158

ments of the DUKE OF WELLINGTON and 1. Cambridge, U.S., 1865

Companions in Arms, edited by Major G. We? A fine specimen of typographical excellence : only 250 copies

de Renzy, urith portrait of Lord Fitzroy Suzy were printed

set, Svo. cloth, 6s 6d

Edinburgh, IN

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WELSH AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, wherein | WESTMINSTER ABBEY, ANTIQUITIES of, the Welsh Words are often exemplified by select containing Inscriptions and Epitaphs upon the Quotations from celebrated Ancient Authors: Tombs and Gravestones, etc. [by Dr. J. C. Crull}, also Welsh and English Botanology-Grammar, with the Supplement, and 31 engravings of Monu. Proverbs, etc., by T. Richards, 8vo. calf, 8s 6d ments by Gaywood and others, including several

1839 plates inserted, post 8vo. calf (SCARCE), 9s 1713 WELSH AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, with Illus- WESTMINSTER ABBEY, ANTIQUITIES in,

trations from the Literary Remains and Living 12 engravings from Ancient Oil Paintings and Speech of the Cymry, and a Welsh GRAMMAR, Sepulchral Brasses, by G. P. HARDING, with 2 vols. roy. 8vo. new half morocco neat, marbled Descriptions by T. MOULE, imperial 4to. sewn, 8s edges, £1. 108 1803

1825 WENTWORTH PAPERS, 1705-39 ; selected

WESTMINSTER ABBEY, HISTORY of, its from the Private and Family Correspondence of

Antiquities aud Monuments [by Dr. W. Combe], Thomas Wentworth, EARL OF STRAFFORD ; with

with 20 fine COLOURED engravings from Drawings a Memoir and Notes by JAMES CARTWRIGHT,

by Pugin, MACKENZIE, etc., 2 vols. imperial 4to. portrait, 8vo. half morocco, top edges gilt, £l. ls

morocco super-extra, broad borders of gold and 1883

gilt edges (a choice copy), £4. 5s (pub. £15.) WEST'S (B.) PICTURES.-CHRIST REJECTED ;

Ackermann, 1812 Catalogue of this Picture ; together with Sketches

WESTMINSTER ABBEY and HENRY of other Scriptural Subjects, now exhibiting

VIITH'S CHAPEL, History and Antiquities of ; (West's Fiftieth Annual Exhibition of his Works),

their Tombs, Ancient Monuments, and Inscriproyal 8vo. boards (presentation copy FROM THE

tions; with Memoirs of the Abbots and Deans, ARTIST TO Mr. Beckford, with MS. inscription),

etc., 61 highly finished engravings by LE KEUX, 98

from Drawings by J. P. NEALE, royal 4to. nció 1814

1856 LIFE, Studies, and Works of BENJAMIN

half morocco, £l. 8s

The above is a new and revised edition of this fine and WEST ; composed from Materials furnished by valuable work, brought down to the period of publication.

himself, by John GALT, 8vo. half bound, 5s 1820 WESTMINSTER ABBEY; with other OcWEST (Theresa) FRESCOES and SKETCHES from casional Poems, and a free Translation of the Memory (Poems), finely printed on thick paper, (Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, by the Rev. T. Svo. boards, 5s (pub. 108 6d)

1855 MAURICE, with fine engravings, including one of WESTALL (R., R.A.) ILLUSTRATIONS of the

the Abbey after T. STOTHARD, royal 8vo. calf BRITISH POETS, viz. : Thomson's Seasons,

gilt, 6s

1813 Young's Night Thoughts, Johnson's Rasselas, WESTMINSTER SCHOOL.- List of the Cottin's Elizabeth, Mason's Self - Knowledge,

QUEEN'S SCHOLARS (with Memoirs) admitted Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, and Gertrude of

since 1663; and of such as have been thence Wyoming, 36 highly finished plates, engraved by

elected to Christ Church, Oxford, and Trinity Pye, Finden, and Heath, etc., for Sharpe's Poets,

College, Cambridge, from the foundation by CHOICE PROOFS, square post 8vo. LARGE PAPER,

Queen Elizabeth to the present time, etc., by J. green morocco super-extra, rich gold tooling on

Welsh: new edition, enlarged, 2 plates and 2 sides, gilt edges, £3. 14s 1817-19 facsimiles of pages of Dr. Busby's Account Book,

1862 WESTALL (W.) Views on the THAMES at

super-royal 8vo. cloth (scarce), $1. ls RICHMOND, ETON, Windsor, and OXFORD, 35 WESTMINSTER SCHOOL.-Lusus Alteri large lithographic plates (a few somewhat spotted),

Westmonasterienses sive Prologi et Epilogi ad atlas 4to. boards, 16s


Fabulas in Sti. Petri Collegio actas qui exsta bant GREAT BRITAIN ILLUSTRATED, 118 original

collecti et justa quoad licuit annorum serie ordiviews from his drawings, engraved by Finden,

nati: quibus accedit Declamationum quæ vocantur with Descriptions by T. Moule, 4to. calf gilt, 18s et Epigrammatum Delectus; curantibus J. Mure,


H. Buli, et C. B. Scott, 2 vols. 8vo. morocco estra, WESTMACOTT (C. M.) BRITISH GALLERIES gilt edges, £2. 28

1863 of PAINTING and SCULPTURE ; an Historical and The same, tree-calf gilt, £1. 12s Critical Catalogue, with separate Notices, of every WESTMINSTER.-Account of St. CLEMENT Work in the principal Collections, numerous vig. DANES, Past and Present, wood engravings by nettes, royal 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d

1824 J. DIPROSE (Part 2), square 8vo. cloth, 78 1876 WESTMACOTT (Prof. R.) HANDBOOK Of WESTMORLAND and CUMBERLAND, History Sculpture, woodcuts, post 8vo. cloth, 4s

and Antiquities of ; by JOSEPH NICOLson and Edinburgh, 1864 RICHARD BURN, LL.D., with 2 maps, 2 vols. 4to.

in the original marbled-tree calf, gilt backs, WESTMINSTER, or Memorials of the City,

saffron edges (FINE COPY), £10. 108

1777 St. Peter's College, the Parish Churches, Palaces,

Another copy, 2 vols. new panelled calf gilt, Streets, and Worthies ; by the Rev. M. WAL

£9. 10s COTT, plates, 8vo. new half morocco neat, uncut, WESTMORLAND and CUMBERLAND, Natural top edges gilt, 12s 6d


History of, by the Rev. T. Robinson, 1709; also WESTMINSTER ABBEY.-Reges, Reginæ, his Vindication of the Philosophical and Theo

Nobiles, et alii in Ecclesia Collegiata B. Petri logical Exposition of the Mosaick System of Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad annum 1606 Creation, 1709–2 vols. 8vo. in one, calf, 78 6d [auctore GULIELMO CAMDENO], small 4to. (with

1709 a very reatly written Index by the late Colonel WESTMORLAND.--ANNALS of KENDAL, an Lemuel Chester bound in; also a few MS. scraps Historical Account of the Town and Neighbourby the same); morocco, gilt edges, 18s

hood, with Biographical Sketches, by C. NICHOLLondini, 1606 ON, portrait and woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 14s 1861


SCRIPTS, 54 superb plates, by PROFESSOR J. O. WESTWOOD, representing num=?. examples, most elaborately executed in ezact facsir.ile of the Originals, in Guld Colours, with a descriptive Text to each plate, serving as a History of Bru Palæography and Pictorial Art, imperial foro, cloth, £s. 108 pub. £17. 178; !

“The study of these Manuscripts says Mr. Westwood has brought out the singular fart, tha : period ben the Fine Arts may be said to have been aimosi extiret in Italy and other parts of the pent-namely, from the fifth to the end of the eighth century-a style of art had been estabiishal, in vaters, and brought to a wonderful state oi periection in these islands alsolutely distinct from that other parts of the civilized worid, and which was adopted and imita ei in the schools founded : Corticest by Charlemanse, as well as in the monastic esiabaiknents founded or visited by Angio. and Irish Missionaries, many of which became famous seats oi learning.” WESTMORLAND DIALECT, in four Familiar WHEATLY Rev. C. Rational die

Dialogues ; with Glossary, by A. WHEELER ; of the Book of COMOS PRAYER, being this second edition, with a new Dialogue, fool-cap starce of everything Liturgical in se śro. half calf gilt TEPY SCARCE, but title dirtu: L'Estrarge, Comber, Nichols, and other

with Mr. Comerford's book-plate, &s 1902 als gut, ois WESTROPP H. M.) HANDBOOK OF ARCH

The same, with Sotes by G. E. Corre: EOLOGY, Eryptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman,

rolf quit, Ss TUTTO Ulustratims, sro. doth, top edges gilt. WHEELER J. Talboys Shoes HS 5& fyd pub. 1581


of INDIA, and of the Fruntier States of Ai, WESTWOOD (J. O. PALEOGRAPHIA SACRA stan, Sijal, and Burma, with maps and :

PICTORIA ; ON Select Hiustrations of Ancient lliu- thick post sro. tree-calf gilt, 165 minated Biblical Manuscripts, royal 410. half WHEWELL Dr. W.) PHILOSOPHY marcoco, typ edges gut, £2. 123 6d

145 INDICTIVE SCIENCES, founded upon their H.. ARCANA ENTOMOLOGICA; Illustrations of 2 vols. 1540—HISTORY of the Inductive S New, Rare, and Interesting Insects, arith 95 plates, from the earliest to the present Time, 3 vol. comprising sereral hundred COLOURED FIGURES Together, 5 vols. Sro. calf, full gilt lacks, * OF INSETS, with the Plants on which they feed,

edges (nearly uniform), 22. 168 6d 14 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, £3. 38


History of SCIENTIFIC IDEAS, 2 vols. Another copy, 2 vois. new half morocco, top

cap Sro. calj gilt, £l. ls edges gilt, £3. 103

ASTRONOMY and General Physics cons? SUPPLEMENT TO WOOD'S " INDEX ENTOMO- with reference to Satural Theology Bride LOGICTS,"containing nearly 200 COLOURED I reatisei : new edition with new Preface, inc. FIGURES, with Notices and Index to the whole Svo. calf gilt, Ss 64 work, royal 8vo. paper creers (scarce), 123 6d 1854


3 vols. foolscap Svo. tree-calf gilt, £1. 105 BRITISH Moths and British BUTTERFLIES, and WHITE (Rev. Gilbert) NATURAL Hitheir Transformations, described, 167 plates ez.! of SELBORNE, coloured and other plates, .? hibiting NEARLY 2500 FIGURES MOST BEAUTIFULLY

Svo. calf gilt, is COLOURED, and the Plants on which they feed, NATURAL HISTORY of SELBORNE ; 3 vols. 4to. half morocco, gilt edgcs, £12. 123

Poems, etc., plates, the Hybrid Bird od 1841-5

2 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, od BRITISH BUTTERFLIES and their Transform

Another cops, 2 vols. calf gilt, 14s ations described, 42 plates, comprising numerous

NATURAL HISTORY and ANTIQUITA figures of Insects and the Plants on which they SELBORNE, with Notes by eminent Natu" feed, mosT BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 4to. half charming wood engravings, Svo. cloth, 104 be morocco, £l. 188

1841 :

Chiscick Press,


SELBORNE ; new edition, with Yotes, by e.. Bibliotheca Piscatoria: a Catalogue of BOOKS

Naturalists, and an enlarged Xaturalist's ON ANGLING, the Fisheries, and Fish-Culture;

dar, by J. Rennie, illustrated, Svo. hf.m. 14. with Bibliographical Notes, and Appendix of (ita

NATURAL HISTORY and ANTIQUITIE tions touching on Angling and Fishing from Old English Authors, 4to. LARGE PAPER, half morocco,

SELBORNE, with Notes by E. T. BENNETT.

Owen, Yarrell, etc., nearly 50 fine und uncut, top edges gilt (already scarce), £i, lls 6d

Jackson, Harrey, etc., sro. cloth, 128 1853

The same, calf neat, red edges inice cuina In this painstaking work are registered and fully described, no less than 3158 editions and reprints of 2145 distinct Works.

The same, new edition, thoroughly res WHALLEY (T. S.) JOURNALS and CORRE

with additional Notes, by J. E. HARTING:

edition with Ten Letters not included in any SPONDENCE ; with a Memoir and Votes by the

vious edition of the work; woodcuts by Ex Rev. H. WICKHAM, fine portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 12s (pub. £i. 10$)

Harrey, and others, 8vo.ner half calf 1863

marbled edges, lls 6d WHATELY (Archbishop) Essays on some The same, new calf gilt, 12s 6d

PECULIARITIES of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, 8vo. The same, tree-calf extra, gilt edges, 148 boards, 58

1856 158


VHITE (Rev. Gilbert) NATURAL HISTORY WHITTINGHAM (Lieut.-General Sir S.) and ANTIQUITIES of SELBORNE; with his Poems, Memoir of the Services of: by Major-General F. Correspondence, Garden Kalendar, Animals and Whittingham, 8vo. cloth, 3s

1868 Plants, Geology, Roman-British Antiquities, etc., WHYTE-MELVILLE (G.J.) RIDING RECOLedited, with Life, by THOMAS BELL, with illustra- LECTIONS; fifth edition, with autotype illustrations tions, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. Is


by Edgar Giberne, post 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1878 The same, 2 vols. new tree-calf gilt, by

Songs and VERSES ; with numerous addi. Rivière, £2. 2s

tions ; new edition (printed on thick paper); post "We find these figures in the late Professor Bell's edition of Thite's 'Selborne' (1877), by far the best edition in existence,

8vo. crushed morocco elegant, inside borders richly though the Chiswick Press edition of 1836, edited by Mr. E. T. gilt, edges uncut, top edges gilt, 14s

n. d. enneit, with notes by Yarrell, Owen, Bell, and others, ought WICKES (C.) SPIRES and TOWERS of the ways to be kept for reference."- Quarterly Review, October, 84.


vations on the Architecture of the Middle Ages : SELBORNE ; with Notes by FRANK BUCKLAND, a

with the Supplemental Volume, 72 large plates chapter on Antiquities by Lord Selborne, and new

comprising 167 Cathedrals and Churches, 3 vols.


imperial folio, £4. 10s (pub. £ll. 11s) Letters, 126 fine woodcuts by Delamotte, large 8vo.

This fine work illustrates the most beautiful specimens of morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £2. 5s

Spire and Tower Architecture in all parts of the kingdom.

Macmillan, 1875 The same, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. 4to. with WIELAND'S OBERON, a Poem ; from the Ger. 23 photographs, and 126 finely executed engravings

man, by W. SOTHEBY, fine engravings from from drawings by P. H. Delamotte; half morocco

designs by FUSELI, 2 vols. 8vo. large paper, calf neat, 6s

1805 extra, top edges gilt (scarce), £4. 58

WIGHT (R.) and G. A. WALKERThe same, cheaper edition, with illustrations,


1880 post 8vo. calf gilt, los 6d and ils 6d NATURAL HISTORY of SELBORNE, with

India Orientalis ; abridged Descriptions of the additions by Sir W. Jardine, and edited, with

Plants found in British India, Vol. 1. (all pub. further Illustrations, and Life, by EDWARD JESSE, WIGHTWICKIG.) PALACE of ARCHITECTURE;

lished), 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

1834 with 40 COLOURED ENGRAVINGS, foolscap 8vo.

a Romance of Art and History, 67 fine steel

Bell, 1881 calf extra, gilt edges, 13s 6d Another edition (Chandos Classics), post 8vo.

engravings, besides woodcuts, of every Style of

d. half calf gilt, 3s 6d


Architecture, imperial 8vo. cloth, 78 6d VHITE Adam) Popular History of MAMMALIA, WILBERFORCE (W., M.P.) LIFE of ; by his their Classification and Habits, with 16 COLOURED

Sons, portraits and facsimiles of Writing ; also

his CORRESPONDENCE-together 7 vols. post Svo.

1850 plates, square 12mo. calf gilt, 6s 6d

cloth, 8s 6d

1838-40 ÑHITE (G.) PRACTICAL TREATISE on WEAV WILBERFORCE (S., Bishop of Winchester), ING, by hand and power Looms, numerous en

LIFE of; with Selections from his Diaries and gravings, 8vo. cloth; SCARCE, £1. 5s

Correspondence, by Canon ASHWELL and R. WILGlasgow, 1846

BERFORCE, portraits and illustrations, 3 vols. 8vo. NHITE (H. Kirke) REMAINS ; with his Life

cloth (FIRST EDITION, SCARCE), £1. 4s (pub. £2.58) by SOUTHEY, portrait and plates, 2 vols. 8vo.

1880-2 morocco gilt, gilt edges, 6s 6d


Another copy, new calf gilt, £2. 108
POETICAL WORKS (Aldine edition), edited

WILCOCK (J.) ROMAN CONVERSATIONS ; by N. Deck, with Life by Sir Harris Nicolas, LARGE PAPER, portrait, post 8vo. calf extra, gilt

Description of the Antiquities and Celebrities of edges, 10s 6d


Rome, portrait and plan, 2 vols. 8vo. calf neat,

58 Another edition, with Remains, and Life by WILD (C., Architect) FOREIGN, CATHEDRALS, &

1797 Southey, illustrated by Birket Foster, 12mo. caif

selection of choice Examples of the Ecclesiastical gilt, 7s 6d

Architecture of the Middle Ages, chiefly in WHITE (Rev. J.) HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Times to 1858, thick post 8vo.

France, 12 large and beautiful plates, COLOURED

like DRAWINGS, and mounted on cardboards, calf gilt, 8s

imperial folio, in portfolio, £4. (pub. £12. 12s) WHITE (Rev. J. T.) Latin-English Dictionary,

(1831) abridged from the larger work of White and WILD (J. J.) THALASSA ; an Essay on the Riddle, thick large 8vo. half morocco, £l. 3s 6d Depth, Temperature, and Currents of the Ocean,

1869 with Charts and Diagrams by the Author, 8vo. WHITGIFT (Archbishop) LIFE OF ; written cloth, 7s 6d (pub. 128)

1877 by Sir G. PAULE ; also a Treatise intituled Con- WILKES (John) THE NORTH BRITON, 1762spiracy for Pretended Reformation, written in 63, with Index, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. old calf, 1591, by DEAN COSın, fine portrait of Whitgift neatly rebacked, 78 6d

1763 by White, post 8vo. new calf extra, 6s 1699 For articles contained in this publication its author was

twice outlawed, and the numbers of the paper in which they WHITNEY'S CHOICE of EMBLEMES, a facsimile appeared were publicly burnt by the common hangman. reprint, by photo-lithography, of this valuable and

CORRESPONDENCE with his Friends ; from rare work, first published at Leyden in 1586 ;

the Original MSS.; with Memoirs of his Life by edited by H. GREEN, with Dissertation, Essays

J. Almon; portrait, 5 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, literary and biographical, and Notes, thick royal

12s 6d

1805 4to. LARGE PAPER, cloth, £2. 2s

1866 WILLCOCK (J. W., Barrister) Law of MUNIWHITTIER (John Greenleaf), The CHAPEL CIPAL CORPORATIONS ; with a brief Sketch of

of the HERMITS, and other Poems, post 8vo. cloth their History, and Treatise on Mandamus and (SCARCE), 5s

Boston, U.S.A., 1853 Quo Warranto, 8vo. half law calf, 14s 1827

n. d.

n. d.

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