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WILKIE GALLERY; a selection of the best | WILLIAMS (C. G.) HANDBOOK of China

Pictures by Sir David Wilkie, R.A., including Manipulation, many woodcuts, thick post his Spanish and Oriental Sketches, 72 highly cloth, 6s finished line engravings, with Biographical and WILLIAMS (H. W.). SELECT VIEF: Critical Notices, royal 4to. degantly bound in GREECE, 64 exquisitely beautiful engrin crocodile, gilt edges, £5. 58

2 vols. imperial Svo. in one, morocco, giit LIFE of Sir DAVID WILKIE ; with his £l. 8s (pub. £7. 108) Journals, Tours, critical Remarks on Works of The choice of subjects, the exquisite beauty of beer Art, and a Selection from his Correspondence, by tion, and, above all, the poetical feeling displayed, reede : ALLAN CUNNINGHAM; 3 vols. Svo. neatly half highest extent.”Literary Gazette.

vicus truly fascinating. 'Art seems to be carried bene bound, uncut, 10s 6d

1843 WILKINSON (Sir J. G.) MANNERS and Cus.


of Great Britain, with 7 plates, folio, stis, £1.. 600 plates and woodcuts; 5 vols. 8vo. cloth (scarce); WILLIS (Dr. R.) ILLUSTRATIONS of CUTANH

Ray Sority. £5. 10s


DISEASES, 93 LARGE COLOURED PLATES ili ** EGYPTIANS ; new edition, revised and corrected

ting the Affections of the Skin in their wore by Dr. S. BIRCH, with 650 woodcut illustrations,

esting and frequent forms, with their sungen besides COLOURED ONES, 3 vols. large 8vo. calf

Diagnosis, and Treatment, folio, nev half uur

£2. 15s (pub. £6.) gilt, £4. 108


WILLMOTT (Rev. R. A.) PLEASURE " The same, vellum extra, gilt edges, £7. 78

jects, and Advantages of Literature ; a Jours! Or, full morocco super-extra, gilt edges,

Summer Time in the Country ; and L £8. 8s Manners and Customs of the ANCIENT

Jeremy Taylor, a Biography, 3 vols. foolscar:


cloth, 7s 6d EGYPTIANS, with engravings, some coloured, and WILLOUGHBY (Lady). Diary relati.. numerous woodcuts, FIRST SERIES : 3 vols. 8vo.

her Domestic History, and to the eventiul Per cloth, £2.

1837 ANCIENT EGYPTIANS, Popular Account of

of the Reign of Charles I., the Protectorate, & their Private Life, Manners, and Customs, new

the Restoration, square post Svo. calf aate edition, 500 woodcuts, 2 vols. post 8vo. new half WILLSẢIRE (W. H., M.D.) INTRODUCI.

red edges, 12s 6d calf gilt, 18s


to the Study and Collection of Ancient Print The same, calf gilt, £l. Is

second edition, enlarged, with 3 engraria The same, calf extra, gilt edges, £l. 58

rare Prints, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER; bor TOPOGRAPHY of Thebes and general View of EGYPT ; with Remarks on the Manners and

uncut (rery few printed), £4. 4s

IN |

DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of PLATS Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, coloured map

CARDS in the British Museum : with a History and engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, 13s 1835 WILLEMENT (T.) Account of his principal

the Subject, and Remarks on Cards of Dire! Works in STAINED GLASS, coloured plate of the

tion, etc., 23 fine plates, some coloured, royal Altar Window, Hampton Lucy, royal 4to. LARGE WILLYAMS (Rev. C.) VOYAGE up the ME!

cloth, 18s PAPER ; boards, 10s 6d Privately printed, 1840 WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY, HISTORY of the

TERRANEAN in the Swiftsure, under Lord Ven.

with Description of the Battle of the Nile in Kings of England and the Modern History ; translated by the Rev. J. SHARPE, thick royal

subsequent Events, with 43 plates froia ** 4to. boards, i6s


Author's drawings, 4to. red morocco superet WILLIAMS(J., Archbishop of York) MEMORIAL

borders of gold, leather joints and silk liais. OF, containing a Series of the most remarkable WILSON and BONAPARTE'S A MEET

gilt edges, £l. 6s Occurrences and Transactions of his Life, in relation both to Church and State, by BISHOP

ORNITHOLOGY, or Natural History of the Bio

of the United States ; with illustrative Votes, as HACKET, fine portrait, folio, calf, £l. 158 1693 This work, though full of elaborate and pedantic absurdity,

Life of Wilson, by Sir W. JARDINE: porast insomuch that it was roundly declared, by a great judge of style,

and many beautifully coloured figures, 3 1: to be the worst written book in the language, nevertheless 8vo. half morocco neat, uncut, £4. 45 abounds with new and curious matter."- Quarterly Review.

A work of genuine science, rendered as interesting :-* WILLIAMS (Sir C. Hanbury). Works general reader as to the naturalist." --Quarterly Retutt'.

(Poems and Letters; with the Parodies, “The The same, new edition, with portant First and Second Lessons of the Day,” and “Old

103 plates, exhibiting nearly 400 (LOLE England's Te Deum"), with complete Index, fine

FIGURES OF BIRDS, 3 vols. 4to. LARGE PAIS portraits of the Author, T. Winnington, and Sir

neatly half bound, uncut cdges, £3. 178 6d R. Walpole, 3 vols. post 8vo. half bound (scarce),



JARDINE, and a Synopsis of American Birds " His political Squibs are some of the most lively and rigourous in our language."-P. Cunningham.

T. M. Brewer, numerous coloured pudertes, th: WILLIAMS (Rev. C.) THE ALPs, Switzerland, post 8vo. cloth, 14s Boston (Massachustitsi, 1

and North of Italy, with map and numerous wood WILSON (Professor Daniel) PREHISTOK engravings, imperial 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 10s 60 MAN: Researches into the Origin of Civilisat.

Cassell, 1854 in the Old and the New World, with illustrates i WILLIAMS (Rev. Isaac) DEVOTIONAL COM- 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 18s (pub. £1. s) MENTARY on the Gospel Narrative: post 8vo.

Cambridge, 14 calf giltThe Holy Week, 1870, 9s-Our Lord's The same, new edition, 1 vol. 8vo. din. Passion, 1870, 9s-Our Lord's Resurrection, 1870, 8s 6d 9s—Thoughts on the Study of the Holy Gospels, CALIBAN : the Missing Link, Svo. cloth 98

1871 (pub. 10s 611)


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numerous fine plates and maps, 11 parts (forming 6 vols.), folio, £68. 1822-52 WILSON (R., the celebrated Painter) STUDIES WILSON (General Sir Robert) Life of ;

and DESIGNS done at Rome, in 1752, 50 fine etch- from Autobiographical Memoirs, Journals, Narraings on INDIA PAPER, with Introduction by R.

tives, Correspondence, etc., edited by his Nephew, Archer, Oxford, 1811-ETCHINGS from the Works the Rev. H. RANDOLPH, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. of R. Wilson, with Memoirs of his Life, etc. by cloth, 5s (pub. £1. 6s)

1862 T. Hastings, portrait and 40 fine plates, 1825, WILSON (Bishop T.) PREPARATION for the 2 vols. 4to. in one, half russia (SCARCE), £2. 158

Lord's SUPPER, for Young Communicants and

1811-25 others, printed in antique type by Whittingham, Wilson is considered the founder of the English School in Landscape Painting. The above volume contains a fine mezzo

post 8vo. new calf antique, carmine edges, 6s 1850 tint engravings, in addition, of two of the designs improved.

WILSONS, THE SONGS of the ; with a Memoir LIFE of RICHARD Wilson, R.A., by T.

of the Family, and several additional Songs never WRIGHT, fine portrait, 1824–also ETCHINGs from

before published : edited by J. Harland ; second is the Works of RICHARD WILSON, with Memoirs

edition, small 4to. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 78 1866 of his Life, 40 fine Etchings and portraits by T. WILTSHIRE DOMESDAY BOOK; a photo-zincoHASTINGS, 1825—in one vol. 4to. half calf,

graphed Facsimile, under the direction of Colonel £2. 10s


Sir H. James, with Introduction, folio, cloth, 5s 6d In the above is a tract by John Britton, "On the Paintings

(pub. 10s)

1862 and Merits of Richard Wilson, R.A., and particularly on a full: WILTSHIRE.-Topographical Collections of length portrait of J. H. MORTIMER, A.R.A., with a lithographed JOHN AUBERY, A.D. 1659-70; enlarged by J. E. sketch of the latter from a picture by the former, 1842.' An Illustrated Copy.

JACKSON (published by the Wiltshire Archeolog.

ical and Natural History Society), fine portrait Life of Richard Wilson, R.A., with Testi. and nearly 50 plates, thick 4to, cloth, £2. 58 monies to his Genius and Memory, and Remarks

Devizes, 1862 on his Landscapes, etc., by T. WRIGHT, illus- WILTSHIRE, BEAUTIES OF, in Statistical, irated by nearly 120 fine additional Portraits Historical, and Descriptive Sketches ; with Anecand Plates, all neatly inlaid in drawing-paper, dotes of the Arts [and the Author's Autobio. thick royal 4to. morocco extra, top edges gilt, graphy], by JOHN BRITTON, engravings, 3 vols. £6. 18s

1824 8vo. (ILLUSTRATED BY ADDITIONAL ENGRAV. WILSON (George) MEMOIR of ; by his Sister INGS AND PRINTED SCRAPS, also improved (best edition), portrait, 8vo. cloth, 5s

by various MS. corrections), 2 vols. in old half

Edinburgh, 1860 binding, Vol. 3 in boards, uncut, £2. 58 1801-25 WILSON (James) TREATISE on INSECTS, WILTSHIRE.-History of the HUNDRED of

general and Systematic (from the Encyclopædia BRANCH and DOLE, by the Rev. John Offer and Britannica), with 540 engraved figures, 4to. half Sir R. Colt Hoare, fine map and plates (that of morocco extra, gilt edges, 7s 6d ibidem, 1835 Sir Richard Grobham's monument coloured), royal WILSON (Professor J.) WORKS, new and folio, LARGE PAPER, boards, uncut, £10. 10s 1825

complete edition, edited by Professor Ferrier, por. History of the HUNDRED of HEYTESBURY, traits, 12 vols. post Svo. half calf gilt, £3. 165 by Sir R. Colt Hoare, fine map, and 14 portraits

ibidem, 1876 and plates (one tinted and one coloured), royal “ CHRISTOPHER NORTH"; Memoir of folio, LARGE PAPER, boards, uncut, £15. 10s 1824 PROFESSOR JOHN WILSON, compiled from Family HISTORY of the HUNDRED of MERE, by Papers, etc. by his Daughter, MRS. GORDON, Sir R. Colt Hoare, with map, and finely engraved steel portrait, and 14 illustrations, mostly from portraits, vieus, etc. (some stained), royal folio, humourous sketches by J. G. Lockhart, 2 vols. post LARGE PAPER, boards, uncut, £6. 10s 1822 Svo. half culf neat, red edges, 78 6d ibidem, 1862


a Glossary, revised by A. Leighton, with portrait, with fine portraits and engravings of Buildings,

24 vols. post 8vo. in 12, half calf gilt, £2. 58 n. d. Monuments, Seals, ctc., 2 vols. royal folio, LARGE WILSON (John W.) Sa COLLECTION, exposée

PAPER, boards, £5. 5s

1843 dans la Galerie du Cercle Artistique Literaire de WILTSHIRE.-COLLECTIONS for Old and NEW Bruxelles ; 68 charming etchings by FLAMENG,

SARUM ; a MANUSCRIPT of 76 leaves in the hand. GILBERT, JACQUEMART, LALAUZE, LE RAT, etc.,

writing of Sir R. Colt Hoare, 4to. bound, from pictures by celebrated Artists of various

£2. 2s Schools, imperial 4to. seun, SCARCE, £3. 10s

WILTSHIRE.--Antiquitates Sarisburienses, or

Paris, 1873 WILSON (Owen S.) THE LARVÆ of the

History and Antiquities of Old and NEW SARUM

[by the Rev. Edward Ledwich), with 2 plates, BRITISH LEPIDOPTERA and their Food Plants described, with 40 plates exhibiting several hun. WILTSHIRE.-The most notable Antiquity of

8vo. calf, 7s 6d

Salisbury, 1777 dred life-sized figures, drawn and COLOURED

Great Britain vulgarly called STONE-HENG, FROM NATURE by Eleanora Wilson, super-royal

restored by INIGO JONES ; folding plates, folio, 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 5s (pub. £3. 3s)

old calf, £l. ls

1655 WILSON (Captain) and Captain WARREN, TÌE RECOVERY of Jerusalem :

Another copy, folding plan, folio, old calf, £l. 58

1655 Exploration and Discovery in the City and Holy

copy has the title mutilated and mounted, and it, a few Land ; Introduction by DEAN STANLEY, edited leaves following, and many of the margins, are filled with MS. by W. Morrison, M.P., maps and numerous notes in a coarse scrawling hand, which a note on the flyleaf

attributes to Philip Earl of Pembroke, to whom the book is engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. £1. 1s)

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n. d.


But few copies of the work were printed, and most 1871

of them were lost in the Fire of London.



German by G. HENRY LODGE, M.D., with the Notes of Meyer, Lessing, Amoretti, Fea, Desmarest, Siebelis, and Eschenburg, portrait and upwards of 70 plates, 4 vols. 4to. half cloth, £t. 18s

Boston, U.S.A., 1880 Only 100 copies of this finely executed edition have been printed, each of which is numbered. Of the merits of the “ History of Ancient Art” it is necessary at the present day to say but little ;

1 its value having been universally admitted. The author has been emphatically and truthfully described as “ The greatest Connoisseur and Teacher of the Beautiful in plastic art. He had an inborn lofty sense of the beautiful, an eye trained by practice, a clear judgment, acuteness of intellect, a happy memory, and a love for his subject which mounted quickly to rapture, faithfully accompanied him in all his i investigations, and in the record of them. His style resembles an ancient work of art. Each thought steps forth, fashioned in all its parts, and stands there, noble, simple, lofty, complete.” WILTSHIRE-CHOREA GIGANTUM, or the WILTSHIRE.-DELINEATIONS of FONTHILI

most famous Antiquity of Great Britain, STONE- and its ABBEY, the seat of W. Beckford, Exq., HENG, restored to the Danes, by Dr. W. CHARLE- by JOHN RUTTER, 13 plates (SOME COLOURED , TON, folding woodcut, small 4to. seun, uncut and 15 woodcut vignettes ; also Pedigrees, with (scarce), 10s 6d

1663 Descriptions [by the Author, Sir R. C. Hoare, and WILTSHIRE.--STONE-HENG RESTORED, by G. F. Beltz, Lancaster Herald), 4to. boards, &s hul INIGO JONES; also CHOREA GIGANTUM, or Stone.

18:23 Heng restored to the Danes, by Dr. CHARLETON ; Another copy, morocco, gilt edges, 10s 6d and WEBB's Vindication of Stone-Heng Restored, WILTSHIRE.-Graphical and Literary Illos. in answer to Dr. Charleton (BEST EDITION), fine

trations of FONTHILL ABBEY, by J. BRITTON ; portrait of Jones by Hollar and one of Charleton,

with heraldical and genealogical Notices of the and folding plates, 3 vols. folio in one, old calf, Beckford Family, with 12 fine engravings aftı £l. Is


G. CATTERMOLE, John MARTIN, and H. SHAH WILTSHIRE.-Choir GAUR ; vulgarly called STONEHENGE, described, restoreií, and explained,

(two coloured), 4to. morocco, broad gold borders,

1833 by John Wood, folding plates, 8vo. calf, 14s

gilt edges, fine copy, 16s

Oxford, 1747 WIMPFFEN (Baron de) VOYAGE to Saint WILTSHIRE.-STONEHENGE and ABURY, Domingo, 1788-90, translated from the unpah Temples Restored to the British Druids, with

lished MS. by J. Wright, map, 8vo. half oily some others Described by Dr. W. STUKELEY, fine neat, 4s

1797 portrait, map, and 76 engravings, 2 vols. folio in WINCKELMANN (J.) HISTOIRE de L'ART one, new calf gilt, £5. 10s

1740-43 chez les Anciens; trad. de l'Allemand (par Sel. WILTSHIRE. CHOIR GAUR; the Grand lius, retouchée par Robert], 2 vols. 8vo. old auf, Orrery of the Ancient Druids, commonly called 58

Amsterdam, 1766 STONEHENGE, by Dr. JOHN SMITH, with 3 plates, STORIA DELLA ARTE del Disegno presso gli 4to. half calf, 12s

Salisbury, 1771 Antichi; tradotta del Tedesco, e in questo Erti. WILTSHIRE.--STONEHENGE and its Barrows, zione corretta e aumentata dall' Abate CARLO

by W. LONG, with maps, plans, and illustrations, FEA, with 52 fine plates and numerous woodcuts small 4to. scwn, 12s

Devizes, 1876 of statues, etc., 3 vols. 4to. rcllum gilt, £1. &s WILTSHIRE.-The Old Serpentine Temple of

Roma, 1783-84 the Druids at AVEBURY, a Poemlin blank Verse, WINGFIELD and JOHNSON'S POULTRY by Charles Lucas), small 4to. half bound (scarce), BOOK ; the Management, Breeding, and Metical 12s

Marlborough, 1795 Treatment of Poultry, with coloured and other WILTSHIRE. Historical Account of the plutes, imperial 8vo. half morocco, 14s 1633

EPISCOPAL SEE and Cathedral Church of SALIS: WINKLES (B.) CATHEDRALS of ENGLAND and BURY ; with Notices of the Bishops, History of the Establishment, and Descriptions of the

Wales, Architectural and Picturesque Illustra

tions of the, with historical and descriptive Monuments, by W. DODSWORTH, 21 plates, 4to. new half morocco, red edges, 7s 6d

Accounts : new edition, with addition of Man1814

chester Cathedral, nearly 200 fine engracings, WILTSHIRE.- DESCRIPTION of the Antiquities

3 vols. imperial 8vo. cloth, £2. 58

1831 and Curiosities in WILTON HOUSE (the Earl of Pembroke's), by JAMES KENNEDY, with 25 fine

Another copy, with the FRENCH CATHEengravings of some of the capital Statues, Bustos,

DRALS, with 50 fine engravings, small 4to.and Relievos, 4to. half calf, 10s 6d Salisbury, 1769

Together, 4 vols. morocco extra, gilt edges (fine " Contains the Anecdotes and Remarks of Thomas Earl of

copy, uniform), 25. 10s

1837-42 Pembrokc, who collected these Antiquities; now first printed.” WINTLE (Rev. T.) DANIEL ; an improved WILTSHIRE.-HISTORY of the MANOR and Version with Dissertation and Notes. Oxford

ANCIENT BARONY of Castle Combe, Wiltshire, 1792 -- ZACHARIAH; a new Translation, with compiled from original MSS. and Chartularies, Notes--Also a new edition, with alterations, of a with Memoirs of the Families of Dunstanville, Dissertation on Daniel, by Dr. B. BLAYNET, Badlesmere, Tiptoft, Scrope, Fastolf, etc., by ibidem, 1797 :--2 vols. 4to. in 1, half calf, any G. P. Scrope, 410, cloth, wirut, RARE (ONLY 150

ncat, 55

1792; COPIES PRINTED), 26. 15s Privately printed, 1852 WIT, HUMOUR, Raillery, Satire, and Ridicule, an WILTSHIRE.-Description of FoxTHILL Essay towards fixing the True Standards of:

ABBEY, by JAMES STORER, with fine engravings, also an Analysis of the Characters of Falstat, INDIA PROOFS, small folio, LARGE PAPER, half de Coverly, and Don Quixote [ by CORBY) cloth, 18s

1812 MORRIS], 8vo. seun, ös


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tion ;

WITHER (George) COLLECTION OF EMBLEMES, ancient and moderne, quickened

with Metricall Illustrations both Morall and Divine, large, fine, and rare Portrait of the Author by John Payne, and 200 beautiful and highly finished Engravings by CRISPIN DE Pas (the frontispiece rebacked, and a leaf or two slightly mended, the Index-plate supplied by a reprint), folio, bound in olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s

London, 1635 This is one of the rarest of Wither's books in good condition. In Charles Lamb's opinion it is one of the most curious and interesting works in the language.

“ The prints in Wither's work are designed with great spirit, and executed with neatness; some of them are exceedingly pretty. The general character of his Emblems is that of a sound morality, enforced in a sensible style, tinctured with warm religious feelings, and adorned with fresh and fragrant flowers of poetry.”Retrospective Review, WITCHCRAFT.-DE LA DÉMONOMANIE DES WITHER (G.) OPOBALSAMUM ANGLICANUM ;

SORCIERS, par J. Bodin, small 8vo. hulf morocco an English Balme lately pressed out of a Shrub, neat (VERY SCARCE AND CURIOUS), £1. 12s and spread upon these Papers, for the Cure of

Anvers, 1586 some Scabs, Gangreenes and Cancers indangering WITCHCRAFT.--DIALOGUE concerning

the Bodie of this Common-Wealth, etc., 4to. (pp. Witches and Witchcrafts, by J. GIFFARD, post 24, printed in double columns; the Title laid down 8vo. sewen, 5s

(1603) Percy Society, 1842 and some leaves cut into), half calf, 10s 6d WITCHCRAFT.-TREATISE of Spirits, Appari

Printed in the year 1646 tions, Witchcraft, etc., by J. BEAUMONT, 8vo.

"A long inflammatory piece of augmentative [sic] Versifihalf bound, 10s 60


cation, written with his accustomed heedlessness of senatorial

rebuke, or legal persecution."-Lowndes. WITCHCRAFT.-HISTORICAL ESSAY on

Witchcraft, with Observations upon Matters of (WITHERS (P.)]ARISTARCHUS, or Principles of Fact, by Dr. HUTCHINSON, 8vo. calf, 6s 6d 1720

Composition ; a méthodical Arrangement of the WITCHCRAFT, Rare and Curious Tracts re

Improprieties frequent in Writing and Conversalating to, in Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and

with Proposals for a new English Dictionary, Lincoln, between 1618 and 1664: reprinted ver

8vo. calf gilt (VERY SCARCE), 128

1822 batim, portrait of Matthew Hopkins, from a rare

“ Horne Tooke's work probably induced Withers to write

his Aristarchus, which is every way worthy to become its print, 8vo. cloth, 88 6d

1838 vade-mecum: in this work he has every clain to originality.” WITCHCRAFT. - A Tryal of Witches at WITT ( Madame de, née GUIZOT ) Les Bury St. Edmunds, March, 1664, 8vo. sewn, 5s


1682 WITCHCRAFT.-The Count de Gabalis ; a

depuis les Origines jusqu'au 16me. Siècle ; Texte

abrégé, coordonné et traduit : Deuxième Série ; diverting History of the Rosicrucian Doctrine of

les Chroniqueurs, de Suger à Froissart, with 9 Spirits ; with Bayle's Account of this work and

fine chromolithographs, and nearly 350 large of the Rosicrucians, scarce, 1714and other

and small woodcuts, imperial 8vo. sewn, 153 Tracts, as under, 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 8s 1714-15

Paris, 1884 Pope's Rape of the Lock, plates, 1714-Temple of Fame, 5715–Gay's Shepherd's Week, plates, 1714-The What d'ye Cali WOGE (D.) DIE GOTTESDIENSTLICHEN ALTERit; a tragi-comi-pastoral Farce, by Gay, with Preface and THÜMER der Obotriten, aus dem Tempel zu Key, plate-The Force of Religion, or languished Love, a Poem, Rhetra, am Tollenzer-See, nach den Originalien by E. Young, plates, 1714-Prefatory Epistle concerning some Remarks to be published on Homer's lliad, by R. Fiddes, 1714

auf das genaueste gemahlet, und in Kupferstichen Bishop Smalridge's Poem on Queen Anne's Death and King nebst A. G. Maschens Erläuterung derselben George's Accession, 1714.

herausg., many curious engravings of ancient WITHER (G) POETICAL WORKS, reprinted objects of Worship, etc., ito. half calf (Mr.

from the rare Original Editions, edited by J. M. Beckford's copy), RARE, £l. Is Berlin, 1771 GUTCH, portrait, 3 vols, post 8vo. half morocco (WOLCOT (Dr. J.)] Works of PETER extra, gilt backs, uncut, top edges gilt, fine copy PINDAR, with Life ; revised edition, with Index, (RARE), £4. 10s

(Bristol, 1820)

fine portrait, 5 vols. 8vo. half calf, marbled edges, Vols. 1 and 2 contain Abuses Stript and Whipt (complete), the Scourge, Wither's Motto, Epigrams, Selections from Prince

£1. 8s

1812 Henry's Obsequies, A Satyre to the King, Epithalamia, or

WOLF (J.) WILD ANIMALS, illustrated in Nuptial Poems, The Shepherd's Hunting, His | Motto (with 20 plates engraved by the Whympers, with descripNotes), Hymns and Songs of the Church, in two parts. Vol. 3, Fair Virtue, the Mistress of Philarete, written by

tions by D. G. Elliot, royal 4to. cloth, 12s 1874 Himself, with Notices. Selection from Abuses Stript and Whipi, WOLFF (J., D.D.) MISSION to BOKHARA, in including the Scourge, with certain Epigrams, with Notes- 1843-5, to ascertain the Fate of Colonel Stoddart Britain's Remembrancer, containing a narrative of the Plague and Captain Conolly, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub. lately past, etc., with Notes-Selections from a Collection of Emblems, ancient and modern, with Notes-Selections from

£1. Ss

1816 Hallelujah, or Britain's Second Remembrancer, two parts.

WOODCUTS (Old).- BRANT (Sebastian) Very few copies were printed, and of these many are incom- METHODIUS PRIMUM OLIMPIADE et postea Tyri plete. JUVENILIA : a Collection of those Poemes

Civitatu . . . Epus, sub Diocleciano Imperatore.

In Calcide civitate (q. Nigropontu. appellat. ut which were heretofore imprinted and written by diuus scribit Hieronymus Martyrio) coronatur: George Wither, small 8vo. old calf (wants frontis- mundi creatione eidem in carcere revelatione, piece containing title, lines to the Reader, and one leaf), £1. 58 London, for John Budge, 1622

passus fuit 14 Kalendas Oct., black leiter, 61

curious woodcuts, small 4to. new morocco extra, CONTENTS:--Abuses Stript and Whipt; Prince Henrics Obsequies ; A Satyre written (when Prisoner) to tho King's most

gilt edges, SCARCE, £4. 10s Excellent Maiestie; Epithalamia (on Marriage of Prince

Basilce, Mich. Furter, 1504 Frederick and Princess Elizabeth; Shepheard's Hunting; and This work is not mentioned by Brunet. A fine copy, with Fidelia,

remarkably fine impressions of the singular woodcuts.


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Toahes; Elste's F Netberliga

Oswald G




WOLSEY (Cardinal) LIFE of, by G., WOOD (Rev. J. G.) WORKS:

CAVENDISH, his Gentleman Usher : from the INSECTS ABROAD ; a popular Account of Fame
original MS., with Notes by SAM. WELLER Insects, their Structure, Habits, and Transioni
SINGER; Letters and Illustrative Documents, ations, with 600 illustrations, Svo. malf WOOD
second edition, portraits and outline engravings

15s 6d

Comple from MSS., Svo. boards, 17s 6d

Another edition, royal 8vo. calf gilt, il

rous In WOOD-ENGRAVING (Early), Specimens

etc. : of, being Impressions of Woodcuts 'in the pos

The same, tree-calf, £l. 58

Time, sesion of the Publisher, 120 sheets exhibiting many

INSECTS AT HOME ; a popular Account of Bars all the hundred examples, 4to. calf extra, gilt edges INSECTS, with upwards of 700 rodesti 180 Ne (ONLY 100 COPIES PRINTED), £3. 10s

coloured frontispiece, thick Svo. calf gilt

. I 3000 Newcastle, W. Dodd, 1862 “This work, independent of its curiosity, may be considered HOMES WITHOUT HANDS ; a Description da valuable as a contribution to the History of Wood Engraving previous to its revival in the Eighteenth Century.” Many of the

Habitation of Animals, classed according

en British Cuts adorned popular Ballads and Tracts, and are of very rude

their principle of Construction, illustrated execution : one is as old as 1670.

full page engravings, and numerous ad

WOOD WOOD ENGRAVING, GEMS of, from the Illustrat

thick 8vo. half morocco, top edges gilt, mis ed London News; with HISTORY of the ART, by


Conten W. CHATTO, uprards of 100 beautiful woodcuts

The same, calf gilt, 15$

Trerlyn H. (slightly discoloured), folio, boards, 18s 1849

The same, tree-calf extra, 16s and £l.

Court Fart

STRANGE DWELLINGS ; a Description of

Habitations of Animals: abridged from "Ha
systematically arranged, illustrated by numerous

without Hands," numerous illustrations,

Daughters plates of examples, from simple and easy Subjects

8vo. calf gilt, 9s

Beasy Ran to the more complicated and difficult, 4 parts,

MAN and BEAST Here and Hereafter, illustrat oblong folio (complete), €1. 58 (pub. £5.) 1820 by more than 300 Original Anecdotes, post WOOD (J. T., Architect) DISCOVERIES at calf gilt, 10s 6d

W. B EPHESUS, including the Site and Remains of the OUT of Doors, a Selection of Original Articles

colour Great Temple of Diana, with numerous original Practical Natural History, with 11 ilustraties woodcuts and plates (some coloured), imperial 8vo.


post 8vo. calf gilt, 9s and 10s tree-calf extra, gilt edges, £2. 158


The same, calf extra, gilt edges, lls
WOOD (Rev. J. G.) WORKS:

PETLAND REVISITED, with 33 full-page
ILLUSTRATED NATURAL HISTORY; complete, smaller woodcuts, crown 8vo. nexo calf gilt,

comprising Mammalia, Birds, Insects, Reptiles,
Fishes, Molluscs, etc. ; also the Natural History WOOD (W., F.l.s.) GENERAL CONCHOLOGY;
of Man, illustrated by several hundred engrav,
ings on wood by Dalziel, 5 large vols. imperial

Description of Shells, arranged on the Liunea
8vo. half calf gilt, £4.

System; original edition, with 260 large and to

figures of Univalves and Bivalves, on 60 parts The same, half morocco extra, gilt edges, drawn and beuutifully coloured from nature, ma £5.

The same, full calf gilt, £5. 58

8vo. half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, 21. E
mals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Molluscs, Insects,

Index Testaceologicus: a Catalogue o

Shells, British and Foreign, with 2300 began
Crustaceans, Spiders, Myriapoda, Worms, Ra-
diata, Acalepha, and Protozoa, with 600 beau-

beautifully engraved and coloured, and the SE
tiful woodcuts, thick super-royal 8vo. half

PLEMENT, with 480 coloured figures, 2 vol. 1

8vo. in one, 1825-8-Index Entomologicus; morocco, marbled edges (as good as new), 15s 6d

complete Illustrated Catalogue of the Lepido

terous Insects of Great Britain, with 54 plats.
The same, new calf gilt, £l. ls and £1. 2s
POPULAR NATURAL HISTORY, profusely illustrat-

containing 1944 coloured figures, 8vo. 183
cd by Wolf, Zwecker, Weir and others, crown

Together 2 vols. uniformly bound in moroco entrs
Svo. calf gilt, 12s

gilt edges, £4. 10s

Choice copies of the Original Editions, finely coloured esse
NATURAL HISTORY, with 480 Original Designs the superintendence of the Author and Artist,
by W. Harvey, post 8vo. calf gilt, 10s n. d.

BIBLE ANIMALS ; a Description of every living
Creature mentioned in the Scriptures, from the

with Supplement, 2780 engraved figures, CARE

FULLY COLOURED, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 18
Ape to the Coral, 100 full-page and other illus-
trations, thick 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £l, ls) 1876 INDEX TESTACEOLOGICUS; an Illustrated

The same, new calf gilt, 18s 6d
NATURAL HISTORY of MAN : the Manners and

Catalogue of all known Shells, British and
Customs of the Uncivilized Races, numerous

Foreign, New Edition, thoroughly revised
illustrations on wood by Angas, Danby, Wolf,

S. HANLEY, with 3000 Figures, BEAUTIFULLT
Tucker, etc., 2 vols. thick royal 8vo. half


morocco, £2. 12s 6d
morocco gilt, marbled edges, £l. 9s 1874 “This beautiful and valuable work is indispensable to s
NATURAL HISTORY of MAN in AFRICA, profusely collectors of shells. The plates have been colonred w

illustrated by engravings by Dalziel, imperial scrupulous faithfulness.”Mihenæum.
Svo, calf gilt, £1. 1s


ILLUSTRATED NATURAL HISTORY of Birds, pro- trated Catalogne of the Lepidopteros Insecta

fusely illustrated by engravings from designs Great Britain, with 54 plates comprising 1911
by Wolf, Weir, Harvey, etc., imperial 8vo. calf BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED FIGURES, 8vo. half calf
gilt, £1. ls
1875 gilt, £1. 108


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