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n. d.

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16 ORCESTERSHIRE, Collections for the History of, by Dr. T. NASH, with engravings and

pedigrees, and 13 facsimile pages from Domesday, 2 vols. folio, new morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt, £21.

1781-82 TOOD (W., F.L.S.) Index ENTOMOLOGICUS; a WORDSWORTH (W.) POETICAL WORKS; complete Illustrated Catalogue of the Lepidopte. an entirely New Edition ; edited, with Life, a rous Insects of Great Britain ; with their Localities, Critical Essay, and general Index, by WILLIAM etc. : New Edition, continued to the present KNIGHT, LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy,

Time, with extensive Supplement containing St. Andrews : Portrait and fine Etchings, 4 vols. 29: all the New Species of Moths and Butterflies, and imperial 8vo. LARGEST PAPER (only 25 copies so hun 180 New Figures : by J. O. Westwood, in all printed on the finest Laid Paper, with the Etchings . 2000 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED FIGURES, royal (threefold) on China, India, and Dutch Paper ; Svo. half morocco, £3. 3s

1854 cloth, £8. 8s

Edinburgh, 1882, etc. “ This beautiful work has been revised and enlarged through

The remaining two rols. will be supplied (when ready) it by Mr. Westwood. It is the most complete Illustrated work i British Moths and Butterflies, and indispensable to those In this edition the Poems are, for the first time, arranged in rming collections.”

Chronological Order of Composition, and all the Changes of VOOD (Mrs. Henry) NOVELS, 28 vols. post are given in Foot-notes. SEVERAL Poems and Fragments hitherto

Text, adopted by the Poet in the successive editions of his Works, 8vo. ncw half morocco, £11.

V. y. unpublished are included; and a BIBLIOGRAPHY of the Works and Contents :- The Channings ; Mildred Arkell; Verner's Pride; the successive Editions issued in England and America from rerlyn Hold; Life's Secret; East Lynne; Mrs. Halliburton's 1793 to 1850 added; together with a Bibliography of Criticisin, or roubles; Roland Yorke; George Canterbury's Will; Red

Critical Estimates of Wordsworth. ourt Farm; Dene Hollow: Anne Hereford ; St. Martin's Eve; POETICAL WORKS, portrait, complete in one Ister's Folly; Johnny Ludlow (both series); Edina ; Court

vol. royal 8vo. calf gilt, 158

1969 etherleigh; Orville College ; Lady Adelaide ; Lord Oakburn's aughters; Within the Maze; Pomeroy Abbey; Parkwater;

The same, morocco, gilt edges, £l. swald Cray; Shadow of Ashlydyat; Master of Greylands;

POETICAL WORKS (Chandos Poets), with essy Rane.

Memoir and Notes, portrait and illustrations, NOODROCFFE (S. M.) PEDIGREE of Wood- thick square post Svo. morocco extra, gilt eilges, ROOFFE, with Memorials and Notes, portrait of 16s 6d W. Barbor, and the Barbor seal in gold and POETICAL WORKS (Chandos Classics), post colours, facsimiles and arms, 4to. cloth (only 130 8vo. half calf gilt, 3s 6d

n. d. copies privately printed), 6s


POETICAL WORKS (Lansdowne Edition), WOOD-TURNING: the LATHE and its Uses,

with Memoir and Notes, portrait, and illustraplates and numerous woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

tions ; post 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 10s 6d 1874

The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges,

12s 6d WOODVILLE (W.) MEDICAL BOTANY, De. scriptions of all the Medicinal Plants in the

Poetical Works (Pocket Volume Edition), Catalogues of the Materia Medica of the Colleges

with Notes, 6 vols. 12mo. now calf gilt, £1. 18s

1874 of London and Edinburgh, 310 coloured plates, 5 vols. 4to. including SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME

POETICAL WORKS, with Life (printed within by Sir W. HOOKER and G. SPRATT, with new

red lines), illustrations, post Svo. cf. gt. 7s 6d n. d. plates; neatly bound, £2. 10s



SETTI, and illustrated by H. Dell, post 8vo. TIQUITIES of ; an Architectural Description, with

morocco extra, gilt eelges, 10s

SELECTIONS from Wordsworth ; edited, with Biographical Anecdotes the Bishops, etc., by J. BRITTON, 16 fine engravings of Views, Eleva.

Introductory Memoir, by J. S. Fletcher (beauti. tions, Plans, and Details, by LE KEUX, 4to. calf

fully printed on fine paper); thick 16mo. morocco,

1835 gilt, 12s


gilt edges, 9s WORCESTERSHIRE, HERALDRY of; Roll

The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges,

10s 6d of Arms of the several 'Noble, Knightly, and Gentle Families, from the Earliest Period: with

POEMS; selected and edited by the Rev.

R. A. Willmott (elegantly printed), with 100 Genealogical Notes, by H. S. GRAZEBROOK, 2 vols. small 4to. cloth, £1. Is



J. WOLF, and SIR JOHN GILBERT, small 4to.

1866 Lincoln) GREECE, Pictorial, Descriptive and

richly gilt cloth, gilt edges, 15s Historical, with map, steel engravings, and nearly


to a Friend of ROBERT BURNS, occasioned by an 400 woodcuts, of the Scenery, Architecture, Cos. tume, and Fine Arts; and a History of the

intended Republication of his Life by Dr. Currie, Characteristics of Greek Art, by G. SCHARF,

and of the selection made by him from his Letters: super-royal 8vo. morocco ectra, gilt edges, £2. 5s

and others by him, as under, in 1 vol. 8vo. half 1853 calf, 188


Thanksgiving Ode, January 18, 1816 ; with other short Pieces The same, new edition, revised by H. F.

chiefly referring to recent Public Events, 1816—Peter Bell, a Tale Tozer, with 350 engravings on wood and many on in Verse, plate from picture by Sir G. Beaumont, 1819. steel, super-royal 8vo. morocco extra, gilt edges, DESERTED COTTAGE (elegantly printed), £2. 8s

1882 with 21 highly, finished woodcuts by BIRKET WORDSWORTH (W.) POETICAL WORKS, a FOSTER, J.°Wolf, and Sir John Gilbert, small new annotated Edition, 6 vols. foolscap 8vo. new 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 4s

1859 calf gilt, £2. 128

n. d.

THE EXCURSION, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 10s The same, tree-calf gilt, £2. 158

1853 The same, morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s

Memoirs of WILLIAM WORDSWORTH; by Or, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH, Bishop of Lincoln ; end £3. 16s

2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d (pub. £1. 108) 1851

n, d.

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, end120 voodents, thick

WORLIDGE (T.). A COLLECTION OF PRINTS, consisting of Portraits and other

various Subjects from the copper plates etched by the late MR. WORLIDGE, in the manner of REMBRANDT; with the original list of the engravings ; to which is added an Appendix of the choicest specimens of his other Works; all early proofs or first impressions, collected upwards of 40 years ago by Mrs. Mary Nicol, in a folio scrapbook, £14. 148

"Worlidge adopted a style resembling that of Rembrandt, and finished his plates with the įwint of the graver, or the scratchings of a dry point. His prints are very numerous, and possess considerable merit. They chiefly consist of heads in the manner of Rembrandt and portraits."--Bryan's Dictionary. WORLD'S PICTURES (The), Photographs | WRIGHT (Rev. G. N.) SHORES and ISLANDS

of 15 of the most celebrated pictures in the World, of the MEDITERRANEAN, illustrated in 65 fine being those of Da Vinci, Raphael, Correggio, steel engravings, 4to. calf gilt, 14s Titian, Rubens, etc., with Introduction, 4to. cloth, WRIGHT (Lewis) İLLUSTRATED BOOK of 7s (pub. £l. 1s)

1872 Poultry, with Practical Schedules for Judging, WORLIDGE (T.). SELECT COLLECTION of

constructed from actual Analysis of the best DRAWINGS from Curious Antique Gems, etched

modern Decisions ; revised edition, with 50 larri and

and 180 beautiful plates, fine impressions, 4to. morocco

4to. gilt cloth, gilt edges, £1. 78 extra, gili edges, FINE COPY, £6. 10s 1768 WRIGHT (T.) THE CELT, the Roman and the WORNUM (R. N.) EPOCHS of PAINTING ; a

SAXON ; a History of the Early Inhabitants of Biographical and Critical Essay on Painting and

Britain, numerous woodcuts of Ancient Remains Painters of all Times and many Places ; numerous

recently discovered, third edition, enlarged, thick illustrations, thick 8vo. new half morocco neat,

post 8vo. calf gilt, 18s

1873 marbled edges, 12s 6d



graphy of Literary Characters of Great Britain

and Ireland, in chronological Order ; Anglo-Saxon most exact and curious Discovery of Secret Pas

and Anglo-Norman Periods, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, las sages and Hidden Mysteries of the Times, full

1842-6 length portrait, folio, neatly bound, 8s 6d 1657

POLITICAL Songs of ENGLAND, from the [WOTTON (T.)] ENGLISH BARONETAGE; a Reign of John to that of Edward II., edited anel

Genealogical and Historical Account of all the translated by T. WRIGHT, small 4to, calf gilt, English Baronets now existing ; including such marbled edges (nearly new), 15s persons' names who were deemed fit to be made

Camden Society, 1839 Knights of the Royal Oak,” numerous coats of Songs and CAROLS; now first printed from arms, 5 vols. 8vo. old calf, with book-plate of Sir a MS. of the Fifteenth Century ; post Svo. Joseph Mawbcy (ridiculed in The Rolliad'], sprinkled calf extra, yellow edges (nearly war, £1. 8s

1741 12s 6d

Percy Sociсty, 1847 "A valuable genealogical work, both in plan and execu


TIMENTS in England, during the Middle Ages, WOUVERMANS (P.) SES (EUVRES, gravées

with 319 illustrations from contemporary SS. d'après ses meilleurs Tableaux qui sont dans les and other sources, by F. W. Fairholt, square Sro. plus beaux Cabinets de Paris et ailleurs ; 100 cloth, red edges, 16s 6d

1862 LARGE ENGRAVINGS by Moreau, Cochin, etc.,

WOMANKIND in WESTERN EUROPE, from 2 vols. imperial folio, cloth, £6. 6s

the earliest times to the seventeenth century, (reprint of) Paris, 1737 with illuminated title, 10 beautiful CHROMO WRANGHAM (F.) BRITISH PLUTARCH ; or LITHOGRAPHIC plates, and a profusion of wool

Lives of the most eminent Divines, Patriots, cuts in the text, small 4to. morocco extm, gilt Statesmen, Warriors, Philosophers, Poets and edges, £1. 18

1869 Artists of Great Britain and Ireland, from the The same, tree-calf extra, gilt edges, £l. ls Accession of Henry VIII, to the Present, 6 vols.

The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 8vo. half cloth, 18s

1816 £l. lls 6d WRAXALL (Sir C. F.) Life and Times of

History of CARICATURE and GROTESQUE CAROLINE MATILDA, Queen of Denmark and

in Literature and Art, with 237 rooilcuts, drur Norway and Sister of George III., from Family

and engraved from Ancient illuminations, and the Documents and private State Archives, second

grcat Caricaturists, by F. W. Fairholt, quare edition, 3 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 13s 61 (pub. £1. 16s)

8vo. half calf gilt, 12s

1864 1864

The same, full calf gilt, 158 WRAXALL (Sir N. W.) HISTORICAL and

CARICATURE History of the GEORGES ; 0. POSTHUMOUS Memoirs, 1772-1784 ; edited, with

Annals of the House of Hanover, compiled from Notes and additional chapters from the Author's

the Squibs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lam. Unpublished MS., by H. B. WHEATLEY ;

poons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time, numerous portraits, 5 vols. Svo. new calf gilt,

nearly 400 engravings, frontispicce colourel, thick £3. 18s


small 4to. LARGE PAPER, half bound, £1. s (1867 The same, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, WÜLLNER (A.) LEHRBUCH der EXPERIMENT£4. 48

AL-PHYSIK: Mechanik, Akustik, Optik, Wärme, WRIGHT (A.) COURT-HAND Restored, the Magnetismus, und Electricitat, several hundred Student's Assistant in Reading Old Deeds, etc., figures, 2 thick vols. royal 8vo. half morocco, numerous engraved plates, 4to. half calf, 6s' 1776 £l. ls

Leipzig, 1800

YARRELL (W.) HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS, with the Two Supplements, 550 Wood

Engravings, 3 vols. super-royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, beautifully bound in new morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt (FINE COPY), SCARCE, £16. 168

1843-56 HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS, second edition, with woodcuts, 3 vols. 1845– HISTORY OF BRITISH FISHES, second edition, with 500 woodcuts, 2 vols. 1841 –Together 5 vols. 8vo. full bound in morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt ( fine uniform set), £12. 12s

1841-5 HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS; third Edition, with many Additions, and 550 wood-engravings, 3 vols. 1856—HISTORY OF BRITISH FISHES, by the same; third edition, edited by Sir John Richardson, with Memoir of the Author, portrait and 522 wood engravings, 2 vols. 1859–Together 5 vols. 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, uniform (fine copy), £9. 9s

1856-59 HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS, with 520 wood-engravings (EARLIEST IMPRESSIONS); also the SUPPLEMENT, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, marbled edges, £7.78

1843 The same, LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. royal 8vo. elegantly bound in crimson morocco, edges uncut, top edges gilt (A CHOICE COPY), SCARCE, £16. 16s

1843 HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS ; third edition, considerably enlarged, with 550 woodcuts, 3 rols. 8vo. calf gilt, gilt edges (FINE COPY), £6. 68


the XIXth Century; Hlustrations of the Choicest with 522 engravings ; third edition, edited by SIR Specimens of every kind of Workmanship exhi- JOHN RICHARDSON, portrait, 2 vols. Svo. half mobited at the Great Exhibition of 1851, with Critical rocco neat, edges uncut, top edges gilt, £3. 108 1859 and Explanatory Notices, 158 plates, ELABOR- BRITISH FISHES, the SUPPLEMENT (to former ATELY PRINTED IN COLOURS AND GOLD, 2 vols.

edition), numerous woodcuts, 2 parts, royal 8vo. royal folio, half morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s

in one, LARGE PAPER, cloth, £1. Is

1839 1851 ORNAMENTAL METAL WORK and its Artistic YATE (Rev. W.) Account of NEW ZEALAND

and of the Church Missionary Society's Mission Design, 53 plates, exquisitely printed in COLOURS and Gold, with History, and Descriptions of the

in the Northern Island, portrait, map and plates, Plates, imperial folio, half morocco, £2. 188 (pub.

post Svo. cloth, 5s 6d

1835 £6. 68)

1852 YEAR BOOK OF FACTS in Science and This beautiful and interesting work exhibits some hundred

Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries specimens of the most admirable relics of the Middle Ages, and and Improvements of the Year, and a Literary of the period of the Renaissance.

and Scientific Obituary, complete from the comNOTICES of SCULPTURE in Ivory; a Lec

mencement in 1839 to 1862, 25 vols. foolscap 8vo. ture; with Catalogue of Ancient Ivory-Carvings in various Collections, by E. OLDFIELD, 9 photo- YONGE (C. D.) History of the BRITISH NAVY

cloth, 18s (pub. £6. 58)

1839-62 graphs, thin 4to. half bound, 15s

from the earliest period to the present Time, Arundel Society, 1856 FINE ART: a Sketch of its History, Theory,

3 vols. Svo. calf gilt, £1. 16s

1866 Practice, and Application to Industry, 8vo. cloth,

ENGLISH-GREEK LEXICON, new edition, 4to. 6s

cloth, 9s

1874 The same, new calf gilt, 10s 6d


of All Times and All Lands, vignette of Miss (reprint of the Aldine Edition), portrait, post 8vo.

Florence Nightingale, foolscap 8vo. morocco, gilt polished morocco extra, gilt edges, 155 1866 edges, 9s


The same, morocco super-extra, gilt edges, BRUGH and' FARQUHAR, Dramatic

10s 6d Works of ; with Biographical and Critical Notices BOOK of WORTHIES, gathered from the Old by Leigh Hunt, portrait of Wycherley and vig. Histories, and now written anew, vignette, foolsnette, royal 8vo. tree-calf gilt, £í. Is 1871 cap 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 9s

1877 YORK (Duke of):-INVESTIGATION of the ACHT SAILOR (The); a TREATISE ON Charges brought against the Duke of York by 12

Cruising and Racing, by “ Vanderdecken," G. L. WARDLE, M.P., with the Evidence and 2 folding plates, 8vo. cloth, 5s

1874 Remarks of the Members, portraits of the WitYARRELL W.) History of British FISHES, nesses, and of Mrs. Clarke, after Rowlandson, with original impressions of the 400 fine woodcuts, 2 vols. post Svo. half calf, 7s

1809 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, £3. 12s


Corrected Speeches of Members of the House History of BRITISH FISHES, by W. YARRELL, of Commons on the Charges against H.R.H. the with nearly 400 woodcuts ( first impressions), 2 vols. Duke of York, as Commander-in-Chief [re Mrs. calf gilt, 1836–SUPPLEMENT, with woodcuts ; Clarke and Corruption], portrait of Colonel cloth, 1839-3 vols. 8vo. £2. 108 1836-9 Wardle, 8vo. half calf, 6s


and Publishers.

, 135 & 136, STRAND. YORKSHIRE.-HISTORY OF RICHMONDSHIRE, in the North Riding; with the

Parts of the Everwieschire of Domesday which form the Wapentakes of Lonsda! Ewecross, and Amunderness, in the Counties of York, Lancaster, and Westmcsland, by T. D. WHITAKER, LL.D., with numerous fine engravings after drawings ? J. M. W. Turner, woodcuts of Antiquities, etc., and Pedigrees, 2 vols. royal fol

: half morocco, £24. 108


PARISH of WHALLEY, and HONOUR of CLITHE- enses; Remains of Antiquity relating to ROE, in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and of the County ; by W. BOWMAN, and several lora Parish of CARTMELL ; by T. D. WHITAKER ; Antiquaries, plates and woodcuts (some coluurii fourth edition, REVISED AND CONSIDERABLY the 6 parts, complete, in 1 vol. 4to. half more, ENLARGED by J. G. NICHOLS and the Rev. P. A. top edges gilt, £1. 145

Leeds, 1970 LYONS, numerous fine engravings, including addi: YORKSHIRE.DIALECT of CRAVEN ; with tional ones for this edition, 2 splendid vols. thick folio, LARGEST PAPER, half morocco, uncut,

copious Glossary, illustrated by authorities from

Ancient English and Scottish Writers [by t'? £12. 10s


Rev. W. CARR], second edition, enlarged, 2 vol Only forty copies were specially printed on the size and quality of paper of the above for gentlemen who subscribed for post 8vo. cloth, 18s them prior to publication, and whose names are given. The Another copy, 2 vols. calf extra, gilt eda, number of the present copy is 21.-See Declaration of the Printers (a choice copy),

£l. 10s

YORKSHIRE. HISTORY of WHITBY are YORKSHIRE.-HISTORY and Antiquities of the Deanery of CRAVEN, by the Rev. T. D.

WHITBY ABBEY, by LIONEL CHARLTON, foldiri WHITAKER, with map and numerous plates of

plan, and other engravings, 4to. boards, 18s Gentlemen's Seats, Antiquities, etc. (some tinted), YORKSHIRE, CRUTCHLEY's Map of, on a

York, 1775 Autographs and Pedigrees, royal 4to. calf gilt,

scale of two miles to the inch, mounted on lite's £3. 3s

1805 “In Whitaker's History of Craven-which is an excellent

and folded in case, small folio, half bound, is time model for all future writers of Local History -- there is a ground work laid for at least a dozen Romances. Craven is indeed the YORKSHIRE.-DAYES'S (E.) WORKS ; Excur. Region of Romance.Quarterly Review.

sion through DERBYSHIRE and YORKSHIRE, with The same ; Second Edition ; with numerous

illustrative Notes by E. W. BRAYLEY, numery #4 plates, royal 4to. calf, £3. 108

1812 The same ; Third Edition, with many Addi

fine engravings of antiquities, etc., 4to. #st extra, gilt edges, FINE COPY, £1. 108

is tions and Corrections, edited by A. W. MORANT, and with a Chapter on the Geology, Natural

Picturesque Tour in Yorkshire and Derby.

185 History, and Pre-historic Antiquities, by PROF. | YORKSHIRE.-History of ECCLESFIELD; by

shire, by E. DAYES, 8vo. half calf, 6s L. C. MIALL, portrait of the Author, engravings of Views, Seats, Antiquities, etc., woodcuts and YORKSHIRE. - NOTICES relative to the early

the Rev. J. EASTWOOD, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d pedigrecs, thick imperial 4to. LARGE PAPER, half

History of the Town and Port of HULL, fror morocco, uncut, £4. 4s

Leeds, 1878

Original Records and MSS., by C. FROST, engrar In this copy the large plates have been carefully coloured by hand : very few copies were issued in this


ings, including ancient Plan from Cottonus MSS., 4to. (presentation copy, with letter to Dri


of, from the Humber to the Tees and from the YORKSHIRE.-History of the Loyal Town a German Ocean to the Plain of York, by the Rev. RIPPON, and Travels into other parts of YorkG. YOUNG and JOHN BIRD, map, plate, and 17 shire, by THOMAS GENT, with Poems by Peter coloured engravings of shells, fossils, etc., 4to. calf Aram, etc., folding plan and many woodcuts, Sc. gilt, £1. 45 Whitby, 1822 old calf (SCARCE), £1. 12s


valuable work, from the commencement in 1833 to 1880, inclusive, illustrated by upwards of 700 finely engraved Plates of Mammals, Birds, Fish, etc., MOSTLT COLOURED, Vols. 1 to 10, neatly half bound, morocco extra, gilt edges, very fine set

, £75. (unbound at upwards of £100.)

1835-80 This fine work contains Essays and Papers on every Branch of Zoology, by the most eminent Naturalists of the age, e. g., Yarrell, Owen, G. and E. T. Bennett, Gould, Bell, Broderip, Horsfield, Ruppell, F. W. Hope, Westwood, MacLeay, Curtis, Lowe, Sclater, Parker, Salvin, A. L. Adams, Perrin, Viscount Walden, A. G. Butler, Lankester, Mivart, Garrod, Flower, Brady, Duncan, and Busk.

Complete sets are very difficult of acquisition, many of them being deficient of various parts; an! as many of the latter are out of print, the difficulty of collecting those portions necessary to complete an imperfect copy is almost insuperable. ZOOLOGIST (The); a Popular MISCELLANY of Natural History, by the most eminent

Naturalists, conducted by E. Newman ; from the commencement in 1843 to the end of 1874, with several hundred highly finished engravings on wood, 32 vols. 8vo. half morocco gilt (the last three in cloth), £8. 108

1843-74 Another copy, complete to the end of 1862 ; 20 vols. (1843-53 in cloth, the remaining 9 vols. in half calf neat, £3. 38


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and state.


Standard Publications and Remainders




ALEXANDER'S, Sir Wm., Earl of Stirling., POETICAL WORKS, now first collected

and edited, with Memoir and Notes, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth (330 opies only printed) (pub. £1 10s)

158 EDITION ON WHATMAN'S PAPER (only 20 printed), 3 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth (pub £3 3s)

£1 11s 6d ALISON'S, Sir A., Essays, Political, Historical, and Miscellaneous, 3 thick vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut (pub. £2 5s)

10s od ALISON'S, Sir A., HISTORY OF EUROPE, from the Commencement of the French Revo

lution, 1774 to 1815, with Continuation to 1852, Large Type Library Edition, numerous fine portraits, 23 vols. 8vo. new cloth (pub. £16 17s 6d)

£7 10s ALISON'S, Sir A., LIFE OF JOHN, DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH, with portrait, map, and plans of battles, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut (pub. £1 10s)


and Third Marquesses of Londonderry, with Annals of Contemporary Events, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth (pub. £2 2s)

10s od ALTER EJUSDEM, being another instalment of Lilts and Lyrics, by the Author of

"Mistura Curiosa,” with 150 Pen-and-Ink Sketches and occasional Music, small 4to cloth, gilt edges

18s AN ARGIVE HERO, by PLUTARCH, with 7 illustrations designed after the manner of Early Greek Painters, by J. Moyr Smith, oblong 12mo. cloth, gilt edges


DREAM, finely printed on ribbed paper within red rulings, with portrait and elegant woodcut title, large post 8vo. cloth (only 225 copies printed) (pub £l 4s)

168 IMPRESSION ON WHATMAN'S PAPER, only 25 copies printed


TURE AND THE ALLIED ARTS, a Work of Reference for the Architect, Sculptor, Painter, Decorative Artist, Builder, Art-Student, and General Reader, with numerous Illustrations of all styles of Architecture and Art from the Egyptian to the Renaissance, to be completed in Ten Volumes, royal 8vo. cloth (each volume containing 6 Parts); Vols. I., II., and III ready

To Subscribers each 17s 6d BARBER'S, Mrs. Mary, DRAWINGS OF ANCIENT EMBROIDERY, Thirty Specimens on

Thirty Large Plates, executed in the First Style of Chromolithography, imperial 4to. elegantly bound in cloth extra, gilt edges


ENGLAND, represented in 71 finely-coloured Lithotints, reproduced in facsimile from the Original Drawings by J. D. HARDING, G. CATTERMOLE, S. PROUT, W. MULLER, J. HOLLAND, F. W. FAIRHOLT, T. Allom, and others, with Descriptions by S. C. Hall, illustrated also by numerous finely executed Wood Engravings of Archways, Porches, Windows Fireplaces, Furniture, etc., etc., 2 vols. small folio, cloth extra (pub. £4 48)

£3 38 or, morocco extra, gilt edges

£7 7s The same, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. folio, half morocco

£6 6s Or whole morocco extra, gilt edges

£10 10s The same, with the plates BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED and mounted after the manner of the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, 2 vols. folio, morocco extra, gilt edges

£14 148

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