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Description d'environ 100 Espèces qui n'existent plus, une nouvelle Classification des Poissons exprimant leurs Rapports avec la série des Formations, leur Dévellopement, etc. the Text in 5 vols. royal 4to. in 3, and 394 elaborate plates, many of which are of a large size (some coloured), 5 vols. oblong folio in 3; together 10 vols. in 6, newly half bound, a fine uniform set, £21.

Neuchatel, 1833-43 A complete set of this very valuable and elaborate work. Perfect sets are very seldom met with. It is truly characterized by Brunet as Ouvrage important, et d'une fort belle exécution."

Eighty of the greatest museums of Europe had furnished the material for it (the above book), and the number of described species amounted to 1700 in about 20,000 examples. It is undoubtedly Agassiz's most important work, and forms, with Cuvier's and Valenciennes' Histoire Naturelle des Poissons,' and J. Müller's Treatises, the foundation of our present knowledge of fishes, while it does not confine itself to the region of ichthyolytes, but extends over the entire wide field of the anatomy and classification of fishes, essentially modifying the latter.”- Nature, April, 1879. ABELA (Il Commendator Fra G. F.), ADDISON (Rt. Hon. J.) ADDISONIANA, & !

DESCRITTIONE di MALTA, Isola nel Mare Sici. Collection of Anecdotes and Facts connected with liano: con le sue Antichita, map and plates, the Life, Times, and Contemporaries of the Right small folio, fine copy in marbled tree-calf extra, Hon. Joseph Addison [by Sir RICHARD PHILgilt edges, by Kalthoeber, RARE (Mr. Beckford's LIPS], port, and view, 2 vols. 12mo. calf extra. copy), £3. 3s Malta ; P. Bonacota, 1647 gilt edges, by C. Levis, £2. 18s

1803 The First Book printed in Malta.

Mr. Beckford's copy,
Seiner, whose Latin

with satirical notes in his handtranslation was printed by Burman in his Thesaurus, asserted

writing. that even in his time the book had become extremely rare ; a ADDISON'S (C. G.) The KNIGHTS TEMPLARS, fact confirmed by a copy selling in the Bibliotheca Westreniana for 85 florins.

second edition, with lithographic plates, Svo. cloth, 128

1842 ACERBI'S (J.) TRAVELS through SWEDEN, DAMASCUS and PALMYRA ; a Journey to

Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the East, with a Sketch of the State and Pro. 1798-9, port., large map, and 15 plates of Vieurs spects of Syria, under Ibrahim Pasha, coloured and Natural History, 2 vols. 4to. half russia plates of Costumes, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf weat, gilt, 10s 6d— The same, calf extra, 16s 1802

6s 60

1838 Another copy, russia ertra (Sir R. C. ADELUNG'S (J. C.) WÖRTERBUCH der HochHoare's fine copy, with his crest and arms on DEUTSCHEN MUNDERT, mit beständiger Ver. the back), £2.

1802 gleichung der übrigen Mundarten, enlarged and ACTUARIUS (Joannes) DE URINIS libri vii,

improved edition, 4 vols. 4to. russia gilt, kl. 10s de Græco in Latinum conversi, FIRST EDITION IN

Leipzig and Vienna, 1793-1801 LATIN; Parisiis, S. Colinaus, 1522—PHILELPHI ÆSCHYLUS'S AGAMEMNON, translated by J. (M.) EPISTOLÆ OCTOGINTA, recognitie per Jo

S. Harford, fine engrarings from ancient sculpture, hannem Finetium, title in red and black, with

etc., royal 8vo, cloth, 8s 6c


Presentation copy from the Translator. printer's large device, and elegant Initiul Letters ; black letter, Parisiis, D. Rocius, 1511: in one

ÆSOP'S FABLES and Gay's FABLES, with Lives, volume sm. 4to. Italian stamped calf (from the

STOCKDALE'S FINE EDITIONS, with 182 highly Sunderland Library), £l. 5s Parisiis, 1511-22 finished engravings by BLAKE, Audinet, Wilson, ADAMS (John) ANALYSIS of HORSEMANSHIP,

etc., BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, 4 vols. royal 8vo.

calf gilt, uniform (FINE COPIES), £9. 158 1793 teaching the whole Art of Riding, the method of Breaking Horses, etc.; portrait and plates, 3 vols.

Fables, a New Version, by T. James, with 8vo. boards, uncut, 148

1805 over 100 engravings from designs by TENNIEL ADAMS (W. H. D.) MEMORABLE BATTLES in

and WOLF, post Svo. new calf, gilt edges, 8s 6d English History, with Lives of the Commanders,

FABLES, by Dr. Croxall, Morals, etc. by the numerous plans, 2 vols. post Svo. nere calf gilt,

Rev. G. F. Townsend ; new ed. with 110 original

illustrations (Chandos Clussics), crown 8vo. nca £1. 38

half calf gilt, 3s 611 ADDISON (Rt. Hon. J.) COMPLETE WORKS, AFRICA. – DENHAM, CLAPPERTON, and in Prose and Verse ; with Notes by BP. HURD ;

OUDNEY'S Travels and Discoveries in Northern new ed. with Additions, port. 6 vols. post 8vo.

and Central Africa, map and numerous fine new half calf gilt, £1. 10s-or, meu calf gilt,

engrarings by Finden, 4to. russia gilt (name cut £2. 58

1826 MISCELLANEOUS WORKS; with Literary

ofi" title-page), 128 Notice of his Works (elegantly printed), 4 vols. AFRICA.--Von HENGLIN (T.) ORNITHOLOGIE post 8vo. LARGE AND THICK PAPER COPY, cult NORDOST-AFRIKA's, der Nilquellen-und Küstengilt, College arms on sides, £1. Is Oxford, 1830

Gebiete des Rothen Meeres und des nördlichen MISCELLANEOUS Works, with 7 plates of

Jornal-Landes, 38 COLOURED PLATES of birds medals (fine large type), 4 vols. post 8vo. in 2, half and their Eggs (should be 47 plates), 2 vols. morocco, 8s 6d

Orford, 18:30 complete in 21 parts, royal 8vo, sewn, £3. 108
Essays, chosen and edited by J. R. Green,

Cassel, 1871 portrait, 12mo. new morocco, gilt edges, 9s-or, new AFRICA.- New Voyage to Guinea, with a morocco extra, gilt eilges, 108 6d

complete account of the Natives, etc., by W. The same, new calf extra, 7s 6.1

SMITH, front., 8vo. old calf, 7s 6th


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AFRICA.-MISSION FROM CAPE Coast CASTLE AFRICA. - HARRIS (Sir W.) GAME and Wild · to ASHANTEE ; with a Statistical Account of that ANIMALS of SOUTHERN AFRICA, delineated from

Country, and Geographical Notices of other parts LIFE in their native haunts, with Sketches of the [ of the INTERIOR of AFRICA; by T. E. BOWDICH, 15 Field Sports, 30 large and finely COLOURED

plates and maps (SOME COLOURED), 4to, marbled PLATES, with numerous vignettes, imperial folio,

tree-calf gilt (in fine condition), £1. Is 1819 half russia gilt, £3. 16s (pub. £10. 10s) 1840 AFRICA.-DALZIEL'S (A.) History of Dahomey, AFRICA (South) Travels and Adventures in, by with Notes, map and plates, 4to. half calf, 8s 60 G. THOMPSON, large map, plans, and numerous

1793 plates, 4to. half calf gilt, very neat, 78 6d 1827 AFRICA.-Description of the COAST OF GUINEA AFRICA.-LE VAILLANT (F.) TRAVELs into the

(Gold, Slave, and Ivory Coasts); from the Dutch INTERIOR PARTS of AFRICA, from 1780-85, plates,

of W. BOSMAN, folding map and plates, crown and an autograph letter from Col. Wilkie, 2 vols. iz 8vo. new veau écaillé (fine copy), 168 1721 8vo. calf, 6s

1790 AFRICA.-EXPLORING VOYAGE up the Rivers AFRICA.-LAKE NGAMI; or Explorations and

Kwo'ra and Bi’nue (commonly known as the Niger Discoveries in the Wilds of S.-W. Africa, by and Tsa'dda) in 1854, by W. B. BAIKIE ; with C. J. ANDERSSON, map, 16 lithographs by J. Wolf the sanction of H. M.'s Government, folding map, and others, and 40 woodcuts, royal 8vo. cloth, etc., 8vo. cloth, 78 60

9s 60

1856 AFRICA.-Expedition into the Interior of, by the AFRICA. (South-West) Explorations in ; RIVER NIGER, in the Steamers“ Quorra and Journey in 1861-2, from Walvisch Bay, on the

Alburkah,” 1832-34, by M. Laird and R. A. K. Western Coast to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Oldfield, Surviving Officers of the Expedition, Falls, by T. BAINES, numerous illustrations and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. new half culf gilt, 128 1837 maps, thick 8vo. half morocco neat, 8s 6d 1864 AFRICA.-Narrative of the Expedition to the AFRICA. ---JOU'RNAL of the DISCOVERY of the

River Niger in 1841, by ALLEN and THOMPSON, SOURCE of the NILE, by Capt. J. H. SPEKE, with

maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1848 maps and numerous illustrations of the Natives, AFRICA.--Monteiro (G.) ANGOLA and the River Animals, Scenery, etc., thick 8vo. new tree-calf ti Congo, map and illustrations, 2 vols, crown 8vo. extra, 8s 6d

1863 cloth, 5s 6d (pub. £1. 1s)

1875 AFRICAN HUNTING and Adventure from Natal AFRICA (South) VOYAGE to the CAPE of Good to the Zambesi, by W. C. BALDWIN, port. and

HOPE, towards the Antarctic Polar Circle, and illustrations by Wolf and Zwecker, 8vo. calf gilt, round the World, but chiefly into the country of

9s 60

1863 the Hottentots and Caffres, 1772-6, by DR. A. AFRICA.-LUCAS (Capt. T.) Camp Life and SPARMAN, map and plates, 2 vols. 4to. ralf, 9s6d Sport in S. Africa, Experiences of Kaffir Warfare


with the Cape Mounted Rifles, illustrations, 8vo. AFRICA (South) BUNBURY (C.) JOURNAL of a cloth, 4s 611

1878 Residence at the Cape of Good Hope, front., AGASSIZ (L.) MONOGRAPHIE des Poissons crown 8vo. half morocco neat, 4s 6/1

1848 FOSSILES du Vieux Grès Rouge, ou Système AFRICA (South) KAFIRS of NATAL and the Devonien [Old Red Sandstone), des Iles Brit.

Zulu Country, by the Rev. J. Shooter, tinted anniques et de Russie, 4to. with folio Atlas of plates, 8vo. cloth, '8s 6d

1857 33 coloured and other plates, 2 vols. half morocco AFRICA (South) MOFFAT'S (Dr. R.) MISSIONARY gilt, £2. 8s

Neuchatel, 1844-45 LABOURS and Scenes in, coloured fronts. and BibliOGRAPHIA ZOOLOGIÆ et GEOLOGIÆ :

many wood engravings, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1842 a general Catalogue of all Books, Tracts, and AFRICA (South), RESEARCHES in, illustrating

Memoirs of Zoology and Geology ; corrected, the Condition of the Native Tribes, including the

enlarged, and edited by H. E. STRICKLAND, 4 vols. Author's Travels in the Interior, with Accounts

8vo. cloth, £1. Is (pub. £4.) Ray Society, 1848-54 of the Christian Missions, by the Rev. J. Philip, AGNEW (Sir Andrew) MEMOIRS of ; by Dr. map and front., 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s 6d 1828 T. M'Crie, second edition, with fine port. by Sir

With this Autograph : " Robert Southey, Keswick, 25 July, J. W. Gordon, and vignette of Lochnaw Castle, 1828, from Mr. Privigle.

royal 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

Edinburgh, 1852 AFRICA.-CUMMING (R. G.) Five Years of a AGOSTINO (Santo) LE DIVOTE CONFESSIONI,

Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa, tradote per l'eccellente Medico, M. Vicenzo illustrations, 2 vols. post Svo. (FIRST EDITION), Buondi, sm. 4to. half vellum, gilt, 5s cloth, 14s 6d


Ven., B. Zaltieri, 1564 AFRICA.-DRUMMOND (Hon. W. H.) Large AGUILAR (Grace) Works, viz., Home InGame and Natural History of South and South- fluence; A Mother's Recompense; Vale of East Africa, from the Journals of the Author, Cedars; Days of Bruce; Home Scenes and numerous illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d (pub. Heart Studies ; and Woman's Friendship; with £1. 18)

Edinb. 1875 illustrations, together 6 vols, post 8vo. calf gilt, AFRICA.-DRAYSON pt.) Tales at the Out- £2. 58

1874 span, with 8 illustrations, gvo, cloth, 5s 1865 AIKIN (Dr. J.) LETTERS to a Young Lady on AFRICA.-Harris (Sir W.) Expedition into a COURSE of ENGLISH POETRY, fcap. 8vo. calf Southern Africa, 1836-37, with Zoological appendix, extra, gilt edges (nire copy), 58

1807 наар and illustrations, Svo. half calf neut, is AIKIN (Anna L., Mrs. Barbauld) POEMS

Bombay, 1838 (The Mouse's Petition, etc.), 4to. neatly half bound, WILD SPORTS ; a Hunting Expedition from top edges gilt, 8s 6d

1773 the Cape of Good Hope to the Tropic of Capri. * In 1773 she was persuaded to publish a volume of miscel. = corn, by Capt. Sir W. HARRIS, fourth ed., with laneous poems, which was so well received that four editions map and 26 coloured plates, royal Svo, cloth gilt, is said to have been a warm admirer." —Allibono's Dictionary

were issued within the year. Of her songs, Charles James Fox 5 13s 6d

1844 | of English Literature.

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135 & 136, STRAND.

A’KEMPIS (T.) L'IMITATION DE JÉSUS-Christ; printed within beautiful Borders in

COLOURS AND GOLD, facsimiles from Ancient Illuminated Missals and Books

Hours ; also LARGE MINIATURES IN GOLD AND COLOURS ; with Appendix, containing

numerous Photographs and Wood Engravings (including Dance of Death); together

2 vols. imperial 8vo. SPLENDIDLY BOUND IN Morocco SUPER-EXTRA, inlaid will

morocco of different colour' ; leather joints inside, watered silk linings and fl.

leaves, £21.

Paris; Curmer, 1856.

“The greatest names of literature may be marshalled among those of the Translators of this

extraordinary original. Of editions of the Original Text and of Translations the Comte Languinais sa

there are two THOUSAND. By Fontenelle it is placed second only to the GOSPELS; and by the phil

sophical Leibnitz is called the summum bonum of all moral excellence." - Reminiscences by the I

7. F. Dibdin, D.D.

AIKIN'S (Lucy) MEMOIRS of the Courts of | AITSINGERI (M., Austriaci) PENTAPLE:

ELIZABETH, JAMES I., CHARLES I., and the Reign Regnorum Mundi, with curious plates.
of George III. ; also of Dr. JOHN AIKIN, with his folding Tables, sm. 4to. calf (from the Sunderluk.
Literary and Miscellaneous Essays, portraits, Library), RARE (not in Brunet), £l. 8s
10 vols. Svo. new half calf gilt (scarce), £3. 158

Antverpiæ, Plantinus, 15,
1822, etc. A work of extraordinary labour and ingenuity on t
MEMOIRS of the Court of Elizabeth, portrait, Tables, with Descriptions, in prose and verse, Symbolical Pietes

Chronology of Empires and Peoples, curiously arranged

2 vols. half calf neat, 10s 6d

1810 | Chronograms, etc.

AINSWORTH (W. H.) Novels and


ROMANCES (large type library edition), with the A'KEMPIS (T.) L'IMITATION DE JÉSUS-CHRIS

numerous original illustrations by G. Cruikshank, printed within beautiful Borders IN COLOURS AN

H. K. Browne, J. Franklin, etc., 16 vols. Svo. new GOLD, fucsimiles from Ancient Illuminated Mix

hulf morocco gilt, marbled edges, £6. 6s

and Books of Yours; also LARGE MINIATURE

CONTENTS: Tower of London, Star Chamber, Guy Fawkes, GOLD AND COLOURS ; with an Appendix

Miser's Daughter, Auriol, Jack Sheppard, Rookwood, Flitch of

containing numerous Photos, and Wood Engra:
Racon, Old St. Paul's, Lancashire Witches, Crichton, Mervyn
Clitheroe, Spendthrift, Boscobel, Ovingdcan Grange, Windsor

ings (including Dance of Death); together 2 vo..

imperial Svo. one vol. in whole morocco, the oth
Novels and ROMANCES (new and cheap. half morocco, £6. 108 Paris, Curmer, 1856-4

cilition), complete in 8 vols. fcap. 8vo. new half calf IMITATION of JESUS CHRIST ; trans. Wit

gilt, marbled edges, £1. 158

Introduction and Notes, by Dr. Dibdin, fim

Novels and ROMANCES, portrait after port. of Our Saviour after Guercino ; miniatu:
Jaclise, and illustrations by G. Cruikshank, engraving of Da Vinci's Last Supper, port.
II. K. Browne, Sir J. Gilbert, etc., 30 vols. post Ascensius, 2 facsimile engravings from De kqy
Svo, new half morocco gilt, £7. 158

Via S. Crucis," and one after Stothard, 8vo. hii
- Tower of LONDON ; an Historical Romance morocco, 188—-Another copy, purple morocco,

(ORIGINAL EDITION), with 40 steel plates (one edges, £1. 18s

clamaged) and 58 woodcuts, by G. CRUIKSHANK, IMITATION of Christ (printed within 7.

8vo. cloth (VERY SCARCE), £3. 10s

1840 borders), 12mo. new calf antique, carmine edya.

WINDSOR CASTLE ; an Historical Romance, 9s 6d-or, new morocco, gilt edges, lls

writh port. and 18 engravings, by G. CRUIKSHANK The same, new polished morocco extra, 9.

and Tony Johannot, and upwards of 80 woodcuts over red edges, £1. ls

by Delamotte, 8vo. cloth gilt, 18s


IMITATION of Christ, with red line roup

CRICHTÓN ; a Romance, third edition, with each page, fcap. 8vo. new published morocco, edg
18 spirited steel plutes, by H. K. Broune, Svo. gilt over red, 18s

Parker, #1.4.

cloth (loose in cover), SCARCE, £1. 10s


IMITATION of Christ, 12mo. new limp cali

THE SPANISH MATCH, or Charles Stuart at gilt edges, 10s

Madrid ; second edition, 3 vols. post. 8vo. new IMITATION of Christ ; elegantly printiu

hulf morocco, top edges gilt, £l. 4s


with numerous fine etchings and woodcuts, si

ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS of the gilt cloth, 6s 6d
following Historical Novels, all very neatly and THE AUTHORSHIP of the “ De Imitation
distinctly written on foolscap 4to. paper, viz. :- Christi,” with many interesting particulars almus
THE FALL OF SOMERSET, and Kett's Rebell.

the Book, by the Rev. S. KETTLEWELL, phot
ion [temp. Edward VI.], upwards of 400

engravings of the De Imitatione," written by ?

à kempis, 1441, and of two other Ålss. 8vo. cloth.

pages, £3. 10s



I.), 400 pages ; dated 13th September, 1876, AKINSIDE'S ([sic] Dr.) Ode to the Earl

£4. 4s

Huntingdon; FIRST EDITION, 4to. mottled cu!

STANLEY BRERETON, a Novel ; 630 pages, extra, gilt edges, fine copy ; bound by Rivier.

£5. 58


These are some of the latest Novels of the eminent author of AKENSIDE (M.) POETICAL Works (Aldin

“The Tower of London," "Rookwood," and other popular

works of fiction, most of which are raised upon an historical

edition), portrait, 12mo. neiu morocco, gilt edge



ASSYRIA, Babylonia, and Chaldæa, frontispiece edited by the Rev. R. A. Willmott, illustrated by
and vignettes, 3vo. cloth, 5s

1838 Birket Foster, 12mo, morocco neat,'gt. ed. 5s 18.00

Pickering, Is

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Ottava Rima, the title surrounded by Woodcut entis SYMBOLUM in veteri gemma annulari in-
Borders, 4to. beautiful copy in Blue Morocco sculptum, Hier. Aleandri junioris Explicatione
extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, £10. 10s Parigi, 1548 illustratum, cut of ring, crown 8vo. limp vellum,

From the HAMILTON PALACE COLLECTION. "Bonne édition, red edges (from the Sunderland Library), 6s

qui a été imprimée sous les yeux de l'auteur."Brunel.

Roma, 1626

ALBEMARLE (Earl of) Memoirs of the ALEXANDER (Sir W., Earl of Stirling).

MARQUIS of ROCKINGHAM and his Contempor- POETICAL WORKS, now first collected and edited,
aries, with original Letters and Documents now with Memoir and Notes, 3 vols. post 8vo. now

first published, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

cloth (330 copies only printed), (pub. £1. 10s), lys

20 printed), 3 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth (pub. £3. 3.-),
TORIA, folio, EDITIO PRINCEPS, in large Roman £1. Ils 60l

Glasgour, 1871
type ; some Notes in an old hand on the margins, For the first time the admirers of the writings of this much
and corrections in the text ; calf gilt (RARE),

esteemed Poet are enabled to procure the whole of bis Works in
£8. 8s Florentine ; impr. N. LAURENTIUS

a collected form : the text is reprinted in all cases from the latest

editions of acknowledged and ascribed pieces published during

ALAMANUS, 1485 his lifetime, and the variations of such from the carlier issues of
The first edition of this noted work. The copy is large and the same as given in footnotes. .


sound throughout, save a few worin-holes. A curious error

occurs in the printed date at the end of the volume, the word | ALFIERI (Vittorio).- TRAGEDIES ; translated

quadringentesimo having been omitted; but this has been cor- from the Italian, by C. LLOYD ; 3 vols. fcap. 8vo.

o rected by the pen.

marbled calf extra, gilt edges, by Mackenzir,

ALBINOVANI (C. P.) ELEGIÆ III. et Frag. £1. 10s


menta ; cum Interpretatione et Notis Scaligeri, TRAGEDIES complete, including, his Post-
Lindenbruchii, Heinsii, Goralli et aliorum, fiont. humous Works, edited by E. A. Bowring, 2 vols.

and heads, sm. 8vo. Olive Morocco, gilt eilges, by



post Svo, near calf, 15s

Padeloup (Mr. Beckford's copy,, formerly ALFORD (Dean) GREEK TESTAMENT : with

Lamoignon's), £1. 158

Amst., 1703

critically revised Text, a Digest of various Read.

dotta del Tedesco), with 44 views of Cities, etc.,

ings, References, etc., seventh edition, 4 vols.

thick 8vo. nicw calf ectra, £5. 155

on the Danube, and map, engraved by HOLLAR, NEW TESTAMENT for English Readers ;

12mo, calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy), £l. 6s the Authorized Version, with marginal corrections

Venetia, 1684

of Readings and Renderings, References, and

With autograph of the Rev. H. White, of Lichtield, who

critical and explanatory Commentary ; third eil.,

designates it as

maps, 4 vols. 8vo. new tree-calf extra, £3. 10s


POEMS and Poetical Fragments; FIRST
published anonymously, but believed to be by

EDITION (published anonymously), post 8vo. Onlf
eminent Authors; with Reviews of Books, 3

extra, unut, top edges gilt, by Bedforı! ; scurre,

vols. 8vo. half calf neat (SCARCE), 7s 6d 1822-23

£1. 58

C'umbridge, 1833


POETICAL WORKS, including many pieces
und Romanzen, numerous beautiful illustrations now first collected, 12mo, nere morocco, gt. col. 105
by Thumann, Georgy, Fullhaas, etc., royal 8vo. CHILDREN OF THE LORD'S PRAYER, a Poem,
calf extra, marbled edges (as good as neu), 18s 611 illustrated by 9 beautiful designs by F. R. Pickers-

Leipzig, 1872 gill, R. A., engrared by Dalziel, royal 4to. cloth
ALCHEMIA (De) Dialogi II., quorum prior


gilt, gilt eelges, 12s


Expositio Alchemiæ Gebri alter Raimundi Lullii ALGÆ(BRITISH): anextensive collection (upwards

Mysteria in lucem producit, sm. 4to. Crimson of 300) of Natural Specimens, carefully laid

Morocco, gilt edge by Bozérian : RARE (Mr. down on cartridge paper, with the Names printed

Beckford's copy), £3. 3s Lugduni, 1548 at bottom, and General MS. Index, neatly boun,

PE ALCIPHRON (Le Rheteur) LETTRES GREC- with guards, in 5 vols. folio, Half Morocco, £7. 10.5

QUES ; ou Anecdotes sur les Meurs et les Usages ALISON (Rev. A.) on TASTE, its Nature and
de la Grèce, traduites avec des Notes (par l'Abbé Principles, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s Edinb. 1825
Richard), 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. calf gilt Mr. Beck ALISON (Sir A.) HISTORY of EUROPE, from
ford's copy), 18s

Amsterdam, 1784-5 the commencement of the French Revolution ;

1774 to 1852 (large type Library edition), with

portraits, and the ATLAS, 24 vols. 8vo. new half
BRANCHIATE MOLLUSCA, Monograph of the ;

calf gilt, £12. 125—Another copy, with the ATLAS,

with Figures of all the Species, 83 plates, most of

24 vols, neue calf gilt, £15.

them BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 7 parts, complete,

Another icith the ATLAS, 24 vols, neu-


in one vol. folio, half morocco extra, top edges gilt

trec-calf extra, by Rivière, £16. 163–Or, in new

£1. 108

Ray Society, 1844-55

mottled calf crtra, saffron edges, £16. 16s


HISTORY OF EUROPE, from the commence-
of GUZMAN of ALFARAQUE ; a Spanish Novel,

ment of the French Revolution, 1774 to 18].5.
translated by E. Lowdell, with 3 stel engravings

with Continuation to 1832, large type library

by G. Staal, post 8vo. cloth, 6s


cdition : numerous fine portraits, 23 vols. Svo


new cloth, £7. 10s (pub. £16. 178 611)

libri IV., ex Italico in Latinum Sermonem con

HISTORY of EUROPE to 1852, 21 vols. pos
versi : ejusd. Compendium de cognoscendis Stellis 8v0. new half calf gilt, £6. 6s
fixis, et de Magnitudine Terræ et Aqua, itidem

HISTORY of EUROPE, from the commence
Lat. factus, J. N. Stupano interp., cuts of Dia. ment of the French Revolution to the Restoratio
grums, sm. 4to. new calf cxtra, by Pratt, £i. Is of the Bourbons, 1815, portraits, 14 vols, roya

Basileæ, 1568 8vo. LARGE PAPER COPY, tree-calf gilt, £12. 125

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tinuation in 8 vols.

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ALISON (Sir A.) History of EUROPE, from AMERICA and the WEST INDIES, Geographical

the commencement of the French Revolution in and Historical Dictionary of ; by Don ANTONIO 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815 ; DE ALCEDO; with large Additions, by G. A. seventh edition, port. (slightly stained), 20 vols. Thompson, 5 vols. 4to. new half calf gilt, post 8vo. calf, full gilt backs, marbled edges, £l. 58

1812-15 £2. 18s

1847 | AMERICA.-HISTORY of the UNITED STATES, HISTORY of EUROPE, from the commence- from the Discovery of the Continent to the ment of the French Revolution, 1774 to 1815, Organization of Government under the Federal with the Continuation to 1852 (library edition), Constitution, by RICHARD HILDRETH, 3 vols. 8vo. portraits, 18 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, half calf neat, 12s

New York, 1830 L6, 18s

1844-60 AMÉRICA.-HISTORY of the COLONIZATION of This set is composed of the first series in 10 vols., and con- the UNITED STATES ; by the Hon. G. BANCROFT,

ninth edition, illustrated by portraits, maps, etc., HISTORY of EUROPE, the continuation from 3 vols. 8vo. half calf ncat, 16s

1842 1815 to 1852, library edition, 9 vols. 8vo. cloth, AMERICA.-BANCROFT (Hon. G.)HISTORY of the £2. 18s

1852 UNITED STATES of AMERICA, from the Discovery EPITOME of the HISTORY of EUROPE, from of the Continent; new and revised edition, 6 vols. the French Revolution, 1789 to 1815, post Svo. cr. Svo. new tree-calf estra, marbled edges, £4. 4: new calf extra, 10s 6d

Another edition, 7 vols. 12mo. new half cali HISTORY of EUROPE ; the ATLAS of MAPS, gilt, £1. 8.5 PLANS, etc., by A. KEITH JOHNSTON, oblong 4to. AMERICA (Picturesque) : a Delineation by Pen cloth, £l. 15s

1848 and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, LIFE of John, DUKE of MARLBOROUGH, Forests, Waterfalls, Shores, Cañons, Valley-, with some account of his Contemporaries, and of Cities, etc., edited by W. CULLEN BRYANT, iriti the War of Succession, portrait, map, and plans 24 exquisite steel engravings and 400 original of Battles, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s (pub. highly finished wood engravings by eminent £1. 10s)

1852 Ainerican Artists, 2 vols, royal 4to. hulf moroci The first edition of this work was intended as a mere military sketch, but it met with so warm a reception, that the

ertra, gilt edges, £5. 5s author was induced to extend it to its present basis, and it thus

AMERICA.-GEOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, Poli. forms a valuable addition to the History of Europe.

tical, Philosophical and Mechanical Essays : the LIVES of LORD CASTLEREAGH and SIR

First, containing an Analysis of a general Map of CHARLES STEWART, Second and Third Marquesses

the MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES in AMERICA: of Londonderry, with Annals of Contemporary

and of the Country of the Confederate Indians, Events, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10:s 6d (pub. £2. 2s)1861

etc., by Lewis Evans (no Map); and other Essays, Political, Historical, and Miscel

Tracts (as under), 4to. calf, £4. 10s Philadelphia, laneous, 3 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub.

printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 17.30

Preliminary Articles of Peace between his Brita mitt £2. 58)

1850 Majesty, the most Christian king, and the Catholick King, ALLEN’S (John) PRINCIPLES of MODERN signed at Fontainebleau, 3 Nov. 1762— The Causes of the War RIDING ; plates, roy. 8vo. (LARGE PAPER), new

between Great-Britain and Spain as they appear from the half crimson morocco, neat, edges uncut, top 1762.

Papers that passed between both Courts, impartially considered, edges gilt, £l. Is

1825 ALLEN'S (J.) BATTLES of the British Navy,

AMERICA, Works on, by J. S. BUCKINGHAM : new edition enlarged, with two rignettes, 35 por

viz., America, Historical, Statistic, Descriptive,

3 vols.-Eastern and Western States of America, traits, and Diagrams of the various battles, 2 vols.

3 vols. -Slave States, 2 vols.-Canada, 1 vol. ; post 8vo. new calf gilt, marbled edges, 18s 6s--Or,

also, Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, ani new calf extra, gilt edges, £1. 2s ALLMÄN (G. J.) Monograph of Fresh-Water

Holland, 1 vol. — Together 9 vols. 8vo. with PolyzoA, both British and Foreign, with

engravings after Burtlett's drawings ; cloth, £1. 10s

1842, str. 11 finely engraved plates (10 BEAUTIFULLY | AMERICA.-COOPER (T., late of Manchester), COLOURED), folio, seien (VERY SCARCE), £3. 10.5

Some Information respecting America, foldim Ray Society, 1856


map, 8vo. calf, 78 611 FRESH-WATER POLYZOA ; also HUXLEY'S OCEANIC HYDROZOA, a description of the Caly- | AMERICA.-MARTINEAU (Harriet)RETROSPECT cophoridæ and Physophoridae, with plates, 1858 ;

of WESTERN TRAVEL [in America); and SOCIETY 2 vols. folio in one, half morocco, top edges gilt

in AMERICA, 6 vols. post 8vo, half morocco (neu! (SCARCE), £5, 5s Ray Society, 1856-59 and clean sct), £1. 4s

1837-5 ALPINE JOURNAL: a Record of Mountain AMERICA.-History of NEW ENGLAND:

Adventure and Scientific Observations by Account of the Country to 1700, with the present Members of the Alpine Club: edited by H. B. State of New England, their Present Charter, George, Leslie Stephen and D. Freshfield ; from etc. by D. NEAL, folding map, 2 vols. 8vo. ner commencement in 1863 to May, 1882, maps and veau écaillé (fine copy), (SCARCE), £2. 12s 6d 1721 plates, 10 vols. 8vo. cloth, £16.


AMERICA.-MAGNALIA Christi Americana, or ALTER EJUSDEM, being another instalment the ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY of NEW ENGLAND.

of Lilts and Lyrics, by the Author of “Mistura from 1620 to 1698, in Seven Books, by COTTON Curiosa,” with 150 Pen-and-Ink Sketches and occasional Music, small 4to. new cloth, gilt edgcs,

MATHER, with a map delineated in 1620-30 (title,

title to Book I., and 2 pp. of Announcements of scarce, 18s

Books at end, wanting), folio, old calf, £4. 189 1702 AMERICAN REVOLUTION, History of

“One of the most singular books in this or any other the, by the Hon. G. BANCROFT, map, 3 vols. 8vo.

language. Its Puns and its Poems, its Sermons and iti

Anagrams, render it unique in its kind."-Southey (Quarterly calf gilt, by F. Bedford, 18s

1852 Reviete).

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