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the Streets of this Old City, taken Sixty Years since, including Views of Edgar's Cave, St. John's Church, and Eaton Hall, 29 large and fine plates, drawn and etched by G. and W. Batenham and John Musgrove, 1814-17; with Preface and Descriptions by T. Hughes, F.S.A., Hon. Secretary Chester Archæological Society, folio, in new cloth, or, a neut portfolio, £2. 12s 68

Manchester, 1880 THE SAME, with IndIA PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the beautiful Etchings, in portfolio; or, neatly half bound morocco, top edges gilt, £t. 48 Of these beautiful etchings, depicting some of the quaintest street views in old Chester, only 200 copies have been taken on plain paper, and 100 on India paper; the copper-plates have been destroyed, and NO MORE CAN EVER BE PRODUCED. CHAUCER (G.) POETICAL WORKS, with Glos. | CHENAVARD, Recueil des Dessins de TAPIS,

sary and Notes by T. TYRWHITT, portrait and TAPISSERIE, et autres Objets d'Ameublement, vignette, impl. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges (nice exécutés dans la Manufacture de MM. CHENA: copy), 10s 6d

1855 VARD à Paris, 36 large plates of Designs, royal CANTERBURY TALES; with Essay on his folio, half bound, £1. 58

Paris, s. il. Language and Versification, introductory Dis- | CHESHIRE.-HISTORY of the COUNTY course, Notes, and Glossary, by T. TYRWHITT,

PALATINE and City of CHESTER, compiled portrait of Chaucer and reduced engraving of

from original Evidences in Public Offices, the Stothard's Canterbury Pilgrimage, 5 vols. post Harleian and Cottonian MSS., Parochial Registers, 8vo. calf gilt, £3. 18s

Pickering, 1822

Private Muniments, etc., incorporated with a The same, new edition, portrait of Chaucer

republication of King's Vale Royal, and Ley. and reduced engraving of the Canterbury Pil

cester's Cheshire Antiquities, by George grimage, 5 vols. beautifully bound in smooth

Ormerod, numerous fine Engravings of Buildings, green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hayday (FINE COPY), £8. 10s

Pickering, 1830

Views, Antiquities, Arms, etc., and many Pedi

grees, 3 vols. folio, new mottled calf extra, yellow Another copy, calf extra, uncut, £5. 55— Or, half green morocco extra, uncut, top edges

edges, by Zaehnsdorf, fine copy, scarce, £26. 10s

1819 gilt, £5. 16s

CHESHIRE.-Historical Antiquities of Great CANTERBURY Tales, from the text and with the Notes and Glossary of T. Tyrwhitt,

Brettain, and Ireland ; with particular Remarks printed within red lines, and illustrated by E.

concerning Cheshire : by Sir PETER LEYCESTER;

with the Cheshire Domesday, map and cuts of Corbould, post 8vo. new calf gilt, 8s—Or, new Arms, folio, new panelled calf gilt, £2. 10s 1673 morocco, gilt edges, 10s 6d

THE Riches of, in which his Impurities CHESHIRE.-King (D.) Vale Royall of Eng. have been expunged, Spelling modernized,

land, or County Palatine of Chester, Illustrated obsolete Terms explained ; with Notes and Life,

with the Isle of Man, etc., maps and engravings by COWDEN CLARKE, and numerous woodcuts including the rare plate of Hugh Lupus in hi (mostly foxed), 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 14s 1835

Parliament, folio, crimson morocco extru, gil LIFE of CHAUCER ; including Memoirs of edges, by Pratt (VERY SCARCE), £7. 10s 1651 John of Gaunt; and Sketches of the Manners, CHESHIRE (East) Past and Present, or History Opinions, Arts, and Literature of England in the of the HUNDRED of MACCLESFIELD, from origina XİVth Century, by W. GODWIN; second edition, Records, by J. P. EARWAKER, with 250 plute 2 portraits of Chaucer and one of John, 4 vols. and illustrations, with the Blazon of the Shield 8vo. in 3 ; half calf gilt, 12s 6d

1804 of Arms, 2 large vols. royal 4to. extra cloth ANIMADVERSIONS upon Annotacions and £3. 18s

1877-8 Corrections of Imperfections of Impressiones of Chaucer's Workes, reprinted 1598 (Speght's) by

CHESHIRE SHEAF; Local Gleaning

Historical and F. THYNNE; edited from the MS. by Dr. G. H.

Antiquarian: reprinted, afti Kingsley, 8vo. half morocco, 8s 6d


Revision and Correction, from the Chest “Revised edition by F. J. Furnivall, 1875; with a reprint of

Courant,”. Vol. I. (372 pp. including Index the only known Fragment of The Pilgrim's Tale.'”

new half calf, top edges gilt, and Parts 13, 16, 1 CHAUVEL,-FOURTEEN Proor ETCHINGS by 18 (portions of Vols. 2 and 3), 188 Chester, 1880

THÉOPHILE CHAUVEL, on INDIA PAPER, with CHESHIRE, Glossary of some words in, Preface by J. Comyns Carr, royal folio, finely ROGER WILBRAHAM ; second edition, enlarge bound in white vcllum gilt, £4. 48 (subscription foolscap 8vo. calf extra (Arms of Beriah Botfie price £5. 58) (1881) on cover'), 8s 6d

18 These beautiful Etchings are after Pictures by Old Crome: CHESNEY (Colonel) EXPEDITION for 1 Rousseau, Corot, Diaz, Boulenger, Daubigny, De Gegerfeldt, Van Marke, Jacomin, Veyrassat, Guillemet.

Survey of the RIVERS EUPHRATES and TIGR CHESS.-The Works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez, with geographical and historical Notices of

and Salvio, translated, with Observations and Region between the Nile and Indus, large mapa copious Notes by J. H. Sarratt, 2 vols. 8vo. half numerous plates and woodcuts, 2 thick vols. sur calf, 58 1813-21 royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 188 (pub. £3. 38)


n. d.

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connected with the Palatine Counties of LANCASTER and CHESTER, published by the Chetham Society; A COMPLETE SET of these valuable works, edited by distinguished Scholars, to 1880, with the General Index, 110 vols. small 4to. cloth, £38. 10s

Printed for the Chetham Society, 1844-80 Another copy, 100 vols. with the General Index, cloth, £35.


1844-77 CHESTERFIELD (Philip, Second Earl of) CHINA. ---Driejaarige Reize naar China, te lande

LETTERS, written in the time of Charles II., gedaan door den Moskovischen Afgezant, E. James II., William III., and Anne, portrait, YSBRANTS IDES, van Mosku af, over Groot Ustiga, 8vo. boards, 78

1829 Siriania, Permia, Sibirien, Daour, Groot Tar. CHESTERFIELD (Philip, Fourth Earl of) taryen tot in China, with large maps and

Miscellaneous Works; Letters to his Friends, numerous engravings of Towns, Inhabitants, ete. never before printed, Characters of Great Person- (some large and folding), 4to. half vellum, 7s ages, and various other Articles ; also Memoirs

T" Amsterdam, 1704 of his Life, illustrating the civil, literary, and CHINA: Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, political history of his Time, by Dr. Maty, fine with some Account of Ava and the Burmese, portraits by BARTOLOZZI, etc., 2 vols. 4to. old Siam, and Anam, map and ncarly 100 illustrations, russia, gilt backs, 10s 6d

1778 post Svo. new calf extra, 9s 6d LETTERS, edited by Lord Mahon (best CHINA.-The MIDDLE KINGDOM; a Survey of library edition), portrait, Vols. 1-4, 4 vols. 8vo. the Geography, Government, Education, Social cloth (SCARCE), £3. 8s

1845 Life, Arts, Religion, etc., of the Chinese Empire Wit and WISDOM of the EARL of CHESTER- and 'its Inhabitants, by S. W. WILLIAMS, map, FIELD, Selections from his miscellaneous Writings, plates and other illustrations, 2 vols. crown 8vo. in Prose and Verse ; edited, with notes, by W. half bound, 7s 6d

New York, 1845 Ernst-Browning, crown 8vo. new calf gilt, los 6d CHINA.--A Narrative of 20 Years' Experience, by

1875 W. LOCKHART, MEDICAL MISSIONARY in CHINA; CHEVALIER (N.) Recherche Curieuse frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 5s

1861 D'ANTIQUITÉS que l'on voit dans la Chambre de CHINA, or Illustrations of the Symbols, PhiloRaretez de la Ville d'Utrecht, 4 emblematical sophy, Antiquities, Customs, Superstitions, Laws, frontispieces by Romain de Hooge, and numerous Government, Education and Literature of the plates of Antiquities of all kinds, folio, vellum Chinese, derived from original sources, by S. KIDD,

(Mr. Beckford's copy), £l. 10s Utrecht, 1709 Professor of Chinese, coloured frontispiece and CHEVALLIER (A. F.) et A. MUNTZ, Pro- numerous plates from native works, 8vo. half ealf blèmes de Mathématiques avec leurs Solutions neat, 4s

1841 dévelloppées, lithographed throughout from the CHINESE STATE PAPERS, Collection of, illustra

MS., 8vo. half morocco, very neat, 5s Paris, 1872 tive of the History of the present Position of CHEVIGNE (Comte de) Les CONTES RÉMOIS,

Affairs in China (in Chinese Characters] ; with portraits, and 55 pretty vignette etchings by Meis

Translation, Notes, and Introduction, by J. L. sonier and Deschamps, foolscap 8vo.

SHUCK, 8vo. Chinese figured silk binding, 6s (scarce), 10s 60 ibidem, 1864

Macao, 1810


Sequel to " Recollections of a Journey through de la Maison de TASSIS, fine portrait of Lamoral- Tartary and Thibet," frontispiece and vignette, dus Comte de Tassis by P. Pontius after N.

crown 8vo. calf gilt, 6s

1839 Vander Horst, and numerous engravings of CHINA.-KESSON (J.). The Cross and the Portraits, Coats of Arms, Monuments, etc., by Pontius, C. Galle, Hollar, etc., folio, vellum gilt

DRAGON; Christianity in China, with an acconnt

of the Chinese Secret Societies, frontispicce, post (with two MS. Notes by Mr. Beckford), £2. 2s

8vo. calf, 4s 6d

1854 Anvers, 1645 CHINA, COSTUME of, ILLUSTRATED, 60 coloured Presentation copy from Count Lamoraldus to J. Roelans, and afterwards in the Library of St. Martin, Louvain.

engravings of full-length Figures in every class,

with their vocations, etc., from drawings by a LILIUM FRANCICUM, Veritate historica,

native artist, with Descriptions in English and botanica, et heraldica illustratum, numerous fine

French, folio (one leaf wanting), morocco, £1. &s engravings, folio, calf (Mr. Beckford's copy),

1800 123 "Antverpiæ, er Òfficinâ Plantiniana, 1658 CHINA OPENED; its Topography, History, CHILLINGWORTH (W.) WORKS, 3 vols. Customs, Manners, Arts, Manufactures, Com

8vo. new calf antique, carmine edges, £l. 188 1838 merce, Literature, Religion, Jurisprudence, etc., CHINA.-CONFUCIUS, LE CHOU-King, un des

by the Rev. C. GUTZLAFF, revised by DR. A. Livres Sacrés des Chinois, traduit et enrichi de

REED, with map, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s (pub. £1.42) Notes par le P. Gaubil , Missionaire à la Chine; CHINA.-Voyages of the Nemesis and the Naval

1838 et accompagné de nouvelles Notes et d'Additions par DE GUIGNEs, plates, 4to. gilt

and Military Operations in China, 1840-3; by veau marbré (Mr. Beckford's copy), 12s 60

BERNARD and HALLS, maps, etc., 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Paris, 1770 4s 6d

1814 CHINA.- DESCRIPTION générale de la CHINE, ou CHINESE GRAMMAR.-MARSHMAN'S (J.) Tableau de l'État actuel de cet Empire, par Clavis Sinica, the Elements of Chinese Grammar, L'ABBÉ GROSIER, 4to. mottled calf gilt (Mr. with the Ta-Hyoh of Confucius, large paper, royal Beckford's copy), 5s Paris, 1785 4to, boards, 12s

Serampore, 1814

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IRELAND during the Middle Ages, edited from the Original Manuscripts under the direction of the MASTER OF THE ROLLs, with Biographical Sketches and Notes, illustrated with beautiful facsimiles of the MS$.: 176 volumes, royal 8vo. roæburghe, uncut, contents lettered, £59. (pub. at £88.)

1858.82 It is impossible to overrate the value of this series of works to the historical student: each Chronicle has been edited by some one of the most eminent modern authorities in English History, in such a manner as to represent with all possible correctness the writer's text, which is derived from a collation of the best MSS., and is accompanied by illustrative notes and a glossary. In the preface to each an account is given of the age and peculiarities of the MSS. used, together with a memoir of the author and an estimate of his historical credibility and value. The series already forms a corpus historicum, within reasonable limits, for the period from the earliest time of British History down to the end of the reign of Henry the Seventh. CHINESE LANGUAGE, Handbook of the ; Parts CHURCH (Rev. A. J.) Works, viz. :

I. and II., Grammar and Chrestomathy, by JAMES STORIES from the GREEK TRAGEDIANS, with 24 SUMMERS, Professor of Chinese, King's College, illustrations from designs by Flarman and London, Svo. half bound, 10s 6d (pub. £l. 8s) 1863

others, post Svo. calf extra, 10s


STORIES from Homer, with 24 illustrations from TORESQUE de la GRECE, with 283 highly finished engravings of Vieus, Buildings, Manners

Flaxman's designs, post Svo. calf gilt, 10s6d

1878 and Customs, etc., ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 3 vols. imperial folio, old russia, joints, £3. 108

Stories from Livy, with 16 illustrations from Paris, 1782-1822

Pinelli's designs, crown 8vo. new calf gilt, 10s 6:1 One of the best executed and most esteemed of the -Or, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s 6d 1883 Voyages Pittoresques." Published at about Twenty Guineas STORIES from VIRGIL, with 24 illustrations from CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL (H.) The

Pinelli's designs, crown 8vo. new morocco, gilt ANGLER-NATURALIST :

1879 a Popular History of

edges, 12s 6d British Freshwater Fish, and the Rudiments of CHURCH'S (J.) CABINET of QUADRUPEDS, with Ichthyology, upwards of 150 wood engravings, Historical and Scientific Descriptions, 84 beautiful post 8vo. new calf gilt, 9s 6d

1875 engravings by Ibbetson, Scott, Tookcy, etc., from CHORLEY (H. F.) NATIONAL Music of the drawings by Julius Ibbetson, 2 vols. royal 4to. World, Four Lectures delivered at the Royal In- morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 14s

1805 stitution, post 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d (pub. 8s 6d) 1880 These engravings are of a very superior and highly finished (CHRISTIE (J.)] DISQUISITION upon Etrus. CHURCH'S (The) FLORAL KALENDAR, compiled

CAN VASES, displaying their probable Connexion with the Shows at Eleusis, and the Chinese Feast

by EMILY CUYLER, with a Preface by the Rev. F. of Lanterns: 16 steel plates, besides vignettes,

S. CUYLER, exhibiting the Flowers appropriate

for each Saint's Day and Holy-day, on 38 leaves, folio, morocco extra, gilt edges (with Lord Gos

each embellished in a different style, with Ornaford's crest, on vellum), £2. 18s 6d


ments and Borders in Gold and Colours, designed Only 100 copies printed for private distribution. (CHRISTYN (J.)] LES DÉLICES des Pays-Bas,

and chromolithographed by W. R. TYMMS, small sixième éd., augmentée, plans and numerous fine

4to. emblematical cloth, gilt edges, 4s 6d (pub. engravings of Churches, Abbeys, and other Build.

£l. lls 6d) ings, Views, etc., 5 thick vols. small 8vo. old calf, The same, in ornamental stamped binding, sound copy, £1. 10s

Liége, 1769 gilt edges, 12s 6d (pub. £2. 2s) CHRONICLES of CRIME, or the New Newgate the embellishments, with suitable passages from the Holy

Every page in this elegant volume is occupied, in addition to Calendar; including a number of curious cases Scriptures and the Poets. never before published, by CAMDEN PELHAM, CHURCHILL (C.) POETICAL WORKS; with Barrister, with 48 engravings, from drawings by

copious Notes and Life by W. Tooke (elegant H. K. Browne (one torn), 2 vols. 8vo. cloth (some leaves stained), VERY SCARCE, £3. 108

reprint of Pickering's Aldine edition), portrait 1841

3 vols. foolscap 8vo. new morocco, gilt edges CHRONICLE of RICHARD of DEVIZES, concern.

£l. 6s

Boston, Mass., 185 ing the Deeds of Richard I., and Richard of Cirencester's Description of Britain, translated CHURCHILL (Sir W.) Divi BRITANNICI ; 1 and edited by Dr. J. A. GILES, 8vo. cloth (pub.

Remark upon the Lives of all the Kings of thi 12s), 3s 6d


Isle, from A.M. 2855 to A.D. 1660, engraved tit! CHRONICLES of the White Rose of YORK and many illustrations of the Arms of the Kings (temp. Edward IV.), portrait, etc., Svo. roxburghe,

small folio, sprinkled calf neat (nearly new), 9s 6 uncut (pub. 12s), 5s

167 CRONICLE of YERES, frome the begynnynge CHYMIE, Pharmacie, et Métallurgie, par MM of the Worlde, wherein ye shal fynde the names

de Morveau, Maret, et Duhamel [from th of all the Kynges of Englande, of the Mayres and “Encyclopédie Méthodique ®], 6 vols. 4to. of Tex Shyriffes of the Cytie of London, and briefly of and one vol. 4to. of Plates ; old half calf, £1. 10 many noble Actes done in and sens the reigne of

Paris, 1786-181 Kyng Henry IV., black letter, 12mo. half bound, CIBBER (Colley) APOLOGY for his Life, fi uncut, 7s 6d 1552 (reprint, 1859) portrait, 4to. old calf, 10s6d



n. d.


V. y.


CLARK'S FOREIGN THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY, comprising the Commentaries and

Treatises of Dorner, Hengstenberg, Lange, Keil, Delitzsch, Stier, and other eminent German Protestant Divines, translated into English by able hands;

120 vols. 8vo. cloth, £30. (pub. £63.) CICERONIS(M.T.)quæ exstant OPERA OMNIA, CLARENDON and ROCHESTER'S Cor.

cum Deperditorum Fragmentis, Variis Lectionibus, respondence ; with the Diary of Lord Clarendon, Notis Variorum Indicibusque : ediderunt Rinn, Le from 1687 to 1690, edited by S. W. Singer, port. Clerc, Bouillet, et LEMAIRE, 19 vols. 8vo. half raits, engravings and autographs, 2 vols. 4to. morocco, top edges gilt, a very neat copy of this boards, 9s 611 (pub. £4. 43)

1828 excellent and comprehensive edition, £3. 8s

Containing minute particulars of the Revolution; and Lord Parisiis, N. E. Lemaire, 1827-32

Rochester's Diary during his Embassy to Poland, etc. Thre Bokes of Duties, to Marcus his CLARK (D. K.) TRAMWAYS, their Construction Sonne, turned oute of Latine into English by

and Working, Supplementary Volume, illustrated,

1882 NICOLAS GRIMALDE, 12mo. black letter, calf ncat

8vo. half calf, 6s (four or five leaves picrced by a worm, clse fine CLARK (Rev. Hamlet) Monograph of sound copy), £l. 10s Lonilon, R. Tottel, 1556 HALTICIDÆ, in the collection of the British LIFE of, by Dr. Middleton ; and LETTERS

Museum : Physa podes and Edipodles, with 10 to his Friends, and to Atticus; translated by W.

plutes (1 coloured), 8vo. morocco, gilt edges Melmoth and Dr. Heberden, fine portrait and

(presented to Dr. Gray), 9s 6d

1860 vignette of his Villa by R. Wilson, thick royal CLARK (W.) MARCIANO, or the Discovery, Svo. new calf gilt, 158

1840 reprinted from the edition of 1663, edited by W. MIDDLETON (Conyers) Vida de Marco Tulio

H. Logan, small 4to, lulf morocco ncat, 10s 60 CICERON, traducida por J. N. de AZARA, fine

Edinburgh, 1871 engravings, 4 vols. small 4to, Spanish calf, neat, copies. This is No. 24.

Printed for private circulation only, and restricted to 75 78

Madrid, Imprenta Real, 1804 “ This translation is one of the best in the Spanish Lan CLARK (C.), ARCHITECTURA ECCLESIASTICA guage; and the beauty of the type and of the prints adds much LONDINI, 123 large and finely engrured rious of to its merits.”—Salva's Catalogue, in which it is priced € 4.145 Oil. interiors and exteriors of the Churches of London, CICOGNARA, LE FABBRICHE e i Monumenti Southwark, Westminster, and adjoining Parishes,

cospicui di VENEZIA, illustrati da L. Cicognara, with descriptions, a large volume royal folio, russia da A. Diedo, e da G. Selva, seconda edizione con gilt, £3. 105

1820 notabili Aggiunte e Note, 250 LARGE PLATES

These engravings are from original drawings by John Coney,

G. Shepherd, and others. of ELEVATIONS, SECTIONS, PLANS, DETAILS, ORNAMENTS, etc., 2 vols. atlas folio, half bound, CLARKE (Mrs. M. A.) LETTER to the Right uncut, £10. 18s

Venezia, 1838-40

Hon. W. Fitzgerald, Chancellor of the Irish

Exchequer [of the most scandalous and libellous CINI (G. B.) VITA di Cosimo de MEDICI, Primo

character), 8vo. half russia extra, gilt edges (Mr. Gran Duca di Toscana, 4to. vellum (Mr. Beck

Beckford's copy), 7s

1813 ford's copy), 6s

Firenze, i Giunti, 1611

CLARKE (Dr. E. D.) TRAVELS in various CIRENCESTER (Richard of) DESCRIPTION of BRITAIN, translated, folding maps, 8vo. old

Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa, portrait, calf, 58

pops, and engravings (with a poem from a letter 1809

by the Author [in MS.] inserted), 6 vols.-LIFE of CIVIL ENGINEERS, TRANSACTIONS of the DR. CLARKE, by Bishop Otter (with autograph of

Institution of, nunerous plutes, 3 vols. 4to. cloth, Mrs. Sieldons on title), one vol.-together 7 vol. £1. 58

1842, etc. 4to. calf extra, cilges marbled and gilt, with crest CIVIL WAR TRACTS, as under; bound in one

of the Earl of Gosford on vellum (FINE COPY),

£4. 10s vol. small 4to, culf, 10s 60 1652-60

1810-21 A Perswasive to a mutuall Compliance under the present

“No man has surreved the world with the adrantage of Government; with a Plea for a Free State compared with

more various learning, or has communicated to the public thie

results of his remarks on mankind in a style more distinguished Monarchy teilicated to the Loril Generall Cromciell), Oxforil, 1652

for clearness, elegance, and facility, than the learned and intel. (by Francis Osborn?)--LETTER to an Officer of the Army, by a true Commonwealths-man and no Courtier, 1656-LETTERS and

ligent author of these matchless volumes."-Eclectic Revieti. DECLARATIONS sent by General Monck to Lord lambert, Lord

TRAVELS in various Countries of Europe, Fleetwood, and the rest of the General Conncil of Officers in the Army; also to the “Rump,” the Committee of Safety, the Lord

Asia, and Africa, portrait, map, and numer. Mayor and Common Council, and the Congregated Churches,

ous engravings, 6 vols. 4to. scored calf gilt, £2. 23

1510 CLARENDON (Earl of) History of the

TRAVELS in various Countries of Europe, REBELLION and Civil Wars in England, 7 vols.

Asia, and Africa, portrait, maps, and engravings LIFE and CONTINUATION of his HISTORY, 2 vols.,

(somewhat foxed), 11 vols. 8vo. calf, full gilt BEST EDITION, with the suppressed passages,

backs, marbled cdgcs, L2. 78 6d (pub. £10.) 1816-24 etc.—together, 9 vols. royal 8vo. new calf gilt,

Another copy, 11 vols. new half calf gilt, £6. 10s

1849 yellow edges, £2. 48 The same, new vellum, carmine edges, £7. CLARKE (G. S.) PRACTICAL GEOMETRY and

Another copy, new tree-calf gilt, by Rivière, ENGINEERING DRAWING, with plates, 4to. cloth, £7.

8s (pub. 158)

1873 Brief View and Survey of the Errors to CLARKE (W.) REPERTORIUM BIBLIOGRAPHChurch and State, in Mr. Hobbes's Leviathan, ICUM ; some Account of the most celebrated second edition, small 4to. old calf, 6s

British Libraries, with portraits of Bibliophiles, Oxon, printed at the Theater, 1676 royal 8vo. half bound, £l. 4s




CLASSICI ITALIANI, publicati dalla Società Tipografica sotto la direzione del Sig.

F. Fusi, well printed in large type, with portraits, 199 vols. 8vo. half russia, gilt
backs (A DESIRABLE COLLECTION, very neat and uniform), £18. 188 Milano, v. a.

Alamanni (L.) La Coltivazione-Ruscelli, Le Api, | Gelli (G. B.) Opere, 3 vols.

1804-7 in 1 vol. 1804 Giovanni Fiorentino, il Pecorone, 2 vols.

180+ Alfieri (V.) Opere Scelte e Vita, 4 vols. 1818 Guarini (G. B.) il Pastor Fido, 1 vol.

1807 Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, 5 vols.

1812-14 Guicciardini (F.) Storia d'Italia, 10 vols. 1803 Baldinucci (F.) Arte dell'intagliare in Rame, Macchiavelli, Opere, 10 vols.

1801-5 Vocabulario dell'arte del disegno, Lezione nell' Menzini (B.) Satire, 1 vol.

1808 Academia della Crusca e Notizie de' professori del Molza (F. M.) Poesie, 1 vol.

1808 Disegno, 14 vols.

1808-12 Pandolfini, Trattato del Governo della Famiglia, Beccaria (C.) Opere, 1 vol. 1824 1 vol.

1802 Bembo (P.) Opere, 12 vols.

1808-10 Petrarca, Rime, illustrate con note del P. Fr. Soave, Bentivoglio (Cardinale) Opere Storiche, 5 vols.

2 vols.

1805 1806-7 Poliziano (A.) le Stanze e l'Orfeo, 1 vol. 1808 Berni, l'Orlando Innamorato, e le Rime burlesche, Raccolta di Lirici, Italiani, 1 vol.

1808 5 vols.

di Novelle, 3 vols.

1804-10 Boccaccio, Il Decamerone, e Vita di Dante, 4 vols. di Poesia Pastorale e Rusticale, 1 vol. 1808

di Poesia Satiriche, 1 vol.

1808 Borghini (R.) Il Riposo, 3 vols. 1807 Sacchetti (F.) Novelle, 3 vols.

1801-7 Bracciolini (F.) lo Scherno degli Dei, 1 vol. 1804 Sannazaro (J.) L'Arcadia, 1 vol.

1806 Caro (Annibale) le Lettere, 8 vols. 1807-12 Segni (B.) Storie Fiorentine, 3 vols.

1805 Casa (G. della) Opere e Lettere, 4 vols. 1806 | Tasso, Opere, 4 vols.

1804-5 Castiglione, il Libro del Cortigiano, 2 vols. 1803 Tassoni (A.) la Secchia Rapita, 1 vol.

1806 Cavalcanti (B.) Trattati degli ottimi Reggimenti Teatro Scelto d'ogni Secolo, 10 vols. 1808-12 delle Repubbliche, 1 vol.

1805 Tiraboschi (G.) Storia della Letteratura Italiana, Cellini (B.) La sua Vita, 2 vols. 1806-11 9 vols, in 16

Firenze, 1805-13 Chiabrera (G.) Rime, 3 vols.

1807-8 Valvasone (E. di) la Caccia, poema, 1 vol. 1808 Costanzo (A. di) Storia del Regno di Napoli, 3 vols. Varchi (B.) Storia Fiorentina, 5 vols. 1803-4; 1805

1803-4 Dante, la Divina Comedia, 3 vols.

l'Ercolano, 2 vols. 1804 ; together 7 vols.

1804-5 Davanzati (B.) Scisma d'Inghilterra, ed altre Vasari (G.) Vite de' piu eccellenti Pittori e Scultori,

16 vols.

1807 Operette, 1 vol. Firenzuola (A.) Opere, 5 vols.

1802 Villani (G. M. F.) Istorie Fiorentine, 8 vols. 1802-3 Fortiguerra (Niccolo' Cateromaco) Ricciardetto, Bibliog afia delle Collezione de' Classici Italiani, 3 vols. 1813

1814 CLAUDE'S LIBER VERITATIS, 300 prints after | CLEGG (S.) MANUFACTURE and Distribution

his original designs in the collection of the Duke of Coal Gas, illustrated by engravings on 32 large of Devonshire, the British Museum, etc., engraved plates from working designs, with general Esti. by Earlom in the manner of the drawings (a re- inates, 4to, cloth, 12s

1859 impression from the original plates), 3 fine thick (CLEVELAND (John)] IDOL of the CLOWNES, vols. folio, new half morocco extra, gilt edges, or Insurrection of Wat the Tyler, with his fellow £7. 18s

1813 Kings of the Commons, 1381, 12mo, calf (slightly To this edition is added a revised list of the plates, with wormed), 158

1654 addition of the prices at which the pictures have been sold, and to whom, by Mr. John Smith, the eminent picture dealer.

CLÉVILLE (M. de) Son Voyage [par BEAUTIES of CLAUDE, consisting of 24 of Laflichard), engraved title, 12mo. (in prose, interhis choicest Landscapes selected from the Liber spersed with poetry), calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's Veritatis, engraved in imitation of the originals

Londres (Paris), 1750 by Lupton, etc., folio, in portfolio, 18s-Another CLINTON (H. F.) EPITOME of the Civil and copy, half bound, £1. '5



Earliest Accounts to the Death of Augustus, 8vo.


half calf neat, 4s del MESSICO, cavata da' migliori storici Spagnuoli, e da manoscritti, e dalle pitture antiche degl' CLINTON (H. Ř.) The War in the PENINSULA, Indiani, maps and plates, 4 vols. 4to. old gilt tree

and Wellington's Campaigns in France and marbled calf (Mr. Beckford's copy; formerly

Belgium, original maps and plans, post 8vo. neu

1878 E. Gibbon's, with his library label), £2. 5s

calf gilt, Ss

CLIVE (Lord) Life of; by Sir John Malcolin

Cesena, 1780 A most curious and interesting work on the early history CLOUGH (A. H.) Poems and ProsE REMAINS

portruit and map, 3 vols. Svo, cloth, 18s 1831 of Mexico CLAYTON (Ellen C.) QUEENS of Song : with selection from his Letters, and Memoir

Memoirs of celebrated Female Vocalists of the edited by his Wife, portrait, 2 vols. post 8vc Lyric Stage, from the earliest Days of Opera to new calf estra, £1. 8s

187 the Present; with chronological List of all the The same, new morocco super-extra, Operas performed in Europe, fine portraits, 2 vols. edges, £1. 16s 8vo. new half morocco, top edges gilt, 16s 1863

POEMS ; with a Memoir, post 8vo, new cau ENGLISH FEMALE ARTISTS ; a series of

gilt, 10s

18€ Biographical Notices, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

The same, new morocco, gilt edges, 12s 6d1876 Or, new morocco super-extra, gilt edges, 15s

1 vol.

copy), 78

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