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in 1486, etc.


humourous illustrations by JOHN LEECH and R. CRUIKSHANK, and facsimiles, the 2 vols. post 8vo., 1812, EXPANDED INTO 4 SPLENDID VOLS. and INLAID THROUGHOUT in Folio, illustrated by more than 500 Rare and Curious Prints, embracing Portraits, Views, Old Songs, Old Play Bills, etc.: BOUND IN 4 vols. Folio, in crimson morocro extra, gilt edges, £140.

v. y. Of such a large mass of Engravings and other illustrations as fill the above volumes it is only possible to give the following outline; but they will be found a never-failing source of interesting Reminiscences as to the Manners and Customs of a bye-gone age.

Among the engravings are Rare and Unique Portraits of Celebrated Players, Fools, Jesters, Conjurors, Giants and Dwarfs, Mountebanks, and Eminent and Curious Characters of every Description (including some fine Mezzotints); engravings of Theatres, Public Gardens, Fairs, and Ancient Edifices ; Sports and Pastimes (including May Day in London in 1784, by W. BLAKE); Drawings (including a fucsimile of John Skelton by G. Stecvens) ; Old Popular Songs; Popular Music, with vignettes by Gravelot ; Ilustrations by Bunbury, Woodward, Rowlandson, Stothard, Cruikshank, Seymour, and Pugin. Numerous old Broadsides of Entertainments and Play Bills, among the latter of which, in pieces at Bartholomew Fair and at Scowton's New Theatre, appear the names of Master Carey (afterwards Edmund Kean) and his mother; and miscellaneous engravings of various kinds. DALLAWAY ( Rev. J. ) HERALDRY, In- | DANIEL (Samuel) WHOLE WORKES in

quiries into the Origin and Progress of, in Eng, POETRIE (published by his Brother John Daniel); land, with numerous engravings, some coloured, thick small 4to. calf neat (wants frontispiece), thick royal 4to. morocco extra, joints and gilt SCARCE, £2. 15s

London, N. Okes, 1623 edges, bij Hering, €2. 10s

1793 The most complete Edition. The above copy was formerly The Appendix includes Lives of Sir W. Dugdale and

in the possession of Geo. CHALMERS, author of " Caledonia," and Gregnry King, a genuine copy of the Book of St. Alban's, printed

has his Book-plate.


by way of China, 50 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED the Natural History and Classification of British

plates in IMITATION OF DRAWINGS by T. and Insects, post 8vo. half calf neat, 5s


W. DANIELL, mounted on stout cardboards, with

Descriptions, imperial 4to. half calf, £l. 18s 1810 Siècle sous Napoléon III. : Nouvelles Maisons de Paris et des Environs, nearly 230 fine steel plates,

Interesting Selections from ANIMATED 3 vols, royal folio, half russia, £6. 10s Paris, 1864

NATURE, with Descriptions, 50 beautiful aqua. DANA (J. D.) CORALS and Coral ISLANDS, tinta engravings of Quadrupeds, Birds, Fish, eto, coloured frontispiece and numerous illustrations,

with illustrative Scenery, designed and engrareal post Svo. new calf, gilt edges, 158


by W. D., oblong folio, boards, £1. 1s 1809 DANCE of DEATH, exhibited in elegant en DANSEY (J. C.) English CRUSADERS; Bio

gravings on wood; with Dissertation on the several graphical Memoirs, with their Heraldic Bearings, Representations of that Subject, particularly Initial Letters, and various other embellishments those ascribed to MACABER and HOLBEIN, by from Ancient MSS., SPLENDIDLY ILLUMINATED F. Douce, upwards of 60 engravings, 8vo. half IN COLOURS, GOLD, AND SILVER, part 2, royal morocco, top edges gilt, £1. 58 Pickering, 1833 4to. seun, £2. 2s

1819 DANCE (La GrantMacabre des Femmes que DANTE, CON L'Espositione di Crist. Landino composa Maistre Marcial de Paris, dit d'Auvergne

et d'Aless. Velutello sopra la sua Comedia ; con (en vers), publiée pour la première fois par P. L. Miot-Frochot, black letter, with many curious

Tavole, Argomenti et Allegorie, etc., per F. San. woodcuts, facsimiles of the rude original designs,

sovino, numerous very curious wood engravings, royal 8vo. sewn (ONLY 100 COPIES PRINTED), 12s

folio, half bound, £1. 18s

Venetia, 1596 Paris, 1869

DELLE MEMORIE di DANTE in Firenze e DANIEL (G., of Beswick, Yorks., 1616-57)

della Gratitudine de' Fiorentini verso il Divina Poems, from the Original MSS. in the British Poeta : Commentario di MELCHIOR MISSIRINT, Museum, hitherto unprinted ; with Introduction, medallic portrait on India paper, 4to. boards, Os Notes, and Illustrations by the Rev. Dr. GRO

Firenze, 1934 SART, portrait, 4 vols. small 4to. cloth (ONLY 100 DIVINE COMEDY, translated by CARY ; wit! COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED), £2. 12s 6d 1878 Life and Notes, portrait, post Svo, new calf gilt These Poems, now first printed, are all on the side of King 78 6d

1577 Charles I. and against the Roundheads.

Another edition (Chandlos Classics), foolscaj stance that though they were entered in The Stationer's Registers (uth October, 1638) as “ Master George Daniell's Poems,

8vo. new half calf, 3s 6d as if about to be published, they seem never to have gone through

DIVINE COMEDY, translated by H. V the press till 1878. It is not impossible that the violence of their Royalist leanings may have had somewhat to do, even at that

LONGFELLOW, post 8vo. new calf extra, 7s 611 time, with their apparent non-publication. DANIEL (Samuel) VISION of the TWELVE

INFERNO ; a literal Prose Translation, wit GODDESSES : a Royal Masque [reprinted from the

the Text of the original collated from the bet very rare edition of 1623]; with Introduction and

editions, and Notes, by JOHN A. CARLYLE, M.D Notes, by Ernest Law, sq. post Svo. sewn, 5s 1880

portrait (foxed), crown Svo, cloth, 78 6d ISI “Presented upon Sunday night, Jan. 8, 1604, at Hampton

The same, new edition, portrait, post sy Court, by the Queen, attended by eleven Ladies of Honour. new calf gilt, 9s


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corredato di brevi Dichiarazioni da G. G. WARREN Lord Vernon, finely printed, and illustrated by the photographed portrait of Dante, drawn from the original of Giotto by Seymour Kirkup, and traced on the fresco before it was retouched ; portrait of Lord Vernon; maps, genealogical tables, 102 sheets of armorial bearings, and 112 plates, 3 vols. folio, half bound, uncut (extremely rare), £35. Firenze, 1858-65

This magnificent and valuable edition was printed for presents only. As the distribution of copies was made with great discrimination to parties in whose possession they were long likely to remain, their appearance in the market must be of the rarest possible occurrence : only one other copy than the above has ever been offered for sale.

In these volumes (says a writer in Fraser's Magazine, Vol. 79), the late Lord Vernon has left the most sumptuous of his many and important contributions to the illustration of Dante, and the work is unquestionably one of the very finest that has ever been privately printed. It is at once a tribute rendered to the great Poet—who indeed wants no further honour—a valuable addition to the means of studying his text and of comprehending his times and the scenes among which he lived, and now a worthy monument, in addition to others of the same kind, to the memory of the accomplished nobleman whose position enabled him to gratify so well his own literary tastes, and to communicate, for the benefit of others, the fruits of his long devotion to the poetry of the famous Florentine. The final editorial labours have been bestowed on the present edition of The Inferno by Sir JAMES LACAITA.

CONTENTS of Vol. 1: THE POEM, with a paraphrastic Interpretation or translation of hard places in Italian prose, the explanatory words being in Italic type ; also Critical and Explanatory Notes ; & Cosmography of Dante, indispensable for understanding the wonderful journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise ; and an elaborate chronological List of Editions of Dante, or of illustrative works down to the year 1850.

CONTENTS of Vol. 2: A most valuable and important collection of Original Documents and of Historical and Biographical Matter, comprising an elaborate Life, the full text of the Sentences passed on him, etc., an interesting Literary Chronology from the Sixth to the Thirteenth Century; and Tables of Contemporary History from 1250 to 1320 (which are of great value to readers of Dante as keeping before them the full historical meaning of all he says); a Map of Italy, showing its political distribution in the time of Dante ; a full account of the Constitution of Florence, and of its ancient Topography and Public Buildings, and of its Commercial Guilds; and finally, Historical Notices of every Family mentioned in the “Divina Commedia," or connected in any way with Dante, illustrated by their respective Arms, to which allusion is so often made in the poem.

CONTENTS of Vol. 3 : “ The Album,” devoted to Pictorial Illustrations-accompanied by short explanatory portions of letterpress--presenting as many as possible of the Places and Buildings mentioned in the “Inferno,” founded on daguerreotype views taken expressly for the work. Very eminent artists, both English and Italian, have contributed to the designing and engraving of these plates, and the result is a folio volume of subjects of singular interest and beauty. Included are a few lines of the wail of Francesca of Rimini set to music by Rossini, with the original score given in facsimile from the musician's autograph ; besides other interesting plates. DANTE, INFERNO, translated into Blank Verse DANTE, PURGATORY and PARADISE, translated

[by CHARLES ROGERS, F.R.S.), the splendid mezzo- by CARÝ, with Notes, 60 large and fine illustrative tinto portrait of the latter, engraved by Ryland woodcuts, from the sublime designs of GUSTAVE after Reynolds's painting, INSERTED, small 4to. DORÉ, imperial 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, russia extra (SCARCE), 188

1782 £3. 58 VISION of HELL, translated by Cary, with DANZ'S (Dr. J. ) Universal-Wörterbuch der Life, Critical and Explanatory Notes, and 75 THEOLOGISCHEN, Kirchen und Religionsges. splendid designs by G. DORÉ, imperial 4to, morocco chichtlichen LITERATUR, thick 8vo. half bound, super-extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s

(SCARCE), 10s 61

Leipzig, 1843 Il Purgatorio ed il Paradiso (in Italian and D'ARBLAY (Madame) DIARY and LETTERS; French), splendidly printed in large type on fine edited by her Niece, C. Barrett ; new edition, paper, with DORÉ'S 60 LARGE AND

revised, numerous fine portraits, 4 vols. 8vo. neu ILLUSTRATIONS, on INDIA PAPER, royal folio, calf gilt, £2. 155 morocco super-extra, gilt edges, £6. 158

The same, new tree-calf extra, by Riviere, Paris, 1868 £2. 188

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v. y.

DARCIE'S ANNALES; true and royall DAUBAN (C. A.) LA DÉMAGOGIE en 1793, à

History of the famous Empresse ELIZABETH, Paris, ou Histoire, jour par jour, de l'Année Queene of England, France and Ireland, etc., 1793, 60 engravings on wood, 2 vols. 8vo. half with Rare Portrait of Queen Elizabeth, and morocco gilt, 14s

Paris, 1868 beautifully engraved Title-page exhibiting, the DAUBENY (D.) Active and Extinct VOLCANOS ; Attacks on Cadiz, Portorico, Panama, and the their Origin, Chemical Phenomena, etc., frontisSpanish Armada ; many Arms of the Heroes, piece and maps, 8vo. half morocco extra, gilt edges, etc. (neatly mended), 4to. calf extra, gilt edges, 7s 6d

1826 £3. 38

1625 D'AUBIGNÉ (T. A.) AVANTURES du BARON This copy contains the origina: impression of the elaborate portrait of Queen Elizabeth, thus described in Granger :

DE FENESTE; nouvelle édition augmentée de “ Elizabeth; pompously dressed, holding a fan of ostrich's Remarques historiques, de l'Histoire secrète de plumes : from her · History by way of Annals,' 1625, 4to." It l'Auteur écrite par lui-même, etc. (par Duchat), was copied several times afterwards. DARELL (Sir H.) CHINA, India, the Cape of

frontispiece, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. old calf, 78 6d Good Hope, and the Vicinity, 13 large treble-tinted D'AUBIGNÉ (J. H. Merle) History of the ,

Amsterdam, 1731 views, royal folio, half bound, 18s DARWIN (C.) Works, 14 vols. post 8vo. new

REFORMATION in EUROPE in the time of CALVIN, calf gilt, contents lettered, £9. 158

8 vols. 8vo. new calf antique, carmine edges, The same, new tree-calf extra, £10. 10s

£5. 15s

1863 COXTEXTS : – Naturalist's Voyage; Origin of Species;

GERMANY, England and Scotland, or Orchids; Animals and Plants under domestication, 2 vols. í Recollections of a Swiss Minister, thick 8vo. Descent of Man; Expression of the Emotions; Insectivorous

1848 Plants; Climbing Plants; Cross and Self-Fertilization of Plants; D'AULNOY (Madame), CONTES CHOISIES,

cloth, 5s Forms of Flowers; Power of Movement in Plants; Geological Observations; Formation of Vegetable Mould by Earthworms. with 12 engravings, illustrating as many Fairy

DESCENT of MAN, and Selection in Relation Tales, 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. calf gilt, 88 6d to Sex, illustrated, post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 60

Paris, 1812 1874 DAVIDSON. POETICAL REMAINS of MR. DIFFERENT FORMS of FLOWERS on Plants John DAVIDSON, Regent in St. Leonard's College, of the same Species, crown 8vo. calf gilt, 14s 1880 and afterwards Minister of Salt-Preston ; with

EFFECTS of Cross and SELF-FERTILIZATION biography of the Author, and illustrative Papers, in the Vegetable Kingdom, crown 8vo. calf extra, post 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, 158

1876 £1. 58

Edinburgh, 1829 EXPRESSION of the EMOTIONS in Man and Only 50 copies printed, edited by James Maidment from the ANIMALS, illustrated by photographs and wood; DAVIES (Sir John) COMPLETE POEMS ; edited, cuts, post Svo. calf gilt, 15s


with Memorial-Introduction and Notes, by the the Action of Worms, illustrated, post 8vo. tree

Rev. A. B. GROSART, 2 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER calf gilt, 13s 6d


(only 50 copies so printed), cloth (not cut up), 155 GEOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS on Volcanic

(pub. £l. 4s)

1876 Islands, and on Parts of South America, with

The same, morocco ertra, gilt edges, £3. 3s maps and illustrations, crown 8vo, calf gilt, 15s

POETICAL WORKS (Immortality of the Soul; 1876

Hymns of Astræa ; Orchestra, a Poem INSECTIVOROUS PLANTS, with illustrations,

Dancing); published from a corrected copy, with crown 8vo. calf gilt, 16s 6d


Life, foolscap 8vo. old calf estra, 8s 6d 1773 MOVEMENTS and HABITS of CLIMBING DAVIES (John, of Hereford), MIRUM IN PLANTS, with woodcut illustrations, crown 8vo.

MODUM; a Glimpse of Gods Glorie, and the calf gilt, 9s 6d


Soules Shape, a poem, small 4to. beautifully NATURALIST'S VOYAGE; Natural History

bound in morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; of the Countries visited by the “

Beagle," thick fine copy; SCARCE, £2. 158 W. Aspley, 1602 post 8vo. cloth, 4s



or Phases of Religious Life in the Metropolis ; Countries visited during the Voyage of H.M.S.

second series, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d (pub. 145) 1875 Beagle round the World, post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 60 DAVIES (Rev. E.) CELTIC RESEARCHES on the

1882 Origin, Traditions and Language of the Ancient ORIGIN of SPECIES by Means of Natural Britons, with Sketches on Primitive Society, 1804 Selection ; or the Preservation of favoured Races -also, MYTHOLOGY and Rites of the BRITISH in the Struggle for Life (enlarged edition), post DRUIDS compared with the Traditions of Heathen8vo. calf gilt, lls 6d

1882 ism, with Appendix of Ancient Poems, etc., and POWER of MOVEMENT in PLANTS, with Remarks on Ancient British Coins by the same, illustrations, crown 8vo. calf gilt, 17s 6d 1882 with a plate, 1809--together 2 vols. medium 8vo.

STRUCTURE and DISTRIBUTION of CORAL russia gilt, yellow edges (nice copies, uniform), REEFS, revised edition, with plates, crown 8vo. £2. 16s

1804-9 calf gilt, 108 6d


CELTIC RESEARCHES on the Origin, Tra- VARIATION of ANIMALS and PLANTS under ditions, and Language of the Ancient Britons ; Domestication, with 43 illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. with Introductory Sketches of Primitive Society, half calf neat (nearly new), 18s 1868 royal 8vo. calf neat, 14s

1804 VARIATION of ANIMALS and PLANTS under DAVILA (E. C.) STORIA delle GUERRE CIVILI Domestication, with numerous illustrations, 2 vols. di FRANCIA (dopo l'anno 1559 al 1598), elegantly post 8vo. tree-calf extra, £1. 58

1875 printed in large type on thick paper, 7 vols. 8vo. VARIOUS CONTRIVANCES by which ORCHIDS calf gilt, 16s

Londra, 1801 are FERTILIZED by Insects, illustrated, crown 8vo. The same, 6 vols. royal 8vo, calf extra, gilt calf gilt, 12s 6d

1882 edges, by Clarke and Bedford, £1. 88 Firenze, 1823




par Sylvain Maréchal, containing 864 engravings par WINKELMANN, gravés par David et Madeof Etruscan and Greek Art, forming a complete moiselle_Sibire, avec des Explications Françaises picture of Life amongst the Ancients, 12 vols. par A. F. Désodoards, 208 plates in bistre (some Paris, 1780-1803 coloured), 3 vols.

Paris, 1809 ANTIQUITÉS ÉTRUSQUES, GRECQUES et ROMAINES, HISTOIRE de FRANCE, avec un Précis historique par

ou les plus beaux Vases Etrusques, Grecs, et l'Abbé Guyot, 140 plates in bistre, 5 vols. Romains ; avec leurs Explications par D'Hancar

ibidem, 1787-96 ville, about 350 curious coloured engravings, HISTOIRE D'ANGLETERRE, représentée par figures, 5 vols.

ibidem, 1787-88 accompagnées d'un Précis historique (par Le MUSÉUM de FLORENCE, avec des Explications par

Tourneur et autres), ill plates in bistre, 3 vols. F. Mulot, exhibiting several thousand Engraved Histoire de Russie, représentée par figures, accom

ibidem, 1784-1800 Gems, Statues, Medals, and Paintings, 636 plates in bistre, 8 vols.

ibilem, 1787-1903

pagnées d'un Précis historique par Blin de Sain.

more, 48 plates in bistre, 3 vols. ibidem, 1799-1805 HISTOIRE de FRANCE sous l'Empire de Napoléon, LOGES DŲ VATICAN, d'après les Tableaux de

représentée en figures, 72 plates in bistre, 6 vols. Raphael accompagnées du Texte explicatif de la in 3 (RARE)

ibidem, 1813 Sainte-Bible, 20 plates in bistre, 1 vol." ibidem, 1808 - TOGETHER 46 vols. 4TO. IN 43, bound in the original French calf, gilt eilges, UNIFORM

(n few plates wanting), £21.

DAVIS (A. J.) NATURE'S Divine Revelations DE CANDOLLE, ELEMENTS of the Philosophy

and a Voice to Mankind, portrait, thick royal of Plants, Nomenclature, Classification, PhytoSvo. cloth, 7s

Boston (U.S.A.), 1871 graphy; Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology, GeoDAVY (Sir Humphry) Works; edited, with graphy, and Diseases ; 8 plates, 8vo. calf estri, Life, by his Brother, Dr. John Davy, portrait, gilt edges, 7s 6d

Edinburgh, 1821 9 vols. 8vo, cloth, £l. 18s

1839-40 Contents: Agricultural Lectures, Elements of Chemical DEKKER (T.) DRAMATIC WORKS ; now first Philostiphy, Rescarches on Nitrous Oxide, Salmonia, Consola. collected ; with Illustrative Notes and a Memoir; tions in Travel, Early Miscellancous Papers, etc.

beautifully printed on Whatman's paper (ONLY 6 SALMONIA ; or Days of Fly Fishing ; illus- COPIES SO PRINTED), 4 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, trated, foolscap 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

1851 tree-calf super-extra, marbled edges, CHOICE COPY, DAWSON (J. W.) ACADIAN GEOLOGY ; the

scarce, £4. 10.5

Reprint, 1873 Geological Structure, Organic Remains, and Mineral Resources of Nova Scotia, New Bruns.

IIIS DREAME; in which, beeing rapt with wick, and Prince Edward Island, enlarged edition,

a Poeticall Enthusiasme, the great Volumes of with geological map and illustrations, thick 8vo.

Heauen and Hell to Him were opened, in which cloth, 9s 611 (pub. 18.s)

he read many Wonderfull Things (in terse):

1868 DAYES (E.) Works, 9 highly-finished engrar

reprinted from the rare edition of 1620: edited ings by Cooke, etc., of Views in Yorkshire, rignette,

by J. O. HALLIWELL [-PHILLIPPS), woodcut on and portrait, INDIA PROOFS, royal 4to. extra

tille containing portrait of the author, small 4to.

half morocco, uncut (ONLY 26 COPIES PRINTED), bonus, uncut, top elges gilt (Mr. Beckford's

8s 6d

1860 copy), 198

1805 WORKS: Excursion through Derbyshire and

GULL'S HORNBOOK, edited from the rare Yorkshire, with Notes by W. Brayley : Essays edition of 1609, with Glossary and Notes (hy on Painting, Instructions for Landscape-drawing, J. Nort, M.D.): fine engraved initials, proofs, and Professional Sketches of Modern Artists, small 4to. maroon morocco extra, gilt leares, £2.5s portrait am 11 plates, 4to, bourds, 10s 6d 1805

Bristol, J. M. Gutch, 1812 With book-plate of Jonn Towneley.

Only 100 copies printed. The above is Mr. Gutch's reserved DEAKIN (R.) FLORIGRAPHIA BRITANNICA, or copy, and contains his book-plate; it was sold in 1859 for tb. Engravinys and Descriptions of the Flowering only copy of the work with the initial letters taken off on

A note on the fly-leaf, signed by him, states that this is the Plants and Ferns of Britain, with 1625 accurate yellou paper." representations of plants, 4 vols. Svo. cloth, £1. 8s (pul. £3. 10s)


Another copy, beautifully bound in morocco Arranged according to the Linnæan method, with a Synopsis

super-extra, gilt eilges, by Ilayday (J. W. K. of the Natural System; also a Description of each Plant, with Eyton's fine copy, with coloured book-plate), its uses in medicine, agriculture, the aris, etc.

£1. 12s

Bristol ; J. M. Gutch, 1812 DE CANDOLLE, ORGANOGRAPHIE VÉGÉTALE: This volume affords a greater insight into the fashionali:

Description raisonnée des Organes des Plantes, follies and vulgar habits of King James the First's day than with 60 plutes, 2 vols. Svo, calf catra, gilt edges, perhaps any other. by J. Clarke, 18s

Paris, 1827 DEFOE (D.) Works, with Memoir of his Life REGNI VEGETABILIS Systema Naturale; and Writings by W. HAZLITT, portrait, 3 vols. sive Orolines, Genera, et Species Plantarum sec. royal Svo. half calf gilt, £2. 78 6d

1810 Methodi Nat. Normas digest. et descript., Vols. I

VERY SCARCE, nearly all the copies having been destroyed by and 2, 8vo. half russil, 14s Paris, 1818-21

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calf another edition (Chandos Classics), foolscap


V. y.


Works (best edition), with Memoirs, Notes, etc., print of the first edition, 1719, with an Introduction including all contained in the edition attributed by AUSTIN DOBSON, post 8vo. cloth, red edges, to Sir Walter Scott, with Additions, 20 vols. 10s 6d

1883 foolscap 8vo. half calf gilt (as good as new), RARE,

ROBINSON CRUSOE; with Memoir of the £10. 10s

Oxford, 1840-41 Author, numerous illustrations, post 8vo. new COXTESTS.-Robinson Crusoe, with Biographical Memoir by gilt, 7s 6d

1876 J. Ballantyne, 2 vols.-Captain Singleton-Moll Flanders-Coi. Jack, etc.-Memoirs of a Cavalier-Voyage Round the World

. Capt. Carleton; Mrs. Davies-Journal of the Plague-The Con. 8vo. new half calf gilt, 3s 60 solidator-History of the Devil-Roxana--System of Magic

ROBINSON CRUSOÉ, Aventures de, Nouvelle History of Apparitions-Religious Courtship---Family Instructor,

Ed., avec une Préface sur De Foë; illustrée de 9 vols.---Complete English Tradesman, etc., 2 vols.-Life of Mr. Duncan Campbell, etc.-Life by G. Chalmers; The True

40 vignettes par Bayard, gravées par Hildibrand, born Englishman, etc.

post 8vo., French calf extra, gilt edges, 10s NOVELS and MISCELLANEOUS WORKS of,

Paris, 1868 with Prefaces and Notes, including those attri

POLITICAL HISTORY of the DEVIL ; fourth buted to Sir W. Scott, portrait, 7 vols. post 8vo. edition, 12mo. calf gilt (Mr. Beckford's copy), new half calf gilt, or new half morocco, Èl. 18s- 158

1739 Or, new half vellum gilt, £2. 58

ESSAY on the SOUTH-SEA TRADE, with the ROBINSON CRUSOE, the Farther Adventures Grounds of the present Dislike against the Settleof, being the Second and Last Part of his Life, ment of a South-Sea Company, 8vo. new half calf, FIRST EDITION, with map, 8vo. old culf (SCARCE), 6s

1712 £1. 12s

W. Taylor, 1719 MEMOIRS of the Honourable Colonel Andrew LIFE and ADVENTURES of ROBINSON Newport, a Shropshire Gentleman, who served as CRUSOE ( fine large-type edition), with 22 highly a Cavalier in the Armies of Gustavus Adolphus finished engravings by C. Heath after STOTHARD'S and of Charles I., containing Anecdotes of the charming designs, 2 vols, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER principal Persons of that Time, portraits, LARGE PROOFS, calf gilt (FINE COPY), £6. 10s Cadell, 1820 PAPER, 8vo, half morocco neat, uncut, 8s 6d 1792

“If ever MR. STOTHARD entered more warmly upon any one of his labours than another, these illustrations to Robinson

CARLETON (Captain G.) MEMOIRS during Crusoe have that honour. Composed at a time when he was in

the Wars against France and Spain, containing the fullest possession of his powers, there is a charm about them particulars of Spain and the Spaniards, etc., 8vo. which no other book-illustrations possess. They are as unique in old calf, 7s 6d

1743 their way as the book they adorn." ROBINSON CRUSOE, with Biographical

The same, 8vo. calf gilt, 78 Edinburgh, 1809 Memoir and illustrative Notes, portrait, and 8

MEMOIRS of the LIFE and TIMES of DANIEL etchings by Mouilleron (PROOFS ON WHATMAN'S

DE FOE, containing a Review of his Writings, PAPER); 2 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER (only 150

Opinions, etc., by WALTER Wilson, steel porcopies printed), crimson morocco elegant, edges

trait, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf, gilt backs (nice copy),

1882 uncut, top edges gilt, £4. 4s

£1. 1s

1830 Robinson Crusoe, edited by Major, finely D'ĦANCARVILLE, RECHERCHES sur l'Ori. printed on hand-made paper by Ballantyne, with gine, l’Esprit et les Progrès des ARTS DE LA plates and many rignettes, engravings by GEORGE GRÈCE ; avec le Supplément, plates, 3 vols. 4to. CRUIKSHANK, INDIA PROOFS, LARGE PAPER COPY, in 2, old gilt tree-marbled calf, by Baumgarten small 4to. boards, uncut, £l. 15s 1883 (Stourhead copy), £1. 68

1785 Another copy, LARGE PAPER, elegantly bound D'HERBELOT (B.) BIBLIOTHÈQUE ORIENTALE, in crushed lerant morocco, insidle borders richly ou Dictionnaire Universel, contenant tout ce qui gilt, edges uncut, top elges gilt, £4. 4s 1883 fait connoître les Peuples de l'Orient, portrait,

Only one hundred copies of this large paper edition are 4 vols. 4to,calf gt., SCARCE, £5.5s La Haye, 1777-82 issued, all numbered.

A treasure of useful and ornamental knowledge: it has ROBINSON CRUSOE, with Memoir by H. J.

done more to draw the attention of Europeans to the writings of Nicoll, many beautiful engravings by Heath after the Asiatics than all other works published on the same subject, STOTHARD's designs ; 8vo. new calf gilt, 14s 1883

T. Moore continually quotes it in his Lalla Rookh."
The same, tree-calf extra, 158

ROBINSON CRUSOE, with portrait and 100

Elémentaire d'Histoire Naturelle), numerous cuts, illustrations by J. D. WATSON, engraved by the

post Svo. calf gilt, by J. Clarke, 8s 6d Paris, s. d. Brothers Dalziel, large 8vo. morocco super extra, DE LA BÈCHE (Sir H.) The GEOLOGICAL gilt edges, £l. 48

OBSERVER, woodcuts, thick 8vo. cloth, 12s 60 1851 ROBINSON CRUSOE, with Memoir ( fine type),

REPORT on the GEOLOGY of CORNWALL, with Stothard's series of 12 beautiful illustrations Devon, and WEST SOMERSET, coloured geological in permanent photography, 8vo. new calf gilt, map, and numerous plates and woodcuts, '8vo. 12s 60–Or, neutree-calf extra, 158_Or, new

half calf neat, 16s

1839 morocco, gilt edges, 16s


GEOLOGY, Theoretical Researches in, plates ROBINSON CRUSOE (Golden Treasury edi. and cuts, foolscap 8vo. cloth, 4s

1834 tion), edited after the original Editions by J. W. DELAMOTTE (F.) MODERN ALPHABETS, Clark, engraved title, 12mo. morocco extra, gilt Plain and Ornamental, including German, Old edges, 108 6d

1866 English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, ROBINSON CRUSOE (Globe edition), edited Hebrew, Court Hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, and with biographical Introduction by H. Kingsley, others, 48 plates, royal 8vo. cloth, 6s 1872 post 8vo. new tree-calf gilt, 786d-Or, new morocco, DELANY (Mrs., born Mary Granville gilt edges, 9s 6d

1873 AUTOBIOGRAPHY and CORRESPONDENCE of, with ROBINSON CRUSOE ; revised by the Rev. interesting Reminiscences of George III. and James Plumptre, with numerous woodcuts, crown Queen Charlotte ; second series, several fine sted 8vo. new calf gilt, 9s-Or, new tree-calf extra, 10s portraits, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, marbled edges S. P. C. K., n. d. £2. 2


n. d.

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