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BEDE'S (VENERABLE) Biographical Writings and Letters, translated by Dr. J. A. Gile

8vo, roxburghe, uncut (pub 10s 60) BERJEAU.-The Horses of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, 60 Plati

giving representations of the Horse as depicted by the Greeks, Romans, the Old Masters and others, 4to, cloth (pub 12s)

7s d BEWICK COLLECTOR: THE SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME, by the Rev. T. Hugo, 11, with over 120 cuts, 8vo, cloth (pub £l ls)

12s THE SAME, LARGE PAPER, 100 copies only printed, inpl. Svo, cloth (pub £2 2s)

£1 4s BEWICK'S WOODCUTS: Impressions of upwards of 2000 Wood-Blocks engraved for

the most part by Thomas and John BEWICK, with an Introduction, a Descriptive Cata logue of the Blocks, and a List of the Books and Pamphlets, by the Rev. T. HUGO, stie portrait of Thomas Bewick, impl. 4to, cloth, top edges gilt (pub £6 6s)

£4 45 BLAKE'S (William) SUBLIME WORKS : Songs of Innocence and of Experience : Book of

Thel ; Vision of the Daughters of Albion ; America, a Prophecy ; Europe, a Prophecy; The First Book of Urizen ; Song of Los: reproduced in facsimile from the excessively rir Original editions, 1789-94 : printed, like them, on one side only, and on hand-made paper of uniform size, 1 vol. folio, half morocco, uncut

£5 58 ONLY ONE HUNDRED COPIES EXECUTED. BOWES (J. L.) An Attempt to Estimate the Loss caused from SHEEP Rot amongst ou

Flocks, and its Effect on the Supply of Wool and Mutton, with coloured maps of England and Ireland, 4to, sewn

1s BRAGGE'S (W.) BIBLIOTHECA NICOTIANA, a Catalogue of Books about Tobacco, Ancient

and Modern, in various languages, with a Catalogue of Objects connected with the us of Tobacco in all its forms, collected by William Bragge, F.S.A., Birmingham, only 200 copies privately printed on toned paper, impl. 8vo, sewn (pub. £l is)


ber, and Wire- THE SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME, being vol. 5 of the Works edited by G. R BRUNEL, C.E., 40 folding plates, impl. 8vo, half morocco (pub. £2 10s)

£1 10s BRITISH GALLERY OF PICTURES.- A Selection of the most admired Produe

tions of the Modern School, from the Galleries and Private Collections in Great Britain Fifty large line Engravings, executed in the highest style of the Art, by the most eminent engravers, BRILLIANT INDIA PROOFS, with descriptive Letterpress, atlas folio, half bound morocco extra, gilt leaves

£8 s The same, full bound morocco extra, with broad gold borders on sides £10 10s BROWN'S (Corn.) ANNALS OF NEWARK-UPON-TRENT, comprising the History, Curiosi

ties and Antiquities of the Borough, with Contributions by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, engravings and autographs, and nine photographs by the Woodbury permanent process from original drawings by G. Sheppard, 4to, cloth

£1 10s Special and Superior Edition on fine paper (very few printed), full morocco extra

£2 12s 6d BURNET'S (John) TREATISE ON PAINTING, in Four parts, illustrated by 130 etchings

from celebrated pictures of the Italian, Venetian, Flemish, Dutch, and English Schools also woodcuts, thick medium 4to, half morocco (pub. £4 10s)

£3 3s The parts may be had separately, in half cloth: 1. ON THE EDUCATION OF THE EYE... Fourth Edition (pub. £l 58)

16s 2. ON COMPOSITION IN PAINTING Eighth Edition (pub. 158)


Eighth Edition (pub. 18s)


Second Edition (pub. £l Uls 6d) £1 ls The complete work on LARGE PAPER, the plates on India paper. Royal 4t0 (ONLY 100 COPIES PRINTED) originally pub. at £8 8s, now £5 58.

The Large Paper Copies of the "Hints on Colour" have the whole of the plates on India Paper, in addition to duplicates of those usually coloured, CARPETS.-ANCIENT ORIENTAL CARPET PATTERNS, after Pictures and Originals of

the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, by JULIUS LESSING, thirty-five Plates (size 20 by 14 inches), beautifully Coloured after the Originals, with Historical and Descriptive Letterpress. A Folio Volume, in portfolio

£3 3s


shal fynde

The same,

CAXTON. – THE STATUTES OF HENRY VII.,, in exact fac-simile from the very rare

original printed by Caxton, in 1489, edited with Notes and Introduction by J. REA, 4to, roxburghe (pub £i lls 6d)

10s od CHRONICLES (The) of RICHARD of DEVIZES, concerning the Deeds of

Richard I., and Richard of Cirencester's Description of Britain, translated and edited by
Dr. J. A. GILES, 8vo, cloth (pub 12s)

Зѕ ва CHRONICLES of the WHITE ROSE of YORK (temp. Edward IV.), portrait, etc., Svo, roxburghe, uncut (pub 12s)

58 CHRONICLE of YERES, from the begynnynge of the Worlde, wherein ye

the names of all the Kynges of Englande, of the Mayres and Shyriffes of the Cytie of London, and briefly of many noble Actes done in and sens the Reign of K. Henry IV., 12mo, half bound, uncut

7s 6á CHURCH'S (The) FLORAL KALENDAR, compiled by EMILY CUYLER, with a

Preface by the Rev. F. S. CUYLER, exlıibiting the Flowers appropriate for each Saint's Day and Holy-Days on 38 leaves, each embellished in a different style, with Ornaments and Borders in Gold and Colours, designed and chromolithographed by W. R. TYMMS, small 4to, emblematical cloth, gilt edges (pub £l lls 6d)

4s 6d The same, in ornamental stamped binding, gilt edges (pub £2 28)


SHIRE, comprising the entire County, from printed Authorities, and Original Records in Public and Private Collections, with highly-finished engravings by LE KEUX and others, of Mansions, Churches, Monumental Effigies, Maps, etc., 3 vols, folio, half russia, top edges gilt (pub £25 4s)

£15 158 3 vols, full bound morocco extra, gilt edges, a beautiful copy £18 188 Another copy, ON LARGE PAPER, with proof impressions of the plates on INDIA PAPER, 3 vols, roy. folio, morocco super extra, gilt edges

£31 10s COPINGERS or COPPINGERS (of the County of Cork, including those of Bally

volane and Barryscourt, and Buxhall and Lavenham in Suffolk), History of the, edited by A. W. COPPINGER, of the Middle Temple. Esq., Barrister-at-Law ; with many Deeds, Inquisitions, and Wills between 1400 and 1700 in number); two plates of Arms and three large folding peligrees, roy. 8vo, cloth

£1 10s COSTUMES OF ALL NATIONS, ANCIENT and MODERN, exhibiting the Dresses

and Habits of all Classes, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Noble, Military, and Civil, both Male and Female, from the Earliest Historical Records to the Nineteenth Century, by ROHRBACH and KRETSCHMER, with 104 coloured plates, DISPLAYING NEARLY 2,000 FULL-LENGTH FIGURES, including many Historical Personages, arranged in chronological order, finely EXECUTED IN CHROMO-LITHOGRAPHY, 4to, half morocco, emblematicallg gilt on side, gilt edges

£4 48 This comprehensive and authoritative Work is, in addition to the Costumes, made more interesting by its exhibiting numerous necessaries and adornments, e. g. :

REGAL INSIGNIA : Crowns, Sceptres, Orrs, Thrones, etc. ; ARMS AND ARMOUR of every description ; Personal ORNAMENTS: Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Bangles, Earrings, Sandals, etc. ; DOMESTIC ARTICLås: Cabinets, Commodes, Coffers, Reading Desks, Beds, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Seats, Mirrors, Clocks, Water-Vessels, Baskets, Inkstands, Walking-sticks, Umbrellas, Fans, Torches, Lamps, Incense-burners, etc.; Musical INSTRUMENTS of ali kinds, etc. COSTUME.-CYCLOPÆDIA OF COSTUME, or Dictionary of Dress, Regal, Ecclesiastical,

Civil, and Military, from the Earliest Period in England to the Reign of George III., including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent, and General History of the Costumes of the principal Countries of Europe, by J. R. PLANCHE, Somerset Herald, embellished with SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF ILLUSTRATIONS, plain plates, woodcuts and chromo-lithographs, 2 fine large vols, 4to, half morocco, gilt edges (pub £778)

£3 13s 6d COSTUME. – MODES ET COSTUMES HISTORIQUES, dessinées et gravés par PAUQUET

FRERES, d'après les meilleurs Maitres de chaque époque et les Documents les plus authentiques, an extensive series of full-length Figures, beautifully engraved and TASTEFULLY COLOURED on 96 PLATES, representing the various FRENCH Costumes from the Fifth Century to the present time, thick royal 4to, handsomely bound half morocco, gilt edges

£2158 The same, morocco. gilt edges

£3 10s



AN ENTIRELY NEW WORK; IN PROGRESS. Parts 1. to XV. now ready, and will be sent for inspection, if required. COSTUME (LE) HISTORIQUE; to consist of 500 Plates, 300 in colours, gold, and

silver, and 200 in “Camaïeu ” (or improved tinted lithography), executed in the finest style of Art by Messrs. FIRMIN-Didot & Co., of Paris, representing authentic examples of the Costumes and Ornaments of all Times and among all Nations, with numeros choice specimens of Furniture, Glass, Ornamental Metal Work, Arms and Armour. Useful Articles, Modes of Transport, etc., with Explanatory Notices and an Historical Dissertation (in French), published under the direction of A. RACINET.

MODE OF PUBLICATION :The complete work, which is to form Six Volumes of 400 pages, will consist of Five Volumes of Plates (each contain ng 100, with notices) and One of Text, and WILL BE PUBLISHED IN 20 PARTs, at intervals of Two Months.

Terms OF PUBLICATION :PRICE. per Part, small 4to. (84 by 74 inches), in portfolio

10s 61 LARGE PAPER, folio (16 by u14 inches) impressions on Tinted Paper, ditto


21s Od The above are the prices to Subscribers only, who will be supplied on the same terms as those in Paris, atce any augmentation.

On completion, the prices will be raised 25 per cent. COSTUME.-ILLUSTRATIONS OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN COSTUME, from the Fifteenth

Century to the present day, 96 full-length portraits engraved by PAUQUET BROTHERS, after the designs of Albert Dürer, Titian, Vecellio, Jost_Amman, Holbein, Rubens, Pasdyck, Hollar, Bourdon, St. Sauveur, Koning, Lecluse, Dupré, and the principal Artists the present age, ALL DELICATELY AND ACCURATELY COLOURED, royal 4to. hands half-bound morocco, gilt edges

£2 153 The same, morocco extra, gilt edges

£3 105 This work is executed in the same style of excellence as the one or. preceding page, and has an interest of its own, a displaying not only costumes, but the portraits of nearly 100 eminent personages as depicted by celebrated painters. COSTUMES of the CLANS of the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, 72 Full-lengti

Coloured Figures, displaying their Dress, Tartans, Arms, Armorial Insignia, and Scia' Occupations, from Original Sketches ; by R. R. M’IAN, with descriptions and copious Historical Memoranda of Character, Mode of Life, etc., by J. LOGAN, 2 vols. impl. 4 half morocco extra, gilt edges

£8 8s The same, whole morocco extra, gilt edges

£10 105 "One of the most valuable and interesting works of modern times. The portraits are painted by a veritable High landman-an artist of the true stamp, who is familiar with his subject."- Art Union. CRANE, Walter, “The FIRST of MAY," a Fairy Masque, illustrated by 57 designs.

printed by the photo-gravure process, in exact facsimile of the original drawings by WALTER ČRANE, INDIA PROOFS, impl. folio size, in portfolio

£6 6s The same, FIRST PROOFS on INDIA PAPER, atlas folio size, in portfolio £10 10s By this process the engravings are hardly to be detected from the drawings themselves. No description would realiz the variety of subjects, and the wide range of Mr. Crane's pencil, nor the felicity with which each of the characters human and semi-human, is drawn and individualized. Men, women, boys, girls, fairies, demons, elves, imps, bea: birds, and even insects, all figure before us--singing, dancing, flying, joyous or sad, in each scene of the masque. & is May and Fairyland. CROYDON CHURCH, Past and PRESENT, comprising Monuments and Antiquities ar

the Old Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, at Croydon, Surrey, destroyed by Fire. 1867, with a Description of the Structure re-built 1867-69 by Sir GILBERT SCOTT, by J. C. ANDERSON, with 36 exquisite full-page engravings of the magnificent Monuments and numerous woodcuts of the Decorations both in the old and New Edifices, druven by the Author, and executed by eminent engravers, folio, cloth

£3 13s 6d A few copies of each part separately as follows :I. Monuments and Antiquities of Croydon Old Church ; II. The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, at Croydon, as it was re-built during the years 1867-69, folio, cioth,

Each volume £2 2s A few copies of the complete work specially printed on THICK PAPER, with the capital, rubricated, and SEVERAL PLATES COLOURED

£4 14s 6d CRUIKSHANK, G.-BOWRING'S (Sir J.) Minor Morals for Young People, with 12 illus

trations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, and 8 by Heath, 3 vols. 12mo. boards (pub. £l 10s) 12s CRUIKSHANK, G.–THE CAT'S Tail, a Tale (in verse), by the Baroness de Katzleben, with 3 full-page etchings, of a highly humourous character, by G. CRUIKSHANK, fcap. Svo.

6s 6d


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how the Horse-Shoe came to be a Charm against Witchcraft, by E. C. Hight, with illustrations engraved by J. THOMPSON, square post 8vo. cloth (pub. 3s 6d)

2s Rd CUNNINGHAM'S, A., TRADITIONAL TALES of the ENGLISH and SCOTTISH PEASANTRY, New Edition, 12mo. boards (pub. 6s)

4s CUSSANS'S, J. E., HISTORY of HERTFORDSHIRE, containing an Account of

the Descents of the various Manors, Pedigrees of Families connected with the County, Antiquities, Local Customs, etc., etc., compiled chiefly from original MSS. in the Record Office and the British Museum, Parish Registers, Local Archives, and Private Collections, complete in eight Parts, impl. 4to. (issued to subscribers at £16 16s)

£10 10s The same, 3 vols. bound in half morocco extra

£12 128 The same, LARGE PAPER, eight Parts, royal folio (pub. £33 12s)

£21 Or, half morocco extra

£24 The illustrations comprise many full-page plates on steel and on stone, a profusion of smaller engravings on wood of objects of interest in the County, and the Arms of the principal Landowners, together with elaborate Pedigrees (126 in all), now for the first time printed. DEAKIN'S, R., FLORIGRAPHIA BRITANNICA, or Engravings and Descriptions of the

Flowering Plants and Ferns of Britain, with 1,625 accurate representations of plants, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth (pub. £3 10s)

£1 88 DIBDIN'S, Dr. T. F., BIBLIOMANIA, or Book MADNESS, a Bibliographical Romance,

New Edition, with Supplement, including a Key to the Assumed Characters, portrait and numerous illustrations, thick royal 8vo. roxburghe (pub. £l ls)

10s 6d The same, on LARGE PAPER, impl. 8vo. rocburghe

£1 6s DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, by Dr. R. G. LATHAM, founded

on the Dictionary of Dr. S. Johnson, as edited by the Rev. H. J. TODD, with numerous Emendations and Additions, 4 vols. 4to. cloth (pub. £7)

£2 8s Abridged Edition, in 1 vol. thick royal 8vo. cloth (pub. £l 4s)

10s od D'ISRAELI'S, Isaac, WORKS, comprising Curiosities of Literature, Amenities of Litera

ture, the Literary Character, and Calamities and Quarrels of Authors, new and handsome edition, in large type, edited, with Notes and Life, by LORD BEACONSFIELD, 6 vols. post 8vo. cloth (pub. £1 10s)


Edition, Chronologically Arranged, Revised and Enlarged with the Notes of all the Com. mentators, new Notes by W. C. HAZLITT, and Glossary by Dr. R. MORRIS, 15 vols. small 8vo. cloth, uncut (pub. 27 178 60)

£3 10s DORAN'S, Dr., LIVES of the QUEENS of ENGLAND of the House of Hanover, Fourth Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth (pub. £1 58)

8s DRAMATISTS of the RESTORATION, complete set, edited, with Prefatory Memoirs and

Notes, by JAMES MAIDMENT and W. H. LOGAN, Esqs., 14 vols. post 8vo. cloth (pub. £7 78)

£3 38 The same, LARGE PAPER, 14 vols. 8vo. (pub. £12 8s)

£6 Os Or, Printed on WHATMAN PAPER (only a few copies issued), 14 vols. 8vo. (pub. £21)

£10 10s Sold separately, as under :Sir Aston Cokain's Dramatic Works (pub. 10s 6d)

4s 6d John Crowne's Dramatic Works, 4 vols. (pub. £2 2s)

188 Sir William Davenant's Dramatic Works, 5 vols. (pub. £2 12s 6d)

£1 2s 6d John Wilson's Dramatic Works (pub. 10s 6d)

4s od John Lacy's Dramatic Works (pub. 10s 6d)

4s 6d Shackerley Marmion's Dramatic Works (pub. 10s 60)

4s 6d John Tatham's Dramatic Works (pub. 10s 6d)


edited from the “Dohme Series,” by A. H. KEANE, with numerous illustrations, impl. 8vo, half morocco extra (pub. £1 16s)

12s 6d ELLIS'S ORIGINAL LETTERS, with Notes and Illustrations, THIRD SERIES, fronts. 4 vols. post 8vo. cloth (pub. £1 48)

10s od


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MR. FRANCIS FRY'S FACSIMILE REPRINTS, ETC. NEW TESTAMENT, the First printed in the English Language (1525 or 1526), trans

lated from the Greek) by WILLIAM TYNDALE, reproduced in facsimile, with an Introiluetion, thick post 8vo, cloth (only 177 copies printed)


(40) EDITIONS OF, (1525 to 1566), with numerous Readings, Comparisons of Texts, and Historical Notices, the Notes in full from the Edition of Nov. 1534, an Account of two Svo editions of the Bishops' New Testament, with un-numbered verses, etc., etc., 73 fucsimile plates of full title-pages, colophons, pages and capitals, 4to. handsomely printed on toned paper, cloth (only 250 copies printed)

£3 35 On Large and Thick Paper, cloth (very few printed)

£6 6s THE BIBLE BY COVERDALE, 1535, REMARKS on the Titles, the Year of Publi

cation, the Preliminary, the Water-Marks, etc., with facsimiles of the Titles, Types, and Water-Marks, 8vo, half morocco

£1 ls DESCRIPTION OF THE GREAT BIBLE, 1539, and the Six Editions of CRAN

MER's BIBLE, 1540 and 1541, printed by Grafton and WHITCHURCH, also of the Editions, in large folio, of the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures, printed in the years 1611, 1613, 1617, 1634, and 1640, folio, half morocco

£5 With an original leaf of each of the editions described. A PROPER DIALOGUE betwene a Gentillman and a Husbandman eche complayn

ynge to other their miserable calamite through the ambicion of the Clergye, also a ComPENDIOUS OLD TREATYSE, shewynge howe that we ought to have the Scripture in Eng. lysshe ; printed by Hans Luft, 1530, reproduced in facsimile from the only knoun copy, with an Introduction, post 8vo, half bound

10s The same, on Large and Thick Old Paper, roy. Svo, half bound

£1 THE PROPHET JONAS, with an Introduction before teachinge to understonde him,

etc., by WILLIAM TYNDALE, to which is added, COVERDALE's Version of Jonah, reproduced in facsimile, with an Introduction, post 8vo, half bound

10s THE SOULDIERS POCKET BIBLE, containing the most (if not all) those places

contained in Holy Scripture, which doe shew the qualifications of his inner man, that is a fit Souldier to fight the Lords Battels, reproduced in facsimile of the Ancient Type and Paper, with Introduction, fcap. 8vo, half bound, London, 1643 (rep. Willis and Sotheran, 1862)

5s This was the Pucket-Bible supplied to the soldiers in Cromwell's army. THE CHRISTIAN SOLDIER'S PENNY BIBLE, shewing from the Holy Serip

tures the Soldier's duty and Encouragement, London, 1693, reproduced in facsimile of the Ancient Type and Paper, with Introduction, fcap. Svo, half bound


ETCHINGS.--LES (EUVRES DE WILLIAM UNGER, 72 charming etchings after the Old

Masters, with descriptions (in French) by C. VOSMAER, atlas folio, half morocco, uncut,

top edges gilt, £8 15s (pub £12 12s) FIELDING'S, Henry, MISCELLANIES and Poems, edited, with Preface, by Dr. J. P. BROWNE, 8vo, half morocco, top edges gilt

78 od None of the contents of this volume have yet been included in any edition of Fielding's works. GALLERY.-SELECTED PICTURES from the Galleries and Private Collections of Great

Britain, consisting of One Hundred and Fifty Masterpieces of Modern Art, executed in the highest style of Line engraving by the most eminent Engravers of the Day, with Descriptions by S. C. HALL, Esq., F.S.A., etc.

1. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, imperial folio, each plate printed on India PAPER with the greatest care, and accompanied by a descriptive page of Letterpress of corresponding size, 150 plates, forming four volumes in four neat portfolios (pub £52 10s)

£21 The same, bound in 4 vols, half morocco extra, gilt edges

£31 10s II. Artist's Proofs, atlas folio, also on India PAPER, and of which only a few copies were printed, four volumes as above, in four neat portfolios (pub £105) £31 ios The same, bound in 4 vols. half morocco extra, gilt edges


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