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As one with sleep refreshed, see Nature rise

From wintry couch; she opes her frozen eyes

Dispersed the mists and fogs; the orb of day

Lights up the freshened scene with warmer ray.

5 All Nature smiles, the valleys laugh and sing,

With song of choral birds the woodlands ring;

Combined, they all proclaim the joyful reign of


Descends the welcome shower, with mildness


In soft, warm, gentle drops, the earth so long

has sought.

10 The blades, their patience crowned, appear


And grateful hail the warm and moistening rain;

The sunny rays o'er fields and plains arise,

And seem with their late loss to sympathize.

Nor less the flower from sleep they wake amain,

15 Unfold her painted leaf, and bid her reign ;

Invite to life the deadlike plant and flower,

Show Winter's race is run, his reign is o'er.

The primrose first; her name denotes the prime

Of other flowers, which now adorn our clime.

20 The daisies pied, sweet-scented violets blue,

And varied vernal flowers now meet our view;

The wild anemones our woods adorn,

The white-clad flow'rets deck the prickly thorn.

To sing their beauty chaste we vainly seek,

25 So in their glory leave themselves to speak.

Arrived the hour of love-bred Valentine,

The tender season claims poetic line;

The swain no longer hides his ardent love :

For lengthened days and hours he mainly strove

30 His love to quell, his bursting heart to appease;

His sighs now vain, in vain seeks partial ease;

With smitten breast o'ercome, we see him


His love confesses, trembling claims the hand

Of her, the beauteous nymph—her victim lost

35 If she reluctant prove, nor pay the cost

Of tender broken heart, since only she

Or death can find for him a remedy.

Thrice happy he to see his love returned,

With equal love her lovely bosom burned ;

40 To seal their happiness, confirm their bliss,

They interchange the pure, enamoured kiss.

Returning Spring a moral aspect shows;

A lesson learn we from the blooming rose,

The flowers varied, dressed in beauteous sheen,

45 Reflecting gravely what they late have been.

Shall Spring alone revive the deadlike flower,

And we lie dead, nor heed the mighty power

Of Nature's God, who wakes from sleep and death

Each buried plant, and clothes the wide-spread


50 In vest of golden sheen and purple hue?

It stands a sign most sure to me and you,

That we in wisdom's hour our thoughts employ

To dwell on scenes above; where saints enjoy

The presence glorious of the mighty Lord,

55 Now dressed in shining garb, with one accord

His praise proclaiming, brilliantly arrayed

In robes of righteousness, Himself has made.

That we should guiltless stand before His throne,

To worship, praise Him, Lord of lords alone

60 Put off the garb of Nature's sin and death,

To glorify His name who gave us breath,

To sing His praises who with heavenly birth

Quickened our bodies when they slept in earth;

Like painted flowers revived, they flourish, stand

65 Memorials, proofs of His Almighty hand.

The flower, with beauty decked, from grave


Judge what it was when of that life deprived ;

Bare grain or seed concealed in mother earth,

Till sun, with warming ray, gave second birth.

70 E'en such are we, till He, the Lord of lords,

The Sun of Righteousness, His grace affords;

Shines on our guilty souls with darkness clad,

Renews His image which before we had.

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