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To the ReMARKABLE PASSAGEs in this Volume,

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Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

On reed corng

ABEILLARD, his conversation with Anderson, Dr, his experiments on the cul.

Heloisa, on the subject of marriage, ture of potatoes, 473.
105. His retirement from the world, 480, On cultivated graffes, ib.
106. Great number of pupils resort. Animals, brute, cruelly treated by man.
ing to him, 109.

kind, 315. Children most apt to be
Aoul Fazel writes the inftitutes of the guilty of this crime, ib. Parents cul-

Emperor Akber, 615. His noble fen. pable, for not teaching them bexter,
timents, 624.

316. Hunting, an inhuman pattime,
Academy, Royal, in Ireland, its history, ib. Cruelty of confining birds in cages,

203. Of Arts and Sciences in Ame- ib. Of angling with live baito, ib.
rica, its history, 385. Royal Society Of over-driving poft-horses, 317.
of Edinburgh, its history, 532.

how their species are difting. 601.
Acid, nitrous, produced from inflammable Antelope packet, caft away on the Pelew
and dephlogisticated airs, 327.

iBands, 110. Subsequent adventures of
- tarlareous, an excellent remedy in the captain and crew, 111, &c.

ardent fevers, 685. Ordinary prescripe: Antimorial wine, improved method of
tiun for making it, ib. Improved, making, 24.

Antiquities of various kinds, described,
Aids, experiments on their freezing, 325. 298–303. 511-515.
Acidiry, observations on the principles of, Aristotle's Poetics. See Twining.

Ariillery Company, account of, 333.
Alams, Dr. tbe American salesman, his

history of, 419.
comments on Nedham's Excellency of Arundelian marble. See Parian Cbron.
a Free State, 290. His observ. relative Arbens, inquiry concerning, and the man-
to the American Conftitutions, 291-297.

ners of its ancient inhabitants, 627.
Æber, an improved method of making Population, 629. Manufactures and
it, 688.

commerce, 630.
Air, inflammable, and dephlogisticated,

does not produce water, 327: but ni. BACON, Ld. his Efsays modernized,
trous acid, ib.

274. His life, by Dr. Willymote, ib.
phosphoric, described, 587.

His opinion concerning war, 673.
sulphurcous, described, ib.

Baillie, Col. narrative of the imprisonment
pump, on a new construction, 391. and sufferings of his detachment, in the
Akber, Emperor, abstract of his life, 615. Eaft-Indies, 86.

His haram, 617. His library, 618. Baldwin, Mr. his account of a curious

His manner of spending his time, 620. electrical appearance, 389.
Alembert, M. d' his excellent remarks, Barberini vase, described, 425.

reflections, and anecdotes rel. to many Barometer, the causes which produce inac-

eminent men of letters, &c. 642-654. curacy in measuring heights with it, 32.
Americans, inquiry into their original de. A new formula for barometrical mea-
scent, 580.

surements, 33. A portable one des. 206.
Anatomy, proper method of studying, 303. Barrington, Mr. his obfervations on card.
Ought out to attempt a description of

playing, 3016
the soul, 304

Baib walers, Acw ideas conces ning, 267.


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&c. 500.

Beauty. See Cyprus

the presence of small quantities of elec.
Beever, Sir Thomas, on the culture of the

tricity, 319.
turnip-rooted cabbage, 477. Of the Cavendish, Mr. his experiments on freez.
fcarcity-sout, 479.

ing the nitrous and vitriolic acids, 3:5.
Beings, natural. See De Luc.

Centripetal forces, theory of, algebraicalis
Beliarius, his great character, 14.

demonstrated, 244.
Bulles Lettres not sufficiently encouraged Charlemont, Earl of, on the antiquity of
in England, 532. Reasons why, ib.

the woollen manufact, in Ireland, 512.
Bengal, present Huurishing fate of, under Cbarles VI. Emperor, his character, 679.
the English establishment, 22.

Cbeljea College, history of, 417. Abules
Benziës, a new way of making its flowers, in iis management, 418.

Cheltenbam waters, their qualities, 268.
Bills of Ercharge, great commercial ques. Cbem fry, pomenclature of it adapted to
tjon relative to, 559.

the French fyfiem, 74. The different
Birgbam rocks, described, 422.

systems of, compared, 163–165. The
Bilbops formerly served in the army, 331. present state of, in France, 590.
Curious anecdote of one, 332.

Cbrifiianiry, its doctrines incomprehen.
Bleyden, Dr. on cooling water below the fible by humaq reason, 340.
freezing point, 323.

Churcb, primitive, free remarks on the rile
Boileau, the poel, anecdotes rel. to, 644. and progress of its doétrines, 17.

Of his two brothers, 645. Epigrana Churches, oblervations on, 302.
by one of them, 640-_-6.9.

Cicero, obl. on his literary character, 435.
Boruwlaki, M. the Polish dwarf, ace, of, . On his oratory, 436. Fine paffage from

63. His progressive growth at different one of his orations against Verres,
Feriods of his life, ib.

translated, 438.
Borango, bow prepared, 641.

Cleg born, Dr, his account of various sob.
Bourné, M, his philosophical principles Itances found in an ovarium, 206.
rel. to navigation, marieuvres at fea, Clergy, invective againft, 339, 338.

Cloper, obr. on different crops of, 480.
Browne, John, poetical translations by, Cold, obferv, on a remarkable degree of,

at 12 years old, from various authors, 34. Cause of, on high mountains, gzi.
Greek and Latin, 359.

Collins, Mr. his epifle to Sir Thomas
Brunswic, Duke of, his administration in . Haomer quoted, with respea to Shake

Holland censured and defended, 667. speare's characters, 81. Hie ode oa
Buccieugh, Duke of, meteorological diary the fuperftitions of the Highlanders,
kept by, at Branxholm, 36.

533. 555
Buck wbeat, experiment on its culture, Combe, Dr, his observ, on some antiquities

found in Lombard-street, 301.
Burges, Mr. Con pe&tus criticarum 05. Comet of 1789, history of, 318. Diff.
fervationum, 693.

culties in calculating its return, ib.
Burja mucoją delcribed, 497. 578. That of Jan, 1785, 573. Of April

1985, 574
CABBAGE, turnip-rooted, its culture, Condensation of vapours, productive of head,

Calvinism, the principles of, cold, unpbi. Condercet, Marquis de, on the populatica
losophical, and unpoe:ical; furnishing

of France, 574
no pleasures to the imagination, 103 Censcience, courts of, remarks on, 504.
Cancers, method of palliating the pain Conjumprions, new observations on their
which they occafion, 377.

causes, 178. And on ibe method of
Cannara, &c. the caves there, described, treating them, 179. Cuted by external

embrocations, 180.
Cards, origin of the different games of, 301. Cook, Capt. birth and education, 396.
Caricatura, in painting, disapproved, 61. Preferment in the navy, 396. His
Vindicated, 62.

forft voyage round the world, 397. His
Carrors, their culture, 473.

Jecond voyage, 358. His ibirá, 399.
Cartwrigbt, Mr. his abstract of the regu. His cbaracter, ib.

lations of the East India Company rela. Cooke, Mr. his drill plow recommended,
tive to the officers, &c. of their lips, 480.
illicit trade, &c. 373..

Couris martial, their history, 416.
Caule, a disease in their horns, deferibed, Crawford, Dr. his theory of heat attacked
392. Cure of, ib.

by the French chemifs, 588. Do-
Caufticon, of the French chemists, de. fended, ib.
fcribed, 586.

Crimea described, 638. Now a Raffas
Cataldo, M. on the method of ascertain og province, ib. Its natura curiosities. 639.

Crie 14

, ,

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Criminals under sentence of death, doubts Elixir fætidum, an excellent prescription

relative to the expediency of giving the for making it, 687.
most profligate of them too great a por. Elizabetb Q. of Spain, her chara&ter, 680,
tion of religious comfort, 286.

Ellio, Mr. his improv d method of cor-
Critical days, not to be neglected in acute recting the observed distance of the
diseases, 55.

moon from the sun or a fixed ftar, 35.
Croonian leziure, account of one by Dr. England, Aate and character of, by the late
Fordyce, 246.

King of Prussia, 680.
Cruelty to brute animals, horrid nature of, Equations, the method of reducing them

when they bave two equal roots, 144.
Crystals, their structure, 578.

Analyfis of indeterminate, 590.
Curl, a disease in potatoes, 475.

Elber, of Sir Isaac Newton, adopted by the
Curves, their quadrature, 206.

modern chemifts, 585. Different mo.
Cyprus, visit to, by a gentleman now difications of it the cause of light and

living, 519. Account of a most beau. heat, ib.
tiful woman there, 520.

Euflarius, St. capture of, in the late war,

not yet beneficial to the capturs, 378.
DAIRIES, observations on, 481.

Plan for a division of the prize-money,
Darkness, uncommon, described, 388. ib.
Darwin, Dr. his frigorific experiments on

the expanfion of the air, 321. FENELON, Archbishop, anecdotes re-
Dearborn, Mr. his description of two

lative to, 650.
pumps, 391,

Fermentation, theory of different species of,
Debtors, intolvent, rem, on the im policy 589.

& injustice of their imprisonment, 467. Fire arms, when first used, 333. Reasons
Denne, Mr. his observations on dome's. why not carlier introduced, 334.
day book, 423.

Fisher, Mr. his case of an abdominal tu.
Diapbragm, wound in, not always mortal, mour, 392.

Flatlery, striking instances of its being
ee, abs Dickson, Dr. on the pemphigus, 206. used with success, 647. La Fontaine's

Difilley, in Scotland, review of the laws verses in recommendation of, ib.
respecting, 265.

Fleming, Mr. on the agitation of the
De Luc, M. his theorem for barometrical waters of Loch Tay, 35,
measurements confirmed, 33.

Fluenis, found by infinite series, how cor-
-, on the gradations supposed to

rected, 145.
exist among natural beings, 691. Freezing, experiments on, 321-326.
LI Dress, proposals for preventing waste, and Fourcrey, M. de, on the imuking oil of

unnecellary expence, in that of men, vitriol, 576. On the mucous capsulæ,

Drill culture, experiments on, 479. Fulda, a short account of the town and
Diuidical temple found in Jersey, 428. country of, 684.
Durbam, city of, and cathedral, described,

GANNET, Mr. on the Aurora Borealis,

EARTH, a new theory of, 36. Shewn Gendre, M. le, on the analysis of indeter-
to be defective, 37. q he ratio of iis

minate equations, 570.
two diameters, 73•

Ge-organon defcribed, 459.
Earibquakes, conjectures concerning, 389, George II, his character, 680.
Euf-India Company, orders and regulations Georgium Sidus, its motion, orbit, and ele.

of, in regard to illicit trade, &c. 373. menis determined, 38. Tables of its
Edipse, a lunar one observed by Dr.Usther, places, ib. its opposition in 1785, 573.

German ode, without rhyme or meire,
El-Eiricity, methods of discovering small transted, 656.

quantities of it, 319.690. The mane Gibbon, Mr, his mode of historical compo-
ner in which glass is charged with it, fition, 1221 His account of the Bye
320. Its effe&ts on the human body, zantine empire, 123. Of the establish.

613. See Baldwin. See Cavallo. ment of the Popes, 125. Of the Crue
Elemenis, natural, thewn to be only three, fades, 223. Defelis of his work, 233.

because earth is demonstrated to be a His ftyle cominended and criticiled,
compound, 5910

Elepbanta, acc. of the caves there, 423. Gibraliar, good policy of restoring that
Elephants, particulars of their natural his. fortress to Spain, for an equivalent,
tory, 61g.



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Glajs, De, on the afinity of certain words Hurring, in Hindoftan, described, 631.

in the language of the Friendly islands, Hunting furd's ode to fleace, traslated by
with the Hebrew, 299.

a boy only 12 years old, 360.
Gisbes, useful in illuftrating ebe theory of Hutchinson, Mr, bis generous offer to the

afironomy and geography, but not in subscribers to his Hiftory of Dorbam,
solving nice problems, 459.

Glor, Mr, his poetry glanced at, $15. Hutson, Dr, on the theory of rain, 32.
Specimen of his Afberaid, ib.

Theory of the earth, 36.
Goui, new theory of, 404.

Hydrops pectoris, the disease describes,
Gradation among natural beings. See De 689.

Grafies, their culture, 480.

FAMES, Dr. a curious anecdote con-
Gratisude, a noble instance of, 441.

cerning his method of adminiftering
Gravel, and stone, new theory of, 404. his fever powder, 508.
Graves, Mr. author of anecdoies of Shea- Jeaurat, M. on the patiage of the roca
ftone, 261.

over the meridian, 570.
Grai, Dr. on the manner in which glass Jews, their first introduction into Eng-

is charged with electrical fluid, 320. land, 428.
Gregory VII. Pope, account of his usurped Indian religion, abftra&t account of that of

domination and tyranny over the po- the Bramins, 596. Duties of the Brae
tentates of Europe, 208. Reflexions mins, 597. Their abhorrence of idol.
'on his character and conduct, ib.

atry, 598. Their ideas of future ps.
Greek fire, used in war, 129. Its terrible nishments, 599.

effects, ib. Composition unknown, 419. Indies, Eaft. See Bengal; see Baillie; see
Greenfield, Mr, on negative quantities, 33. Mattbews; see Cartwrigbı; see Akber,
Grimwood, Mr. on the degeneracy of fruit- Emperor.
trees, 482.

Inscription, a curious one in a rock at Ni.
Gullonian leiure, read at the College of saganset Bay, in North America, 424.
Physicians, by Dr. Riollay, 267.

On a Roman alcar at Tinmouth, 426.
Gunpowder, its investicn, 420. Compo- of an Irisb chief, şii.
pofillion of, ib.

Fones, Mr, his account of Weft-river

Mountain, 390.
HASTINGS, Mr. inadvertency in the Ireland, controverfy in that country, rela.

conduct of his trial, 267. Patronizes tive to tithes, 455. The queftion rel. to

the study of Eastern literature, 616. the violation of ibe articles of Limerick
Hear, mutability of it in the atmosphere,

reviewed, 545.
321. Experiments on it, 323. Of ani. Irish academy, its history, 203.
mals, new theory of, 376. Dr. Craw. lron, a mass of it found, native, ia Anes
ford's theory of, attacked by the French, rica, 248.
588, defended, ib.

Irritability in vegetables, 248.
Heberden, Dr. his cable of the mean heat Jupiter, the theory of that planet, 575.
at London, for 10 years, 249.

Fullinian, emperor, celebrated as a great
Heloisa, her speeches to Abeiliard, declin. legislator, 16. His example recommende
ing his offer of marsiage, 195.

ed to imitation, ib.
Heçaritis particularly described as it ap-

pears in india, 181; Its method of cure, KEATE, Mr. editor of capt. Wilfos':

acc. of the Pelew iBands, his respect-
Hernia, incarcerated, an improvement in able character, 203,
the operation for its cure, 499.

Kings, rarely diftinguished as Authors
Ilernia, practical obfervations on, 269. 676. The late K. of Pruflia's pre-
Hewell, rev. Mr. his excellent character eminence in that respect, 677.
and death, 441.

Kıs Corry.touse described, 514
Hindoos, account of their books, 618. Krigbi'sofee explained, 330.

Worship only one God, 623. Arc ig- Keumiss, a Tartarian wine, method of
telligent people, 625.

making, 350
Har.frojt, obtervations on, 34.
Hegarib, his merit as a painter appreci- LACEDEMONIANS, said to bave con.
ated, 6:.

triluted more toward the ruin of
Hollanders, their character by the K, of Greece, than any other nation, 631.
Prussia, 68).

Their moral character unfavourably 1t.
Horace's ode to spring, trandated by a boy prelented, 633
only 12 years old, 360.

La Fontaine, his verses on adulation, 647.
Hunter, Dr. his obí. on the heat of wells La Motte, anecdotes sel, to, 652. Verles
in Jamaica, 248.

of, translated, 652, 654.


In London, 249.

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ed, 350

ther, 39.

Learned men, danger of their being wife great master of the eloquence of the
in their own conceits, 529.

heart, 665.
Lee Boo, son to the Pelew king, accompa. Meteorological Diary at Branisholm, 36.
nies capt. Willon to England, and dies

At Hawkhill, 39.
of the small pox, 191.

Observations on the mode of keeping,
Ligbe, objections to the Newtonian doc. 328.
trine of, refuted, 387.

Microcosm, a periodical work, wiitten by
Lightning, its effects, 389. On a Dutch some Eaton scholars, 2i1. Specimens

East India fhip, 614. A ready conduce of their prole, 213. Of their poetry,
tor applicable to ships, ib.


Last will and teftamant of the
Limerick, articles of, whether violated or supposed author, Gregory Griffin, 216.
not, 547

A Real names of the writers, ib.
Lincoln, Mr. his miscellaneous observa. Milicia, when first established, 331.

tions on natural history, 390. On in. Milion, the most learned of all our poets,

grafting fruit trees and vegetation, ib. 1. His juvenile poems appreciated, 2.
Lions, how caught in Hindoitan, 621. Mr. Warton's edit. of, its delign and
Locb Tay, a remarkable agitation in its conduct, 4. His Lycidas criticised, 5.
waters, 35

Obf. on his other pieces, 9-12. Cri-
Logarithms, compendious method of cal. ticisms continued, 97. His imitations
culating them, 144.

discused, 99. Vindicated against the
Ludlam, the late rev. Mr. his respectable charge of Puritanism, 101. His Larin
character, 185.

poems commended, 343. Story of his

flagellation at the university controvert.
MACARONI, that character defined, ed, 348. His Lycidas sarther illuftrar-

and poetically displayed, 157;
Macgowan, Mr, his register of the wea. Monnier, M. le, on the conjunction of

the moon with the Pleiades, 571. On
Macguire, Mr. describes a new portable the opposition of the 7th planet, 573.
barometer, 206.

Conjunction of the moon with Venus,
Macneil, Mr. his acc, of the caves of Cana ib.

nara, Ambola, and Elephanta, 423. Montagu, Ed. Wortley, not the author of
Madness, method of preventing it after the book on ancient republics, publithed
the bite of a mad dog, 180.

under his name, 469. The rev. Mr.
Mal del sole, a disease endemial in Milan, Foster said to have been the real au.
636. Cure of, 638.

thor, ib.
Marines, origin of that corps, 334.

Mcon, a new method of correcting its obo
Marun, Dr. Van, on noxious vapours,

served distance from the sun or a fixed
and the methods of preventing their

ftar, 35.

Its conjunction with the
pernicious effects, 612.

Pleiades, 571. Occultation of Venus
Mafter!, Mr. on an ancient painting on

by it, 573
glass, 426.

Morion, muscular, said to be independent
Mafts of ships, curious remarks rel. to, on the nerves, 246. This doârine re-

futed, 247:
Marbewus, general, vindicated, with regard Moun'ains, formula for measuring their
te his military conduct in Hindoftan,

height, 33.

Mulberry, a proposal for propagating it by
Mayer's tables, an error in them correct. 1eed, 484.

Muller, its natural history, and migra-
Measures, Russian, of length, reduced to tions, 641. Manner of catching, 642.
English feet, 641.

Mushrooms, difficulty of deferibing them,
Medicines, the most active of them taken! 460.

from the mineral kingcom, 684.
Mercury, its operation on the human bo- NARSES, the eunach, disinguished as
dy, 269.


ed, 571.

a ftatesman, and warrior, 15.
Melier, M. his obl, on the occultations Navigation. See Bourdé.

of the Pleiades by the moon, 571. Of Nedbam, Marchamont, his “ excellency of
Venus, 573. Observations on the comet a free fare controverted, 290.

of 1785. ib. On another comet, 574. Negative quantities, their use in Algebra,
Merastafio, beautiful lines of bis trans-

lated, 660.

Elegant complimentary Negroes, their slavery in the W. Indies
verses to, 664. His happy manner of extenuated, 69. Their liberation not
treating the passion of love, 665. A advisable, 7). Laws lately made by



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