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To the REMARKABLE PASSAGES in this Volume.

N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, fee the
Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

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Beauty. See Cyprus.
Beever, Sir Thomas, on the culture of the
turnip-rooted cabbage, 477. Of the
fcarcity-root, 479.
Beings, natural. See De Luc.
Belarius, his great character, 14.
Belles Lettres not fufficiently encouraged
in England, 532. Reafons why, ib.
Bengal, prefent flourishing ftate of, under
the English establishment, 22.
Benzees, a new way of making its flowers,

Bills of Exchange, great commercial quef.
tion relative to, 559.
Bingham rocks, defcribed, 422.
Bishops formerly ferved in the army, 331.
Curious anecdote of one, 332.
Blagden, Dr. on cooling water below the
freezing point, 323.


Boileau, the poet, anecdotes rel. to, 644.
Of his two brothers, 645. Epigram
by one of them, 64c-6.9..
Boruwlafki, M. the Polish dwarf, acc. of,
63. His progreffive growth at different
periods of his life, ib.
Botargo, how prepared, 641.
Bourde, M. his philofophical principles
rel. to navigation, manœuvres at fea,
&c. 500.

Browne, John, poetical translations by,
at 12 years old, from various authors,
Greek and Latin, 359
Brunfavic, Duke of, his administration in.
Holland cenfured and defended, 667.
Buccleugh, Duke of, meteorological diary
kept by, at Branxholm, 36.

Buck wheat, experiment on its culture,

Burgess, Mr. Confpectus criticarum Ob-
fervationum, 698.
Burja mucoja described, 497. 578.

CABBAGE, turnip-rooted, its culture,


Calvinim, the principles of, cold, unphi.
lofophical, and unpoetical; furnishing
no pleasures to the imagination, 103.
Cancers, method of palliating the pain

which they occafion, 377.
Cannara, &c. the caves there, described,

Cards, origin of the different games of, 301.
Caricatura, in painting, difapproved, 61.
Vindicated, 62.

Carrots, their culture, 478.
Cartwright, Mr. his abftract of the regu
lations of the Eaft-India Company rela-
tive to the officers, &c. of their hips,
illicit trade, &c. 373..

Cattle, a difeafe in their horns, deferibed,
392. Cure of, ib.

Caufticon, of the French chemists, de.
fcribed, 586.

Cavalls, M. on the method of afcertaining

the prefence of small quantities of elec
tricity, 319.

Cavendish, Mr. his experiments on freez-
ing the nitrous and vitriolic acids, 325.
Centripetal forces, theory of, algebraically
demonftrated, 244.

Charlemont, Earl of, on the antiquity of
the woollen manufact, in Ireland, 512.
Charles VI. Emperor, his character, 679.
Chelsea College, hiftory of, 417. Abuses
in its management, 418.
Cheltenham waters, their qualities, 268.
Chem fry, nomenclature of it adapted to
the French fyftem, 74. The different
fyftems of, compared, 163-165. The
prefent ftate of, in France, 590.
Cbrifianity, its doctrines incomprehen-
fible by human reason, 340.
Church, primitive, free remarks on the rife

and progrets of its doctrines, 17.
Churches, obfervations on, 302.
Cicero, obf, on his literary character, 435.

On his oratory, 436. Fine paffage from
one of his orations against Verres,
tranflated, 438.

Cleghorn, Dr. his account of various fub-

ftances found in an ovarium, 206.
Clergy, invective againft, 337, 338.
Clower, obf, on different crops of, 480.
Cold, obferv. on a remarkable degree of,

34. Caufe of, on high mountains. 321.
Collins, Mr. his epifile to Sir Thomas

Hanmer quoted, with respect to Shake-
fpeare's characters, 81. His ode on
the fuperftitions of the Highlanderi,
533. 555-

Combe, Dr. his obferv, on fome antiquities
found in Lombard-street, 301.
Comet of 1789, hiftory of, 318. Diffi
culties in calculating its return, tb.
That of Jan. 1785, 573. Of April
1785, 574.

Condensation of vapours, productive of heat,


Condorcet, Marquis de, on the population
of France, 574.
Confcience, courts of, remarks on, 304.
Confumptions, new obfervations on their
caules, 178. And on the method of
treating them, 179. Cured by external
embrocations, 180.

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EARTH, a new theory of, 36. Shewn
to be defective, 37. he ratio of its
two diameters, 73.
Earthquakes, conjectures concerning, 389.
Eaft-India Company, orders and regulations
of, in regard to illicit trade, &c. 373.
Eclipfe, a lunar one obferved by Dr.Usther,


Electricity, methods of difcovering fmall

quantities of it, 319. 690. The mane
ner in which glafs is charged with it,
320. Its effects on the human body,
613. See Baldwin. See Cavallo.
Elements, natural, fhewn to be only three,
because earth is demonftrated to be a
compound, 591.

Elephanta, acc. of the caves there, 423.
Elephants, particulars of their natural hif-

tory, 619.

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Gendre, M. le, on the analysis of indeter-
minate equations, 570.
Ge-organon defcribed, 459.
George II. his character, 680.
Georgium Sidus, its motion, orbit, and ele

ments determined, 38. Tables of its
places, ib. Its oppofition in 1785, 573.
German ode, without thyme or metre,

tranflated, 656.

Gibben, Mr. his mode of hiftorical compo-
fition, 112 His account of the By-
zantine empire, 123. Of the establish
ment of the Popes, 125. Of the Cru
fades, 223. Defects of his work, 233.
His fryle commended and criticited,

Gibraltar, good policy of restoring that
fortress to Spain, for an equivalent,


Glafs, Dr. on the affinity of certain words
in the language of the Friendly iflands,
with the Hebrew, 299.

Hunting, in Hindoftan, defcribed, 621.
Huntingford's ode to filence, tranflated by
a boy only 12 years old, 360.
Hutchinson, Mr, his generous offer to the
fubfcribers to his Hiftory of Durham,

Glober, useful in illuftrating the theory of
afronomy and geography, but not in
folving nice problems, 459.

Glover, Mr. his poetry glanced at, $15. Hutton, Dr. on the theory of rain, 32.
Specimen of his Athenaid, ib.

Theory of the earth, 36.

Gout, new theory of, 404.

Hydrops pecturis, the difeafe defcribed,

Gradation among natural beings. See De



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HASTINGS, Mr. inadvertency in the
conduct of his trial, 267. Patronizes
the ftudy of Eastern literature, 616.
Heat, mutability of it in the atmosphere,
321. Experiments on it, 323. Of ani-
anals, new theory of, 376. Dr. Craw
ford's theory of, attacked by the French,
588, defended, ib.

Heberden, Dr. his table of the mean heat
at London, for 10 years, 249.
Heloifa, her fpeeches to Abeillard, declin.
ing his offer of marriage, 105.
Hepatitis particularly defcribed as it ap-
pears in India, 181; Its method of cure,

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TAMES, Dr. a curious anecdote con-
cerning his method of adminiftering
his fever powder, 508.

Feaurat, M. on the paffage of the moon
over the meridian, 570.

Jews, their first introduction into Eng-
land, 428.

Indian religion, abstract account of that of

the Bramins, 596. Duties of the Bra
mins, 597. Their abhorrence of idol-
atry, 598. Their ideas of future pa-
nishments, 599.

Indies, Eaft. See Bengal; fee Baillie; fee
Matthews; lee Cartwright; fee Akber,

Infcription, a curious one in a rock et Ni.

raganfet Bay, in North America, 424.
On a Roman altar at Tinmouth, 426.
Of an Irish chief, 511.

Jones, Mr. his account of Weft-river
Mountain, 390.

Ireland, controverfy in that country, rela-
tive to tithes, 455. The queftion rel. to
the violation of the articles of Limerick
reviewed, 545,
Irish academy, its hiftory, 203.
Iron, a mass of it found, native, in Ame-
rica, 248.

Irritability in vegetables, 248.
Jupiter, the theory of that planet, 575-
Juftinian, emperor, celebrated as a great
legiflator, 16. His example recommend-
ed to imitation, ib.

KEATE, Mr. editor of capt. Wilfon's
acc. of the Pelew islands, his respect-
able character, 202.

Kings, rarely diftinguished as Authors,
6-6. The late K. of Pruffia's pre-
eminence in that respect, 677.
Kits Corry-boufe defcribed, 514.
Knight's-fee explained, 330.
Koumifs, a Tartarian wine, method of
making, 35

LACE DEMONIANS, faid to have con-

tributed more toward the ruin of
Greece, than any other nation, 631.
Their moral character unfavourably re-
prefented, 633-

La Fontaine, his verfes on adulation, 647.
La Morte, anecdotes rel. to, 652. Veries
of, tranflated, 652, 654.


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Learned men, danger of their being wife
in their own conceits, 529.

Lee Boo, fon to the Pelew king, accompa-
nies capt. Wilfon to England, and dies
of the fmall pox, 191.
Ligbe, objections to the Newtonian doc-
trine of, refuted, 387.
Lightning, its effects, 389. On a Dutch
Eaft India fhip, 614. A ready conduc-
tor applicable to fhips, ib.
Limerick, articles of, whether violated or
not, 547.
Lincoln, Mr. his mifcellaneous obferva-
tions on natural history, 390. On in-
grafting fruit trees and vegetation, ib.
Lions, how caught in Hindoftan, 621.
Loch Tay, a remarkable agitation in its
waters, 35.

Logarithms, compendious method of cal-
culating them, 144.
Ludlam, the late rev. Mr. his refpe&table
character, 185.

MACARONI, that character defined,
and poetically displayed, 157
Macgowan, Mr. his regifter of the wea-
ther, 39

Macguire, Mr. defcribes a new portable
barometer, 206.
Macneil, Mr. his acc, of the caves of Can-
nara, Ambola, and Elephanta, 423.
Madness, method of preventing it after
the bite of a mad dog, 180.

Mal del fole, a disease endemial in Milan,
636. Cure of, 638.

Marines, origin of that corps, 334.
Marum, Dr. Van, on noxious vapours,
and the methods of preventing their
pernicious effects, 612.

Mafters, Mr. on an ancient painting on
glafs, 426.

Mafts of fhips, curious remarks rel. to,
Mathews, general, vindicated, with regard
te his military conduct in Hindoftan,


Mayer's tables, an error in them correct.

ed, 571.

Meafures, Ruffian, of length, reduced to
English feet, 641.

Medicines, the most active of them taken
from the mineral kingdom, 684.
Mercury, its operation on the human bo-
dy, 269.

Mellier, M. his obf. on the occultations
of the Pleiades by the moon, 571. Of
Venus, 573. Obfervations on the comet
of 1785, ib. On another comet, 574.
Metaftafio, beautiful lines of his tranf-
lated, 660. Elegant complimentary
verfes to, 664. His happy manner of
treating the paffion of love, 665. A


great mafter of the eloquence of the
heart, 665.

Meteorological Diary at Branxholm, 36.
At Hawkhill, 39. In London, 249.
Obfervations on the mode of keeping,
Microcofm, a periodical work, written by
fome Eaton fcholars, 211. Specimens
of their profe, 213. Of their poetry,
214. Laft will and teftament of the
fuppofed author, Gregory Griffin, 216.
A Real names of the writers, ib,
Militia, when first established, 331.
Milton, the most learned of all our poets,
1. His juvenile poems appreciated, 2.
Mr. Warton's edit. of, its defign and
conduct, 4. His Lycidas criticifed, 5.
Obf. on his other pieces, 9-12. Cri-
ticifms continued, 97. His imitations
difcuffed, 99. Vindicated against the
charge of Puritanism, 101. His Latin
poems commended, 343. Story of his
flagellation at the univerfity controvert-
ed, 348. His Lycidas farther illuftrat-
ed, 350.
Monnier, M. le, on the conjunction of
the moon with the Pleiades, 571. On
the oppofition of the 7th planet, 573-
Conjunction of the moon with Venus,

Montagu, Ed. Wortley, not the author of
the book on ancient republics, published
under his name, 469. The rev. Mr.
Fofter faid to have been the real au-
thor, ib.

Moon, a new method of correcting its ob
ferved distance from the fun or a fixed
ftar, 35.
Its conjunction with the
Pleiades, 571. Occultation of Venus
by it, 573.

Motion, mufcular, faid to be independent
on the nerves, 246. This do&rine re-
futed, 247.
Mountains, formula for measuring their
height, 33.

Mulberry, a propofal for propagating it by
feed, 484.

Muller, its natural hiftory, and migra-

tions, 641. Manner of catching, 642.
Mushrooms, difficulty of defcribing them,

[blocks in formation]
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