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the assembly of Jamaica, in their lated by Healde, 21. By Monro, 205
favour, 265. Poems in commisera- Errors in it pointed out, 569.

tion of their Navery, by two very Pblogiffor, observation on it, 326.
young ladies, 554.

Place, M. de la, on the population of
Nerves, their agency in producing muscu. France, 574, On the theory of Jopie

lar motion denied, 246. This doctrine ter and Saturn, 575.
proved to be talle, 246, 247.

Planets, oblervations on, 572.
Newion, Sir Isaac, a new oemonftration Playfuir, Mr, on barometrical measure-

of his first rule for the quadrature of Inents, 32.
curves, 206.

Pleianes, their conjundion with the moon,
Niebolas V. Pope, his great patronage of 57: Occultations, ib.

learning, 2 30. Forms the Vatican li. Pclani, char, of, by the K. of Pruffia, 682.
brary, ib.

Polje Coni'alus, explained, 330.
Nonarefimal degree, the method of finding Pita:ces, their culture, 473-377. See
its altitude and longitude, 386.

also Card.
Noyon, bishop, his epitaph, 642.

Pownal, Governor, his account of Roman

antiquities, 299. 427.
OBSERVATORY, at Dublin, described, Priffey, Dr. his experiments on the prin-

ciple of acicity, compofition of water,
Opera, Italian, anecdotes rel. to celebrated and phlogiston, 326. His doctrine oi se-
compolers of, 657.

fpiration misrepresented by the French,
Orange, Prince of, his strong claim for 388. Defended, ib.

support in the office of Stadtholder, Prime numbers, some properties of, 570.

Primero, a fashionable game at cards in Q.
Orcbards, plan for improving, 481.

Elizabeth's time, 301.
Ordeal, trials by, instances of, 209. Prince, Mr. his account of an air pumpe
Orpbeus, account of, 134. His hymns ex- a new construction, 391.
pounded, &c. 135.

Printing, thoughts on its origin, 423.
Ojcillating bodies, their force on the cen- Prisoners of war, how cruelly created in
ter of suspension, 146,

former umes, 421.
Offian, the authenticity of his poems; tefti. Pruffia, late K. of, vindicated with regard
mony in favour of, 511.

to his imprisonment of Baron Trenck,
Ovarium, the contents of a diseased one

256; and in refpe&t to his invafoa al
described, 206.

Silefia, 486. 683. Bis seizure of the

archives of Dresden defended, 287. His
PARIAN Chronicle, its authenticityim- concern in the partition of Poland jul
peached, 351.

tihed, 490. His unbounded teleration
Parijh Registers, observations' on, 299. of religion, 675. His pofthum. works,
Parfriss, their culture, 479.

676. His character of the Emperor
Palton, Mrs. her curious letter, concerning Ch. VỊ. 679. Of Geo. II. K. of Eng-
her son's education, 49.

land, 680. Of the Q. of Spain, ib. Of
Paul, Father, his treatile on the govern- the English nation, ib. Of the Dotch,

ment of Venice lately printed in Eng- 681. Of the Rufjans, 68 2. Of his
land, 698. A tranflation of it formerly own faiber, 683.

Purveyor to the King's houshold, his of
Pearlon, Dr. his invention of the boda fice, 426,
phosphurata, 507

Pyrmont, íts water, and its ftuation,
Pegge, Mr. his history of the asylum or

fcribed, 179.
ecclefiaftical sanctuary, 298.
Pelew, illands of, inhabitants of, their

QVADRUPEDS, oviparous, different
friendly behaviour to capt. Wilson and

kinds of, described
his crew, hipwrecked there, 113: 193: Quebec, grievances in the province of, with
Affecting acc. of the parting between
them and the English, 200.

segard to the English government, 67.
Pemphigus, an uncommon disease, de.
fcribed, 206,

RAIN, theory of, explained, 32.
Peribelion, a remarkable one describ. 205. Reafon, human, incapable of compte.
Perrault, anecdotes relating to, 644. hending the Christian religion, 340.
Petroleum, description of the springs yield- Absurdity of this notion, ib.
ing it, 639.

Regiflers, observations on ibofe of difia.
Peyroule, M. an acc. of his voyage, 572, ent parishes, 299.
Pharmacopæia, observations on the last Religion, causes of difengons in, 633.
published by the college, 463. Transe Rbodes, Miss, answers obje&icos againt


printed, ib.


time, 415.;

the breeding of folk.worms, as an un- Soda P bofpborata, a new purging Calt, 507.
healthful employment, 183.

Soldiers, their uniform in Henry VIII's
Rbubarb, culture of, 479.
Rbyme, and Metre, improper for poetry, Spain, our alliance with, peculiarly de-

654. A German ode without either, firabls, 154. Gibraltar to be reitored
translated, 656.

to, for an equivalent, ib.
Robison, Mr. on the orbit and motion of Spalm, the doctrine of it defended, 26.
the Georgium Sidas, 38.

Steel, an improved method of making it,
Rocbelle Sals, composition of, 506.

Roman Roads, observations on, 300. Stokes, Dr, afins Dr. Withering in the
Rsoke, Mr. his description of Bingham Botanical Arrangement, &c. 544. 568.

Rocks, 422. Of two Roman villæ near the notes.
Mansfield, 427

Seone. See Gravel.
Roulb, Ms. bis Reliquiæ Sacræ announced, Sugar, analytis of, 182.

Sulpbur Præcipitatuni, a new method of
Royal Society of Ireland, its history, 203. preparing it, prelerable to the old, 24.
Ruffia, produces a greater variety of ve- Swallows, their torpid ftate during the

getables than other countries, 634. winter confirmed by facle, 391.
Measures of length there a juíted to

their agreement with English feet, 641. THEODORA, Empress, her diffolute
( Rulians, their national character, 682.

character, 13.

Tbeodoric, Emperor, Rory of his guilty
SaL Marris, method of knowing when conscience, and remarkable death, 13.
it is genuine, 25

Tinmcu:h, Roman inscript, at, expl. 426.
Salt, spontaneously formed in Crim Tar. Tietes, argum. pro and con. rel. to, 453.
tary, 639.

Tortoises, different kinds of, described, 604.
Sali-petre, used for cooling water, 617. Trenck, Baron, his fufferings during a ten
Sanctuary, or asylum, of ancient times, years imprisonment, 257. Not unjuilly
described, 298.

treated by the K. of Prussia, 672.
Sarurn, the theory of, 575. The ele. Troostwyk, M. Van, on noxious vapours,
ments of its orbit, 576.

and the means of preventing their pere
Saxons, military establiments among aicious effects, 613. On the electrie
them, 329.

city of the atmosphere, 613.
Scorland, fome parts of, characterized, 312. Turnips, experiments on their culture, 47"

Songs, &c. of the Highlanders, 313. Meth. of preventing the fly in them, is
Edinburgh described, 539.

Turtle, a new species of, described, 602.
Scors, their origin in Britain, 512. Turtles, their manner of living, 602.
Segrais, the poet, anecdote.of, 643.

Breeding, 603.
Sejour, M. du, on the population of Twining, Mr. his tranNation of Arifotle's
Fraoce, 574

Poetics announced, 701.
Series, infinite, their use in finding flie Tyrwbiti, Mr, his notes on Aristotle's

ents, 145. How transformable, 146. Poetics, left in the hands of Mr. Bur.
Sermons at Westminster Abbey, charged

gess, 701.
with ing pidity, 337. Invective against
the clergy in general, on a similar ac. VAN Marum, Dr. on vapours, 612.
count, ib.

Van Trooftw;k, M. on ditto, ib. Oa
Sevigné, Madame de, a continuation of the electrici'y of the atmosphere, 613.
her Letters, 696.

Vatican library, by whom first made a vze
Sewal, Mr. his magnetical observat. 390. luable repofitory of learning, 230.
Sbakespeare, his principal characters, &c. Vegetables, their isritability, 248.

fine subjects for the painter, 81. Vegetation, observation on, 390. Its phe-
Sbenfione, Will. anecdotes relat. 1o, 262. nomena better known than under-
Silk-worms, breeding them not an un-

stood, 391,
healthy employment, 484.

Venus, in conjunction with the moon, 570.
Slavery of the Negroes, observat, relating Occultation of, ib.

to, 69. Abolition of, unadvisable, 70. Virgil, said to bave drawn his images, in
The abolitica contended for, ib. Thac the 4th Eclogue, front the Hebrew pro-
scheme opposed, 71.

Account of the phers, 305. Binop Lowin's objections
manner in which haves are procured in relative to some opinions on this lubjeet
Africa, 238. One good effect from aniwered, 307. Hiis Æneid conlidered
this trale, 241.

in the light of a propbetic work, 310,
Smib, Dr. his observations on the irrita. Vurid, ils moking oil analyzed, 576.

bility of vegetables, 248.



Voyages, diseases of soldiers in, 179. 386. His table of equations of equal
Uphet, Dr. his account of the observatory altitudes for Cambridge, ib. On the Tie
at Trinity College, Dublin, 204. Of a

riation of the compass, 399.
lunar eclipfe, 206.

Williams, Mr. on the latitude of Cam.

bridge in New England, and the varia.
WALKER, Dr. bis experiments on the tion of the compass, 386. Account of
sap in trees, 31,

an uncommon darkness, 388. Conjes-
Walpole, Sir R. his character by the King tures on earthquak-s, 389.
of Pruffia, 680.

Willis, Mr. his observations on Roman
Walton water, its analyfis, 88.

roads, 300. On the battles between
Waring, Dr, on centripetal forces, 244, IronGde and Canute, ib.
Warton, Mr. T. his edition of Milton's Wilson, Captain, of the Antelope, thip.

smaller poems criticised, 4–12. Far. wrecked on the Pelew 10 ands, 110.
ther criticism, 97-104.

Criticisms What befel him and his crew wbile
concluded, 351. Letter to Mr. W. on they remained there, ill. Friendly
this subject, 380.

intercourse with the natives, 113. Build
Water may be cooled below the freezing a veffel to depart in, 118. Manners aod

point, 323. Com polition of it denied, customs of the Pelew Indians described,

119. 192. Affecting account of the
Waters, mineral, of Walton, analyzed, 88. parling between Capt. W. and the chiefs

Of Bath, 267. Of Cheltenham. 268. of Pelew, 290. Arrives at Macao, ib.
Wedgwood, Mr, his mortars and other Some objections to his conduct answes.

veliels, recommended to apothecaries, 25. ed, 2016
His thermometer misunderstood by the Wilson, Mr. his observations on cold and
French, 164

employed in copying the ce- Wollen Manufacture, its antiquity in lice
lebrated Barberini vase, 425, tbe note.
Wells, the heat of the water in them ale Wound, a remarkable gun-fhot one des
certained, and thence the natural tem-

scribed and cured, 392.
perature of the earth estimated, 248.
Wbeat, Indian, culture of, 390.

YOUNG, Dr. on the quadrature of
Willard, Mr, on the nonagefimal degree,

curves, 206.

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hoar frost, 340

land, 512.

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