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OBSERVATORY, at Dublin, defcribed,
Opera, Italian, anecdotes rel, to celebrated
compolers of, 657.

Orange, Prince of, his ftrong claim for
fupport in the office of Stadtholder,

Orchards, plan for improving, 481.
Ordeal, trials by, inftances of, 209.
Orpheus, account of, 134. His hymns ex-
pounded, &c. 135.

Ojcillating bodies, their force on the cen-
ter of fufpenfion, 146.

Offian, the authenticity of his poems ; tefti-
mony in favour of, 511.
Ovarium, the contents of a difeafed one
defcribed, 206.

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lated by Healde, 21. By Monro, 205-
Errors in it pointed out, 59.
Pblogifton, obfervation on it, 326.
Place, M. de la, on the population of
France, 574. On the theory of Jupi-
ter and Saturn, 575.
Planets, obfervations on, 572.
Playfair, Mr. on barometrical meafure-
ments, 32.

Pleiades, their conjunction with the moon,
57. Occultations, ib.

Peland, char, of, by the K. of Pruffia, 682.
Poffe Comitatus, explained, 330.
Potatoes, their culture, 473-477. See
alfo Curl.

Pownal, Governor, his account of Roman
antiquities, 299. 427.
Priffey, Dr. his experiments on the prin-
ciple of acicity, compofition of water,
and phlogifton, 326. His doctrine of re-
fpiration misrepresented by the French,
388. Defended, ib.
Prime numbers, fome properties of, 570.
Primero, a fashionable game at cards in
Elizabeth's time, 301.

Prince, Mr. his account of an air-pump of
a new construction, 391.
Printing, thoughts on its origin, 423.
Prifoners of war, how cruelly treated in
former times, 421.

Pruffia, late K. of, vindicated with regard
to his imprisonment of Baron Trenck,
256; and in refpect to his invafion
Silefia, 486. 683. His feizure of the
archives of Dreiden defended, 287. His
concern in the partition of Poland jus
tified, 490. His unbounded toleration
of religion, 675. His pofthum. works,
676. His character of the Emperor
Ch. VI. 679. Of Geo. II. K. of Eng.
land, 680. Of the Q. of Spain, ib. Of
the English nation, ib. Of the Dotch,
681. Of the Ruffians, 682. Of his
own father, 683.
Purveyor to the King's houthold, his of
fice, 426.

Pyrmont, its water, and its fituation, de
fcribed, 179.

QUADRUPEDS, oviparous, different

kinds of, defcribed, 601.
Quebec, grievances in the province of, with
regard to the English government, 67,

RAIN, theory of, explained, 32.

Reafon, human, incapable of compre
hending the Chriftian religion, 340
Abfurdity of this notion, ib.
Regiflers, oblervations on thofe of differ
ent parishes, 299.

Religion, caufes of diffenfions in, 6a3.
Rhodes, Mifs, answers objections againf


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the breeding of filk worms, as an un-
healthful employment, 483.
Rhubarb, culture of, 479.
Rhyme, and Metre, improper for poetry,
654. A German ode without either,
tranflated, 656.
Robifon, Mr. on the orbit and motion of
the Georgium Sidus, 38.
Rochelle Salt, compofition of, 506.
Roman Roads, obfervations on, 300.
Rooke, Mr. his defcription of Bingham
Rocks, 422. Of two Roman villæ near
Mansfield, 427.
Routh, Mr. his Reliquiæ Sacræ announced,


Royal Society of Ireland, its hiftory, 203.
Ruffia, produces a greater variety of ve-

getables than other countries, 634.
Measures of length there acjufted to
their agreement with English feet, 641.
Ruffians, their national character, 682.

SAL Martis, method of knowing when
it is genuine, 25.
Salt, fpontaneously formed in Crim Tar-
tary, 639.

Salt-petre, used for cooling water, 617.
Sanctuary, or asylum, of ancient times,
defcribed, 298.

Saturn, the theory cf, 575. The ele
ments of its orbit, 576.

Saxons, military eftablishments among
them, 329.

Scotland, fome parts of, characterized, 312.
Songs, &c. of the Highlanders, 313.
Edinburgh defcribed, 539.
Scots, their origin in Britain, 512.
Segrais, the poet, anecdote.of, 643.
Sejour, M. du, on the population of
France, 574

Series, infinite, their use in finding flu-
ents, 145. How transformable, 146.
Sermons at Westminster Abbey, charged

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THEODORA, Empress, her diffolute

character, 13.

Theodoric, Emperor, flory of his guilty
confcience, and remarkable death, 13.
Tinmouth, Roman infcript. at, expl. 426.
Tithes, argum. pro and con. rel. to, 453.
Tortoifes, different kinds of, defcribed, 604.
Trenck, Baron, his fufferings during a ten

years imprisonment, 257. Not unjustly
treated by the K. of Pruffia, 672.
Troofiwyk, M. Van, on noxious vapours,
and the means of preventing their per-
nicious effects, 612. On the electri-
city of the atmosphere, 613.
Turnips, experiments on their culture, 47'

Meth, of preventing the fly in them, i
Turtle, a new fpecies of, defcribed, 602.
Turtles, their manner of living, 602.
Breeding, 603.

Twining, Mr. his translation of Ariftotle's
Poetics announced, 701.

Tyrabiti, Mr. his notes on Ariftotle's
Poetics, left in the hands of Mr. Bur-
gels, 701.

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Virgil, faid to bave drawn his images, in
the 4th Eclogue, front the Hebrew pro-
phets, 305. Bishop Lowth's objections
relative to fome opinions on this fubject
aniwered, 307. His neid confidered
in the light of a prophetic work, 310.
Vurid, its moking oil analyzed, 576.


Voyages, difeafes of foldiers in, 179.
Usher, Dr. his account of the obfervatory
at Trinity College, Dublin, 204. Of a
lunar eclipfe, 206.

WALKER, Dr. bis experiments on the
fap in trees, 31.

Walpole, Sir R. his character by the King
of Pruffia, 680.

Walton water, its analyfis, 88.
Waring, Dr. on centripetal forces, 244.
Warton, Mr. T. his edition of Milton's

fmaller poems criticised, 4-12. Far-
ther criticifm, 97-104. Criticiíms
concluded, 351. Letter to Mr. W. on
this fubject, 380.
Water may be cooled below the freezing
point, 323. Compofition of it denied,

Waters, mineral, of Walton, analyzed, 88.
Of Bath, 267. Of Cheltenham. 268.
Wedgwood, Mr. his mortars and other
vellels, recommended to apothecaries,25.
His thermometer mifunderstood by the
French, 164.

-, employed in copying the ce-
lebrated Barberini vafe, 425, the note.
Wells, the heat of the water in them af-
certained, and thence the natural tem-
perature of the earth eftimated, 248.
Wheat, Indian, culture of, 390.
Willard, Mr. on the nonagefimal degree,

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386. His table of equations of equal
altitudes for Cambridge, ib. On the va
riation of the compaís, 390.
Williams, Mr. on the latitude of Cam-
bridge in New England, and the varia-
tion of the compaís, 386. Account of
an uncommon darkness, 388. Conjec-
tures on earthquakes, 389.

Willis, Mr. his obfervations on Roman
roads, 300. On the battles between
Ironfide and Canute, ib.

Willon, Captain, of the Antelope, fhip-
wrecked on the Pelew lands, 110.
What befel him and his crew while
they remained there, 111. Friendly
intercourfe with the natives, 113. Build
a veffel to depart in, 118. Manners and
cuftoms of the Pelew Indians defcribed,
119. 192. Affecting account of the
parting between Capt. W. and the chiefs
of Pelew, 200. Arrives at Macao, iba
Some objections to his conduct answer.
ed, 201.

Wilfon, Mr. his obfervations on cold and
hoar froft, 34

Wollen Manufacture, its antiquity in Ire-
land, 512.

Wound, a remarkable gun-fhot one de-
fcribed and cured, 392.

YOUNG, Dr. on the quadrature of
curves, 206.

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