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Re: Prose and Arumuka Navalar.
Navalar was the Tamil scholar -Peter Percival's student and not the other way round as you have stated repeating anti Christian propaganda in Jaffna. Navalar learnt
Tamil under Peter Percival at the school founded by Percival where one third of the curriculum was devoted to the teaching of Tamil. Percival used Beschi's prose material to teach prose as well as the Bible translations in existence then. The Missions developed modern prose in Tamil. Navalar left in 1947 as a student because Percival admitted a lower caste boy. Percival got permission to revise the existing translations using the original Hebrew and Greek version only in 1848. A committee of six Tami-fluent missionaries did the Tamil revision/translation and Elijah Hoole of Jaffna accompanied Percival to India and assisted while the material was printed. Hindu propaganda even credits Navalar with writing the Bible.
School textbooks are used to propagate this error.
see Wikipedia for references.

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