The Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, Volume 50

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"List of geographical works and maps recently published" in vol. 6-11.

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Page 191 - ... purpose of printing rare or unpublished Voyages and Travels, aims at opening by this means an easier access to the sources of a branch of knowledge, which yields to none in importance, and is superior to most in agreeable variety. The narratives of travellers and navigators make us acquainted with...
Page cxxxii - Madame,' said he, with a solemn air, 'I return you my best thanks for the honour you have done me — behold me at your feet ! ' — and so saying, the lean lover gravely knelt down on one knee. ' Rise, sir,' said Mrs. Green, ' I confess that you have won my heart; but that is not all — you have yet to show that you are worthy of the opinion I have formed of you. It is not, Monsieur Margot, your...
Page 2 - This is Mr. Keith Johnston's admirable Royal Atlas diminished in bulk and scale, so as to be perhaps fairly entitled to the name of
Page clxxviii - NAVIGATIONS. VOIAGES, AND DISCOVERIES OF THE ENGLISH NATION, made by Sea or over Land to the most remote and farthest distant Quarters of the earth at any time within the compasse of these 1500 yeeres ; Devided into three several!
Page 2 - Is probably the best work of the kind now published." — Times, "Not only are the present territorial adjustments duly registered in all these maps, but the latest discoveries in Central Asia, in Africa, and America have been delineated with laborious fidelity. Indeed, the ample illustration of recent discovery and of the great groups of dependencies on the British Crown, renders Dr Johnston's the best of all Atlases for English use."— Pall Mall Gazette.
Page 9 - That a Society was needed whose sole object should be the promotion and •diffusion of that most important and entertaining branch of knowledge — geography...
Page 267 - Son issue Tourist Tickets to and through all parts of Ireland, including the Giant's Causeway, Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Loch Erne, the Lakes of Killarney, etc.
Page clxxxv - ... an Association for promoting the discovery of the interior parts of Africa.
Page 173 - On the Distribution of Salt in the Ocean as indicated by the Specific Gravity of its Waters.
Page 75 - Expedition, the scientific advantages to be derived from it, its chances of success, as well as the importance of encouraging that spirit of maritime enterprise which has ever distinguished the English people, Her Majesty's Government have determined to lose no time in organising a suitable Expedition for the purposes in view.

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