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England, my native country. In the which God grant his gospel to have free passage, and by the same our lives to be amended, Amen.

BISHOP JEWEL. Spite of Nabuchodonosor's beard, and maugre his heart, the captive, thrall, and miserable Jewes must come home againe, and have their citie and temple builded up againe by Zorobabel, Esdras and Nehemias : and the whole kingdom of Babylon must go to ruine, and be taken of strangers, the Persians and Medes—So shall the dispersed English flocke of Christ be brought againe into their former estate, or to a better, I trust in the Lord God, than it was in innocent king Edwards daies.- John Rogers, the Martyr ; written by him in the year 1555.

We hold, profess and maintain so entire and full consent with the ancient and catholic Fathers, in all things necessary to the being, or well-being of the church, to the rule of faith, and substance of religion, to the right service of God, and the salvation of man, that whatever herein they teach and deliver with consent (assertivè), by way of averring of doctrine, and avouching of truth (tanquam ex fide), as a matter of faith, grounded in their judgment on God's word, we willingly receive, embrace and observe.

Neither have we in the public reformation of our church, its doctrine and service, changed or purged out any thing, thus taught and approved by the fathers; but only such errors, superstitions and abuses, as beside and contrary to this rule have since crept into the church; by adding of things that formerly were not, or detracting of them that were : or by otherwise altering and perverting them from the right sense, meaning and use, wherein they were instituted, taken and used by the said godly fathers.-BisHOP OVERALL, IR his Dedication to the works of Jewel.


The Life of Bishop Jewel is printed intire from a small octavo volume intitled, “ The Apology of the Church of England; and an Epistle to one Seignior Scipio 1 a Venetian gentleman, concerning the Council of Trent; written both in Latin, by the right reverend Father in God, John Jewel Lord Bishop of Salisbury, made English by a Person of Quality: To which is added the Life of the said Bishop, collected and written by the same hand. London, printed by T. H. for Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard. 1685.”—This title will sufficiently explain the opening, and the date will illustrate several other parts of the insuing Preface : which displays that earnestness of zeal against non-conformists, as well as papists, by which, from the memory of recent evils, and the perilous state of the times, the reigns of Charles the second, and James the second were distinguished.

"Seignior Scipio.] Probably Scipione Biondi, the son of Michel-Angiolo


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