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1823 1825 8. 3 voll. with maps and plates of arms. (Lo.

IV, 1570).

3006 a.


Collections historical, genealogical and topographical for Bedfordshire. By Thomas Fisher. (London) 1812. gr. 4 mit 78Kpftaf. (Lo. II, 720).

Ea. Pfalzgrafschaft Durham.

3013 a. The history and antiquities of the county palatine of Durham, By W. Hutchinson. Newcastle 1785 1794. 4. 3 voll. mit 53 Kpft. Wappen, Stammbäumen. (Lo. II, 991 4 L. 5 S. bis 6 L. 6 S. bei Laycock 2 L. 18 S).

3013 6. Robert Surtee's history and antiquities of the county palatine of Durham. Lond. 1816 1823. f. 3 voll. w. portr. and plat. (18 L. 18 S. bei Bo. 15 L. 15 S. roy, fol, large paper, proof impressious 35 L).

3013 c. The visitation of the county pala'ine of Durham, taken by Richard St. George, Esq. Norroy king of arms, etc. and in his companye Henry St George, Blewmantle pursuivant of armes, in the year of our lord 1614. (1820). f. (M. 548, Lo. II, 636. mit vielen Wappen in Holzschnitt; auf großem Papier 2 L. 5 S.

3013 d. The visitation of the county palatine of Durham, taken by William Flower Esq. otherwise called Norroy kinge of armes of the east, west, and north partes of England, from the river of Trent northward; and in his campany Robert Glover, alias Portcullis pursuyvant of armes, in the yeare of our lord god 1575, anno 17 Elizabeth. Newcastle upon Tyne 1820. f. 62 S. (M. 548. Lo. II, 635). mit Stammbäumen und Wappen in Holzschnitten. gedruckt von Nich. John Philipson, der einige wenige Anmerkungen hinzugefügt hat; auf großem Papier 1 L. 11 S. 6 D.


3014 a. A new history of Gloucestershire by Sam. Rudder. Cirencester 1779. f. S. Nr. 3014 c.

3014 b. Robert Atkins's ancient and present state of Gloucestershire 1712.- Lond. 1798. f. m. Kpft. (5 L. 15 S. 6D).

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3014 c. A collection of coats of arms, borne by the nobility and gentry of the county of Gloucester 1786. 4. (M. 453). Lond. 1792. 4. (M. 469. Lo. II, 798). Die Wappen sind genommen aus den Werken von Atkins, und Rudder, von Ames gestochen.


3014 a1. Vertue's 11 private plates of the seals of the bishops of Hereford 8. Selten (10 S. 6 D. Bo).


3016 a. The history of the county palatine of Lancaster, by Edw. Baines, the biographical department by W. R. Whatton. illustrated with views, portraits, maps, plans of towns, armorial bearings etc. Vol. I. Divis, 1 Lond, 1831. 4. Das Ganze soll 4 Bånde betragen.


3017 a. The visitation of Middlesex, began in the year 1663 by William Ryley, Lancaster, and Henry Dethick, Rouge Croix, marshals and deputies to Sir Edward Bysshe, Clarencieux king of arms. Salisbury 1820. f. with nearly 150 crests and coats of arms, drawn iu trick by. Wm. Radclyffe, Rouge - Croix. (1 L. 11 S. 6 D. Bo; 15 S. Lo. III, 1258).

Ma. Norfolk.

3017 b. Engravings of the most remarkable of the sepulchral brasses in Norfolk,by John Sell Colman 1819.4 (M.116).

Mc. Northumberland.

3017 c. Arms of Northumberland gentry. By Joseph Barber. 1743. (M. 367). dies sind zwei große Platten mit den Wappen der Unterzeichner auf einen Kupferstich, das Reiterbild König Jacobs zu Newcastle, welchen Barber, Buchhändler zu Newcastle, herausgab. \


3019 a. An history of Richmondshire, in the North Riding of the county of York; together with those parts of the Everwicshire of Domesday which form the wapentakes of Lonsdale, Eivecross, and Amunderness, in the counties of York, Lancaster, and Westmoreland. By Thomas Dunham Whitaker. Lond. 1823. f. 2 voll. with 45 plates, and 27 larger pedigrees. (Lo. IV, 1933. 25 L. 4 S. bei Bo. 9 L. 9 S. 12 L. 12 S; auf groß. Papier verkauft zu L 7 S. 31 L. 10 S. 50 L. 8 S. aber auch zu 19 L. 19 S. und 21 L.

O a. Rutlanb.

3019 b. J. Wright's history and antiquities of the country of Rutland, with the additions. Lond. 1684 f. mit Rpft. (3 L. 13 L. 6 S).

Ob. Surrey.

3019g. The history and antiquities of the county of Surrey with a fac-simile copy of Domesday, engraved on thirteen plates. By Owen Manning Continued to the present time by William Bray. Lond. 1804 1809. 1814. f. 3 voll, mit Kpft. u. 8. pedigrees. (Lo. III, 1205. 15 1. 10 S. (Longm. 18 1, 18 s.

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Oc. Sussex.

3019 d. John Dallaway's history of the western di

vision of the county of Sussex, including the Chichester, Arundel and Bramber, with the city

rapes, of and dio

1819. 4. vol. I. und

- cese of Chichester. Lond. 1815 vol. II. p. 1. (42 L.) Sehr selten, da nach Lo. II. 534 von der ganzen Auflage zu 500 vom ersten Bande 300 und vom 2ten 470 Abdrücke bei einem Brande zu Grunde gegangen find. In einigen wenigen Abdrücken sind die Wappen mit Farben.

Od. Bales.

3019 e. Mehr als ein Wappenbuch von Wales, weil es sich besonders auf Wales und Wälschen Adel beziehet, ge= hört hieher das S. 211 No 1327 a. angeführte Werk, dessen genauerer Titel folgender ist: Cambria triumphans, or Brittain in its present lustre, shewing the origin and antiquity of that illustrious nation: The succession of their kings and princes from the first to king Charles of happy memory: The description of the countey: The history of the ancient and moderne estate. The manner of the investure of the princes, with the coats of arms of the nobility. By Percie En derbie. Lond. 1661 f.

3019. A display of herauldry, of most particular coat armours now at use in the six counties of North-Wales; viz. of the fifteen tribes and several other within the six counties, and several other elsewhere, with the names of some families at present, and some extinguished of their prosperity; whereby any man, knowing from what tribe he is descended, may know his particular coat etc. Collected out of several authentik authors by John Davies. Salop 1716. 12. 76 S. (M. 297). Ein mageres Werkchen, welches wenig mehr als Aufzählung der Familien der einzelen Ståmme enthält.

3019 g. The royal tribes of Wales. By Phil. Yorke. Wrexham 1799. 4. 192 S. (M. 488). Mit Wappens tafeln.

(2) Der Städte.

3020 c. An account of the customs, government and pri

vileges of the city of London, the other cities of England, and shire towns of each county, and their arms. By James Coats. In dessen Ausgabe von Guillim's heraldry etc. Lond. 1724. f. S. hinten 3us. zu S. 296. No. 1874.

3020. The arms of the counties, cities. boroughs and towns corporate in England and Wales; and of the abbies and religious houses founded therein: as also those of the royal boroughs in Scotland. By Joseph Edmondson, In dessen complete body of heraldry etc. Lond. 1780. f. S. hinten Zus. zu 324. No. 1967.

3020 c. Picturesque antiquities of the English cities; containing sixty engravings by Le Keux etc. and twenty four wood-cuts, of ancient buildings, street architecture, bars, castles etc. with historical and descriptive accounts of the subjects and of the characteristic features of each city. By John Britton. Lond. 1830. 4. (7 L. 4 S. imp. 4. 12. L.) dürfte hier wol auch eine Anführung verdienen.

3022 a. A new view of London: or, an ample account of that city (by Edward Hatton). Lond. 1708, 8. 2 voll. mit dem Wappen der Stadt, Plane und Karte, die Wappen ber 12 principal companies und 50 companies. (Lo. III, 1153. 7 S. 6 D. 8 S. 14 S. 6 D, — 17 S).

3024 a. Londina illustrata; graphic and historic memorials of monasteries, churches, palaces etc. inLondon and Westminster, by Wilkinson. Lond. 1819. f. (large pap. proof, impress. of the numerous plates 15 L, 15 S. bei Bo. 12 L. 12 S).

Newcastle. 3024 h. An explication of the arms of the several incorporated companies in the town and county of Newcastle upon Tyne, according to Guillim, Bailey and others. Published for the subscribers to the plate. By W. Whitehead and T. Jameson. Newcastle 1776. 8. 28 S. (M. 426). geschrieben zur Erklärung einer Wappentafel in groß fol. the arms of the incorporated compa

nies of Newcastle.


3024 c. Siehe oben No. 2444. 2444a.

2444 d.

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