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Werken entlehnt, wenig Werth bei. (3 L. 4 S. large paper 5 L. 5 S. bei Bo. 3 L 16 S.5 L bei Laycock 2 L. 8 S large paper 2 L. 15 S). Beffer würde die neue Ausgabe, die in 6 Bånden erscheinen sollte, ausgefallen sein, von wel cher aber nur der erste Band herausgekommen ist: Genealogical and biographical history of the dormant and extinct. Peerage of England, from the Norman conquest, including the regal families anterior to the house of Brunswick. Lond. 1812. vol. 1. 3. (10 S.) Ein Unhang zu der ersten Ausgabe ist beigefügt desselben Verfassers Werke: Stemmata Anglicana; or, a miscellaneous collection of genealogy. Lond. 1825. 4. (3 L. 3 S.) wovon eine Anzahl Abdrücke auch unter dem Titel: A genealogical history of divers families of the ancient peerage of England. 1826. erschienen ift. (Lo. I, 105)

S, 534. Nr. 2987 und 2989 einerlei Werk von einem und demselben, auf dem Titel der ersten Nummer nicht. genannten, Berfaffer: The baronetage of England; being an historical and genealogical account of baronets, from their first institution in the reign of king James I. Containing their descents, the remarkable actions and employments of them and their ancestors; as also their marriages, issue etc.. with their coa's of arms, and crests engraved and blazoned. (By Arthur Collins), Lond. 1720. 8. 2 voll. (M. 808.) -An historical and genealogical account of baronets from their first institution etc. By Arthur Collins. Lond. 1742. 8. 2 voll. (M. 364; 14 S. Lo. I, 460.

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Nr. 2988. The English baronets, being a genealogical and historical account of their families, containing. 1. A particular account of the institution of this order by king James I. manner of creation, privileges, precedents etc. 2. Their descents, creations, successions, marriages and issue, as also the public employments and remarkable actions both of them and their ancestors, with the blazonry of their arms and cresis, their mottos and seats or places of residence. 3. Correct lists; 1) of the present baronets in the order of precedency; 2) of those who are now peers of Great Britain or Ireland. 3) of:

those foreigners who have had this diguity conferred on them. 4) of those whose titles are now extinct; 4. Exact tables of precedence, particularly with respect to the wives, sons and daugthers of baronels and knights; 5) A short account of the institution of the order of baronets of Nova Scotia, and those of Ireland, with an explanatory index of the terms in heraldry referring to the arms, illustrated with their coats of arms curiously engraven on copperplates. (By Thom. Wotton) Lond. printed for Thom. Wotton). 1727. 12. 3 voll. (M. 333). To which are added an account of such Nova Scotia baronels as are of English families, now resident in England; and a list of such persons names who were deemed fit and qualified at the restoration, to be made knights of the royal oak, with the value of their estates as then given in. London: printed for Thom. Wotton. 1741. 8. 4 voll. aber da der 3te Band in 2 Theilen bestehet, gewöhnlich in 5 Bånde gebunden. (M. 362, Lo. III, 1070. 8 S. 16 S. 1 L. 6 S.)

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S. 534. Nr. 2990. Genauer: A new baronetage of England, or a genealogicol and historical account of the present English baronetage with their arms accurately engraved and blazoned. To which is added, a complete list of all the persons who have been advanced to this dignity, from the first institution of it; with the dates of their several patents, according to the order of their creations: from the most authentic materials. (By J. Almon.) Lond.: printed for J. Almon 1769. 12. 3 voll. (M. 412.) Nach dem Abece geordnet. (10 S 6 D. Lo. I, 115).

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Nr. 2991. Genauer: The baronelage of England: containing a genealogical and historical account of all the English baronets now existing, with their descents, and a dictionary of heraldry, explaining such terms, as are commonly used in English armory, By E. Kimber. and Johnson. - (M, 419). (In einem Hamburger Katal. 10 Thlr. 12 Gr.)

Nr. 2992. Genauer: The baronetage of England, or the history of the English baronets, and such ba



ronets of Scotland, as are of English families; with genealogical tables and engravings of the'r armorial bearings. Collected from the present báronetage - approved histopublic records - authentic manuscripts wellattested pedigrees and personal information. ByWilliam Betham, editor of the genealogical tables of the sovereigns of the world. Ipswich 1801, 4, 5 voll. (M. 498). Der 2te und 5te Band führen den Drucort London; bie 28 Kpft. auf jeder 20 Wappen sind von H. Mutlow nett ges stochen. (Bo. 5 L. 15 S. 6 D. Laycock 2 L. 18 S) Nach Lo. I, 160. ein fehlerhaftes und unvollständiges Werk. (3 L. 3 S).

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S. 55. Nr. 2994. The baronetage of England; containing their descent and present sta'e, their collateral branches, births, marriages and issue, from the institution of the order in 1611 a complete and alphabetical arrangement of their mottos, with correct translations; a list of persons who have received the honour of knighthood, of extinct baronets and of such as have been advanced to the peerage, and of British subjects holding foreign orders of knighthood. By John Debrett editor of the peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland. Lond. 1808, 2 voll. 12. (M. 514) — 2 ed. Lond . . . 3 ed. Lond. 1815. 12. 2 voll. New ed. corrected to Sept. 1828. Lond. 1830. 12. 2 voll. (1 L. 8 S.) corrected to March 1831. Lond. 12. 2 voll. including the new baronets with their arms. Lond. 1832. 12. 2 voll. (1 L. 8 S.) correc'ed to May 1832. Lond. 1833. 12 2 voll. (1 L. 8 S.) Debrett's baronetage of England seventh edition, carefully revised troughout, with a new set of coats of arms, from drawings by Harvey. Edited by William Courthope. Lond. 1835 8: (25 S )

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Nr. 2995. Die Kupfertafeln von Crispin de Pas. (7 L. 17 S. 6 D. Bo.)

S. 535. Nr. 2997. Bei Lo. II, 755. 4 L. 4 S. — 5 L. 7 L. 9 S. bis 28 L. 17 S. 6 D. prächtig gebunden. with a few explanatory no es by John Nichols. Lond. 1811. 2 voll. 4. Diese Ausgabe ohne Wappen (5 L. 5 S.

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Bo; 2 L. 12 S. 6 D. 1aycock; bei L. II, 756. 2 L. 6 S. bis 4 L. 4,S).

6. 535. Nr. 2998. Origines judiciales, also a chronologie of the lord chancelors and Keepers of the great seal etc. Lond. 1666. f. 2 edit. with additions. In the Savoy 1671. f. (1 L. 16 S. bis 4 L. 10 S.) — the third edit. with additions.. Lond. 1680. f. Die zweite Ausgabe mit neuem Titelblatte, 4 Seiten Fortschung und zwei hinzuges kommenen Bildnissen. (4 L. 6 S. bis 6 L. 8 S.) (Lo. II, 624).

Nr. 2999. Nomina —

militantium. acce

dunt classes exercitus Eduardi tertii regis Caletem obsidentis, edidit Edw. Rowe Mores. Oxon. 1748. 4. (M. 371. Lo. III, 1297 giebt 1749 an und 1 L. 7 S. 1 L. 14 S.

2 L. 15 S.


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Nr. 3000. Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain, engraved from authentic pictures in the galleries of the nobility, and the public collections of the country; with biographical and historical memoirs of their lives and actions, by Edmund Lodge. Lond. 1821-1828. f. 3 voll. mit 180 Bildnissen 30 L. groß Papier mit Probes drucken u. f. w. mit N. 17 vom 3ten Bande, 106 L. 1 S; in groß 8. jede Lieferung 12 S. 6 D. und in 4. 1 L. 5 S. (Lo. III, 1148.) Von einem 4ten Bande erschienen 1830 fünf Nummern nach Br. n. r. II, 317. und eine dritte Ausgabe in gr. 8. erscheint seit 1829 mit aufgestochenen Kupfert, in Lieferungen mit 3 Kpft. zu 7 S. 6 D, in 4. auf Ind. Pap. zu 15 S. Eine verjüngte Ausgabe erschien nach Br. n. r: portraits and memoirs of the most illustrious personages of Great Britain, by Edm Lodge. Lond. 1824. ff. in 9 Bånden gr. 8. in Heften mit 5 Kpft. zu 12 S. 5 D. und in gr. 4. auf Ind. Pap. zu 1 L. 5 S. In einer Londner Zeitschrift wurde dieses Werk im J. 1830 in 9 Bånden, wohl erhalten, unbeschnitten und mit guten Kupferabdrücken für 40 L. angeboten.

Nr. 3002. Bei Lo. II, 543. zu 3. L. 6. S. 17 L. 6 S. 6 D. 27 L. 16 S. 6 D. bis zu 43 L. 1 S.

G. 536. Nr. 3c03. James Smith's antiquities of Westminster etc. w. 246 engravings (bei Bọ. 2. L. 16 S. Sixty two additional plates to his antiquities of Westminster. Lond. 1809. 4. (6 L. 6 S. bei Bo. 2 L. 12 S. 6 D).

S. 536. Nr. 3005. The history of St. Pauls cathedral in London from its first. foundation unt'll these times: extracted out of originall books and other manuscripts. By Will. Dugdale. Lond. 1658. f. Bei Lo. II, 623. 2 L. 16 S. 3 L. 5 L 7 S. 6 D. bis 21 S. und the second edition corrected and enlarged by the author's own hand. To which is prefixed, his life, written by himhelf. Published by Edward Maynard. Lond. 1716. f. 4 L 9 S. bis 15 L. 15 S. Die neueste. with a continuation and additions, including the republication of Sir William Dugdale's life from his own manuscript, by Henry Ellis. Lond. 1818. f. schön gedruckt, die Kupfertafeln meist von W. Finden und mit einigen neu hinzu gekommenen, überhaupt an Zahl 69 in sechs Lieferungen jede zu 2 L. 12 S. 6 D. und auf groBen Tafeln mit ersten Kupferbrucken zu 31 L. 10 S.

Nr. 3005.

History and antiquities of Berkshire, with pedigrees of the most considerable families and particular account of Windsor. new edit. by Reading. Lond. 1736. f. (4 L. Bo.)

S. 537. Nr. 3cog. Der größte Theil dieses Werkes ist von Will. Smith, deffen Sammlungen in die Hände des Sir Randolph Crew, knight, Lordoberrichter der Kingsbench. kamen und von des Lehten Neffen Sir Rand. Crew herausgegeben wurden. (Noble 218.)

2 S.

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3. L.

3 L.

die lehte bei Bo. 1 L.

S. 537. Nr. 3010. Die erste Ausgabe bei Bo. 2 L. 12 S. 6 D. bei Lo. IH, 1505. 2 L 10 S. 5 L. bis 12 L. 1 S. 6 D; 4 S. und roy. 4. large paper 6 L. 6 S. bei Bo. 1 L. 16 S. bei Lo. 1 L. 2 S. 2 L. 16 S. 3 L. 13 S. 6 D. aúf großem Papier.

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