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of Elphinstone, in the reigns of Alexander II, and Alexander III. and was slain at the battle of the Largs, in which Haco, king of Norway, was defeated, July 22, in the year 1263, until the present time and year 1808. By John Brown, genealogist - f. (M. 512). Ganz in Kupfer gestochen von Rymer, mit den Wappen der Mercies von Aldie, Lord Keith und Lord Elphinstone.

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1365 a. The history of the ancient, noble, and illustrious family of Gordon etc. Together with an exact history of the most remarkable transactions in Scotland etc. All faithfully collected from Scots and foreign historians manuscripts, records, and registers of this nation. In two volumes. By Mr. William Gordon. Edinb. 1726 1727. 8. (M. 330; Lo. II, 808. 1 L. 10 S.-2 L. 2 S. — 4 L).

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1365 b. A survey of Tullaroan, or Grace's parish, in the Cantred of Grace's country, county of Kilkenny, being a genealogical history of the family of Grace from their settlement in Ireland, temp. Henr. II. to the present period. (By S. G). Dublin 1819. 8. 160 S. Mit diesem Werke ist verbunden: A descriptive sketch of the Grace mausoleum, Dublin 1819. 8. 106 S. enthaltend die Denkmahls inschriften der Familie, mit Nachrichten vom Geschlechte, Leben und Wappen derselben. (M. 540). Das Ganze ist mit 29 Familienbildnissen von R. Grave gestochen, 30 Ort Darstellenden Kupfertafeln, 11 wappenkunstigen Darstellungen, 2 Karten u. s. w. ausgestattet.

1365 c. An historical and genealogical tree or table of the most ancient and illustrious family of Graham, traced back from the present young Marquis Graham to Sir William de Grame, who was cotemporary with king David I. including 26 generations of this great noble Scotch family. By John Brown, genealogist. f. in Kupfer gestochen. (M. 512).

13666. The pedigree of Thomas Grove, of Ferne house, in the county of Wilts Esq. Anno Dom 1819. f. (By Thomas Philipps). Printed by John Agg, at Evesham. With the arms and quarterings of the family of Grove, engraved by H. Mutlow. (M. 542).

1366 c. The history of the Gwydir family, by Sir John Wynne, the first Baronet of that name; who was born in 1553. Lond 1770. 8. mit dem Bildnisse (worauf wahrscheinlich das Wappen des Johannes Wynn de Gwydir, von Vaughan gestochen. Die Schrift ist abgedruckt in: Miscellanies on various subjects. By Daines Barrington. 1781. 4. G. 356 -433.

1366 d. Genealogical account of the ancient and noble family of Harley. By Arthur Collins, Lond 1741. 8. (Lo. I, 460).

1366 e. Ueber das Wappen welches die Hastings und Grey's unter Richard II. bis Heinrich VI. sich bestritten, nåmlich in Gold, rothen Wermel, findet man vieles in den darüber geführten Streitschriften, welche Ed. Bysse in seinem Werke im Auszuge mitgetheilt hat: Lis de titulo gestandorum insignium domini de Hastings comitis Pembrochiae paulo antea defuncti manicae nempe puniceae in clypeo aureo, coorta est inter Reginaldum de Grey dominum de Ruthen actorem et Eduardum de Hastings equitem partem ream. 1367 a. The life of Edward lord Herbert of Cherbury. Written by himhelf. Strawberry Hill, 1764. 4. mit Bildniß und Geschlechttafel, worauf wahrscheinlich das Wappen; nur in einer Auflage von 200 gedruckt. (2 L. 2 S. bis 6 L). Lond. 1770. 4. (7 S. 6 D. 10 S. 6 D). Lond. 1778. 4. (7 S. 6 D. - 12 S).— 1792. 4. (1 L. 1 S). Edinb. 1809. 8. (7 S. 6. D. Lo. II, 912).

1367 b. Heron family. A genealogical and historical table of the families of Heron, verified troughout by records, and other authentic documents. 1797. f. (12 S). (Lo. II, 918).

1367 c. Genealogical tables of the families of the Herons of Newark. 1799. f. with a map of Northumberland. (1 L. 14 S. Lo. II, 918).

1368 a. Pedigrees and memoirs of the families of Hoare, of Richford, Devons; Hoare, of Walton, Bueks; Hoare of London, Middlessex; Hoare of Mitcham, Surrey; Hoare of Stourton, Wiltsh; Hoare, of Barn - Elms, Surrey; Hoare, of Boreham, Essex. Collected and compiled by S. Richard Colt Hoare. 1819. f. (Lo. II, 937).

1370 a. The Huntingdon peerage, comprising a detailed account of the evidence and proceedings connected with the recent restoration of de earldom; together with the report of the attorney-general: to which is prefixed a genealogical and biographical history of the illustrious house of Hastings, including a memoir of the present earl and family. The whole interspersed with a variety of curious historical and legal anecdotes of distinguished individuals concerned. By Henry Nugent Bell. Lond. 1820. 4. 403 S. (M. 545). Mit Bildnissen, worauf wahrscheinlich auch Wappen. (2 L. 2 S. bei Bo. 18 S.

1372 a. R. Mackay's history of the house and clan of Mackay. Edinb. 1829. 4. (1 L. 1 S).

1373 a. History of the ancient noble family of Marmyun; their singular office of king's champion, by the tenure of the baronial manor of Scrivelsby in the county of Lincoln. Also other dignitorial tenures, and the services of London, Oxford etc. on the coronation day. The whole collected at a great expence from the public records; illustrated by a variety of notes and remarks, and embellished with several curious engravings. By T. C. Banks. Lond. 1817. 8. 207 S. (M. 536). Die Kupfer stellen unter andern die Grabmähler der Marmyun und der von diesen stammenden Dymoke und die Wappen dar. (In 8. 10 S. 6 D. in 4. 1 L. 1 S. Lo. I, 105).

1374 a. The pedigree and descent of general Monk, setting forth how he is descended from Edw. III. and Richard, king of the Romans. Lond. 1659. 4. (Lo. III, 1282, 5 S. Dazu auch wol:

13746. The life of general Monk, duke of Albemarle, with a preface in vindication of gen. Monk, by W. Webster. By Tho. Skinner. Lond. 1723 øder 24. 8. (Lo. IV, 1690. 5 S. 7 S. 6 D. 15 S).

1374 c. Memoirs of the life and writings of the late Charles O'Connor, of Belanagare. By Charles O'Connor. Dublin 1796. 8. 450 S. (M. 482). Wahrscheinlich mit dem Wappen bei dem Bildnisse u. s. w. Das Buch ist selten und wurde 1818 mit 9 guineas bezahlt.

1374 d. Arthur Collins's history of the house of Percy. Lond. 1750. 8. (Dal. 338).

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1374 e. »The Northumberland Household illustrated with portraits, views, genealogies etc. relative to the noble family of Percy, in a chronological series from the beginning of the reign of Henry to the present time. By Sir William Burrel. 1770. 3 voll. Atlas folio. (M. 377). Bei der Versteigerung der Bücher des Sir William's im Jahre 1796 brachte dies Werk 75 L. 12 S. ein.

1377 a. Historical memoirs of the house of Russel, from the time of the Norman conquest. By J. H. Wiffen. Lond. 1833. 8. 2 2 voll. (Gal. 64 Fr.) w. pl. and portr. 2 L. 2 S. Dazu: Historical memoirs of the first race of ancestry whence the house of Russel had its origin. 8. (7 S).

1378 a. An historical and topographical sketch of Knole in Kent; with a brief genealogy of the Sackville family, embellished with engravings. By John Bridgman. Lond. 1797, 8. (M. 484). Mit 44 Wappen der Familien auf 5 Tafeln gezeichnet von J. Bridgmann und gestochen von R. Rowe.


1379 a. Pedigree of William Scott of Stokoe, in the parish of Symondburn and county of Northumberland, and late of Toderick, Selkirkshire, North Britain. By William Scott. Newcastle 1783. 8. (Lo. IV, 1630).


1384 a. A trewe description of the nobill race of the Stewards; suceding lineallie to the crown of Scotland unto this day and now this year 1603 unto the crown of England; with thair lyvelie portraturs, declaring exactlie what tyme thay begane to reigne, how lange they reigned, and of what qualities they were. Containing the title and ten heads of the Scottish sovereigns, from Robert II. to James VI. and his queen Anne. Amsterdam, at the expense of Andro Hart buckseller in Edinburgh, anno 1603 f. (Lo. IV, 1755).

1384 6. A genealogical history of the royal and illustrious family of the Stewarts; from the year 1034 to the year 1710, giving an account of the lives, marriages, and

issue of the most remarkable persons and families of that name. To which are prefixed; first, a general description of the shire of Rhenfrew, the peculiar residence and ancient patrimony of the Stewarts; and secondly, a deduction of the noble and ancient families, proprietors there for upwards of 400 years, down to the present times: containing the descent, original creations, and most remarkable actions of their respective ancestors; also the chief titles of honour they now enjoy; with their marriages and issue continued down to this present year, and the coats of arms of each family in blazon. Collected from our public records, ancient chartularies of the monasteries of Pasly, Arbroth, Kelso, Dumfermling, Melross, Balmerinoch, Scoon, Dryburgh, Cambuskenneth, Aberdeen and Murray; and from the best historians and private manuscripts. (By G, Crawfurd). Edinb. 1710. f. -with a continuation by William Semple of Paisley. 1782. 4. (M. 273). Damit ist zu verbinden:

1384 c. An essay on the origin of the royal family of the Stewarts. By Richard Hay. 1722 4. - 1793 4. (M.

311). und

1384 d. M. Noble's history of the family of the Stewarts. 4. (Cat. of. E. B. 7 Thl. 12 Gr.)

? 1384 e. A genealogical and historical account of the most illustrious name of Stuart, from the first original, to the accession to the imperial crown of Scotland. By David Symson. (Lond.) 1713. nach Dal. 338. in 8. nach M. 280. in 4. nach Lo. IV, 1685. Edinb. 1712 8. (6 S. 6 D. - 8 S) und 1713. 4.


1384 f. Genealogical history of the Stewarts, from the earliest period of their authentic history to the present times. By Andrew Stuart. Lond. 1798 4. (13 S. 3 L. 3 S. Lo. IV, 1754. Cat. of E. b. 17 Thl.) Supplement to the genealogical history of the Stewarts, with corrections and additions and containing answers to an anonymous attack on that history, published at Edinburgh in Febr. 1799, under the title of the genealogical history of the Stewards nefuted, by Andrew Stuart. Lond. 1799. 4. (6 S. Lo). Diese Gegenschrift The genealogical history refuted,

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