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monuments etc. By John Preston Neale and John Le Keux. With historical and architectural descriptions. Lond. 1824-1825. roy. 8. 2 voll. (Lo. III, 1324. 5 L.) roy. 4, w. 98 fine plates. (10 L. bei Bo. 5 L. 15 S. 6 D.

2948 e. Edm. Blore's monumental antiquities of Great Britain. With historical and biographical memoirs of noble and eminent persons, whose monuments form subjects of the engravings. Lond. 1826. imp. 8. 6 parts with 30 pl (3 L. 15 S. bei Bo. 1 L. 1 S). in 4. 6 L. 6 S. nach Br. n. r. I, 172, der die Druckjahre 1824 25 angiebt und bes merkt, daß das Werk aus Mangel an Unterstützung nicht fortgesetzt worden ist.

Hieher scheinen auch folgende ortbeschreibende Werke noch zu gehören:

2949 a. Samuel and Nathaniel Buck's antiquities or venerable remains of above 400 castles etc. in England and Wales, with near views of cities and chief towns. London 1727 1740. Lond. 1774. f. 6 vols in 3. (14 L. 14 S. -28 L. 7 S. an original subscription set 53 L. 11 S. (Lo. I, 285).


London 1780

1797. 4.

2950 a. Bibliotheca topographica Britannica; with continuation. By John Nichols. 10 voll. Von diesem wichtigen, von mehren Verfassern hers rührendem Werke, welches viel hieher Gehörendes enthält, giebt Lo. III, 1340. genaue Nachricht. (64 L. 73 L. 10 S. 84 L).

2951 a. Topographical miscellanies, containing ancient histories and modern descriptions of mansions, churches, monuments and families. (By Egerton Brydges). Lond. 1792. 4. w. pl. (14 S. bei Bo. large paper. 1 L. 5 S).

2951 b. Daniel and Samuel Lysons's magna Britannia, being a concise topographical account of the several counties of Great Britain, containing Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derbyshire and Devonshire. Lond. 1806 1822. 4. 6 voll. mit vielen Kpf. (21 L. 10 S. Longm." 9 L. 9 S. Bo. 12 L. bei Lo. III, 1177 über 27 L.) Ob hier wie sonst wol in topographischen Kupferwerken auf den Kup

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fertafeln auch Wappen zugegeben sind, wird nirgends bemerkt. So ist dies auch ungewiß bei The environs of London; being an historical account of the towns, villages and hamlets, within twelwe miles of that capital: interspersed with biographical anecdotes. By Dan. Lysons. London 1792-1796. 4. 4 voll. (9 L. -) mit An historical account of those parishes in the county of Middlesex, which are not described in the environs of London. Lond. 1800. 4. (2 L. 2 S. und supplement to the first edition of the historical account of the environs of London. Lond. 1811. 4. (2 L. 2S). die für die Befiher der ersten Ausgabe besonders erschie= nen, als eine zweite Ausgabe Lond 1811. 4. 4 voll. herausfam. (Lo. III, 1177).

2951 c. John Britton's architectural antiquities of Great Britain; consisting of 278 engravings of castles, churches, old mansions, crosses etc. with historical and descriptive accounts of each subject. Lond. 1805. roy. 4. 4 voll. (32 L. Bo).

2953 a. British autography. A collection of fac similes of the handwriting of royal and illustrious personages, with their authentic portraits. Published by J. Thane. Vol. IIII. Lond. 4. (Lo. IV, 1806). mit den Wappen bei mehren.

2961 a. A genealogie of the succession of the Kings of England, from William the conqueror, unto our present King Charles the second. With all their atchievements truly blazoned. First collected, and after revised by Edw. Cook. Lond. f. ein einzelner Bogen. (M. 211)

2962 a. The genealogy of the kings and queens of England, from William the conqueror to queen Anne, with all their portraits. (By Hullsburgh). 1702. (M. 651). Wahrscheinlich mit den Wappen.

2962 b. Sixteen branches of king George, engraved from an original embellishment, by Sir Thomas Brand-. 1749. ein einzelner Bogen fol. in Kupfer gestochen. (M. 374).

2962 c. The history of England (from the earliest period to the revolution in 1688). Written in French by

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Mr. Rapin de Thoyras translated into English, with additional notes (and a continuation to the accession of K. George II.) by N. Tindal. Lond. 1743 1747. f. 5 vol. mit vielen Bildnissen, meistens von Houbraken, und Vertue. Denkmählern, Siegeln, Münzen, Karten. 13 L. — 14 L. 14 S. 16 L. 10 S. und je nachdem mehre Bildnisse u. s. w. hinzugefügt, und es Drucke auf großem Papier und in 6 bis 10 kostbare Bånde gebunden sind, 43 L. 1 S. 53 L. 11 S. - 64 L. 1 S. bis 141 L. 15 S. und 288 L. 15 S. (Lo. IV, 1538. ff. wo die Kupfertafeln einzeln angeführt sind). Die Bildnisse auch besonders.


2962 d. Genealogical table of the sovereigns of England, from the Norman conquest to the present time; shewing their descents, births, accessions, marriages, deaths and arms. Compiled from the most authentic and approved authors. By Edward Byam. Lond. printed for the proprietor 1812. ein einzeler Bogen mit den Wappen der Könige, in Kupfer gestochen und mit Farben.

2962 e. A genealogy of the kings of England and their issue, from William the conqueror to the present time; shewing also the foreign and English families who have intermarried with them. By Richard Mitchell, London 1814. 2 edit.... 3 edit. 1820. (M. 533); ein einzels nes Blatt 29 Zoll hoch, 21 Zoll breit, enthaltend über 700 Namen und 9 Wappenschilde.

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2962 f. Regal heraldry. The armorial insignia of the kings and queens of England, from coëval authorities. By Thom. Willement, heraldic artist to his Maj. king George IV. Lond. 1821. 4. 116 S. mit 37 geäßten meistens mit Farben erleuchteten Blättern und 7 eingedruckten Stü den. (M. 555. Lo. IV, 1949. 1 L. 2 S. groß Papier 4 L. 4 S).


2963 a. View of the coinage of England. (By Thomas Snelling. Lond. 1762. ff. f. in 6 oder mehr Bånden (Lo. IV, 1702. 5 L. 5 S. 7 L. 10 S. 10 L. 15 S. 11 L. 11 S. 13 L). Mehr noch gehören hieher wol von den von Lo. einzeln angeführten Werken: Seventy-two plates of gold and silver coin, mostly English, some never before

published, together with their weight, fineness and value. Supposed to be engraved about the yar 1650. London for T. Snelling 1757. roy. 8. (1 L. 2 S); A view of the silver coin and coinage of England from the Norman conquest to the present time consider'd with regard to type, legend, sorts, rarity, weight, fineness, and value. Lond. 1762. f. - mit 17 Kupfertafeln; A view of the gold coin and coinage of England, from Henry III. to the present time. Lond. 1763. f. mit 7 Kpft. (19 S. und mit den Silbermünzen 1 L. 2 S); A view of the copper coin and coinage of England, including the leaden, tin and laton tokens made by tradesmen during the reigns of Elizabeth and James I. and Charles I; those of towns and corporations under the commonwealth and Charles II. James II. and William and Mary. Lond. 1766. f. mit 9 Kpft. (17 S. 6D); Thirty-three plates of English medals. Lond. 1776, f. (15 S. 17 S. 1 L. 1 S. 6 D).

2963 b. Thomas Simon's book of medals, coins, great seals, by Geo. Vertue. Lond. 1753. 4. mit 38 Kpft. von 2 L. 2 S. 2 L. 14 S. 3 L.

Vertue. (1 L. 8 S.

5 S). Lond. 1780. 4. ed. by Ric. Gough. (2 L. 11 S. -3 L. 5 S. Lo IV, 1865).

2964 a. Discription of England and Wales; containing a particular account of each county, with its antiquities, curiosities etc. and the lives of the illustrious men each county has produced. Vol. 1 - 10. Lond. 1775 12. w. 240 pl. (1 L. 11 S. 6 D. Bo).

2965 a. An dem Rande des Fac simile der magna charta von John Pine sind die Wappen der Barone, welche dies selbe unterzeichneten u. s. w. angebracht, die aus dem heralds office gekommen sein sollen. (Dal. 32. in der Unmerkung.

2965 b. Eine prächtige Darstellung in Farben der armorial badges der Prinzen von Wales, seit 1284 bis auf auf unsere Zeit, hat man von Thom. Willement, wels che zu einer Zueignung zur „Gold magna charta," verziert mit den Wappen der Barone, die diese berühmte Urkunde unterzeichneten, bestimmt war, nachher aber auf Befehl des

damahligen Prinz Regenten, nachherigen Königs Georg IV. von dem Werke getrennt und ein Ganzes für sich wurde. M. 291 weiset eine Beschreibung davon nach in dem bibliographical decameron vol. II. p. 417.

2966 a. The catalogue of honor, or tresury of true nobility peculiar and proper to the isle of Great Britaine; that is to say a collection historicall of all the free monarches as well kinges of England as Scotlande, (nowe united togither) with the princes of Walles, dukes, marquisses and earls; their wives, children, alliances, families, descentes, and achievementes of honor. Whereunto is properly prefixed: a speciall treatise of that kind of nobility which soverayne grace and favor and contryes customes have made meerly politicall, and peculiarly civill (never distinctly handled before). By Thomas Milles. Translated out of Latyne into English. Lond. 1610. f. 1130 S. (M. 66). Das translated out Latin beziehet sich auf Milles nobilitas politica et civilis, welche in dieses Werk aufgenommen ist.

2966 b. An alphabetical account of the nobility and gentry, which are (or lately were related unto the several counties of England and Wales; as to their names, titles and seats, by which they are (or have been) generally known and distinguished; according as they were received from the hands of divers persons in each county experienced therein, as well by their publick offices, as other wise. The like newer before published. (By Richard Blome). Lond. 1673. f. mit 812 Wappen der Gönner und Unterstüßer des Werkes welches 6474 Namen in England und 703 in Was les anführt. (M. 186). (4 L. 4 S. Lo. II, 668).

2967 a. A catalogue of the nobility of England, according to their respective precedences, as it was presented to his Majesty on new years day anno 1684. To which is added, the blazon of their paternal coats of arms, and a list of the duke of Norfolk. By John Dugdale, Esq. Norroy king of arms. Lond. 1685. f. ein Bogen. mehrt. Lond, 1690. (M. 227; Lo. II, 617),


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