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2968 a. The names and arms of the ancient nobility and knights of England and Wales, tempore Henry III. In: The antiquarian repertory, vol. I. (M. 372).

2968 b. A new and compleat set of all the coats of arms of the nobility of England. By Samuel Harding. Lond. 1741. 4. (M. 359).

2968 c. Arms of the English nobility, with supporters, crests and mottos: and tables of dates to family honours, viz. origin, knights, baronets, garters, peerage etc. By John Millan. Lond. 1749. 8. 52 S. (M. 372). Lond. 1752. mit den Wappen der Schotischen und Irischen peers ver mehrt.

2968 d. A short view of the present English nobility, their marriage, issue and immediate ancestors; the posts of honour and profit they hold in the government; their arms, mottoes, chief seats; with an index specifying the time of their respective creations and summons to parliament, the titles of their eldest sons, their rank, precedence etc. By Mr. Salmon. Lond. 1751. 8. 2 edit. Lond. 1758. 8. (M. 378. 390.3 edit. Lond. 1761. 8. Dieses mit desfelben Verfassers ähnlichen Werken von Schotland (N. 3036 a.) von Ireland (N. 3044 a.) zusammen machen ein Ganzes aus. In. G. C. mit 9 S. angesetzt.

2972 a. The peerage of England. 1717. 8. 2 voll. (M. 298).


2975 a. A complete English peerage: containing a genealogical, biographical, and historical account to the peers of his realm. Together with the different branches of each family; including a particular relation of the most remarkable transactions of those, whe have eminently distinguished themselves in the service of their country, both in the field and in the cabinet, from the conquest down to the present time. To which is prefixed a succinct history of the houses of Brunswic, Brandenburgh, Saxe Gotha and Meklenburgh. By the reverend Alexander Jacob, chaplain to his Grace the duke of Chandos. Lond. 1766. f. 3 voll. (M. 408). 3u jeder Familie gehört eine Geschlechttafel und eine Wappentafel.

2980 a. Roll of arms of the peers of parliament 6th Ilenry VIII. 1515. By Thomas Willement. Lond. 1829. 4. with the arms emblazoned, kam nach Lo. IV, 1949 bei der geringen Auflage von 41 Abdrücken nicht in den Handel.

2980 b. Roll of the arms of peers and knights in the reign of Richard II. By Thomas Willement. London 1833. 4. mit Titelkupfer und bemahlten Wappen. Es wur den davon nach Lo. IV, 1949 nur 100 Abdrücke in klein 4. und 25 in roy. 4. genommen.

2983 a. Mit Dugdale's baronage of England ist zu verbinden: A small specimen of the many mistakes in Sir Will. Dugdale's baronage, exhibited in some remarks on about half a page of that voluminous work. In a letter etc. By Charl Hornby. Lond. 1730. 8. 25 S. (M. 339). S. 25 fångt ein zweiter Brief an, dem ́ein dritter mit bis 250 fortlaufenden Seitenzahlen folgte, der im Jahr 1738 mit. den beiden andern zusammengedruckt wurde, als: Three lettres containing remarks on some of the numberless errors and defects in Dugdale's baronage and occasionally on some other authors. Lond. 1738, 8. (M. 355), bei Lo. II, 626. 2 L 12 S. 6 D).

2983 b. A catalogue of baronets etc. By W. Dugdale. 1681. (Dal. 339. Nr. 309).

2983 c. Arms of the baronets of England and Nova Scotia, with crests, supporters, mottos, family - honours, origin etc. By John Millan. Lond. 1753, 8. 36 S. (M. 373).

2987 a. A list, in order, of all such as it hath plesed his most excellent Majesty to honour with the degree, title and dignity of baronets, untill this 18th yeare of his most happy raygne. Ano Dni 1620. f. enthält die Namen und Wappen von 127 baronets. (M. 87).

2989 a. The English baronage, by Arthur Collins. 1 vol. Lond. 1727. 4. (7 S. 6 D. Lo. I, 460). Mehr ist nicht erschienen.

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2991 a. The arms of the English baronets and the knights of the Bath, with the dates of their creations, brought down to the present time. (Lond.) Printed før

G. Kearsley. 1779. 12. 92 S. und 55 Lafeln. (M. 430). Wahrscheinlich dasselbe, welches in G. C. ohne Verfasser angeführt wird.

2991 b. In G. A. wird angeführt: Arms of English baronets, with the order, 3 voll. 12. 10 S. und unter demselben Titel: in 8. coloured. 1 L. 1 S. welches nicht das vore hergehende Nr. 2991 a. zu sein scheint.

2999 a. A roll of arms of peers and knights in the reign of Edward the second, from a contemporary ms. in the British museum. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Lond. 1828. 8. und 4. (Lo. III, 1348).

2999 b. Rolls of arms of the reigns of Henry III. and Edward III. edited by N. H. Nicolas. Lond. 1829. 8 und 4. (Lo. III, 1348).

3000 b. Houbraken and Virtue's heads to illustrale Rapin's history of England, and four additional portraits by Vertue, which were puhlished by the antiquarian society: 117 plates imp. fol. Lond. 1736. (10 L. 10 S. Bo.) bei den Bildnissen wahrscheinlich die Wappen. Eo auch wol in folgendem Werke, was nicht mit diesem hier ein und dasselbe zu sein scheint.

3000 c. Houbraken and Vertue's heads of illustrious persons of Great Britain, with their lives and characters, by Birch. Lond. 1747. f. (Longm. 8 L. 9 S. Bo. 7 L. 7 S). Lond. 1813. roy. f. (15 L. 15 R. 6 D. bei Eo. 6 L. 6 S).

3000 d. The biographical mirrour, comprising a series of ancient and modern English portraits, with some account of their lives and works (by F. G. Waldron S. and E. Harding. Lond. 1795.-4. 3 voll. mit 126 Bildn. (Lo. II, 869. 6 L. 8 S. 6 D).

3000 e. A collection of English portraits, engraved from rare prints or original pictures. Published by Richardson, 8. 310 Bl. (6 L. 16 S. 6 D). und Copies of rare Granger portraits including some to Noble's supplement, Published by T. and H. Rodd. Lond. 1820 - 1822. 8. (3 L. 12 S). in 4. 4 L. 10 S. Drucke auf Indischem Papier 7 L. 4 S. Lo, II. 817) stehen in Beziehung oder Verbindung

Great to the revolution.
Granger. Lond. 1769

mit a biographical history of England, from Egbert the With a supplement. By James 1774. 4. 5 voll. (1 L. 11 S. 6 large additions and improvements. Lond. 1775, 8. 4 voll. (1 L. 4 S. 1 L. 4 edit. Lond. 1804.

D. 2 L. 17 S). 2 edit, with


16 S). 3 edit. Lond.

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8. 4 voll.

8. 4 voll. (2 L. 2 S). 5 edit. With upwards of 400 additional lives. Lond. 1824. 8. 6 voll. ein wenig geschättes Werk wie Lo. II, 817 sagt.

3000 f. The national portrait gallery, or illustrious and eminent personages, particularly of the nineteenth century, engraved in the highest style, from paintings by Th. Lawrence, Reynolds, Shee, Beechey etc. with memoirs, by Wm. Jerdan. Vol. I IV. Lond. 1829 1832. 8. in iedem Bande 36 Bildnisse in Stahlstich; 8 L. 8 S. auf chines. Papiere 3 L. 8 S. in gr. 4. 5 L. 5 S. (Br. n. r. II, 233). Ungewiß ist es aber, ob die Wappen dabei sind, wie sonst wol in solchen Werken; so auch in Portraits of the British poets. roy. 8. 23 parts, jeder zu 14 S; in 4. zu 1 L. 8 S. (Lo. III, 1475).

3000 g. Die Beschreibung der Wappen der Wappens könige, Herolde und Persevanten in: M. Noble's history of the college of arms etc. Lond. 1805. 4. (S. Nr. 602). bei den Lebensnachrichten von denselben.

3000 h. The praetorian banner displayed, or the arms of all the Lord-mayors of London accurately engraved on copperplates and explained by true blazonry, with a complete list of the said magistrates: now first published by Paul Wright. 435 Wappen derselben. In: P. Heylyn's help to English history etc. London 1773. 8. S. Bus. zu Nr. 2957.

3000 W. Camdeni reges, reginae, nobiles et alii in ecclesia collegiata b. Petri Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad annum 1606. Lond. 1606. 4. (10 S. 6 D). dies Werk ents hålt vielleicht auch Beschreibungen der Wappen auf den Denkmählern.

3000k. A collection of arms in Westminster abbey, on seventy one copperplates, f. (M. 439).

3003 a. The history of the abbey church of St. Peter's, Westminster, its antiquities and monuments. London for R. Ackermann. 1812. imp. 4. 2 voll. with coloured plates. Written by William Coombe. (Lo. IV, 1925. 5 L, 12 S. 6 D. 9 L. 12 L. 12 S.

3003 b. The history and antiquities of the abbey church of St. Peter's, Westminster; including notices and biographical memoirs of the abbots and deans of that foundation by Edward Wedlake Brayley. By John Preston Neale. Lond. 1818 1823. 4 voll. in 4. und imp. 4. (Lo. III, 1324). w. 61 engrav. (15 L. 15 S. bei Bo. 7 L. 10 S). Dazu: desselben

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Neale's (18) portraits of the deans of Westminster to accompany, 3 numeros. imp. 4. Lond. 1823. (3 L. 12 S. bei Bo. 2 L. 2 S).

3005 a. G. Lewis Smyth's monuments and genii of St. Pauls cathedral and of Westminster abbey; with historical sketches and descriptions of both churches, London 1826. 8. 2 voll. w. plat. (1 L. 7 S. bei Bo. 16 S).

3005 6. The history and antiquities of the cathedral church of Winchester. Begun by Henry late earl of Clarendon, and continued to this time by Samuel Gale, Lond. 1715. or 1723. 8. unter andern mit 8 Kpft. mit Grabdenkmählern und Laf. Siegel. (Lo. II, 762. — 12 S. 6 D. 14 S. 1 L. bis 2 L. 1 S.


3005 c. Histrionic topography, or the birth - places residences, and funeral monuments of the most distinguished actors. 1818. 8. m, Kpf. (3 S. Lo. II, 1935).

Insonderheit: (1) Landschaften.


3005 d. A topographical description of Ayrshire, more particularly of Cuningham together with a genealogical account of the principal families in that bailiwick. By George Robertson. Irvine 1820. 8. mit: A genealogical account of the principal families in Ayrshire. more parlicularly in Cuninghame. By George Robertson, Irvine

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