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Or, The Excellence of Charity. Fourth Edition. With Illustrations.

16mo, 2s. cloth. The Students;

Or, Biographies of the Grecian Philosophers. 12mo, price 28. 6d. cloth. Stories of Edward and his little Friends.

With 12 Illustrations. Second Edition. 3s. 6d. plain; 48. 6d. coloured. Sunday Lessons for little Children. By Mrs. BARWELL. Fourth Edition. 28. 6d. plain; 38. coloured.

EDUCATIONAL WORKS. Rhymes of Royalty.

The History of England in Verse, from the Norman Conquest to the reign of QUEEN VICTORIA; with an Appendix, comprising a summary

of the leading events in each reign. Fcap. 8vo, 28. 6d. cloth. True Stories from Ancient History,

Chronologically arranged froni the Creation of the World to the Death of Charlemagne. Thirteenth Edition. With 24 Steel Engravings. 12mo,

58. cloth. True Stories from Modern History,

From the Death of Charlemagne to the present Time. Eighth

Edition. With 24 Steel Engravings. 12mo, 58. cloth. The Modern British Plutarch;

Or, Lives of Men distinguished in the recent History of our Country for their Talents, Virtues and Achievements. By W.Č. TAYLOR, LL.D. Author of “A Manual of Ancient and Modern History,” etc. 12mo,

Second Thousand, 4s. 6d. cloth; 58. gilt edges. “A work which will be welcomed in any circle of intelligent young persons.”—British Quarterly Review. Harry Hawkins's H-Book;

Shewing how he learned to aspirate his H's. Frontispiece by H. WEIR.

Second Edition. Super-royal 16mo, price 6d. “ No family or school-room within, or indeed beyond, the sound of Bow bells, should be without this merry manual."-Art Journal. Mrs. Trimmer's Concise History of England,

Revised and brought down to the present time by Mrs. MILNER. With Portraits of the Sovereigns in their proper costume, and Frontispiece by HARVEY. New Edition in One Volume. 58. cloth.

Stories from the Old and New Testaments,

On an improved plan. By the Rev. B. H. DRAPER. With 48 En

gravings. Fifth Edition. 12mo, 5s. cloth. Pictorial Geography.

For the use of Children. Presenting at one view Illustrations of the various Geographical Terms, and thus imparting clear and definite ideas of their meaning. On a Large Sheet. Price 2s. 6d. in tints;

58. on Rollers, varnished.
One Thousand Arithmetical Tests;

Or, The Examiner's Assistant. Specially adapted for Examination
Purposes, but also suited for general use in Schools. By T. S. CAYZER,
Head Master of Qucen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol. Fourth Edition,
revised and stereotyped. Price 1s. 6d. cloth.

*** Answers to the above, ls, 6d. cloth. One Thousand Algebraical Tests;

On the same plan. Second Edition. 8vo., price 3s. 6d. cloth.

ANSWERS to the Algebraical Tests, price 2s. 6d. cloth.
Gaultier's Familiar Geography,

With a concise Treatise on the Artificial Sphere, and two coloured
Maps, illustrative of the principal Geographical Terms. Sixteenth

Edition. 16mo, 3s. cloth.
Butler's Outline Maps, and Key;

Or, Geographical and Biographical Exercises; with a Set of Coloured
Outline Maps; designed for the Use of Young Persons. By the late
WILLIAM BUTLER. Enlarged by the author's son, J. O. BUTLER.

Thirty-fourth Edition, revised.
Every-Day Things;

Or, Useful Knowledge respecting the principal Animal, Vegetable, and
Mineral Substances in common use. Second Edition. 18mo, ls. 6d.

cloth. “A little encyclopædia of useful knowledge, deserving a place in every juvenile library." -Evangelical Magazine.


Rowbotham's New and Easy Method of Learning

the FRENCH GENDERS. New Edition, 6d. Bellenger's French Word and Phrase-book.

Containing a select Vocabulary and Dialogues, for the Use of Beginners. New Edition, ls. sewed.


Ou Petits Contes Moraux. With a Key to the difficult words and phrases. Frontispiece. Second Edition. 18mo, 2s, cloth.

“Written in pure and easy French.”—Morning Post. The Pictorial French Grammar;

For the Use of Children. With Eighty Illustrations. Royal 16mo., price ls. sewed; Is. 6d. cloth.

Le Babillard.

An Amusing Introduction to the French Language. By a French

Lady. Seventh Edition. With 16 Illustrations. 2s. cloth. Der Schwätzer;

Or, the Prattler. An amusing Introduction to the German Language, on the Plan of “Le Babillard.” 16 Illustrations. 16mo, price 2s.

Battle Fields.

A graphic Guide to the Places described in the History of England as
the scenes of such Events; with the situation of the principal Naval
Engagements fought on the coast of the British Empire. By Mr.
WAUTHIER, Geographer. On a large sheet 3s. 6d.; or on a roller,

and varnished, 7s, 6d. Tabular Views of the Geography and Sacred His

Intended for Pupil Teachers, and others engaged in Class Teaching.

By A. T. WHITE. Oblong 8vo, price 1s., sewed.
The First Book of Geography;

Specially adapted as a Text Book for Beginners, and as a Guide to the
Young Teacher. By Hugo Reid, author of “Elements of Astronomy,”

etc. Fourth Edition, carefully revised. 18mo, ls. sewed. “One of the most sensible little books on the subject of Geography we have met with.” -Educational Times. The Child's Grammar,

By the late LADY FEnn, under the assumed name of Mrs. Lovechild.

Fiftieth Edition. 18mo, 9d. cloth. The Prince of Wales' Primer.

With 300 Illustrations by J. GILBERT. Price 6d., or 1s. Illuminated cover, gilt edges.




ONE SHILLING EACH. 1 Alphabet of Goody Two-Shoes. 8 Little Rhymes for Little Folks. 2 Cinderella.

9 Mother Hubbard. 3 Cock Robin.

10 Monkey's Frolic. 4 Courtship of Jenny Wren. 11 Old Woman and her Pig. 5 Dame Trot and her Cat.

12 Puss in Boots. 6 History of an Apple Pie.

13 Tommy Trip's Museum of 7 House that Jack built.


BY THOMAS DARNELL. PARSING SIMPLIFIED: An Introduction and Companion to all

Grammars; consisting of Short and Easy Rules (with Parsing Lessons to each) whereby young Students may, in a short time, be gradually led through a knowledge of the several Elementary Parts of Speech to a thorough comprehension of the grammatical construction of the most complex sentences of our ordinary Authors,

either in Prose or Poetry, by Thomas DARNELL. Price ls. cloth. “ Sound in principle, singularly felicitous in example and illustration, and though brief, thoroughly exhaustive of the subject. The boy who will not learn to parse on Mr. Darnell's plan is not likely to do so on any other.-Morning Post.

GEORGE DARNELL'S EDUCATIONAL WORKS. The attention of all interested in the subject of Education is invited to these Works, now in extensive use throughout the Kingdom, prepared by Mr. George Darnell, a Schoolmaster of many years' experience. 1. COPY BOOKS.-A SHORT AND CERTAIN ROAD TO A GOOD HAND

WRITING, gradually advancing from the Simple Stroke to a superior

LARGE Post, Sixteen Numbers, 6d. each.

FOOLSCAP, Twenty Numbers, to which are added Three Supplementary Numbers of Angular Writing for Ladies, and One of Ornamental Hands. Price 3d. each.

This series may also be had on very superior paper, marble covers, 4d. each. “For teaching writing I would recommend the use of Darnell's Copy Books. I have noticed a marked improvement wherever they have been used."-Report of Mr. Maye (National Society's Organizer of Schools) to the Worcester Diocesan Board of Education. 2. GRAMMAR, made intelligible to Children, price 1s. cloth. 3. ARITHMETIC, made intelligible to Children, price 1s. 6d. cloth.

*** Key to Parts 2 and 3, price Is. cloth. 4. READING, a Short and Certain Road to, price 6d. cloth.


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