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Rev. Mr. Winter.


BOORSPrinted for R. and J. D Od Si E Y.

L ✓""VBscrvations on the History and Evidences of V-/ the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. By Gilbert West, Esq. LL. D. Price 5s. in Octavo. Feurth Edition.

II. Observations on the Conversion and Apostlesliip of St. Pvut. In a Letter to Gilbert West, Esq. Price Is. 6d. Fourth Edition.

III. The Letters of Pliny the Consul: With Occasional Remarks. By Wiliiam Mellmoth, Esq. in Two Volumes Octavo. Price bound 8s. 3d Edition.

IV. The Letters of Sir Thomas Fitzojborne, on several Subjects. By the Translator of Pliny s Letters. Third Edition. Price bound 5s.

V. The Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero, to several of his Friends. With Remarks. By William Melmoth, Esq. 3 Vol. 8vo. Price 15s.

VI. The Pleasures of Imagination, a Poem. In three Books. By Mark Akinjide, M. D. Quarto, Price 4s. Octavo, Price 25. Also Odes on several Subjects. By the fame Author. Quar-to, Price is. 6d. And an Ode to Lord Huntingdon, by the fame. Price is.

VII. The Complaint: Or Night Thoughts, on Life, Death, and Immortality. Octavo, Price bound Five Shillings, nrao. Three Shillings.

VIII. A Collection of Poems by several Hands. In 6 vols. The Third Edition. Price bound 18s.

IX. A Delination of Universal Law: By Fettiplace Bellars, Esq. Quarto. Price 3s.

X. Leonidas, a Poem. By Mr. Glover. Fourth Edition, i2mo. Price bound 3s.

XI. The History of Pompey the Little, or the Life and Adventures of a Lap Dog. Twelves. Price bound 3s. Third Edition.


BOOKS Printed for R. and J, D o D S L E r.

XII. A short View of the Conduct of the English Clergy from the Conquest to the Revolution, Is. 6d.

XIII. Original Letters of the Honourable Algernon Sidney; to the Hon. Henry SavHie., Octavo. Price is. 6d. 1 * ,, >_

XIV. Fidd's Art of Poetry. Translated into English Verse, by the Reverend Mr. Cbri/iopber Pitt. Price bound 2S. 6d.

XV. The Decameron; or One Hundred Ingenious and diverting Novels. Written originally in

.Italian, by John Boccace, newly translated into English by a Gentleman. In one Volume 8vo. Price 6s. N. B. These beautiful Star/ies are divided into Ten Days Entertainment. Ten Novels for each Day. I. On various Subjects. 2. and 3. Great Troubles ^and perplexed Adventures ctowned with Success. 4;"Such Amours and Love Adventures as have had an unfortunate Conclusion. 5. Amours and Love Adventures- :that have ended happily. 6. Subjects of Wit and Humour." 7. and 8. Stratagems that Women have contrived to deceive their Husbands, jo.., Miscellaneous Novels, 10. Gallant or generous Actions; done For the fake'of a Mistress-or Friend,

&c. ■ ,' ~.:, ; *. • r:'; /■> ..:

XVI. Leisure Hours Amusements.for Town and' Country; containing a select Collection of the most humourous and diverting Stories which are dispersed m the Writings of tho best English Authors, To which [are added, a-Collection of Characters, in the Manner "of' Tljeophrajlus. Two Volumes, nmo. Price 6s. .. ..'

XVII. A new'Collection of Fairy Tales, none of which were ever before printed; containing many useful Lesions, moral Sentiments, surprising Incidents and amusing Adventures. In 2vqls i2mo, Price 5s,

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