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forth not by duty and philanthropy, but by scientific ardour and craving for adventure ? The truth is that there is no more splendid possession than courage, whether moral or physical ; and it is for this reason that young and old, learned and simple, delight in deeds of daring, no matter in what may be their field. The same intrepid spirit that leads women like Alexandrine Tinné to expose their lives to the deadly African fever and the knife of the Touareg, leads them, under other conditions and circumstances, to encounter the perils of a hospital and the pestilential haunts of the sick poor. It is courage of one kind that impels the brave spirit to speak out when the whole world is against the truth; and of another, that urges the tiger-slayer to the Indian jungle, or the Arctic explorer to the North Pole. True heroism, like the chameleon, wears many colours; and when we admire the humble telegraph clerk," who, at the risk of being immediately shot by the enemy, cut the wires of which she had the control; the noble English princess who lately sacrificed her own life to maternal duty, or the French nun who threw herself upon a mad dog to shield the children entrusted to her care, we are but admiring the same quality which marks Alexandrine Tinné among the noteworthiest of her sex.

4 We allude to an incident in the Franco-German war. This heroic nun, a peasant woman, was also French, and the incident alluded to happened quite recently.



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