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(B) Early Printed Books.

1645 Missale ad usum ac consuetudinem Sar[um] gothic letter, in red and black, musical notation, woodcuts, ornamental initials and two designs of the Tudor arms (first leaf wanted, one defective, and a few leaves at end misplaced), calf, A Wolfgango Hopylio impensis Francisci byrkma[n] civis Coloniensis] Impressum Anno d[omi]ni 1515, 8vo. (54) Leighton, £20 10s.

[As is frequently the case, the Becket offices in the calendar had the text scored through, and in most instances the word "Pope" was erased.—Catalogue.]

1646 Cortes (Martin). Breve compendio de la Sphera y de la Arte de Navegar, gothic letter, woodcut coat of arms of Charles V. on title, within border, map of the world, including parts of North and South America, and diagrams, old morocco (wormed, and last 3 leaves of table missing), Sevilla, 1551, small folio (55) H. Stevens, £6 2s. 6d. 1647 Ptolemeus (Claudius). Cosmographia, modern vellum, Impressum Ulme per Leonardum Hol, anno 1482 (56) H. Stevens, £58 [Contains 32 maps on wood (one defective and one fingersoiled). Collation: A 10 leaves, B to G in eights, H 11 leaves, and leaf of colophon.-Catalogue.]

1648 Encina (Juan de). Cancionero de todas las | obras de Juan del Enzina, gothic letter, woodcut coat of arms on title (first and last leaves repaired), russia extra, g. e., Zaragoza, 1516, folio (57) Quaritch, £20

[The collation is as follows: A to L in eights, M 9 leaves, N° 8 leaves = 105 leaves in all. The first 97 leaves are numbered in large Roman numerals, and the last 6 leaves (commencing signature N) are numbered in small gothic type, 97 to 104 having been inserted from the Salamanca edition of 1509.- Catalogue.]

1649 Mena (Juan de). Las. CCC.*** co' ottras XXIIII. coplas*** Agora nuevame'te añadidas, gothic letter, full-page woodcut of the author presenting his book, and other woodcuts, russia extra, g. e. (collation, 2 preliminary leaves, A to L in eights, LL 6 leaves, M to O in eights, P 6 leaves, Q 10 leaves), Impressa en la Cibdad d. Caragoça, por Georgi coci Aleman, 1509 (58) Leighton, £1

[There would not appear to be a copy of this edition in the British Museum Library.-ED.]

1650 Lerius (J.) Historia Navigationis in Brasiliam, first edition and, apparently, first issue (but without the folding plate), dedication copy, 7 full-page woodcuts of the South American Indians, etc., with musical notes showing the intonation of the Caraibs, contemporary morocco, with Grolieresque design and the arms of William, Landgrave of Hesse, Geneva, Apud Eustathium Vignon, anno 1586, small 8vo. (60)


1651 Seissel (Claude de). La Victoire du Roy contre les Veneciens, lettres batardes, woodcuts, 47 leaves (margins cut into), mottled calf, Anthoine Verard à Paris, 1510, 4to. (61) Leighton, £3 35.

1652 Binding. Printed Acts and Lawes past in the XXIII. Parliament of James, King of Scotland, calf, the sides covered with pointillé tooling, with centre ornament, the intervening space being covered with a small rose stamp and minute dots, full gilt back, with four bands, g. e. (a fine specimen of early Scottish binding, bearing the British Museum stamp, "Duplicate for Sale, 1769 "), Edinburgh, T. Finlason, 1621, small folio (78) £24 1653 Binding. Ladies Calling (The), Lady Oxford's copy, with inscription, "Henrietta Cavendish Holles Harley, given by my Lord," on fly-leaf, and her engraved bookplate, old morocco, elaborate geometrical design, inlaid with black and yellow leather on each side, the whole tooled in gold, Oxford, 1673, 8vo. (87) Pickering, £12 10S.

(y) English Literature.

1654 Erasmus. The praise of Folie. Moria Encomium, Englished by Sir Thomas Chaloner, first issue of the first edition, with initials "T. B." at foot of woodcut title, black letter (a few margins cut into), calf gilt, Berthelet, 1569, 8vo. (93) Tregaskis, £4 10s.

1655 Boccaccio.

Thirteene most pleasaunt and delectable questions, Entituled, A disport of diverse noble personages, Englished by H. G., black letter (small hole on title and a few headlines cut), A. J. and T. Woodcocke, 1587— A Booke of Cookery, and the order of Meates to bee served to the Table, both for Flesh and Fish dayes, black letter (a few headlines cut away), Printed by A. E. and sold by F. Grove, 1629-Here followeth a Compendious Regiment or Dietarie of Health, compyled by Andrewe Boord, black letter, woodcut (one leaf wanted), H. Jackson, 1576, together in 1 vol., old calf, 12mo. (94) £19 10s. 1656 Leicester (Earl of). A Briefe Report of the Militarie Services done in the Low Countries, by the Erle of Leicester, black letter (2 leaves torn and 3 stained), calf, London, by Arnold Hatfield, 1587, small 4to. (95) Barnard, 2 12s. 6d. 1657 Spanish Armada. The copie of a Letter sent out of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza . . . with account of the Losses happened to the Spanish Navie, black letter (collation, A 6 leaves, B to E in fours, and Printer to the Reader 2 leaves), (a few leaves defective), unbound, I. Vautrollier, 1588, small 4to. (96) LI 10s.

1658 Drake (Sir F.) A True Coppie of a Discourse written by a Gentleman, employed in the late Voyage of Spaine and

Portingale, black letter, calf (collation, A 2 leaves, B-H in fours, I one leaf), Thomas Woodcock, 1589, small 4to. (97) Dobell, £2 6s. 1659 Mary Queen of Scots. Execution oder Todt Marien Stuarts Königinnen aus Schotlandt, woodcut of the Execution on title, 8 leaves, black letter, 6 pages of early German MS. at end (some leaves soiled), half bound, Zu Magdeburgk bey J. Francken, Anno 1588, small 4to. (98) Leighton, £2 5s. 1660 James I. The True Narration of the Entertainment of his Royall Maiestie from the time of his departure from Edenbrough till his receiuing at London [preface signed T. M.], (some headlines cut into and stained), calf gilt, Thomas Creed for T. Millington, 1603, small 4to. (99)

Dobell, £110s. 1661 Elizabeth of Bohemia. The Marriage of the two great Princes, Fredericke Count Palatine, etc., and the Lady Elizabeth, daughter to the Imperial Majesties of King James and Queene Anne, with the Showes and Fireworkes upon the Water, etc., black letter. 8 leaves, calf gilt, uncut, T. C. for William Barley, 1613, small 4to. (100) Sabin, £3 5s. 1662 Bohemia (King of). The Late Good Successe and Victory which it pleased God to give to some of the King of Bohemia's Forces under the Prince of Anhalt, half calf, wide margins, Middleburg, A. Schilders, 1620, small 4to. (101) LI IIS. 1663 Udall (W.) The Historie of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart, Queene of Scotland, title by Marshall and portrait, calf, J. Haviland, 1636, 12mo. (103) Tregaskis, £145. 1664 Chapman (G.) Monsieur d'Olive, a Comedie (headlines of 2 leaves cut into), autograph of C. Walmesley on title, half calf, Printed by T. C. for W. Holmes, 1606, small 4to. (104) Tregaskis, £1 16s. 1665 Fletcher (J.) and Shakespeare (W.) The Two Noble Kinsmen, first edition, Printed at London by Tho. Cotes for John Waterson 1634-The Tragedy of Thierry, King of France [by Fletcher and Massinger], (headlines cut), Printed for Thos. Walkley, 1621, together in 1 vol., half calf, small 4to., 6% inches by 4% inches (105) Dobell, £15 1666 [Thomson (T.)] The Life of Mother Shipton, a New Comedy, calf, P. Lillicrap [circa 1668], small 4to. (107)

Pickering, £2 10S. 1667 Marlowe (C.) The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, woodcut on title, 1663—Tatham (J.) The Rump, 1661, together I vol., calf (headlines cut into), small 4to. (108) Dobell, £3 155. 1668 Herrick (Robert). Hesperides, first edition, with the leaf of errata, frontispiece by W. Marshall (a few headlines cut into and some leaves stained), calf, m. e., J. Williams and F. Eglesfield, 1648 (109) J. Bumpus, £48 1669 Virgil. The Thirteene Bookes of Aeneidos, translated by Thomas Phaer and Thomas Twyne, black letter (a few

headlines cut close), contemporary sheep, London, Bernard Alsop, 1620, small 4to. (111)

£2 25.

1670 Bacon (F.) Proficience and Advancement of Learning, second edition, old calf, Oxford, W. Washington, 1629, small 4to. (112) Leighton, £2 1671 Gilbert (W.) De Magnete, Magneticisque Corporibus, et de Magno magnete tellure, original edition, woodcuts, diagrams and folding plate between pages 200-1, old calf gilt, m. e., Londini, Petrus Short, anno 1600, small folio (113) Wesley, £12

[10 inches x 7 inches. This copy was almost free from the author's MS. corrections which are usually found. See Professor Silvanus Thompson's "Notes on the 'De Magnete" (next entry).-ED.]

1672 Thompson (S. P.) Notes on the "De Magnete," and three other small works relating to Gilbert by the same, 4 vol., boards, uncut, Privately printed, 1901-3, 8vo. (114)

Li 1673 Latham (S.) Latham's Faulconry, first complete edition, with the Epilogue, woodcuts, 2 numbered leaves, 2 parts in i vol. (a few headlines cut into), old sheep binding, Printed by T. Harper for J. Harison, 1633, small 4to. (115)

J. Bumpus, £7 10s. 1674 Jobson (R.) The Golden Trade, or A Discovery of the River Gambia (A 3 leaves, B to V in fours, X 3 leaves), (title and last leaf soiled), calf gilt, Nicholas Okes, 1623, small 4to. (116)


1675 Tobago. The present Prospect of Tobago, with a Description of the Growth and Manufacture of that Island (no title), half calf, 1622, small 4to. (117)


1676 Prior (M.) Poems on Several Occasions, first authorised edition, Jacob Tonson, 1709, 8vo. (7) Pickering, 1 18s. [The first edition of 1707, which is much more valuable, was not authorised.--ED.]

1677 Browne (Sir T.)

Religio Medici, first authorised edition, frontispiece, old calf, Andrew Crooke, 1643, 12mo. (123) Maggs, £4 4s. 1678 Killigrew (Mrs. Anne) Poems, original edition, containing the first edition of Dryden's "Ode to Mrs. Killigrew," with the autograph of "Wm. Killigrew" (Sir William Killigrew, dramatist, 1606-95) on title, mezzotint portrait by I. Beckett, old calf, Samuel Lowndes, 1686, folio (124)

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Pickering, £3 IOS.

1679 [Pope (A.)] An Essay on Man, the four parts, first edition (13474), (title dust soiled and the half titles wanted, with the leaf at end containing an advertisement of the "three former parts "), J. Wilford [1732-4], bound together with nearly 60 Poetical Pieces by Pope, Congreve, Tickell and others, published between 1703 and 1750, several first editions, old half calf, folio (125)

Stevens & Brown, £11 10s. [See The Athenæum, June 28th, 1905, p. 112.--ED.]

1680 Fielding (H.) Tom Jones, first edition, 6 vol., original boards, backed with half calf, entirely uncut, Second issue (errata corrected), A. Miller, 1749, 8vo. (128)

J. Bumpus, £80 1681 [Sterne (L.)] Tristram Shandy, privately printed first edition of vol. i. and ii., also vol. iii., iv., vii. and viii., R. and J. Dodsley, and T. Becket and P. A. Dehont, together 6 vol., old calf (not uniform), 1759-65, 8vo. (129)

Stevens & Brown, £8 8s. 1682 [Gray (T.]) An Elegy Wrote in a Country Church Yard, first edition, calf gilt, 10 inches by 6% inches (collation, title, "advertisement" and pages 5 to 11), Printed for R. Dodsley in Pall Mall, and sold by M. Cooper in Paternoster-Row, 1751, 4to. [Price Six-pence] (130)

Quaritch, £104 1683 Goldsmith (O.) The Good-Natur'd Man, first edition, with the half title, the Prologue by Dr. Johnson, and having the rare Epilogue by Mrs. Bulkley, in 1 vol., half bound, W. Griffin, 1768, and others (131) Tregaskis, £11 1684 Goldsmith (O.) The Deserted Village, first edition, with the half title, W. Griffin, 1770–[Reynolds (Sir J.)] Discourse at the Academy, presentation copy, 1771-[Percy]. The Hermit of Warkworth, first edition, 1771-Papers relative to the Late Negotiation with Spain, 1777-Journal of a Voyage round the World in H.M.S. Endeavour, 1771, and others, together in 1 vol., half calf, 4to. (132) Quaritch, £21 1685 Goldsmith (O.) The Traveller, second edition, unbound, edges uncut, J. Newbury, 1765, 4to. (133)


1686 Wordsworth (William). Poems in Two Volumes, first collected edition, with the half titles, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, Longman, Hurst, etc., 1807, 8vo. (134) £9 15s.

1687 Keats (J.) Endymion, first edition, with the half title, both the one-line leaf and the five-line slip of errata, also the 4 pages of "Books just Published, May 1, 1888" at end, original boards, uncut, with the paper label (defective), Taylor and Hessey, 1818, 8vo. (135) J. Bumpus, £41 1688 Keats (J.) Endymion, first edition, with the half title and one-line leaf of erratum (only), morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, 1818, 8vo. (136) Edwards, £17 5s. 1689 Shelley (Mr. and Mrs.) History of a Six Weeks' Tour, first edition, original boards, uncut, with the label, Hookham and Ollier, 1817, 8vo. (137) Tregaskis, I IIS. 1690 Shelley (P. B.) Posthumous Poems, first edition, boards, leather back, edges untrimmed, with the label, J. and H. L. Hunt, 1824, 8vo. (138) Spencer, £3 1691 Shelley (P. B.) The Masque of Anarchy, first edition, cloth, with the paper label, Moxon, 1832-The Shelley Papers, by Medwin, boards, uncut, 1833, 8vo. (139) Maggs, £3 1692 [Browning (E. B.)] An Essay on Mind, with other Poems, first edition, marbled boards, leather back, uncut, with the paper label, James Duncan, 1826, 8vo. (140) Shepherd, £8

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