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1772 Edgeworth (Maria). Novels and Miscellaneous Pieces, 14 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1825, small 8vo. (117) Young, £1 11s. 1773 Edwards (George). Natural History of Uncommon Birds, coloured plates, 7 vol., old morocco gilt, g.e., 1743-64, 4to. (118) Quaritch, £4 7s. 6d. 1774 English Poets (Works of the) from Chaucer to Cowper, Prefaces by Dr. Johnson, and Additional Lives by A. Chalmers, 21 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., 1810, royal 8vo. (123) Young, £11 1775 Euclides. Elementa, Graece, cum Procli Commentariis, first edition, woodcut diagrams, morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Rivière, Basileae, 1533, folio (125) Edwards, £6 5s. 1776 Euripides. Tragoediae, Graece et Latine, ex nova recognitione Aug. Matthiae, LARGE PAPER (one of 12 copies), 3 vol., morocco super extra, uncut, Oxonii, 1821, imperial 8vo. (126) J. Bumpus, £3 35. 1777 Fergusson (J.) Cave Temples of India, 98 plates and woodcuts, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1880, super imperial 8vo. (132) Hill, £1 14s. 1778 Flaxman (John). Classical Compositions, Homer, Hesiod and Aeschylus, morocco extra, g. e. by Wright, Longman, etc., 1795-1831, oblong royal folio (134) Tregaskis, £1 105. 1779 Fragmenta Comicorum Graecorum, Aug. Meineke, 5 vol. in 7, calf gilt, m. e., Berolini, 1839-57, 8vo. (136) Nutt, £1 14s. 1780 Fraser (J. B.) Journey into Khorasan, map, morocco extra, g. e., 1825-Travels of Cosmo the Third through England, portrait and aquatinta plates, half morocco gilt, r. e., 1820, together 2 vol., royal 4to. (137)

1781 Froude (J. A.) History of England, 12 (broken), 1862-70, 8vo. (138)

Young, £1 6s. vol., calf, m. e. Young, £1 19s.

1782 Froude (J. A.) The English in Ireland, 3 vol., original cloth,

1872-74, 8vo. (139)

1783 Gell (Sir W.) and Gandy (J. P.)

map, plans and plates, those
proofs, with the etchings, 3
1817-32, 4to. (141)

Harding, £1 125. Pompeiana, LARGE PAPER, in the second series India vol., morocco super extra, Young, £4 10s. morocco gilt, g.e., P. Cotton, £3 4s.

1784 Goethe. Sämmtliche Werke, 30 vol., Stuttgart, 1850-51, 8vo. (144)

1785 Greville Memoirs. Journal of the Reigns of George IV. and William IV., 3 vol., original cloth, 1874, 8vo. (147) Bain, £1 12s. 1786 Grose (Francis). Antiquities of England and Wales, with the Supplement, 8 vol., Hooper and Wigstead, 1783Antiquities of Scotland, 2 vol., 1789-91-Antiquities of Ireland, 2 vol., 1791-95-History of Dover Castle, by W. Darell, S. Hooper, 1786, plans and views, together 13 vol., morocco extra, g. e., uniform, 4to. (149)

1787 Grote (George).

Maggs, £13 History of Greece, maps, 12 vol., morocco, Quaritch, £3 105. Décorations de Palais et d'Églises en

g. e., 1851, 8vo. (150) 1788 Gruner (Louis).

Italie, 56 plates, several in colours, with descriptions, 1854, atlas folio (151) Quaritch, £4 7s. 6d. 1789 Hakluyt (Richard). The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, black letter. original edition of the entire collection, original second issue of the suppressed leaves of the Voyage to Cadiz, facsimile of the Molyneux map, 3 vol. in 2, morocco, g. e., by Rivière, 1598-99-1600, small folio (153)

Maggs, £24 1790 Hamilton (Sir William). Antiquités Etrusques, Grecques et Romaines, large plates, 4 vol., contemporary morocco extra, g. e., Naples, 1766-67, royal folio (156)

Quaritch, £12 155. 1791 Hasted (E.) History of Kent, maps, including the "Hundred of Worth" (often wanting) and views, extra illustrated by the insertion of several hundred views, many of which are very scarce, including Greenwich Hospital, Observatory and Park, Woolwich, etc., 4 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., Canterbury, 1778-99, folio (156) J. Bumpus, £48 1792 Hepplewhite (A.) The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide, third edition, 130 plates, calf extra, by Rivière, 1794, folio (160) Bain, £27 1793 Herodotus. Historiæ, Græcè, curante T. Gaisford, LARGE PAPER (one of 25 copies), 6 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., Oxonii, 1824, imperial 8vo. (161) Young, £3 18s. 1794 Homerus. Ilias et Odyssea (edente N. Majorano, cum Indice M. Devarii), first edition (from the Duke of Grafton's and Heber's collections), 4 vol., calf, rebacked, Romæ, 1542-50, folio (163) Young, £5 1795 Homerus. Ilias, cum brevi Annotatione, curante C. G. Heyne, 8 vol., Lipsiæ, 1802 — Odyssea, cum Scholiis Veteribus, accedunt Batrachomyomachia, Hymni, Fragmenta, 2 vol., Oxonii, 1827, together 10 vol., fine paper, morrocco extra, 1802-27, 8vo. (164) Edwards, £3 10s. 1796 Horatius. Opera, aeneis Tabulis incidit Johannes Pine, "Potest" edition, 2 vol., old morocco, g. e., 1833-7, 8vo. (166) Sotheran, £7 17s. 6d. 1797 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons, by Thos. Birch, engraved portraits, original russia, 1813, folio (168)

1798 Jacquemart (A.) et Le Blanc (E.)

Histoire de la Porcelaine, 28 etchings, half morocco, uncut, 1862, small folio (175)

Braun, £2

Young, £1 18s.

1799 Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Dictionary, first edition, with the original Preface, 2 vol., calf, rebacked,

1800 Koran (The), by George Sale, LARGE map, etc., original morocco extra, g. e.,

1801 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies, frontispiece and 275 plates, proofs,

1755, folio (179) Sotheran, £2 8s. PAPER, frontispiece, 1734, 4to. (188)

Maggs, £2 papier d'Hollande, "Le Singe et le

Léopard" (172nd Fable) before the inscription, no portrait of Oudry, 4 vol., calf gilt, y.e., 1755-9, folio (191)

Quaritch, £17 5s. 1802 Lambarde (W). Perambulation of Kent, black letter, map and card of the Beacons (both defective), calf, 1596, small 4to. (192) Thorp, £4 1803 La Pérouse (J. F. de). Voyage autour du Monde, 4 vol. in 2, calf gilt, y.e., 1797-Folio Atlas of Maps and Plates, half morocco, 4to. and folio (197) Edwards, £1.16s. 1804 Laplace (Marquis de). Mécanique Celeste, by N. Bowditch (250 copies printed), 4 vol., russia, g. e. (binding broken), Boston, U. S. A., 1829-39, 4to. (198) Wesley, £8 15s. 1805 Lavater (C. J.) Essays on Physiognomy, translated by Hunter, engravings by Bartolozzi and others, extra proof plates inserted, 5 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., 1789-98, imperial 4to. (199) J. Bumpus, £7 1806 Le Brun (C.) Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and part of the East-Indies, portrait, maps and plates, 2 vol., russia, y.e., 1737, folio (200) J. Grant, £135. European Morals, first edition, 2 vol., original cloth, 1869, 8vo. (202) Edwards, £ 6s. 1808-9 Legrand D'Aussy (J. B.) Fabliaux, ou Contes, 18 plates after Moreau and Desenne, 5 vol., half bound, uncut, t. e. g., 1829, 8vo. (203) Bumpus, £1 2s. 1810 Le Maout (E.) and Decaisne (J.) General System of Botany, edited by J. D. Hooker, illustrations, original cloth, 1873. 4to. (204) W. Brown, £I 155, 1811 Lucanus. Pharsalia, cum Notis H. Grotii et R. Bentleii, morocco extra, g. e., Strawberry Hill, 1760, royal 4to. (209) Edwards, £2 12s.

1807 Lecky (W. E. H.)

1812 Machiavelli (N.) Opere, 2 vol., morocco gilt, g.e., Londra, 1747, 4to. (214)

1813 Marco Polo. The Book of Ser Marco maps and plates, 2 vol., original cloth,

Sotheran, £1 18s. Polo, second edition, 1875, 8vo. (219) Braun, £2 1IS.

1814 Médailles sur les principaux Evénements du Règne de Louis le Grand, frontispiece and 242 plates of medals, contemporary morocco extra, royal arms of France in centre and crowned cypher on back, g.e., 1723, imperial folio (220) Edwards, £2 75. 1815 Metastasio (Pietro). Opere, portrait, 16 vol. in 8, morocco extra, g. e., Firenze, 1819, 8vo. (222) Young, £2 4s. 1816 Mill (James). History of British India, fourth edition, map, 9 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1840-48, 8vo. (224) Edwards, £1 12s. 1817 Milton (John). Works, in Verse and Frose, portrait, 8 vol., morocco extra, g. e., 1863, 8vo. (227) Young, £7 5s. 1818 Milton (John). Poetical Works, by William Hayley, Boydell's edition, proof plates, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., backs inlaid, Bulmer, 1794-7, imperial folio (228)

Edwards, £3 1819 Moliere (J. B. P. de). Euvres, publiée par L. Aimé-Martin,

1820 Montesquieu (C.)

portrait and plates, 6 vol., half morocco, m. e., 1845, 8vo. (229) White, £3 18s. Euvres, nouvelle édition, LARGE PAPER, portrait and map, 3 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., Londres (Paris), 1767, 4to. (230) Quaritch, £4 15s. 1821 Montfaucon (B. de). L'Antiquité Expliquée, original edition, LARGE PAPER, engravings, 15 vol., calf, r. e., 1719-24, imperial folio (231)

1822 Montfaucon (B. de).

Bull, £4 Les Monumens de la Monarchie plates, 5 vol., calf gilt, r. e., Quaritch, £4 145.

Françoise, LARGE PAPER, 1729-33, imperial folio (232) 1823 Morier (James). Journey to Constantinople, engravings, maps, etc., 2 vol., morocco super extra, 1812-18, 4to. (234) Maggs, £3

1824 Museum Florentinum, cum observationibus A. F. Gorii, plates, to vol. (without the Pazzi Supplement), russia gilt, m. e., Florent, 1731-62, imperial folio (240) Bull, £1 1825 Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis, cum Officio Defunctorum et Passione Christi, large roman type, plates, bound in 3 vol., contemporary oak boards, morocco, elaborate gilt tooled fanfare ornaments, name in centre panel (“Joan Ochoa, de Yverretauria comprador de oro y plata en Sevilla"), gilt gaufré edges, modern clasps, Antwerp, 1600-1, 4to. (243) Maggs, £9 55.

1826 Ouseley (Sir William). Travels in various Countries of the East, maps and plates, 3 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1819-22, 4to. (245) Wesley, £1 18s. 1827 Ovid. Les Metamorphoses, par N. Renouard, LARGE PAPER, engravings and initial letters illuminated in gold and colours (wanted the title, first leaf mended and a few at end wormed), morocco, g. e., Paris (1619), folio (246) Sotheran, £4 1828 Pallas (P. S.) Voyages en différentes Provinces de l'Empire de Russie, etc., maps and plates (wanted the folio atlas), 5 vol., morocco gilt, 1788-93, 4to. (398) Edwards, £3 12s. 1829 Pausanias, Graece (ex Recensione Marci Musuri), first edition, morocco extra, g. e., Venetiis, Aldus, 1516, folio (254) Young, £7 5s. 1830 Perrault (C.) Les Hommes Illustres, portraits, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, Paris, 1696, folio (257) Hill, £9 10s.

[The two suppressed portraits and biographies of Arnauld and Pascal, only found in copies of the earliest issue, and those of Thomassin and Ducange, published in their stead, are both in this copy.-Catalogue.]

1831 Perry (George). Conchology, 61 coloured engravings, morocco extra, g. e., 1811, folio (258) Hyams, £145. 1832 Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon, curante P. Burmanno, LARGE PAPER, frontispiece, 2 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., Amst., 1743, 4to. (261) Quaritch, £2 1833 Picart (B.) Cérémonies et Coûtumes Réligieuses, LARGE

PAPER, engravings, bound in 9 vol., calf gilt, r. e., 1723-43, imperial folio (262) Vyt, £3 35. 1834 Picart (B.) Gemmae Antiquae Caelatae, illustravit P. de Stosch, 70 plates, morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Amst., 1724, folio (263) Quaritch, £2 8s. 1835 Pinkerton (John). Voyages and Travels, engravings by Cooke, 17 vol., russia, m. e., 1808-14, 4to. (265)

Sotheran, £3 125. 1836 Philelfi (F.) Ad Jacobum Antonium Marcellum de Obitu Valerii Filii Consolatio, first edition, illuminated initial on first leaf, morocco extra, Romæ, 1475, folio (266)

Maggs, £5 12s. 6d. 1837 Plato. Dialogues, by Professor B. Jowett, 4 vol., calf gilt, m. e., Oxford, 1871, 8vo. (267) J. Bumpus, £2 125. 1838 Plato. Opera Omnia, editio princeps, morocco super extra, by F. Bedford, Venetiis, Aldus, 1513, folio (268)

Young, £16 1839 Plinius. Naturalis Historia, best edition, 8 vol. in 4, calf gilt, m. e., Gotha, 1851-58, 8vo. (269) Quaritch, £1 168 1840 Plotinus. Opera Omnia, translata a Mansilio Ficino, bound in 2 vol., old morocco gilt, g. e., Florentiæ, 1492, folio (271) Young, £3 17s. 6d. 1841 Plutarchus. Vitae Parallelae a J. A. Campano collectae et editae, first edition of this version (some leaves wormed), 2 vol., old morocco, dentelle borders, [Rome], Udalricus Gallus (circa 1470), large folio (272) Edwards, £4 7s. 6d. [Not subject to return, there being 11 leaves less than the number given by Hain and Brunet.-ED.] 1842 Pococke (R.) Description of the East and some other Countries, plates and maps, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1743-5, folio (273) J. Grant, £ 4s. 1843 Poetae Minores Graeci, instruxit T. Gaisford, LARGE PAPER (one of 50 copies), 4 vol. in 3, morocco super_extra, g. e., Oxonii, 1814-20, imperial 8vo. (275) Hunt, £2 25. 1844 Polus. Poli Cardinalis Britanni (Reginaldi) ad Henricum VIII., libri IV., first edition (last two leaves defective and mended), morocco extra, g. e., Roma, apud A. Bladum Asulanum (Typis Aldinis), s. a., folio (278) Young, £5 1845 Pope (Alex.) Poetical Works, portrait and proof plates, 6 vol. in 3, 1804-The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, translated by Pope, proof plates, 12 vol. in 6, 1805, Du Roveray's edition, LARGE PAPER, together 9 vol., morocco extra, g.e., royal 8vo. (279) Maggs, £13 1OS. 1846 Porter (Sir R. K.) Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, etc., plates (some coloured), 2 vol., russia extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, 1821-22, 4to. (281) Edwards, £ 14S. 1847 Quintilianus. De Institutione Oratoria, explanavit G. L. Spalding, Supplementa et Lexicon, 6 vol., morocco extra, uncut, Lipsia, 1798-1834, 8vo. (287)

Edwards, £1 6s.

1848 Quintus Curtius, cum notis variorum et H. Snakenburg, LARGE PAPER, plates, 2 vol., morocco

1724, 4to. (288)

gilt, g. e., Delphis, Quaritch, £2 4s.

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