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Williams, title damaged (soiled copy), half bound, J. Johnson, n. d. (1817), 8vo. (38) Spencer, £1 25. 2626 Milton (John). A Brief History of Moscovia, first edition, morocco super extra by Rivière and Son, 1682, 8vo. (39) Rimell, £6 5s. 2627 Ryves (Bruno). Mercurius Rusticus, frontispiece by Marshall, portrait of Dr. Ryves inserted, russia, g. e., 1647, 12mo. (42) E. Parsons, Li 2628 Schopperus (Hartm.) Omnium illiberalium mechanicarum, aut sedentariarum artium genera continens, carminibus expressa, woodcuts by Jost Ammon (leaves defective, mended and stained), calf, 1568, 8vo. (44)

Leighton, £4 10s. 2629 James I. Truth brought to Light, portrait of Sir Thomas Overbury, frontispiece by Droeshout and portraits of the Earl and Countess of Somerset, calf gilt, g. e., 1651, 4to. (49) Dobell, L1 175. 2630 Hakluyt (R.) Virginia richly Valued, first edition, title stained, some headlines, lower margins and a few side notes cut into, calf, F. Kyngston, 1609, 4to. (50)

Brooke, £31 2631 Thackeray (W. M.) Rebecca and Rowena, first edition, illustrations by Doyle (coloured), half calf, 1850, 4to. (51) Sotheran, 16s.

2632 Thackeray (W. M.) Mrs. Perkins's Ball, first edition, 22 illustrations by the author (coloured), morocco gilt, g.e. (1847), 8vo. (52) Sotheran, 6s. 2633 Burton (Robert). The Anatomy of Melancholy, first edition, several leaves stained and a few defective and mended, morocco, g. e., Oxford, 1621, 4to. (53) Pickering, £27 10s. 2634 Whetstone (George). The English Myrror, black letter, 1586 -Crowley (Robert). An Aunswer to sixe Reasons, ancient MS. notes in the margins, black letter, 1581, parchment, in I vol., 4to. (54) Dobell, £4 18s. 2635 Lilly (William). Christian Astrology, portrait by Marshall, some leaves stained and margins mended, calf, r. e., 1647, 4to. (56) E. Parsons, 1 45. 2636 Lithgow (William). Rare Adventures and Painefull Peregrinations, portrait of the author and woodcuts, leaves stained, calf antique, r. e., 1632, 4to. (58) Hopkins, £2 4s. 2637 Milton (John). History of Britain, first edition, leaf of errata, portrait by Faithorne, calf extra, g. e., 1670, 4to. (59) Sabin, £6 10S. 2638 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, first edition, seventh titlepage, title written on, defective and soiled, some leaves stained, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1669, 4to. (60) Tregaskis, £33 2639 Milton (John). Paradise Regain'd, a Poem in IV. Books, to which is added Samson Agonistes, leaf preceding title, "Licensed, July 2, 1670," first editions of both pieces, with the leaf of errata, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière and Son, 1671, 8vo. (61) Gibson, £15

2640 Book of Christian Prayers (usually termed Queen Elizabeth's

Prayer Book), black letter, portrait, woodcut borders after Dürer and Holbein (leaves stained), calf, R. Yardley and P. Shore, 1590, 4to. (62) Whyght, £19 10s. 2641 Mudford (William). Campaign in the Netherlands in 1815, 28 coloured plates by Geo. Cruikshank, half morocco gilt, g. e., 1817, 4to. (63) Hornstein, £5 15s. 2642 Salvin (F. H.) and Brodrick (W.) Falconry in the British Isles, presentation copy, 24 coloured plates, original cloth, uncut, Van Voorst, 1855, super imperial 8vo. (64)

Sotheran, £5 10s. 2643 Whitaker (T. D.) History of Whalley and Clitheroe, third edition, portraits, plates, pedigrees, calf, m. e., 1818, 4to. (64) Walford, 12s. 2644 Forlong (J. G. R.) Rivers of Life, maps, illustrations and chart of faith streams, 3 vol., 1883, 4to. (66)

Quaritch, £4 10s. 2645 Northumberland (Duke of). Catalogue of Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, coloured and other illustrations, presentation copy, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Newcastle, 1880, 4to. (67) Hill, £2 4s. 2646 White (Gilbert). Natural History of Selborne, first edition, plates, including the folding frontispiece of the north-east view of Selborne, original calf, 1789, 4to. (69)

Baillie, £13 10S. 2647 Víshnú Purana, a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition, translated from the Sanskrit, by Professor H. H. Wilson, half morocco, t. e. g., Oriental Translation Fund, 1840, 4to. (70) Shepherd, £ 55. 2648 Albumazar de magnis conjunctionibus, gothic letter, woodcuts (wanted title and first leaf), parchment, Aug. Vind., E. Ratdolt, 1489, 4to. (73) Barnard, £ 8s. 2649 Civil War Tracts, Royal and Parliamentary, a collection of 44, all printed in the year 1649, connected with various incidents occurring at, and directly after, the execution of Charles I., half bound, 4to. (78) E. Parsons, £4 16s. 2650 Civil War Tracts, Royal and Parliamentary (1641-1648), a collection of 59, comprising accounts of battles, King's declarations and Parliamentary answers, etc., half bound, 4to. (79) Hill, £10 10s. 2651 Fuller (Thomas). Worthies of England, first edition, portrait by Loggan, with the alphabetical Index (often wanting), calf gilt, g. e., 1662, folio (80) Edwards, £2 16s. 2652 Topsell (Edward)). The Historie of Foure-Footed Beastes, woodcuts (title and two leaves defective), half calf, 1007, folio (82) Tregaskis, £3 35.

2653 Fuller (Thomas).

Holy and Profane State, first edition, portraits and frontispiece, calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, Cambridge, 1642, folio (83) Fuller, 10s.

2654 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works, portrait by White, calf gilt, r.e., 1686, folio (84) Porter, 112s.

2655 Fuller (Thomas). A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine, first edition,

2657 Spenser (Edmund).

frontispiece, engraved title, plans and plates, morocco gilt, g.e., 1650, folio (85) E. Parsons, 14s. 2656 Tasso (T.) Godfrey of Boulogne, done into English by Edward Fairefax, woodcut title, calf gilt, y. e., 1624, folio (86) Dobell, 5s. The Faerie Queen, 1611-Prosopopoia, or Mother Hubbard's Tale, 1613 (some leaves defective), together in 1 vol., morocco super extra, Mathew Lownes, 1611-13, folio (87) Maggs, £6 5s. Commentaries, portraits, folding maps and plans, and plate of monument, russia, g. e., Cambridge, 1657, folio (88) Pickering, £2 8s. Discourse on Fish and Fish-Ponds, 18 coloured specimens by Ebenezer Albin, half bound, n.d. (1730), folio (89) Sotheran, £2 14s.

2658 Vere (Sir Francis).

2659 North (Roger).

2660 Bruce (J. C.) Lapidarium Septentrionale, illustrations, map in pocket, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Quaritch, 1875, folio (90) Young, £4 15s. 2661 James I. Workes, first edition, engraved title by Elstracke and portrait, calf (rebacked), 1616-20, folio (91)

Pickering, 1 IOS. 2662 Beaumont and Fletcher. Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, portrait by Marshall, original calf, 1679, folio (92)

E. Parsons, £6 5s.

2663 Horsley (John). Britannia Romana, upwards of 100 copperplate engravings (leaves stained), calf gilt, 1732, folio (93) Barnard, £4 2664 Erasmus. Des. Erasmi Roterodami in Novum Testamentum Annotationes, large and small initials, two leaves from an ancient MS. inserted, old oak boards, stamped leather (rebacked), Basil., J. Frobenius, 1527, folio (94) E. Parsons, £2 8s. 2665 Chaucer (Geffrey). Workes, black letter, portrait of Chaucer and woodcuts, russia, m. e., A. Islip, 1602, folio (95) Tregaskis, £5 15s. 2666 Sleidan (John). A Famouse Cronicle of oure time, called Sleidanes Commentaries, translated by Jhon Daus, black letter, russia (rebacked), with arms on sides, Jhon Daie, 1560, folio (96) Dobell, £2 14s. 2667 Grafton (R.) Chronicle, first edition, black letter, woodcuts (first title defective, a leaf cut round and mounted, some leaves wormed), 2 vol. in 1, calf, m. e., 1568-9, folio (98)

Bull, 10s. 2668 Byble (The). Matthewe's Emendation of Tyndale's Version, revised by E. Becke, gothic letter, wanted title to the Old Testament and some preliminary leaves (several stained and defective), calf, John Day and Willyam Seres, 1549, folio (100) Maggs, £3

2669 Holinshed (Ralphe). Chronicles, second edition, black letter, 3 vol. in 2, calf (rebacked), 1586-87-Castrations to the Work. printed with the old types and ligatures, and

compared literatim by the original, calf (rebacked), 1728, folio (102) Hill, £6 2670 Stukeley (W.) Itinerarium Curiosum, plates, 2 vol. in I, russia, g. e., 1776 (Leigh and Sotheby's reprint), folio (104) W. Daniell, 18s. 2671 Selby (P. J.) Illustrations of British Ornithology, 220 coloured and 4 plain plates, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., Edinburgh, 1821-32, atlas folio-Descriptive Text to the Work, 2 vol., cloth, ib., 1825-33, together 4 vol., folio and 8vo. (106) Wood, £21 2672 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, the second impression, portrait by Droeshout on title, facsimile of the text on title, and of the verses by Ben Jonson opposite (first leaf and 3 at end imperfect and mended, some leaves stained), calf (rebacked), T. Cotes for R. Allot, 1632, folio (107) Barnard, £25 2673 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, the fourth edition, portrait by Droeshout, cut round and inlaid (last leaf defective and mended), morocco gilt, g. e., by Pratt, H. Herring man, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, 1685, folio (1334 by 834 in.) (108) Underwood, £34 2674 Clarke (James). Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire, maps, bound in 2 vol., and extra illustrated by the insertion of about 200 views, etc., half morocco, 1787, folio (109) Bull, £6

(B) Other Properties.

2675 Moore (T.) Irish Melodies, the text engraved throughout with illustrations and borders by D. Maclise, inscription on fly-leaf, "To the Author, with the most sincere regards of the Publishers, October 8th, 1845" (some leaves spotted), morocco, g. e., 1846, 4to. (123) Rimell, £3 35. 2676 Shelley (Percy B.) Poetical Works, edited by Mrs. Shelley, portrait, with label of Thomas Moore in each volume, and a few notes in the margins, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, Moxon, 1839, small 8vo. (129) Rimell, £2 145. 2677 Charles I. Bibliotheca Regia, a Collection of such of the Papers of His late Majesty King Charles, as have escaped the wrack and ruines of these times, portrait of the King and frontispiece by Hollar, morocco, g. e., 1659, 8vo. (131) Cotton, 111S. 2678 Combe (William.) The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax, ninth edition, 80 coloured plates by Rowlandson, 3 vol., red cloth, uncut, Nattali and Bond, n. d., 8vo. (138)

Wilmot, IIS. 2679 Tennyson (Alfred Lord). Poems, chiefly Lyrical, first edition, original boards, uncut (the back missing, had the leaf of errata), E. Wilson, 1830, 8vo. (141) Zaehnsdorf, £4 17s. 6d. 2680 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). Poems, original boards, back defective, uncut, E. Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (142) Tregaskis, £5 5s.

2681 Hood (Thomas). The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero and Leander, etc., first edition, boards, uncut, with the paper label, 1827, 8vo. (143) Hill, 12s. 2682 Brontë (C., E. and A.) Poems, first edition, Smith, Elder and Co.'s imprint, morocco extra, uncut, 1846, 8vo. (144) Dobell, I IIS.

[The first issue has the imprint of Aylott and Jonesabout £20, original cloth, with the slip of errata.-ED.] 2683 Clarendon (Lord). History of the Grand Rebellion compleated, containing the Heads of the Great Men on both sides (85 in number), proofs before the numbers were added-The Tracts, Speeches, Letters, Maps, etc., original calf, 1715, 8vo. (145) A. Jackson, 12s. 2684 Costalius (Petrus). Pegma, cum narrationibus philosophicis, woodcuts by Le Petit Bernard, morocco super extra, Lugduni, 1555, 8vo. (148) Sparrow, I IS. 2685 Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chloé, frontispiece after Coypel, margin mended, 29 plates of the Regent, 4 vignettes by Cochin and the plate "Les petits Pieds," morocco super extra (Paris), 1745, 8vo. (149) Maggs, £295.

2686 Montesquieu (Ch. S. de). Le Temple de Gnide, portrait and 7 plates by Chapuy and Lavallée, with another set of plates by Patas, Lemire and others (uncoloured), half calf, Paris, Didot Fainé, 1796, 4to. (154) A. jackson, £3 10s. 2687 [Barker (M. H.)] Greenwich Hospital, coloured etchings by George Cruikshank, morocco extra, t. e. g., 1826, 4to. (156) Pickering, £4 7s. 6d. 2688 Sterne (L.) Voyage Sentimental, 2 vol., papier vélin, 6 plates (proofs) after Monsiau, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Paris et Amst., an VII. (1799), imperial 4to. (158) Maggs, £7 5s. 2689 Costume of Austria, and Military Costume of Turkey, 2 vol., coloured plates, with Descriptions, morocco gilt, g. e., 1804-18, royal 4to. (159)

£18s. 2690 Jeaurat. Les Jeux de Calliope, ou Collection de Poëmes, LARGE PAPER, 4 plates by Marchand, half morocco, Londres, 1776, 4to. (160) Maggs, £2 2691 Thibault (Girard). Académie de l'Espée, 40 plates, engraved by A. Bolswert, etc., title defective and mounted, portrait, last leaf defective, some leaves stained, old calf, rebacked, 1628, imperial folio (161) Birch, £13 2692 Davies (John, of Kidwelly). History of the Caribbee Islands, etc., plates, original calf, 1666, folio (163)

H. Stevens, £1 128. 2693 King (Daniel). The Vale-Royall of England, maps and plates (including the one, "Hugh Lupus sitting in Parliament," by Hollar), russia (rebacked), g. e., from the library of George Ormerod, 1656, folio (164) Cotton, £3 3s. 2694 Dugdale (William). History of St. Paul's Cathedral, first edition, portrait (dated 1656), and plates by Hollar, russia, t. e. g. (a few margins pieced), 1658, folio



Davies, £1 IS. 13

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