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2695 Bradford (William). Country, Character and Costume in Portugal and Spain, LARGE PAPER, 56 coloured plates, with descriptive text, half calf, 1809, royal folio (166)

Rimell, £16s. 2696 Versailles. Les Plans, Profils et Elevations des Ville et Château de Versailles, plates, calf, Paris, Demortain (1716), imperial folio (167) Batsford, £3 155. 2697 Tableaux de la Révolution Française. Historical Pictures, representing the most remarable events which occurred during the early period of the French Revolution, plates from designs by Fragonard, Girardot, etc., original boards, 1803, royal folio (168) Hornstein, £1 14s. 2698 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis cum Calendario, illuminated manuscript on thin vellum (219 leaves, 61⁄2 by 44 inches), gothic letter, long lines, 15 to a full page, red rubics, Calendar in blue, red and gold by a French Scribe and Illuminator, magins richly decorated with natural flowers, birds, etc., 24 miniatures of the occupations of the month and Zodiac signs in the Calendar, 14 small miniatures of Evangelists and Saints, 11 large illuminated miniatures, old calf, with arms of Girardin de Vauvre (d. 1724), (rebacked), Sæc. xv. (170) Maggs, £95

[The Catalogue gives a description of each of the large miniatures.-ED.]

2699 Gobinet (C.) Instruction de la Jeunesse, sur la Religion, sur la Penitence, Du Saint Sacrament, etc., 4 vol., old French morocco, gilt backs, devices (a crescent and star) at corners, arms of a femme couvert, the male shield being that of Feydeau de Brou (not in Guigard), doublé, g. e. (Padeloup), Paris, 1687-95, 8vo. (174) Rimell, £7 5s. 2700 Office de la Semaine Sainte, Latin et François à l'Usage de Rome et de Paris, etc., engravings, old French morocco, with arms of Charlotte Elizabeth of Bavaria, wife of the Duc d'Orléans, brother of Louis XIV., g.e., Paris, A. Dezallier, 1708, 8vo. (177) Quaritch, £3 2701 Julie, ou le Bon Père, Comédie en Trois Actes par M. D. N. Gentil-Homme Ordinaire du Roi, old French morocco, arms of A. R. J. G. Gabriel de Sartine, Lieut-Gen. de la Police, g. e., Paris, chez Delahain, 1769, 8vo. (178) E. Parsons, £2 25. 2702 Hieronymus Stridoniensis (D.) Epistolae Selectae, old French morocco, arms of Just. Henri de Tournon, Comte de Roussillon, g. e. (worn), Lugd., P. Rigaud, 1612, thick 12mo. (179) Leighton, 10s.

2703 Breviarium Canonicorum Regularium Ordinis Praemonstratensis R. D.D. Jo. B. L'Ecuy, Abb. Praem. auctoritate editum, 4 vol., old French morocco, with arms of the Abbey, g.e., Nanceii, M. Haener, 1786, 8vo. (180)

Maggs, £3

2704 Breviarium Parisiense, D. D. L. Antonii Card. (de Noailles), auctoritate editum, 4 vol., old French morocco, arms of

Milon de Mesne, Bishop of Valence, Paris, F. H. Muguet, 1714, 8vo. (181) Leighton, £75. 2705 Fénélon (Archevêque Fr. de). Education des Filles, première édition, old French morocco, g.e., Paris, P. Auboin, etc., 1687, 8vo. (182) Quaritch, £3 12s. 2706 Louis XIV. Ordonnance de Louis XIV., Roy de France, donnée à Fontainbleau au mois d'Aoust, 1681, touchant la Marine, old French morocco, with crowned arms of France, g. e., Paris, Thierry and Ballard, 1681, 4to. (185) E. Parsons, £3 5s. 2707 Romero (D. Fr. Diego). Phana Chronologico, indespensable para la mas facil y Perfecta intelligencia de las Historias e Instrumentos Antiguos de España (Tomo I.), old Spanish morocco, with arms of King Ferdinand VI. of Spain, g. e., dedication copy, finely bound, Madrid, Viuda de M. Fernandez, 1552, small 4to. (186) Pickering, £2 10s. 2708 Chabert (M. de). Voyage fait dans l'Amérique septentrionale, maps, etc., old French morocco, with arms of Louis XV., g. e. (Derome), Paris, impr. roy 1753, 4to. (188) Leighton, £2 2s. 2709 Gardening. La Théorie et la Pratique du Jardinage, par L. S. A. I. D. A., nouvelle édition, folding plates, old calf, Paris, 1713, 4to. (190) Rimell, 10s. 2710 Horae B. V. M. ad Usum Romanum cum Calendario, lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), printed upon vellum, long lines, 31 to a full page, 96 leaves, signatures - in 8's, within borders, astrological man on reverse of title and 14 large woodcuts, capitals and small initials illuminated throughout, modern morocco extra, g. e. (Courteval), Cest presentes heures a lusaige de Romme ont este achevées a Paris le xxiiii. Jour de Novembre Pan mil cinq cens et trois (Almanach 1497-1520) (pour Gillet Hardouin), small 4to. (192) Matthews, £62

[Brunet mentions this book of Hours, vol. v., page 1630, but makes the day of the month the XXVIIIth instead of XXIIII.-ED.]

2711 Blondel (J. Fr.) De la Distribution des Maisons de Plaisance, 160 plates, 2 vol., old calf, Paris, 1737, 4to. (198) E. Parsons, £12 55. 2712 Regula Beatissimi Patris Benedicti e latino in Gallicum Sermonem per Rev. D. Guidonem Juvenalem traducta, lit. goth., Ixii. numbered leaves and 4 leaves unpaged, Paris, par Geoffrey de Marnef, 1500-La Reigle et epistres de Monsieur Sainct Jerome, translatée par Guy Juvenal, Iit. goth. et lettres bâtardes, 54 leaves, Paris, pour Geoffrey de Marnef, s.d.-Instruction des Curez, Recteurs Vicaires pour instruire le Simple Peuple [translated from the "Opus Trepartitum" of John Gerson, Chancellor of Paris], lit. goth., 46 leaves, A Lyons, par Jean de Vingte, tiers jour d Octobre, 1509-Epistolae Exhortatoriae, lit. goth. and roman, 52 leaves, Paris, in aed. Ascensionis, 1567, together in 1 vol.,

sides of an old French binding stamped with fleurs-de-lis, etc. (repaired), small 4to. (199) Leighton, £14 15s. 2713 Voyage Pittoresque de l'Oberland, map and 15 coloured plates and a set of plain etchings, uncut, Trentlel, 1812, 4to. (200) Edwards, £2 18s. 2714 Costumes des Femmes de Hamburg, du Tyrol, de la Hollande, de la Suisse, de la Franconie, de l'Espagne, etc., 100 coloured plates, half morocco, Paris, 1827, 4to. (201) E. Parsons, £6 5s. 2715 Jefferys (Thomas). Collection of the Dresses of different Nations, 480 plates of costumes, coloured, text in English and French, 4 vol., original half binding, uncut, T. Jefferys, 1757-72, 4to. (202) Blomfield, £6 2716 Gaguin (Rob.) De Origine & Gestis Francorum, lit. goth., old French oak boards, leather stamped (damaged), Paris, Durandus Gelerius, 1497, small folio (203) Leighton, 175. 2717 Martyr ab Angleria Mediol. (Petrus). Opera Legatio Babilonica-Oceanisa decas-Poemata cum Privilegio, editio prima, lit. goth. (68 leaves, one blank), map of the Discoveries of Columbus, limp vellum, Impressum Hispali per Jacobum Corumberger, 1511, folio (205) Quaritch, £41 2718 Ercker (Lazarus). Beschreibung allerfürnemsten Mineralischen Ertzt unnd Berckwercksarten, etc., lit. goth.. woodcuts, contemporary German pigskin binding, Gedruckt zu Prag durch Georgen Schwarz, 1574, folio (207)

Wesley, £3 35. 2719 Houél (Jean). Voyage Pittoresque des Isles de Sicile, de Malte et de Lipari, tinted plates, etc., 4 vol., old morocco extra, Paris, impr. de Monsieur, 1782-7, imperial folio (212) E. Parsons, £3 8s. 2720 Bible in Welsh. Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, edited by Stephen Hughes (wanted Apocrypha), Llundain, J. Bill, etc., 1677— Llyfr y Psalman, ib., 1678, together in 1 vol., original calf, 1677-8, 8vo. (216) Maggs, £9 15s.

[A reprint of Parry and Davies's edition printed in 1620. On the fly-leaf is an inscription presenting the book to John Morris, Esq. “In thankfull acknowledgement of his former bounty to Wales in contributing towards the printing this Bible, and teaching many hundreds of poore children to read and some to write," (signed) Jo. Tillotson (afterwards Archbp. of Canterbury), Edw. Stillingfleet (Bishop of Worcester), Benj. Whichcote, Thos. Ffirmin, Jo. Meritin, Wm. Durham, and Edw. Fowler (Bp. of Gloucester). Catalogue.]

2721 Wither (G.) Divine Poems, 12 vignettes, russia gilt, g.e., 1688, 8vo. (217)

Pickering, £2

Tregaskis, 10s.

2722 Wither (G.) Juvenilia, first edition (margins shaved), modern calf antique, g. e., 1622, 8vo. (218) 2723 Jewell (Bishop John). An Apologie of the Churche of Englande, black letter, morocco antique, g.e., by F. Bedford, Reg. Wolfe, 1564, 8vo. (223) Leighton, 5s. 2724 Cranmer (Thomas). A Confutacion of Unwritten Verities,

translated by E. P., black letter, old morocco (Heber's copy), (R. Wolfe, 1558?), 8vo. (226) Barnard, £2 6s. 2725 Devoute Intercessyon (A) and Prayer, to Our Savyour Jesu Chryste, black letter (4 leaves), without signatures or pagination, rude woodcut of Christ on title, modern calf, Robert Wyer, n. d., 8vo. (228) Leighton, £7 5s.

2727 Lupset (Thomas).

2726 Aelfric. A Testimonie of Antiquitie, modern calf, John Day, n. d., 8vo. (230) Tregaskis, £1 115. A Treatyse teachynge the Waye of dyenge Well, black letter, title mended, half morocco, Th. Berthelet, 1541, 16mo. (231) Bull, 175. 2728 Parker (Archbishop M.) A Defence of Priestes Marriages, black letter, title mended, old calf, R. Jugge, n.d., small 4to. (237) Bull, £18s. 2729 Fuller (Dr. Thomas). A Panegyrick to his Majesty on his Happy Return (a Poem), original edition, half bound, J. Playford, 1660-Original Sermons-Joseph's Party-coloured Coat, etc., in vol., modern russia extra, 1640, together 2 vol., 4to. (240) Fuller, £2 25. 2730 Edward VI. Injunccions geve by Edward the Sixte to all and singuler his lovyng subjectes, black letter, original edition (14 leaves, mended), calf extra, by F. Bedford, Richard Grafton, 1547, small 4to. (241) Quaritch, £3 10s. 2731 Liturgy. A Brieff discours off the troubles begonne at Franckford in Germany, Anno Domini 1554, original edition, black letter, title backed, some wormholes mended, modern morocco, antique, n. p. or n., 1575 (printed abroad), small 4to. (242) Barnard, £3 4s.

2732 Articles to be enqured in the Visitation, in the Fyrst Yeere of the raigne of our Ladye Elizabeth, of Englande, etc., original edition, black letter. 7 leaves, including title within woodcut border, calf gilt, Richard Jugge, 1559, 4to. (243) Tregaskis, 1 125. 2733 Blake (W.) Songs of Innocence, Muir's facsimile, 50 copies taken from the copy that Blake gave to Flaxman (No. 17), original blue wrapper, Pearson and Quaritch, 1884-5, 4to. (246) Young, 3 10S. 2734 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, / Histories / and Tragedies, / portrait after Droeshout and verses opposite title, morocco gilt (Harleian style), g. e., by Rivière (134 by 834 inches), H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, . . 1685 (248) Hopkins, £65 2735 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, edited by John Major, 2 portraits, 12 plates and 24 woodcuts, presentation copy, 1844, 8vo. (253) Mellish, 12s. 2736 Tennyson (A.) The Princess, original cloth, with autograph inscription, "Sarah Hayward, from A. Tennyson, March 7th, 1854," Moxon, 1853 (254) 2737 Salvin (F. H.) and Brodrick (W.) Falconry in the British Isles, 24 coloured plates, morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1855, imperial 8vo. (255) Mellish, £7 10s. [This copy formerly belonged to C. Hawkins Fisher, the

Spencer, £5

well-known falconer, and contained numerous MS. notes and additions by him.-Catalogue.]

2738 Omar Khayyám. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, and the Salámán and Absál of Jámi, rendered into English verse (by Edward Fitz-Gerald), frontispiece, half bound, uncut, t. e. g., Quaritch, 1879, 8vo. (256) Shepherd, 16s. 2739 Chatelain (J. B. C.) and Roberts. Fifty small Views of the most splendid Churches, Villages, etc. adjacent to London, 1750, 8vo. (258)

2740 Hollar (Wenzel).

£4 6s. Beschreibendes verzeichniss seiner Kupferstiche von Gustav Parthey, interleaved, numerous MS. additions and notes, half morocco, uncut, 1853-8, 8vo. (263) Obach, £2 6s.

2741 Hollar (Wenzel). Musearum Scarabeorum, Vermiumq

ex Collectione Arundeliana, etched title and 11 plates (mounted), modern calf, 1646, oblong 8vo. (264) Maggs, £3 2742 Shakespeare (William). Plays, edited by Howard Staunton, illustrations by Gilbert, extra illustrated by the insertion of 62 portraits and plates, chiefly proofs, 3 vol., half morocco, 1858-60, imperial 8vo. (265) Maggs, £3 2743 Fox (C.) Memories of Old Friends, extracts from the Journals and Letters of Caroline Fox, of Cornwall, edited by H. N. Pym, portrait by H. Herkomer, illustrated by the insertion of 68 portraits, half morocco gilt, uncut, t. e. g., 1882, imperial 8vo. (266) Maggs, £2 2s. 2744 La Harpe (M. de). Tangu et Félime, title and 4 plates after Marillier, morocco super extra, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, 1780, 8vo. (268) Maggs, £2 125. 2745 Smith (John Chaloner). British Mezzotint Portraits, frontispieces, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1883, imperial 8vo. (276) E. Parsons, £7 15s. 2746 Pezay (Le Marquis de). Zélis au Bain, Poëme, title, 4 plates and 8 vignettes after Eisen, Genève, n. d. (1763)—Nouvelle Zélis au Bain, Poëme, engraved title, 6 plates and 12 vignettes after Eisen, Genève, 1768, morocco super extra, together in I vol., 8vo. (289) Isaacs, £3 35.

2747 Du Rosoi. Les Sens, Poëme, seconde édition, 7 plates and 8 vignettes after Eisen and Wille, 1767-Recueil de Contes et de Poëmes, par M. D**, plates after Eisen, 1770, morocco super extra, together in 1 vol., 8vo. (290)

Rimell, £3 35. Nimrod's Northern Tour, original cloth, Myers, £3 11S.

2748 Apperley (C. J.) 1838, 8vo. (293) 2749 Behmen (Jacob). The High and Deeper Searching out of the Threefold Life of Man, 1650-XL. Questions concerning the Soule answered, 1647-Clavis, or Key to the Writings of Jacob Behmen, 1647, together in 1 vol., old morocco, 4to. (292) Shepherd, £1 19s.

[This copy was presented to William Lilly, the astrologer, by his friend, Humphrey Blunden, the publisher. It has Lilly's autograph inscription on the first title to that effect. Catalogue.]

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