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2750 Bon Gaultier. Book of Ballads (by Sir Theod. Martin and Professor Aytoun), first edition, illuminated title and frontispiece and woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, William Orr, 1845, 12mo. (295) Shepherd, £ 155.

2751 Poitevin Songs. La Gente Poetevinrie.

Tot de nouveau recontrie,

Ou Talebot bain et bea.

Ouecque le precez de Jorget et de son vesin, et Chansons
Jeouses compouise in bea Poitevin, morocco, g.e., Á
Poeters per jon fleurea, 1660, 12m0. (301)

Leighton, 110s.

[In the dialect of Poictiers. At the end is a dialogue in verse between three Huguenots and a Catholic on the Conversion of M. Cotibi, Minister of Poictiers in 1660.— Catalogue.] 2752 Parker (Archbishop Matthew). The Life off the 70 Archbishopp off Canterbury (with the folding table), black letter, morocco extra, Imprinted 1574, 12mo. (302)

Maggs, £3 175. 2753 Symson (Andrew). Spiritual Songs, or Holy Poems, separate titles to each part, calf extra, g. e., Edinburgh, 1685, 12mo. (303) Bull, £2 25. 2754 Bulwer (John). Anthropometamorphosis, first edition, frontispiece containing portrait, half calf, 1650, 12m0. (305) Blomfield, 1 10s. 2755 Scottish Pasquils. A Book of Scottish Pasquils, with Introduction by J. Maidment, printed on vellum, special illuminated titles, bound in 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, Edinburgh, 1868, 8vo. (307) Hopkins, £4 12s. 2756 Hart (Sir W.) Examinations, Arraignment and Conviction of Geo. Sprot, Notary, in Ayemouth, morocco, g.e., 1608, small 4to. (309) Hopkins, £2 125. La Venerie, woodcuts and musical notes, original vellum wrapper, with ties, Paris, 1624, small 4to. (314) Sotheran, £2 15s.

2757 Du Fouilloux (Jacques).

2758 Lambarde (W.) Perambulation of Kent, black letter, wood-
cut map of Anglia Heptarchia and Carde of the Beacons,
russia gilt, g. e. (cracked), 1596, small 4to. (316)
W. Lamplough, £2
2759 Whetstones (sic) (Geo.) The English Myrror, black letter,
half calf, I. Windet, 1586, small 4to. (317) Dobell, £3 10s.
2760 Franco (Giacomo). Habiti d'Hvomeni et Donne Venetiane

con la processione della Serenissima Signoria, Trionfi,
Fette et Ceremonie della nobilissima Citté di Venetia, 2
parts in 1 (no dedication to part i.), engraved title and 43
engravings, russia extra, g. e., Venetia, 1614, 8vo. (318)
E. Parsons, £9 15s.

2761 Prickett (Robert). The Jesuit's Miracles, or New Popish
Wonders (in verse), engraving on title of the Miraculous
Straw, morocco, g. e., 1607, small 4to. (319)
Pickering, 1 6s.

2762 Prickett (Robert). Time's Anatomie, a Poem, morocco, g. e., 1606, small 4to. (320) Leighton, 118s. 2763 Hollar (Wenceslaus). Theatrum Mulierum, original issue, title and 48 etchings by W. Hollar, russia extra, Peter Stent, 1643, 12mo. (322) Leighton, £7 10s. 2764 Stella (Jacques). Les Jeux et Plaisris (sic) de l'Enfance, engraved title and 47 plates by Claudine Stella, morocco, Paris, 1657, small oblong 4to. (323) Maggs, £3 2765 Hallam (Isaac). The Cocker, a Poem, frontispiece by Emanuel Bowen, uncut, some corners mended, new calf, Stamford, 1742, 4to. (325) Maggs, £3 8s. 2766 Imitatio Christi. Tractatus de Imitatione Christi, lit. goth., original oak boards covered with stamped pigskin, s. 1. (Ulmae, J. Zainer), 1487, thick 12mo. (326) Leighton, £3 5s. 2767 Compendium Musices, confectum ad faciolorem instructionem Cantum Choralem discentium, lit. goth., in red and black, musical notation, 3 large woodcuts and small capital letters, original oak boards, stamped leather, clasps, Venet., L. de Giunta, 1573, small 8vo. (327) Ellis, £3 18s. 2768 Hollar (W.) Scriptural Subjects, complete series of 40 etchings, several in the first state (mounted), in 1 vol., half russia, g. e., small 4to. (332) Maggs, £3 12s. 2769 Sheraton (T.) Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book, original edition, frontispiece and 111 plates (some torn), old calf (shabby), Printed for the author, 1791-3, 4to. (335) Batsford, £3 5s. 2770 Bible (The). First edition of the Genevan or "Breeches Version, map (some margins mended, some headlines cut into, title written on), not subject to return, morocco, g. e., Geneva, printed by Rovland Hall, 1560, 4to. (336)

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Garland, £5 5s. 2771 Bible (The), short copy, title remargined (some margins cut into), embroidered binding on thick boards, with figures supposed to represent Charles I. and Henrietta Maria, not subject to return, C. Barker, 1579, 4to. (337)

Quaritch, £5 15s. 2772 [Turberville (G.)] The Noble Arte of Venerie or Hunting, etc., black letter, woodcuts, cut on title (coloured), (hole in title, corners of 2 leaves defective), finishes on A, after which comes Turberville's Epilogue, half calf [H. Bynneman, 1576], small 4to. (338) Quaritch, £4

2773 Encyclopædia Britannica, ninth edition, with Index, 25 vol., half morocco, in a revolving oak bookcase, Edinburgh, 1875-89, 4to. (340) Evans, £2 10s. 2774 Lawson (P.) Pinetum Britannicum, in 2 vol., 40 coloured plates (should be 43), no general titles, half calf, uncut, t. e. g. (not subject to return), Edinburgh (1866-84), folio (357) Quaritch, £1 105. (y) A Selection from the Library of the late Rev. Charles

Henry Hartshorne.

2775 Delany (Mrs.) Autobiography and Correspondence, edited

by Lady Llanover, both series, 6 vol., portraits, half calf, r. e., 1861-62, 8vo. (362) Walford, £3 35. 2776 Bree (C. R.) Birds of Europe, 5 vol., coloured plates, 1875, imperial 8vo. (376)

Myers, £1 125. 2777 Lilford (Lord). Notes on the Birds of Northamptonshire, map and illustrations, 2 vol., 1895, imperial 8vo. (376)

2778 Pratt (Anne).

Quaritch, £2 15s. Flowering Plants and Ferns, coloured plates, 5 vol., n. d.—Ferns of Great Britain, coloured plates, n. d., together 6 vol., 8vo. (379) Hill, £1 4s. 2779 Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles, by T. Johnes, illustrations, 2 vol., calf antique, r. e., 1839- Monstrelet (E. de). Chronicles, by T. Johnes, illustrations, 2 vol., 1840, together 4 vol., imperial 8vo. (386) Edwards, £1 IIS. 2780 Strickland (Agnes). Lives of the Queens of England, portraits, 8 vol., 1854 Green (M. A. E.) Lives of the Princesses of England, portraits, etc., 6 vol., 1849, together 14 vol., 8vo. (389) Sotheran, £5 2781 Jameson (Mrs.) Sacred and Legendary Art, first edition, plates, 2 vol., 1848-Another copy, second edition, plates, 1850-Legends of the Madonna, first edition, plates and woodcuts, 1852, together 4 vol., original cloth, 8vo. (397) Edwards, £2 16s. 2782 Bewick (T.) Land and Water Birds, first edition, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., half russia, Newcastle, 1797-1804, royal 8vo. (402) Hopkins, £4 2783 Lodge (E.) Portraits, 12 vol. in 6, portraits, calf gilt, g. e., 1835, imperial 8vo. (412) Harding, 175. 2784 Grimm (M. M.) German Popular Stories, first series, plates by G. Cruikshank, calf, stained, C. Baldwyn, 1824, 8vo. (417) Bloomfield, I 2785 Lipscomb (G.) History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, 4 vol., maps, portraits and plates, half morocco, t. e. g., 1847, royal 4to. (446) Sotheran, £1 2786 Black Book of Taymouth (The), frontispiece, coloured plates, heightened in gold, etc., Edinburgh, 1855, 4to. (447) Hopkins, £4 15s. 2787 Holbein (H.) Portraits of the Court of Henry VIII., published by Chamberlaine, 70 tinted portraits, including additional portraits of Holbein and his wife and the miniatures of the Duke of Suffolk, half morocco, g.e., 1812, royal 4to. (454) Edwards, £7 15s. 2788 Ashmole (Elias). Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, plates, with the one at page 117 frequently wanting (mended), calf gilt, r. e., 1652, 4to. (478) Bloomfield, £3 5s. 2789 White (Edward). Gleanings of Natural History, author's original MS. of an unpublished work, chiefly on birds, finely written, and 263 original drawings of birds in colours, with portrait of the author (painted) and especially written and painted ornamental title pages and three autograph letters of the author, together 5 vol., three in old calf gilt, one half bound and one boards, 1774, 4to. (486) Hornstein, £22

2790 Portraits of the Female Aristocracy of the Court of Queen Victoria, 2 vol., upwards of 100 portraits, half morocco, t. e. g., 1849, folio (488) Walford, £145. 2791 Hartshorne (A.) The Recumbent Monumental Effigies in Northamptonshire, plates, half morocco, uncut, B. M. Pickering, 1876, folio (489) Quaritch, £3 2792 Blakeway (J. B.) Sheriffs of Shropshire, portrait (inserted) and armorial bearings, half calf, Shrewsbury, 1831, royal folio (491) Rimell, £2 8s. 2793 Dodoens (R.) A Niewe Herball, first edition, black letter, title and woodcuts, binding broken, some leaves wanted, but supplied in MS., 1578, folio (492) Edwards, £2 10s. 2794 Gerarde (J.) The Herball, woodcuts, some coloured by hand, old calf, title wanted and some leaves defective and mended, 1633, folio (494) Barnard, £2 2795 Jones (Owen). Grammar of Ornament, original edition, 100 coloured plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., 1856, imperial folio (500) Hornstein, £4

(8) Other Properties.

2796 Wilde (Oscar). Poems, fourth edition, inscription, “ Au plus grand poete, au plus grand citoyen du monde, hommage de l'auteur, Oscar Wilde" (sent by the author to Victor Hugo), gilt parchment, uncut, t. e. g., 1882, 8vo. (518)

Milton, £7 2797 Villon (Master Francis). Poems, done into English verse, by John Payne, inscription, "Au premier grand Poète Français du XIXème Siècle. Cette traduction des oeuvres du premier grand Poète de la France est offerte par son admirateur dévoué, John Payne, le 9 Octobre, 1878," gilt parchment, uncut, t. e. g., 1878 (one of 157 copies printed for private distribution), 8vo. (519) Dobell, £6 15s. 2798 Allot (Robert). England's Parnassus, first edition, short copy, margins of table cut into, blank for KKó, original limp vellum, Imprinted for N. L. C. B. and Th. Hayes, 1600, small 8vo. (522) Pickering, 13 2799 Froissart (John). Chronicle, translated by Lord Berners, 1523-25, with an Introduction by William Paton Ker, cloth boards, uncut, 6 vol., Tudor Translations, D. Nutt, 1901, 8vo. (524) Hill, £3 6s. 2800 Branteghem (Guillielmus de). Leven Jesu Christi (texte flamande), lit. goth., woodcuts, 8 preliminary leaves, paged leaves to CCCLII. and 4 leaves unpaged, signatures and A-Z 4 in 8's (wanted title, A 8 and Xi.), colophon bound at the beginning as a title, modern morocco, by Rivière, Ghedruct t'antwerpen by Matheus Crom, 1538, small 8vo. (525) Bull, £1 145. 2801 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). Poems, chiefly Lyrical, first edition, presentation copy, “With the author's respectful compliments," morocco, g. e., Effingham Wilson, 1830 (526) Bush, 15 10s. 2802 Smith (Albert). Christopher Tadpole, portrait and 32 plates

by Leech, first edition, complete in the 16 original parts, with all the advertisements, wrappers intact, R. Bentley, 1846-48, 8vo. (527) J. Bumpus, £7 17s. 6d. 2803 Defoe (Daniel). Robinson Crusoe, first Dublin edition, frontispiece of Crusoe engraved by James Gwim, original calf, Dublin, printed for J. Gill, etc., 1719 (530)

Bouriat, £12 10S. [The story originally appeared in "The Original London Post, or Heathcot's Intelligencer," 1719. The volume may be unique. Catalogue.]

2804 Coleridge (S. T.) Sibylline Leaves, first edition (imperfect), title page and 11 leaves missing at the commencement and page 229 at the end, together with the leaf of errata, the first page has a note in the handwriting of Coleridge, also numerous notes in another hand, morocco super extra, by Rivière and Son, 8vo. (531) Dobell, £37s. 6d. 2805 Testament (The New), original boards, covered with embroidered flower work in silver and coloured threads, by the Nuns of Little Gidding, (?) R. Barker and Assignes of J. Bill, 1643, 12mo. (536) Pickering, £7 5s.

2806 Wilde (Oscar). Intentions, original cloth, uncut, 1894, 8vo. (538)

J. Bumpus, £1 175. 2807 Wilde (Oscar). The Ballad of Reading Gaol, original boards, uncut, 1898, 8vo. (539) J. Bumpus, 98. 2808 Wilde (Oscar). The Picture of Dorian Gray, half vellum, uncut, Ward, Lock and Bowden, n. d., 8vo. (540)

J. Bumpus, 17s.

2809 Swinburne (A. C.) The Heptalogia, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1880, 8vo. (541) Leighton, £195. 2810 Keats (John). Poetical Works and other Writings, edited by Forman, portraits and etchings, 4 vol., buckram, uncut, 1889, 8vo. (542) J. Bumpus, £6 2s. 6d. 2811 Malory (Sir T.) Le Morte Darthur, 3 vol., boards, uncut, 1889-91, royal 8vo. (543) Edwards, 1 75. 2812 Ossian (Poems of), old morocco gilt, g. e., with a fore-edge painting of Landscape, Salisbury, n. d., 8vo. (544) Tregaskis, £5 7s. 6d. 2813 Whitehorne (Peter). Certain Waies for the Ordering of Soldieurs in Battleray, black letter, woodcuts, new morocco extra, T. East, 1588, small 4to. (545) 2814 Machiavelli (N.) The Arte of Warre, set foorth in English by Peter Whitehorne, black letter, new morocco extra, T. East, 1588, small 4to. (546) Dobell, 11IS. 2815 Cataneo (G.) Most Briefe Tables to know readily how many rancks of Footemen armed with Corslettes go to the making of a just battaile, tourned out of Italian by H. G., black letter, morocco extra, T. East, 1588, small 4to. (547) Dobell, 14s.

Dobell, £2

2816 Butler (S.) Hudibras, the first part, 1663, Imprimatur, title and 128 pages, 28 lines to the page (5% by 3/4 inches)-Hudibras, the second part, Imprimatur, title and 216 pages, 14 lines to the page (6 by 4% inches), 1664

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