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Hudibras, the third and last part, blank leaf, title, 285 pages (page 157 misprinted 175), followed by leaf of Errata, 18 lines to full page (7 by 41⁄2 inches), 1678, 3 vol., calf extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, first editions, the second part printed on thick paper, 8vo. (548) Dobell, 11IS. 2817 Dickens (Charles). The Village Coquettes, original edition, 1836-Also a copy of the Reprint of 1878, together in I vol., morocco extra, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, 8vo. (549) C. E. Stewart, £5 2818 Carew (Rich., of Antoine), The Survey of Cornwall, first edition, modern morocco, g.e., J. J. for John Jaggard, neere Temple Barre, 1602, small 4to. (551) Walford, £2 2819 Boate (Gerard). Ireland's Natural History, old calf gilt, J. Wright, 1652, small 8vo. (554) Porter, 18s. 2820 Boscobel, or the Compleat History of His Sacred Majesties most miraculous preservation (by Sir Henry Blount), 2 parts, third edition, with addition, portrait, map and folding plate of Boscobel, old calf, M. Clark for H. Brome, etc., 1680, small 8vo. (555) Dobell, £2 10S. 2821 Mecom (Benjamin). A Poem, addressed to a Young Lady, 15 leaves, inscription on title, "A Monsieur, Monsieur le Baron de Walmoden," half bound, St. John's, Antigua, printed in the year 1757, small 4to. (561) Ross, £28 10s. [Written by the nephew and godson of Benjamin Franklin. The first book printed in Antigua.-Catalogue.] 2822 More (Sir Thomas). A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulacion, first edition, black letter, two or three wormholes throughout, three original blank fly-leaves, original stamped ornamental limp leather (repaired), Richarde Tottel, 1553, small 4to. (563) J. Harris, £10 10s. 2823 Erasmus (Des.) Moriæ Encomium, title stained, 3 leaves supplied in MS., original limp leather, stamped, with the mark N. S. (Nicholas Spierinck), worn and upper cover loose, Basil., J. Froben, 1517, small 4to. (565) Leighton, £3 2824 Drake (Sir Francis). The World Encompassed, spherical map of the world (mounted and mended), one or two headlines cut into, old calf, Nicholas Bourne, 1628, 4to. (566) Anderson, £5 15s. 2825 Drant (Thomas). A Medicinable Morall, black letter, a few leaves stained, one soiled and written on, Mi deformed in printing, half bound, Thomas Marshe, 1566, 4to. (567) Horace, 18 10s. [The first edition in English of Horace's Satyres. The Rowfant copy, with one of Locker's ex-libris. It contains the two leaves of errata at end.—Catalogue.]

2826 Missale ad Usum insignis ac preclare Ecclesie Sarum (cum Calendario), lit. goth., musical notes, woodcut title, 4 large cuts, small historiated woodcuts and ornamental initials, corners of 2 leaves damaged and text erased, oaken boards, the original sides of a binding done for Queen Katherine of Aragon, rebacked and rerimmed for Bishop Chr. Wordsworth, the stamp of King Henry's arms struck out of angle

on the old leather, Impressum Parisiis per Fr. Regnault, 1527, 27 Julii, small 4to. (568) Llewellyn, £44 2827 Green (Robert). Planethomachia, black letter, original edition, 14 leaves (numbered 9 to 22), and at end, "finis Robert Green" (1585), 4to. (569) Martyn, £5 [The British Museum possesses two copies of this play, but in both the above leaves are missing. There is a perfect copy in the Bodleian Library.—ED.]

2828 [Chambon]. Le Commerce de l'Amérique par Marseille, first edition, 22 maps and plates (some leaves stained and wormed), 2 vol., original calf, Avignon, 1764, 4to. (570) Ellis, £125. 2829 Addison (Joseph). A Discourse on Ancient and Modern Learning, original blue wrappers, uncut, T. Osborne, 1739, small 4to. (572) Myers, £2 2830 Raffaelle. Loggie di Rafaele nel Vaticano, title and 17 plates (coloured), engraved by J. Volpati and J. Attaviani, leaf of text at end, half bound, Roma, 1772, oblong imperial folio (580) Warren, £8 5s. 2831 Elizabeth (Queen). By the Queene. A true Copie of the Proclamation lately published by the Queenes Majestie for the declaring of the Sentence, lately given against the Queene of Scottes, in fourme as followeth, original black letter broadside, 3 feet long × 84 inches wide, backed with linen, in perfect state, Imprinted by Chr. Barker (1586) (581) Maggs, £15 2832 Virgilius. Opera. Georgica, Bucolica, Eneid, manuscript on vellum (210 leaves, 104 × 634 inches) written in gothic letters, long lines, 31 to a full page, ends with the Aeneid Bk. XII. line, Letalemque sonum nec fallunt missa superba," first page decorated, 16 large painted and illuminated floreate scroll initials, old russia (18th century), (from the Osterley Park Library), Sæc. xv., small folio (582) Edwards, £22 2833 Chaucer (Geffray). Workes, black letter, woodcut at folio I (headlines shaved) calf, London, Thomas Petit, n. d. [1545], folio (585) Pickering, 12 2834 Holland (Henry). Herwologia Anglica, engraved title and 65 portraits (one mounted), wanted as usual the leaves of Postprefatio and the plate of Queen Elizabeth's tomb, morocco, g. e., Impensis Crispini Passaei Calcographi et Jansonii Bibliopola, s. d. [1620], folio (588)


W. Daniell, £6 5s. 2835 Tristan de Leonnoys. Les grandes proesses du tres vaillant, noble et excellent cheualier Tristan filz Du noble roy Meliadus De Leonnoys & cheualier de la table ronde, Iit. goth.. title within woodcut border containing designs, entitled Amour Partout" and "Tout par Amour" (blank portion of last leaf repaired), old French morocco extra, g.e., with arms of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Paris, Denis Janot, 1533, folio (589) Everett, £30


2836 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, new edition by J. Caley, Ellis and Bandinel, extra illustrated, 6 vol. extended to 17 vol., half russia, g. e., 1817-30, folio (590) Mornay, 16

2837 Oxford Almanacks, from 1767 to 1832. A consecutive series of 66 large plates, with views above and text below, in I vol., half bound, atlas folio (593) Maggs, £7 155. 2838 Morley (Thomas). A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practical Musick, first edition, woodcut title, musical notes (lower margin of Cc cut into), modern morocco gilt, g. e., Peter Short, 1597, small folio (594) J. Bumpus, £12 2839 Berry (W.) County Genealogies. Pedigrees of the families of the County of Hants, coats-of-arms emblazoned, half morocco, Sherwood and Co., 1833, folio (595) Myers, £5 2840 Hamilton (Sir W.) Campi Phlegræi, map and 59 plates (coloured), 3 vol., Naples, 1776-79, folio (597)

Wesley, 1 11S. 2841 Dallaway (Rev. James) and Cartwright (Rev. Edmund). History and Antiquities of the County of Sussex, 5 vol., with the original edition of vol. ii., part i., and Cartwright's reprint of the same, maps, plates, portraits, etc., the arms emblazoned (only a few copies so done), MS. Indexes to the first two parts and 4 extra plates of Monumental Brasses inserted in part ii., half russia, uncut, original issue of the first editions of the separate volumes as issued, 1815-19-30-32, royal 4to. (599) Watson, £31 2842 Burns (Robert). Poems, original Kilmarnock edition, the inner plain margin of title guarded, a split in a leaf mended, a few soils as of a used copy (734in. by 44 in.), original boards, leather back (cobbler stitched), with an original blank leaf at the beginning, Kilmarnock, printed by John Wilson, 1786, 8vo. (601) Hornstein, £118

2843 Burns (Robert). Poems, third edition, with Burns' autograph signature at the end of the "Epistle to J. Rxxxxxx" (John Rankine), page 309, half calf, wanted portrait, London, 1787, 8vo. (602) Cockerell, £31

[On the title page, in Burns' autograph, is "John Heath, Manchester." This writing is scribbled over with a pen, but legible. At the end of the "Epistle to John Rankine” Burns signs his name, “Robt. Burns."-Catalogue.] 2844 Imitation de Jesus Christ, traduction nouveille par l'Abbé Dassance. Manuscript on vellum, done by the Brothers Pape, paleographic painters for the library of Mons. T. de Man de Lennich, in Brussels, in 1850, morocco gilt, by Chambolle Duru, folio (616) Markham, £225

[A modern manuscript, remarkable for the beauty, richness and number of the illustrations and for the variety and delicacy of the decoration. Probably the finest piece of illumination of the period in existence, measuring 26in. by 17in. The volume consists of 63 folios, the text is written in Gothic characters, and is the first two volumes of this translation of "The Imitation." There are nearly

150 miniatures, deep borders to each page and a considerable number of initials and capitals.-Catalogue.]

2845 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, | Histories, and Tragedies, the second impression, portrait by M. Droeshout on title with verses opposite, lower corner of N 2 defective, injuring 14 lines, d 6 split, split in r 2, plain corner cut off ss 3, split in bbb 4, some stains and rust spots, writing on blank sides of the verses and Q6 (12%in. by 81⁄2 in.), original panel calf, Printed by Tho. Cotes for Robert Allot, 1632. [At end, Printed by Thomas Cotes, for John Smethwick, William Aspley, Richard Hawkins, Richard Meighen and Robert Allot, 1632], folio (617) Hopkins, £115 2846 Shakespeare (William). Poems, first edition, original sheepskin binding with half morocco or roan back, with blind stamped initials, J. B., portrait by Wm. Marshall, with the verses taken from Ben Jonson, Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, and are to be sold by John Benson, dwelling in | St. Dunstans Churchyard, 1640, 8vo. (618) Pickering, £260 [A fine, perfect and genuine copy, measuring 51⁄2 in. by 3/4 in., with the two titles and four original blank fly-leaves. The binding had the initials (J. B.) of the publisher, John Benson. In the first fly-leaf is the signature “Will. Bent, Rome, 1664."—Catalogue.]

(e) The Property of the late Mr. James Hargrave.

2847 [Combe (Wm.)] The English Dance of Death, first edition, frontispiece, vignette and 72 coloured illustrations, 2 vol., half morocco, Ackerman, 1815-16, royal 8vo. (620)

Pickering, £6 12s. 6d. 2848 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis cum Calendario, manuscript on vellum, 116 leaves, besides 2 leaves of Stabat Mater at the beginning, large gothic letters, long lines, by an English scribe, with the rubrics in English, containing 20 large initial letters painted and illuminated, all the smaller initials, calendar, etc. painted and illuminated, old English oaken boards, stamped leather (repaired), Sæc. xiv. (621) B. F. Stevens, £112

[The Tylney Book of Hours. At the end of the volume is an account of the Tylney Family (originally of Boston, in Lincolnshire, afterwards of Shelleigh and Hadleigh in Suffolk) on four leaves of vellum, headed "De Precatio Thomae Tylneii," and finishing with an account of the book and a pedigree of the family. This manuscript was in the library of John Tudor Frere, sold in February, 1896.-Catalogue.]

(0) The Property of Mr. E. C. Gent, of Sandwich.

2849 Browning (E. B.) The Battle of Marathon, original edition, calf extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, Printed for W. Lindsell, 1820, 8vo. (622)

Spencer, £60

[Collation Title page, dedication, preface (v.-xv.) and text, pages 1 to 72. The only copy sold by auction realised $330 at New York in 1895. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, Vol. ix., No. 946.—ED.]

2850 Keats (John). A Sepia Sketch of his Head, by Joseph Severn, who has written under it, "28 January, 3 o'clock mg., drawn to keep me awake, a deadly sweat was on him all this night," on a piece of cardboard 61⁄2 by 5 inches (623) Sabin, £15

[This Replica of Severn's famous sketch was given by him to his daughter Mary, who gave it to Canon Richmond; he gave it to his son, whose wife gave it to the present owner, a lady living in Carlisle. See BOOKPRICES CURRENT, Vol. xxi., No. 3072. The "portrait on cardboard made by Severn," there referred to, was a duplicate, perhaps the original of this one.-ED.]

[DECEMBER 17TH, 1907.]



(No. of Lots, 149; amount realised, about £600).

2851 Alsop (A.) Odarum Libri Duo, old English morocco, g. e., 1752, 4to. (60) Tregaskis, LI IS. 2852 Armstrong (Sir W.) Gainsborough and his Place in English Art, 62 photogravures and 10 lithographic facsimiles in colours, morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, in cloth case, 1899, imperial 4to. (268) Edwards, £8 10s. [Sold by Messrs. Hodgson & Co. on Dec. 17th.-ED.] 2853 Armstrong (Sir W.) J. M. W. Turner, R.A., Japanese paper edition, 2 vol., morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g., 1902, folio (121) Gibbs, £3 2854 Ashmole (Elias). History and Antiquities of Berkshire, original half binding (Moll's map wanted), Reading, 1736, folio (77) Bailey, £2 2s. 2855 Atkyns (Sir Robert). The Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire, second edition, LARGE PAPER (no portrait to this edition), 73 plates, contemporary calf extra (wanted 3 plates), 1768, folio (141) Edwards, £2 7s. 6d.

2856 Aubrey (John). The Natural History and Antiquities of Surrey, portrait, map and plates (view of Albury`wanted), 5 vol., old calf, E. Curll, 1719, 8vo. (41)

Walford, £2 25.

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