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2932 Raynal (Abbé). The Revolution of America, half calf, Locker Davis, 1781, 12mo. (40)


2933 Redford (G.) Art Sales, 1628-1887, autotype plates, 2 vol., buckram, uncut, Issued to subscribers only, 1888, royal 4to. (271) Quaritch, £15 2934 Shakespeare (W.) Works, by S. W. Singer, 10 vol., calf antique, 1856, 8vo. (110) Dobell, £1

2935 Shakespeare (W.) Works, Temple edition, plates, 40 vol., roan, t. e. g., 1900-1, 12mo. (109) Bowyer, 1 16s. 2936 Shaw (Rev. Stebbing). History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, LARGE PAPER, vol. i. and vol. ii., part i. (all published), maps and plates, half russia, 1798-1801, folio (96) Myers, £13 5s. 2937 Sowerby (James). English Fungi, or Mushrooms, with Supplement and Index, 440 coloured plates, 3 vol., half russia gilt, uncut (wanted plates 301 and 328), 1797-1809, folio (140) Quaritch, £5 11S. 2938 Spitzer Collection. Catalogue. Moyen Age et la Renaissance, 2 vol. in 1 and folio atlas of plates, half morocco, Paris, 1893, 4to. (30) Fenton, £3 35. 2939 Sterne (L.) Tristram Shandy, 6 vol., 1772-3-Sentimental Journal, 2 vol., 1774-Sermons, 6 vol., 1769-71, together 14 vol., old calf, 1769-74, 8vo. (130) Bain, £2 155. 2940 Stowe (John). Survey of London and Westminster, 2 vol., maps and views, old russia, 1720, folio (97)

2941 Taylor (John).

2942 Thoroton (R.)

plates, old calf,

2943 Thoresby (R.)

[blocks in formation]

Maggs, £8 15s.

Quartich, £5 10s.

Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, map and 1677, folio (100)

Ducatus Leodiensis, portrait, map and

plates, calf, good copy, 1715, folio (99)

Bailey, £135.

2944 Turberville (George). The Noble Art of Venerie or Hunting --The Booke of Falconrie or Hawking, black letter, with the "measures of blowing" and woodcuts, in 1 vol., old calf (rebacked), Thomas Purfoot, 1611, 4to. (74)

Pickering, £16

2945 Voyage Pittoresque de Genève à Milan, par le Simplon, 35 coloured plates, half russia, Paris, 1811, folio (102) Rimell, £6 10s. 2946 Walpole (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting in Italy, 4 vol., 1765 -Catalogue of Engravers who have been born or resided in England-Works of Jonathan Richardson (Supplement to the Anecdotes), portraits and plates, together 6 vol., old morocco, gilt edges, Strawberry Hill, 1765-92, 4to. (75) Edwards, £2 10s.

2947 Walton (Izaac). The Compleat Angler, first edition, morocco, gilt edges, 1653, 8vo. (56) Pickering, 100

[The title, Q and Q8 were in facsimile, one leaf torn, others shaved, waterstained throughout.-ED.]

2948 Walton (Izaac). Lives, first edition, 5 portraits (one added), old calf, title written on, 1670, 8vo. (57) Edwards, £5 10s.

2949 Ward (H.) and Roberts (W.) Romney, a Biographical and Critical Essay, Japanese paper (limited to 350 numbered copies), photogravure reproductions, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 1904, 4to. (269) Isaacs, £11 5s. [Sold by Messrs. Hodgson and Co. on December 17th. -ED.]

2950 Williams (G.) Oxonia Depicta, 65 large plates, old calf, Oxon. (1732-3), folio (103) Myers, £5 2951 Xenophon. Treatise of Household [translated by Gentian Heruet], black letter, calf (wanted leaf 57), Thomas Berthelet, 1537-The Paradoxe of M. T. Cicero, black letter, calf, Johan Redman for Robert Redman [1540], together 2 vol., 8vo. (59) Tregaskis, £3 17s. 6d. 2952 Young (Arthur). Travels in France, second edition, maps, 2 vol. in 1, half russia (broken), 1794, 4to. (76)

Quaritch, £1 16s.

[DECEMBER 21ST, 1907.]



(No. of Lots, 51; amount realised, £5,335 5s. 6d.)

[NOTE.-Lots 1 to 28, comprising first and early 4to. plays, were bought by private contract prior to the Sale by (so it was said at the time) Mr. H. C. Folger, of the Standard Oil Company, U.S.A. The purchaser not wanting some of the 4to.'s restored them to the Catalogue, and they were sold for the sums mentioned in the following report. The 4to.'s which were not sold were as follows:-Lot 1, Hamlet, second 4to., 1604, one of three copies known-Lot 4, Henry the Fourth, fifth 4to., 1613-Lot 7, Henry the Fifth, second 4to., 1617-Lot 8, The Third Part of King Henry the Sixth, second 4to., 1600-Lot 12, King Richard the Second, second 4to., 1598-Lot 13, King Richard the Third, first 4to., 1597-Lot 17, The Merchant of Venice, first 4to., 1600-Lot 18, The Merchant of Venice, 1652, 4to.-Lot 20, The Merry Wives of Windsor, 1630, 4to.- Lot 21, A Midsummer Nights Dreame, James Roberts, 1600, the first 4to.-Lot 22, Othello, the first 4to., 1622-Lot 23, Pericles, the first 4to., 1609--Lot 27, Romeo and Juliet, John Smethwicke, n. d., but probably printed between 1609 and 1637-Lot 28, Titus Andronicus, the second 4to., 1611. It may be mentioned that Earl Howe's collection as a whole was formed about the year 1740 by Charles Jennens, who acquired the books with the object of revising Shakespeare's Text.—ED.]

(a) First and Early Quarto Plays of William Shakespeare, all bound in modern half blue morocco.

2953 Hamlet, 50 leaves, besides title and a blank following it, signatures B-O 2 in 4's, stains and rust spots, figure sums written on reverse of N 4 (7in. by 54 in.), At London,[ printed for John Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his Shoppe in Saint Dunstans Church Yeard in Fleetstreet.] Under the Diall, 1611, small 4to. (2) Sotheran, £400

[The fourth quarto. The text is perfect. Tite copy, £33 in 1874.-ED.] 2954 Hamlet, 52 leaves, signatures A-N 4, including title, stained, title mended, piece of A 2 mended (7in. by 5in.), signature of "Matthew Wighaloger his Booke" on title, London, printed by R. Young for John Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his Shop in Saint Dunstans Churchyard in Fleetstreet under the Diall, 1637, small 4to. (3) Sotheran, £60 2955 Henry IV. [part i.] The Historie / of/ Henry the Fourth, 40 leaves, signatures A-K in 4's, including title (74 in. by 5in.), the seventh of the original 4to. editions, London, | printed by John Norton, and are to be sold by William Sheares, at his shop at the great south doore of Saint Pauls-church, and in Chancery-Lane, neere SerjeantesInne, 1632, small 4to. (5) Sotheran, £66 Henry the Fift, 28 leaves, including title and a blank at end for G 4 (signatures A-G), Printed for T. P. (T. Pavier), 1608, small 4to. (6) Sotheran, £104

2956 Henry V. The Chronicle History of

[The third of the original quarto editions. Shakespeare's name does not appear on the title of this edition.-ED.] 2957 Henry VI. [parts ii.-iii.] The Whole Contention/ betweene the two Famous/ Houses, Lancaster and/ Yorke, 2 parts in I vol., 64 leaves, A-Q in 4's (a hole in Qj, a few stains), (7in. by 5%in.), Printed at London for T. P. (Thos. Pavier), n. d. (1619), small 4to. (9) Sotheran, £120

[The first edition of these two parts together.-Catalogue.] 2958 King John. The/ First and Second Part of the troublesome Raigne of John King of England, 46 leaves, signatures A-M 2 in 4's, including 2 titles (the 3 last leaves soiled and the headlines cut into and one plain corner mended), (7%in. by 5in.), the third of the original unauthentic quarto editions, London, printed by Aug. Mathewes for Thos. Dewe, and are to be sold at his shop in St. Dunstanes Church- Varde in Fleet-Street, 1622, small 4to. (10) Sotheran, £60 2959 King Lear. M. William Shake-speare,/ His/ True Chronicle History of the life/ and death of King Lear, second edition of King Lear, 44 leaves, signatures A-L in 4's, including title, Printed for Nathaniel Butter, 1608, small 4to. (11)

Sotheran, £200 2960 King Richard III. The/ Tragedie/ of/ King Richard/ the Third, 46 leaves, signatures A-M 2 in 4's, some stains, two

plain margins pieced (7%in. by 5in.), London. Printed by John Norton, and are to be sold by Mathew Law, dwelling in Pauls Church- Yeard, at the Signe of the Foxe, neere St. Austines Gate, 1629, small 4to. (14) Sotheran, £115 2961 King Richard III. The/ Tragedie/ of/ King Richard/ The Third, 46 leaves, signatures A-M 2 in 4's, some inkstains on title and stains in the text, signature L3 and headline of L4 cut into, split in K 2 mended (7in. by 5in.), London,[ printed by John Norton, 1634, small 4to. (15) Sotheran, £68 2962 Loves Labours Lost, the second 4to., 38 leaves, signatures A-K 2 in 4's, a few stains and 2 pages scribbled on (7%in. by 5in.), London, printed by W. S. for John Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstones Churchyard under the Diall. 1631, small 4to. (16) Quaritch, £201 2963 Merry Wives of Windsor, the second 4to., 28 leaves, including title, signatures A-G in 4's, a few old stains (7% in. by 5 in), "Printed for Arthur Johnson, 1619," small 4to. (19)

Sotheran, £160 2964 Pericles, the third 4to., title and 33 leaves, signatures R-Bb (j) in 4's, the title not included in the signatures, Printed for T. P. (Thomas Pavier), 1619, small 4to. (24) Sotheran, £65

2965 Romeo and Juliet, the second 4to., 46 leaves, including title and prologue, signatures A-M 2 in 4's, wanted sheet F (title backed and mended, but no text injured, blank margin of Mi mended, M 2 backed, corners mended, headline and next two lines injured, stains), London, printed by Thomas Creede for Cuthbert Burby, and are to be sold at his Shop neere the Exchange, 1599, small 4to. (25)

Sotheran, £165

2966 Romeo and Juliet, 44 leaves, including title, signatures A-L in 4's (title mended, some stains, corner of F 4 mended injuring 9 lines of text, plain portion of last leaf mended), (7in. by 5in.), London, printed by R. Young for John Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his Shop in St. Dunstans Church-Yard in Fleetstreet under the Dyall, 1637, small 4to. (26) Sotheran, £40

(B) Doubtful Plays.

2967 Cromwell. The True Chronicle Hi-/ storie of the whole life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell, first edition, 27 leaves, including title, signatures A-G 3 in 4's (title soiled and mended, reverse of A 2 and recto of A 3 soiled, last leaf backed and defective, some old stains), Imprinted at London for William Jones, and are to be solde at his house neere Holburne con- duict, at the Signe of the Gunne, 1602, small 4to. (29) Quaritch, £222

2968 Cromwell. The True Chronicle Hi-/ storie of the whole life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell, second edition, 27 leaves, signatures A-G 3 in 4's (a few age-stains, title

written on, corner of G 2 mended and the catchword defective), (7%in. by 5in.), London,| printed by Thomas Snodham, 1613, small 4to. (30) Quaritch, £40 2969 Locrine. The Lamentable Tragedie of/ Locrine, the eldest sonne of King Brutus, 40 leaves, signatures A-K in 4's, wanted Aj a blank before title (title backed and mended, small holes in 3 leaves, margin of last leaf pieced, some old stains), (6in. by 5in.), London, printed by Thomas Creede, 1595, small 4to. (31) Quaritch, £120

[The first and only edition of this Doubtful Play before its inclusion in the Third Folio.-Catalogue.]

2970 Oldcastle. The First Part/ of the true & hono-/ able history of the Life of Sir John Old-Castle, the good/ Lord Cobham, first edition, 40 leaves, A-K in 4's (a few old stains), (7in. by 54 in.), some old MS. notes, etc. in margins, London, printed for T. P. [Thomas Pavier], 1600, small 4to. (32) Pickering, £57 [Written by Munday, Drayton Hathway and Wilson. Some copies are without Shakespeare's name on title.Catalogue.] 2971 The Puritaine,/ or the Widdow of Watling-Streete, first edition, probably written by Wentworth Smith, 32 leaves, including title, signatures A-H in 4's, Aj a blank wanted (old stains and soils, some headlines cut into, plain margins of G 4 mended), (6%in by 4 in.), Imprinted at London by G. Eld, 1607, small 4to. (33) Quaritch, £72 2972 The/ Two/ Noble/ Kinsmen, first edition, 46 leaves, including title and leaf of Epilogue, signatures B-M (after title) in 4's (bottom line with date cut off title, several leaves wormed), Printed at London by Tho. Cotes for John Waterson, at the Crowne in Paules Churchyard (1634), small 4to. (34) Quaritch, £62

2973 A/ Yorkshire/ Tragedie./ Not so New, as Lamentable/ and True, second edition, 15 leaves, including title, signatures A-D2 in 4's, title not included in the signatures (7in. by 54 in.), Printed for T. P. (Thomas Pavier), 1619, small 4to. (35) Leighton, £71

2974 Shakespeare (William). A Collection of Poems, in Two Volumes, edited by Charles Gildon, 2 vol. in 1, old calf, Printed for Bernard Lintott in Fleet-Street, n. d. (1709 ?), crown 8vo. (36) Maggs, £5 12s. 6d.

(y) The Four Shakespeare Folios.

2975 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies,/ Histories & Tragedies./ Published according to the True Originall Copies./ Portrait by M. Droeshout on title. [Title and opposite leaf of verses rebacked (old) and some plain pieces of margin mended, some portions of the plain margins of the other preliminary leaves stained and mended, the reverse margin of the dedication leaf partly

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