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cut close and four letters slightly cut into, half of the T beginning Jonson's verses cut off, several lower margins of the text water-stained and some upper corners mended, text of dd. 3 has 17 lines slightly injured, headline of page 2 damaged in printing, lower outside corner of qq 3 gashed and damaged, several small rust-holes, stains and grease spots, and some letters rendered defective thereby), contemporary calf, with 5%2 blank fly-leaves, measures generally rzin. by 8% in., London Printed by Isaac Jaggard and Ed. Blount. 1623./ (Colophon, Printed at the Charges of W. Jaggard, Ed. Blount, J. Smithweeke and W. Aspley, 1623), folio (37)

Edwards, £2025 [In this copy Vi is marked V v, which does not occur in all copies. Later MS. readings in some margins.-Cata.

logue.] 2976 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William Shakespeares/ Come

/ dies, Histories and/ Tragedies./ Published according to the True Originall Copies./ The Second Impression./ Title with Droeshout's portrait, with verses opposite, the margins of the portrait and text of title cut, backed and mended, a mend in Vi and a letter or two injured, fore edges in Y 3-4 rough, a few old stains and soils and splits and a minute hole here and there, original calf, London./ Printed by Tho. Cotes for John Smethwick, ani are to be sold at his shopl in Saint Dunstans Church-Yard, 1632./ (Colophon, Printed at London by Thomas Cotes, for John Smethwick, William Aspley, Richaril Hawkins, Richard Meighen and Robert Allot, 1632), folio (38) Leighton, £98

[Had the imprint below the portrait of Cotes for Smeth

wick. 13/4 in. by Sin.- Catalogue.] 2977 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William/ Shakespear's/ Come

dies, Histories and Tragedies./ Published according to the true Original Copies. The Third Impression./ Portrait by Droeshout with verses beneath, contemporary backing and slight mends to the portrait, mend in Tt. 6, a few rust-holes, with some rough edges, contemporary calf (1372 in. by 872 in.), London, printed for P. C. (Philip Chetwind), 1664, folio (39)

Robson, £525 2978 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William Shakespear's/ Come

dies, Histories/ and Tragedies./ The Fourth Edition./ Portrait by Droeshout with verses beneath opposite title, a split in *Ddd 6 and a few small rust-holes (14%4in. by gin.), original calf, with four original fly-leaves at beginning and end (joints cracked), London. Printed for H. Herring, mun, E. Brewster and R. Bentley at the Anchor in thel New Exchange, the Crane in St. Pauls Church. Yard, and in Russel Street Covent Garden, 1685, folio (40)

Watts, £82 (Printed on paper imported from Holland, and has the paper-maker's water-mark and name “Van Duvantegard” on title.- Catalogue.]

(8) Old Plays by other Writers. 2979 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Knight of the Burning Pestle

[Anonymous), first edition, title (backed and mended, with imprint defective) and 36 leaves, signatures B-K in 4's (wanted dedication), Printed for Walter Burre at the

Crane in Paules, 1613, small 4to. (41) Sotheran, £15 2980 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Scornefull Ladie, third

edition, 36 leaves, signatures A-I in 4's, wanted Aj a blank (?), (title mended), Printed by B. A. and J. P. for T. Jones in St. Dunstans Churchyard, 1630, small 410. (42)

Leighton, L.1 13s. 2981 Beaumont and Fletcher. Cupids Revenge, third edition,

40 leaves, including title, signatures A-K in 4's (title soiled), Printed by A. M., 1635, small 4to. (43)

Leighton, £1 155. 2982 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Bloody Brother, first edition,

33 leaves only, including title and signatures B-I in 4's, R. Bishop for T. Allott and John Crook in Pauls, 1639, small 4to. (44)

Pickering, £2 ios. 2983 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Tragedy of Rollo Duke of

Normandy, 38 leaves, including title, signatures A-K 2 in 4's (the last leaf mended), Oxford, printed by L. Lichfield, printer to the University, Anno 1640, small 4to. (45)

Tregaskis, ti is. 2984 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Tragedy of Thierry King of

France, last 4to. edition, printed in double columns, 20 leaves, including title (corners of last two leaves defective and mended, some plain corners mended), Printed for H. Mosely St. Paules, 1649, small 4to. (46)

Leighton, £1 155. 2985 Fletcher (John). The Coronation, first edition, T. Cotes for

A. Crooke, etc. in Paul's, 1640 (47) Leighton, £2 145.

[Fletcher's name is on the title-page, but the author was

James Shirley.-ED.] 2986 Jonson (Ben). Ben Jonson/his/ Volpone/ or/ the Foxe, first

edition, 57 leaves, including title, dedication, Eulogistic Poems, etc. (title and last leaf defective and mended, outer margin of first leaf of dedication mended, with many rough lower edges), Printed for Thomas Thorpe, 1607, small 410. (48)

Sabin, £27 2987 Jonson (Ben). Every Man Out of his Humor, 65 leaves,

including title, signatures A-R 2, Aj a blank wanted (plain margins of title and corners of some other leaves mended, A 4 defective, some old stains), Printed for William Holme

at Sargeants Inne Gate in Fleet Street, 1600, small 4to. (49)

Quaritch, £70 [One of the two earliest editions with the same date, the other having the name of N. Linge as the printer.Catalogue.]

2988 Kyd ('Thomas). The Spanish Tragedy, fourth edition, 44

leaves (cut on title, inner margin of title mended), large copy, uncut lower edges, Printed by A. Matthewes for John Grismand in Paules Alley, 1623, small 4to. (50)

Quaritch, £7

(JANUARY 7TH, 8TH AND 9TH, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 937 ; amount realised, £1,002 5s. 6d.)

ki gs.

2992 Bell.

2989 Alken (H.) The Melton Mowbray Hunt, 14 coloured Hunting Scenes on canvas roll, 22ft. long x 372 in. wide (99)

Walford, £i 12s. 2990 Augustine (St. A.) Opera Omnia, Editio Benedictina, 11 vol. in 15, vellum, Paris, Gaume, 1836-8, royal 8vo. (160)

Thin, £2 2s. 2991 Badminton Library. Boating, Archery, Billiards and Poetry

of Sport, LARGE PAPER, plates, 4 vol., half roan, 1888-96, 4to. (54)

Cathedral Series, illustrations, 26 vol., cloth, 1897-1901, 8vo. (141)

175. 2993 Berry (W.) Encyclopædia Heraldica, plates, 3 vol., half russia, Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1828, 4to. (259)

175. 2994 Bewick (T.) The Fables of Æsop and others, first edition,

LARGE AND THICK PAPER, woodcuts, russia gilt, 1818, royal 8vo. (505)

Balfour, £1 8s. 2995 Bewick (T. and J.) Select Fables, first edition, woodcuts, calf, uncut, 1820, 8vo. (506)

AI 2996 Bewick (T.) History of British Birds and British Quadru

peds, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, woodcut illustrations,

3 vol., old call, 1805-7, 8vo. (504) R. H. Porter, £2 Ios. 2997 Biblia. Genesis to Solomon, gothic letter, frontispiece, wood

cuts by Lucas Cranach and initial letters (coloured), old stamped vellum, bosses and clasps (rebacked), [Wittem

berg, ) Hans Lufft, 1534, folio (422) Asher & Co., 13 175. 6d. 2998 Boccaccio (G.) The Decameron, portrait (foxed) and plates

after Stothard, 3 vol., morocco, g. e., Pickering, 1825, 8vo. (115)

£i 2s. 2999 Book of Leinster (The), Introduction and Index by R. Atkin

son, frontispiece, roxburghe, 1880, royal folio (626) £4 55. 3000 Booke of Common Prayer (The). First Edition of Laud's

Book, Edinburgh, R. Young, 1637—The Psalter, title within border, with the rare leaf, afterwards cancelled (Psalm cix., containing 30 verses only), and the catchword “Certaine" on last leaf, black letter, 1636, in i vol., old calf (a few pages scored in ink and wormed), 1637-36, folio (287)

J. C. Taylor, £5 75. 6d. 3001 Booth (C.) Life and Labour in London. Poverty, 4 vol.

Industry, 5 vol. — Religious Influences, 7 vol. — Final Volume, maps, etc., together 17 vol., vellum gilt, 1902-3, 8vo. (829)

to2 9s. 3002 Borlase (W.) Antiquities of Cornwall, folding map and plates, 1769, folio (290)

175. 3003 Borrow (G.) The Zincali, 2 vol.—The Bible in Spain, 3 vol.,

first editions, 5 vol., 1841-3, and others, together 9 vol., half bound, Svo. (209)

J. C. Taylor, 12 4s. 3004 Brayley (E. W.) History of Surrey, plates, 5 vol., Dorking, 1841-48, royal 8vo. (542)

Thorp, £1 6s. 3005 British Poets. Bell's Aldine Edition, edited by Forman,

Dennis and others, a complete set, 52 vol., green cloth, 1892, 8vo. (166)

Balfour, £1 175. 3006 Bunsen (C. C. J.) Egypt's Place in Universal History, with

the Dictionary and Grammar of Hieroglyphics (pencil

scored), 5 vol., cloth, 1848-67, 8vo. (84) Barnard, £3 3007 Carlyle (T.) The French Revolution, first edition, 3 vol., uncut, 1837, 8vo. (839)

Edwards, E3 ios. 3008 Cary (E. L.) Whistler, a Study, illustrations, cloth, N. Y., 1907, 8vo. (78)

13s. 3009 Cassell.

Picturesque Europe, steel engravings and woodcuts (subscriber's copy), 5 vol., cloth, 4to. (258)

145. 3010 Cervantes (M. de). Don Quichotte de la Mancha, por J. A.

Pellicer, portrait and vignettes, 9 vol., old russia (rebacked),

Madrid, 1799-1800, 12mo. (416) C. & E. Brown, £1 7s. 3011 Champfleury. Le Violon de Faïence, original edition, plates,

and coloured head and tail pieces by E. Renard, half morocco, t. e. g., Paris, 1877, 8vo. (96)

£l is. 3012 Chemical Society. Journal, with indexes, titles, etc.,

from 1891 to 1902 and for 1905 and 1906, in numbers (December number for 1906 missing), and 264 numbers of

the Proceedings, 1891-1907, 8vo. (680) Thin, 63 175. 6d. 3013 Condorcet (Marquis). Euvres, portrait, 12 vol., half calf, Paris, 1847-9, 8vo. (456)

Harding, £r 135. 3014 Crowe (E. Eyre). History of France, Library edition, 5 vol., cloth, 1858-68, 8vo. (87)

Quaritch, £4 17s.6d. 3015 Cunningham (P.) Story of Nell Gwyn, first edition, original cloth, 1852, 8vo. (101)

Joseph, £i 6s. 3016 Daniel (W. B.) Rural Sports, 3. vol., morocco, satin linings,

g.e. - Supplement, half russia, m. e., together 4 vol., 1801-13, 8vo. (519)

£1 75. 3017 [Defoe (D.)] Robinson Crusoe, plates after Stothard, 2 vol.,

russia, J. Stockdale, 1790, 8vo. (531) Rimell, £! 7s. 3018 Dethicke (H.) The Gardeners Labyrinth, 2 parts, black

letter, woodcuts and 7 designs for Mazes (margins cut

into) half bound, John Wolfe, 1586, small 4to. (484) £4 3019 Dickens (Charles). Works, édition de luxe, 30 vol., cloth,

3025 Fento

uncut (a few of the labels soiled), 1881-2, imperial 8vo. (831)

Maggs, £13 ios. 3020 Dickens (Charles). Works, illustrated Library edition, 30

vol., green cloth, late reprint, Chapman and Hall, 8vo. (120)

J. Bumpus, £4 175. 6d. 3021 Dolby (A.) Church Embroidery - Church Vestments,

. coloured frontispiece and plates, in 2 vol., cloth, 1867-8, small 4to. (91)

Joseph, £2 4s. 3022 Drury (V.) Histoire des Romains, coloured plates, etc.,

, 7 vol., sewed, Paris, 1885, imperial 8vo. (453)

Scotti, £i 175. 3023 Egan (Pierce). Anecdotes of the Turf, the Chase, the Ring

and the Stage, first edition, coloured frontispiece and 12 coloured plates, old calf, 1827, royal 8vo. (206)

Hornstein, £ 5 125. 6d. 3024 Elzevir Press. M. Tullii Ciceronis Opera, engraved title,

10 vol., calf gilt, Lugd. Bat., ex Officina Elzeviriana, 1642, 12mo. (418)

16s. (R.) Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, portrait and plates (list of subscribers wanted), half calf, 1811, 4to. (619)

198. 3026 Fielding (H.) Works, portrait by Hogarth, 8 vol., calf

, 1771, 8vo. (533)

R. W. Dingle, £2 145. 3027 Folk-Lore Society. Complete Set, Nos. 1-59, including

Callaway's Religious System of the Amazulu (wanting Nuti's Studies on the Holy Grail, Folk Lore Journal, vol vii., and Gomme's Handbook of Folk Lore), 54 vol., cloth, uncut and 2 parts sewed, 1878-1907, 8vo. (80)

Edwards, £20 1os. 3028 Freeman (E. A.) History of the Norman Conquest, with Index, 6 vol., cloth, O.xford, 1870-79, 8vo. (85)

E. George, £5 5s. 3029 Genealogist (The). First Series, 7 vol.-- New Series, vol. i. to

vii., vol. viii. parts i., iii. and iv., vol. ix. 4 parts, vol. x. parts i. and ii., vol. xi., vol. xiii. 4 parts, vol. xiv. 4 parts, and vol. xv. 4 parts, together 15 vol. cloth and 21 parts sewed, 1877-99, 8vo. (67)

Walford, £5 125. 6d. 3030 Gerarde (1.) Herball, wood engravings, engraved title

coloured and mounted (one leaf torn and a few leaves of the Index at the end repaired), old calf, 1636, thick small folio (288)

2 3031 Goethe.

Werke, illustrations, 97 vol., half morocco, m. e., a clean set of the best edition, Weimar, 1887-1906, 8vo. (365)

Sotheran, £11 3032 Gradus ad Cantabrigiam, by a Brace of Cantabs, 6 coloured

plates, cloth, J. Hearne, 1824, 8vo. (207) 3033 Grote (G.) History of Greece, Library edition, 8 vol., cloth, 1862, 8vo. (88)

Barendine, £ 1 75. 3034 Hall (S. C.) Selected Pictures from the Galleries, etc. of

Great Britain, 4 vol., unbound, Vertue and Co., n. d., folio

(312) 3035 Havard (H.) Histoire et Philosophie des Styles, Archi

£1 5s.

£1 55.

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