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3292 Shelton (Thomas). The History of the Valorous and Witty

Knight-Errant, Don Quixote, old russia (from the Agar

Ellis collection), London, 1652, folio (616) Sabin, £3.155 3293 Shenstone (William). Manuscript Volume, containing about

50 separate poems, ballads, sonnets, etc., all in the autograph of the poet, many unpublished, also a number of sketches and water-colour drawings, also by Shenstone, of his house and grounds at Leasowes, presentation inscription in the author's autograph to Mary Cutler, dated January 1, 1754, original green vellum binding (579)

Quaritch, £48 3294 Sismondi (S. de). Histoire des Republiques Italiennes,

16 vol., calf, Paris, 1818, 8vo. (341) Rimell, 61 6s. 3295 Spenser (E.) Poetical Works, 5 vol., cloth, uncut, with

labels, Pickering, 1825, 8vo. (365) Sotheran, £3 ios. 3296 Sporting Review, a Monthly Chronicle of the Turf, etc.,

edited by Craven, plates by Scott and others, vol. i. to xiv., half calf, 1839-45, 8vo. (162)

Quaritch, £7 1os. 3297 Smollett (T.) Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, first edition, 2 vol. (not uniform), 1762, small 8vo. (104)

Bumpus, £9 155. 3298 Stafford Gallery (The), 282 etchings, 4 vol. in 2, morocco extra, gilt edges, 1818, folio (627)

Bailey, 42 3299 Sterne (L.) Works and Life, designs by Thurston, 4 vol., calf extra, 1808, 8vo. (333)

Maggs, £2 jos. 3300 Stoddart (John). Local Scenery and Manners in Scotland,

maps and 33 coloured plates, 2 vol., russia extra, 1801, 8vo. (395)

Myers, £2 nos. 3301 Surtees (R. S.) “Ask Mamma," first edition, coloured

etchings and woodcuts by Leech, original cloth, uncut, 1858, 8vo. (163)

Hornstein, £2 2s. 3302 Surtees (R. S.) Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, first edition,

coloured etchings and woodcuts by Leech, half calf, 1853, 8vo. (164)

Pickering, £2 35. News from Sussex, or the Barbarous Robber strangely Convicted, inlaid throughout, from the Jolley collection, half calf, London, Printed for D. M., 1676, 4to. (234)

Tregaskis, Ar 16s. 3304 Swift (Dean). Works, by Sir Walter Scott, 19 vol., calf

, 1824, 8vo. (330)

Sotheran, £5 155. 3305 Tegg's Prime Jest Book. Bang up to the Mark, coloured

frontispieces, by Rowlandson, etc., 6 parts (5 with wrappers), 1811, etc.-Spirit of Irish Wit, plates inserted, printed boards, uncut, 1812— The Minstrell, a number of odd and duplicate parts, a parcel (lot w.a. f.), 8vo. (200)

Spencer, £3 155. 3306 Thackeray (William). Doctor Birch and his Young Friends,

first edition, coloured illustrations by the author, original boards, g.e., 1849, 8vo. (156)

Spencer, £i ros. 3307 Thackeray (William). The Kickleburys on the Rhine, first

edition, coloured illustrations by the author, original boards, g. e., 1850, 8vo. (157)

Maggs, £2 5s.

3303 Sussex.

3308 Thomson (James). The Seasons, engravings by Bartolozzi and Tomkins, half russia extra, uncut, 1807, folio (632)

Hill, £4 55. 3309 Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire. Transactions, complete, 1897-1905, vol. i. to x., wrappers as issued, 8vo. (212)

Quaritch, £1 155. 3310 Turner (J. M. W.) Liber Studiorum, 66 mezzotint plates in.

sepia, brilliant impressions, many in first and second
states, and all early impressions (some spotted), old

binding, 1812-19, oblong folio (283) Tregaskis, £60 3311 Turner (J. M. W.) Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast,

plates by Cooke, 2 vol., morocco, 1826–Selection of Plates

in i vol., half morocco, 4to. (550) Bailey, £2 125. 6d. 3312 Turner (J. M. W.) Picturesque Views of the Southern Coast

of England, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., russia extra, 1826, folio

Bailey, £6 3313 Turner (J. M. W.) and Girtin (T.) River Scenery, engraved

title and 20 open letter proofs, on India paper, russia extra,
1827, folio (625)

Edwards, £4 75. 6d. 3314 Virgilio. L'Eneide recata in Versi Italiani da Annobal

Caro, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, 62 proofs, some before
letters, after the designs of Canova and others, 2 vol.,
russia extra, gilt edges, 1819, folio (633)

Rimell, £i 175. 6d. 3315 Waller (Edmund). Works, Malone's copy, with notes and extra illustrations, old calf, London, 1729, 4to. (247)

Pickering, £! is. 3316 Walpole (Horace). Castle of Otranto, plates and borders in colours, morocco, 1796, 8vo. (17)

Gardner, £1 6s. 3317 Waring (J. B.) Examples of Stained Glass, Fresco Orna

ment, Marble and Enamelled Inlay in Central Italy from
the xurth to the xvth Century, illuminated plates, half
morocco, 1858, folio (284)

Edwards, £i is. 3318 Warnery (C. E.) Remarks on Cavalry, translated by

Koellier, 31 plates, original boards, London, 1798, 4to.

Parsons, £i los. 3319 (Westmacott (C. M.)] The English Spy, first edition, por

trait and coloured plates, 2 vol., half morocco, uncut,
Sherwood, 1825-6, imperial 8vo. (440) Bumpus, £41

[At the end of vol. ii. is bound up “The St. James' Royal
Magazine,” to which Westmacott contributed. This has a
sporting plate, a coloured plate, by J. M. Wright, and
fashion plates (original wrappers). Believed to be the only

number published.- Catalogue.] 3320 Whitworth (C. Lord). Account of Russia, morocco, Strawberry Hill, 1758, 8vo. (414)

Sotheran, £r 5s. 3321 Yosy (A.) Switzerland, as now divided, etc., 50 coloured plates, 2 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1815, royal 8vo. (416)

G. H. Brown, £2 75.




(No. of Lots, 1003; amount realised, £1,066 195.)

3322 Ackermann (R.) History of St. Peter's, Westminster, 70

coloured engravings (a few leaves of text spotted), 2 vol.,

half russia, 1812, imperial 4to. (238) Greville, £2 45. 3323 Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, coloured plates,

vol. i.-xiv. (wanting vol. xi.), 13 vol., calf gilt, 1809-15, royal 8vo. (33)

Rimell, £6 25. 6d. (A set of 14 volumes in half calf realised 65 155. Lot

860.—ED.) 3324 Ainsworth (W. H.) The Combat of the Thirty, first edition,

with presentation inscription, original wrapper, 1859, 8vo. (109)

Maggs, £! ios. 3325 Ainsworth (W. H.) Mervyn Clitheroe, in the 12 original parts, wrappers, December, 1851-June, 1858 (108)

Maggs, £4 45. 3326 Almanach Royal, année MDCCLI., contemporary morocco, the

sides elaborately tooled, g. e., well preserved, Paris, 1751, 8vo. (143)

Edwards, £4 6s. 3327 Androuet du Cerceau (Jacques). Lecons de Perspective

. Positive, original edition, 60 plates (mounted), old binding, Paris, 1576, folio (246)

Finden, ti jos. [This copy had six additional plates of ornaments by A. Loire, Paris, chez Langlois (circa 1670), one circular view of an ancient edifice, and seven full-length portraits

engraved by Messager, etc.- Catalogue.) 3328 Annual Register (The), from the commencement to 1862,

with Index (1758-1819), 105 vol., 65 vol. half calf, the

remainder in boards, 1758-1862, 8vo. (5) Suckling, 64 45. 3329 Arabian Nights, by E. Forster, engravings, 5 vol., calf

(broken), 1802-Weber (H.) Tales of the East, 3 vol., original boards, uncut, Edinburgh, 1812, together 8 vol., royal 8vo. (345)

Winter, £! 155. 3330 Ariosto (L.) Roland Furieux, traduit par A. J. du Pays,

illustrations by Doré, morocco extra, Paris, 1879, folio (785)

Scotti, 12s. 3331 Atkinson (J. A.) Manners, Customs and Amusements of the

Russians, portrait and 100 coloured plates, 3 vol., half bound, 1812, folio (316)

James, £2 8s. 3332 Badminton Library, LARGE PAPER, illustrations, 21 vol., half roan, t. e. g., 1887-96, 4to. (207)

Walforit, £6 55. 3333 Badminton Library, LARGE PAPER, 19 vol., half roan, t. e. g., 1887-96, 4to. (208)

S. James, £5 ros. 3334 Badminton Library, LARGE PAPER, 14 vol., half roan, t. e.g., 1887-96, 4to. (209)

Winter, £3 125. 6d.



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3335 Badminton Library, LARGE PAPER, 11 vol., half roan, t. e. g., 1887-96, 4to. (210)

S. James, £2 is. [“ Hunting was not included in any of the four pre

ceding Lots.-ED.] 3336 Bedell (Bishop). The Books of the Old Testament, translated into Irish, old calf (wormed), 1685, 4to. (549)

Mackay, £3 3337 Bergomensis (J. P.) Supplementum Chronicarum, woodcuts

(coloured) and coloured initials, wanting A 2-C1, vellum, Venet., Bernard de Benalius, 1486, folio (663)

Barnard, £2 45. 3338 Bible. Old and New Testament, Macklin's edition, engravings, 7 vol., russia gilt, g. e., 1800, imperial folio (982)

Halifax, £i 135. 3339 British Essayists (The), by A. Chalmers, portraits, 45 vol., calf, 1817, 8vo. (581)

James, £3 5s. 3340 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works, first collected edition, portrait, morocco, g. e., by Holloway, 1686, folio (155)

Hitchman, £r 16s. 3341 Burne-Jones (Edward). A Record and Review, by M. Bell, illustrations, 1893, 4to. (624)

James, 125. 3342 Butler (S.) Hudibras, Notes and Life, 12 coloured plates by S. Clark, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1819, 8vo. (874)

Joseph, & 1 145. 3343 C. (I.) A Pleasant Comedy, called The Two Merry Milk

Maids, half morocco, t. e. g. (some headlines cut into), 1661, 8vo. (773)

James, £1 is. 3344 Casanova (J.) Memoires ecrits par lui-même, 8 vol., half calf gilt, Paris, n. d., 8vo. (708)

Joseph, tol 195. 3345 Cervantes (M. de). Don Quixote, translated by Mary

Smirke, plates by R. Smirke, 4 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1818, royal 8vo. (344)

Edwards, £3 5s. 3346 Chauncy (Sir H.) Antiquities of Hertfordshire, portrait, map and plates, morocco extra, 1700, folio (612)

Bull, £7 ros. 3347 Chronicon Nurembergense, first edition, lit. goth.. woodcuts,

wanting title, table and blank leaves, but with the “De Sarmacia" (lower margins stained), vellum, Nurembergae, Koberger, 1493, folio (650)

Maggs, £7 3348 Cicero.

De Officiis, 103 woodcuts by Hans Burgmair (wormed), half bound, Augspurg, H. Stayner, 1531, small folio (658)

E. Parsons, £3 35. 3349 Cipriani. Collection of Prints after G. B. Cipriani, portrait

and 50 plates by Earlom, half bound, 1789, royal folio (500)

Rimell, £3 3. 3350 Cox (N.) The Gentleman's Recreation, sixth edition, frontis

piece and 4 folding plates, including directions for blowing the horn, 1721, 8vo. (17)

Tregaskis, £1 75. 3351 Cruikshank (G.) The Political Alphabet, 32 engravings, uncut, n. d., 8vo. (132)

Maggs, 12s. [Beneath the eleventh engraving occurs : “ This one not

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by me G. Ck.," and on top of the twentieth engraving : "Copied from an etching by me G. C.”; both in George

Cruikshank's autograph.-Catalogue.] 3352 Cruikshank (G. and R.) The Universal Songster, first

edition, 3 humorous frontispieces (a duplicate of the first in the earliest state added), portraits and illustrations, 3 vol., uncut, 1825-6-8, 8vo. (44)

Spencer, £1 jos. 3353 Dibdin (T. F.) Tour in France and Germany, plates, some

on India paper, including the series by G. Lewis, 3 vol., russia gilt, g.e., 1821, imperial 8vo. (343)

Hornstein, £3 125. 3354 Dickens (Charles). Works, Library edition, 30 vol., half morocco, Chapman and Hall, n. d., 8vo. (752)

J. Bumpus, £5 2s. 6d. 3355 Dickens (Charles). Works, édition de luxe, 30 vol., half calf

gilt, uncut, specimen wrapper preserved, Chapman and Hall, 1881-82, imperial 8vo. (753)

Joseph, £17 3356 Dodsley (R.) Old English Plays, edited by W. Carew Hazlitt, 15 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1874, 8vo. (707)

Rimell, £4 75. 3357 D'Oyly (Sir C.) Tom Raw the Griffin, 25 coloured plates,

orange cloth, uncut, 1828, 8vo. (442) Hornstein, £3 3358 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, first edition,

map, portrait and plates by Hollar, including the one at page 58 often wanting, old calf (some leaves repaired), 1656, folio (265)

Boys, £2 18s. 3359 Dugdale (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum (epitome

by James Knight), first English version, 14 plates, 3 vol. in 1, old calf, 1693, folio (311)

Andrews, ios. 3360 Edgeworth (Maria). Tales and Novels, frontispieces, 18 vol., 1832-33, 8vo. (407)

Sotheran, £2 6s. 3361 Edinburgh Review (The), from the commencement to 1880

inclusive, with the first Index, 153 vol. (wanting vol. cxlvii.),

half bound (not uniform), 1802-80, 8vo. (2) Suckling, £i 4s. 3362 Eckius (Johannes). Opera contra Lutherum, Tome 1., de

Tempore-Tome 111., Homiliarum de Sanctis, titles within woodcut borders, woodcuts (all coloured), 2 vol., old stamped calf (not uniform), Aug. Vind., Alex. Vueyssenhorn, 1533, folio (680)

Parsons, £2 25. 3363 Eliot (George). Works, Cabinet edition, 24 vol., half calf, n. d., 8vo. (712)

Edwards, £4 3364 Fielding (Henry). Works, by A. Murphy, portrait, lo vol., calf, m. e., 1821, 8vo. (704)

Edwards, £2 12s. 3365 Fielding (Henry). Works, by Leslie Stephen, LARGE PAPER,

illustrations on India paper, 10 vol., buckram, uncut, 1882, imperial 8vo. (755)

Winter, £13s. 3366 Fry (Joshua) and Jefferson (P.) Map of the most Inhabited

Part of Virginia, with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and

North Carolina, folded in case, 1775 (331) Maggs, £1 6s. 3367 Gentleman's Magazine (The), from the commencement to

1788 inclusive, plates, etc., 64 vol., old calf, 1731-88, 8vo. (3)

Suckling, £i is.

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