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(No. of Lots, 1431; amount realised, £1,792 175.)

(a) From Macready's Library. 448 Blair (H.) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, Mac

ready's copy, with MS. additions in his handwriting, 4 vol., half calf, 1814 (180)

Maggs, 195. 449 Browning (Robert). Paracelsus, first edition, calf gilt, m. e., 1835, 8vo. (182)

Sabin, £8 (Presentation copy from the author, five original drawings signed E. F. H. inserted, and Macready's ex-libris.- Cata.

logue.] 450 Browning (Robert). Sordello, first edition, russia, g. e. (back broken), Moxon, 1840 (183)

Sabin, £6 5s. [Presentation copy from the author and ex-libris of

Macready.- Catalogue.] 451 Browning (Robert). Strafford, first edition (presentation copy to Mrs. Macready), morocco extra, g. e., 1837, 8vo. (184)

Sabin, £ 5 5s. 452 Clarke (M. C.) Shakspeare Proverbs, with inscription,

“W. C. Macready, Esq., with high consideration from his much obliged Mary Cowden Clarke, 1848 – Genuine Rejected Addresses for Drury Lane Theatre, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, 1812, 8vo. (192)

Reader, £i 18s. 453 Goethe (J. W. Von). Reynard the Fox, reproduced in Rhyme

by S. Naylor, cloth, 1845, 8vo. (172) Tregaskis, £i 3s.

[Presentation copy from "Jane Carlyle, Chelsea, 1847, to Catherine Macready, with lock of hair of Fanny Blandy,

Modina, 1853," on fly-leaf.- Catalogue. 454 Jerrold (D.) The Chronicles of Clovernook, first edition,

frontispiece, presentation copy to Macready, 1846—The Paragreens, 1856, etc., together 8 vol., 8vo. (187)

Hyam & Co., £ 1 9s. 455 Macready Manuscripts. Shakespeare. As You Like It,

King john and King Henry V., 3 vol., prompt copiesDamon and Pythias, a Tragedy, 1821—Byron (Lord). The Two Foscari, prompt copy-M.S. Common-place Book, calf-Shakespeare. Antony and Cleopatra, in manuscript -Gisippus, or the Forgotten Friend, a Drama, in manuscript, together 9 vol., autographs and notes by Macready, sold not subject to return, 9 vol., 8vo. (193)

Tregaskis, £6 456 Scharf (G.) Recollections of the Scenic Effects of Covent Garden Theatre, proof plates, presentation copy to Macready, half morocco, n. d. oblong 4to. (200)

Hyam Eno Co., £1 6s. 457 Shakespeare (William). Plays, 21 vol., half calf, Johnson

Stevens, Reed and Malone, 1813, 8vo. (178) Maggs, £10 5s. 458 Shakespeare (William). The Two Gentlemen of Verona,

vol. i., prepared for the stage, “ The property of W. C. Macready, Esq., but marked and corrected as performed at the Theatre Royal at Drury Lane, 29th Dec., 1841," half calf, n. d., 8vo. (195)

Maggs, 25 5s. [Note on fly-leaf : “ This Play was acted at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, by Command of his Majesty the King of Prussia, who honoured the Theatre with his presence on the occasion 31st Jan., 1842, under the management of W. C.

Macready, Esq." ---Catalogue.) 459 Taylor (Henry). Philip van Artevelde, part i., first edition, no

title, interleaved, Macready's copy, prepared for the stage, MS. alterations and additions, with 8 pages of MS. relating to the play, n. d., 8vo. (176)

Tregaskis, £1 8s. 460 Wordsworth (W.) Poetical Works, presentation copy from

Macready to his daughter, with two locks of hair of the
Macready family inserted, Moxon, 1849, royal 8vo. (185)

Dobell, 145. () Various Properties. 461 A’Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, first edition,

plates and woodcuts, 2 vol., half morocco, Punch Office, 1847-8, 8vo. (581)

Tregaskis, £2 is. 462 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, 104 coloured plates by

Pugin and Rowlandson, 3 vol. (wanted half-title to each vol.), calf, g. e., 1811, 4to. (991)

Edwards, £12 463 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, 3 vol., half morocco (some plates missing and others soiled), 1811, 4to. (280)

Spencer, £3 145. 464 Alciatus (And.) Emblemata, woodcuts, old morocco gilt, g. e., Lugduni, 1614, 8vo. (1152)

Leighton, 42 6s. 465 Alken (Henry) Symptoms of being Amused, 41 coloured

plates and coloured title, half calf gilt, 1822, oblong folio (242)

Quaritch, £4 466 Allen (T.) History of Surrey, LARGE PAPER, proof plates, 2 vol., calf, 1829, 8vo. (1165)

Reader, £135. 467 Anglo-Saxon Review, portraits, 10 vol., calf gilt bindings, 18991901, imperial 8vo. (950)

E. Parsons, £i 18s. 468 Architectural Society. Dictionary of Architecture, plates,

some coloured, 8 vol., original parts as issued, not subject to return, 1853-92, folio (341)

Batsford, £3 45. 469 Archäologia Cantiana, from the commencement in 1858 to

1889, with the Index, illustrations, together 19 vol., 1858-92, 8vo. (89)

Bull, £6 25. od. 470 Arabian Night's Entertainments, by E. W. Lane, engravings after W. Harvey, 3 vol., C. Knight, 1841, royal 8vo. (728)

Spencer, A1 13.

471 Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, plates by Bartolozzi, etc., 4 vol., russia gilt, Birmingham, Baskerville, 1773, 8vo. (1090)

Andrews, 62 55. 472 Arts Somptuaires (Les), Histoire du Costume, etc., Introduction

Générale et texte par Ch. Louandre, 2 vol. of text in 1, ? coloured frontispieces and 320 coloured plates mostly heightened with gold, half morocco, t. e. g., Paris, 1857-8, 4to. (463)

A. Jones, £4 473 Ashbee (E. W.) Index Librorum Prohibitorum, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Privately printed, 1877, 4to. (943)

Hill, £2 145. 474 Ashbee (E. W.) Catena Librorum Tacendorum, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Privately printed, 1885, 4to. (944)

Carpenter, £5 5s. 475 Athanasius (St.) Opus contra Hereticos Gentiles, editio

princeps, lit. rom., long lines, 50 to a full page (Hain,* 1905), MS. notes, vellum, Vicentinæ Leonardo Basilensi, 1482, folio (516)

Stretton, £1 6s. 476 Augustine (S.) De la Citta di Dio (Hain,* 2071), calf, g. e., sensa nota (circa 1475, Venet.), small folio (1288)

Stretton, £2 25. 477 Aubrey (J.) Natural History of Surrey, maps and plates,

extra illustrated by the insertion of upwards of 220 old topographical views, original drawings, etc., The Strawberry Hill copy, 16 pages of vol. iii. in MS., 5 vol., old russia gili, London, 1719-23, 8vo. (230)

£18 [Sold by Messrs. Hodgson on October 30th.-ED.] 478 Baden-Powell (B. H.) Land Systems of British India, maps, 3 vol., half bound, uncut, Oxford, 1892, 8vo. (827)

Harding, £ 1 145. 479 Baillie (W.) Works, after paintings and drawings by the

greatest masters, plates (No. 47 missing), proofs, half calf, Boydell, n. d., folio (706)

J. R. Baillie, £4 480 Bale (John). The First Two Partes of Actes, or Unchaste

Examples of the Englyshe Votaryes, in i vol., black letter, calf, m. e., Imprinted at London by Jhon Tysdale, 1560, 16mo. (1128)

Bloor, £l 155. 481 Barham (R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, tenth edition, plates

by G. Cruikshank and J. Leech, 3 vol., original cloth, 1855, 8vo. (155)

Hill, £i 4s. 482 (Barker (M. H.)) Greenwich Hospital, 12 coloured plates by G. Cruikshank, half morocco, m. e., 1826, 4to. (914)

Maggs, £2 8s. 483 Beaumont and Fletcher. Fifty Comedies and Tragedies,

portrait by W. Marshall (backed), monogram on sides, Charles Mathews' copy, with his ex-libris, calf, 1679, folio (244)

Barnard, £8 ios. 484 Berkeley (Hon. G. F.) Reminiscences of a Huntsman, first

edition, coloured frontispiece and plates by Leech, 1854, 8vo. (562)

Hatchard, ti los. 485 Bertram. The Boke of Barthram, Priest, intreatynge of the

Bodye and Blode of Chryst, black letter, title repaired, calf,

London, Thomas Raynalde and Anthony Kyngstone, 1548, 8vo. (1136)

Bloor, £i 16s. 486 Besant (Walter). South London, frontispiece and u9 illustra

tions, with a fore-edge painting of a view on the Thames, morocco extra, g, e., 1899, 8vo. (5)

Hill, £2 155. 487 Bewick (T.) History of Land and Water Birds, with the

Supplements, first edition, LARGE PAPER, the suppressed engraving on page 285, 3 vol., calf gilt extra, m. e..

Newcastle, 1797-1821, royal 8vo. (1081) W. Brown, £4 55. 488 Bewick (T.) British Birds, 2 vol., royal paper, calf gilt, m. e., Newcastle, 1805, 8vo. (81)

Hornstein, £i 8s. 489 Bewick (T.) Fables of Æsop, royal paper, designs on wood,

contains Bewick's Thumb Receipt,” morocco, g. e., Newcastle, 1818, 8vo. (810)

Maggs, £2 6s. 490 Bewick (T.) Select Fables, LARGEST PAPER, portraits and

woodcuts, russia, uncut, t. e. g., Newcastle, 1820, imperial 8vo. (1098)

A. Jones, £2 jos. 491 Boase (G. C.) Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, 3 vol., 1874-82, 4to. (1291)

J. Milligan, 18s. 492 Boccaccio (G.) Il Philocopo, cut of Pope Paul III., contem

porary Venetian morocco, g. e. (back mended), Venez., B. di Bindoni, 8vo. (1153)

Bloor, £2 8s. 493 Boccaccio (G.) Il Decamerone, woodcuts, russia gilt, y. e.

(title repaired), Venetia, Gabriel iolito de Ferrarii, 1542, 4to. (1261)

Knight, £! 25. 494 Boccaccio (G.) Il Decamerone, portrait, 5 engraved titles,

110 plates and 97 vignettes, also the “Estampes Galantes,” consisting of engraved title and 20 plates, 5 vol., contemporary French morocco gilt, g. e., Londra (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (771)

Robson, £34 495 Boccaccio (G.) Decameron, by John Payne, coloured plates

by Chalon, 2 vol., half morocco extra, uncut, 1893, imperial 8vo. (11)

Edwards, £3 496 Boileau Despréaux (N.) Euvres, nouvelle edition, portrait,

fleurons after Eisen, 54 vignettes and tailpieces after Eisen, and 6 unlettered proof plates by Cochin fils, 5 vol., contemporary French veau fauve, g. e. (Derome), Paris, 1747, 8vo. (371)

Bowles, £l 145. 497 Bowman (H.) and Crowther (J. S.) The Churches of the

Middle Ages, upwards of 120 plates, 2 vol. in 1., calf antique, r. e., n. d. (1857), imperial folio (545)

Hill, £3 498 Bradford (John). Two Notable Sermons, black letter, morocco

extra, g. e., by R. de Coverly, London, by J. Charlewood and J. Wight, 1581, 8vo. (1073)

Bull, £1 5s. 499 Brett (Edwin J.) Origin and Development of Arins and Armour, plates, half morocco, g. e., 1894, 4to. (488)

Maggs, £3 3s. 500 Britton (J.) History of Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire,

LARGE PAPER, one of 20 copies, 21 plates, coloured and mounted as original drawings, half morocco, 1837, atlas folio (1043)

Rimell, £3 125.

501 Broughton (Hugh). Daniel his Chaldie Visions, plates, old vellum, title cut, stained, Richard Field, 1596, 410. (1251)

Maggs, £4 ios. 502 Browne (Sir T.) Works, with his Life, portrait, 4 vol., Pickering, 1836, 8vo. (1179)

Hatchard, £2 503 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire, 6 vol., 1860-65-Supple. ment, 2 vol., 1878-80, half bound, together 8 vol., 8vo. (765)

Lange, £7 155. 504 Bunyan (John). The Barren Fig-tree, (no other copy with an

earlier date to this has been discovered), old calf, broken, J. Robinson, 1688—Discourse upon the Pharisee and Publican (some leaves defective), calf, J. Marshall, n. d., together 2 vol., 1688, 8vo. (660)

Reader, £5 155. 505 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of English Mezzotint

Portraits, 30 engraved portraits, buckram, uncut, 1902, folio (1017)

Quaritch, £2 145. 506 Burlington Fine Arts Club). Exhibition of Bookbindings,

facsimile illustrations, morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g. by Zaehnsdorf, 1891, folio (1014)

Quaritch, £10 155. 507 Burns (Robert). Poems, portrait, half bound, London, 1787, 8vo. (382)

Thin, £i jos. 508 Carroll (Lewis). Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 42 illustrations by Tenniel, morocco extra, 1866, 8vo. (762)

Shepherd, £ 5 jos. [Often, though erroneously, called the first edition. That

appeared in 1865, but was withdrawn.-ED.) 509 Casanova (J.) Memoirs, now for the first time translated into

English, 12 vol., parchment, Privately printed, 1894, 8vo. (65)

£u (Sold by Messrs. Hodgson on October 30th.-Ed.] 510 Casmanne (Otho.) Vade Mecum, Goe with mee, Deare

Pietie, and rare Charitie, translated by H. T. Minister, black letter, old vellum, with leaf of errata, from the Earl of Westmoreland's library, Thomas Charde, 1606, 8vo. (1131)

Adams, £2 5s. 511 Chaucer (G.) Works, facsimile of the first collected edition, 1532, by W. W. Skeat, rough calf, uncut, 1905, folio (1038)

Wickham, £2 4s. 512 Choiseul-Gouffier (Comte de). Voyage Pittoresque de la Grèce,

portrait and plates, 2 vol. in 3, contemporary French morocco extra, ticket of Derome le Jeune, g. e., 1782-18091822 (532)

Bowles, £12 [Genuine first issue of vol. i., and with pages 3 to 7, 132 and 133, and 183 and 184 in duplicate. Fine copy.—Catalogue. The first issue of vol. i. finishes at the fourth line of page 16 with the words “exoriare aliquis.” Discours pré

liminaire.-ED.] 513 Cipriani (G. B.) A Collection of Prints after Cipriani,

engraved by R. Earlom, portrait, title and 49 plates, some in red (some defective), half bound, uncut, 1789, folio (720)

Bloomfield, £7 1os. 514 Claude le Lorraine. Collection of Forty-four Landscapes, XXII.


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